Say no to Mathira: Ban vulgarity not art

Published: November 6, 2010

Television host Mathira has been accused of being too vulgar for family viewing.

A few days ago, someone forwarded me a video of the very famous VJ, Mathira. The clip showed her being abused and harassed by live callers.

At first, I was quite annoyed with the live callers, but when I watched closely, the live callers weren’t the only ones to be blamed, were they?

After all the lady does dress very cheaply and at times, uses indecent facial gestures during her live call sessions.

The only thing I can praise her for is the way she bashes rude live callers very confidently.

Some media people tend to drop offensive live calls the moment they find that a caller is exceeding his or her limits. How come these calls to Mathira didn’t get dropped-was it deliberate?

Self-censorship, anyone?

First of all, why couldn’t the producer or any other member of the show’s team prevent her from using the kind of language and gestures she does? Doesn’t anybody regulate her dress code, behaviour and live calls? What regulations and code of ethics are being followed by the channel and host? Does her team encourage her to receive such calls? Are they trying to compete with MTV Loveline? What is the objective?

What we do choose to ban

An old video by a band Rushk was banned after several months of being aired. Another report, in 2006, said that Pakistani channels were banning music videos without any logical reason or valid justification. The videos for Behti naar, Pal do pal, Jalan and Main nahi hoon were criticised. If these music videos offended people enough to be banned, why do the same channels air offensive talk shows? All the supposedly vulgar things that have been banned in the past did not necessarily deserve to be treated that way.

Cheap does not equal cool

Coming back to the show, you have to wonder if Mathira is used as  a publicity stunt, or whether she is being exploited for entertainment purposes. Since PEMRA arbitrarily decided to block other channels-what about this one?

Remember the good old days in the 1990s, when most of us would wait for Music Channel Charts to air? The VJs on that show were dressed to perfection. There was no element of obscenity to gain viewership; nothing about the show was vulgar.

Being open-minded is commendable, but promoting vulgarity shouldn’t be lauded as a symbol of liberalism.  Such shows present anything but progressiveness.

Sadaf Fayyaz

Sadaf Fayyaz

A freelance journalist, photographer, blogger and writer's take on life, culture, media and everything else.

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  • Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi

    Finally, someone wrote about Mathira. I was shocked to see her “Aur aur aur” video on Youtube. The timing of the show, the relatively high rate of vulgar calls and her enjoyment in bashing such callers is simply disgusting.
    Good work Sadaf,Recommend

  • Ghausia

    Sadaf you give me more and more reasons to adore you every time you blog! The way she sits, the way she drapes her hair strategically over her shoulder to fall at the right angle, the way she talks, its all designed to welcome obscene callers. Its a midnight show so obviously this is to be expected. And her dancing, good lord. Its just disgusting, she’s trying so hard, its insulting to women everywhere.

    And every time she gujji gujji brrs someone, a part of me commits suicide.Recommend

  • Sauleha M

    that specific call was from the studios, to raise the viewership of the program…Recommend

  • SadafFayyaz

    :_( Female exploitation isnt it?Recommend

  • Kashif Khan

    Once you begin censorship, there is no ending it. What might appear to be “decent” to you, would be indecent to someone else and vice versa.

    Say “no” to censorship is any form. If somebody wants to be “cheap” or “decent”, its their business. And if people want to watch it, it is their choice. If you don’t like it, switch the channel, but don’t try to impose your morality on others.

    We have enough guardians of our morality out there, all losers who interject themselves in other people’s lives and choices.Recommend

  • Sarah

    LOL I agree to alll of the above
    it is very sad to see tv exploit a woman to increase viewership.

