Dear Ziaul Haq, we are paying the price for your decisions today

Published: May 16, 2015

It has been almost 27 years since your death. PHOTO: TWITTER (@farzand19187)

Respected Sir,

It has been almost 27 years since your death. The flesh and dismantled bones placed in your grave would have turned to dust by now. Many governments were formed since your death. Many dictators have ruled us after you. Your rival’s daughter embraced shahadat (martyrdom) – as they say.

A war even broke out in our neighbourhood. Can you guess who the predator was and who the target? That smile on your face will quickly disappear when I inform you that I am not talking about Saudi Arabia invading India. I am referring to America invading Afghanistan. Yes sir, the same Afghanistan that was once the ally of America.

We are wholeheartedly paying the price for the decisions you made for the betterment of my beloved nation, Mr Mard-e-Haq.

The seed of extremism, commonly known as your Islamisation process, is turned into a lush tree with its branches spread over several acres. Many people of your nation tried to uproot the seedling and many are trying to cut it down now, but their efforts bore no fruit. I know what you are thinking – they cannot cut it down no matter how hard they try. Despite having the latest technology and advancement in weapons, they are unable to uproot your own creation.

I remember a young fellow once inquiring why the leaves of your tree are not green and have a deep crimson shade present in them. I told him to keep quiet and never to question anything that is done for the benefit of our national interest. I also asked him to read his history textbook and to learn it by heart. It is more sacred than truth and more relaxing than a cup of hot chai.

You would feel good to know that we are still going through the process of ridding your country from the ethnic differences, cultural rituals, art, intellectuals and from everyone who dares to open his tied-up tongue; cleaning it with the thin red liquor present in every mortal’s body. Every child that opens his eyes in this nation is familiar with the sounds of a bomb blast and rifle shots. He also recognises the faint odour of the infidel’s blood and his words instantly.

Your dear friend Saudi Arabia is helping us clean our roots. The mujahideen in your pack and the Americans produced are working their hearts out to make this part of Earth the ‘Land of Pure’ again. But sir, I am very sorry to inform you that there are still some people who support music and promote books and art. Though those brainless people don’t listen to anyone, your friends have asked them to quit their sinful acts time and time again.

I can see that you are getting sad. Don’t worry, sir. I told you, we are on the road of washing away the stains of our society. We will cut them from the root soon.

Be it the murder of Sabeen and Waheedur Rehman, be it the Army Public School or people persecuted for the blasphemy law, be it the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan or its many off-shoots, be it the Peshawar church attack or the attack on Ismailis in Karachi, be it the multiple bomb blasts on Shia imambargahs all over the country or the innocent blood spilled due to terrorism, at some level, we owe all of this to you and your ideologies.

There is only one request that I want to make: please don’t haunt my country anymore. We already have enough problems. The kids get scared when they see your shattered soul roaming around. Your soul will get tired of wandering around and gazing at the same vista of gore and tears everywhere. So take rest in your grave and leave the dirty work to your friends.

Wounded to the core,

A Pakistani Girl

Kainat Azhar

Kainat Azhar

An amateur painter and writer who believes that art, in all its forms, can revolutionize our society. She tweets @Kainat_Azhar94

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  • Biased

    Cathartic. Recommend

  • Sabeet

    Confessionably, this is perhaps one of the most intriguingly controversial articles I have ever read. Kainat, a round of applause for you. Ziaulhaq, I don’t deem certain people worth of comment!! Well written!!Recommend

  • bajwa

    He was the worst thing that could have happened to Pakistan and Islam.Recommend

  • Muhammad Akbar

    We are paying prices for the actions of almost all of our leaders. Dont just target Zia. Bhutto the biggest traitor who caused breaking of Pakistan.Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    You nailed it! take care of yourself,you know what I mean!Recommend

