‘Modi is the best thing to happen to India’ – Think again

Published: May 25, 2015

No amount of economic development will help India grow unless there is social and religious harmony in the country. PHOTO: REUTERS

Interacting with the Indian diaspora in Shanghai and Seoul recently, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi boasted that his countrymen world-over feel proud of their Indian origin ever since he has become the prime minister of the country.

In his address to non-resident Indians (NRIs), he added that it was a moment of shame to be an Indian before his assumption of power in Delhi. Such churlish and insulting statements by the Indian leadership at a foreign soil drew large scale condemnation both inside and outside India. Modi would like the world to believe that he is the best thing to happen to India.

If you deconstruct his speech, a narrative will emerge. When he says his India is different from India of the past, he actually means it. He is talking of his ‘idea’ of India – an India which subscribes to his majoritarian worldview, an idea where a minority member is reduced to a second-class citizen.

Zeshan Ali Khan does not fit into his world view. No wonder his job application is rejected by a top diamond company in Mumbai because only “non-Muslim candidates” are hired by the company. In recent times, no such instance of blatant and open anti-minoritism comes into mind. The news is not surprising and there is nothing new in it. There has been a latent discrimination against Muslims in Indian society and it has been in existence for years.

Photo: NDTV

Photo: Zeshan Ali Khan/Facebook

But what makes this news disturbing is the timing.

It comes at a time when there is a government in Delhi whose anti-Muslim and anti-minority credential is very strong. There is open anti-minoritism in the present establishment.

One year of the Modi regime has seen concerted attacks – both verbal and physical – on Christians and Muslims. The desecration of churches and the damage to Christian religious places of worship are open manifestations of this aggression against religious minorities. Radical Hindu groups launched “ghar wapsi” programme targeting Muslims and forcing them to reconvert to Hindu religion. Muslims were also the victim of “love jihad campaign” started by the extremist elements and individuals who were opposed to any relationship between Muslim men and Hindu women.

Such open and selective targeting of religious minorities is a by-product of the Modi era.

Few months ago, Pravin Togadia, an extremist Hindu leader from Gujarat, openly asked Hindus to expel a Muslim family who has bought an apartment in a predominantly Hindu housing society. The very fact that someone dares to say such things openly and gets away with it without any condemnation tells a lot about the predominant presence of divisive elements in the society.

Before Modi left Gujarat to lead India, he bequeathed a polarised and religiously-fragmented society. As chief minister of an important coastal state, he never attempted to bring the two communities together. He never tried to reach out to the Muslims, who fell prey to his divisive politics quite early in his tenure as chief minister in 2002. He never gave tickets to Muslims to fight on the BJP symbol. There has never been any Muslim representation in his cabinet. Modi’s leadership only widened the differences between Hindus and Muslims and accentuated the religious fault-line.

Modi got a historic mandate last year by winning 282 seats out of 545, a majority no single party has achieved in the last three decades, but there is no Muslim name in this list. This is also very unusual in independent India’s history. There are two Muslim names in his ministry but both of them hold only minor posts.

Recently, Gujarat passed a draconian anti-terror bill that stipulates that a confession made by a person before a police officer not below the rank of superintendent of police shall be admissible as evidence in the trial of such accused, co-accused, abettor or conspirator. This is draconian and social activists strongly believe that it is aimed at targeting the Muslim minority in the state.

Ever since the Modi regime has assumed power in Delhi, it has been trying to communalise school textbooks by introducing Hindu religious texts and practices in the educational curricula. A systematic attempt is underway to communalise Indian history by relegating the Muslim icons and history to the margin. The individuals, who have never been serious history students and are hardly known in academic circles, have gotten the prized posts under the chief of Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), the premier history body that allocates funds for writing history.

These individuals belong to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the ideological godfather of the ruling BJP. Rewriting the history textbooks is top in the agenda of the Hindu right-wing groups. Recently, Home Minister Rajnath Singh questioned the greatness of the 16th century Mughal king, Akbar. He wanted the Rajput king, Rana Pratap – who happens to be Hindu – elevated to the same status. By playing historical figures against each other, Singh is injecting communal bias into history writing.

Rana Pratap was just a regional king and Akbar was the king of India and they fought against each other to establish their supremacy. It was not a Hindu-Muslim battle. But the BJP regime wants to give communal colour to history and cast an aspersion on the benevolent king, Akbar, who is remembered in history for promoting religious harmony.