  • Efrodol

    Finally someone noticed the obscenity and indecency our media is promoting nowadays. All our other programs/ comedy shows etc are getting vulgar day by day. if our people think that it makes us look cool or broad minded society then they are wrong. the way we are portraying women in our media actually depicts the “real” status of women in our society…. san respect san grace!Recommend

  • http://deleted Saira Saba

    I simply say NO code of conduct at all for our Media. They are only promoting vulgarity through such cheap hosts/anchor persons. What message our Media is trying to spread we simply don’t understand, but Allah will see them for this one day, that’s for Sure.Recommend

  • AA

    Its a slow poison and is just a matter of time when all these vulgar promoting personalities would become icons of modernization and respect. They will eventually get covered by the slogan of “Freedom of Speech” and “Women Rights”.The fault on our part has also to be admitted. If we have allowed softer vulgarity on our tv these days (which we would not have allowed during 90s), then wait for mathira type people to present more vulgarity in the coming yearsRecommend

  • Sadsid

    Change the channel. Bipasha basu in skimpy wear is acceptable but a tv host of a late nite show in western wear is not. What’s with the double standards? Vulgarity is relative; just because it is not agreeable to you does not give you a high moral ground to judge what a person is wearing in public. Live & let live. And change the channel.Recommend


    The producer of such shows are the ones to be blamed first.

    P.S. look at the mentality of the people calling, do those people who are not “vulgar” get spared by such low-mentality people, i think NOT- Recommend

  • Arooj Fatima

    This is the first time i actually found out about a program which promotes such vulgarity. What is more shocking is that its a Pakistani channel!
    Thankyou for writing on the subject.
    I wish the govt officials – the PEMRA and anyone who has the power to stop the absurdity reads this and realizes the intensity of the problem.Recommend

  • Mehjabeen

    i totally agree .Recommend

  • AA

    Media showing any level of vulgarity attracts the frustrated minds of society the most. A broken person is prone to criminal activities and abuses and the media provides idea and the modality to carry out such acts. No wonder why rape cases have increased. A person without good finances can;t marry today, what else he’d do. Looking at these . models will increase their desires but unfortunately they dont have the solution to fulfill those desires….Recommend

  • Umair Hassan

    couldn’t agree more !
    Its not just her fault, the entire team and the channel itself is,
    The way she talks and dresses is not acceptable !Recommend

  • Nabeel Khan

    Finally someone wrote about her i really appreciate, i just don’t understand why do people cross there limits, and people who running these kinda shows and all those who are watching them call themselves MODERN.
    Please please wake-up everyone this is noting but vulgarity why we forget our limitations, this is so called Islamic state and promoting these kinda stuff.Recommend

  • AA

    @Saddaf…”female exploitation”…I am impressed by your ability to think out of the box…unfortunately many female of today aint actually aware of whats happening with them…Recommend

  • http://deleted Nabeel Khan

    @Saira Saba:

    I agree with you we should realize one thing for sure that never forget the limitations there are certain ethics doing a program on TV.

    But this things is simply promoting vulgarity it should be stopped.Recommend

  • S. Ali Raza

    She’s just a tease ;) no harm.. and a teacher too… Recommend

  • Usama Zafar

    I pretty much agree with Kashif Khan I saw the show once didn’t find it interesting so I stopped watching it but I don’t have a problem with other people watching that show or calling her. We should have a bit of tolerance in ourselves shoudn’t we?Recommend

  • Sardar Ahmed Gujjar

    Dear Sadaf,

    Thank you so much for taking my point of view and letting our young minds to differentiate among modernization, liberalism, liberty and vulgarity.

    I like Mathira and her confidence but and do not like her cheap dressing and saying aur aur aur…. aur and that non sense point.


  • Kashif

    First of all i agree that abusive callers should be censored and precautions should be taken before show. but i don’t agree with vulgarity . i don’t find it vulgar. there are many channels in pakistan that show more vulgarity like MTV, Star movies, etc. you should change the channel if you find something vulgar. people who think this is vulgarity should through tv out of there house Recommend

  • Shumaila

    While I love what you’ve written and accept that your sense of the moral is wounded by such programs, I would have to agree with Kashif. I mean, you’ve mentioned in your own article the ridiculous and arbitrary extent to which banning can be extended – so No to banning anything is a better idea, imho.

    I am not a fan of Mathira (lol, I only just learnt of her existence) and while my youtubed research turned up a cheaply dressed, flirtatious-looking female, those are no grounds for a banning, in my opinion. You don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to.Recommend

  • Sahar

    OH MY GOD.

    I had never heard of her before but I just clicked on one of the links from your article and just…WOW.

    I am in no way a prude, so I thought maybe you were exaggerating or something…because it’s Pakistan and how bad can it possibly get?

    OHMYGOD. It can get very, very bad apparently. Wow.


