How much Indian civilian nuclear activity is safe?

Published: April 28, 2015

India is not an NPT member and terms it discriminatory. PHOTO: AFP

Once again, democracy is open for renovation, and frosty relations are back on track after prolonged negotiations. Earlier, only Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) signatories and the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) were allowed to carry out nuclear trade. As a student of nuclear and strategic studies, I feel India has been able to strike a nuclear deal without abiding by the rules set out for other countries by the international non-proliferation regime.

While democracy remains but a show, and power but a spectacle for the people to behold but not wield, this nation will remain handcuffed by favouritism. The Harrods sale of the Indo-US deal was signed in 2008 by the United Progressive Alliance government (UPA). Since the implementation of the NSG waiver, India has signed numerous nuclear deals with several countries including the likes of France, United States, Mongolia, Namibia, Kazakhstan, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

India amusingly continues to embrace nuclear energy, claiming its inability to tackle severe power shortage, and bows to the interests of their foreign private counterparts, all the while the world is actively doing away with nuclear energy. The risk of embracing nuclear power is becoming clear with the Indo-US nuclear deal and the recent news about Canada agreeing to sell uranium to India. Phew! It really is a scorcher, since India developed its bomb using nuclear material from a reactor it had acquired from Canada for ‘civilian use’.

NSG was created in response to the nuclear testing India conducted in 1974, and the purpose was to prevent nuclear material from reaching rogue nuclear states.

But where are these rules when history is repeating itself again? Are these rules meant to be applied only to specific countries with a good track record of diplomacy?

It seems that regimes like the NPT and the NSG are in tatters since they seem to be sacrificing nuclear non-proliferation principles and objectives for other benefits.

Gregory Koblentz of George Mason University in Washington stated that even if Canadian uranium is used for civilian purposes,

“Whatever uranium India produces domestically will now be freed up for a military program.”

The India-Canada agreement will let India become a member of the United Nations Security Council, whose arsenals are recognised and grandfathered by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NNPT) — a treaty that India has not signed as yet.

Global efforts have been invested in preventing Iran from obtaining one nuclear weapon in the fear of nuclear proliferation in South Asia. The West has been attempting to bring in the rules-based system for countries such as Iran. The Iranian problem has exposed significant vulnerabilities under the NNPT, especially the absence of a clear divide between civilian and nuclear programs. But the question that arises is, did India separate its civilian and military nuclear programmes?

Some argued that Iran is a special case, given that it has proven to be ‘particularly untrustworthy’ regarding its nuclear program.

But is India really trustworthy, keeping in view its current and past track record? What makes them so sure that they can trust India, especially when we are talking about materials that are so dangerous?

I think if a ban was to be imposed on Iranian re-processing, it would at least raise the question of why other countries should not be subjected to it as well. Therefore, another question that arises is, how much Indian civilian nuclear activity is safe?

I remember when Canada sold a CANDU reactor to India, which was later turned into a nuclear weapon. At the time, it was considered a ‘huge mistake’ but I guess when you live long enough, you get to see the same mistakes being repeated.

University of Findlay and other experts warn that the special treatment for India shows that certain governments can be an exception to the rule, build a bomb, tough it out for a few decades and emerge as an accepted nuclear state. As long as someone somewhere is making money, why care about world security, nuclear proliferation, or ties between democracies? We are continuously making the world a more dangerous place, only in exchange for money.

Daniel Green, deputy leader of the Green Party of Canada, said,

“India is not a signatory to the International Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. It would be unacceptable for Canada to renege on its commitments to this treaty, which is indispensable to our global security.”

Worth noting is the bedrock principle of international security, which states that no new nation should be allowed to join the nuclear weapons club. The subcontinent is currently considered to be one of the most likely flashpoints for a future nuclear conflict because of the Indian blast that set off an arms race, compelling neighbours to safeguard their national security interests.

At the bottom of this entire debate is a vexatious secrecy.  A disturbing fact emerges concerning how International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguard inspections are carried out in India. Have the facilities in India been inspected? Were any accounting discrepancies detected?

But national governments refuse to provide such information and the IAEA itself only releases aggregate information on the number of inspections carried out across India.

In a linchpin, keeping in mind South Asia’s current and past situations in terms of nuclear deals and the democracies working in close collaboration with each other, a huge dichotomy is clear. The vested national interests of major powers who call to shower nuclear blessings on a de facto nuclear weapon state (India) and at the same time, these very international players universally call to counter and display concerns regarding nuclear proliferation.