Couple of weeks ago, a right-wing Hindu group defaced all the road signs in Delhi with Muslim names. The government did not try to attempt to take any action against the group. It is such silence on the part of the present regime that is very dangerous. Those who speak against minorities, and indulge into violent acts against them, go unpunished. This is not only an endorsement but also encouragement to the right-wing Hindu groups.

Therefore, the whole atmosphere is anti-Muslim under Modi regime. It is no wonder that some of the private companies dare to openly reject the application of a Muslim candidate for jobs. Such open ill-liberalism is tolerated by the government.

The Modi regime makes lots of noise about economic development but its real agenda is something else. Prime Minister Modi is hyperactive on social media and tweets about everything on earth but maintains a questionable silence on such disturbing issues.

He has not uttered a single word on the incident in Mumbai.

Mainstreaming the minority has always been part of the national reconstruction after independence. It has been a narrative very much ingrained in the sub-consciousness of the country. Hindu right-wing has been trying to alter the instinct of India. It has been playing with the idea of India.

But people of India are alert. Zeshan Ali Khan’s Hindu friends, who were selected by the diamond firm, refused to take the job despite being selected, showing solidarity with their batch-mate. That is very heartening and a slap on those who perpetuate discrimination in the name of religion.

No amount of economic development will help India grow unless there is social and religious harmony in the country. Our strength is its diversity and Modi is playing with that.

Can we ever be proud of Modi’s idea of India?


Sanjay Kumar

The author is a New Delhi based journalist covering South Asian and international politics.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Milind A

    Modi is the worst thing to have happened to pseudo secular people like you…

    On that alleged Muslim discrimination, here’s some news which you may not like


    So what do you have to say about this?Recommend

  • Concard

    The frustration is showing on pseudo secular people like him. No one is listening to them after Modi came to power, and above all recent surveys showed Prime minister’s popularity is still intact. With Rahul Gandhi taking over as Congress President, pseudo seculars very well know they would be in Vanvas atleast until 2024. That’s a pretty long time in anyone’s life.Recommend

  • BharatEk

    I was going through the list of articles this so called author has written. He has nothing but contempt and hatred for Modi and India. Recommend

  • abhishek

    best thing about writer who writes for international media is that he/she writes what suits for envelop provider! Support conversion but oppose Ghar wapsi ! as far as zisan ali case is concern, there r so many case before! many job Ads asking for muslim only! just Google Mr. blogger. what to do with MODI? some times these ppl caught paint down but shamelessly smiling!Recommend

  • ab1990

    those who have modiphobia should leave india.Recommend

  • mimi sur

    Mr Modi is best medicine to these fake secular people. Terming Akbar a hero and denying Rana pratap his due only shows your credentials. We are the only nation on earth where fake secular people rejoice when our streets are named after babar and aurenjeb . Such people are poisonous to our socity and hindu identity . Recommend

  • SK

    another rant by this loser, picking disparate and random threads from everyday happenings in a vast country like India, to ‘build his case’!

    Let me see. As per him, Modi should behave like a all-powerful and all-controlling dictator, to control the very thugs and actions of each and every 125B indians. Right!

    No wonder these left losers consider Stalin, Mao, Pol pot, Kim Jung Un and other murderous dictators their heroesRecommend

  • jssidhoo

    I guess you conveniently avoided reading this story http://indialive.today/8-year-old-girl-wrote-a-letter-to-pm-modi/ . Taiyyaba is a Muslim girl .Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    May your tribe increase, may God hold you in the palm of his hand. People
    like you are rare, indeed. Truly, it takes courage to write what you wrote.
    Thank you so much for exposing the true face of Secular Bharat. The very
    beautiful serene mask is off, exposing something garish. No sadhu or
    or swami could have dreamt this caricature, it belonged in a Kabuki theater.
    Slowly the Mission Statement of the Vermillion Lord is becoming evident. It is now open hunting season on minorities. A 200 million strong Muslim minority treated as non entities. Peaceful Christians, hounded and harassed. Killed.
    Their churches/mosques burnt, their businesses destroyed. This is like an
    old documentary, from the 20’s and 30’s playing again. Showing the uplifting
    faces, the adoring crowds, the strutting leader, promising to take the nation
    to greater glory. The little mustache replaced with a beard, Kurta/pajama
    instead of a uniform. The corporal replaced with a chai wala…The fawning industrialists and military leaders, it all looks so familiar…..reincarnation?Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    The applicant uses “[email protected]” as his email ID. he carries religion in his name. Muslims consider 786 as a holy number, something to do with “Allah” and Arabic. The company he is applying for job also carries religion in their names. It is Hare Krishna Exports. It is a private company and their product brochures may have photos of hindu Gods and their marketing strategies may also involve religion, like jewelry shops try to promote sales by saying that it is auspicious to buy gold on Akshay Thrithiya. Would Zeshan be comfortable handling hindu religious material and promote sales using hindu religious pitch? Apply for a Manager’s job in a Japanese family owned company run by seniors of the family with your email ID that has “444” at the end. You will be rejected. “4” in Japanese sounds like a Japanese word that means “death”. “444′ would sound to them as “death death death”. You may have the same results if you are applying with “666” added to your name in your email ID and the employer subscribes to a religious belief that “666” signifies Satan.