  • Cinnamon

    Gawdddd! that was sad…the ‘aur aur’ video! but then i watched another video of hers and she probably doesnt understand how she comes across…..i know its stretching it a bit but we have to give her the ‘benefit of doubt’! i know a few girls who really dont get why they’ll be misconstrued… when they are knowingly explicitly talking bout ‘stuff’ ! they just think with their own heads, take the world at their own estimate and “why would anybody think that when i dont mean it that way?” true, she’s suggestive but there’s a possibility she doesnt realize that she comes across as downright seductive and not innocently playful!

    The channel, yes, is to be blamed! And doesnt this blonde have one good friend to knock some sense into her head? Recommend

  • Mariam

    The callers are cheap but she is to be blamed equally, and I cant stop laughing ‘Aur aur aur…’ : DRecommend

  • Tanzeel

    Mathira is the bread and butter of the channel she is associated with and we all know that virtually Vibe Tv has nothing else to offer its audience, your writeup against the only “active asset” of the Vibe may lead that struggling tv channel to closure.


  • Salim Mohammad

    Those who do not like the hostess are free to turn off their TV or change the channel. Let the others – The teaming millions deprived of any other form of entertainment, enjoy the content of the programme. Recommend

  • mathira

    Hi this is mathira one thing I don’t understand u think I’m being cheap wat abt begam nawazish ali he is acting like a woman dressing like a woman and talking always abt sex is that good or u ppl don’t c the ramps these days .why am I to be blamed and banned u ppl wanna listen to indian songs on a paki channel were girls r wearing bikinis and that’s ok well I am just upset the way ppl judge me .next time if the writer wants to write against some one fine write bt no one has a right to call some one cheap .

    If u guy wanna correct me u explain properly with out calling me words. Recommend

  • http://deleted Saira Saba

    to many she is bold and beautiful but what message we are giving to our young generation by showing such shows on TV is a million dollar question!Recommend

  • A

    The article has highlighted something serious, but am afraid it wont help to address the problem. Isn’t it going to increase her popularity?? I didn’t heard this lady’s name before, now I know a lot about her……Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    @Mathira: Nice to see you on Tribune, let me respond you here, do you know people want to listen and watch lots of Masala things on Tv which are morally wrong. Indeed begum Nawazish Ali and what we see on Bigg Boss something to be appreciated but two wrongs dont make a right. You can always go for other creative ways rather than finding quick solutions to increase your ratings.Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    are something not to be appreciated*Recommend

  • Syed Nadir El-Edroos

    Well it doesnt harm the ratings does it? Recommend

  • Pilot29

    It is 1 thing to say that the show used a few cheap callers to boost talk about the show; that may be possible in the form of poor call screening, but I doubt that Mathira is being ‘exploited’.
    Why do you blame Mathira for saying “aur aur aur”; she is obviously being playful and trying to catch the caller out till he says something like “i dont have anything else to say”. It is sad that the caller blurted out what he did, but that speaks about the caller more than her. She is dressed fine in that clip as well; and responds to this situation much better than most other women would have.
    I think Mathira is fine, a bit over the top, but fine overall. I think the self-censorship rule always works best when the viewer participates; and in our case helping our people grow up by learning not to get hormonal when we see a womans arm or neck.
    If you dont like the host or the show; dont watch it. Also note that it comes sufficiently late for most people to ignore watching it.
    If Mathira starts stripping to her birthday suit on Pakistani tv; I will join you in calling for a ban; until then, chill out and live your life.Recommend

  • mathira

    Hey u ppl I have nothing to say I will be revamp my show and since ppl hav a issue with my clothing so I’ll be changing it so plz if u ppl wanna giv me advice go ahead plz and I grew up in Zimbabwe so the cloths I wear r not vulgar try to understand Recommend

  • sana

    wow, i must say women of pak going so up, no one want to hear wats ryt n wrong
    we only need just gud humor which give us entertainment Lol Recommend

  • mathira

    I’m sorry if ppl think I’m being rude I aint being rude I have stopped 5 divorced and prevented many girls from running away from ther house the young generations listens to me I give a positive message in every show its not my fault if ppl don’t under stand our new generation has to be open minded plz … Gujii gujii love u all .in my show I am just spreading love. For allRecommend

  • The Only Normal Person Here.