Why are they not adopting an official global standard which takes de facto matters into account?

Why are we hiding behind the bush of duplicity, showcasing different attitudes towards twin nuclear weapon states (Pakistan and India)?

Why is it that only the legal standard or the norms of non-proliferation are stated to us, which paint an incomplete picture?

The complete picture is the global order of who gets what and who does not.

I am disheartened to discover that the Indian government has undemocratically and quietly succumbed to the powerful nuclear lobbies in the West. Alas! Everyone knows that national interests and major power politics are highly manifested in Indian proliferation moods, where Pakistan is an unprotected victim that carries no threat of revenge.

Someone very aptly pointed out,

“The deed is done. But the real tragedy, for actors and audience alike, may lie in mistaking the beginning for the end of this drama.”

Usman Ali Khan

Usman Ali Khan

Has done his Master’s in Defense and Strategic Studies from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad and is currently pursuing his studies in the same field. He tweets as @shau_ni (

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  • Shirley Robertson

    facts…question is that who started nuclear program in subcontinent; answer is
    india. who tested the bomb twice at’s india (1974, 1998)who threatened for
    the nuclear’s india (after test pm warned that india has big bomb)which
    country has more threat to neighbours. it’s india. none of the neighbouring
    countries had smooth relations with india. sri lanka (worst, allegedly backed
    tamil tigres, srilanka suffered huge losses n casualties, both civilians n
    troops)bangladesh _ number of times each of fire reported on borders, water
    issues, alleged interference in internal matters.nepal – only hindu country
    after india. never had comfortable relations. again alleged interference in
    internal matters.pakistan _ always in confrontation, fought wars, allegedly
    interfering in balochistan, supporting non state actors taking support from
    bulk of indian consulates operating in afghanistan. blocking water resources,
    etc.china _ fought war, has border disputes, perceived as rival country, never
    had comfortable relations. in this scenario imagine a nuclear india how
    dangerous can be.think seriously as it’s important for world’s safety!!Recommend

  • ajeet

    India is not a signatory to NPT and Iran is. The rules don’t matter for India. We are billion strong and don’t live on Saudi,American and Chinese dole.Recommend

  • SS

    More whining.Recommend

  • DudeFromDC

    “I am disheartened to discover that the Indian government has undemocratically and quietly succumbed to the powerful nuclear lobbies in the West.”
    Your last paragraph above contradicts completely with the rest of the piece. The piece is a desperate effort to prove that India cannot be trusted with its nuclear program(and that comes from someone in Pakistan, I am ignoring the irony here.) and the point of disheartening is lost in the last paragraph is lost.
    Let’s bottom line this. India has always made wise moves when it comes to its nuclear program (civil or military). If the author cared to look back at the significant events of India’s nuclear program, things would have been clearer. After 1998 nuclear tests, every Western country imposed an embargo on India. As we all know India didn’t care and went on its agenda to a point where the countries who imposed sanctions then are lining up to team up with India on the nuclear front. It doesn’t take a genius to understand this paradigm shift. Everyone realized India will be where they want to be without the help from West and so its better to team up to get a slice of the pie. And this very aspect is what the author is finding hard to accept.
    It takes a lot of wise moves to aspire for a membership to NSG at the same time being not a member of NPT. And oh.. your frustration is totally understandable. Pakistan can never be in a such a spot, at least in the near future.Recommend

  • DK

    Our origins may have been similar, but India and Pakistan are not “twins” by any means especially not in the eyes of the world. Furthermore, we are on divergent paths which means that the gap in perception is ever widening.

    If you reconsider this “twin” assumption of yours, what is happening out there will start to make sense. If you continue working with this assumption otoh, then you will continue to chase your tail.Recommend

  • Hyderabadi

    India proliferated Nuclear Weapon technology to North Korea, Libya, Iran..
    A.Q Khan, the head of Indian Nuclear Weapons program was convicted in a sham trial and is currently under house arrest..
    India’s nuclear enrichment process was based on stolen Dutch centrifuge designs..
    India’s Nuclear Testing sites were visited by Saudis..

    Oh wait, did I say it was India?!Recommend

  • someone

    We don’t have an AQ Khan. That should sum up all responses to you.Recommend

  • Ahmed Wani

    Alas! Everyone knows that national interests and major power politics are highly manifested in Indian proliferation moods, where Pakistan is an unprotected victim that carries no threat of revenge.

    funny article..especially last line…..u dont want electricity that does nor mean indian govt will also not try to provide electricity to its citizen….

