Is a secular Pakistan the answer to our problems?

Published: May 7, 2015

Laws based on reason and not faith will lead us to the path of liberalism. Only after that will we be ready to declare Pakistan a secular state.

And now, since they have nothing better to do, the powers that be have fired another tester round in the sky out of the lame notion of keeping themselves busy in the business.

A 17-judges bench headed by chief justice of Pakistan, Justice Nasirul Mulk, contemplated vigorously on Monday as to how Pakistan can be declared a secular state. Some suggested getting it done through the constituent assembly, while others advised to hold a referendum.

Going with the definition of secularism, it is defined as,

“The separation of government institutions and the persons mandated to represent the state from religious institutions and religious dignitaries”.

Contrarily, what we see here in Pakistan is a government that infuses religion in every sphere of its running, notwithstanding the guidance provided by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who envisaged Pakistan as a modern state.

On August 11, 1947, Jinnah delivered his renowned speech elaborating clearly that,

“You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this state of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or cast or creed; that has nothing to do with the business of the state”.

And again on August 14, 1947, he said that,

“Tolerance and goodwill that the great Emperor Akbar showed to all the non Muslims, is not of recent origin. It dates back 13 centuries ago when our Prophet (PBUH) not only by words but by deeds, treated the Jews and Christians after he had conquered them, with the utmost tolerance and regard and respect for their faith and beliefs. The whole history of Muslims, wherever they ruled, is replete with those humane and great principles which should be followed and practiced”.

Our leaders have circumvented Jinnah’s vision of a modern state ever since his demise and put no efforts of their own to crafting a secular strategy for Pakistan. Nurturing the already born ghost of Islamisation during the Kashmir war of 1947-48, Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan changed the name of the state to ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’. And then, the final blow came from General Ziaul Haq, who set the nation on an unending path of fundamentalism by strengthening religious parties, establishing Sharia Courts and introducing the concept of jihad amongst the youth.

What our leaders are failing to fathom is that Pakistan today is a complex compound of ethnic mixture blended with the element of Islamisation. A nation who carries fundamentalism in its blood, radicalism in its society and religiosity in its political ranks cannot be transformed to secularity just by changing its name. They don’t understand the simple phenomenon that changing names don’t alter the ideology of a nation.

Burma couldn’t curtail her crises after becoming Myanmar. For a real change, grass roots of the problem have to be gotten hold of. Turkey didn’t just term itself secular, she amended laws of the land accordingly and ensured their implementation in letter and spirit. Benazir Bhutto talked great about secularism but couldn’t enforce her vision. The concept of enlightened moderation presented and hailed by General Pervez Musharraf also did no good to the nation.

Both Bhutto and Musharaf failed in their attempts for making Pakistan a secular state only due to the reason that their concepts lacked proper planning and honest implementation. They didn’t understand that the problem lies in the laws and not in the name. They seemed oblivious of the fact that our social spectrum is rife with fanatics, where ignorance is a scarce commodity.

We live in a society where fathers don’t tolerate their secular sons and people who eat or sit with infidels are seen with sheer hatred. Where churches are bombed, temples are burned and minorities are massacred under the garb of blasphemy. Where people are used in the name of religion for political gains and scholars are slain for their affiliation with other sects. A nation who doesn’t even tolerate followers of opposing sects and ethnic groups can never be secularised merely by naming it secular.

Ironically, our political and bureaucratic elites have failed to comprehend the dynamics of a true transformation. Changes don’t occur on spur of whims – rather a great deal of effort, honesty and selflessness will have to be put in. We need crucial reforms to instil the element of secularism into our society. The entire social system has to be revamped by turning it upside down from legislation to laws, education to implementation, planning to policies and government to governance.

Laws based on reason and not faith will lead us to the path of liberalism. Only after that will we be ready to declare Pakistan a secular state.

Shahid Hussain Abro

Shahid Hussain Abro

The author is a retired military officer with more than 17 years of operational experience. He has a Masters degree in Criminological Sciences and is now a political analyst. He tweets @Sangharian (

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  • islooboy

    No not happeningRecommend

  • M Waqas Sajid

    According to your definition of Secular, Islam is secular in itself, as it allows people to practice the faith in which they believe. So, you fully adopt Islamic system, practice it, and all your problems are solved.
    You can view the example of hazrat Umar (RA), how he managed to enforce the laws during his 11 year old tenure.Recommend


    Laws based on reason and not faith will lead us to the path of liberalism. The Quran calls the faithful to ponder based on reason. Here I have posted a few of the ayats for reference.