    What has Modi to do with it? Because for the author, anything done to a muslim sounds like Modi has done it.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Interesting read this……it seems that what Modi is doing is covering all the bases by instituting economic reforms and playing to the majorities nationalistic instincts. How serious he is on the latter will depend on his ability to amend the Indian constitution….until then it’s all politics.Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    How many scams you witnessed last year?pseudo seculars like you plays the minority card keeping minority and majority in ddistress.Modi is not in your league.India is for Indians. It does not matter whether you are Hindu, Muslim, Christian ,siI know, Buddhist or parsi.You are Indian first.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Modi is a the best thing happened to India because a native Chaiwala ascetic and selfless servant of Mother India has rosen to the top. He is inspiration to all including Muslims.Recommend

  • kickass

    India died in 1947. Why Modi and his chamchas are ashamed of Bharat?Recommend

  • devinder Singh

    Hahhahaa.you people never understand narinder modi.might oeoole like you need one more birth ymto understand him.too much patriotism is always threat but modi has classic skill to control.that why his opponent git frustration.his opponent waiting his mistake to criticise but failed.that why they failed to defeat in gujrat or they will be failed. Modi bashing haunt you with blow bcz in gujrati when people criticise you unnecessary that mean you are right or these kind thoughts give him cement confidence.bhagwan hi sath de to de opposition ko log kabhi sath nahi de ge modi ke khilaf.BOLE SO NIHAL AND BHARAT MATA DI JAIRecommend

  • Swaadhin

    Shameful act by those who refused a job to the Muslim boy, the people concerned are also facing the music as well.

    Equally shameful is the author linking this story to the PM of his country without any evidence.

    “Can we ever be proud of Modi’s idea of India?”

    Speak for yourself, he would not be the PM of his country with absolute majority in a country with overwhelming number of Muslims if people did not believe in his idea of India.

    Enough of people like you trying to distort facts and history to impose your own idea of India on others.

    “Rana Pratap was just a regional king and Akbar was the king of India and they fought against each other to establish their supremacy. It was not a Hindu-Muslim battle.”

    What’s next? Shivaji fought against Aurangjeb in a game of ludo or Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded by Aurangjeb because he was in a mood to hunt?Recommend

  • Nouman Ahmed

    Fazul logics to justify this discrimination coming in 3,2,1…Recommend

  • Anjaan Aadmi

    1. The people of India will think only in 2019, when PM Modi would complete his five year term … !! … the people of India have seen for the past 68 years, how the Muslims and other minorities have been fooled by the pesudo-secular leftist liberal elites in the media and politics, and used as a vote bank … !!

    2. If there are not enough Muslim faces in the BJP Govt. it is not Modi’s fault … the patriotic Muslims in India must come forward and join the pro-India nationalist forces like the BJP of Modi … !!

    3. The attempts by the media to attribute all crimes to the BJP and malign the party has been exposed in the recent Church attack investigations … !! … the people of India will not buy politicizing every issue involving Muslims by the media , and attributing that to the current Govt.Recommend

  • fze

    Thank you very much for speaking the truth. Now get ready for the bashing by die hard fans of Mr.Modi who see no fault in him.Recommend

  • Ashok Sharma

    ‘Mainstreaming the minority has always been part of the national reconstruction after independence’

    Really?. Absolutely not. From the very independence they were given unconstitutional favors by the governments before this govt.

    You pass Hindu Code Bill, force reforms on Hindus through that but when it comes to second biggest majority of India your legs shake. You fear their backlash. India have some approx. 200m people who are not governed by any state civil code.

    You don’t stop there, you then appease them by passing a law ‘The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act’. to nullify Shah Bano case verdict.

