What are you trying to prove by denying Geelani a passport, India?

Published: May 23, 2015

Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani PHOTO: AFP

Kashmiris shout anti-India and pro-freedom slogans as Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Shah.
PHOTO: AFP Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani 

Ignorant of their own history and overlooking how leaders like Mohandas Karamchand GandhiVinayak Damodar Savarkar and Subhash Chandra Bose visited countries like South Africa, England and Germany to further their political ideologies, a certain ultra-jingoist Indian media channel recently aired a provocative debate titled Fly Pak Flag, Seek Indian Passport.

This was done on Kashmir’s octogenarian resistance leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s request for a passport, as he wanted to visit his ailing daughter, Farhat Jabeen Geelani, in Saudi Arabia.

Did Gandhi, Savarkar and Bose visit European countries as Indian citizens and on Indian passports?

Did they surrender their political ideology and abandon their struggle for freedom in exchange of receiving their travel documents?

Geelani applied for a passport through his son and this has sparked a fresh political row in restive Kashmir.

A simple case of issuing a passport to Geelani has now snowballed into a major political controversy due to the coalition government mishandling the issue. The spat was handled especially badly by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) whose leaders speak a language of convenience to address domestic audiences on their home turf in Kashmir, and end up surrendering meekly before the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sang (RSS) in New Delhi.

The PDP and the BJP, two coalition partners in Jammu and Kashmir, have serious differences over whether Geelani should or should not get his passport. In 2007, 2008 and 2011, Geelani had been granted a restricted passport.

Khalid Jehangir, BJP’s spokesperson in the Kashmir valley, thought of himself as Kashmir’s regional passport officer or CID chief and ended up issuing a bizarre statement on the issue.

“How can he (Geelani) apply for a passport unless he accepts that he is an Indian citizen and owes allegiance to the constitution of India? Geelani should apologise for the mistakes he has committed during the last 25 years.”

On the other hand, PDP’s President Mehbooba Mufti told media persons that,

“(She) would see to it that Geelani gets his passport.”

She insists that this should be treated as a ‘humanitarian issue’.

“You have to treat this issue on compassionate grounds. A father wants to see his ailing daughter, who can’t visit Kashmir at the moment. From my perspective, a daughter deserves to see her father. India is a country where blood relations are respected and perhaps the only country in the world where festivals like ‘Raksha Bandhan’ and ‘Bhai Duj’, etcetera are celebrated to show love and affection towards your close relatives,” Ms Mufti told journalists.

The Indian federal government stepped in as well and stated that it will consider Geelani’s passport application once he undergoes the required formalities. A report mentioned that Geelani has to go for biometrics, but the Hurriyat leader said he continues to remain under house-arrest and is not allowed to step out of his house.

 “I will not go for biometrics till my detention ends,” said Geelani.

The police in Jammu and Kashmir have said that they offered their vehicle to Geelani to go to the passport office for his biometrics, but there are conflicting reports regarding this.

All said and done, it is not only about issuing or not issuing a passport to Geelani. He is a revered and followed political leader and there will be many to bat for his rights. But the systemic rot is deeper and has a wider context attached to it.

According to a report in 2007, there are about 60,000 families (400,000 persons) who were ‘security indexed’ (read blacklisted) for the issuance of passports in the Kashmir valley alone. In some cases, even distant relatives of slain militants were denied passports on fragile grounds. Security agencies in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir are often accused of creating unnecessary hurdles in giving clearance for passports of close relatives and friends of ex-militants, resistance leaders, and political workers.

It appears that there exists a state policy to kill dissent in Kashmir and suppress proponents of a certain political ideology. Denial of passports has been used as a suppressing tool to bring a section of people, espousing a certain ideology, into submission. There are weapons to kill and maim people, but the world is yet to produce a weapon to kill political aspirations.

Such undemocratic denials also bring home the point as to how the credibility of various state-run institutions in Jammu and Kashmir has eroded over the past several decades.

Political theatre around the issuance of passports to ordinary individuals or political leaders is not only undermining the integrity of the institutions in Jammu and Kashmir, but also exposing petty politicking of the dim-witted PDP.