  • Maimoona Khan

    What Zia done to us we can never forget ,Recommend

  • X-Smäŕtÿ Eÿéś-x

    Miss Kainat Azhar, You have misconception about Shaheed Ex Gen President of Pakistan. I’m 2nd year Student but I have read much on Shaheed Ziaul Haq. I Agreed that Mr Ziaul Haq made some mistake while taking decision and He knew that ” I should have not taken part in Afgan War. But He was doing great job although he wanted to remove stain of bad image Pakistan. Unfortunately his life had become perpetually incomplete. Pleas don’t say him Wrong. He was a great Gen and President of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Man Gentle

    basic human nature to remove his frustration by blaming anyone. I am not
    supporting him. But what about Mush who also told bravely in his interview that
    Taliban are created by him. What about Kiani and Pahsa who should do well like
    Raheel sheriff. What about Iranian revolution who is exploiting shias
    on the name of sect to start sectarianism in everywhere including Pakistan. What
    about RAW who funded TTP and other militants. Its piece of disheartens. You
    should look on faults and try to remove. And your beloved democratic leader who
    are only selling Pakistan. Every part has some worse part. But finally military
    save nation and country .May be sometimes they have no way to work with devil. But
    still they are the only one who will save you. Is it all about Zia? Sure it is lack
    of knowledgeRecommend

  • Abuzar Jamil

    Bless you.Recommend

  • Fawad Ali

    it is pointless, as EVEN AFTER 27 years no one has courage to do anything and change anything, though everyone criticizes but fail to act.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Well said…..very well said.
    The irony is that today his grandson sitting in an exclusive private school in England writes on forums such as this sermonizing and preaching morality…….the utter hypocrisy is disgusting.Recommend

  • Faulitics

    There you go again using zia as the convenient bogeyman. Zia is not around but his laws are. Society cannot escape blame by making a bogeyman out of zia.Recommend

  • Sabyasachi

    You are wise beyond your years Kainat.God bless you.Take care because lots of people do not like to hear the truth.Recommend

  • nobody

    Thank you for the whining. If you are sure that he was wrong, you should know how to make amends. Blaming things from the past is a national sport these days. btw, his madness accompanied by Russian invasion in the region, and our Mush/Bush nexus eventually led us where we stand today.Recommend

  • Striver

    FYI Ms Kainat Azhar, attacks against Ahmadis started started during Bhutto’s government. When did Islamisation really commence in Pakistan?


  • Pakistani

    While you remember Zia you conveniently ignore dictators in civilian clothes who destroyed the economy and industry of this country and who sat in the lap of anyone who could prolong their reign. They are still around who prefer to sleep with the enemy. They have their properties abroad they launder money through super modals,they give shelter to killers and criminals in their party HQ and work for any one with right price. You dare not write about Altaf or Zardari or Nawaz Sharif but a man in uniform dead or alive that you need. Pathetic.Recommend

  • Shahbaz lodhi

    To some extent whatever you put it, not necessary to agree with it just point your finger at him divulges your inner feelings.Recommend

  • Yaqoob

    You wrote my heart (and the truth) out simultaneously!
    But hang on, do we not owe some of this to our parents who embraced the policies Mr. Zia brought in? We do, i think. Our parents were silent then. Their children are crying now.Recommend

  • The Truth

    Its easy to blame Zia-ul-Haq. The Kashmir war of 1948 was not started by him. He did not start the 1965 war nor did he launch genocide of East Pakistanis or repression in Baluchistan or the first dictator. Recommend

  • Jagmohan Trivedi

    ‘ Please do not haunt my country any more’, in these words Ms.Kainat has summed
    up the essence of Gen.Zia’s legacy tarnishing the country to shreds.That also led to
    destabilisation in neighbourhood and far reaching consequences for times to come.The big question is whether such a sane and patriotic passion has any message to blood thirsty bigots.Recommend

  • Emad

    I agree that most of Zia’s policies were outright pathetic and disastrous for the long-term but actually they did hold short-term value for the country; eg if Zia had not created the taliban the soviet union (india’s biggest ally at the time) would have entered Afghanistan resulting in Pakistan becoming sandwiched between two huge powers and i hope you will agree that in such a case the life span of the state of Pakistan itself would not have been very longRecommend

  • Hugh Slaman

    Absolutely not true. Bhutto had good reasons for the stance he took. He did not cause the breaking of Pakistan; that was the result of our dictators’ incompetence.
    The one really serious mistake he made was appointing Zia ul Haq as COAS against the advice of other Army officers.Recommend

  • sardar khizar

    most impressive……fav design what we need to communicate nxt generation.Recommend

  • Imran

    Zia was a true Muslim and a leader that loved pakistan shame on all these anti zia comments please try to realise the importance of the actions at the time not the results if results were a benchmark there was no point of pakistanRecommend

  • Saad

    Concise, clear and accurate, thanks for such a nice write up!Recommend

  • Saad

    Please go read history and who was in power before lynching Bhutto to save Zia. Bhutto had his follies Zia’s role in what we are caught up today in is unparalleled.Recommend

  • Reader

    How can you say ” Many dictators have ruled us after you”, it is totally misleading fact.

