Is Pakistan a failing state?

Published: May 22, 2015

They have infiltrated our institutions, our schools and colleges, our universities, our police departments, our armed forces and perhaps even our judiciary.

More than 45 people are shot dead in cold blood by six or eight armed men, who reached the spot on motorcycles. At practically every traffic signal in Karachi, one can see armed policemen stopping motorcyclists, checking the vehicles’ papers and letting them go after extorting some money.

Yet on the day of the mass killing, no one stopped the killers, while the police station nearby was nearly empty.

Isn’t this a glaring sign of failure of the state?

Dr Bernadette Dean, who had been living in the country for many years and was advising the provincial government on revision of syllabi, received death threats from a religious party. She left Pakistan but was too scared to name the said religious political party. We are all aware that in Karachi there is only one particular party deeply worried about teaching our children subjects which will train them to think and question, yet newspapers also dared not name it.

In which other country would such a situation be tolerated?

And you think Pakistan is not a failing state?

In Lahore, a cleric in a madrassa accuses a federal minister of blasphemy because the latter said seminaries produce illiterate students. Government takes no action against the cleric. Students of another seminary in Islamabad are caught installing banners calling for the hanging of the federal minister. When police intervene, they beat up the cops. The students are chased and their madrassa is identified.

Again, no action will be taken against those running that madrassa.

Is this how governments in civilised countries react?

The federal finance minister says his government is helpless and cannot take any action against smugglers and those selling smuggled goods in Bara markets.

What kind of government is this?

Do you want more evidence that Pakistan is a failing state?

Senior police officers are being routinely killed, while those policemen who are not ghost employees are guarding the ministers and parliamentarians. There is no development in the city, so one wonders what they do with all our tax money. The whole city is without water for days because government departments have been filled with political appointees who will never be held accountable for their negligence.

And yet you refuse to realise that we are living in a failing state?

A very rich person pays only Rs26 as income tax, his 20-billion dollar IT company fails to file returns for two years, and the tax hounds do nothing. However, if a common man fails to file a return even though he is earning just enough to barely stay alive, the income tax department springs into action and threatens to auction his house. It will be a miracle if the rich man is given adequate punishment; most people believe he will be let off after a long investigation. Some believe that he is innocent, others that his company is being victimised by business rivals, that it is a conspiracy against the country.

Is this how citizens of a successful state respond in such a situation?

A graduate from a prestigious institution turns into an extremist after going on four-month long evangelical tours organised by an ostensibly peaceful group. Others arrested along with him have also, allegedly, been indulging in terrorism for many years. The police, however, were not even aware of their existence until now, after several murders and killings – including the one of 47 people in a bus.

No one will ask the police why they did nothing for all these years, despite the murders of a foreign female principal and several other people. The killer of a provincial governor is garlanded by lawyers who give him the status of a hero.

Not a failed state? Think again!

It’s time to wake up. They have infiltrated our institutions, our schools and colleges, our universities, our police departments, our armed forces and perhaps even our judiciary. They have dedicated themselves to our destruction, and the only way to prevent them is to raise our voices and urge our leaders to do more to fight extremism in the country leading to terrorism.

But of course, first we have to discard our conspiracy theories and admit that our country is failing and is in great danger of disintegration.

Shakir Lakhani

Shakir Lakhani

Engineer, former visiting lecturer at NED Engineering College, industrialist, associated with petroleum/chemical industries for many years. Loves writing, and (in the opinion of most of those who know him), mentally unbalanced. He tweets @shakirlakhani (

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  • Sane

    Govt. and law enforcers have nabbed the culprits. Instead appreciating that you are repeating connotation of Failed State. This country is in war waged by our enemy countries through their agents. We are fighting with them and will succeed. Death of innocent civilians by our enemies does not mean that Pakistan is failing.Recommend

  • Abdul Razak

    Leave what people say – the ex-dictator and his friend terrorists start telling that RAW was involved in every terrorist act just to derail the investigation and mislead the nation.Recommend

  • Puzzled

    And what enemy countries are you taking about? This is exactly what the author means when he says “we have to discard our conspiracy theories”.

    Terrorism and extremism in Pakistan are being carried out mostly from local extremist networks (with some possible connection with Afghan and Saudi militants) rather than say “RAW” whom it seems you imply. I say this as a Pakistani.

