“It was funny… (he) squealed like a pig”: Germany’s Muslim-intolerant police force

Published: May 23, 2015

A German police officer allegedly abused two refugees, strangling an Afghan man and forcing a Moroccan to eat rotten pork off the floor. PHOTO: REUTERS

The recent news circulating about a German police officer who shared a gruesome video on Whatsapp that featured him torturing a Moroccan Muslim man has had me in a spin. The video shows how the victim was forced to eat rotten pork off the floor.

The same German officer is also being prosecuted and thereby is being investigated for physically abusing (and strangling) an Afghan refugee.

Until last week, I, being a college counsellor for one of the top ranking schools in Lahore, was trying to educate my students on the perks of gaining further education from Germany – a country that is offering foundation courses in German and waiving tuition fees for their entire degree program. However, after this appalling news, I am re-thinking my stance on Germany altogether.

Sure, one can argue that this is a one-sided story. However, many people are making claims that the German police are known as one of the most racist police forces in the entire West, while claiming that the British police force is amongst the best in the world. We can also debate over our very own Pakistani police force but I personally do not think that they would stoop as low as this particular German officer.

Reports suggest that this sick and perverse man has been charged for shamelessly bragging about the atrocious assaults that he solely conducted on these two victims. He bloated his ego by sharing information, as well as hideous photos, about these assaults via Whatsapp with his peers who work in Hanover, Germany.

Pro Asyl, a human rights group, condemned the incidents which were initially brought to light by NDR, a public broadcaster. They gave a statement of rendering the act as one of racism and inhumanity. Furthermore, they have also issued an order to investigate as to how many other men in the German police uniform accompanied this heinous act of violence or were privy to its knowledge.

In March 2014, the same German officer boasted in a text message of having strangled, beaten up and also sticking his fingers up the nose of a 29-year-old Afghan man. The photos shared by the said officer showed the victim with his feet cuffed. His only crime being that he did not have his ID papers when he crossed this officer’s path.

The sheer perversion of this German officer can be seen in the text that he allegedly wrote on Whatsapp:

“It was funny… squealed like a pig.”

A few months on, the same officer got hold of a teenage Moroccan boy who had been arrested for travelling without a ticket on a train and was also carrying a meagre amount of marijuana. Once again, the police officer gloated about having assaulted the boy by forcing him to eat rotten pork off the floor. The officer knew all too well that the detained victim was a Muslim and that pork is forbidden to Muslims.

I seriously don’t know how stupid this German man is or what sadistic pleasures he got from snapping photos of the Moroccan detainee who is seen handcuffed, lying on the floor and looks as though he is writhing in pain. Moreover, in the photos, two more officers can be seen restraining the victim.

Barbarism of any degree – by any country, race or ethnicity – should never be tolerated. With this news going viral, we as Pakistanis should also look within ourselves and our very own laws and regulations to end such deplorable acts of torture.

But the big question here would be, will we as a nation look into our vices and have the government do something about it?

Zara Hafeez

Zara Hafeez

A digital marketer, writer, a history buff, volunteer for humanitarian causes for The James Caan Foundation, UNICEF Promise for Children, among others and a tea-aholic. She tweets as @zara_hafeez (twitter.com/zara_hafeez)

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  • G. Din

    I agree. Now, all Pakistanis, if not all Muslims, should boycott Germany. That should teach them a lesson.Recommend

  • JayMankind

    Maybe this is the time to introspect for both sides.Recommend

  • Anon

    LOL…….May be couple more thousands of asylum request will show up after this…….Recommend

  • Faulitics

    How? Are Pakistanis going to stop asking for refugee status in germany? The germans will welcome that.Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    When you burnt your Christians and murdered the Shia, how many were convicted? ISIS is beheading and raping daily, what kind of image is Islam projecting to the outside world?Expect the back lashes.Recommend

  • david

    ya all pakistani should not go to germany………..let them beg for talented paki youth…Recommend