    After Zia’s death in a plane crash, only General Pervaiz Musharaf ruled Pakistan as military dictator (1999-2008).
    From 1988 to 1999 democratic governments of Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto ruled the power corridors. And from 2008 onwards it is again democratic governments of PPP and PMLN that are ruling Pakistan.

    So, where are the “Many Dictators who ruled Pakistan” ??????Recommend

  • Ammar Rana

    It is probably the best article describing our country’s situation and reasons behind it. He is known as a great MUSLIM LEADER to many people, and we are still paying for that.Recommend

  • fze

    I second you whole heartedly.Recommend

  • shaaz ali

    Anyone can play monday quarterback. At the moment it was a right decision India on the east hell bent on destroying Pakistan with the help of USSR. USSR hell bent on squeezing Pakistan. What the hell Pakistan suppose to do?Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    Pakistan is replete with figures like Gen. Zia-ul-Haq. First Anti-Ahmedi riots took place in 1953 when Ghulam Mohammed was ruling Pakistan. Do not forget Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was instrumental in declaring Ahmedis non-muslim in 1974. Gen. Yahya Khan presided over the East Pakistan genocide and eventual breakup. Pakistan repeats the violence that accompanied partition in 1947 with every generation in a different form because it never really resolved what it stands for.Recommend

  • Jasvinder Singh Marwaha

    Ziaul Haq- a geart man. He did to Pakistan what India could never have done. He sent it on an irreversible path to miseries.Recommend

  • An Indian

    May God protect you.Recommend

  • Muhammad Mohsin

    she absolutely did best. i think we all should learn something from this article….very impressive..Recommend

  • Tahir

    His was the worst regime. The biggest atroscity occurred to Pakistan was Zias-ul-Haq. God save us from such devils.

  • Meshuga

    I hear you, sister, and feel your pain. But, really, Zia had a soul? A ghoul with a soul still roaming the land. That’s truly unbelievable! Anyway, Zia found a soil ready for some planting and he got lasting results. But he really was not the first one – Bhutto knew that and others, too. In any case, what is stopping Nawaz Sharif now, and Zardari and Mr. “democratic” Musharraf before him, to do something about this menace Zia alone is credited for creating? Perhaps a page from Turkish history (Ataturk era) needs to be copied. No wishy washy, dillydallying ambivalence is going to do the job.Recommend

  • SKChadha

    Excellent tribute to a Jinn .. Madam.Recommend

  • Javed Ali Hasrat

    kudos hats off KainatRecommend

  • Average Indian

    while it is true that the general may have been responsible for starting a lot that goes on in Pakistan today, fact still remains that present generation of Pakistanis can choose a different course of action. Still my sympathy with Pakistan. Very Sad and no recourse in sight.Recommend

  • xor

    Its been almost three decades, more then enough to fix it.

    What I see Zia has become more then excuse to cover all the failures that comes after him. What about those who were in power with him and they still in power. How about the policies of 90s and 2000? What about objective analysis of them and their impact?Recommend

  • Jayman

    The real damage to Pakistan was done by the leaders in uniform. Yet, even today they’re revered as somebody who can do no wrong. They, in turn, have huge business interests to protect. This reverence did them just fine.Recommend

  • Irfan Yaqoob

    O pls …. We are a nation who’s always in habit of holding other’s collar instead of looking at their own incapacities . It had been a long time now . It’s enough we should leave him now n focus on doing our part for betterment of this nation. No tell me pls Wat others Heads have done who all came after Zia ??? Recommend

  • Bimal William

    By accepting American offer to help Afghan n Pak mujahddin agaist Soviet Gen Zia made Pakistan a dangerous place. The Afghan war brought three destructive culture.The rise of religious extremism,drug culture and Kalashnikov culture destroyed the entire region.The impact of three destructive cultures were felt world wide as well. We saw the rise of Osama Bin laden and many extremist organizations who waged war in almost all countries in the name of Islam.The cycle of violence still exist today. Brutal and senseless killing of innocent people have become a daily routine every part of world.As I partially agree with Ms Kainat that Gen Zia was fully resposible for this. Some Islamic and western countries can not escape responsibilities for the rise of religious extremism across globe. But it is not only Pakistan but Most of the countries paying the horrible price.Recommend

  • jamor

    This article goes against the narrative by the present establishment.RAW is responsible for the terrorist activities in Pakistan.Why blame a pious Islamist general who only wanted Pakistan to be a true ‘Land of the Pure’Recommend

  • El Cid

    Zia is long gone. Your Benazir was a thief and embezzler who looted Pakistan and deposited over $60million in foreign accounts and property. She was selling Pak military and nuclear secrets to Bharat-India and the United States. She had promised the Crusader that if made their viceroy in Pakistan she would dismantle Paks nuclear program.