    Very inappropriate title. You cant attack a person like this. It’s her individual choice what she wears and what not. Second, I dont think it was right on your part to post the video link, in a way you are promoting it. I have followed your precious articles, never expected this from you.

    Anyways… coming back to the issue. It’s about time that we learned to accept people as they are. If you dont like their mannerisms or so then you always got the option to “avoid”. Just because something doesn’t match with out morality level, we start calling it vulgar.

    I am appalled to see people are impliedly justifying what the caller said by blaming it on Mathira’s cloths etc. Does it give us a right to call someone names, just because s/he is not wearing cloths as per our moral standards? I find it completely absurd. Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    Gujii gujii love u all .

    What was that ?Recommend

  • Sardar Ahmed Gujjar

    @mathira Thank you so much for good response. We are discussing openly. some are in favour of your stance and some disagree. You keep moving and running your show. Spreading love is great thing in our divided and frightened society. Saddaf Fayyaz has raised this issue on my request. We need to talk on all topics including these kind with open mind and big heart.

    Thank you all.Recommend

  • rocket

    changing the channel is the best censorship.and morality and vulgarity are comparative..Recommend

  • Farheen

    I cannot agree more especially your concluding line:
    “Being open-minded is commendable, but promoting vulgarity shouldn’t be lauded as a symbol of liberalism. Such shows present anything but progressiveness.”

    i absolutely hate it when baring legs or using loaded language passes off as liberal and progressive. if anything its the opposite sign of the same coin of close mindedness. Recommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    Sadaf your blogs are becoming the voice of the silent majority :)
    We could have termed it exploitation, but the very word seems linguistically wrong because the element of willingness is there.
    Woe to the gujji gujji muaaaahs!Recommend

  • farooq

    The biggest problem of Pakistan is double standards and hypocrisy not vulgarity. If you roam around Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad you will see what kind of dress is ON these days. Why single out Mathira? Don’t you watch MTV Pakistan, Fashion TV Pakistan or even the dressing used in soaps nowadays? As for as her attitude, acting and dressing is concerned, she is in this business called showbiz…if it is wrong we should raise our voice to ban the whole buziness. Yeah I agree the cheap calls are very much avoidable and these were wrong means of increasing TRP’s. Avoid cheap callers..and your program is like any other problem with it.


  • Waleed Khan

    I say Ms. Mathira is the perfect candidate to represent Pakistan on the world stage and particularly India .

    I support her candidature , Anyone seconding me ?

    Pakistan has been conquered and charmed by her wit . Time for the world at large to bear the torture. Recommend

  • sanya

    hi, 1stly those ‘callers’ don’t ve access to bikini wearing Indian actresses/ models, otherwise they must ve listened to the same music as u ve already did. Mathira dressing part is very personal, I agree but when u r coming to a media which is still very immature, you and only you are able to limit such callers by dressing a bit modestly. And believe me I ‘ve listened to one or 2 of those calls on you-tube, they were planned for sure by the staff there.
    Sanya from islamabad.Recommend

  • Sahar

    @Mathira- for the record, I have no problem with your clothes. It’s the way you talk to your callers and the way you engage them….it’s frightening and sad. You can’t convince your producers to start a 10 second time lapse? I don’t care if you wear a tube top or shorts or whatever….but the things your callers frequently say to you are the sickest things I’ve EVER seen on live tv, whether it be Pakistani or American or whatever. The things that are said on your show are not allowed on live tv anywhere in the world. Why do you expect them to be said in Pakistan and not find objection? Just so you know, its def not the clothes for me. It’s your attitude/style/way of speaking in general that you will find A LOT of people will find cheap. And that’s just the nice people…others will have much harsher words for you.