  • claudia

    why not these muslims leave the evil germany and head back to their islamic utopia just a thought to ponder

    Claudia Von Teshen

  • MJ

    Although a shameful act but lets observe how their authorities reacted and are trying to bring the police man to justice. Here in Pakistan our police is guilty of torture of much higher magnitude, including murdering people and they have all the support from influential people in their areas, courts and corrupt politicians.Recommend

  • thriftysmurf

    I am surprised that a Pakistani woman is speaking against racism.Recommend

  • taimoor

    You are unjustly extrapolating the doings of one officer to the entire police force in Germany. I have lived in two different cities in Germany over the past 5 years and have never faced any untoward situation. At least I dont feel as nervous in front of them as I feel when I see thullas in Pakistan. Anyway, the guy in question obviously has a history and should be punished for his wrongdoings. But you should not stop to counsel your students in favor of going to Germany for higher eduation.Recommend

  • Fuhrer

    Ahh! A walk down the memory lane. Heil Hitler!Recommend

  • Fubar

    And yet German is set to receive 400.000 asylum applications in 2015, mostly from Muslims. Apparently the Islamophobic climate in Germany does not deter foreigners to sneak into Germany and try to settle there. There is something very wrong with this picture….Recommend

  • stevenson

    But still so many asylum seekers and refugees will do anything to sneak into Germany or European countries illegally and complain about persecution in their own countries for the right to live in Europe. We all know there is no legal way to apply to become an immigrant in Germany from abroad and the hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers there who have been accepted tells us that despite this one policeman, German people are very tolerant of illegal foreigners coming to live there.Recommend

  • p r sharma

    The acts of the police officer is in the nature of an individual and the system has take the steps to curb it.
    The blogger need to look into the reasons as to why Muslims ( poor and/or the educated and affluent) across the globe including Pakistan are dying to settle in Germany and or the non Muslim countries either by seeking asylum / other means. It speaks that something is gravely wrong therein.
    Attitude of fault finding only ignoring the basic characteristic speaks the mindset.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    “However, after this appalling news, I am re-thinking my stance on Germany altogether.”

    Zara, in general you write good stuff, where did this come from?

    If you read the behaviour of leave alone the cops but the common man rather the so called common man of the subcontinent and be ashamed of those acts to the extent that we have to rethink on our stance, then we would most probably end up being the citizens of no man’s land.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    People like Anjem Choudhary, would ask for Sharia in Germany to ensure pork is banned in Germany.Recommend

  • Yak

    I am a muslim and totally agree with you. What you sow is what you get. If Muslims continue to be ignorant and numb on the atrocities committed by Muslims all over the world then expect this kind of outcome. Not everyone is going to be tolerant. There are nuts in western societies too. Islam and Muslims need reforms. Look at Indians. They are dominating every country with their high skilled tech force and you will never hear authorities worried about them because they are a peaceful bunch and don’t wear their religion on their sleeves.Recommend

  • 19640909rk .

    Moroccans have become a nuisance in Europe. When I was there last time, I was robbed of my Laptop, Passport and wallet- by a Moroccan youth. Moroccan youth have taken up a life of crime all over Europe. Mostly in Belgium, France and Italy.Recommend

  • sterry

    Have you ever heard of how Indians are treated in Australia or the name calling they endure in other Western countries? Being called various names like ” Apu”, ” Dot head” , ” Gandhi” or Tumby is not a compliment. So no, Indians are not dominating anything in the West despite your wish. The only news coming here in America about India these days is the hundreds of people who have lost their lives due to a heat wave in Andra Pradesh and Telangana.Recommend

  • nishantsirohi123

    I hope that was Sarcasm Recommend

  • nishantsirohi123

    Well I wonder why Muslims seek asylum in these kafir countries when there are so many biradar Islamic nations. Oh wait those countries won’t even let them in.

  • david

    what else it could beRecommend

  • JayMankind

    @Sterry, you’re obviously not a well-read person it would seem. Read something other than religious fairytales.Recommend