In the name of Allah

Published: May 12, 2015

I do wrong when I want my way. Then I cover my head, I bow and pray, in the name of Allah. PHOTO: AFP

I cheat, I lie,

I give up on Him, I don’t even try,

I swear, I disobey,

I do wrong when I want my way.

Then I cover my head, I bow and pray,

In the name of Allah.


We smoke, we drink,

Go as low as low can sink,

We take, we steal,

Disregard it as no big deal,

Then down on our knees, we bow, we pray,

In the name of Allah.


They claim it’s all for Him, in His name,

When they kill and they burn,

No remorse, no shame,

Then they raise their hands,

And bow to pray,

In the name of Allah.

Sonal Arshad Siraj

Sonal Arshad Siraj

A student of psychology and social sciences, who likes to eat and write in that order. She tweets @Sonal_arshad (

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  • Hassan

    Nice one. Perfectly summarizes our society….Recommend

  • Parvez

    Short…..strong……and right on the money.Recommend

  • Atif Rana

    An inane attempt by an adolescent mindRecommend

  • Visibly

    I like it!Recommend

  • RFD

    There you have it. there will always be the ‘holier than thou’ commenters.
    Hope you find peace of mind.Recommend

  • RFD

    Brace yourself. Here they come. The commenters from Hindustan.Recommend

  • nadir

    There is so much power in your simplicity. Your words may sound childish but they depict what we are in the most purest of ways. After today’s horrific attack, this poem came to mind Recommend

  • nadir

    She might have an adolescent mind but I feel that is the beauty of her writing. She sees the world like a child does, hence she sees it clear, pure, without bias and as it is. Using simple words does not make it inane AtifRecommend

  • nadir

    Extremely pertinent to today’s attack on our Ismaili brothers Recommend

  • Surfgirl


  • QM

    Impressively written.Recommend

  • hammurabi

    Self denial has become common in pakistan.Burying head in the sand.Recommend

  • Fatima Khan


  • Ibrahim Khan

    You may agree, all we, who cover up our deliberate sinful acts with fake good deeds, sum up to, 17 crores
    Then Allah is bound to let us ruled by Asif n Altaf like۔۔Recommend

  • Maria Ahmed

    Simple yet perfect depiction of our society…Recommend