All tall claims made by the PDP before coming to power about adopting the so-called policy of ‘battle of ideas’ seem hollow now. Promises to give democratic space to different viewpoints have not been kept, creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity to hear dissenting voices remains a distant dream, and bringing about a positive change on the ground through democratic behaviour seems a reverie.

Earlier, PDP took credit for releasing the young resistance leader, Masarat Alam Bhat, but then succumbed under BJP’s pressure to re-arrest him on flimsy ground that Alam raised pro-Pakistan slogans. Chanting pro-Pakistan slogans is a stark reality in Jammu and Kashmir since the very birth of Pakistan in 1947.

If the PDP takes or retracts its decisions only because of what the BJP may or may not think is only being interpreted as the party’s meek surrender before the Hindu nationalist party. The PDP is earning a bad reputation for its rollback policy.

Previously, the PDP leaders would ridicule the former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for his rollbacks, but the three-month old PDP-led government has already done as many rollbacks as Abdullah did during his six-year (mis)rule and (mis)governance.

Is choking the democratic space further in the Kashmir valley, burying its own ‘battle of idea’ theory, Alam’s re-arrest under pressure, no forward movement on draconian laws of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), and denying a passport to Geelani an example of PDP’s surrender before the right-wing BJP and their masters based in Nagpur?

I believe so.

By denying Geelani a passport, the Indian and Jammu and Kashmir governments have also made a confession of sorts that Geelani and his tens and thousands of followers in the Himalayan region are not Indian citizens, and that should serve as good news for individuals who follow Geelani’s political ideology.

Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, before and after assuming the chair, made it clear that the Hurriyat Conference has a viewpoint which needs to be heard and given space to. Now he seems to have forgotten his own words. No wonder the coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir is drawing a lot of flak over its mishandling of many issues over Alam’s re-arrest to the recruitment policy to Geelani’s passport issue.

It seems as if the PDP is quite content for now, which brings to mind the role of ‘Circuit’ played by Arshad Warsi in the movie ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’. Warsi played second fiddle to the lead actor, Sanjay Dutt, and did not do anything without Dutt’s approval and refused to use his own mind. In the BJP-PDP coalition government, PDP appears to have been assigned Warsi’s role.

Meanwhile, the unholy alliance of BJP-PDP may still survive a full six-year term, but PDP appears to be preparing ground for its political suicide and no-noise burial afterwards.

Gowhar Geelani

Gowhar Geelani

The author is a writer, journalist and political commentator from Srinagar, the South Asian Journalism Programme (SAJP) scholar 2015, the first Kashmiri to be selected as Munich Young Leader 2014. He has also served the Deutsche Welle, in Germany, as an editor. He tweets as @gowhargeelani

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • R. Subramanian

    Yes why don’t your Geelani and his follower migrate to Pakistan and get their passport, no body stops themRecommend

  • FactCheck

    India should give the Passport and when he is out of the country, India should revoke his passport and citizenship for treason.

    Let him go to Pakistan to live out his life. He wants to be there anyway, so why should deny his wish to live in the “Land of the Pure”.Recommend

  • Dar

    When people a few years back tried to cross the border in masses through Muzaferabad why did the Govenment of India /army stop them????

  • zoro

    Mr Author … do your home work …
    Mr gellani has already confessed publicly that he is a Pakistani …. So what are you trying to prove ???
    The problem here is of the mind set … India is a democracy and Pakistan is NOT …Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    “What are you trying to prove by denying Geelani a passport, India?”

    In another country, he would have been denied a life.

    “Did Gandhi, Savarkar and Bose visit European countries as Indian citizens and on Indian passports?”

    None of them wanted India disintegrated.

    Finally, your blog seemed less about Geelani and more about the mocking the democratically elected govt in Kashmir.


  • appan

    Indian passport can be issued to Indians not to traitors. We will welcome him moving to Pakistan which can issue any number of passports to him.Recommend

  • third_worldeer

    Geelani lives under house arrest 24×7. He isnt even allowed to offer Friday prayers. Yes, he has offered Jum’ah prayers only a couple of times the past four years. And whenever he is allowed to leave his house, usually on Fridays, the airport road becomes clogged with traffic jams due to his followers. One thing as a Kashmiri I must say, he is the only kashmiri leader who keeps Indian Govt. on its toes.Recommend

  • Jasvinder Singh Marwaha

    Let Pakistan issue a passport to him.Recommend

  • SK

    No one is ‘proving anything’ here in India. Indian passport is given to Indians, and this traitor does not deserve it.