    ‘A systematic attempt is underway to communalise Indian history by relegating the Muslim icons and history to the margin.’

    Please read more than just newspaper. From the very independence, Left thinking influence indian text books not only in states where it was in power such as West Bengal but at the national level as Congress is essentially Left party allegedly trying to shift to centre. Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) was field by people from left. Read Eminent Historians by Arun Shourie. You will come to know how this text books gloried Islam, Muslims Kings while denigrating local kings, local traditions. The ongoing attempt is just to correct that part of the history.

    And last but very important, if you say Muslims can’t forget and Trust BJP, RSS for so called Babri Masjid Demolidation then every Hindu has right to remember atrocities by Muslim rulers, Jizya tax, forceful conversions, demolition of so many temples , partition of Bharat and thus has right not trust the Muslims.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    He tied the cow to the tree and started telling about the tree where his job was to describe the cow !

    All these things were going on for decades before Modi and sadly he is given all the blame. Mostly the nationalists are exacting their due.Recommend

  • Sanjeev

    If you want to see the depth of Islam-phobia, give the names of the people who rejected jobs for solidarity with muslims. I am sure they will remain unemployed for whole of their life. With or Without Modi there will be Islam-phobia all over the world not just in India. What about plight of Rohingya muslims ? Has Modi anything to do with it ? I think if this is the experience of muslims, they should do introspection as to why people all over the world started reacting to them like this. It is easy to blame others for your image. Like Galib said, Jindagi bhar Galib yehi Galti Karta raha,
    Dhool Chehre pe thi Aina saaf karta Raha ! So don’t try to clean the mirror, It only reflects the reality.Recommend

  • Sanjeev

    If you want to see the depth of Islam-phobia, give the names of the people who rejected jobs for solidarity with muslims. I am sure they will remain unemployed for whole of their life. With or Without Modi there will be Islam-phobia all over the world not just in India. What about plight of Rohingya muslims ? Has Modi anything to do with it ? I think if this is the experience of muslims, they should do introspection as to why people all over the world started reacting to them like this. It is easy to blame others for your image. Like Galib said, Jindagi bhar Galib yehi Galti Karta raha,
    Dhool Chehre pe thi Aina saaf karta Raha ! So don’t try to clean the mirror, It only reflects the reality.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Covering all bases? They play baseball in Hindustan? Natch.
    Seems he missed the Home Plate with his hatred for Muslims.
    Instituting reforms? What reforms? Could you name some?
    Besides pandering to industrialists, hardcore RSS, Shiv Sena,
    Prime examples are Sadhvi Prachi, Rahnath Singh, Amit Shah…
    Did you know Modi is a mureed of Maharaj? Heard of Maharaj?
    Majorities nationalistic instincts? How many majorities are there?

    Amend the Hindustani constitution? Have you read it? Recommend

  • http://thoughtsandotherthing.blogspot.fr/2015/09/vegetarianism-ritual-killings-et-al.html Supriya Arcot

    Sweety what choice do the voters have . Is there any other worthy alternative to him ? I am leading in the field simply because I am the ONLY one in the field and not necessarily because I am the best.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    You are second guessing. You are conjecturing. Nothing in real time.
    Your whole comment is ….” What if…” far from the truth. And to top
    it all off you have add USA after your moniker, to give yourself validity.
    As Modi said..in Korea.. Do not be ashamed of being a Hindustani.Recommend

  • Milind A

    Ok Modi is not a friend of Muslims, but the fact is under him the BJP one seats in Muslim-majority areas… How is this possible, unless Muslims voted for him in large nos…
    Alas, its wrong to expect you to understand workings of a democracyRecommend

  • Hassan

    strongly disagree, and thumbs up…i mean u prefer do defend this cruelty then to standby your countryman who happens to be a Muslim…clap clap clap.. i have traveled the world and nowhere i found this to be an official statement or policy of the govt or any organization to reject any applicant on the basis of their cast color or religion… Recommend

  • Hassan

    well, it would be better to offer him the Job and then explain him the task he is supposed to carry out daily, and if he agrees only then give him the appointment letter,just check ur thinking it is still supporting a Hindu for this cruel act…wow…u need to ask urself that is ur support justified????Recommend

  • Hassan

    Just say u support it???? if u think its justified.. don’t drag another angle another picture..just this case. whats ur opinion on this….???Recommend

  • Headstrong

    True – to some extent. I think Modi really wants to leave a legacy. It’s obvious he is personally clean. As to his policies, yes they can be debated. But then so would anyone else’s. The point is he is really trying to make a difference. Some idiots in the Sangh Parivar and its extended family do tend to bog him down, but then he needs their political capital, so he can’t reject them outright. As long as he can manage their stupid utterances, they should not bother him. Also, his key ministers such as Jaitly, Rajnath, Parrikar, Prabhu, Nirmala Seetharaman, Piyush Goel, Ravi Shankar Prasad etc are all competent (not Smriti Irani though!) and all have a progressive agenda.

