Why IPL 2015 needs Pakistani players to succeed

Published: April 21, 2015

Much like this year, Pakistan players have not been a part of IPL for the last many seasons. PHOTOS: AFP

Cricket fans are now being treated to a dessert after the main course as the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2015 follows the cricket World Cup 2015.

Unarguably, the biggest and most glamorous party of league cricket is on its way and we have already seen some nail-biting contests and thrilling finishes.

Much like this year, Pakistani players have not been a part of the IPL for the last many seasons and despite initial concerns, it seems that out of its inactivity or weakness, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has decided not to poke this matter and leave all issues concerning the IPL to the Board of Control for cricket in India (BCCI). However, as a cricket fan (read: not Pakistani cricket fan), I strongly believe that the exclusion of Pakistani players is hurting the IPL.

Here are the reasons why I think so:

1. Wahab versus Watson – the intense rivalry

Cricket is a team sport but the charm of one-on-one battles can’t be neglected. The World Cup 2015 quarterfinal between Australia and Pakistan will not be remembered for anything else but the two W’s, Wahab and Watson. Legends including Brian Lara and Sachin Tendulkar defined Wahab’s fiery and aggressive spell as best thing that happened during World Cup 2015.

Such an intense contest of the bat and bowl is a rarity to watch these days and it would have been a delight to witness a Wahab versus Watson rivalry in the IPL as well. Sadly for cricket fans, Wahab belongs to Pakistan and we may have to wait for some time to enjoy such a battle.

Wahab Riaz (L) and Shane Watson (R). Photo: AFP

2. Pakistani brand of cricket – impactful but inconsistent

If the Pakistani cricket team is to be defined in one word, it would be ‘unpredictable’. Discounting Misbahul Haq, our team doesn’t have consistent performers, especially with the bat, but when it comes to being impactful, there are not many teams around which can compete with the green shirts.

The likes of Umar Akmal and Sohaib Maqsood are tailor made for T20 cricket. These players lack the patience to hold crease and develop innings but they can tear the opposition apart with little destructive cameos. Not considering them for events like the IPL seems unreasonable and, in fact, unfathomable.

Umar Akmal (L) and Sohaib Maqsood (R). Photos: AFP

3. The art of fast-bowling is incomplete without Pakistani quickies

Fast-medium or medium-fast, I don’t like these terms. The aggression of a real fast-bowler should not be diluted with a pre-fix or a post-fix of ‘medium’. However, there are not many cricketing nations who are as rich as Pakistan in producing fast-bowlers one after the other. Most of these medium-fast/fast-medium bowlers are falsely glamorised by adding ‘fast’ to their ‘medium’ pace so that they can be included in the most feared club of cricketers; the fast bowlers.

Even without front-line fast-bowlers like Junaid Khan and Umar Gul, Pakistan was able to produce classical fast-bowling performances throughout the World Cup. Barring Pakistan from the IPL has deprived fans of some scintillating fast bowling shows.

Rahat Ali (TL), Haris Sohaib (TR), Wahab Riaz (DL), Muhammad Irfan (DR). Photos: AFP

4. Shahid Afridi – the ‘X’ celebration star

If you develop a list of critics of Shahid Afridi for ODIs and Tests, I will surely be in the top 10 as I don’t think he deserves a spot in the Test or ODI squad. However, when it comes to T20, I will be on top of the list of those advocating for his spot.

The charisma, thrill and excitement associated with his presence in the game has no parallel. In fact, he has been playing in T20 mode long before T20 cricket was introduced. His ‘X’ celebration stance (celebration pose) turns the crowd into madness and omitting him from a tournament of IPL’s scale should be considered as a criminal offense. His presence in the IPL would have definitely attracted the interests of millions of his fans who tune in to cricket match broadcasts only to see him in action; they switch to talk shows as soon as he gets out.

Shahid Afridi. Photo: AFP

The repeated and continuous exclusion of Pakistani players from the IPL may boost BCCI’s ego and Indian cricket fans may consider themselves bigger and better than their Pakistani counterparts, but real cricket fans are missing the Paki flavour from the otherwise decorated carnival of cricket. BCCI should understand that including Pakistani players will not only increase the fan following of the tournament but will also portray a more tolerant, understanding and accommodating picture of the BCCI.