  • Bairooni Haath

    You are describing the symptoms of a failing state but not the reasons. Here are the reasons 1) Pakistan was founded on the theory that if Muslims had their own state, it would be better than a multireligious state 2) Pakistan turned its back on its own indigenous culture with the idea that the Arabs had a superior culture 3) Pakistan turned its back on its own languages with the idea that an imported language, Urdu would unite the country 4) Military created a security state so that it could hog all the resources, Federal government has no control over the Military budget 5) Pakistan has been in a perpetual state of war with all its neighbors and thinks it can meddle in their affairs without consequence 6) Pakistan feeds its citizens and children lies and hatred through textbooks and TV which breeds intolerance and conspiracy theories.Recommend

  • forced2

    Pakistan has been failing since the last 30 years or so, yet to the amazement of pundits, it just keeps on floundering along come hell or highwater. Whether
    this can be attributed to divine intervention or simply because the country still serves as a giant laundry shop for the fly-by-night elite is debatable. Yet with burgeoning population pressures, shoddy civic services and crumbling infrastructure, not to mention rampant religious intolerance, extremism and terrorism coupled with domestic industries incapable, even after 60 years, of producing anything of high-value added, one wonders when this pressure-cooker will explode.Recommend

  • Gullu from Lahore

    It might be a good idea to come out of the hole
    in the ground. And look around. You can live in denial and
    beat the patriotic drum and sing the anthem every 10 minutes.
    It does not changes the glaring truth.”..enemy countries..?” How
    many are there? There is Hindustan for sure. [you can tell by the
    hindu comments here on ET] Who else? Americans? They give
    you $2 billion dollars, free, in aid every year. So it can’t be them.
    Is it Bhutan? Nepal? Turkmenistan? Kyrgyzstan? Sri Lanka?….
    Like the author wrote, keep concocting conspiracy theories and
    denials, excuses. While the country goes down the slippery slope.Recommend

  • koshur_batta

    who are “they”. My friend its “you” and not “they”. People doing this are part of the society, not anybody coming from Mars.Recommend

  • Rohan

    Separating from India and creating Pakistan was the biggest blunder in the history of mankind Recommend

  • siesmann

    Mullah, Mosque and Madrassa- a deadly triad.Even a minister can’t say what is obvious,and has to face fatwas.Hatred is propagated through text-books,poisoning young minds.False sense of superiority is taught and propagated,despite the opposite staring you in the face.
    Who is to bell the cat?Recommend

  • someone

    Nope its not “failing”. Its a “failed” state.Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    Blame RAW for every failure.RAW is pak’s favourite punching bag nowadays. But they don’t feel the rot within causing a cancer called intolerance Recommend

  • Rishabh Jain

    Gutsy article. Pakistan might be, but gutsy Pakistanis like you are not failiures. I bow down to such courage and such respect for human life. As an Indian, I consider everyone who raises a voice agianst injustice a brother and a hero. Whether it be a gangrape in Delhi or a killing in Karachi, voices need to be raises again and again. Respect!

    Also I would like to say that we should not paint all Pakistanis with one brush but in fact, celebrate Sabeen, Jibran Nasir and even Rasheed, whose every speech I don’t agree with whenever they do something as gutsy as this article. Tough people endure tough conditions and finally, come out shining. May god bless you and grant you courage.

    In fact, you might save Pakistan from failing in my point of view, more than the army, the relegious leaders or the Chinese.Recommend

  • Sana Iqbal

    yes, we are in wrong pakistan. the divided we are, and the destructed we are.Recommend

  • Humza

    There is no need for conspiracy theories when the truth is there for all to see. Foreign agencies have been active in creating mischief in Pakistan for quite some time. Even former US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said as much. What is true is that violent terrorist attacks are down despite ongoing acts of cowardice against Pakistani civilians such as happened recently in Karachi. The resilience and unity of the majority population is holding the country together and this is what is defeating the terrorists and criminals who support them. If you look at statistics, terrorism is down, democracy is taking root and macro economic indices are improving which scares the state’s enemies. Now the Chinese are warning Pakistan too about a new upsurge in anti state violence with the Gwader pipeline. Now is not the time to feed the anti state agencies which are not a conspiracy.Recommend

  • Ahmad, Zubaid

    It’s really not. I am happy in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Ahmad, Zubaid

    Not really.Recommend

  • Jasvinder Singh Marwaha

    It is the best thing that happened to Indians. If together, today, we would have been Islamic Republic of India.Recommend

  • JilaniC

    What nonsense this Mr Shakhar Lakhim is talking!!!! It is MOST emotional and difficult for me to read such MANY stupid comments made to look like we are failed state. Failed state is to eastern border where VIOLENT HINDUS are killing all Muslims and blaming on Pakistan, or China, or Europe along with Australia and Canada. See Mr Sharpa Lakpani, no Pakistani muslim is capable of reading and DIGESTING your hate full remarks that will make us full of jokes around world.Recommend

  • DudeFromDC

    Nope. That was the best thing that has ever happened in the history of mankind.Recommend