    So, yes, we don’t have much of a choice – but the only choice isn’t too bad. What I really have an issue with is the self-praise going around. Maybe they could tone that down a bit? Else it would be India Shining Part 2!Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Agreed Modi is Communalist & not a good thing .This is the difference : One Indian chap (though not isolated case) does not get job due to his identity, he takes his battle to social media , Indian media (otherwise called TRP media) sensationalises it . The company asks forgiveness & the PMO reacts to the news , despite being ruled by Communal characters.
    This xenophobic attitude becomes a big news not just in India (where it is deserved) but also in neighbouring theocratic Pakistan (wrongfully to develop complacency).

    But ironically , when around 4000-5000 members of minority community migrate from Pakistan to India , it does not become a Sensation in Pakistan ….a dry sporadic reporting is done as if this incident is happening not in Pakistan but somewhere else….no blogs surface ….no conspicuous attempts to understand their fears , their opinions etc. When these people get Indian citizenship , again no empathy rather the Pakistani Civil Society complains that “why India has granted them citizenship – it is a Hindu Nationalist conspiracy against us”.


  • marik

    Well Muslims uptill recently did keep Hindus out of their villages in UP, especially the Saadat-e-Bara in UP. They’re quite proud that they prevented Hindus from settling anywhere close to them. What goes around, come around I guessRecommend

  • Indian

    No friend… this is just a ploy to gather attention !!! there are tonnes of advertisements for hijabi english teacherand muslims only or a god fearing person in a school….. run by enangelicals… so why blame a private individual who runs an export company who wants nlky Hindus… while thisis not legally tenable.. it definitely exists in greater numbers amongst the muslims and christians in India ……. WHICH THE SECULARS SAFELY IGNORERecommend

  • Sane

    You said just I wanted to say. Excellent.Recommend

  • Sane

    Ghalib never said Zindagi as Jindagi.Recommend

  • Sane

    All Indians will keep arguing …..here and there.Recommend

  • Sane

    What you said has been said many times since long by people of your ilk. This resulted in Pakistan and now there will be another Pakistan in remaining India.Recommend

  • Hassan

    If this is then attitude, i really feel sorry for Indian minorities let alone Muslims.Recommend

  • Sane

    In 1947 Muslims of India made Pakistan without military power. And now also Muslims of India do not have military power. But, they are more in numbers than 1947 despite their mass killings by Hindu fanatics. Not only this India is threatened by a sufficient no. of separatist movements including Kashmir.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    No he is no inspiration to Muslims ; also he is no inspiration to a large no. of Indians , incl. Hindus.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Lol. this is as amusing as is your assertion that Modi is Hitler-incarnate. Modi is no friend of Muslims, yes, but he has no issues with the other minorities. But he dare not allow the agenda of the idiotic Hindutva brigade to run free – he knows that he will not survive any such project.
    But I do understand your admiration of the author for his ‘courage’ in writing against Modi. After all, if something were to be written on the same lines in Pakistan (or Bangladesh), the writers (or bloggers) would have themselves separated from their heads. However, if you were to have a cursory look at Indian media, you’ll find such articles all the time critiquing Modi and his government. That’s just how we are – heard of The Argumentative Indian?
    The more bile you vent on Modi, the better we think he is doing his job. He’s certainly kept you quiet on the issue of borders, hasn’t he? Indeed, may his tribe increase. Recommend

  • fze

    I’m going to believe it when a Muslim is chosen and sworn in as PM of India.Recommend

  • Brar

    We never need a certificate from you from 1947 till date four Muslims have been Presidents and the present Vice President is also a Muslim, it will be better for you if you worry about your own people rather than worrying for Indian Muslims, India is their country .Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Quite frankly, we dont care whether you believe it or notRecommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Parrikar, Prahbu, Prasad, Prachi, Piyush, Seetharam, Goel, Golmal
    Shankar, Nirmala, Rajnath, Maharaj, Jaitley, Golnath, Amarnath….
    these are names?…of ministers in Modi’sgovt ? T


