Ariba on the outside, Ahmed on the inside

Published: April 17, 2015

Ariba always saw herself as a man. Her dad calls her Mr Pakistan.

Greeted by the waiter at a café, nervous yet anxious, I inquire about the girl I was scheduled to meet for an interview.

“Ma’am, he is waiting for you upstairs.”

The first thought that runs through my mind: HE?

There must have been some mistake, I thought.

To my surprise, I meet a person I was more inclined on calling ‘handsome’ than ‘pretty’. Surrounded by the strong smell of men’s cologne, she was dressed in a crisp white dress shirt for men, a brown belt and beige trousers. I could see the sweat on her hands that wore a Swatch and carried a Blackberry.

Ariba Rizvi, at the age of three, displayed traits that made her seem like a ‘tomboy’ but weren’t enough for others to accept that she was ‘different’. Having never gone through puberty, this 28-year-old law student, and daughter to a divorced couple in Karachi, realised that her sexual orientation did not fit the norms of our society.

“The first time I had a crush on a girl was on my brother’s girlfriend. I used to hug her and give her flowers from our backyard,” says Ariba.

Today, the classifications are broader than just gay or lesbian. In lesbianism, nature (biological) and nurture (psychological) help classify Ariba’s category into what is known as ‘dyke’. One of her first cousins, whom I met a week before, said,

“Ariba always saw herself as a man. Her dad calls her Mr Pakistan.”

While Pakistan has almost always denied recognising its LGBT community, these ‘coming out of the closet’ moments serves as some form reality check. From rumours of Iraj Manzoor, a supermodel known to be relationship with a young woman, to the marriage of Rehana Kausar and Sobia Kamar in the UK, today the LGBT community is larger than it is assumed to be, with no legal recognition for civil unions at all.

Ariba has about seven such friends with no support groups or camps. She says,

“It’s your fight and everyone fights their own battles.”

Given the religious scriptures and homophobic mind-set, such acts and beliefs are a grave sin, considered haram and punishable. However, Ariba’s stance is similar to lesbian rockstar Vicky Beeching’s, who said,

“God loves me just the way I am.”

Ariba says praying five times a day keeps her close to God and she sees this as His choice.

“For me, I just need my God and I don’t need to care about the rest.”

In a deep voice and at a slow pace, she tells me about her horrors from medical check-ups to being force fed pills and having suicidal thoughts.

Choking up, she said,

“My parents aren’t understanding, rona dhona (crying), phadday hotay hain (there used to be fights). It’s frustrating. There comes a point when you say main kia karoon (what should I do)? There’s your family on one side, which you love so much, and then there’s the fact that you can’t lie to yourself.”

She says that she was forced to restrict her social life to interests like poker and sports because of her family.

“I don’t want to embarrass my parents.”

To me, Ariba’s take on life seemed more rational than emotional. She says most of the people around her mistake her for a man and call her ‘Ahmed’. But she never compromised on her looks, even when people stared and laughed.

Not being able to fathom the idiocy of those who judge her, she said,

“How can people say it’s in your head? How stupid do you think the other person is that he would give up his life because of something that’s in his head?”

When you’re a woman, the thoughts of romance, love and other fantasies are common to you. To my surprise, Ariba wasn’t new to the dating world and the pool of prospects was enough for her to have had 40 relationships, all with straight women.

When asked about loyalty, she said,

“Yes, I’ve cheated once or twice.”

But for Ariba, the continuous sense of insecurity is over the fact that a girl she’s with can choose to be with ‘real men’ and leave her.

She moved the conversation to financial independence and said she had been investing in business ventures because she realises that her sexuality could be an obstacle if she were to go job hunting. Ariba plans to have a family of her own in the future. She plans to undergo a sex change surgery within the next three years so she can marry the love of her life.

When I asked her, hypothetically, about having to raise a homosexual child, she flinched and said,

“If it’s a condition, woh Allah se hai (it’s by Allah). I’m not a part of it in any way.”

During those 70 minutes of the interview, I kept trying to put myself in Ariba’s shoes, trying to understand her perspective, but with all the taboos attached to such a discussion, let alone such a person, in Pakistan I felt hopeless and helpless. Fidgeting with her keys, she said,

“There is no solution, it can never change. It keeps on hitting you and you become stronger…”

And then I saw it, a lot of strength, courage and the slightest glimmer of hope.

Names have been changed to protect identities. 