Power and responsibility come as a package, while BCCI is enjoys the former, it should consider the latter as well.

Abdullah Ansari

Abdullah Ansari

An electrical engineer by profession, Abdullah works in the oil and gas industry. His interests include international relations, global politics and debating. He tweets @ChangingTrendz (twitter.com/ChangingTrendz)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Talking Point

    Given how these Pak quickies are performing in Bangladesh and the way shown to the seniors like Afridi , India’s IPL would be better off without these worthies . After all IPL is to promote cricket and give a platform for young Indian players and not to set off a storm and controversy with the Pak involvement . Recommend

  • Khalid

    While I disagree with your statement that the IPL needs Pakistani players to succeed since it is a success already I agree that it will be greatly enhanced by the presence of some of our playersRecommend

  • Gaurav

    You said you are not a Paki cricket fan may I know your nationality please as to why you are getting perturbed by the absence of Paki playersRecommend

  • Ansari

    That was the point akhi, :)Recommend

  • vasan

    IPL does not need Pakistani players. Take it or leave it. It is rubbish to say that IPL needs pakistani players to succeed as if it has not succeeded already.Recommend

  • Ansari

    Well, currently my favorite batsmen are Virat Kohli, Hashim Amla and AB Deviliers whereas Dayle Steyn leads the list among bowlers. Best spinner is R. Ashwin and yes, my nationality is Pakistan. Hope you get the point.Recommend

  • NA

    Pakistan currently at the moment is in hard water but there mere fact is T20 as a proper cricket tournament was first time played in Pakistan. Initial idea was from Martin Crowe but Pakistan Cricket Board was the first one, NOT BCCI,NOT ACB,NOT ECB The BIG 3. Pakistan made it to the first T20 final and the next T20 they won and consistently performed extremely well. India claims that IPL is developing. If you guys were developing so much then how come you did not win the world cup. India is king in their backyard, the moment they enter into foreign territory, nothing but a bunch of school boys! I disagree with people who say Pakistanis should be playing IPL, IPL is just an Indian LEAGUE, it is not the world cup. For me its not a big deal if Pakistan is not a part of it. If you ask all the owners of the IPL team including Shahrukh Khan they would love to have the Pakistani players but it is BCCI that if afraid and is keeping them away because the likes of Wasim Akram Advisor and Bowling Coach of Kolkata who have developed an ordinary side to 2 times IPL champions. Imagine if a retired player who is off the field has so much influence what would the current ones on the field would do!Recommend

  • NA

    Australian tour perfect example. BCCI tried to act smart and using its BIG 3 powers planned a tour right before the world cup but what did India do. Could not win a single game either in the practice matches, neither in the test matches and neither in the one day where they got hammered by both Australia and England! And to add how crooked BCCI is. It only takes 2 days to clear a bowling action. Ajmal after his final test was cleared after 2 days whereas Hafeez gave his test in Chennai (A MONEY MAKING INDIAN CENTER) and its been 12 days now. They are waiting for the Bangladesh and Pakistan series to finish and then he will be passed fit. Bunch of of hypocrites!Ansari is a Pakistani but his opinion doesn’t mean he cannot express! We come from a democratic country and everyone is allowed to share their opinion!Recommend

  • Anon

    Why not encouraging China to play cricket and then organize an IPL style event and getting into that…..Recommend

  • Amir – India

    But the current performance of pak team in Bangladesh had minimized urs articles impact,and all good points u say in the article seem over exaggerated.Recommend

  • someone

    I think its other way around. PCB and Pakistani players need IPL to succeed. Not playing in IPL has already damaged their prospectus of winning even against a country like Bangladesh.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    why should we allow you in IPL?.what we r going to get in the bargain.?You have trade relation with all nation except india.I see , your designers r seeking larger market in India via digital media…I say govt should choke down any attempt to explore larger Indian market.Recommend

  • James

    Why you need to have Paki players in IPL in first place. Haven’t you seen the likes of Sarfaraz Khan, Amir Sohail and Basit Ali coming on national television and saying that South Africa and West Indies lost to India in World Cup because of “IPL factor.” I feel it is good not have Pakistani players in IPL, otherwise these people would have used the same language to address the loss of Pakistan against India as they are using it for SA and West Indies……Recommend