  • abhi

    Modi is surely a good thing, because he ended the hypocarcy of Congress. Rahul Gandhi who spent all is childhood in comfort of PM house, studied abroad, goes for vacation abroad doesn’t even know how to speak Hindi in Indian accent is accusing this being Soo-boot ki sarkar. UPA has ministers like Chidambaram, Sibbal who have billions of assets are pro-poor people just because they wear Khadi kurta? What kind of politics Rahul and rest of opposition parties are playing?Recommend

  • abhi

    nice catch dude. Did Ghalib write these lines in Roman or Persian?Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    “A 200 million strong Muslim minority treated as non entities.”

    When are you praying in the same mosque as that of those Muslims who address themselves as Ahmedi Muslims?

    “Their churches/mosques burnt, their businesses destroyed. This is like anold documentary, from the 20’s and 30’s playing again.”

    How did your country come into existence,you would not want to be at the receiving end, isn’t it?

    “The corporal replaced with a chai wala…”

    A chai wala will remain a chai wala in your country, your frustration is understandable.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    What if he is an Ahmediya Muslim?Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    He is a leftist, ask him of his opinion of the greatest mass murderer of 20th century, Joseph Stalin and you’ll seeRecommend

  • Swaadhin

    “i have traveled the world and nowhere i found this to be an official statement or policy of the govt or any organization to reject any applicant on the basis of their cast color or religion…”

    Did you mean the civilized world? Are you aware that there are Muslim countries which do not allow a single church or a temple to be constructed in their countries?Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    And Bangladesh was a result of?Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Spot on.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Why just this case, is it ok to for non Muslims to be at the receiving end of Muslims?Recommend

  • Sanjeev

    But ask him whether he is willing to migrate to the nation created in his name to protect his identity. His answer will open your eyes. It is a sad commentary on Islam that muslims prefer to live as third rate citizens in kaffir India rather than live as first class citizens in Islamic country called Pakistan. Wake up guys !Recommend

  • Sanjeev

    ok offer them Pakistani citizenship. These muslims will just shiver with fear to live in an Islamic country with good reasons.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Er, ever looked at a global map recently?Recommend

  • abhishek

    i do not agree with this writer that all these thing happening due to current govt. all these thing happening since long! A famous company called ruh-Afja (Sarbat) all employee belong to muslim community! how on earth they didn’t find any employee from any other community its a billion dollar companyand house hold name in india! what to do with modi in zishan case ! india is only country in the world where majority community demanding ban/law on conversion! writer seems to b audience targeted with heavy envelop!Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    There ! Right on time! Everyone is pretty much aware of
    the mindset of an average Bharati citizen. Lacking an
    ability to disseminate a topic. Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    You use Chosen word. Distant Khilafa or colonialist cant chose anymore. Abrahamic religions with one book, one khilafa/pope or Kremlini Comrade robbed nativity of us natives Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    He has become inspiration even to common Umriki James & Janes. They cannot elect a pizza delivery boy who attends a night college to get a degree and so spontaneous and visionary as president of USA.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    It is not south Asia. It is Hindu Dharmik culture. Chinese also care for education especially Dharmik type. It is the religions of Mideast and communism, yet another extremist alien book based ideology and consumerism of the west which makes people not care for the nature around us and studying it so that we do not hurt it. Such self discovery and knowledge about self and nature around is against the one book based ideologies of the mid east and of the west. India, China and even Russia are good at science and math because the original meditative and peace oriented culture of natives is still in tact to some extent even after conversions (Russia got converted to Christianity in 13th century and China got converted to Communism barely 70 years back).Recommend

  • Gulchand Mehta

    Do you have a code book? So your comment can be decoded.
    Nobody knows what you are insinuating.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Can you read? Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Your name is not Salim Alavi .Recommend

  • Sane

    No since he belonged to Germany and was a close aide of Hitler, he wrote these lines in German language. I hope this parallels to your good knowledge about languages and history. Stay cool.Recommend

  • Sane

    Bangladesh (as east Pakistan) was first separated from India. First, find the reason why it was separated from India.Recommend

  • Hannan Khan

    who cares about india… we have plenty of stuff to deal with

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Comment was censured by hindu moderators ET at
    ET. There was more in there. This is a pro Bharat paper.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    I have answered that many times, it was intolerance of some who believed in making a homogenous society based on religion and religion only, how about you answering my question?Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    As usual, ad hominem!!