    “In the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of night and day, are surely signs to men of understanding”(3: 189). They are the men “who keep in their mind (the law of) Allah (SWT) sitting and standing and reclining, and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth” (3: 190). When they reflect on the grandeur of nature, they are deeply moved and exclaim: “Our Lord! (Rabb) Thou hast not created this in vain (7: 190).”

    Hence, the only way forward for humanity is to revert back to Islam. May Allah guide us all.Recommend

  • Dr David

    a society where fathers don’t tolerate their secular sons and people who
    eat or sit with infidels are seen with sheer hatred. Where churches are bombed,
    temples are burned and minorities are massacred under the garb of
    blasphemy. Where people are used in the name of religion for political
    gains and scholars are slain for their affiliation with other sects. A
    nation who doesn’t even tolerate followers of opposing sects and ethnic
    groups can never be secularised merely by naming it secular.Recommend

  • Junaid

    what a wonderful piece of writing by Mr. Shahid Hussain Abro. I wish our leaders to act on his lines and lead our country towards secularism for the betterment.Recommend

  • Yasir

    we must be declared secular first and then all will be implemented accordingly.Recommend

  • marik

    Whats the rationale behind subjecting people to trials and tribulations on earth and then horribly torturing the vast majority of them FOREVER in hell?

    Wouldn’t it have been more rational to simply put people in heaven from the start instead of subjecting them to pointless trials?Recommend


    Another psuedo liberal this time an Abro. This is the most in thing for such characters to either become a HR activist or pick up from where others have left. In both cases they are allergic to logic and reason. One thing common in such characters is total lack of knowledge if Quran and Hadis. Quoting or referring to these most comprehensive pieces of knowledge is considered something not up to their liberal thinking. Pathetic is the word that comes to mind. But then these psuedo liberals should not blame our psuedo religious scholars but find out themselves what are we through these Books of knowledge.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    If Pakistan were to become secular, then the basis of your separation from India would be redundant. I suppose if you were just to follow Jinnah’s words, in letter and spirit, that should be good enough. Doubt the Mullahs would permit it anyway.

    Here in India, I admit there is some intolerance. But we will never become a Hindu Pakistan – our civil society is far stronger. The Hindu fanboys will be cut to size rudely at the next houstings if they were to up the ante and all of BJP knows it. Other than sporadic incidents (some of dubious nature which could well be political stunts by so-called secular parties), I don’t see the situation in India getting out of hand. Recommend

  • ak

    Prey can you tell me which Islamic nation gives one freedom of religion?
    Really curious? :)Recommend

  • Sudhanshu Swami

    What about Jijiya?Recommend

  • KafirMusafir

    The problems of Pakistan(for that matter all Muslim nations embroiled in unrest worldwide) internally and externally cannot be solved by military or a dictator, or a monarch by suppressing and putting a lid temporarily. The problems will be solved once you solve the issue of religion of Islam mixing with state matters, secondly
    bringing Islam from 6th century mindset to present day reality, and thirdly to reform some of the Islamic principles to the realities of multiculturalism, secularism, tolerance, respect for other people’s faith. Until and unless these issues of Islam as a religion is solved, Pakistan will continue to suffer and its people like it has for 67 years.Recommend

  • ZeeCarolina

    Yes, a state has no business being tied to a religion. By stating our country as “Islamic State” we have led the mostly illiterate (I include educated fundamentalists among them) to believe they can devise laws that discriminate against others and worst to kill them in the name of religion. Only by declaring that there is no “official” religion can we get rid of this cancer in Pakistan. Only then will we be able to devise secular laws, allowing people to live freely and practice their religions in private.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Recent examples of “secular” Islam have been Taliban in Afghanistan and parts of FATA.Keeping looking into some “Golden” past won’t do.Realities must be faced ,and new challenges will require new thinking. 7th century thinking won’t work in 21st century.
    As far allowing people to practice their faith,look closer at hand.Islamic Pakistan has even legislated the reverse.Recommend

  • siesmann

    First teach the mullahs what reason means.Reverse gears have never moved anything forward.Recommend

  • Tabrezi

    Jinnah: ‘Tolerance and goodwill that the great Emperor Akbar showed to all the non Muslims, is not of recent origin’ Right, so by Jinnah’s secular model, great Akbar’s hodgepodge ‘Din-i-Ilahi’ is worth emulating. In theory, these secular frameworks are wonderful. In reality, they pose more problems than solutionsRecommend