    You’re not all to blame, I find your callers much much worse. But the things you let them get way with….as a girl it makes me resent you for letting guys do that and making them think it’s funny or that they can talk to any girl that way. They’re bad, but since you seem to encourage it (when one caller asked you something vile, you just smiled and bit your finger), you’ll find that girls as well as guys do not like or respect you. Recommend

  • SadafFayyaz

    well, If something is wrong and unacceptable, i wont and would never say…….its good…promoting love, peace and harmony is good….but should be done +vly….and decently………thats it………Recommend

  • Someone with knowledge

    lol that isn’t actually Mathira!Recommend

  • Jahanzaib Haque

    I think Mathira should be free to do what she wants, including courting controversy plus hosting a rather successful show. She is good at what she does and she has my respect. A rather obscure way to understand our society’s dilemma in this context would be: ‘Nashaa sheeshay mein hota, to naachti botal” i.e. Mathira is not the problem as much as we are.Recommend

  • mathira

    I would like to thank the ppl. Who r supporting I am avoiding these calls bt I need ur supportRecommend

  • SadafFayyaz

    @Someone I know which die hard fan of her is speaking up………
    @Jay……man some VJs like mahira. sehrish naveen waqar. anoushey, natasha, anisa, alishba are good ones……..and some other names too…….in the past……..Recommend

  • Sahar

    @Sadaf, your articles are always enjoyable, but sometimes your comments themselves are hard to read/understand because of the way you type… :SRecommend

  • Aamina

    Agree with Jahanzaib!Recommend

  • SadafFayyaz

    sorry for that……..BBm typing…………..i m not much happy with……………Recommend

  • Sikandar

    Dear all,
    Well to be honest with you guys i know the pranks callers who misbehaved with the host. But let me remind you one thing the way she is trying to portary an image of a Pakistani women is indeed disappointing. Her shows are utterly disrespectful and well i don’t know for others but i can be sure for one thing at least i do feel ashamed of watching her Sunday brunch shows in front of my family and many of you know the reason why i do?Recommend

  • mathira

    Now what’s wrong with my Sunday brunch program its a normal family show with celebs and my mother if any one even trys to talk rudely I will not be happy and may I know who wrote this artical first of allRecommend

  • mathira

    Sadaf can I plz have ur number I need to have a word with u if u don’t mindRecommend

  • rukun

    you know the hand motions she does while saying the gujji gujji crap, one doesnt need to see pornos to get a hint there. its just offensive to women.

    and the abusive callers, just goes to show how seriously we take our state religions command of monogamy and respect for womenRecommend

  • Sikandar

    Well Miss Mathira,
    Its very easy to make us count how many blah blah blah stuff you have done through your show but let me remind you one critical fact that Pakistan is still a religiously conservative society where people have some issues on ur way of dressing. I like many other educated Pakistani might understand your point in the light of liberty but here you seriously mistaken as the way you show ur personality through your outlook on the show clearly doesn’t make you a great teacher of inspirational figure on media. Yeah before responding to any of the remarks made upon you take some time to think and let us know what image you want to leave in the mind of Pakistani people is it of a fashionable icon with her hot and sexy look or of a ambassador of youth for resolving their social problems. These two are hell different dimensions. Now its up to you to decide from your show. To be honest be kind to yourself and show some respect and grace to your personality 9in representing the real outlook of Pakistani Public so to avoid the way normally prank callers treat you on your show. I from my bottom of my heart apologize if any of my words has caused you some disappointment. I would definitely advice you you have the power of media so please use it for general good and don’t abuse it. I hope my words leave some impression.Recommend

  • Usama Zafar

    Very well said Jahanzaib!!Recommend

  • Talha

    Yes, very nice. More of the same please and less clothes too.

    Only then this country will progress.

    It’s simple really, even AQ Khan researched this and proved my hypothesis correct.

    Countries where girls wear skimpy clothes are well off for e.g. Spain.

    Countries where girls are hidden or draped are garbage for e.g. Afghanistan. Recommend

  • Zubair

    Try watching filmazia someday if you think mathira is vulgar. The pakistani drama serials with sadia imam as the vamp are quite interesting too.