  • Numan Raza Khan

    Well if a country is considered a province and mainly only the central province. Then it must get worsen. It must fail. Pakistan is Punjabistan. Deprivation is still on the move, this country is never equally developedRecommend

  • Someone sane

    Clearly the enemy is within…Pakistan and Pakistanis will have to first stop this denial that some EXTERNAL factors are the reasons for their failure. Until and unless we realise problem is within, how can we take steps to eradicate our issues? Just blaming India and RAW for all Pakistani miseries is just denial and won’t do any good. First this obsession about India should stop. Pakistani newspapers have either murder/suicide bomber/terrorists etc Or negative news about India? Same with Pakistani TV content…Whereas Indian newspapers don’t care about Pakistan, its just another news like any other.
    Then what do you think Pakistani population will keep talking, thinking about in everyday life? Any positive thoughts to progress? None…No wonder it is a failing state. And NO India does not want a failed state as its neighbour, majority of them are very smart and India has progressed pretty well under Pakistan’s nose and India would jump at the business opportunities if there was peace and conducive atmosphere in Pakistan.Recommend

  • jssidhoo

    Stop hating India and start loving Pakistan & all Pakistani’s and you might be surprised to find that things improve .Recommend

  • jssidhoo

    A stable , prosperous and peaceful Pakistan is in India’s interest . Would any sensible human being set his neighbor’s house on fire NO the fire could spread to his own house .Recommend

  • Pro Truth

    Pakistan is not a failed state, if its failed it wouldnt exist! Its democracy and politicians is failing its people by their sheer incompetence and corruption! But as a state its not going anywhere and it has resisted wish of its neighbours and will continue to do so!Recommend

  • Pro Truth

    dont look at the pawns, look for masters you will get RAW!Recommend

  • ZKhan

    Pakistan was created because of Hindu untoucability Problem…..Recommend

  • ZKhan

    Internal Conflict exist in every country at least and there are many Factor in Failure state..At least you are in a better Position to solve your Problem..Recommend

  • Oxy Moron

    I love you, my man! You’re precisely the kind of straight-shooting, beef-eating, traitor-spotting, muscle-strapping Momin we need in Pakistan. Your nation’s future is bright indeed.
    1000 up-votes to you.Recommend

  • Oxy Moron

    @Author: “It’s time to wake up. ‘They’ have infiltrated ‘our’ institutions… ‘They’ have dedicated ‘themselves’ to ‘our’ destruction, and the only way to prevent ‘them’ is to raise ‘our’ voices…But of course, first ‘we’ have to discard ‘our’ conspiracy theories…”

    Would you like to reconsider your exuberant use of the ‘We v/s They’ dichotomy after reading this extract from another article of yours in these very pages:

    “I reiterate that India’s Muslim population today should be 330 million, and the fact that it is only 180 million means that either forced conversions took place or more were killed in communal riots than reported.”

    So easy to exhort others to discard conspiracy theories while fondly cherishing some of your own, isn’t it.

    There’s no ‘they’, dear author, only ‘We’.Recommend

  • Jagmohan Trivedi

    @JilaniC……….Please see the comments from other Pakistani friends and then as
    an intelligent person,think over what the writer said is right or not.If an educated
    person like you is not capable of understanding it,then no body can help,and the
    hate,blood and terror continues.See for faults within,instead of blaming others.
    Help your government programs like National Action Plan,that shows enemy is
    within,and surely there will be peace and prosperity in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Minerva

    Your response is a perfect indication to why Pakistan is a failing state. Even after 68 years of separation, every Pakistani and it’s institutions are thinking of India every waking day. Combine that with poor education, lack of free thinking due to rigid religious indoctrination, ostrich mentality and delusion of superiority, you get a strange country.

    P. S. Why would your imaginary violent hindus blame Europe, Australia or Canada for killing muslims, eh?Recommend

  • pathetic

    Mr Lakhani why have you left out some recent glaring failings of the Judiciary and Politicians? And of our people and media due to them Zardari ,Nawaz ,Altaf and Asfandyar and their kind are thriving. The recent clean chit for 14 murders in broad day light to Nawaz and his brother and that criminal face filled with black colour called Rana Sana and his side kick Dalal Chaudhery. This is the second country where such despicable characters survive and thrive after Bharat.Recommend

  • disgusted

    If they don’t care about Pakistani papers than who are the persons who write more on Pakistan than our own. Could these be raw trolls. Yes. And some Bharati channels sponsored by Perv Rashid like AbTak and now Neo. This is how banya operates. PEMRA has failed to check a flourishing Indian movie and drama business through cable operators mafia. Our media houses are dangerously illiterate and there is no such thing called Journalism. If it was upto me I will put Info Minister behind bar.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    @Oxy Moron:I stand by what I said before, and I believe that millions of Muslims converted to Hinduism either through force or due to poverty. But that has nothing to do with Pakistan being a failing state, that is due to our own mistakes and blaming others for our problems.Recommend