  • anon0912

    The answer is educating generations of people so their mentality changes with time not passing laws and labeling Pakistan as a secular country.I am an atheist in this country but legally i cant even buy a bottle of single malt scotch and enjoy it or watch stuff online.not cool.The reason the politicians cant implement secularism is because they are more concerned with lining up their own pockets.Recommend

  • GS

    our feudal leaders can never be secularRecommend

  • Ish

    The problem wid our elites is tht they simply can’t think n plan straight. Their brains have been dysfunctional since years thus they are always looking for shortcuts.Recommend

  • rationalist

    Why even think of these man-made ideas like secular etc. when Pakistan was created on the basis of divine laws of Allah? Pakistan, as per its Islamic constitution, must fully enforce Sharia laws and Islamic teachings.Recommend

  • rationalist

    ” Islam is secular in itself, as it allows people to practice the faith in which they believe.”

    Not really. Remember the Jizya tax prescribed in the quran for non-muslims?Recommend

  • ghulam asghar

    Pakistan is in a vicious cycle of its own prblems. Behmoth of islamic ideoly as enunciated by the people who r not islamic in essence. Their agenda is driven by dollars.. in a country where politicians dont feel safe themselves, where one thug is chasing another , where freedom of speech leads to massacre of minorties, where tolerance is an unknown entity. Where quaid –the leader-is thrown out of equation..such a nation will prosper in corruption ..secterianism and disintegration.Recommend

  • Humanfirst

    The root of all our problems is in the ‘vague history’ that we teach to out children at the primary level where the only thing that the child ends up relating to is the religion. While India was Hind long before Islam and they have a vastly rich history to back the concept of a nation we Pakistani’s are confused when it comes to what history to relate to, Ottoman empire? No we don’t relate to them, Mughals were the leaders of a greater Hindustan and we can not relate back to hidustan, so we teach about them under the banner of religion again. Our true history begins at 1947, but then 1947 was all about religion again, as per our unclear understanding of the supposed two nation theory. We started off alright, we were pretending to be tolerant people but like a volcano of religious fanaticism we exploded during Zia and now were flowing all round. We teach hatred at school against all when we tell them we got this country for Islam because Hindus didn’t let us be, Christians here remind us of the remains of the British Raj from which we took our “freedom” after a long struggle. We need to learn to accept who we are and where we come from first, maybe then we might be able to understand that we are much closer to Indians than we are to Saudies; fix our history to fix the future.
    While laws based on reasons and their strict implementation will force a “liberal” society on the outside, the core of it will remain the same, waiting to explode again. I believe for men, to able to accept and believe in any idea be it social or even religious, he must first become a human and that’s where education plays it’s part. Change what we teach, and within 20 years we’d have a generation that is reasonable. We spend so much of our tax money on higher education to cater for the very few of the donkeys we train with our absolutely hideous primary education system, totally left in the hands of a greatly ignored majority of our society. The 70% + of our lower class that we talk about but we never try to understand. Educate them well and we will not need a stick or a carrot for them to be reasonable and abide by laws based on logic. Recommend

  • Nazir

    A breath of fresh air. We need more honest people like the writer.Recommend

  • Ernest Bowen

    wonderful writing keep up the good work we are all equal in the eye of our Almighty creator God
    ex Pakistani ChristianRecommend

  • Ali

    Only Akhlaaq can make us a better nation. Not western secularism or western liberalism.Recommend

  • Indian

    Sadly while this would be great for Pak and for the world around it but it would go against the very reason for creation of Pakistan and hence create such conflict that can never be overcome by any political leader no matter how enlightened. Worth trying for thoughRecommend

  • Babar

    So practice this in the privacy of your home. Do not enforce upon me. My Lord(Rabb) has given me the intelligence and the tools to make up my own mind. Secularism does not prevent you from practicing this ayaat or any other of the Quran. Just do not interfere and restrict others from practising what their heart ad mind believes in.Recommend

  • Baqir talpur

    In islam NOT wearing a burqa is SIN (and in islamic state a crime) what would you do if a non-muslim women go around not wearing burqa in your islamic state, probably punish her but in secular state, you won’t. You see first step to create a secular state is to differentiate between sin and crime and than create the laws against crime not SIN, because a sin one religion doesn’t mean its a sin in other.