    Stop this elitist approach and think about the masses. This is where you fail and Mathira succeeds. Recommend

  • bakatron

    i have to admit that the writer herself needs bigger and better causes to follow. seriously… censored days of the 90s where we waited for VJ charts to happen and khabarnama was our main form of entertainment? heck the only people who did watch vj charts and khabarnama were those poor saps who couldnt afford a satellite dish. Recommend

  • parvez

    Always like reading your articles. I think you’re being unnecessarily hard on Mathira and her show. Flicking channels a long time ago I saw Mathira hosting a cooking or a drink mixing show and she was lets say different. Nothing to justify a “lets crucify Mathira” campaign. We should learn to be tolerant, at best her show was in bad taste. Can’t you live with that ?
    People like you should and must be above narrow minded thinking we have enough of the self righteous brigades as it is.Recommend

  • Angelos

    I complete agreement with your post for the first time :D

    @All The Rest Defending Mathira
    I would love to see their reaction when their own daughters/sisters etc would have been going out with skimpy clothes or doing those flirtatious moves…………but no, wait…..’phir gairat yaad ajayegi inn logoon ko’

    There are ethics/guide lines. Everyone is allowed to wear or act whatever way they like but there are guide lines, imposed by the culture of this society as well as the religion we follow. I wonder what would be your answer if some saint/sahabi would have objected to this vulgarity….Recommend

  • Arachnid

    After all the lady does dress very cheaply and at times, uses indecent facial gestures during her live call sessions.

    Same logic as “she was asking to be harassed/assaulted because she was wearing skinny jeans.” Shame on you, Sadaf Fayyaz.Recommend

  • Murtaza Ali Jafri

    I don’t watch her show, but I say let Mathira do as she does, I don’t want PEMRA or any govt. entity regulating my TV. If it markets well, let it be. She obviously has a following, one that may identify with her crass behavior, and hey, they watch TV too.

    Once you ask the likes of Pemra to actively regulate what comes on a music channel, you’re eventually going to have hosts in Burqas….what kind of music do you think they play? Recommend

  • Salman Arshad

    I know people who find PTV channels incredibly indecent due to their family planning ads. How can a sister and a brother watching PTV digest a family planning ad !! Obviously !!

    This doesn’t stop at Mathira.
    the Mighty Moral Brigade, who the author associates with, should explain what is objectively vulgar ? Recommend

  • Zuhaib

    M speechless after watching the link that u posted……whole team of this show should b held responsible for airing such a low rated calls just to promote the show n rating…..n the host just doing the same what her producer wants…… Utterly bizzare Recommend

  • Hadia Khan

    Ban her? Is that the solution to all our problems in Pakistan or for that matter in most muslim countries around the world??? As stated by others, don’t watch her show if you don’t like it. I choose to do that with people like Amir Liaqat, Farhat Hashmi, Zaid Hamid etc. Use the remote instead of passing these harsh judgments!!!Recommend

  • faraz

    There is a button on the remote control which is used to change the channel. I dont like her program, i find it immature and annoying so i just dont watch her program. If you are going to ban channels, then ban almost all entertainment channels. And why not ban the internet, it contains adult material! Recommend

  • Ali

    I am all for Mathira and her unique style… Although that publicity stunt was quite indecent for live TV… but I guess thats what they are supposed to be.. memorable…Recommend

  • Hina Junaid

    lets not forget that mathiras show is the only thing this channel has to offer. Of course they would never discourage her about what shes doing. It gets them publicity, who cares if its bad or good. Then of course there are many Mathira fans out there, some just get pleasure out of mocking her, either way, the channel benefits.
    Theres a whole list of men and women who are constantly in the limelight and almost always on TV, this shows the standards and morals our channels are working on.Recommend

  • http://deleted Nabeel Khan

    woowwww this place is getting really HOT :) @ Mathria don’t be offend its just ppl expressing there feelings about your show, we know that u from zimbabwe but NOW you living in Pakistan, and yessss its not abt your show only whoever is crossing there limits should realize that, Modernism does not mean wearing short clothes, talking vulgarity etc.Recommend

  • http://deleted Nabeel Khan

    @mathira: You better not to take these kind of calls i m from media and i know it looks someone calling from inside, if there any stupid call coming why don’t you cut the line tell your producers to do this for you its very simple.Recommend

  • Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi

    I would like you to know that I am relatively conservative so please judge my post keeping that in mind. It’s not a choice that I made being a conservative, it is based on my tribal upbringing and the peace in my surroundings.
    In your earlier post you mentioned that you grew up in Zimbabwe. If that is true then I can understand how can you be so bold on television. Your midnight program, based on your bold style of speaking as well as talking, is clear recipe to attract vulgar callers. I have seen just a few shows of yours followed by highly inappropriate youtube clippings and developed a strong bias against you.
    Ali Saleem aka Begum Nawazish Ali has a certain level of sophistication in his show which makes it bearable to watch. His private videos are, however, are not appreciated at all and just for your information, blogs against him have also been written.
    And the author of this blog is Sadaf Fayyaz, her name is clearly written beneath her profile picture on this page.Recommend