  • Indian Guy

    I would agree that IPL would be much more interesting with Players from Pakistan playing in it. In fact it would also be great if a couple of players from Afghanistan and Ireland can play. They would bring in a lot of passion.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    What treatment of afridi are you referring to exactly?Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Why would anyone be perturbed by the absence of Pakistani players? They literally carry the excitement package on their backs that’s why. #youknowittooRecommend

  • Singhj

    Let them be successful in BD first.Recommend

  • Rex Major

    Aw come on!
    Do you really think when Sohail Tanveer talks of Hinuon ki Zahaniyat and Afridi thinks that the Indians ka dil chota hota hai, Indians should be welcoming these guys?
    Akram, Akhtar, Raja et al. are doing well for themselves – as are many Pakistani actors in the Hindi Film scene.
    One does not have to be friends with everyone.
    I think IPL is doing rather well without Pakistani players, and will and should continue to do so.Recommend

  • Critical

    There is a huge misconception among Pakistanis that Indian govt banned Pakistanis from IPL…But the truth is that after 26/11,India refused to send their team for the Pakistan tour and in turn PCB refused to send Pakistani players for the second IPL..This seriously affected the balance of franchises like RR and DD who were dependent on the bowling of Sohail Tanvir and Asif..

    IPL teams are owned by business owners and they look for the players who can play when asked as they have a salary cap..They cannot have players whose cricket board may not release them…

    Having said that,ur blog looks unabashedly immature..IPL has been successful for 7 years without the involvement of Pakistani players..We have Trent Boult,Steyn,Starc,Mcclengan,Morkel to supplement the Pakistani pace attack…and we have hitters like Baz,AB,Maxwell,Miller,Gayle,Pollard who are way more consistent than Afridi…

    IPL cannot easily succeed without pakistani players,its actually the Pakistani players who need a cash rich league like IPL to earn some extra money..We dont need players like Tanvir who were welcomed by local crowd and then talk bad about us when he went back to your country…


  • Alann

    Should the big heart Pakistani players be allowed to play in the lands of the small-hearted Indians? I think not.
    No one in the Indian team nor the Indian masses watching the Indian Premier League have a heart as big as that of Shahid Afridi.
    I myself don’t really like this business-sport event, but I believe its in the best interest of Pakistanis (and everyone else concerned) if they don’t participate in IPL.Recommend

  • AJ

    Australia developed Big Bash and is World Champion. Rather than trying to beg India for IPL Pakistan should try to develop its own premier league. For that happen the policy of using terror as a state policy has to stop. You cannot hope that others will bail you out always whether be it economy or be it sports.Recommend

  • critic

    the reason why Pakistan team has fallen behind, that players playing in ipl with great players like AB, Maxwell, Kohli have improved their game..and their shot making and improvisation has increased massively, while team pak is lacking behind now..Recommend

  • Divyo singh

    You want ur players to play in ipl …ur musicians wants to sing in Bollywood..same with ur actors..you don’t think Pakistan is lagging behind..write a blog on it..Recommend

  • shivang

    Hope you get that beggars are not choosersRecommend

  • views & reviews

    IPL does not need PAKISTANI player for succeed . IPL is the most-watched Twenty20 league in the world if you worried about succed of IPL 2015 then for your kind knowledge numbers released by TAM say that the first five matches of the ongoing IPL edition were sampled by 105 million unique viewers, which means a 9 percent increase compared to IPL 7 (2014). As for TV ratings, the jump is a whopping 42 percent — up to 4.5 from 3.1. Overall, 39 per cent of the All India Universe tuned in to watch IPL 8 matches.Recommend

  • Adrak

    Ansari, all things from India have to be part of a full package. You cannot pick and choose what you like.

    Pakistan in general ‘hates’ everything about India. They hate to be associated with anything remotely connected to India. Some people say Pakistan is the anti-India.

    However, when it comes to a few select things a lot of Pakistanis want to participate and then whine about the no entry barriers. They want to play sports with us , especially cricket and Hockey. You want to get into Bollywood even though outwardly you ‘hate’ what Bollywood stands for.