Arhum Qadeer

Arhum Qadeer

An aspiring writer and digital and social media enthusiast . Postgraduate student of 'Advertising and Media management' at Institute Of Business Management (IoBM). She tweets @ARHUMQADEER (

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  • Libtard

    I love this article, we should encourage ET to publish more and more of these!

    A libtardRecommend

  • Ahmed

    Homosexuality is not natural. Update your facts. It was once hypothesized but proven wrong. Ideas like these contribute to Pakistanis not developing intellectually.

    It is just slavery to desires(Nafs).Recommend

  • Abdullah Afridi

    Well that’s just depressing. It’s sad to see that people have to suffer for being who they are as human beings because of the religious dogma that’s so prevalent in our society.Recommend

  • Anya

    Yeah, buddy? You got the “facts” to back that up? Your propaganda is what’s contributing to Pakistanis not developing intellectually.

    (FYI, desire is a natural bodily impulse. Every human on the planet has some kind of desire. Who are you to judge what that is? When did God leave you in charge?)Recommend

  • H

    No logical reason why the masculine brain should only develope in the male body. Or vice versa.

    Gender is a taught performance anyway. Little boys and girls play together till we give one the barbie and the other the tennis ball and encourage the performance through repitition at various levels.Recommend

  • Castroby

    Homosexuality is 100% natural, even if it is not natural so what ? Even marriage is not natural.Recommend

  • Sam Known

    Good point….Recommend

  • Hamza

    When Qur’an has explicitly mentioned that Allah had destroyed the people of Prophet Lut (AS) since they were homosexuals, then why do many muslims today are trying to make people think that homosexuality is normal by writing down and supporting such types of articles? If they do not believe that Qur’an is right, they should say so and stop calling themselves as muslims and make their own relegion as King Akbar did.Recommend

  • Castroby

    Also this article is not about homosexuality, not all trans people are homosexuals. Like the person in the article he identifies himself as a man and likes woman. So he is not a homosexual.Recommend

  • dr Abdullah

    It is genetically transmitted. U cannot blame one. Recommend

  • Bilal

    Nope it’s not natural but a mental disorder. No other species are homosexual. And marriage proves that we are superior than other animals.Recommend

  • kalashan-folk

    Wow, amazingly put. You get perspective of a mentally sick woman and turn it into a ‘normal’ human behavior. If homosexuality is natural, let’s just accept incest too? What’s wrong with it? If a brother and sister are attracted to each other, we should accept it too. And it won’t be long before pseudo liberals will be advocating necrophilia and pedophilia too and what about beastiality then? If something is EXPLICITLY forbidden in Quran, as a Muslim it is my belief that it cannot be from God. This woman needs medical attention, probably from a psychiatrist because she’s mentally ill. Instead of giving her a voice and encouraging people to live this sin, please advocate against it and create an awareness in people to seek medical attention.Recommend

  • Amna

    Let Live, how she wants.Recommend

  • rebel

    why dont you get off your high horse and see people as humans before being straight or gay or bisexual? or didnt you read the verses in Quran about Allah being the best judge?
    and giving information about something is never wrong, its just our perceptions that make things seem wrong.Recommend

  • Fasy

    I may sound “Old fashioned”, “Old schooled”, one with primitive mind-set, Racist, not at Par with the modern world, call me whatever, I may never be an advocate of LGBT community, But you are exactly right this is slavery & subjugation to evil desires. !Recommend

  • Anser Waheed

    Not genetically transmitted…Recommend

  • Usman

    Because the state of homosexuality is natural but the acts of homosexuality are totally controllable. The nation of Lut was punished for acting homosexual not being homosexual. Recommend

  • ahmad

    What about pedophilia?Recommend

  • Abdullah Afridi

    No other species are homosexual? Wow, you’re new to the internet aren’t you?Recommend

  • Abdullah Afridi

    Well I no longer subscribe to your religion and even if I did, it would be none of my business to say what another person can or cannot do in the bedroom. Any person who is pro gay rights has science on his/her side, what do you have? Recommend

  • Abdullah Afridi

    Homophobes and xenophobes such as yourself are the reason why Pakistan is not developing intellectualy. The irony here is that *you’re* the one who cannot support your argument with facts.Recommend

