How can India justify killing a 16-year-old Kashmiri?

Published: April 21, 2015

Amid clashes the funeral procession of Suhail Sofi in Narbal Chowk in Srinagar. PHOTO: TWITTER (@sameeryasir)

I am enraged. And I am sure there are thousands of Kashmiri youngsters who are just as enraged as I am, for another young member of our ilk has been killed in cold blood. Suhail Sofi, aged 16, was killed in cold blood by the Indian police, while he was protesting against the deaths of two youngsters in Tral and the subsequent arrest of Masarat Alam, senior Hurriyat leader and pro-freedom activist.

The message is clear by the Indian establishment – if one of your people is killed, you are expected to stay quiet and move on, and if you choose to protest, you will be killed as well. And there seems no end to this vicious cycle. Casualty numbers like 68 in 2008 and 120 in 2010 would keep popping up on our news channels and no one will do anything to stop this perpetual massacre.

In order to fully understand India’s cruelty, we need to understand the issues surrounding Alam’s arrest.

He is considered to be next in line after Syed Ali Shah Geelani to take over the party and thousands in Kashmir see him as the leader who can channel their efforts for freedom to a more effective course. His role in the 2010 uprising unsettled the New Delhi government and its establishment in Kashmir, making him a favourite amongst Kashmiri youth. Upon his release, there was a huge outcry by the Indian ultra-nationalist journalists who demanded that he be rearrested – even though he had been released by the Indian courts after being found ‘not guilty’ in all 20 odd cases registered against him.

The day Alam was arrested, a rally was organised to welcome Geelani who was visiting Kashmir. The rally had a plethora of well-wishers and ardent followers; this was the first time that such a spectacle was seen after Alam’s arrest in 2010. There was euphoria amongst the people in Kashmir. Alam’s release and Geelani’s arrival worked as adrenaline for them. And since all these events were taking place after Khalid Wani was brutally tortured to death by the Indian army, it gave the people a channel to vent out their anger against India.

In the spur of the moment, to highlight their defiance to the Indian establishment, some people unfurled the Pakistani flag and chanted pro-freedom slogans.

And that was when all hell broke loose.

The gesture was not taken lightly; Mufti Sayeed had to crumble under the pressure of the rightist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and he got Alam arrested. With this arrest, the Kashmiri youth saw the space for their freedom narrowing again, causing a claustrophobic sensation – one from which these youngsters wanted to liberate themselves. The reductionist Indian media personnel called them misguided youth who have no education, no jobs and hence they protest on the streets of Kashmir, and they knew that they could never allow their cause to be undermined like this.

Kashmiri youth are frustrated by the fact that the Indian state sequesters the space around them and plays a psychological warfare with its media portraying them as treacherous illiterate people who are good at nothing but making trouble. It was highly expected that people would see Alam’s arrest as undermining Kashmir’s narrative and that they would come out against India’s oppressive regime.

Largely, protests in Kashmir mean that the police can shoot at you and harass you as much as they like, and you have no right to stop them. However, if the same protesters hurl rocks at the Indian policemen or try to resist them in anyway, they are dubbed as defiant and out-of-control. This is how the Kashmiri narrative has been manipulated and twisted.

The valour of the Kashmiri people makes India uncomfortable. And this is shown how they treat Kashmiris under their occupied rule. The protests which erupted after Alam’s arrest resulted in Sofi’s death. According to news sources, Sofi was first detained by the Indian police and was then asked to run while the policemen shot at him from the back. He was killed in front of dozens of protesters.

If this doesn’t reek of sadism, I don’t know what does.

The assistant sub-inspector and the constable involved in Sofi’s murder have since been arrested and charged and an investigation has been promised. However, the primary question that remains is what gave these police personnel the impression that they could shoot a minor without having any fear of accountability.

When I inquired about the situation from my friends back home, one of them replied,

“Koshur khuun kotah sast chu”

(How cheap is Kashmir blood!)

Meanwhile, an Indian journalist with a verified Twitter account reduced the killing to this:

With such views persistent on the Indian side, hope for peace in Kashmir seems like a distant and unattainable dream.