    And she was NO shaheed. Read the Qur’an to know the definition of Shaheed. I could go on but you would not understand anything I said. Logic, reason seems beyond you.

  • Abdullah Ahmed

    i loved this article and believe i share the same feelings for MR.ZiaRecommend

  • Imran Khan

    Well writtenRecommend

  • tariq mehmood

    sure! a good peace, but full of confusions. certainly Zia was a great dictator and much of blame can be apportioned to him. Blasphemy and mention of killing of sabeen has nothing to do with Zia, Zia never stopped an cultural festivity , poetic gathering or any event relating to promotion of culture and language. Miss Kainat has to grow up and find some good stuff and way to obtain journalistic prominence. By the way i am a simple Pakistani not Zia’s jiala….Recommend

  • Muhammed Usama Aziz

    “Many people of your nation tried to uproot the seedling and many are trying to cut it down now, but their efforts bore no fruit. I know what you are thinking – they cannot cut it down no matter how hard they try. Despite having the latest technology and advancement in weapons, they are unable to uproot your own creation.”

    Dont blame him for the shortcomings of our own action. we pakistanis love to blame others for our own mistakes. if we cant make things good even after the lapse of 30 years, then it is not his fault but our own that we are not able to fight because we have turned into selfish people who just think of themselevesRecommend

  • Sazzadul Islam Nayan

    Dear Kainat

    From the lengthiest far from Pakistan, I am sympathetically
    touched by the situation what’s going on over Pakistan. Not only you, here in
    Bangladesh, now we are paying the price regarding this issue.

    I can barely remember 2 years ago on the open street in
    Dhaka women journalist had brutally beaten by a group of Islamic extremist. You can think the girl alone running to hide
    and screaming for help and 20-25 man beaten her slapped her, kicked herk
    punched her. I am a coward just seen it
    from far and escaped.

    Some people also killed here; Some Blogger, Judge and civil people……..
    It is now mushrooming in Bangladesh. The tree is now grown-up and produced lot of
    branches. I am not afraid about the branches. I am very much worried about the
    roots. Be focused on roots.

    Our Governments role is also not clear. Last 20 years we are
    also seeing lot of new thing, new dimension of politics.

    Kindly note that our Zanta ruler had imports it as the same time when Mr Haq introduced
    it in Pakistan. All zanta are same. So we are trying and hope one day Pakistan
    will overcome it.

    Be save……Recommend

  • Mohammad

    I still remember when in school assemblies we use to chant.. Mard-e-Moman Mard-e-Haq.. Zia Ul Haq.. Zia Ul Haq.. to date I think how naïve we were at that time without understanding a powerful person is playing with out future.Recommend

  • skeptic

    He ain’t dear to me and neither will i address him that way,the writer is too kind to this twisted man.This guy along with his cronies as abdul akhter rehman,gul hameed etc have been a curse to the destiny of our beautiful country’s destinyRecommend

  • Shahzaib

    Wonderful column sister. He is Zia Ul Batil not Zia Ul Haq.Recommend

  • Dr.M.M.Khan

    Oh Mr.ZAB why did you punish us by appointing this junior general to become the COAS. Both you and him are ruling us from your graves.This was the most unkindest cut of all.Recommend

  • Kamal Pasha

    In few words. He was insane.Recommend

  • p r sharma

    The blogger too while criticizing Zia, appears to be following the same ideology which he encouraged. The difference may be in the degree but not in the perspective.Recommend

  • Ali Khan

    Start with a mirror when putting the blame of current situation and take decisive actions to amends the past mistakes, only way this gets better.Recommend

  • Danial

    Dear Zia ul Haq we are paying the prices for which you got benefits and then musharfo used terrorist for his own benefits, the only Chief of Army staff is faithful that is Raheel Sharif, May God give him success and long life. AmeenRecommend