    India would love to have Pakistan participate in all of these things. However, for us money/business growth and ‘peace’ is of high priority. In the last 2-30 years, Pakistan has stabbed and bled India repeatedly. For Pakistan, incidents like terrorist support of Kashmir militants may be a small thing, for us it is huge – we have lost a lot of soldiers and citizens to that. Who can forget Kargil? Would any other country not have gone for a full scale war with you in that situation? What about the Mumbai massacre? Even now it is denied by Pakistan!

    This has created a lot of ill-will. It will not go away easily. Today in India, Pakistan is treated as a nuisance. If we involve Pakistani players, certain hard line elements in the Indian society may create problems for the IPL teams. Thus they want to avoid the hot-potato issue. It is not worth the risk. The risk reward ratio is poor, If there were players like Javed Miadad or Imran Kan, maybe the teams would have thought differently – public demand for such players would have overwhelmed the risk. The current crop of Pakistani players are not looked upon with that great esteem from Indian public. Afridi is not really popular here. And then Pakistani players have a habit of calling us names – ‘small hearted ‘ Indians. Even your Hockey players created a ‘tamsha’ – that won no hearts in India.

    IPL teams are private. They need to earn money – big money is involved.
    In today’s market, talent is available everywhere. If Pakistan is not available, it will come over to India from elsewhere.

    If the violence stops, I am sure the Indian marketplace would like to take a look at all the talent in all the fields that Pakistan has to offer.Recommend

  • views & reviews

    IPL does not need PAKISTANI player for succeed . IPL is the most-watched Twenty20 league in the world if you worried about succed of IPL 2015 then for your kind knowledge numbers released by TAM say that the first five matches of the ongoing IPL edition were sampled by 105 million unique viewers, which means a 9 percent increase compared to IPL 7 (2014). As for TV ratings, the jump is a whopping 42 percent — up to 4.5 from 3.1. Overall, 39 per cent of the All India Universe tuned in to watch IPL 8 matches.Recommend

  • ali

    WALOB.. pakistsn cricketers are no where near in terms of fitness, skill and talent. And what is this crap about fast bowling talent,?? Which of there fast bowlers have performed consistently in last 4years? Recommend

  • Minerva

    By writing such whiny articles you are further boosting Indian ego. Truthfully, IPL does not “need” Pakistani players. Pakistani fans “want” to see their players in the IPL.Recommend

  • Anjaan

    Dear Abdullah Ansari,
    Cricket can not be seen in isolation from the relations between two countries … specially not after a serious incident like the Mumbai massacre … !! Criicket and bad blood can not go hand in hand … !!Recommend

  • rationalist

    Pakistani players have been losing out mega dollar earnings from the IPL. One can’t really blame the Indians for preventing Pakistanis making money while their “non-state” actors have been carrying out dozens of terror attacks killing thousands of Indians. This ban is a sort of economic sanction against Pakistan Recommend

  • Amina,Kerala

    No…that was not the point…The point being to quote you “Why IPL 2015 needs Pakistani players to succeed”Recommend

  • Gp65

    “Much like this year, Pakistani players have not been a part of the IPL for the last many seasons and despite initial concerns, it seems that out of its inactivity or weakness, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has decided not to poke this matter and leave all issues concerning the IPL to the Board of Control for cricket in India (BCCI).”

    ICC has no locus standii in IPL just as it has no locus standii in England county cricket since both these are domestic cricket tournaments not international tournaments though international players play in both. So the fact that they do nit interfere is nit because they are weak but because they cannot.

    “However, as a cricket fan (read: not Pakistani cricket fan), I strongly believe that the exclusion of Pakistani players is hurting the IPL.”
    Your entire argument is based on the idea that since Pakistan has some talented T20 players, their absence hurts IPL. I do agree Pakistan has some good players but your logic is flawed. IPL is an entertainment business in case you did not realize with businessmen investing millions of their own money to buy players and advertisers paying millions to broadcast it. Please note that IPL is extremely successful financially and is growing from strength to strength. The team owners are business people and have no reason to bet big money on players who may not be able to show up if there is some issue such as 26/11 (November 2008) or soldier beheading (Jan 2013) or ambush and killing of 5 Indian soldiers (September 2013). Recommend

  • Ansari

    Well, I don’t get it. You didn’t even put a counter argument to any of the 4 points mentioned in the blog. I will appreciate rational approach rather than trolling.Recommend