    He is welcome to leave India and migrate to PakistanRecommend

  • Feroz Butt

    Better yet, let Kashmir issue their own passports and manage their own affairs!Recommend

  • Lalak Jan

    Pakistan has such a large heart, India could learn from us.

    We issued passports to anti state people like Tarek Fatah,Hyrbyair and Mehran Marri and Brahamdag Bugti, Pakistani passports even when they don’t consider themselves Pakistani, we even issue Afghan refugees passports, many of whom just use our passports and have allegiance to the country, so India should learn from Pakistan give this essential documents to people like Mr.Geelani and other Anti India activists whether be from Kashmir,Assam,Punjab or South India.Recommend

  • jssidhoo

    You have to say you are an Indian to get a Indian passport is that so difficult to understand .Recommend

  • Concard

    The Passport is the property of Republic of India even when it is in your hands. The Republic can cancel your Passport and even take back your Passport. So what makes you think the Republic of India should hand over Passport to a guy who is Anti-Indian? He didn’t fill the Passport form fully leaving blank in the Nationality section and he didn’t even pay the fees to obtain the Passport. The passport will not handed over to him until he toes the line said by Government of India. It is the right of Government of India to deny him Passport, no violations of individual rights there.Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    Geelani should be issued a passport immediately and Pakistan should issue this passport to him.Recommend

  • Ram

    It is an India passport and Geelani does not consider himself IndianRecommend

  • Avinash Chaudhary

    As I understand Indian Govt. issues passport to Indian citizen only after receiving application in the prescribed form duly filled in. The form submitted is incomplete so it is certainly not the case of of denial or rejection of passport.
    The article talks about leaders going to other countries to further their ideology in the past and also Mr Geelani wants to see his daughter. I do not see any relation between them.
    Mr Sarwar went to Uk for his education and Mr Gandhi was in South Africa as a lawyer. They were subjects of British colony.
    Mr Bose slipped out of India and appeared in Germany obviously without documents.Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    Getting a passport is not a right. You have to be of good character to get passport. Thousands of Kashmiri pundit have lost their homes and forced to flee their ancestral land because of Geelani. Geelani has spent his life undermining the Indian State, why Indian state should give him passport?Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    Geelani is afraid that if he leaves India on a Pakistani passport, India will not let him come back. Why does he not travel on Azad Kashmir passport? Maybe Azad Kashmir is not really Azad after all!Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    What else can you expect from Modi Sarkar? The Butcher of Gujrat [Bharati Media]
    is well known for his hatred of Muslims, Christians, Laddakhis, Sikhs…in that order.
    This episode is nothing compared to the whole sale slaughter of Muslims in Bharati Occupied Kashmir. The ferocity of hindu hatred has no bounds. Even 10 yrs. old boys and girls are indiscriminately butchered in front of their parents. 70 or 80 years old
    men and women are targeted as well. Some allowed to freeze to death. Which is
    regularly done in the mountain villages. UNHRC is not provided access. Guess why?Recommend

  • ques

    To apply for Indian passport, Mr geelani will have to pledge allegiance to Indian constitution and declare his nationality is Indian. Else he can always take a boat to wherever he wants to go like other pakistanis.
    Also please note that he is wished to be treated in Delhi AIIMS for best healthcare and does not wish to be moved to any Pakistani hospital. So much for the love to Pakistan.Recommend

  • DK

    He should be allowed to walk across a mined section of the border. Recommend

  • Fareed Khan Afridi

    Why should they? This is a standard response of bigoted, racist, Hindus.
    Geelani is a citizen of Indian Occupied Territory. He received passports
    in the past, from the Indian Govt. But since the Saffron Lord came into
    power, Muslims, specially Kashmiri Muslims are treated worst than the
    Jews in Nazi Germany. For Muslims, it’s ‘Go to Pak’, for Sinhalis ‘Go to
    Sri Lanka’, for Bengalis ‘Go to Bangladesh’, For Buddhists ‘Go to Tibet’…

    Truly if a response from a garden variety hindu is “Go to…Then India is
    is in dire, troubled straits. Only Hindus allowed in the quagmire.Recommend

  • Anjaan Aadmi

    Fill in the passport application form and declare yourself an Indian, if you want an Indian passport … ! … then the authorities will determine if you are indeed an Indian who deserves to get a passport …Recommend

  • Balram Vishwakarma

    Here’s what happens. It took me 1yr to make a new passport. ME being a obedient, law abiding, peace loving, suburb boy of Mumbai without any past record of criminal offense had to wait 1 year and fill each and every form/appointments decided by MEA people, finally got hold of my damn passport!