  • Faizan

    cut the crap, it has become a fashion now to criticize Zia and referring him as a Sole reason of our collapse, you must be in your diapers when zia was operational in Afghanistan, it was biggest achievement of Pak establishment to knee down USSR, Russia was not eyeing Afghanistan at that time, the main prey was Pakistan, they wanted to reach hot waters. after Zia, politicians were given 12 years, what they did ? these vultures just looted looted and looted, they ignored the aftermath of Afghan War, had there been politicians during Afghan War or 9/11 attacks, Pakistan would have been vanished from world Map. If these vulture can sale blood of our soldiers who martyred in Kargil, then they can sale us as well. i am not a fan of Army take over, but for God’s sake just for cheap popularity or bit of appreciation from desi liberals or sickulars don’t spoil the facts

    By – Jawwad HassanRecommend

  • Brar

    And the whole Nation followed him blindly.Recommend

  • Waqas Asif

    We are not paying the price of Zia ul Haq, we are paying the price of slavery and terrorism brought by Musharraf. You liberals will never understand because you understand islam that is limited to few rituals and self interpretation as per your whims and desires.

    Miss revolutionary artist, there were no suicide blasts, killings and attacks before Musharraf submitted to America.Recommend

  • spirtual69

    So what are we going to do? We know the sickness how we are going to correct it? Ball is in our court. We need Less talk and analysis , needs practical step to stand up against the Muzbi hate.Recommend

  • Sana Iqbal

    Dear, talibanism, and enlightened moderation, nothing ever served good cause. v the third wordees always been used for someone else wars….social change is largely accepted wid the passage of time, V pakistan will be soon rise on the top.Recommend

  • rationalist

    Why blame Zia? Pakistan’s ills go all the way back to Jinnah’s Two Nation theory. Muslims of India said they were different people and different nation from the Hindus and couldn’t live with HIndus and hence demanded the creation of Pakistan as an Islamic country where Islam would rule the lives of the people. After 1947, this bigoted idea was further cast in stone by promulgating the Objectives Resolution.

    All that Zia did was to go back to the basis (Pakistan’s matlab) of creation of Pakistan and enforce the founding principle and the Objectives Resolution. In this way, Zia can be looked upon as the only dictator who was true to Pakistan’s constitution and founding principles.

    Going even deeper, what is it that Zia did that contradicts Islamic teachings? Could the real issue go all the way back to 1400 years ago?Recommend

  • Waqas Shahid

    This article doesn’t make any sense. ET should stop pulling people out of GRAVES for no reason… This is just like if I build a WELL for people to drink water from and then some day after me someone died falling in the same WELL and people starts blaming and cursing me that he BUILD THE WELL so he is responsible for the death. Come on guys we need to start taking the responsibilities in stead of blaming others. Thing were never bad when Zia was alive, everything was in control but it goes bad when our so call Politicians (JAMHOORIYAT) came in. I am not an army guy but its the fact. Today’s worst situation of Pakistan is due to these politicians. Even, first 5 years of Pervez Musharraf were good before he gets involved in Politics and worst things starts again when he did NRO. We are living in 2015 and it deosn’t make any sense to blame what happened 30 years back. We need to see what we did in our 30 years will answer all your questions…Recommend

  • Jagmohan Trivedi

    What a heart wrenching memoriam in honour/or of a dictator cum president,Zia ul
    Haq. Kainat oozed her heart out saying…please do not haunt my country anymore
    and even new born babies fear gun shots around.The seeds of hatred and bigotry
    sown are now full trees but with yellow leaves,tentamounting to tormenting lives
    of the people,you wanted to serve,somehow.People are now paying in precious
    blood for orthodoxy and indoctrination you injected in the country.It is an alarming
    solicitation to awaam,please help the country on peaceful road.Zia was wrong.Recommend

  • Ram

    if you go so far upto Zia-ul-Haq you could travel even further and see how a country was formed in the name of Islam by leader who never practiced Islam. You should know that Pakistan was created by uprooting millions of HIndus,Sikhs to form a Islamic country.