    I don’t understand why MUSLIMS are so afraid of secularism? It doesn’t ask you not follow ISLAM, it merely restrict it to your self. You just can’t go around doing tableegh, but you can practice it fully.Recommend

  • Arslan Javed Warraich

    if pakistanis want to have secular state then why they seprated from india…then why quaise azam demanded a seprate country for muslims…the solution is not a secular state but a democratic state and an honest leadership..Recommend

  • Freeman

    At least there are some dreamers left in this too knowing world. (By the way you might want to remove “The Islamic Republic of” from your nation’s
    moniker as the first act.Recommend

  • Freeman

    Good to know! So I am assuming you are aspiring to be another Iran or Saudi Arabia, They have no problems as you say.Recommend

  • Tmo

    Baqir, what about promiscuity? All cultures will have a limit (legal) to what they consider too much. Or, are you advocating Free Body Culture as secularism?Recommend

  • Tmo

    You say it like secular societies in both existence and imagination will have no taxes at all. This is ridiculous logic.Recommend

  • Sohaib

    That is because then they don’t have to pay zaka’at.Recommend

  • T Safdar Jutt

    Slm sir,according to my views exactly what ever u have told or our great leader Jinnah has said in his speeches dat al relate to our teaching of Islam….so therefore its shows our religous leader who r teaching us wat z ISLAM….few of them are teaching us false Islam and separating us which has create dis much problems….!Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    There is Something called as Human Conscience , rational thought , consent …all of which are superior to any Divine Law.

    A promiscuous (here cheating) partner is liable to be divorced by the other partner & needs to pay compensation (particularly if he is a male) in Secular state , not out-rightly beheaded or maimed as in a theocracy. That is the difference.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    So Islam decides what non-Muslim natives (case of Iran ,Central & South Asia) must do when ruled by foreign Muslim rulers .
    Often , many ppl here would talk about Crusades of Christianity or Casteism of Hinduism ; but when fanaticism of Islam is talked about ,one must rationalise that away.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Rightly said…But they won’t understandRecommend

  • Headstrong

    True. But I think it is important to keep countering the propaganda these guys keep publishing. Who knows – it may get through some thick skulls…Recommend

  • Faizan

    yeah good words writer. but the statement “Laws based on reason and not faith will lead us to the path of liberalism.” I think Islam is the only religion that compliments logic and answers reasons. Practicing Islam in liberalism will make liberalism Islamic. so should we need a mid-way? Islamic liberalism ? I guess thats the thing.
    And apart of being what Quaid want Pakistan to be, the point is what does the people want ? that is what the democracy is, I guess.Recommend

  • Hamidah Fawad

    Brilliantly saidRecommend

  • Neutral

    Great Emperor Akbar? The one who made ‘Din i Iahi’? One of the prerequisites to this ‘din’ was to believe that the emperor was divine. You gotta be kidding me with these ridiculous ‘secular’ rhetoricRecommend

  • sara siyal

    Our political problems have nothing to do with our religious mindsets and never can secularism be its solution.
    Rather our problems have emanated from our literacy,uneducated mases and politician,lawlessness and corruption and failure of democratic system.
    Quaid e Azam has also said “we donot demand Pakistan simply to have a piece of land but we want a laboratory where we could experiment on Islamic principles”
    M.A.jinnah 1946 Islamic collage peshawar..Recommend

  • sara siyal

    Our political problems are nothing to do with our religious mindsets and never can secularism be its solution.
    Rather our problems have emanated from our literacy, uneducated mases and politician,lawlessness, corruption and failure of democratic system.

  • M Waqas Sajid

    yes Muslims has jizya tax for non-Muslims, but name me any country who doesn’t take tax from its citizens? Jizya tax is for their protection, as it becomes the responsibility of state to provide them full protection.
    And you will raise question, why not for Muslims ? Its because, Islamic law considers all Muslim a single entity and its obligatory for every muslim to protect each other and the land where they are living in, since its not obligatory for non-Muslims so they have to pay tax (Jizya) for their protection.Recommend

  • siesmann

    dEMOCRACIES DONT WORK without secularism.Recommend

  • Kamath

    Ah: You are now dividing humanity along religious lines – good vs bad. Last-abiding vs the the opposite!

    Do you think it is acceptable for the local Mafiosi to collect “protection money” from me, my family, my business etc. Muslims are nowadays rushing go to God-lees Western countries and bitterly complain about Islamo-phobia and myriad descriminatory practices.