    Geelani guy thinks just because he has to see his ailing daughter, and since he’s a ‘Separatist’, his passport application should be put on priority basis. Well that’s not happening, he has to wait behind people like me, get all his forms, and certificates properly scrutinized, get a clearance certificate from cops and almost 7 different departments, and then only will he get hold of a ordinary blue cover passport (And not a diplomatic one). If he’s getting pissed because of the lengthy procedure, then that’s his problem, not India’s. Our home minister, Rajnath Singh has already told, the government would have neutral stand in geelani’s passport procedure. And we also believe passport is every citizen’s right, but there’s certain rules and procedures to follow, if you can do all that, well awesome, if not, then too bad for you.

    So stop this cribbing business. and get behind the line, SIR.Recommend

  • Singh

    Then listen to sane voices migrate to Pakistan & get green Passport. After that raise your voices for freedom POK.
    But don’t forget Mr. Bugti result.Recommend

  • Ajeet

    This just proves that Geelani is an Arab.Recommend

  • Akshay

    The reason is because he has left the nationality coloumn in the passport blank. Simple fill up the nationality column get your passport and go wherever you want. The law is the same for all Indian citizens, but if this two faced snake wants to act smart he will get no where with current government.Recommend

  • Krish

    It is very obvious that this author is absolutely prejudiced and cannot see reason and poorly analysed the whole situation. If one does not accept citizenship of a country then how dare he or she can claim a passport of that country. You starkly display your inherent political bias and prejudice, Recommend

  • rationalist

    Well the Indians are “trying to prove” that to be given Indian passport one has to declare that one is an Indian. Why should India give passport to your fellow terrorist Syed Geelani who claims he is a Pakistani.

    @author, why are you not asking Pakistan why it is not issuing a Pakistani passport to Syed Gilani who has been a steadfast Pakistani? Better yet, why don’t you and your fellow people move to Pakistan that you love so much and live happily ever after there with your new Pakistani passport?Recommend

  • Raju Indian

    Comparison to British Raj days is naive at best, given the current world situation – suggests that the author should go back to Univ and win a few more awards there before coming into the real world. I can understand his passion given his origins, but trying to put a cover of logic on it is ludicrous! Has anyone ever heard of any leader or “battle of ideas” etc from PoK?? Guess why?? How Azad is PoK?? That country has attacked India uni-laterally 4 times. What should India do to someone who shows Pak flags?? In PoK, people like Geelani-sab would have been in gallows well before enjoying his 80 health years in India!!

    Still, India has offered an open door to Mr Geelani to go to Pakistan permanently and get a passport. I dont know whats the problem. All sessionists meet the same fate worldwide.Recommend

  • Krish Iyer

    Mr. Gowhar Geelani..Democracy and freedom of speech does not mean you live; breathe; eat; drink in New Delhi but incite bunch of followers funded by pakistan to raise pro pakistan slogans; flags and you expect to just use your emotional blackmail words of ‘Rakshabandhan; humanitarian grounds and all that you wrote in your article’ to bully the government to get Indian passport.. Mate; you seriously think Indians are that naieve??? ..Let Syed Geelani better follow India’s security process and procedures if he is requesting the Indian govt to issue him a passport…Bharatiya from MCGRecommend

  • average Indian

    He says he is not an Indian citizen which is okay to us and by law passport can be given only to Indians so why doesnt he move to Pakistan and take a passport from there.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Did Gandhi , Savarkar or Bose fly flag of any European country.Recommend

  • Chopra TP

    He needs to submit a complete form to get the passport. He is submitting an incomplete application and hence can not be issued an Indian Passport. Its is not Pakistan where whatever goes. Otherwise he can get a fake passport from Axact.Recommend