  • Ansari

    You don’t need consistent performance in T20, that’s the point.Recommend

  • Ansari

    Yes, I have seen them but that’s their view point and I don’t agree.Recommend

  • kartikey mishra

    for for knowledge india is already won t20 wc 2007 in south africa , chpn trophy 2013 in england , semis in 2015 & u ur cricket is declining now Bdesh will replace pakistan few years. congratsRecommend

  • Ansari

    Excuse me, which sporting event is not a business these days? Players are professionals as they play to earn. So keep your emotional touch aside.Recommend

  • bruce lee

    The Indians have no shame in showing white girls dancing half naked this is why no body watches ipl in Muslim country’sRecommend

  • Ansari

    Yes, try Pak vs BD in T20 and you will see what I mean.Recommend

  • JayMankind

    If this is a tongue in cheek article then it is really good.Recommend

  • James

    May be you won’t agree, but majority of the Pakistanis does…Recommend

  • Gaurav

    lol you can see the latest of that excitement in BangladeshRecommend

  • AW

    LOL!!! thats called jealousyRecommend

  • Ansari

    Pak team is in rebuilding phase, give it some time.Recommend

  • Ansari

    its just a three match odi series with all new look team. what about Indian performance in pre-world cup series? u definitely look at a bigger picture.Recommend

  • someone

    IPL has done great all these years without Pakistani player’s participation. Why do you think 2015 would be different?Recommend

  • Faulitics

    Yes. Especially
    Nasir Jamshed aka Big NasRecommend

  • Rex Major

    “We come from a democratic country and everyone is allowed to share their opinion!”

    Sure – but IPL still does not need the Pakistani players to be successful and you guys surely would not want your big hearted clean lads to be spoilt by the IPL – remember wahaan par nangi ladkiyaan nachti hain!
    Aah,but for the money …Recommend

  • Rex Major

    You have every right to appreciate what you choose as you have the right to write what you choose. The fact is that IPL is successful on its merit and does not need Pakistani players to succeed. The reverse may be true – Pakistani players perhaps need the IPL to be financially successful.
    The points in your blog are insofar irrelevant that the Indians will not be very keen to be called names a second time.Recommend

  • Gp65

    You are the one that has been emotional. If you do recognize that IPL is entertainment business where most of the advertising money comes from Indian market , then if you were unemotional you would realize that Afridi has alienated himself from Indians with his ‘Indians have small heart comment’.

    If you recognized it was a business, you would realize it is financially highly successful and you would not make statements like ‘IPL needs Pakistani players to succeed’ which implies it is not currently successful.Recommend

  • Gp65

    The IPL team owners who pay big bucks want consistent performance.

    If you understood that IPL is an Indian business and not designed for entertainment of Pakistani IPL viewers, you would realize how flawed your argument is.

    You would also not call someone a troll for pointing my out that Afridi (whom you may love to watch) has alienated himself from a vast majority of people whom advertisers (who finally pay for IPL) are trying to reach.

    Finally IPL is a very successful business and does not need Pakistani players to succeed.Recommend

  • Nathan Sully

    Who needs Pakistan?? We are better off without you guys! Recommend

  • Nathan Sully

    Yes, Muslim countries pious so that they always top google search for x-words.Recommend

  • Dheeraj Aggarwal

    I only hope that you are a good engineer….Recommend

  • نائلہ

    If ur referring to the Twitter account then yes :)Recommend

  • Ansari

    True that ..Recommend

  • Ansari

    Well, that was yellow journalism and nothing else. That was published on ET without any fact base behind that, and in a manner of a week, it was thrashed away.Recommend

  • ansari

    Don’t u think that Wahab Vs Watson will add up some more flair, don’t u?Recommend

  • Ansari

    Haha, that was some really good sarcasm, appreciated :)Recommend

  • wb

    It’s not excitement, it’s rambunctiousness.

    It’s not a package. It’s a baggage.


  • wb

    Pakistanis are absolutely incompatible with logic and common sense.

    When someone is denied entry into India, they criticize Indian democracy.

    When someone even is cancelled in India, they criticize Indian secularism.

    When Paki players are not allowed in IPL, they talk criticize ICC.

    Such is the incoherence of their thinking.Recommend

  • wb

    You don’t know the intellectual level of this blogger.