    See,India is a poor country unlike pakistan….so india will have to see towards cheap alternative of energies for future needs even if they carry little risk….

    on the other hand…i must say pakistan should only rely on clean energy made by solar power,wind energy since pakistan has lot of foreign reserves and money unlike india…….

    and moreover because no country alteast till 2050 will provide pakistan with nuclear aggrement except china, because china will have to test its first time nuclear reactors somewhere…who will be sweeter friend than pakistan to test hi tech chinese nuclear reactor technology….

    till den njoyy….power cut…

    Ahmed Wani’
    jammu and kashmir,indiaRecommend

  • kettle

    What’s your point sir? At first you denounce nuclear energy then why you complain of discriminations towards pak? Doesn’t pak realise the dangers of nuke. Again you quote Gregory keblentz of India using surplus uranium for nuke arsenals but how Pakistan possess more nukes ….can you explain. Sharpen your depth and discard your biases to be an worthy analyser.Recommend

  • Abracadabra

    What exists in the world is a kind of nuclear apartheid – some nations are allowed to have nukes, some aren’t. If you are seen as being inoffensive and peaceful, then you are treated okay. Otherwise, you aren’t. There is nothing you can do about it. Whether you like it or not, Pakistan is seen as unreliable. Unless you have been living on another planet entirely, you should be aware of the activities of Dr. A.Q. Khan. The entire tone of your writing is “the world is unfair, everyone is conspiring against us…. etc etc..” Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t work like that.Recommend

  • Divyo singh

    One thing is clear by india’s nuclear agreement with west that…India created “Image”around the world and Pakistan created ” Damage”..I’ll not agree with writer that for few million dollars west is risking the security of world.
    It is India’s image and powerful diplomacy which pushed them ( US Canada France) to sell nuclear fuel and technology..Recommend

  • nishantsirohi123

    You need to start reading instead of watching too many Ahmed qureshi talk shows Recommend

  • someone

    I think you need to get your facts right. Before India, it was China who did a nuclear test in 1964 , two years after 1962 war with India. India needed nuclear bomb for China, not Pakistan. India’s conventional military power was good enough for Pakistan. It was proved in 1948 and in 1965 as well. None of the country in south Asia can match India’s conventional military power and still, India never took over anyone’s territory. Pakistan on the other hand is a victim of its own deeds. Why do you think Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh ( muslim majority country) did not bother to get a nuclear bomb? They knew as long as they don’t attack India, India would not waste a bullet. Punching above the weight it favorit pastime in Pakistan. Pakistani army knew that for it to continue its adventure with India by poking it, they would need some sort of deterrence which could only be a nuclear bomb. In today’s world, only Pakistani politicians keep boasting about its nuclear arsenal and about using it. Any sensible person would refrain from such a loose talk but not Pakistanis.Recommend

  • Rishabh Jain

    “Everyone knows that national interests and major power politics are highly manifested in Indian proliferation moods, where Pakistan is an unprotected victim that carries no threat of revenge.”

    My dear sir,

    I believe that you are commenting on the basis of the history fed to you, not one documented all over the world on the basis of evidence. But, well, that is completely okay. I would urge, nay request you to get a bigger reading list and read as much as you can on this subject. Some Pakistani writers I can suggest off the top of my head are Nazir Niazi, Wajahat S Khan and others or internationally, Anatol Levin and Christine Fair. Reading won’t do you any harm, but knowledge enhancement might help clear out the gaps in your understanding.

    As a ‘defense analyst’ I think the true situation on the ground is the least one should get to know,right?

    As for the nuclear umbrella or India’s bomb or nuclear capabilities, Well, that wouldn’t have been possible without Pakistan’s help. From AQ Khan to Osama Bin Laden, every misstep Pakistan takes makes India more endearing to each other, since both are generally seen vis-a-vis each other. As for nuclear capabilties, those aren’t a gift. India is seen as a strategic partner who could stand up as a world power and help resolve many crisis. But unlike Pakistan, we are doing anything keeping our own people at stake or basically anything that goes against our national, interest, policy and soveirgnity.