  • Abdullah Afridi

    Looks like we have a 12-year-old here.Recommend

  • Abdullah Afridi

    “This woman needs medical attention…” – and you need education. You base your whole argument on the presumption that homosexuality is not natural whereas every sexually reproducing animal known to humans has exhibited this behaviour. Maybe you should get out of your bubble and accept people for who they are. You have the internet, use it to expand your knowledge instead of feeding your ignorance.Recommend

  • Khurram Awan

    She is technically transgender.Recommend

  • ٓعلی

    It’s simple. Our society is not mature enough to accept such subtitles. We can only accept a “white” or a “black” because we cannot expect something to be “grey”. God’s creation is multi-purpose. Not only Ariba is being tested, people around her are also tested at the same time. She needs and deserves care and good treatment by those who are normal. For normal people it would an act of thanking God if they treat her with sympathy. Kon Janta hai kis ghar mustaqbil main esa koi bacha peda ho jaey?
    کون جانتا ہے کس کے گھر مستقبل میں کوئی ایسا بچہ پیدا ہوجائے؟؟Recommend

  • علی

    Bilal, your argument is great that homosexuality is not normal and that it is not found in any other species. I agree with you. I don’t know why some people are trying to prove it normal by giving such stupid logics. Only a half-baked cake can support a such an argument. These are the westo-eastern people that’s why they are talking like that. Ask them, would they like to have such a baby be born inside their homes? Neither a son nor a daughter. God bless you.Recommend

  • Zain

    If homosexuality isn’t natural then how do animals chose to be gay? Update your facts that elephants zebras chimpanzee and many other mammals exhibit homosexual behaviour just like humans. It is related to prenatal hormones and human brain. People like you are hurdle in elevation of Pakistani society. Recommend

  • insaan

    Excuse you. Don’t draw false parallels. Necrophilia or pedophilia would involve someone not capable of informed consent. As far as incest is concerned, abhorrent as it may seem to you and me, if it’s between consenting adults, it’s not for anyone else to force medical treatment as you insist.

    The Quran also prohibits murder, theft and lying. Are you going to say that’s unnatural to humans too? What about women who opt to speak to na-mehrams? That’s against human nature?

    You have every right to disapprove of her choices. You also have every right to propagate your own belief system and point of view. You have no right to impose your belief system on her though.Recommend

  • ali ahmed

    Even if it is natural, what’s the point of supporting this community? How will supporting contribute to Pakistan developing intellectually. Its totally pointless.
    These people can never fit in the society, no matter what you do.Recommend

  • Khurram52c

    Homosexuality is as natural as beastiality and even pedophilia … Think about it :-)
    And what exactly do you mean marriage is not natural… Do you even understand the social value of a marriage ? Recommend

  • k.s

    As far as her religion is concerned, if she’s born that way its okay but if its a life choice in my opinion i don’t think its allowed in Islam. I believe that we all have certain rights to live the way we want but when you bring religion into it then you have to follow the teachings which have been given in QURAN AND SUNNAH.
    No offence and if it makes me homophobic maybe i am than.Recommend

  • Khurram52c

    Wow…. U think that supporting an act of serial deviance makes you intellectually developed …. How far is your head up your ass ?!?Recommend

  • k.s

    There is at least one mention of lesbian behavior mentioned in the Hadith: “Sihaq (lesbian sexual activity) of women is zina (illegitimate sexual intercourse) among them.”Recommend

  • Khurram52c

    If its all about natural inclination and being a homosexual is not a matter of choice, then there should be no bar on pedophilia. . after all its a natural sexual inclination …. And what about beastiality… That should also be given a go … Let’s also go ahead and give a leverage to nacrophilia. .. Why the hell not… Its a sexual inclination… As natural or unnatural as homosexuality.
    No sirs and madams. .. We don’t and can’t, because I “its not natural” … Nature is males and females… No males rubbing against males…. Or females with females.
    Just because its hip, its rad or plain ignorence of divine wisdom, please don’t fall into this pit.
    Don’t justify is being natural just because it suits someone’s personal preference…
    How many of the commenters actually have gone into the details of common sense to understand the issue. Being tolerent towards it another problem, but to claim that the society is going to elevate if we defy Allah’s infinite wisdom and capitulate to this barbarism, I oppose. I seriously oppose it.
    Please carry out your research on both sides of the story…. Then have the audacity to come here and comment … Otherwise …stay out. Recommend

  • Castroby

    Marriage is an artificial construct created by humans so its not natural. Were people marrying before the dawn of civilization ?