    Please search for a drivel that he had written about McDonald’s some months ago. It was such garbage.

    And you’re arguing logic with this one here?Recommend

  • Sridhar Kaushik

    This article is a joke!
    After the defeat in ODI against BD team, Pakistani cricket team should stop playing cricket and consider “gulli danda” as a serious alternative.Recommend

  • Ansari

    ET Blog desk, you guys really made a horrible headline .. blog doesn’t say even at a single point that IPL2015 is not a success without Paki players .. :|Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/faddie.k Fahad Khan

    Lol, Rahat Ali and Junaid khan are the most crap
    -est players in the history of Pakistan!Recommend

  • Ansari

    NZ was also defeated by Bangladesh in ODI series. Take it ez.Recommend

  • Ansari

    Hell of a comment it, height of non-sense !!Recommend

  • Ansari

    I think there are more blogs, try that also :)Recommend

  • Rishabh Jain

    Got it bro. My favorite Fast bowler is Wahab Riaz. I am Indian. But time is something the cruel world doesn’t spare.Recommend

  • Rishabh Jain

    What he means is that Pakistani players should stop making political statements against India, if they want to play the IPL. They have to act like they are on the international stage.Recommend

  • Rishabh Jain

    I think that you are misreading the IPL. It is too fast paced, but it has its own filteration system. Unlike the Pakistani team.Recommend

  • Rishabh Jain

    Taking it on the cheek. I like it. Don’t worry about it but keep writing. All you need to do is research a little more and not have biases. Try reading Tahir Mehdi on Dawn.Recommend

  • amartya

    a big LOLRecommend

  • Abdul

    IPL is doing very well without Pakistani fans till now. Thank you.Recommend

  • Abdul

    Do you think you have a point, let alone four in your blog ? You want to be a part of IPL and you put forward four reasons (what you think are reasons ). We do not want your players <— This is our reason.Recommend

  • Abdul

    Problem is if all the big hearted Pakistani players come to India there will not be enough space i the stadium for others. So it is better that Pakistani players stay in their big hearted country and let us small hearted people trudge along.Recommend

  • Abdul

    Kya kare ? in the words of Sohail Tanveer “In Hinduo ki zahniyat hi aisi hai” We are like this only. There may be not 4 but 100 reasons for you. For us there is only 1 – We do not want you ‘great’ players.Recommend

  • Abdul

    Exactly. We do not want the great cricketers from the land of the pure to be sullied by us Hindu Banias and our crooked IPL, what with the half naked dancing girls and now a big no to ‘Dawah and Namaz on the field’ too. Better they stay put and become more pious and pure.
    btw why don’t you establish testing center in your country ? You can make money and also get your players passed without any silly hypocritical tests. Two birds with one stone.Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    In a show of sportsmanship, and no other irrelevant considerations, IPL should invite cricketers from all top 10 cricket teams, including those from Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is fair; its is sportsmanlike; it is big-hearted; and is compelling! Follow the example of Bollywood.Recommend

  • Ansari

    I didn’t pull that line. Believe me. It’s from ET’s blog desk. If you go through the article, u won’t me claiming that IPL is not a success already.Recommend

  • Ansari

    I think that IPL ha got Pak fans, even if there are no Pak players in there.Recommend

  • Ansari

    Advice taken .. Anyways, if someone is spending time to read my blog and comment on it, I would respect that, even if he thinks that my piece is garbage.Recommend

  • Ansari

    Yar believe me, Generalizing all of Pak players with reference to Sohail Tanveer comment is like generalizing all Indian players with reference to Vindo Kambli .. and that’s not fair dude.Recommend

  • Ansari

    Yes, agreed.Recommend

  • PrasadDeccani

    We trust you Ansari.

    I 100% agree with Khalid. They are my words too.