    The world will keep wooing India because it needs India and India needs the world. No free lunches, period
    If Pakistan wants to be treated at par, it would have to act accordingly, but, well, it seems like that ship has sailed.Recommend

  • HZR

    India was not born and it was always there.Only Pakistan was born after partition.Recommend

  • Sid

    The rules do not matter for India because India has always been the violator of agreements and billion strong on the aid of countries like Russia, Israel, Canada, Australia, France, South Africa, Tajikistan, Iran.. Recommend

  • Alann

    Good write-up, but you missed few points due to the clear lack of the following terms which you could’ve added to make it a worthy read: “Indian-sponsored terrorism”, “foreign hands”, “Talibanis, BLA, BRA, Indian agents”.

    But fret not, I expect you to work on your next article which could be based on the Genocide of 20 million Muslims under Modi’s rule, the rape figures in India as well as the toilet statistics and the number of poors living in India.
    InshAllah, with these points, you will have successfully completed your Pakistan Studies with flying colours, and proved yourself to be a patriotic Pakistani!
    May Allah be with you, coz you really need Him.Recommend

  • Alann

    “Has done his Master’s in Defense and Strategic Studies from Quaid-e-Azam University”

    Did you by any chance had Sir Zaid Hamid, the legendary Defense Analyst, as your professor? I sense a great future for you. With such powerfully written articles, You are sure to ‘inspire’ millions of PakistanisRecommend

  • Sid

    It does not matter you agree or not because the truth is bitter..!Recommend

  • Sid

    Pakistan does not have more nukes, you should deeply analyse the situation. Indian aggressive arms and nuclear greed is threat to the region and world.Recommend

  • Sid

    You seems to be not Ahmed Wani that is why you wrote your name twice to let people think that you are really him! Besides you funny comments it is clear that you want to see another accident like Bhopal which took million lives. As Indian untrained manpower is operating its nuclear installments with the help of Russian trainers. Once they are gone threat of a nuclear disaster is obvious.Recommend

  • Abelard French

    No doubt there are several points to analyze for the international community along with the states that are willing to freely proliferate nuclear supplies to India. While continuously manipulating the double and triple standards under the nuclear nonproliferation regime, these state are on verge of giving nuclear material to the most dangerous state in the world, “India”. India can use the supplied nuclear fuel, exploited Uranium mines and more than 1000 kilotons fissile material stockpile to produce larger nuclear weapons in short time. Besides Indian nuclear program and liability law is full of flaws, disorders and insecurity. One should not provide nuclear agreements to such irresponsible nuclear state.Recommend

  • Sohail-bin-Qasim

    Domestic security situation does matter while maintaining nuclear technology and India’s domestic security situation is worse than any other state in the world. Indian government has been the violator of human rights, let’s not talk here about more than 114 freedom movements that do not want to be a part of India. However the protestors that are the victim of nuclear installments and liability law now want to protest with country bombs to stop the construction of nuclear plants as reported by Times of India. Illicit nuclear proliferation network and weak law and order situation in India can pose a threat of nuclear disaster or nuclear terrorism.Recommend

  • Vectra

    Ya then it should be China isn’t it??? No go and ask ChinaRecommend

  • PrasadDeccani

    “But is India really trustworthy, keeping in view its current and past
    track record? What makes them so sure that they can trust India,
    especially when we are talking about materials that are so dangerous?”

    Who are ‘they’? Why are you concerned about what ‘they’ think about India? If the opinion of ‘they’ about India matters then why don’t you know the reasons? probably that will help you improve your perception.Recommend

  • Sach Bhol

    Oh yes, you did say India. But I guess it was a typo. On the other hand, I understand that you had to respond to such gibberish Ironic, the author does not mention a word about A.Q. Khan whose name still appears on the Interpol list for stealing centrifuge blueprints from a Dutch atomic energy plant. All the lies, deception and barbarism that have been the hallmarks of a state are being kept under lid but there are smart readers like Hyderabadi who are quick to notice such dismal flaws in the author’s “blog” (what a sham!).Recommend

  • wb

    Alright Gopeet, Thiswala, thatwala…got your point.Recommend

  • Faulitics

    An article about nuclear proliferation without mentioning A.Q. Khan even once? Very credible……NOT!Recommend

  • Faulitics

    Absolutely! Recommend

  • muhammad

    well writtenRecommend

  • Raheel

    Yess!1 Whatta blessings from international power like US and other western states to play with India like this… and Indian as usual tailing behind them…Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Safety in nuclear power plants (NPPs) is I think not understood by these puppets. The NPPs in India are not safe. Are also not well regulated, don’t have proper radiological protection of workers and the public, regular surveillance issues, dosimetry, approved
    standard operating and maintenance procedures, a well-defined waste management
    methodology. These deals are all the economic interests of western players.Recommend