    //Homosexuality is as natural as beastiality and even pedophilia … Think about it :-)//

    I need not think about it, people who throw “Oh its not natural” argument have to think about it. I never said we should accept or reject something solely based on whether it is natural.Recommend

  • Castroby

    Go and type “homoseuxality in animals” in google to get out of your bubble.Recommend

  • Castroby

    Have you heard of Alan Turing ? He contributed a lot to the development of computers and algorithms. He was a gay and was persecuted by people like you. So think twice before you comment.Recommend

  • Waleed

    I just read the comments. And it’s pretty heartbreaking to read such comments. People who, apparently, seem educated have such mindsets. I mean you guys aren’t even trying to put yourself at her place, what she must have been feeling. She has lived whole of her life like this. Rather than supporting her and praising her for keeping up for this long, for being so strong all these years, you guys are just being total ass**les. Just imagine how it’d have been like, being a shame for your own parents, limiting yourself to indoor games, getting judged all the time, getting stared all the time. Recommend

  • Faeza

    Okay .. we’ll that is clearly Physiological .. so its better to seea doctor I am assuming .. its clearly not allowed in Islam sorry to be a buzzkill here Recommend

  • Zain

    These cyber imams have more poison against LGBT people than they have time for their own religious duties. No matter how much you explain them, but they will keep repeating their sick analogies.Recommend

  • Zain

    A cyber imam lives in a denial. Internet isn’t enough to lessen his poison. We being a nation are very pious and religious. Homosexuality is the only evil left among us.Recommend

  • Zain

    We all pretend to be better Musalman than the other, that’s the dilemma of this society.
    I pray God bless you with tolerance and education. Say Ameen.Recommend

  • Zain

    And you are technically an ignorant.Recommend

  • Zain

    Well said,
    But I wish they never get to have a gay child because people like them make lives of their gay children hell. They beat the, curse them isolate them and sometimes disown them to save their ugly faces behind shield of religion.Recommend

  • Zain

    Just like we people cant adjust in a sane tolerant society.Recommend

  • Zain

    Being old fashioned and being ignorant are two different situations, I am sorry you are suffering from later.Recommend

  • muhammad ismail mahmudi

    One writer has rightly said DAT Ariba’s isn’t a case of homosexuality.Bcz “she”feels like a man and loves women.Recommend

  • Komal Gilani

    I found this line very disturbing:

    “She plans to undergo a sex change surgery within the next three years so she can marry the love of her life.”

    This is an example of how gay people are often pressured to appear like and be regarded as members of the opposite sex in order to be able to be with partners of the same sex. There is no such thing as a ‘sex change’: the surgery so called is just cosmetic surgery and makes one appear more like the opposite sex, even though the sex does not change. It is an invasive procedure that a person should only undergo if they feel highly sex dysphoric, or, to use a colloquialism common in the English-speaking world, if they feel ‘trapped in the wrong body’.

    It should be noted that lesbians can be highly gender non-conforming, and even have some level of cross-identification and go through periods of (or permanently have) sex dysphoria. I am a highly gender non-conforming lesbian with no gender identity (i.e. I do not ‘identify as’ a man or a woman), and my partner was also like me in this respect. Many gay and lesbian people are outside the gender binary in this way. While Amira may have a higher level of cross-identification than this, there is no evidence of that given in the article.

    In the article the author describes Amira’s gender non-conformity, and from this infers that she is transgender. Although the word is not used, the article describes her as ‘Ahmed on the inside’, which implies that. This is irresponsible and, based on what I can gather from the article, a poor inference. It is a poor inference because gender non-conforming is not the same as transgender, and it is irresponsible because it encourages people to think of gender non-conforming people as transgender, which is another form of disciplining of our non-conformity.

    Additionally, expressions like ‘man on the inside’, etc., are philosophically very problematic, as a female cannot literally be a male on the inside. If ‘man’ here is used to mean something else, then that is also problematic in other ways, e.g. it might involve gender stereotyping.Recommend

  • Komal Gilani

    Gender doesn’t exist, though sex norms do. The idea of a ‘masculine brain’ is gender essentialist. There is no ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’: there are just different personality traits, which may correlate with sex, but are not themselves sexed.Recommend

  • Komal Gilani

    Where does it say that she described herself as a man? Don’t make hasty inferences about people’s gender identities based on their behaviour and personality.Recommend

  • Komal Gilani

    How do you know?Recommend

  • Klu

    The author needs to educate themself on lgbt terminology. You’re presenting a person who seems to identify as trans, as being a lesbian. Your careless portrayal does more harm to lgbt people than you know. Recommend

  • Rabblerouser666

    Homosexuality is found in 1500 species, homophobia in ONE. Homosexuality has been around since the beginning. Everything else is man made.