  • Saqib Omer Saeed

    I always think that the slavery of our own desires is not the freedom even. Pakistan is turning out to be a country where everything is right. But I love to see all this growing too fast so it can also end soon. We never think how frustrated we are in the escape of our laughter. End of the day everyone knows what is right and what is wrong. Beyond every pleasure there is a real world that we have to be reach anyways. The world has seen far bigger than these acts and now few of the places are tourist spots and some need digging to find out. I am optimistic that we shall learn and act gently one day. Just we need to play everything to come back on what we actually are because we have a big curiosity that may we can be successful by doing all other than acts of intellect & standards. Enjoy the post anyways and all comments. In totality a good learning of what is going on for an ordinary person like me!Recommend

  • zehba alim

    I totally agree!
    This king of vulgarity is not even there on indian channels!
    ‘Aur aur aur’ video is way beyond the tolerance level of any pakistani!
    No second chance after that one!Recommend

  • Mehreen

    I don’t think she should be banned. If enough people want to see her off the air, they should start a petition and make calls to her employers. Banning things is so archaic. In this day and age, you pressure the company/organization to fire and replace the person causing the problems.

    However, I am sure the sort of things the callers say on air are already banned. There’s no way that sort of dailogue is allowed on live TV. The people airing it inspite of the fact that it is easily preventable/edited by way of a 10 second gap should be held responsible for it in this this. Mathira is just a pawn. We need to hold accountable the people responsible for allowing this to happen.

    As for the callers, they’re the biggest disgrace to Pakistan out of all the people involved in this scenario. We can’t do anything about their cheapness, but there are atleast ways to get said cheapness off the air. Start calling and pressuring the producers of her shows to make the change. Stop watching her shows. Make the viewership go down. We need to stop asking for blanket bans in Pakistan. There are other, more progressive ways to have our demands met.Recommend

  • http://deleted Nabeel Khan

    @Sikandar: Yeah very true bro everyone knows the reasonRecommend

  • Tayyab Raza

    lol just watched the video clip ..
    laughed uncontrollably then i felt sad for the poor thing :(
    how does she feel about herself. why isnt she disgusted ? is she happy about this job and script and style ?
    i really wonder ..
    wont blame the caller , the Host is inviting all male hounds. :-/
    o well then again….. The channel admin is happy, callers still tune-in ..Recommend

  • Ebby

    Nice article Sadaf and good observations…as always……I have not seen the show just watched few clips of it on youtube. What can we say about the media when it is free without any restrictions and limitations…Thanks to Enlightened Moderation…..Freedom to media or any group is a good hting but it shouldhave somelimitationsa and restirctions….Freedom with no boundaries is just living in Jungle….and this is one of the examples…and even if Mathira being brought up in NZ doen’t know much about Paki culture, it’s the responsibilty of the producers n makers But again they would say it’s just freedom. Anyways nice article Sadaf. Recommend

  • Liaquat Ali

    If someone wants to be vulgar in private, more power to them. If someone want to drink alcohol at home, more power to them. If someone wants to smoke in his bedroom, who am I to tell them what to do?

    However, when these things are done in public, that creates problem.
    I never knew about her. Now I do. Personal opinion, what a waste of time. For her fans, she must be the best thing since XXX. Who I am I to judge?

    That said, in the land of the pure that tops the Google ranking in accessing the Internet porn, that is, ahead of countries that are 7 times larger than the land of the pure, then there is a market for such shows. What are you going to do? Recommend

  • Klues

    Who will draw the line if it is vulgar or not? One will say it is art other will immorality?