  • Oxy Moron

    Thanks for clearing that up – I’m sure you will also not now prescribe fellow citizens to disabuse themselves of similar fairy tales, no matter if they are equally outlandish – its only fair, don’t you think?Recommend

  • Oxy Moron

    It has everything to do with failing, mistaking and blaming others – in a very fundamental way. Don’t you see you are afflicted with the same malaise of living in a parallel reality of assertions, not facts. A simple search would tell you no such mass conversion happened. But that would require you to ask the right question. If instead you keep saying “150 million Muslims are missing from India – you just tell me how they vanished”, then I’m afraid your question will keep hanging unanswered in perpetuityRecommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    dat shouldn’t even be a question….:)Recommend

  • Gullu from Lahore

    The Pak Hero, Defender of the Faith, the ameerul momineen,

    Zia ul Haq’s portege, Thrice Loser, Raja Raiwind, Himself, Nawaz el Khalifa bin Dhool al Sharif brought the terrorists attacks down? Improved the fake economy? Using Smoke and Mirrors. Economic Indices looking good? Miracles. sure
    His trusted brother in law Dollar Dar can claim credit for the
    mirage. Using Nawaz’s own words “a Dehati Aurat can tell
    you that things are dire”. Again, using YOUR very words
    “..recent act of cowardice against Pak civilians in Karachi..”
    Sadly YOU can’t bring yourself to give them an identity and
    call them Shia Ismailis. They are lumped into “citizens”
    By the way who penned your comment? The PR dept. of
    PML-N? China warning Paks? Everyone knows RAW and
    it’s activities. Well you can say one thing..Nawaz ‘Don Quixote’ Sharif
    with his trusted brother Shahbaz ‘Sancho Panza’ Sharif are there to protect the country. and take the money directly to
    off shore accounts.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Are you saying pakistan is a nation of untouchables and their progeny?Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Some unsolicited advice – stop your media focussing so much on India. I can promise you 90% of us will be out of here.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    +1 to you. Not that ‘they’ will pay heed…Recommend

  • Gratgy

    At 180 million Muslims in India have the highest population growth rate in India. And to expect India’s Muslim population to reach 330 Mn is ridiculous. If they converted to Hinduism then growth rate of Hindus must be faster which is not so. So do the Muslims once converted just vaporise?


  • Gratgy

    “will make us full of jokes around world”


  • tungi

    the term failing or failed has been dropped by foreign policy and the new term is fragile state! fragile states have various sources of instabilities. pakistan has its instabilites which it is tackling one by oneRecommend

  • tungi

    better than living as second class citizens in united india! i am much more happy in pakistan! please keep your apprehensions to urselfRecommend

  • rationalist

    India’s Muslim population after the partition was 1/3rd of total Muslim population. The Muslims in Pakistan and BD now number about 400M divided roughly equally. India’s Muslim population is around 200M in-line with Pak-BD population. So, please keep your conspiracy theories to yourself and don’t spread lies.Recommend

  • vasan

    We are happier in India considering what is going on in PakistanRecommend

  • indi

    Can you stop pakistanis to watch hindi films tv channel.Recommend

  • indi

    If you are happy then why we come across these types of article ??Recommend

  • Oxy Moron

    More topically, it has everything to do with failing, mistaking and blaming others – in a very fundamental way. Surely you’d have sensed you are susceptible to the same malaise of parallel realities, of believing in assertions, not facts. A simple search would tell you no such mass conversion happened. But that would require you to ask the right question. If instead you keep saying “150 million Muslims are missing from India – you just tell me how they vanished”, then I’m afraid your question will keep hanging unanswered in perpetuity, because shaq ka ilaaj haqeem Luqman ke paas bhi nahin hai.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    “My father, when he was alive, often used to tell me of the hardships Muslims had to endure in the pre-partition India. Most restaurants were out of bounds for Muslims.”

    I hope you have not taught the same to your children because your fathers generation was not living under the Nazis as Jews, they were still in a position to carve out a country for themselves and as a result having millions killed across faiths.

    “Had they stayed in India, they would surely have been killed by wild mobs, who were indulging in indiscriminate killing of Muslims.”

    Really, how did you think 180 million Muslims live in India, did they fall from heavens as soon as the carnage of partition had come to an end.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Has Pakistan gotten rid of all the baniyas, where do you buy your stuff though?Recommend

  • Jayman

    Collapsed security apparatus, collapsed economy, radicalized population, no employment prospects… what else is left? The economy rests on aid even after 70 years of independence. Definitely a failed state.Recommend

  • pork lover

    Because India has the 3rd largest Internet users in the world!