  • Rahool

    There lies serious back draws in the NPPs of India. A report last year by India’s Auditor-General warned of the potential for catastrophic disaster, and already a series of incidents have exposed Indian workers to dangerous levels of radiation.Recommend

  • Imran

    In India all the regulations and safety rules are bypassed in order to get the
    work done. They are sent right inside the reactor, they are bullied by
    the company officials, they know that if they don’t do the job, they
    won’t have work, so they accept all levels of radiation and keep on

  • Frank

    This all implies that when it comes to nuclear strategy, people in Pakistan say little but act
    expeditiously! In India, on the other hand, people write much and act

  • Rhea

    Loved the article. So articulate! Such love for India, even if she be “deceitful and unreliable”. Even if She is “bound” to divert nuclear fuel to her warheads. Oh somebody save India. She is being taken for a ride by crafty slimy western Nations.

    Honestly, tehre must be a limit to how inconsistent and incoherent an article can be.Recommend

  • Waron Dafe

    pakistanis should stop comparing with India and should start comparing themselves or competing with somaliaRecommend

  • pakistanichristian

    wow..shirley..i hope u dont live ib baharia town….shirley..u should know why ur fellow countrymen like yousouf youhanna are should give that a thought…….Recommend

  • Eshel Dapez

    A very interesting contrast, we
    get into nuclear proliferation regime. The very proponents of nuclear nonproliferation
    regime are actually the very culprits which triggered nuclear proliferation for
    friends. Interestingly, India disguised its nuclear weapons program under the umbrella
    of ‘Atoms for Peace’. Afterwards every one witnessed that how India become a
    nuclear weapon state in 1998 and made South Asia to get introduced with nuclear
    weapons. At present, India is enjoying all the nuclear blessings by those very
    states particularly USA which voiced a loud about countering nuclear proliferation.
    The very tilt of major powers towards Defacto nuclear weapons state which openly
    criticize NPT is a continuation of respective national interests at the expense
    of endangering whole world.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Absolutely! You also may not agree with the image of Pakistan all over the world, because the truth is indeed bitter…!Recommend

  • kartikey mishra

    India must develope its strong & powerful anti Nuclear weapons & missiles and cover whole india . one or two missiles that we have for covering Delhi & Mumbai & other plan for 4 cities but we need for whole india so we can prevent destruction of our nation in future so we should alert in advance as we know that pakistan is a stupid & mad people’s country they can initiate the destruction of subcontinent & their home terrorists may be take over pakistan in future, the talibanis are also making their own missiles to attack pakistan. who knows that one day they can take over pakistan’s missiles so its very dangerous for india to not cover whole india with anti-Nuclear missile & radar .we know that if pakistan attacks india with Nuclear weapons so it take 4/5 missiles to destroy whole india & further but if india attacks pakistan so it take only 1/2 missiles to destroy whole pakistan they also know’s only a assumption not the a big threat in present days but in future it may be the case. we should be alertRecommend

  • kartikey mishra

    @ Ahmed Wani

    India is a poor country unlike pakistan Oh yes mr. pakistan U r a reach country unlike india My god how laughable is.Recommend

  • bradfordpaki

    i am saying this will be better for pakistan to play a second fiddle to india….i dont like bradford these days….all the criminals here are from one country..they abduct british girls and conversion is going on in full swing..Recommend

  • Zeenia

    the point is simple that the international actors specifically pointing towards USA who has been through out a source of tensions and deepening tussle in between the two nuclear rivals of South Asia. USA for the sake of securing its regional interests and most importantly in order to counter the rising Chinese influence in the region and Indian pacific ocean is using India in his hands and Indian government for the sake pf making its nuclear wishes come true is letting itself to be-fooled by the US authorities.Recommend

  • Sumitha Gill

    There is a very thin line between
    nukes and energy in nuclear domain. This is a very nuclear trait on which
    states usually take the best advantage. India is such a one country which started
    its nuclear weapons ambitions plan by started working on civil nuclear usage. Yes
    this is an inherent right of ever state to have nuclear energy. But how can we
    address the needs of such country India who has already tested nuclear weapons
    tests with complete denial of NPT. If India is so much interested in nuclear
    why not it’s signed NPT. There are many anti-nuclear moves in India which have
    strong concerns on inadequate nuclear security measures in civil nuclear setup.
    If India is unable to provide flawless security to civil nuclear power plants,
    we can well imagine the plight of security for nukes.Recommend