  • creative

    Hurriat enjoys the liberty of raising pak flag and pak slogans hence it is fit for them to leave the land of kashmiris and join mainstream pakistan. Geelani is singularly responsible for death and destruction in kashmir , if Islamic brotherhood egyptian president Mr Morsi can be brought to justice , why not Mr Geelani . Impounding of passport is nothing , he should face music of justice for ethnic cleansing of kashmir for changing demography of kashmir.Recommend

  • alam

    No comments for author..sorry ..even pakistanis know the reality..and can somebody please throw light on wheather people of POK and occupied gilgit are given passport of kashmir nationality or pakistani nationality…and what if these people does not write nationality as pakistan in their passport form..will they be given passport..Is so called azad kashmir a UN recognized country…..Recommend

  • pappu the rockstar

    what a rantRecommend

  • G. Din

    They have been used to being treated as “ghar-jamaayees”(resident sons-in-law). No more. There are some basic rules to follow ; one of them is: “you are with us or against us”. Pakistanis should not feign ignorance of a simple rule like that.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Good thing your amnesty/asylum appeal was approved.Recommend

  • Minerva

    You cant play on both sides. Either you are an Indian or not.
    If you consider yourself an Indian, you sign an affidavit declaring the same and submit all the necessary documents.
    If you dont consider yourself an Indian, you are a traitor to the Indian nation and you dont get the privilege of Indian passport.Recommend

  • RFD

    He received passports in the past. From India. All of a sudden
    he can’t fill an application? It’s incomplete? Could be hindus giving him
    a hard time? Ashamed to let the world know what’s going on in Indian

  • G. Din

    Do you even know who is authorised to issue passports? What will happen when such passports are rejected at the immigration counters? The person shall be deported to where he came from. Gillani will be deported to his motherland, Sopore, Kashmir.
    As far as managing their own affairs is concerned, kashmiris will not fare any better than Pakistanis.Recommend

  • G. Din

    And are loyal to Indian Constitution.Recommend

  • G. Din

    Actually, Geelanis came from Persia like Imam Bokhari came from Bokhara. They can never feel at home in an alien land like India.Recommend

  • G. Din

    Not necessary. There is a bridge, fatuously called “Aman Setu” not very far from his hometown which he can cross over, with a sharpshooter on the Indian side making sure he doesn’t turn around.Recommend

  • G. Din

    Of course! You have to have an Indian visa to accompany any passport to step on the sacred soil of India. He would be dreaming if he thinks he will get one.Recommend

  • G. Din

    Good for you! Keep doing it because yours is the only country in the world doing it, if indeed you are!Recommend

  • G. Din
  • Kamath

    Before Pakistan issues him a passport, he has to go to Pakistan. So needs an Indian passport, does he not?

    Why does he need a passport in the first place anyway? Doesn’t the state have the right to issue or deny its citizens depending on security consideration?Recommend

  • Kamath


    When did he say that he was not an Indian citizen?

    Salaam once again.Recommend

  • VRM

    Nobody has denied Mr Geelani his passport. All the authorities have asked him to do is fill in the application form, submit biometric details and pay the requisite fees. Is this asking too much from a person, and why should Mr Geelani consider himself to be special. Let us not twist the news and create more animosity.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Set an example, Balochistan would be a good start.Recommend

  • G. Din

    No prayers will save his soul!Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Why should they leave Kashmir ??Since that is their home .They will leave India automatically if you free Kashmir .Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Why are some centrist Indian Nationalists so stubborn to keep Kashmir in India ? But I do have a solution , only if it is worked out , it would be happy for all the people in J&K .
    1) Create a small village as Panun Kashmir that must accede to India . Free the rest of Kashmir .
    2) Free the muslim-dominated districts of Jammu & Ladakh region , if they want to.
    3) Let Hindu/Sikh-dominated Jammu become a State & Buddhist-dominated Ladakh a Union Territory.