    Usually sex is used when ratings are going downhill.Recommend

  • farooq

    @wasio … “it is based on my tribal upbringing and peace in my surroundings”…big LOL…great sense of humor buddy…I didnt know there is peace in the tribal region….lolRecommend

  • farooq

    The fault, My dear Brutus, Lies not in the stars but in ourselves……Recommend

  • Hina Zafar

    Not Impressive article, specially if I take it in such circumstances being a citizen of an Islamic Republic Country ! Recommend

  • wasey

    @sanctimonious blog author
    –> would agree to (infact recommend) a time lapse between live call and airing. There is no need for such calls to be aired (some will happen i.e. bloopers; but most should be prevented). Whatever the reason – ratings ploy, technical inability – this is totally wrong.
    –> strongly disagree that what this VJ is in anyway more provocative or vulgar than a lot of what we see on Pakistani channels and Pakistani film channels.
    –> The famous aur aur blooper call. I dont see anything wrong with her saying aur aur; whats wrong with that? I dont see anything wrong with the way she is dressed, have you stepped out of your shell recently and seen that this is common dress in the big cities of karachi? the real person who should be bashed by anti-female exploitation people like you is the caller. Why should the sight of 3/4 of her arms and her neck spur this man to say what he did. What can we do as a society to make him realize that this is not good and not spoken even if a women shows her arm or her mid-rif? Should we just keep banning everything and go back to the shuttlecock burka?

    @dramabaaz commenters.
    Technology has given you a clicker/remote. If you dont like the show or think she is polluting your feeble minds, change the channel. This form of censorship works if the majority of the public agrees. The shows ratings will go down, ad revenue will drop and the channel. This will also work for you if you are in the minority; you wont have to see Mathira and can go back to seeing peace tv, q tv or burka tv.

    @Mathira – good luck with your show; demand the time lapse and stay strong.Recommend

  • Talha

    i think we should just ban TV and welcome the Taliban into our pure land of Bakistan.

    Only then will we become pure and worthy to enter jannat, we cannot live in the ways of the Kuffar.

    Ban TV (Kuffar invention), ban these shirts and jeans (Kuffar clothing), ban the interwebs (Kuffar again).Recommend

  • Adeel Asad.

    I second you here; in a recent discussion with couple of teenagers I find them interested in her vulgar conversation as they find her a material to have their cheap humor going on. I am disappointed with most of the Media institutes who may get better VJ’s than her but they seems Not Interested; they are more interested in slowly injecting her talks to teenager so they get use to of such Vulgar shows in future.


  • Zain S

    pakistanis jump on the moral bandwagon any chance they get. what a bunch of hypocrites they all are. the best veil is in the eyes gentlemen.Recommend

  • Tayyab Raza

    @ bakatron
    those poor VJs in the 90’s were wayy wayy better and knew how to speak proper urdu or english …. :-/
    Pak music and movies were wayyyy better too at that time..
    Use the Grey matter in your head you cant compare Mathira with the pioneers … :)Recommend

  • sikandar

    Please don’t mind on my harsh comment as i only intended to contribute a positive critique. Besides You as a host represent Pakistan so please please value your place and dignity. Once again i would like to repeat if anyone of you have been dismayed by my comments then i from bottom of my heart say sorry to everyone. But it’s really good to see Pakistani do care about their media image Recommend

  • http://deleted Sana Naseer Shaikh

    This is right that our media expose too much vulgarity specially stage dramas….our new generation is spoiled to see all this…they ask different questions during displaying special type of advertisement…there is specific criteria to manage to all this…if our gneration is spoiled by seeing the indian channels they adopt their language or traditions what ever…then why they can’t understand the pakistani films & stage dramas are also much vulgur their laugage, their exposion everything….media is a tool to express the variety,if we banned the indian channels then why not to banned such type of stuff.Recommend

  • sikandar

    @Sana Naseer Shaikh:
    Very well said

    Point being some people are supporting Mathria without even considering this critical fact this is Pakistan not West. Secondly, this country is in the phase of modernization so you can not create your world trade center of ideas on this simply gesture that she is from abroad or what so ever or using the name of liberalism. You can not hide your face like Ostrich that the country u live in is called “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. Lastly, I would like to advice some people stop living in fools paradise Recommend

  • Bilal Saleem

    what ever people say
    by hook or crook she is pretty much famous now… through a low budget channel
    have anybody did it before
    hats off to Mathira =)
    but the show is pretty much vulgar
    agreed !!Recommend

  • abc

    for the first time Ms Sadaf, i agree with you that she is vulgar. but then again we have access to everything, why just ban her? Freedom of choice supercedes everything.Recommend