  • stevenson

    From the number of Indian commentators here, it would appear clearly that a lot of Indians across the border have their own ideas but NO, Pakistan is not a failed or failing state. In fact it is one of the few Muslim democracies and it is much more stable than most Muslim countries.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Don’t mind it sir , but you believe that Indian Muslim population would have increased from 9% to 30% & not to merely 14% in 68 years . Are you supporting the RSS’s bigoted theory that Muslim families are child-producing factories ??Recommend

  • Oxy Moron

    Much honoured, mate – although I shouldn’t be committing the folly of pointing out plain logical fallacies, my experience says, but this one really got to me. And what do you know, immediately the futility was proved…waste of breath, really.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Don’t mind it sir , but you believe that Indian Muslim population would have increased from 9% to 30% & not to merely 14% in 68 years . Are you supporting the RSS’s bigoted theory that Muslim families are child-producing factories ??Recommend

  • Hypocrisy?

    ” how did you think 180 million Muslims”
    There is a difference btw India now and India then. Are you honestly naive enough to believe that there was no mistreatment of Muslims and they simply rallied one day for no reason to seek their own country? I can recount tales of mistreatment by British sources themselves if you want.

    “, they were still in a position to carve out a country for themselves”
    Only because they were disillusioned by the Congress and united in the 1945 elections under the ML. The British were in charge of holding elections so the credit of allowing Muslims to allow their demands heard actually goes to them…

    “as a result having millions killed across faiths.”
    Ofcourse, the punishment for daring to seek thier own country for themselves (Muslims) is to be murdered all across India and the blame for this shall be on the victims rather than the perpetrators (Hindu mobs). Truly Shameful viewRecommend

  • Milind A

    “I believe that millions of Muslims converted to Hinduism either through force or due to poverty.”
    That’s the biggest joke of this century.. Let me tell you something, most Hindus were converted to Islam forcefully, when Muslim invaders stormed this land… When most of the converted Muslims expressed their desire to return back to their original religions (Hinduism), the Hindu clergy obdurately refused… Technically conversion to Hinduism is not possible. . Ok a few Muslims here and there might have, but millions converting to Hinduism is a stretch..Recommend

  • Milind A

    “re you honestly naive enough to believe that there was no mistreatment
    of Muslims and they simply rallied one day for no reason to seek their
    own country”

    Actually you seem to be naive to believe only Muslims were mistreated in India… Here with a variety of castes, religions, ethnicities , we often see tis mistreatment thing going on… This same virus can be seen in Islamic Pakistan, where sects and ethnicities within Muslims can be heard complaining of mistreatment.. Thus its all over the place and Muslims alone are not singled out..Recommend

  • Humza

    To me all human life is valuable and you cannot infer that I value one life more than another, whether they are Ahmadi Muslim, Shia Ismaili, Christian, Hindu. Sunni or atheist – killing of anyone is wrong but when Chinese intelligence directly reports to their Pakistani counterparts that foreign agencies like RAW are actively trying to undermine development efforts, I do believe them. It matters little whether you dislike elected politicians like Nawaz, Zardari or prefer dictators like Zia or Musharraf. This is your right. I support anyone who improves the economy and brings progress. Whether you like it or not, the Pakistani economy is getting positive reviews in Western papers abroad. You can argue the world is wrong. I hope they are right but the bottom line is that things are slowly improving.Recommend

  • Hypocrisy?

    Did any other minority gain a democratic right to form such a state?,_1945

    Instead of complaining about secessionists, how about you actually try to relive their mistreatment instead of saying “everyone suffers so just ignore it” and saying “THE JEWS SUFFERED WORSE SO YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN!” .

    Of-course its too late for that…Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Wow! hindus congratulating each other! Aping, Australian
    english. Though they lived under the British Raj for 300 years
    Seem fixated on Pak websites.Recommend

  • MyWhiteMasters

    It is like the High Sparrow taking over the Westeros!!Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    “Are you honestly naive enough to believe that there was no mistreatment of Muslims and they simply rallied one day for no reason to seek their own country?”

    Before I answer, name one country where Muslims are in majority and decided to go secular except Turkey where secularism is present as long as their generals remain secular. Muslims ask for Sharia even in non Muslim western countries so is it a surprise that Muslims wanted to break away from India?

    Talking of mistreatment of Muslims, do the Muslims have a special right to be offended and hurt considering the treatment Muslims have to offer their minorities?

    “Ofcourse, the punishment for daring to seek thier own country for themselves (Muslims) is to be murdered all across India and the blame for this shall be on the victims rather than the perpetrators (Hindu mobs).”