Correction: In an earlier version of this blog, it was incorrectly mentioned that Suhail Sofi was shot in the head and the picture caption stated that he was shot by militants. Those statements are false and the errors are regretted. They have now been rectified. Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

Ikram Ullah

Ikram Ullah

The author is doing his PhD in Chromatin Biology in Germany and is originally from Srinagar, Kashmir. He tweets @ullahi_ (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Ranveer Singh Warraich

    Anything else you people can do besides cry & complain? You been crying for 68 years what has changed. Kashmir pakistan toh nahi bana, mager Dhaka Bangladesh zaroor ban gaya hai. Its our Kashmir, we will do as we please. We have Kashmir well under control you worry about KPK, FATA, and Balochistan.Recommend

  • Amir – India

    Who is justifying yaar no one can justify this even 2 police men have been arrested and inquiry is ordered.
    Now if u see all this with colored glasses then God is with u I have not to say anything,
    In Pakistan and some non residential Kashmiri think that Kashmir is just Kashmir valley they can’t see Jammu Ladakh and other ethnicity areas .Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    K is better off with Ind . Please dont rake wounds .Recommend

  • Rex Major

    “… In order to fully understand India’s cruelty, we need to understand the issues surrounding Alam’s arrest.

    He is considered to be next in line after Syed Ali Shah Geelani to take over the party and thousands in Kashmir see him as the leader who can channel their efforts for freedom to a more effective course.”

    Sitting in Marburg you are writing this in a Pakistani newspaper: “Thousands in Kashmir see him as the leader …”

    Would you also care to write about the MILLIONS who participate in the elections and want to go about their living as Indians?
    I understand that a democracy has to have space for dissidents. But, a democracy does not have to HAVE SPACE FOR THE ENEMIES OF DEMOCRACY.

    And, please don’t tell us that the Hurriyat and the separatist leaders are secular democrats.Recommend

  • Free speech

    No body is buying your Fake outrage. first stop killing Shia’s, Ahmedhis, Baluch. Dare you Double dare you, say one word supporting Muslims in Jinxing. China will send you stone age.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    “We will do as we please”?? Really?! Some sensible indian PLEASE step in and restore our faith in the humanity of your people. Recommend

  • Faulitics

    The caption under the photo claims that the kid was shot dead by militants but the article says he was shot dead by the cops.

    “People take part in the funeral procession of a student Suhail Ahmad Sofi (inset), believed to be shot dead by militants. PHOTO: PTI”Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Pakistan was cruel and I believe it’s because of that cruelty to human beings which resulted in the condition of the country today. You think india will be saved from the wrath of God?

    Allah grant jannatRecommend

  • L.

    Also, he was martyred not killed.Recommend

  • Effendi Pasha

    Nearly 750,000 armed forces deployed, with shoot to kill
    orders, there will be no peace.
    There are insurgencies in Assam, Bodoland, Nagaland, too
    all of Hindustani East Bengal wants to secede. They have
    nothing to do with Bharat. These areas are under tight military
    control. Almost Martial Law. With a news blackout. It cannot go
    on for ever. Rest assured these people will find freedom.Recommend

  • James

    Dude, next time use Pakistani passport and try entry in other country……Recommend

  • Frank

    please read the blog again. He is a Kashmiri not a Pakistani. Since when does a Sikh have more right to Kashmir than a Kashmiri?Recommend

  • Deepak

    Instead of school small boys are brainwashed to pelt stone, but clowns like geelani has no shame, we will avenge the little Indians death, had he been in Pakistan he would have been shotRecommend

  • abhi

    You have mentioned Kashmiri youth killed by “Indian police”. It would have been helpful if you wrote facts and did not try to put spin here. the police force belong to kashmir and it was a Kashmiri police trying to control a violant situation. Why separatists have to resort to stone pelting and buring vehicles and properties if they really have good support for their cause. They want situtation to go out of control so that some untowards incident happens and they can gain sympathies. Tell me one thing why only innocent people get killed in such agitations and never a separatist leader?Recommend

  • Abdul Khan

    Did India Justify the killing? I did not read anywhere. Two police( Please read it Police not army as Pakistanis think) men were suspended. Police apologized and admitted their mistakes. Nowhere I found India defended their actions. Please do not mislead people. Please stick to facts and figures.Recommend