    Do you think it is a good idea to collect a Head Tax from Muslim immigrants for their own protection as it existed in N.America for Asian, Sikh immigrants?Recommend

  • Kamath

    Dear friend: think about this scenario! Followers of Islam today is still less compared to Nona-Mulims in the world. It will be so in the future too long after we all dead and gone. Believe me, Non-Muslims are not going to swallow the kind of logic you are presenting here. So if you push your arguments without persuading the rest of humanity, there will only conflicts. So think about it!Recommend

  • Kamath

    Funny, do you think that millions of ever ask this question even in privateRecommend

  • rtnguy

    Simple. He was a frustrated man and demand for pakistan was more a reaction to Congress behaviour towards him than rational thought.Recommend

  • Faulitics

    Impossible for Pakistan to be secular since its very basic foundation and reason for its existence are non-secular. But it can always try to be less extremist. An attempt to make it secular by constitutional amendment will trigger a revolution. Its a unfortunate situation but nothing can be done about it.Recommend

  • Tmo

    Why even have partners? Marriage is a religious dictate anyway.Recommend

  • AmirAAA

    This is why Pakistan is in need of more true Islam and not secularism.Please read the letter written by Syrian Christians to Hazrat Umar accepting the Dhimma. No Other religion accord such dignity to people defeated in their own land by foreigners.Recommend

  • AmirAAA

    Lets not forget that Akbar was frustrated man in his old age. He started his own Deen and became apostate as well vegetarian.he experimented with newly born babies to defeat Mullah’s argument that Arabic is the natural language for humanity.He was not a practicing Muslims when he died.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Marriage is not just a religious dictat but a social one . Conducting marriage before a Maulvi , a Pundit or a Padri is the religion-isation of Marriage . Have you heard of Court Marriages ?? They are more practical –less money & no “sacred” hypocricy.Recommend

  • Meshuga

    So, secularism etc. are man-made ideas and religion is not? If Pakistan is a divine creation, you must spread that good news to all the Pakistani readers and commenters who wish to have a say in what kind of nation they want.Recommend

  • Realist

    Sure. Like it is more rational to give everyone admissions to their dream schools, jobs and everything they need without any pre-requisites (like tests, appraisals, capability, etc.). Trials and tribulations aren’t pointless for those who seek (and get) guidance through them. “If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished”Recommend

  • Person

    Your scenario is flawed and non-factual. Most of the non-Muslims (majority of the world) believes in Hereafter and reward and punishment in afterlife. Atheists and agnostics (small minority) of the world do not believe in afterlife and fall back on ‘randomness’ or probabilistic theory to try to explain inception of the world,etc.Recommend

  • Outkast

    I agree with the words in caps.Recommend

  • Meshuga

    Does that mean, Sir, you had to convert to Islam from Christianity as you did not feel as equal in His eye? If it is the same Almighty, why should it matter then if one is a Christian or Muslim or of some other faith (or no faith)? Right? If all Pakistanis believe that, then an official secularism (separating religion from matters of state) would be unnecessary.Recommend

  • OutKast

    Curiosity killed the cat. Turkey, Jordan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc. Good day :)Recommend

  • OutKast

    Why don’t you enlighten us with what reason means. You seem very ‘forward’Recommend

  • Meshuga

    Using that logic, where Muslims are treated differently (first-class citizens?) than non-Muslims (second-class citizens?), a sharia-compliant system along Caliphate lines, not a secular democracy, is the answer. So why are we discussing secularism when it is irrelevant in a non-democratic system? The confusion we see in Pakistani governance system today (two co-equal organs of government – one elected and another unelected; religion-based “democracy”; reliance on sugar daddies to meet the budgets of government/army) can simply be resolved by honestly adopting a sharia-compliant Caliphate system. Nothing wrong with that. Moreover, religious minorities will be protected if they pay that special tax. Alternatively, they can convert.Recommend

  • Meshuga

    Isn’t that just wonderful and admirable – defeat with dignity and honor? I must read up on this magnificent religion. Could you please provide a link to that letter you referenced?. Thanks in advance.Recommend

  • Meshuga

    I am still working on your curious use of the word “reason” – laws based on reason will lead us to the path of liberalism. Which is a good thing, no? And Quran calling on the faithful to use reason in their pondering. So, why is reason so bad? Your conclusion does not follow from your confusing reasoning steps. Are you for reason or are you against reason? Why reason at all when you already begin with a conclusion. And why should the non-Muslim humanity, whose religions are centuries older than Islam, “revert back” to it? Shouldn’t it be “reverting forward”? Lastly, if you already decided what the way forward is for humanity (without asking its members), why ask Allah for guidance at all? I think, as Shakespeare said – in Macbeth? – that’s where madness lies. In the final analysis, I take it you are not for secularism.Recommend