    Secondly , grant Geelani passport on humanitarian grounds as he seeks to see his “ailing daughter” .Recommend

  • Gratgy

    The people who were chased away on the basis of religion were the hindu Kashmiri Pandits. The only racist people are the Muslims of Kashmir. By the way Kashmir is far safer than most of the Pakistani cities


    “‘Go to Pak’, for Sinhalis ‘Go to
    Sri Lanka’, for Bengalis ‘Go to Bangladesh’, For Buddhists ‘Go to Tibet’…”

    Hahaha you do not know the difference between religion and ethnicity. Singhalese are not Indians so why should they be in India. Buddhists are very happy to live in India. In fact even Dalai Lama lives in India

    Bengalis to go to Bangladesh??? hahahahaha then who will live in the state of West Bengal ?Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Kashmiri Pandits had homes in Kashmir too , why does Geelani oppose their return to the valley?Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Newsflash, not everyone seeks asylum. Difficult to understand for a pakistaniRecommend

  • Gp65

    The passport application form has a field called nationality. Only those who state their nationality is Indian are entitled to Indian passport. Mr. Gilani had submitted an incomplete form. Once he submits a duly completed form, it will be duly processed.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Do you think Pakistan wants the Kashmiri People?? If they were so worried about their coreligionists they would have taken in the Bihari Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh or the Rohingya Muslims.

    Its all about water. Most of the rivers originate from kashmir. Whoever owns kashmir owns the water supplyRecommend

  • Gp65

    There is a field in the paspport application form where one needs to declare one’s citizenship. Syed Geelani has left it blank instead of stating he is Indian.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    You personally perused his passport application?
    And saw this omission? Or are you quoting the
    latest mantra from BJP propaganda machine? Having
    received passports in the past, 3 to be exact, the man
    Geelani, simply cannot fill out an application correctly?
    To go see his sick daughter? On an urgent basis?
    Could be, Saffron Lord is involved now?Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    No , I am not telling you to decide on Pakistan , just let the Kashmir be free if Kashmiri Muslims want it to be.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    He has never opposed their return explicitly but only Panun Kashmir , which he has no right to .Recommend

  • Sane

    He does need to migrate to Pakistan. He will make one himself in India.Recommend

  • Sane

    Indians are ready to pounce on those topics which gives them ground for hate mongering against Islam, Muslim and Pakistan. What in return they expect? garlands?!Recommend

  • Sane

    He will first make a new country including occupied Kashmir and some other parts of India and then shall get a passport to come Pakistan.Recommend

  • Fareed Khan Afridi

    Simply amazed at this tortured, disjointed, response. Is it theattention span? Inability to grasp the thread in an observation? Replete with sound effects. Indeed, this is the window into the Bharati psyche …..karmaRecommend

  • Sane

    Gilani is a leader of freedom fighters. He is fighting for freedom in a political and peaceful way. If he is a traitor then what Gandhi and other Congress leaders were? Gandhi did the same in British era as Gilani is doing against Indian occupation. Despite fighting for freedom Gandhi enjoyed all privileges as citizen of India in British Raj.Recommend

  • Sane

    When Gilani said he is Pakistani. Do you have any documented or published proof (in a worthy publication) of his statement. India is a tyrant dictator state under the garb of democracy. Pakistan is republic and enjoys an elected government.Recommend

  • Sane

    So, if Modi being an Eskimo and Chai Wala may become PM, then what is the problem if Gilani is Arab. Although he is not.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Yeah I agree, your comment does look pretty foolishRecommend

  • Gratgy

    Nope, Pakistan can give him asylum, no need for PassportRecommend

  • Gratgy

    It was free once upon a time under the Maharaja after 1947, we all know how long it lasted that way.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Geelani even opposed Pandits piligrimage do you think he will allow them to live in peace among other kashmiris.


  • Milind A

    “Why are some centrist Indian Nationalists so stubborn to keep Kashmir in India ?”

    Elementary Dr. Watson
    1. It was once a Hindu region and still has many Hindu pilgrimage sites, which cannot be guaranteed to last under total Muslim rule
    2. It has a significant Hindu, Buddhist population loyal to the Indian state and these cannot be betrayed. Also the total Muslim rule cannot be trusted to rule them.
    3. The perfidy of our neighbour, saw half of it been devoured and the evil designs to swallow the rest remain.
    4. Our neighbour cannot be trusted to hand it over to its all weathered friend China, as it has done with its occupied part… and its strategic aspects & implications cannot be overlooked.Recommend

  • marik

    Every day I see absolutely ridiculous articles about in India in this newspaper.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    But the Hindus there were converted to Islam in 13th century. Did you read my complete comment. I have talked about only “Muslim Kashmir” & Muslim-dominated regions of Jammu & Ladakh .Recommend