  • Ashwani Saxena

    Save Pakistan ,if you can.
    Going after India,is a broken record.Recommend

  • Taimurius

    Excellent piece Ikram. Of course the Indians can’t accept the basic truth of the Indian injustice will make its usual appearance, but the truth always wins Ranveer. You can heighten your animosity and kill, maime and imprison at will, but the truth always prevails over neo-barbarism.Recommend

  • rationalist

    If you don’t want to be killed, don’t support Pakistani intelligence agency sponsored terror outfits or violent agitators who break law and order. As simple as that. Recommend

  • Humanfirst

    I am sorry but this article is written by a guy from Srinagar, Kashmir which kinda says a lot about it being ‘your’ Kashmir and you being in ‘control’ of it.
    The way I see it is you hate Kashmiris because they’re Pakistani’s but you love Kashmir because it is Indian Land. Sounds really stupid doesn’t it? Imagine how it looks like when it is being done on a national level. Recommend

  • wb

    The incoherent babblingRecommend

  • SuperNeo™

    Question : how-can-india-justify-killing-a-16-year-old-kashmiri ?

    Answer : Same way Pakistan justifies Zar – be – Azab.Recommend

  • wb

    This article reeks of hatred and propaganda. Just spewing venom in a place where venom is lapped up like honey.

    And how disgraceful it is that a 16 year old trouble-maker who was killed unintentionally while police were defending themselves is twisted and distorted as a cold blooded murder. His unfortunate death is milked by the separatists for propaganda.

    Cold blooded murder is a calculated, planned murder. And the blogger appears to be educated enough to understand that. Yet he wants to mislead the people. Good luck with hate-campaign, sir!

    Also, someday, have the honesty bestowed upon you by Allah to write about the genocide of HIndu Pundits. Or your idea of separation only religious?Recommend

  • ab1990

    keep crying for kashmirRecommend

  • DudeFromDC

    You are enraged? Were you enraged when ISIS was slaughtering Christians brutally just because they were Christians or during 9/11 or during countless atrocities committed by Muslim terrorists across the world?

    Never mind.. I know the answer.Recommend

  • Prakash

    Seriously, who funds guys like Geelani and Alam? Recommend

  • Queen

    It is ironic that a country, which claims of being world’s largest democracy, is not only committing grave human rights violations in an occupied territory but is also unwilling to give the people of Kashmir their right to self determination. After using force for 68 years, India has not been able to suppress the freedom struggle of Kashmiri people. This period of 68 years should have had rung a bell in the Indian quarters that force can never be the solution to anything but some mindsets never change….Recommend

  • kartikey mishra

    Why are U so concern about just one killing U can concern about baluchistan where 5 balushi people were killed by paki armyRecommend

  • kartikey mishra

    masarat alms was responsible of 2010 killing as he has linked with terrorists like pakistani hafis saeed & lashkere tayba so india have the right to hang him on lal chouck or any other place just like terrorist guru. Recommend

  • wb

    you never had faith in humanity.Recommend

  • wb

    Ironically enough, this is exactly what Muslims say about Ahmadis.

    “You think Ahmadis will be saved from the wrath of god?”

    And not ironically, they kill Ahmadis and say: “Lo and behold! The wrath of Allah strikes upon the heathens.”Recommend

  • wb

    Hindustan doesn’t have East Bengal. There was only one East Bengal and today it is Bangladesh.

  • wb

    It’s not a struggle for freedom.. These people have been brainwashed by Deobandi and Wahabi literature and money, that’s coming from the same country.

    If we can hold for 68 years, we’ll hold for 680 years. Perhaps, even 6800 years. Keep watching!

    Kashmir is a hindu land where invaders forcefully converted them. Now, if anyone doesn’t want India, he’s welcome to go elsewhere.

    But a breakup in the name of religion. Forget it for the rest of your life.Recommend

  • wb

    That is absolutely irrelevant.

    Ask him where is his rage about the persecution and genocide of Hindu Pundits?Recommend

  • wb

    Anyone who believes in Indian constitution has more right to Kashmir than one who doesn’t believe in Indian constitution.Recommend

  • WB

    Speaking the truth hurts the bigoted cause of separatists.

    Have you ever come across a separatist telling the truth?