  • Rabblerouser666

    Yes, marriage is simply a contract which was INVENTED for securing property.

    Homosexuality is as natural as mother’s milk. Found in 1500 species, though homophobia is found in One..religious bigots.Recommend

  • Rabblerouser666
  • Rabblerouser666

    Two consenting adults who choose to love one another is VERY different than having non consensual sex with a minor since a minor cannot consent. Only a sick bigoted mind would compare the two.Recommend

  • Rabblerouser666

    That’s your BELIEF, does not make it true. Religion is man made but all humans are a creation of God.Recommend

  • Rabblerouser666

    You’re talking about the same Lut ? Have you read the whole story?

    The civilization wasn’t destroyed due to homosexuality but because they raped and pillaged.Recommend

  • Rabblerouser666

    News flash… marrying a cousin IS incest and is pretty much sanctioned by religion.Recommend

  • Rabblerouser666

    HE is technically transgenderedRecommend

  • Rabblerouser666

    Arhum, kudos for your effort in trying to educate the some of the bigoted Pakistanis, however, I would like to point out that it’s not your place to OUT anyone. Your assumption of a super model being gay…let’s not get into rumors.

    The word dyke is quite derogatory. Gay woman is more appropriate. Your subject, however, is a transsexual man. I wish him all the best in his journey. More power to him.Recommend

  • saad

    being homo is not natural rather its ones choice and its prohibited in all religions including islam.Recommend

  • Proudpk

    Really impressed with this story. Just wanted to point out something tho. A lot of terminology in this article is incorrect. If Ariba identifies as a man the proper pronouns to use are “he” and “his”and if Ariba identifies as a man then Aribas sexual identity is what is changed not orientation. Recommend

  • Zia

    Homosexuality is not natural, from the perspective of a person who is straight its unacceptable. Yet, homosexuality is a choice that comes to few people, driven by the extremely different circumstance they live and grow in.
    Anyone who, unlike an intolerant religious bigot with the tendency of rapping a 9 year old child, does not intend to harm others, should be allowed to have the freedom of making his/her own choices. Homosexuality may not be natural, but have different preference is totally natural.Recommend

  • aqeel

    It means u should do whatever you desire even I its wrong ??Recommend

  • Shayan Ahmed

    No in pakistan we can not allow such atrocities.. Not to be conservative or extremists our religion just doesn’t allow that.Recommend

  • Shayan Ahmed


  • Rizwan Ul Haq

    God leave you in charge..??? Are you arguing intellectually?Recommend

  • Make my Day!

    Makes me wonder,

    Is homosexuality more of a probation than explicitly unnatural. As the argument fails, i think, on the point of desire which in its self is an engine, a natural engine that outputs wants, such as the desire to die for my country or to pursue social service or even the desire to covet someone else’s wife or property. These desires are then classified into good/bad right and wrong by our code of ethic and moral that is devised from society, community and religion. it is right and good to serve society and country but wrong of me to desire someone else’s wife and property, thereby it is a good thing if i become a solider and die defending my country in persuit of my desire and wrong of me to rob/ kill someone for their property and wife.

    If homosexuality is a desire as many who practice it say it is. i believe that creates a case for its legitimacy based on the grounds above, a wrong desire as our religion tells us but a natural thing nonetheless.

    What say?Recommend

  • Khadija Fatima


  • abdullah

    But then the quran says that we must control out desires as well

  • Iftikhar

    Why is homosexuality haram in Islam? Can anyone educate us on why this was declared haram?Recommend

  • Arsha

    Pedophilia involves exploitation of a helpless innocent. Homosexuality is between two consenting adults.Recommend

  • Arsha

    If I had a baby who grew up to be homosexual…. Yes it would be heartbreaking for me to realize how much unnecessary hatred and discrimination my child would have to face for no fault of his. But as a mother my love or support for him will not be any different from that of any other motherRecommend

  • Naz

    One of my best teachers was a gay. And he fit in the society very well. It’s the onus on the society to be tolerant and just.Recommend

  • Arsha

    Pedophilia involves exploitation and oppression. Homosexuality does not.Recommend