  • Jasvinder Singh Marwaha

    He can slip across the border- reversing the normal process.Recommend

  • Abdul

    Nothing wrong with Geelani which a bullet could not cure. Ashamed to call myself a Muslim in India because of snakes like geelani.Recommend

  • Abdul

    Exactly. Free Balochistan too while you are at it.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    How can I plead for Balochistan , when I am an IndianRecommend

  • Kamath

    Wait! Where did you get the idea that he does not consider himself a citizen of India? Where did say that? An Indian citizen has all sorts of rights including overthrow of Indian govt. through parliamentary and peaceful means. That is what he is saying , He wants freedom. Freedom from Modi Bhakts, I suppose! Is it wrong? So once he is found eligible for an Indian passport by fulfilling the requirements, then he should be given a passport. Recommend

  • Kamath

    Define who is a traitor ? Just because you do not like a dog, it does not give you the right to call a dog- mad and kill him! So criticism of Indian govt. policy in Kashmir does not make him a traitor!Recommend

  • Kamath

    Oh boy! That is not good idea!Recommend

  • Kamath

    He is not an Arab. Arabs do not accept Indians or Pakistanis as equals.Recommend

  • G. Din

    If he waves the Pakistani flag, what other proof do you want? No one except a pucca Pakistani waves that flag.Recommend

  • G. Din

    No, that is what the government says. His application form is incomplete besides the fact that he won’t go for the required bio-metric identification procedure. As soon as he turns in a complete application and has gone through identification process, he will get his passport. That does not mean it cannot be revoked while he is outside the country if he decides to go cute.Recommend

  • G. Din

    But, Pakistanis boast that they are the descendents of the barbarian invaders of India and therefore superior to native Indians.Recommend

  • G. Din

    Even if he and the Pakistanis think it is too much, it is the LAW. And, no one, not even a traitor is immune to it.Recommend

  • G. Din

    Head of Ghulam Kashmir is appointed by the ministry of Kashmir affairs in Rawalpindi. No one in that POK can stand in an election without affirming that he/she does not question PoK is a part of Pakistan. Does that answer your question?Recommend

  • G. Din

    Can you name even one territory in the entire world where its sovereignty was transferred to its people merely because they would like it that way? Territories are transferred only between sovereigns. People can become sovereigns only if they can snatch that sovereignty from the existing sovereign of the territory they inhabit.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Hey Afridi,

    “For Muslims, it’s ‘Go to Pak”

    Those who had to leave, left India in 47, the people who are leaving today are the Hindus of Pakistan to India, you must be a happy man to see that.

    “for Sinhalis ‘Go to Sri Lanka'”

    Majority of the Sinhalese in the world belong to Sri Lanka, also the spelling of the word “Sinhalese” is incorrect, this is the result of being in a cocoon I guess.

    for Bengalis ‘Go to Bangladesh’,

    Where do you think the Bangladeshi illegal immigrants belong if not Bangladesh, how about the Biharis who are still living in subhuman conditions in Bangladesh for Pakistan not accepting them?

    For Buddhists ‘Go to Tibet’…

    Are you allright, the Tibetans come to India and not vice versa, why make a mockery of yourself?Recommend

  • Gratgy

    He should also refuse to use Indian airport infrastructure. Instead Geelani should build a big catapult and fling himself towards Saudi Arabia, all problems solvedRecommend

  • Rana Eddy

    So do you want the Kashmiris to fight India & then India shamed like Britain etc. were . Why not give Kashmir with grace & honour ….that saves us from GUILT too.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    No one has the right to “overthrow the government” . That happens only in countries like Pakistan. The government can be “changed” through a democratic process. Geelani wants freedom from India not from modi, which is considered secession and is wrong. He has been leading the agitation for a long time before Modi even arrived. You are pretty ill informed I must say, if you are truly an Indian.

    Geelani can be found eligible only if he fills his passport form completely. Every citizen has to fill up the passport form correctly or it gets rejected. Are you saying Geelani should get special treatment??Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Criticizing and promoting secession are two different things,duh! Promoting Secession through violence is considered treason in every country of the world

    If a dog is mad, I will call it a mad dogRecommend

  • Gratgy

    Why is Pakistan using helicopter gunships and JF-17s on its own peopleRecommend