    Muslims wanted a separate nation and gave the call for direct action but as for your logic, it is the Hindus who need to be blamed, no wonder the people like you live in a world of your own even after almost seven decades.Recommend

  • Brar

    Strange democracy where Ahamdis are declared Non Muslims by the constitutionRecommend

  • hp kumar

    Get over it..India has more issues to worry about ….Muslims r not only people living in india..Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Muslims should look for family planning rather population growth ..What do you say?And chacha,just one more question to you.r you promoting family planning and use of condom in pakistan or not?If not ,pl do it asap…Rapidly growing population against limited resource is a curse …got it?Recommend

  • Oats

    You are right that every nation has to take ownership of its problems and not just pass the buck. It’s true in Pakistan’s case that some of the nations neighbors are active in stirring up trouble but if the house is in order, they wouldn’t be able to do much. I still feel that the nation has come a long way to getting back on track since the days of Musharraf. The term failed state was thrown around a lot back then but this is the first time I have heard it since Musharraf’s time. It always is used when talking about other Muslim countries like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Afghanistan or Somalia but but not for Pakistan.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “it is the Hindus who need to be blamed”
    For the atrocities against Muslims yes. And for the atrocities against Hindus, the Muslims. You do realize that as many Muslims (if not more) died during partition and the Direct action day riots and aftermath (in UP and Bihar).

    This is the hypocrisy I am talking about.

    “it a surprise that Muslims wanted to break away from India?”
    What world do you live in where Muslims are some sort of cabal and sought to divide India rather than guarantee their rights? This I must say is no different that how the Nazis viewed the Jews, plotting world domination and dividing Germany…

    Many people including Faraz Talat have called you out on your biased anti-Muslim conspiratorial views…

    “considering the treatment Muslims have to offer their minorities”
    East-Timor is free from Indonesia and South Sudan from Sudan largely on the basis of religious tensions. If Muslims persecute a sizable minority, it is only natural for them to break away. The reverse is also true as in the case of Kosovo, Palestine, Bosnia, etc. It’s not a Muslim specific issue. The blame in each case lies with those in power and in the case of British India, that was the Hindu dominated Congress and the British.

    Last but not least the movement leading to the independence of Pakistan happened before 1947 when all Muslim lands other than Turkey were in Colonial hands so your complaints of treatment of modern minorities couldn’t really be considered by Muslims then could they? Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    “A simple search would tell you no such mass conversion happened. ”

    Is it as simple a search as it was when people like you concluded that 9/11 was an internal job and Osama was not killed in Abbotabad? Your simple searches are very difficult to fathomRecommend

  • Swaadhin

    When you do not have much to show for your success after being created on the name of religion, the best you can do is to harp on the fact that your so called enemy of yore continues to be the enemy of present.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    Pakistan’ state organizations/governmental organs may be failed, but Pakistani civil society thrives and makes things work. This is something that is lost on outsiders. Pakistan’s bureaucracy, as slow as it is, still works. Pakistan’s judiciary and police, as corrupt and slow, still chugs along. Pakistan’s military is one of the World’s best. The business community, industrialists, agriculturists all are amongst the best in the world so there are a lot of cogs that are well oiled and working optimally, whereas we have an equal number of areas that are in need of improvement.

    So Pakistan is neither a failed nor a failing state. It is a country that is in need of improvements yet it functions. Its functioning can be optimized but its not there yet and thus it is classified as a third world country with the potential to join the ranks of 2nd world countries soon.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    “Federal government has no control over the military budget”?

    This is nonsense. The GoP cuts and denies the military the funding on a regular basis. It has complete control over the military budget. Yet it also realizes that national defence is a top most priority as is the case elsewhere. Pakistan spends 3% of its GDP on national defence. A reasonable amount for any country.

    Secondly, Pakistan does not meddle in anyone’s affairs. We look after our interests just the same way your India or any other country does and we have no reason to be apologetic for it.

    On any given day, your citizens and children have more vitriol against Pakistan than we have against India. Don’t lecture us about feeding lies. To this day you folks are being caught lying about Pakistan. The last incident of the so called “Terror boat” is a stark reminder of the nonsense your establishment feeds to your masses about the big, bad Pakistan. Look within first. Most of the above you list out applies to India two fold.

    Your massive spending on defence could allow for provision of toilets to 600 million of your citizens who have to use the outdoors as toilets. Lets first get your priorities right before lecturing us.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    Seems like India under Modi is following suit.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    It won’t ever explode because most Pakistanis believe in the country and care for it. A country cannot be failing for 30 years when the social and economic indicators are not unidirectional and that too in a downward trajectory all the time. Pakistan improves, then runs into issues, then improves again. This is the nature of our development cycle. Not that all is well, but at the same time its not all doom and gloom either. Most cannot understand what a war on our western borders means. It will lead to instability all over. However like all things, GWOT is also a passing thing and Pakistan is positioned to come out of this strongly.