    In my personal opinion we like to see Pak players like Afridi and Riaz more than Maxwells and Watsons. I am getting a feeling that most of the Aus players are not serious about playing a match to get victory for their team. They appear to be going thru motions waiting for the tournament to finish. That is just my personal take; not speaking for others.Recommend

  • muhibawatan

    I despise those actors/players/singers and those who like to consort with the enemy. Take their passports awayRecommend

  • Harsha Subbaiah

    Oh no bro!!! The heading goes in a way that IPL just couldn’t run all these years without you guys. First thing first get the hell down from the imaginative cloud that you treading on. Second, we are arrogant. Take it or leave it. Our arrogancy comes with our game our position and our strength to give an immaculate output. That’s the idiot in me talking. Now the stable side of me says damn we need them, but not all. A few, just a few. No one talks of India Pakistan rivalry in IPL. It’s teams and the passion is growing every year. So the rivalry subject gets stemmed right there. And what quality bowlers you talking about mate? The ones who get owned by bangladeshis? Stop day dreaming and get in the line. I would commend wahab riaz for his one outstanding spell in the worldcup. Then he is all gassed out. Hope he picks up the zeal back again in the county fixture. Do wanna see him in IPL. That again depends. The real me now says, y’all not worried about IPL. You just want money. And I didn’t know begging comes with such arrogant ignorance and false statistics when related to IPL. On that note get a life cause crap has already hit the fan for you all. Become a better team and a better nation. Things will fall in place. God damn stop begging.Recommend

  • Harsha Subbaiah

    Actually kambli is not fair dude. Oh fish! Did I just say something really stupid bout my countryman. Awwww! That’s the thing. We can take one on the chin and a few more and not get on to the personal life so vehemently like you all do. Again generalising.Recommend

  • Harsha Subbaiah

    But that does not justify the block minded byline this article comes with. Success of IPL associated with Pakistan players. Hype and reality has a huge vacuum my friend. I think mating them both results to the above as an article. Touch your heart and you’ll know where do most of the so big names you talking about stand. Entertainment in form of cricket for subcontinent is the medicine for stability in someway. But this blockade has been brought on by your very own. I don’t blame the whole nation. But the world is mean buddy, you do something bad, then don’t expect any one not to bite you back. For a change forget IPL and get the grass root cricket going about. Y’all will be invited automatically.Recommend

  • Shayan Anjum

    i think jealousy is that the BCCI dont wont to include pakistani in IPL with no reason… lolzzzRecommend

  • sridhar

    Why India did not win the world cup?
    Only one team wins and usually it is the best team that wins. I guess Australia was the best team. I fail to see your point. IPL is a private franchise. Players are not playing for a country but for a team. A team may have players from Australia, NZ etc. Playing in IPL is not same as playing for a country in the World Cup.
    Pakistani cricket is a victim of politics and terrorism. Terrorism made sure Pakstan is an international pariah for cricket after the attack on Srilankan players touring Pakistan. Mumbai attack by terrorists from Pakistan has made sure Pakistanis are kept out of IPL. They are perceived as “security threats” by the franchises.
    (The fact is, there is no official ban that prevents Pakistani players
    from participating in the IPL. They were part of the opening IPL in
    2008. In the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attacks that year, franchise
    owners unanimously decided not to bid for any Pakistani player.)Recommend

  • sridhar

    Nice write up.
    You are however banging your head against a brick wall.

  • sridhar

    I live in US and my wife’s Pakistani colleague (in her office) keeps complaining that he is not allowed to enter India despite having a US passport!Recommend

  • sridhar

    Even if Pakistani players are invited to participate in auction, no franchise would buy them for security reasons in case right wing Shiv Sena guy starts threatening the franchise owner. Who wants aggravation right? Especially when things are going well.
    Besides, Pakistanis seem to forget that in IPL, nations do not matter. Team matters. A Pakistani player, if playing in IPL, would be playing for a team. There is no Indo-Pak rivalry here. I think it is a good thing but then I don’t make the rules.Recommend

  • Harsha Subbaiah

    Acceptance is not gonna make you small my friend, but ignorance is. You can’t blame some one else for the amazing byline you decided to promote. You sound like a 5th grade school kid when asked who stole the pencil.Recommend

  • Ansari

    Well, rite you are but I won’t accept something which I didn’t do. As simple as that. :) However, I am thankful to ET anyways for giving space to my pieces in their esteemed newspaper. So even if I disagree with them, that’s goes perfectly alright. :)Recommend

  • Ansari

    I like your humble and friendly tone buddy :)Recommend

  • Ansari

    Hmm, may be it is .. but they are damaging their league by themselves through this. Who knows the upcoming Essel Group league will call upon Paki Players as well.Recommend

  • Ansari