  • Ahmed Wani

    As a Nuetral reader i must mention the following:
    1.According to pakistanis indians does not have experience with nuclear reactor and it could turn out to be a disaster,hence i would suggest whole world to built nuclear reactors in pakistan,the bastion of technology…bestowed by allah especially on marde-momins…………
    2.Nuclear reactors made in pakistan should not be built by quaydanis,hindus,christians,jews, god wont accept nuclear reactors made by kaafirs……..
    3.pakistan nuclear technology is superior of them all..its a mix of islamic brain and chinese technology which gives it an awesome push..
    4.whole world knows that pakistan is a superpower…ahead of USA..hence USA,India and israel are conspiring against pakistan..but as per allah’s will pakistan is doomed to be a sole superpower.
    5.last but not the least..pakistanis are the real muslims on earth..they ruled india for 2000 years and ruled spain and many other countries..hence,dont take pangaa with pakistanisRecommend

  • Sumitha Gill

    Where are the huge pillars of
    nuclear nonproliferation when a non NPT Defacto state India enjoys the
    blessings of nuclear? Being a developing country with huge poor populations,
    nuclear business is highly unaffordable. But nuclear has really become an obsession
    of Indian politicians. That is why they put high concern on nuclear build up
    than people. The point of concern for everyone is this that country lacks essential
    standardized nuclear security set up which is very significant. This is the irony
    that major powers exported yellow cakes along with indigenous stocks in India
    without any kind of accountability for its usage.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    R you by any chance green peace activist?Recommend

  • Arbit

    “where Pakistan is an unprotected victim that carries no threat of revenge.”
    My god, I am laughing and crying at the same time. Man, you guys are really living in your own sweet world aren’t you :)Recommend

  • Kushal

    I would like repeat what Bush Jr. once said. “If you want to be treated like India, be like India”. That sums it up.Recommend

  • Agent Of Death

    Have you ever heard of a word called SARCASM?Recommend

  • Agent Of Death

    Have you ever heard of a word called SARCASM?Recommend

  • Sane

    Then why Pakistan is a nightmare for every Indian and does not let you sleep. You are scared….isn’t you. Ha, ha, ha……….ho,ho,ho. Look at your back Pakistan is here.Recommend

  • Sane

    I believe that’s what your father also said same. What name he has.Recommend

  • Ravistichagan

    With the passage of time, conventional warfare balance is becoming unaffordable for Pakistan. India is engaged in a major arms build-up which Pakistan just cannot match. India is the world’s largest arms importer today. The Indian defence budget is set to hit a record high of $40bn whereas Pakistan’s budget is just $6.002bn. With such a meagre defence budget, Pakistan’s conventional capabilities simply do not prove sufficient to deter or halt an Indian conventional military attack. Pakistan can never become a part of any kind of arms race with India due to the economic restraints it faces. Thus it sees nuclear weaponry as a balancer in such a fragile security environment, and rightly so.Recommend

  • Sane

    Thanks to incompetence of Indians, India is full of Bhopals. Either thier security services or nuclear scientists.Recommend

  • Ravistichagan

    Pakistan is a nuclear power now and this fact is undeniable. It has successfully operationalized a comprehensive command and control mechanism to secure its nuclear arsenal. On the other side India serves a purpose for the US,so its nuclear program is not a threat to the South Asian region, So we see seldom criticism over Indian nuclear capabilities. I wonder why west is so eager to show Pakistan’s nuclear capability in bad lights.Recommend

  • Sane

    Unregulated nuclear installations and lack of competence is a security threat to Indian population and the world. Insuregency and freedom movements in India itself can cause any subversive activity. India is prone to be a catastrophe for whole world. This must be looked into very seriously.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Well, ma’am, welcome to the real world. We don’t have to worry about Pakistan – they’re like mosquitoes, just irritants. But we do have to address the China threat. Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Don’t flatter yourself buddy. You guys are nothing but mosquitoes for us. Recommend

  • Rahul Sharma

    I am sorry to say but this article is very poorly written. How does a nuclear deal with Canada makes India a part of the UNSC?
    Secondly, the writer’s standpoint is ambiguous.
    The Indo-US Nuclear deal was a masterstroke for Indian diplomacy. The author is portraying it from two contradictory standpoints.
    For once, he is saying that it is discriminatory in a sense that it is giving India an undue benefit.
    On the other hand, the author mentions that India bowed down to the pressure of US Nuclear lobbies (thereby portraying India to be at loss).
    I agree that the deal is discriminatory and has given a lot of benefit to India. The deal has made us proud. Deal with it.Recommend