  • Tony Singh

    Where was the author’s outrage when the likes of him killed, maimed and threw out KASHMIRI PANDITS from their own homeland? Any way Kashmir is the land of Rishi Kashyap. To say its only muslims who can live there is travesty of humanity. All who have this thinking can pack and go to PakistanRecommend

  • wb

    ET, why would you distort my comment to say something as bland, colorless and stupid?Recommend

  • wb

    Where is the rest of my comment?Recommend

  • نائلہ

    You are not the topic of discuss of today, wb. So shoo. Recommend

  • L.

    Yep. Thats what theyre always going on about: the land, not the humans which reside there. Maybe youll find some who care for the non muslim pandits atleast. Recommend

  • نائلہ

    It was incoherent babbling :DRecommend

  • wb

    By the way. It is topic of discussion. Learn basic grammar.Recommend

  • wb

    So was Bhutto who declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims. And so will be Amir LIaqat Hussain. And so was Zia.

    Your bigotry keeps biting back again and again.Recommend

  • Raja

    Madam, I think you do not understand the situation in Kashmir. It is very easy to cry humanity when a Kashmiri is killed. If he was innocent, we hope that the killers are brought to justice. However, you just cannot call the police a barbarian here. Mind you, the policment who killed were Kashmiri Muslims. So you might have to think again your stance. But it is more difficult to cry humanity for all the killed policement and army jawans. Why? Because its their duty to get killed in the line of fire. THAT is saddening. Do you realise how many times the lal chowk has been bombed by terrorists? Some Kashmiris support them actively. You realise these things only when you visit the ground ZERO. Indian Army might have committed some heinous crimes in the garb of AFSPA. If it is a truth, we regret it. But that is not the story everytime. Most of the times, the army and policment react. The boy in question was a part of the protestors throwing stones at the policmen. Everything is not hunky dory. It is extremely difficult to control the constant influx of terrorists across the border. But that doesnt make Ranveer’s comment more sensible. He is just a keyboard friendly nationslist like millions are.

    Please try to ignore him and see the other side of the coin.Recommend

  • Gp65

    In Pakistan, insurgents in Fata have been bombed relentlessly by your own army for the last 9 months and you proudly broadcast this to the world as a fight against terrorism. one insurgent is killed in India and you get all ballistic? really?Recommend

  • wb

    Actually it’s perfectly sane and sound.

    We don’t like Kashmiris who want to make OUR land a part of Pakistan. And we don’t care for them.

    And the truth of the matter is, it is Pakistan who really doesn’t care about Kashmiris. They only care about Kashmir land.

    Evidence: Azad Kashmir. Azad Kashmir people are frustrated with Pakistan’s administration. They’re struggling for basic necessities. Is that how Pakistanis care for Kashmiris?Recommend

  • Queen

    Wb, I am surprised at your logic. You claim that Kashmiri people have been ‘brainwashed’ and then you claim that ‘invaders forcefully converted them’. It is high time you realize that you cannot suppress the freedom struggle with force. Think about your sentence: “Anyone who ‘doesn’t want India, he’s welcome to go elsewhere’. This mentality led to the creation of Pakistan 1947 but still you people cry over the partition of the subcontinent. Keep in mind that a large number of Indian troops have not been able to curb the freedom struggle in the Indian-occupied Kashmir since last 68 years, how many more troops India will deploy for the next 680 years? Think about it.Recommend

  • wb

    “According to news sources,
    Sofi was first detained by the Indian police and was then asked to run
    while the policemen shot at him from the back. He was killed in front of
    dozens of protesters.”

    A cause without honesty is a horse without hooves. It can only tumble and break.Recommend

  • Sane

    Kashmiris are fighting for freedom and their struggle shall have ripple effect. Ksashmir shall be liberated with many other parts of India. Kashmiris are not crying since 68 years, but braving against brutality of Indian Govt. aided with Indian Army, police and other fanatic Hindu. If they would have been crying, they would have been silence years before. Every brutal act gives a new spark to their struggle. Kashmir is destined to liberty.Recommend

  • islooboy

    I hope et allows my commentRecommend

  • نائلہ

    You understood it, right? Then what’s the fuss? Recommend

  • Sane

    wb: have some shame. Recommend

  • Sane

    Find those on some Indian news blog.Recommend

  • wb

    That’s what Ahmadis cared for in 1947. Land. Recommend

  • wb

    Answer for arrogance is not shame. Pity.Recommend

  • wb

    Why such frustration, dear?Recommend

  • wb

    Pakistanis kill each other gratuitously, and pretend to care for Kashmiris. So, you’re obviously confusing your own kind for Indians.