    Change the topic and claim the other person does not have an answer! Good Going.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    then what is it? Rana Buddy?Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    All I am saying is this: Abrahaic religion destroyed the natives of the world. Before that people were in tune with the nature and so understood it better much better than bookish education and worked in harmony with nature. They were mediative and sensitive people. Such well rooted people can contribute to science and technology. Recommend

  • fze

    Why would I choose. I was talking about Indian Parliament choosing Indian Muslim as PM. That is going to be the real test of secular India. And don’t give me the list of inconsequential Presidents and vice presidents.Recommend

  • fze

    Any sect will do. Even Shia.Recommend

  • fze

    Glad to see that you have nothing to say about it, which in fact speaks a lot.Recommend

  • fze

    I never said anything to you so why jumping up and down.Recommend

  • LS

    Pakistani’s love to think that India is the worst country of the Earth and every negative news item (that are chosen on purpose by the newspapers) is a testament to that belief. Pakistani’s think that Muslims in India are fellow Pakistani’s and they have an obligation to stand-up for them and support them. According to Pakistani’s minorities are being systematically killed in India and regularly discriminated against. Pakistani’s love to hate Modi and as long as any Modi basher comes along and says something against him – he is speaking truth. They love to bash Indian democracy and think that democracy is some kind of panacea that is expected to cure all ills (which reflects very poor understanding of democracy).

    Time and again it has been said that India though ancient but it is a very young country and not perfect by any count, but it has progressed socially slowly. Where we are not talking about sectarian violence on daily basis but people’s rights, discrimination, ill treatment are at the fore front. Mentality takes decades and generations to change. Change will take place at rapid pace with industrialization and upward mobility and internal movement because of Job opportunities

    I want to ask them – Do they think these things not happen anywhere in the world? Most countries ostracizes some of their population including Pakistan (Whether it is Hindus, Christians, Ahmadias or Shia). So the people who kill fellow muslims how can they stand for other Muslims on what ground, let alone minorities? Even your constitution discriminates against them but Pakistani’s still think Pakistan is the best country for them. Similarly, Indians think that India is best country for them and are proud of it.

    So instead of wearing a patriotic hat and starting to bash everything Indian, find something in your country that you can help fix or be patriotic of… because India hating is NOT a measure of your patriotism. Show that else where in a constructive way. Similarly Pakistani hating is not a measure of Indian Patriotism.

    Pakistan needs to understand that India is not the source of your current problems as your leaders and army generals would like you to believe, it is a problem that you need to fix, whether it is water or terrorism or anything else.Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    What was left out in my comment was that the company is right in rejecting him but they are absolutely wrong in saying that they rejected him because he is a muslim. They are absolutely wrong in saying that they rejected him because of his religion. I would condemn them for this. Everyone can have their beliefs and superstitions, but they should keep it to themselves. Employers hire employees who they think will stay with the company for a long time, unless it is a temporary position itself. They usually do not hire someone just to try, thinking they can fire them if it does not work out. Nor, do they like to hire someone who they think is just taking up the job as a stopgap measure and would start looking for job elsewhere immediately.Recommend

  • Hamidah Fawad

    “After all, if something were to be written on the same lines in Pakistan (or Bangladesh), the writers (or bloggers) would have themselves separated from their heads.”

    I as a Pakistani take an exception to the above comment of your. I don’t want to argue regarding Modi. He is your PM and whatever his actions, I am sure the Indian people are capable of making the right choice in their own interest.

    However, I just want to mention here that noone in Pakistan gets beheaded for criticizing the Government. One insitution that has been at the forefront of analyzing and criticing the Government is our Media. And by media I am not restricting it to TV. Our print and digital media is also very active in such endevours. The number of Indian readers on Pakistani news websites who comment regularly is larger than the number of Pakistanis I have seen on Indian print media websites. And a number of these readers have praised our journalists and writers especially those reading Dawn.