    Ever since the late 70s, these silly stories of Pakistan’s doom and gloom have abounded, fed by Indian and some of the western media out of concern for Pakistan’s nuclear program. The reality is that on any given day, Pakistan’s social and public infrastructure is more robust than most of South Asia’s. However since Pakistan is in the news more often due to its nuclear credentials and the war in Afghanistan, its in-vogue to label Pakistan a failed state. Nobody has anything factual other than “perception” to lay this claim. Even in the piece by Lakhani sahib, most of the issues that he is lamenting over are “law enforcement” and security related. These are issues which are bound to be exacerbated when you have a war next door resulting in instability within your own borders. With the dilution of GWOT and campaign in Afghanistan, a lot of this problem will abate in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    Because very similar articles are written about India and BD depending on the mood of the people and individuals and for that matter about the US and countries in the Europe. People are entitled to their opinions, however most Pakistanis would not agree with Lakhani sahib.

    To prove my point, see this:

  • Saad Hasan

    The same goes here, Pakistanis are happy in Pakistan. Nobody in Pakistan looks at India wishfully. We have our problems, but we are grateful that we have our own country and we are sacrificing for it to make it better.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    Why is Pakistan “Punjabistan”? Do we not have a government of the locals in KP, in Sind, in Balochistan? What is the purpose of the National Finance Commission? Do the provinces not get budget allocation as per their populations? How can it be equally developed if some parts are more rural and others more urban? Obviously its much easier to offer services in Sind and Punjab given the larger urban centers in these provinces. Can we blame the Punjabis for this situation?

    I think its not an honest appraisal of the situation if we blame “Punjab” for our woes. I am not a Punjabi but those who blame Punjab for such things are being less than honest with themselves. You are looking for an excuse and Punjab is it for you.Recommend

  • forced2

    Well, in a microcosm, all one need to do is to compare the value of the Pakistani rupee with all the major traded currencies and you’ll note that it has been plummeting since the get-go, namely, Partition in 1947. At that time the rupee was 3 to a US dollar. Now see where it is; give or take hovering at 100 to the dollar. The strength of a currency in simple terms measures the productivity of an economy and whether it provides goods and services in demand on the global markets. But all Pakistan has been focussing are low-value added textile production or agricultural produce, which basically depends on the vagaries of mother nature. The concept of moving in the 21st century by harnessing a robust scientific and technological infrastructure and knowledge base is totally alien to the leaders as well as your ‘captains’ of industry.Recommend

  • Sane

    No local terrorists, but all are exported from India directly or indirectly.Recommend

  • Chitral wala

    This comment is OK by the Hindu supported ET?
    All these anti Muslim comments will be emailed to

  • Saad Hasan

    Point taken however it is one that is the case all over the third world. BD’s economy is primarily based on textiles. We diversify ours through agricultural exports and fabrics. India’s economy is based on agricultural exports and lately through services. There is no significant industrial productivity in any of these countries simply because it requires a lot of investment in technology and hardware which is not readily available to Pakistan because the FDI has dried up due to the war in Afghanistan and the risk associated with doing business in the country. However as I have stated in my previous post, this is a passing phenomena. The war in Afghanistan will come to an end and investor confidence will increase in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Hypocrisy?

    Whoops? I accidentally typed my name in as Prashant…
    my apologiesRecommend

  • nishantsirohi123

    Christians are called choora… Not in India.
    Ahmadi ppl are declared heretics by law
    Hindus are still not provided marriage registration after 6 decades
    On the other hand, in India shudras get reservation in jobs and college.
    We have had shudra president, kr narayanan, shudra chief minister (mayawati)

  • nishantsirohi123

    The biggest state balochistan has just 1 University, lahore gets billion dollars metro bus, in karachi local train shut down Recommend

  • ZKhan

    I dont Know about Christianity what they say..

    Ahmedi may be declared as Heretic by law..But still they are Muslims and they are allowed in Annual haj pilgrimage..and other Islamic principles…

    65 Crores of the Indian Hindu Population are Shudras, Dalits, tribal, Untouchables and other Lower caste category..Stop using such kind of names for them..instead use the word Hindus..for them..Recommend

  • forced2

    In the early 1970s the World Bank held up Pakistan as a model for economic development for developing countries. At that time, Pakistan was ahead of South Korea in most major indicators of development. Fast forward today, there is no comparison between the two with Korea light-years ahead of Pakistan. In the final analysis we sowed the seeds for our own debacle by creating a climate for extraneous parties to exploit and hasten the downfall. The way things stand, countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will forge ahead of Pakistan and it will be relegated as the ‘sick man’ of South Asia.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    This is a simplistic comparison. Has South Korea been exposed to major shocks like 4 shooting wars plus 2 Afghan wars? These are things which have shaped Pakistan for good or bad. Pakistan tends to do fairly well when there is peace on its borders. However the country is in a tough neighborhood. I agree that Pakistan has had its challenges, but what is the “sick man” phenomena? Who is South Asia is not a sick man compared to the first world? Pakistan is a borderline 2nd World Country now. The infrastructure is improving, long way to go but lets do an apples to apples comparison.Recommend