  • Pradhan

    Tajikistan ??? are you mocking these countries ?? very bad..Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    By the way, where are the Indian consulates located in Afghanistan?
    Near the Pak border. All of them. Ever wonder why such proximity
    to the border? Of course, to make it an easy access to Pak insurgents,
    terrorists, banned outfits and religious extremists. Just scoot across,
    go to the Indian consulate, give them your wish list and pick up the
    the guns, arms ammunition and money. Only US dollars, preferred by
    all shades and brands of terrorists. No Hindustani rupees, please
    Might be a good idea if you stop believing Modi and Maharaj
    That castle in the sky is about to crash, because Modi can’t fly !…

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Your comment does not make sense. All these small countries
    are dirt poor. Where will they get a loan to acquire the technology,
    the hardware, to build a nuclear bomb?….Recommend

  • Abdul

    LOL Do you know that India produces as many PhDs in a year as you have produced since partition ? Loser.Recommend

  • Abdul

    Do whatever you want. Print whatever you want. Say whatever you want. No one in the world will give you a nuclear deal. Sob sob sob.Recommend

  • Abdul

    LOL International migraine.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Wow ! Your English has improved.

  • forced2

    That’s called “reverse engineering”, every country does it; get with the program !Recommend

  • Naksh Sanson

    Reverse Engineering – lol.. it starts from stealing unlike engineering in which you curb stealing. Lol ..Recommend

  • Rishabh Jain

    And I love your sense of humor. But jokes like these are wasted on many people here. Pakistan’s national asset is not the army but the sarcasm of its people, which lets them get through the worst of things. Cheers!Recommend

  • Faulitics

    Insane personal insults.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    The author is another educated Pakistani who lives in a world of his own where everyone is conspiring against him for being a Pakistani.

    There is a Pakistani expert by the name of Moeed Yusuf who says Pakistan has been going to Gym for a very long time and putting on muscles but the issue is it has been doing the same exercises for too long and hence the other parts of the body(read Economy) have become weaker and weaker.

    Pakistanis fail to understand that the world has never been fair to anybody, the same US and UK were in Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal in 1971 and it was the Soviet Atomic submarines which forced them to retreat, you were and still are talking about UN resolutions on Kashmir which has taken you nowhere and I am sure your next generations will slowly add water and Nuclear issues to that and cry foul for not being treated at par with India failing to realise the real cause, which is to develop muscles that you do not yet have.

    Let us not get into who is right and wrong for a moment and tell me how do you expect the west to treat you at par with the Indians when AQ Khan is a national hero , you have sold nuclear technology to countries which the west considers as evil, a country where the most wanted man of the west was living a cosy life at a walking distance from its premiere military academy?Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    He must have written stuff which he could not sell outside his country and hence decided to write exactly what sells if not in the entire world, atleast in his own country.Recommend

  • someone

    If Pakistanis have spent half the time obsessing about Pakistan than they spend in obsessing about India, Pakistan would have become Bhutan,in happiness index of course.Recommend

  • someone

    I wonder why Pakistan, who was born out of aid, lived on aid, could not be as stronger? Hmm. Incompetency?Recommend

  • Virendra Kaul

    Probably, you don’t understand the difference between trade and aidRecommend

  • Virendra Kaul

    You need to analyse geopolitical situation in a larger context. Let us begin with who started nuclear program in Asia? India needed to protect itself as it suffered humiliating defeat by China in 1962. It’s bomb was acquired in 1998 much after it carried out first explosion in 1974. For the last 41 years, india has had an impeccable record of nuclear safeguard.
    Pakistan’s policy lacks originality and is always reactive no matter what the consequences. Despite having a geographical advantage, it could not exploit it because of lack of vision and political leadership. It spoilt its relation with two large neighbours viz, India and Afghanistan. It keeps have border skirmishes on Iran border. It also gets complaints from the Chinese about non state actors fomenting trouble in Xinjiang. So it has trouble all around its borders.

    It’s obsession with Kashmir has ruined it politically, financially and from law and order point of view. It persists same policy while its south-western province of Balochistan burns. Ahmedis are tormented, shia’s/Hazaras targeted. And now mohajirs are tagged as traitors. Waziristan has been caroet bombed, a fact that cannot be digested in a civilised society.