  • Mir

    Jizya is basically a Zakat tax for non-Muslims.Recommend

  • Mir

    He returned to Islam, my friend.Recommend

  • Mir

    The thing is, there was no such thing as Hind. Indians base their identity of a political creation united through brute British force and railways connecting far flung regions of different languages, ethnicities, cultures and religions. There is no such thing as Hindustan. There was never a united India unless you speak of the empires from a thousand years ago whose culture and influence doesn’t impact us at all.Recommend

  • Iqra

    Im sorry,but have you forgotten the dozens of quotes where our Quaid said that the law of Pakistan will be made according to Quran and Sunnah? Everyone here who calls themselves Muslims, understand that Islam is NOT a religion. The word ‘religion’ is too superficial,too hollow,too obsolete to describe the essence,the true meaning of what Islam actually is. Islam is a DEEN,which means that it covers EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF OUR LIVES: PERSONAL,INDIVIDUAL,BELIEFS,MORALS,VALUES,FAMILY,RELATIVES,

  • Brain Think

    The basic foundation of democracy is secularism.Recommend

  • JusticeLeague

    Answer to all your naive questions. Because Christianity’s main premise is that Jesus(pbuh) died on the cross for everyone’s sins. Because Christians believe that Jesus is God. That entails God died on the cross?They got All Mighty mixed up with the creation. I hope that helps.Recommend

  • Personality

    Every nation’s rulers decide what it’s citizens must do. Be it a secular democracy or a religious republic.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Then why oppose when Burkha etc. is banned by European nations or why oppose if the West imposes itself on Muslim countries . It too is normal ,afterall.Recommend

  • Personality

    Because France claims to be a liberal democracy. If it starts regulating what people wear, then they’re defeating their own ‘democratic’ values. I don’t care if they can ban Muslims entirely from their country. However, then stop fooling people by asserting that it’s liberal and progressive. I’d say that these legislation are more in line with xenophobia than anything else.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    The ban was progressive against a retrogressive custom. How does it make France non-progressive . So for France to be progressive , it must allow retrogressive ideas in some of its migrant-citizens . Hillarious !!Recommend

  • Omer

    Brother!! Islam is a Complete code of life.If sharia is implemented properly than its the solution for every problem!!Recommend

  • Ali

    Being a vegitarian does not make you a kaffir.Recommend

  • Gerald

    Sessesionism does not translate to a Theocracy. Many states have split on the basis of religion without either ending up a theocracy. East Timor split from Indonesia the former Christian the latter Muslim.Both are secular democracies. The Timorese demmanding a seperate land for Christians did not end with East Timor becoming a Christian theocracy.
    In case you haven’t noticed, the largest Muslim economies (both non oil dependent) happen to be Secular republics, the first being toughly so.Turkey and IndonesiaRecommend

  • Gerald

    You have a very poor understanding of the TrinityRecommend

  • Gerald

    If the basis of splitting from India was on Religion. Why are there still over 150 million Muslims in India???Recommend

  • Gerald

    Sound like Sicillian Mafia extrortion . I believe they call it Protection Money.Recommend

  • Gerald

    France also has a constitution based on Lactice. Even a politician consulting a priest leads to a resignation. Religion and its visible symbols are not allowed since 1793. If they cannot bend over for the Christian majority. What gives you the idea that they will do it for Muslim immigrants???Recommend

  • Gerald

    Turkey.Funds Sunni Mosques, but not Alevi mosques or Christian Churches.
    Jordan.You’re Kidding right???
    Malaysia.Where changing religion means going through a nationwide court drama.
    Indonesia. Only in Jarkarta.
    Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Polysterisation leads to jail time.Recommend

  • Gerald

    The Timoerese seperated from Indonesia because they were Christians but both nations remain secular states regardless of the fact that both Nations are of different religions just like India and Pakistan. Muslim secular states do exist, one being Turkey.Recommend

  • anonymous

    ur thoughts and ideas are in strong contradiction with the name “rationalist” you have chosen over here…Recommend

  • anonymous

    then miss bear this in mind that there is no room for pakistan to prosper and compete with the rest of the world.. It will be dragged back to the dark ages..Recommend


    Totally agreeRecommend

  • Reena Kanwal


  • Reena Kanwal

    we dont need democracyRecommend