    Zia only built on the foundations laid in 1947, before blaming Zia please explain PakistanRecommend

  • salman

    alot of things are spot on right but would the writer try to explain what would have happened if we were to become slaves of the USSR. have u seen or read about the brutal torture they did while they were enjoying their little trip in Afghanistan. had we not taken a stand at that time, you would not be able to write this article let alone!Recommend

  • Amer Nadeem Adv

    Zia must be ashamed of his policies which ruined this land…Recommend

  • Sane

    Why should Pakistan be explained to you. Why not you first explain as how a murder could become PM of India.Recommend

  • Sane

    Very correct. Zia did what was the need of that time for Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sane

    After Zia this is the sixth democratic government. What they have done….nothing, but made Pakistan bleeding and looted this country.Recommend

  • Ali Malik

    Well said. you will get 100 percent admiration from anti zia sentiments. but you are not doing the new thing. Every one in my country blame some one. pro bhutto blame zia, pro zia blame PPP, PML n blame PTI and so on. But no body has started any movement to spread respect, patience and Love between different groups of different thoughts. We dont need change, we need to learn respect each other. Thats the key.Recommend

  • Junaid

    Your analogy does not make sense. The problem with zia was that he tried to brainwash a whole nation through syllabus in schools and madrassas. He knew that brainwashed people can be easily sent to die for their rulers. Zia did not dig the well for water. People already had the well. What zia did was to put poisson in the well to make people’s thinking power so weak that he started to control them like animals.Recommend

  • Ram

    PM in India is democratically elected where Muslims also participated, he did not take over as a dictator and he will serve his term and if he does not perform he will be voted out,
    Zia and many other dictators grabbed Power and fooled you guys in the name of Islam Zia did not invent Islamization he just took this to another level
    He himself followed a strict version of Islam and one should appreciate that, because founders of Pakistan never practiced Islam and those who did opposed Pakistan our Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad is a shining exampleRecommend

  • Aqeel

    Agreed! there was only one dictator after Zia. I am also confused after reading the first paragraph of the blog. And see no one has enough guts to point out the wrong information given by this blogger Miss Kainat.Recommend

  • Patrick West.

    yes, it was nicely written, but i don’t understand is why is he being held responsible as he was dead 27 years ago, the govts that came after him , why arent they being held responsible for undling what Zia did or at least somewhat alleviate his actions ?Recommend

  • It takes two

    I think you owe it all to Jinnah :)Recommend

  • Mir

    It is ironic hearing an Indian speaking about this. The party (Jamat-i-Islami), responsible for Zia-ul-Haq’s rise to power and the leading religious party in the country did not want partition and worked with the Congress to prevent the creation of Pakistan. And what is even more ironic is that it was Congress’s refusal of the Cabinet Mission Plan and a South Asian federation which resulted in the partition of the subcontinent.Recommend

  • Mir

    Abul A’la Maududi, another shining example of Indian solidarity.Recommend

  • Gulchand Mehta

    Zia is on the 5th. level of Dante’s Inferno. Currently. Under the foot
    of Phlegyas, on the River Styx. Four more levels to go. Before he
    meets his maker in the 9th. level.Recommend

  • PakSal

    The war strategy of employing jihadis and Islamizing the whole issue was a folley. He created fanatics to win the war and won it but see what he has ended up doing. Its a mess. In hindsight, since it was a threat to our existence, we should have used our own army.Recommend

  • Imran Ahmed

    Well written. However, Zia is not the sole responsible. He did whatver was written by the big boss for his era and the story basically started well before so called independance of our country.

    We were slaves, we remained slaves, we are slaves and we will……………Recommend

  • El Cid

    “Pakistan was created by uprooting millions of HIndus,Sikhs to form a Islamic country[…]1947, please explain Pakistan

    Not true. The Subcontinent of India was Muslims’ Land. India belonged to Muslims before the British Empire raided, looted robbed.

    In fact in 1947Muslims gave most of the land to Bharat in order to live in peace In this process over a million Muslims were slaughtered in the space of a few weeks. Kashmir and Hyderabad were immediately annexed by the Hindus

    The Hindoo still massacre, murder and rape the minorities in Bharat from time to time: Modi became PM on his crediential for burning alive over 2000Muslims, men, women, children, pregnant women and infants.

    Muslims also offered the Sikh a home of their own in Khalistan with their capital at Amritsar. But this generous offer was misunderstood by them. They paid for it in 1984 when their Golden Temple, built by Muslim architects on Muslim design was blasted, ransacked by hindus.

    Organized rape of Sikh maidens than began by Hindu regiments as Indra Gandhi’s policy to change the demographics of the Punjab…as is being done now in Kashmir.

    This rape of Sikh virgins continued for over ten years in the towns and villages of the Punjab. Most of the honorable Sikhs left the country.