  • forced2

    South Korea was virtually leveled during the Korean War, in case you haven’t heard. Following that it has been considered among the leading flashpoints for major armed conflict with a border with North Korea the most heavily fortified in the world; even more so than the Indo-Pak border. But putting that aside, much of what ails Pakistan today is the result of its own doing; ill-conceived policies, massive corruption; feudalism, mismanagement of resources, etc. And if that wasn’t enough, Pakistan until recently has had one of the highest population growth rates in the world !! You keep on citing this war and that conflict which has been ‘imposed’ on us. However, to be honest, many of those conflicts were either started by Pakistan or mishandled by shortsighted planning. Those wars most likely made the existing dysfunctionalities worse, but those would still be there all the same. Have you seen the latest report on the Human Capital Index for Pakistan; it has fallen even further and is on a slippery slope indeed. At least a country which is bursting at the seams should do something to remedy galloping population growth. Human capital is the most important variable for development. Unfortunately you appear to be merely looking at stationary points in time when you should be concerned with trends and rates of change-positive or negative. And by the way, India has a significant industrial base and exports accordingly. Surely,Pakistan has to do better than just exporting mangoes to Saudi Arabia.Recommend

  • SBFarooq

    But Shi’a is an just a sect… Also there are SLIGHT differences between the Ahmedis and Muslims understanding of religion.. Just sayingRecommend

  • Oxy Moron

    Huh? Come again?

    I’m talking about mass conversion (or extermination) of 150 million Muslims in post-independence India author firmly believes in. You mean to say you agree with him? Sorry, but that’s beyond loony in my book.


  • Swaadhin

    I obviously don’t agree with him.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    The apples to oranges comparison continues. South Korea’s security is guaranteed through an American security umbrella. This allows SK to funnel funding to areas where it is needed to improve quality of life, education, health services etc. There is no such thing for Pakistan even as it has faced more wars and conflicts than most other countries! The damages from the Korean war on the SK side were estimated to be around $3B, a huge sum in those days, yet the Americans funded $1.75B of that and the rest by the UN and the Americans took care of their security, the single largest drain on any developing country. So lets understand the dynamics at play there vs. here.

    This security concern shapes very many things for Pakistan and with each conflict in the neighbourhood, the concerns around security are increased resulting in more funding being taken away from projects focused on social uplift.

    Pakistan’s choices are limited. Either it is to become a vassal state (in this neighbourhood you are either in someone’s camp or you need to have enough bite to keep others at bay and this obviously has a very significant economic cost attached to it). Alternately Pakistan will have to inch forward balancing both her security and economic needs. In the latter case, there will be times when Pakistan will slip on the human development index but my earlier point stands that there will also be stages when the country will see improvements.

    I would say I agree that Pakistan needs to actively arrest the decline in many areas, however there are upsides too and the next few years certainly look more promising than the 2007-2014 timeframe.Recommend

  • forced2

    2007-2014 timeframe ? I am sure that that misplaced optimism was there for the years prior to 2007. Nothing wrong with that, but, all the same, a heavy dose of realism is needed. Today the comparison between
    SK and Pakistan may well seem an apples to oranges comparison. However my comparison began in the 1970s, which made it a valid comparison, when the seeds of Pakistan’s downfall were starting to be sowed at that time. I continue to reiterate that much of the problems confronting Pakistan is of its own doing which has been adeptly exploited by extraneous elements inimical to the welfare and interests of the country.Recommend

  • Mihir Thakkar

    what a democracy which funds terrroists and protects terrorists kills shia , ahmadiyaas ,sikhs, critinas hindus, cannot accept reality after losing all the wars with india and after losing bangladesh . further it is not even willing to accept its deported citizens.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Pakistan is not a failing state.
    Most violence is happening in urban areas, rural areas are safe.

    Soon FDI will flow from China and terrorist are getting killed and Pak has still got Nukes.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Mohd Ali Jinnah was a true friend of Hindus. His grandfather was a Hindu Rajput.
    Mr. Jinnah knew that Hindus are a decent lot and will not be able to live in peace with so many null around.
    He played the master stroke as a homage to his grandfather and his roots.
    2/3rd of Muslims were separated from Hindus.
    Thanks Mr. Jinnah.Recommend