  • wb

    Clearly showed your extremist mentality by calling a terrorist a martyr.Recommend

  • ifesvr

    These so called “kashmiri” separatists should be ashamed to send their 10 to 16 yr old kids to get them killed so that they can play the victim card and play with the bodies of these kids. This is not the way you get martyrs!!!Recommend

  • mimi sur

    For country’s wellbeing, we don’t need justification. Nothing in this world is more important than our country.No sympathy, no mercy . Deal with it.Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Err… Jaan … whats your comment ?Recommend

  • Live n let live

    Stop Hindu TerrorismRecommend

  • Muhammad Asad Noor

    oh my. such blatant denial. i have to agree – indians ae dexterous when it comes to defensive mechanisms.Recommend

  • Muhammad Asad Noor

    there is no irony here.Recommend

  • Muhammad Asad Noor

    at least our “people” don’t justify that, frankly ashamed of it. a trait you might do well withRecommend

  • Muhammad Asad Noor

    stop bringing in bangladesh. that 68years boast would have been flattened a long time ago if kashmir had been situated west of pakistan. and yes we worry about kpk etc cuz our people have some form of a moral conscience.Recommend

  • ravi

    Well, everyday we read many terrorists killed by Pakistani army or airforce. Have they ever been verified? Never.

    India, as a country has its principles and priorities very clear, which is Kashmir will remain with India. We are ready to pay the costs and face collateral damage.

    For that, India will use all its means available.

    So please do not worry about India’s democracy, and stop shedding crocodile tears. When an innocent Kashmiri or policemen die in militant attack, we do not see any pakistani around condemning it.Recommend

  • ravi

    If Required Whole of India’s population will be deployed in Kashmir. We have our principles, right or wrong and will pursue it till the end.Recommend

  • ravi

    The truth is that Kashmir is and will remain with India. Cry, beg, fight or do watever you want to.Recommend

  • ravi

    The 16 year boy death is unfortunate and unecessary. The whole issue has been made an issue by Pakistan and its cohorts in Kashmir.

    If pakistanis, geelanis, mirwais trule love kashmiris and muslims, then why dont they condemn innocents killed by militants, innocents killed in saudi raids in yemen.

    No, but you have selective outrages and shall only condemn what suits your narrow purposes.

    The new govt in India cares a dman about what Pakistan thinks have have made up mind to ignore Pakistan altogether.Recommend

  • RFD

    How can you allow this drivel here?

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Would you like the facts and figures from the Killing Fields
    of Indian Bengal? Say about Indian army savage reign of terror
    In Arunachal Pradesh? Specially about Itanagar? 63 killed
    or wounded. Kohima? 38 killed 25 wounded. Manipur? 42 total
    casualties [approx 18 killed, no clear figures yet] Manipur? 16 killed. Mizoram? 11 killed. Imphal? Bodoland? Nagaland?
    Asom,..also known as Assam? These figures are only from
    January of this year. Your PM Modi is forbidden to travel there
    by the Chinese. Because it is a contested area. He did visit for
    3 hours ! And then went back to Delhi, or wherever he lives.
    The Chinese almost recalled their ambassador over this. Big
    uproar. Let us not talk about extremists/terrorists in Pakistan.
    Hindustan’s rule in Bengal is open for discussion.
    Oh ! As an side, this has has been going on for decades.


  • RFD

    Seems like the moderators stepped in to excise the vitriolRecommend

  • RFD

    From the tenor of this comment you sound like
    one of those RSS, Shiv Sena devotees. Hindustan
    is for hindus only. Kill the rest. And you are a woman?
    With this kill them philosophy? No wonder Bharat still
    has Sati,..and they kill girls at birth. 750 women for every
    1000 men. The only country with this imbalanced ratio.Recommend

  • RFD

    How can you allow this bigoted comment?Recommend

  • RFD

    This poisonous vitriol

  • RFD

    sick diatribe Recommend

  • Gulwant Singh Bedi

    This a rant by wb. Everyone knows that.
    Mostly the the rants are bigoted and racist. Most of the
    Indians here on ET, are ashamed of him, but they will not
    admit it.Recommend

  • Critical
  • Rex Major

    “… This mentality led to the creation of Pakistan 1947 …”
    Well, that Pakistan was created in 1947, anyone who doesn’t want to live in India, hates India or prefers Pakistan over India is most welcome to migrate to Pakistan.