    It is shameful for you, to come here and mock and attack not only the the father and founder of Pakistan, the great and illustrious Quaid a Azam who won a shelter, home and protection for the Muslims but also have the temerity to attack the very ideology and concept of Pakistan yet see your post published in a Pakistan origin publication. An example of free speech, Muslim generosity and hospitality…you came here to abuse.

    Explanation enough? There is lot more.

  • Fuhrer

    Typical amateur rant. Burden of responsibility falls on the incumbents (state and people). Stop pointing fingers at ‘foreign’ powers and dead people. Start looking inwards and reform yourselves.Recommend

  • Person

    Bhutto refused to accept Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Awami League’s rightful mandate as the winners of 1970 elections. Remember Bhutto’s ‘breaking legs’ rhetoric? How was that a good stance? He robbed AL of their right to assume power despite their overwhelming majority.
    Other minor follies of Bhutto include dissolving Baluchistan and NWFP provincial assemblies and using Federal Security Force (FSF) to carry out his dirty work. Why did he supersede Zia as COAS when others were senior to him and more worthy candidates for the position?Recommend

  • Person

    Easier said than done. Americans were also in support of employing jihadis and using Islamic rhetoric. They were called mujahideen (warriors) by the USA. At that time, everyone was up for the idea. In retrospect, everything looks clear. However, at that moment all the resources at hand need to be utilized. Blaming Zia for everything wrong with Pakistan has become a national habit because we overlook our own deficiencies and shortcomings.Recommend

  • Kites

    But Indra demolished Golden temple and a Sikh killed her. How do you explain that? Also, Modi was responsible for numerous Muslim deaths in Gujrat riots and he is your PM today? How do you explain that? How do you explain your caste system, suttee. Please explainRecommend

  • Query

    on the top of what? Rubble?Recommend

  • Muhammad Akbar

    ^rightly said.
    People dont know history but comment like historians.
    Zia was crop sown and reaped by bhutto .Recommend

  • Sid

    @Kainat….. My dear sister. Hope and determination to build better future is stronger than legacy of a tyrant. Don’t loose hope. Khuda Hafeez.Recommend

  • Sid

    Dig further in your history and you will see that Bharat was Hindu land even before muslims invaded. And they did not convert thousands to Islam simply by preaching them. If you want to debate history, please be fair and refer to world history books and not just what you believe.Recommend

  • Aborigine

    Well, by the same logic, how do you explain Bhutto becoming PM of Pakistan (remember the genocide in 1971)? Or Nawaz Sharif (presided over all the atrocities committed during his tenure against Shias, Hazaras, Ismailis, Hindus, Christians, and others)? Let’s be serious for a minute. Without the hard work of winning independence from the British (towards which Jinnah and company contributed very little) and consent of Hindus and other non-Muslims for Partition, there’s be no Pakistan on Indian soil. One should not be surprised at the utter lack of self-awareness and knowledge of real history among people like yourself. Pity.Recommend

  • Meshuga

    Kites: Yiikes! Indira Gandhi did what Abraham Lincoln did 170 years before her to save the Union and what your leadership has failed to do, including the humiliation of 1971 and the rise of jihadists. The Golden Temple is back in business, baby!. It was damaged but never demolished. By simply repeating does not make a falsity a reality. Modi was NOT responsible for Muslim deaths. He just happened to be the CM at the time. What did Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif do about the various jihadi atrocities in your country? Were they responsible because those events happened on their watch? Learn rules of evidence and logic. You’ll go even farther than a kite, Kites. How do you explain blasphemy, apostasy, jihad, infidel, “defensive” wars, IS, Al Qaeda, Lashkars, Taliban, mnurders of Shias and Ismailis, and the rest of the sordid mess?Recommend

  • Qurat

    Zia was the worst thing ever happened to Pakistan , No doubt about it .Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Sati is not present anywhere in india..If i m not wrong,pakistani muslims follow caste system.You still have Rajput andJat clan and marriage is strictly forbidden b/w people of different tribes…Your leaders can be seen talking with terms like Bhangi etc..It means, untouchability is prevalent in pakistan..Only good with you guys is that you donot have Brahminical converts…Otherwise story would have been more pronounced ..But you have sectarian divide to overcompensate it..Recommend

  • Sane

    Baseless..Does not qualify for a reply.Recommend

  • Sane

    Baseless..Does not qualify for a reply.Recommend

  • Sane

    what you say about founders of Pakistan depicts ill knowledge.Recommend

  • Sane

    Just baselessRecommend