  • Hamidah Fawad

    @Zain You really think homosexuality is the only evil left amongst us. Hmmmm – what about corruption, greed, larceny, intolerance towards people different from us, murder, suicide bombers (last I read up on Islam, suicide is an unpardonable sin), oppression of minorities and women – the list goes on and on. I think homosexuality is the least of our problems. And homosexuals don’t go around hurting people or causing damage to others. It’s their choice. There are many things so called pious Muslims do which go against the teachings of Islam, but we are not judgemental towards them. If homosexuality is against Islam then so is lying. Lets ex-communicate all liars from Islam. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) there will be no more Muslims left in this world.Recommend

  • Komal Gilani

    Okay I just realized that the author does not in fact say that Ariba is beyond a lesbian. The author refers to her as a dyke, which is cool. My apologies for the poor reading (I was tired, etc.).

    I stand by my claim, though, that evidence of her transgenderism is not given in the article. It sounds like she’s just a gender non-conforming lesbian, so the conclusion that she is ‘Ahmed on the inside’ is apparently unwarranted.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Yes, I disagree with homosexuality and all but I personally wouldn’t dictate “homosexuals” what to do or not. To each their own.

    You know, I wonder the same thing: decades on, would people be striving for equal rights for pedophiles?? “It’s just the way they are born”, “you don’t decide whether you are attracted to a child or an adult”. If ppl talk about “commonality” then that’s pretty common aswell. Recommend

  • Asadullah Memon

    Yes he has recently learned to spell “www” feeling sorry for him :vRecommend

  • Asadullah Memon

    Mothers like you are what can redirect this nation :3Recommend

  • Asadullah Memon

    One of the best minds ever and what this person would know of sociology, intellectual giftedness and psychology anyway :DRecommend

  • Asadullah Memon

    LGBTQ dont want ignorants like you to be their advocate on the first place!Recommend

  • Asadullah Memon

    your analogy is like this:
    “Marriage = no rights for women because men is superior”


  • Asadullah Memon

    Ameen :)Recommend

  • Asadullah Memon

    I guess because of the ignorance that people learned so they started calling it Haram but hey its just simply my thought :DRecommend

  • Zain

    Lenardo da vinchi, the great polymath of all time, Plato the great philosopher and Micheal Angelo the great painter were among some best contributors to science and philosophy. If they have such a grudge against homosexuals then they should stop read them as well and put them on ban list here in this very sacred Islamic repubic.Recommend

  • Zain

    Hahahaha my post was meant to be a satire on society and you took it in flipped way. I actually wanted to say what you wrote me in a reply. Lol
    I totally attest your opinion.Recommend

  • Waleed

    So, basically, what pretty much everyone’s trying to say here is that being gay is a choice, right?
    Wow. Why do you think we’d choose being gay in a society where you’re most likely to get kicked out of the house even by your parents for being gay. Why do you think we’d choose being gay when every friend of yours is developing crushes on girls and you’re the one feeling left out. Why do you think we’d choose being gay and be the ‘abnormal’ one. If being gay were a choice, don’t you think we’d be straight right now, we won’t get judged by people that way, we won’t get kicked out of the house by our parents that way, we won’t feel left out that way. We won’t have to constantly try to fit in that way. If it’s really a choice that can be made, can you have sex with a guy if you’re straight? Can you even imagine spending the rest of your life with a guy? I don’t think so. Rather than coming out of the closet, you guys would want us to marry a girl and live a normal life. You guys want us to destroy an innocent girl’s life.
    If it’s about the desire, let me tell you something, I’m a 17 year old, I haven’t had any sexual encounter with a guy yet. I haven’t even kissed anyone yet. I’ve been able to control my ‘desires’. Where would you put me?
    Do you even know how hard it is to fit in? When you see your siblings and friends and you feel left out.

  • Asadullah Memon

    Only because “the Noble Religious Society” wants the peace by pressuring these parents to it, what a failed society :/Recommend

  • Zain

    You aren’t their attorney either. So relax.Recommend

  • Dr droid

    Discovery requires experimentation. put her on ECT lets see what happens…. it can cure mad men surely it can cure homosexuality.Recommend

  • Asadullah Memon

    I aint an attorney but am a voice for sureRecommend

  • sen

    What the hell is desire when we have to control our bags n by saying so you r denying ” taqwa ” too then??? If u let ure desires go boundaries less you’ll end up having sex with animals tooRecommend

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