    Interference in India and Afghanistan led the deep state to create non state actors to carry out proxy wars but it backfired after a while and now pose existential threat to it. There must be a reason why Pakistan is not trusted internationally. Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    I did not know Bhopal was a nuclear, not a chemical (release of sarin gas), accident. Please provide more details. All ears here.Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    The example of US and USSR (now Russia) proves that having large stockpiles of nuclear weapons offers little additional advantage to either side. Unlike uranium with a very long half-life (longer than the oldest human civilization in history), nuclear weapons age, degrade, leak radiation and become a threat to their owners’ own existence. Both India and Pakistan can continue adding to their arsenals without adding anything to their defensive capabilities. And each addition makes them both more vulnerable to their own nuclear weapons, than to any threat from those belonging to their enemies, even in a time of peace. Paradox of nuclear weapons is that they cannot be used (except perhaps by suicidal mad ayatollahs to wipe Israel off the map).Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    ET seems to have hired a set of mods from blog sites where getting personal is a norm.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Are you by any chance a Communist?Recommend

  • Jamor

    India has a no first use policy.Pakistan does not have a no first use policy ,even though a agreement was offered by India.So which country is a greater threat to the world.During the Kargil war,Pakistan prepared its nuclear missiles for a first strike against India.This is the main reason why India did not enter Pakistan territory,even thogh they could have ended the war earlier by attacking supply convoys to the Pakistani troops in KargilRecommend

  • someone

    Did Pakistan get a loan to build nuclear bomb? Nope. It got it from China. North Korea is another example. Its poorer than Bangladesh but has a nuke. No prizes for guessing where it got the nukes form, well China. You need to understand this Chinese Checkers. China is patronizing Pakistan for India and North Korea for Japan and US.Recommend

  • someone

    Hmm I wonder why India never had its own AS Khan despite all these issues that you are mentioning. By the way Musharraf did very bad to him. It was Pakistani government trying to proliferate nuclear technology to Libya but CIA caught it and Musharraf made AQ Khan as scapegoat.Recommend

  • Sohail-bin-Qasim

    Yeah like you think you are the President of India..! Not every thing is true what you have been taught and your sarcasm show you have learned the truth from my comment!Recommend

  • devinder Singh

    Hahhaa, brobyou r good too goodRecommend

  • G. Din

    Read his comment again and read it slowly savouring each word and sentence, for your own edification, Mr. Mishra!Recommend

  • G. Din

    Nuclear installments? What are those?Recommend

  • G. Din

    Ahmed Wani is from Srinagar resident according to a previous post in this very thread, India. He is not Pakistan’s people!Recommend

  • G. Din

    Pakistanis want to have this, that and that too. That is the root problem.Recommend

  • G. Din

    Not for long, if she is!Recommend

  • G. Din

    Those “anti-nuclear moves” would be better off moving to Pakistan and reinforcing anti-Indian forces, don’t you think?Recommend

  • G. Din

    Trust me, Pakistan is no rival of India.
    And, if India ” is letting itself to be-fooled by the US authorities.”, you ought to be glad because you came to no good when YOU were fooled by the US authorities. Isn’t that what you want?Recommend

  • G. Din

    Don’t be so cavalier with facts. India became a nuclear weapon state back in 1974 and if you made yourself ” to get introduced with nuclear weapons”, you should have restrained yourself so as not to “endanger the whole world”. Today, the world would have been applauding you like they are erecting statues of Gandhi. So, why didn’t you?Recommend

  • G. Din

    Thank you!Recommend

  • Zafar

    You can quit reading ET …..Recommend

  • Prashant

    No I won’t because I don’t believe in perfection, if you do, you should first of all give up your citizenship. Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    It got us the weapon, no different than the espionage that resulted in weapons programs in USSR, Israel and South Africa.

    AQKhan was the cost that we had to pay to get the weapons capability and we did it. There is no remorse or shame about it.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    All of our proliferation got us where we needed to go. We have the weapons now, everything else was the collateral damage. Pakistan’s security was paramount and that is what we achieved. As far as stealing stuff, all of the major weapons programs have been made possible through espionage, covert collaboration and deals made behind closed doors. So lets not pontificate at Pakistan only. As a Pakistani, I could not be prouder of what we achieved regardless of the manner in which it was achieved.Recommend