    I don’t know if you get Geo TV in India or not but in case you do, do watch the programs especially “Khabar Nak”, “Hum sab Umeed se Hain”, “BNN” and the various talk shows. We Pakistani’s are pretty good at laughing at ourselves as these programs will tell you.
    Do comment and argue but please don’t make claims that have no basis in teh truth. Thank youRecommend

  • Headstrong

    India doesn’t believe that we have to prove our secular credentials by choosing a Muslim PM. If a Muslim proves good enough to lead a party to a win in national elections, he’ll become the PM. Whether you want to believe that or not is entirely up to you – in which we have no interest whatsoever.
    Get it now, I doubt it – you guys wouldn’t recognise secularism if it’s handed to you on a plate with watercress around it. But you certainly know to point at others who may have a flawed system, but at least try. Recommend

  • Hamidah Fawad

    Was it Muslims who kept Hindus out or was it the other way around with Hindus expelling the Muslims

    (Uttar Pradesh government sanctions mass expulsion of Muslim villagers

    By Kranti Kumara
    14 December 2013)

    And now a very well written rebuttal to a False Flag article published in a right wing Hindu newspaper “Pioneer”


  • Gratgy

    We are all aware of the “No valid argument so will abuse” mind-setRecommend

  • Gratgy

    When we say “Government” we mean the “real” government in Pakistan i.e. the Deep state. How many journalists dare to question the army?

    See news below

    “Pakistan ISI kidnaps, kills journalists: Amnesty
    Amnesty International says it has “credible concerns” that Pakistan’s powerful military spy agency kidnaps, threatens and even kills journalists who cross it.”

    “Journalists, in particular those covering national security issues or human rights, are targeted from all sides in a disturbing pattern of abuses carried out to silence their reporting,” he added.

    The report came amid a standoff between the Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) and one of Pakistan’s major media groups, GEO Television Network, over an assassination attempt of a TV anchor Hamid Mir.”

    Apart from this we all know what happened to Syed Saleem ShahzadRecommend

  • Gratgy

    India had a Muslim President though. The last PM was a Sikh who was being controlled by a Christian Lady. What so special about Muslims? there have been no Buddhist PM’s eitherRecommend

  • Gratgy

    How does it matter what ET censured, It wouldn’t have made sense anywaysRecommend

  • Hamidah Fawad

    Why is is it that you Indians believe everything reported negatively in the media regarding Pakistan and when someone offers a rebuttal they just don’t know the real truth and are blind or Pakistan apologists but when something negative about India is reported even by Indian journalists, Indians commenting on ET know best and everything reported is a conspiracy against Indians and are full of lies. It is truly amazing. Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Secularism is a construct of abrahamic elites who used common bible driven Joe as cannon fodder to create empire of colonies for loot and plunder besides genocide. When Joe and his Church father started asking for share of loot, the elite made the state secular so that clergy can be kept away from the mulah of lot & plunder. Indian Dharma / Dhamma is secular by nature. It does not have exclusivist claim to ultimate truth or universal consciousness. . India can only have native son and daughter who is firmly rooted to Indian spirituality, language and culture, as PM or even President. Recommend

  • Here it is, vacuous vapid innocuous comments, are the trademark of an anguished nation. There is a severe identity
    crisis in Bharat. ‘Who to follow”..

  • Swaadhin

    Great, Is it possible for an Ahmediya to be the head of the state of the land of pure, you want India to do something which has not happened yet but constitutionally possible while making the same constitutionally impossible in your own country?Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Lol! I agree your comment is both vacuous and vapid. So why did you bother posting it in the first place is what amazes meRecommend

  • Gratgy

    So Are you telling me that Hamid Mir was not attacked, or Saleem Shahzad was not murdered?Recommend

  • Gratgy

    He is not a leftist, he is an opportunist playing to the galleryRecommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    No, they sound like a voodoo incantation. Recommend

  • fze

    My country is never in the question, dear. It’s about Modi and his great secular India.Recommend

  • fze

    you seem to be still living in stone age, belying all that has happened after that age.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    “My country is never in the question, dear. ”

    You are one of the very few to believe so and why would India need to prove anything to the Pakistanis who rejected the idea of India a long time back?

    Why don’t you simply answer what makes Ahmediyas undeserving for the highest position in Pakistan?Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Read your comments and you would know it is you who has no answers other than hypocrisy!!Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Secularism is not even even 200 year old. Its sole pupose was to keep away the loot & plunder brought by colonial Europian powers. Islam is being used to subvert native societies. Once they achieve more than 30% or more of the population then they demand Sharia and division of the country. Angloes use secularism to keep India divided and so can never be competitive to them. They destroyed Communist in Afghans and progressive socialist Bath Party in earlier mentioned Arab lands. In last ten years they used secularism to promote crooks and criminals like Sonia and Manmohan Singh to loot and plunder $1.7 Trillion which finally landed in Anglo banks. Thus Secularism created votebanks within India which can be easily manipulated by distant colonial powers and their Mullahs or Popes.Recommend