    The large number of Indian troops are not there to curb any struggle. They are solely there to curb the influx of terrorists Recommend

  • Queen

    Kashmir is a Disputed territory and the use of force on innocent people is considered human rights violations all over the world. I have not seen any country supporting India’s human rights abuse at the international level. On the other hand, Pakistan has been lauded by the international community for taking military action against terrorists. No surprises, if you consider Kashmiri people as terrorists, because your views are the reason behind the situation prevailing in the Indian-administered Kashmir right now. This view resulted in the creation of Pakistan in 1947. You don’t watch Pakistani media channels, do you? Start watching and you will come to know the amount of ‘crocodile tears’ shed by Pakistanis when innocent Kashmiris or law enforcement officials get killed.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Your attention seeking skills are not up to par, try harder!! Recommend

  • نائلہ

    He comments for the sake of commenting, no need to correct him :) Recommend

  • siesmann

    Empty vessels do make a lot of noise,don’t they?India will still remain after a nuclear warRecommend

  • siesmann

    Fault lies mostly with Pakistan.They had had a golden chance after the UN resolution.If they have withdrawn their forces as stipulated,the world would have put pressure on India to keep its part of the bargain.God only knows why they dithered.Now it is 3rd or 4 th generation and close to 70 years,and wont be feasible even if Pakistan will wish to implement its part.Some kind of middle ground will have to be found for the problem.Otherwise Pakistan ,nor India will find peace,and Kashmiris will be the main sufferers.
    Also,Indian Kashmir enjoys a special status,whereas Pakistan Kashmir don’t even have representation in the Pakistani Parliament.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    So you’re basically saying that either Kashmir chooses to be with India or more people end up dead? Why can’t Kashmir choose to be its own separate nation than be with India OR Pakistan? Both countries don’t get to decide what the people of Kashmir want. It’s only fair that they get to decide for themselves. They are people and can make their own choices.Recommend

  • islooboy
  • islooboy
  • islooboy
  • islooboy

    I would post more video links when this bloody tor starts to work againRecommend

  • islooboy
  • islooboy
  • islooboy
  • islooboy

    Would you be patriotic if the army of your country rapes your wife,daughters and sisters in front of your eyes?Recommend

  • Jor El

    U wanna argue about self-determination???Recommend

  • نائلہ

    +1 Makes me feel bad for the nice indians. Such a great rep. they have over here. Not. Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Actually their defense is usually offence. They never seem to have counter arguments other than: “you do it too!”Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Stop watching propoganda movies.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    “It is ironic that a country, which claims of being world’s largest democracy, is not only committing grave human rights violations in an occupied territory but is also unwilling to give the people of Kashmir their right to self determination.”

    We do not just claim, we have proven credentials of being a democracy. A country is not supposed to behave like a saint to prove its democratic credentials. Occupied territory for you, not for us. The way a common Indian sees, it does not matter what a country says of India which did not even exist pre 1947 and was carved out of India.

    Pakistan being the messiah of all Muslims in the world need to set an example of offering the right to self determination to the Baloch’s, the messiah of Muslims must not wait for human made resolutions to prove its credentials of being the messiah.

    Charity begins at home and Pakistan, the land of pure needs to be the torch bearer of justice and equality among the Muslim world by putting itself on the line, India has no such dreams and we are fine being the violators of whatever resolutions you continue to harp on.

    “After using force for 68 years, India has not been able to suppress the freedom struggle of Kashmiri people.”

    After using your proxies for around 30 years, you could not ensure Punjab separated from India and Kashmir remains with India as well. There is a saying, “Justice and Truth will eventually prevail”, if you believe you are being Just and Truthful, you may continue forever to fight against India but if you are proven incorrect, you will end up paying a huge price.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Pakisatn lauded for its human rights?!!!!Its very constitution discriminates and is against human rights.And if Pakistan has a right to fight its terrorists,India certainly does too.Recommend