Western hypocrisy: Pakistan’s nuclear weapon is a threat but India’s is not?

Published: April 11, 2015

It is the need of hour to bring all South Asian stakeholders on the same page and that seems possible only through diplomatic initiatives.

A long-range, nuclear-capable ballistic missile at a parade in Islamabad. PHOTO: REUTERS It is the need of hour to bring all South Asian stakeholders on the same page and that seems possible only through diplomatic initiatives.

On April 6, 2015, The New York Times published an editorial titled Nuclear Fears in South Asia. The editorial portrayed Pakistan’s nuclear weapon capability as an ultra-sensitive concern for the global community; however, India’s mighty nuclear quest was exempted from this category, using its vibrant democratic system of governance as a justification.

I am still lost over how nuclear safety has anything to do with a system of governance, but oh well.

Ever since Pakistan tested its nuclear weapon in 1998, it has become an epicentre of criticism and this debate has seldom gone off the radar in contemporary global affairs. Many international security experts have expressed unnecessary and unjustifiable anxiety on the country’s nuclear program and this recent editorial is a testimony of that.

Criticism which lacks objectivity as well as academic honesty is useless.

Isn’t it ironic that while Pakistan is dubbed as the fastest nation to develop its nuclear weapons, most western media organisations keep mum over who controls the worldwide stock of fissile material (highly enriched uranium and plutonium) needed to create nuclear weaponry? According to many reports, the P5 states as well as India have an upper hand when it comes to fissile material stockpiles. So how can Pakistan be the fastest developer of nuclear energy, when it has so little control over nuclear raw material? This just doesn’t add up.

And even if Pakistan is the fastest developer, why does that concern other countries? As long as the nuclear energy is safe – which it is – I really don’t see why this fuss is being created around it.

This dichotomy doesn’t end here. Interestingly, the editorial critiques Pakistan’s recent approval to purchase eight submarines from China in its pursuit for naval modernisation, but says nothing about the advanced equipment that India has for its navy. India is expanding its maritime activities beyond its littoral region. Unlike Pakistan, India has been envisaging sea based nuclear-deterrent for quite some time now and the Indian government recently approved more than $16 billion to build advanced naval warships as well as nuclear-powered submarines.

In order to ramp up its domestic defence industry, India’s plans also to focus on the development of indigenous nuclear-powered submarines and other maritime vessels. Such hegemonic aspirations are turning the Indian Ocean into India’s ocean, yet there is no reprimand from the powers that be.

If India has a right to defend itself, why not Pakistan?

Unfortunately, there is a well-settled narrative in the West that India’s nuclear program as well as other warfare modernisation is necessary to counter China’s rising power. Over the past decades, the US has sought to use India to contain China. In return, India has received US’s largesse – particularly the 123-agreement, defence equipment, support for Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) membership and bilateral trade. The new US policy called ‘Rebalancing of Military Strategy with focus on Asia-Pacific’ is confirmation to Chinese counter policy. The pertinent point here is that, the volume of trade between China and India has reached to $100 billion, hence making high-intensity conflict less likely to happen.

Therefore, just because India serves a purpose for the US, its nuclear program is not a threat to the South Asian region, while Pakistan’s is? And also, why is the US still so adamant on supporting India when India has fairly amicable relations with China now? These questions need to be answered first, before the West decides to point its fingers at Pakistan.

With the passage of time, conventional warfare balance is becoming unaffordable for Pakistan. India is engaged in a major arms build-up which Pakistan just cannot match.

India is the world’s largest arms importer today. The Indian defence budget is set to hit a record high of $40bn whereas Pakistan’s budget is just $6.002bn. With such a meagre defence budget, Pakistan’s conventional capabilities simply do not prove sufficient to deter or halt an Indian conventional military attack. Pakistan can never become a part of any kind of arms race with India due to the economic restraints it faces. Thus it sees nuclear weaponry as a balancer in such a fragile security environment, and rightly so.

People argue that India will not attack Pakistan in conventional warfare. My question is, if this is true, then why is India hording so much weaponry? What is it preparing for? In a region where it is surrounded by friendly countries – keeping its new relation with China in mind – what threat does India have that it needs such a huge amount of weaponry at its disposal?

Pakistan is a nuclear reality now. It has successfully operationalized a comprehensive command and control mechanism to secure its nuclear arsenal. The international community has rejected hyperboles like ‘collapse’ or ‘disintegration’ for Pakistan. Our nuclear security measures have been globally recognised. The last decade witnessed that Pakistan maintained as well as sustained “credible minimum deterrence” under the shadows of nuclear isolationism. International security managers need to realise Pakistan’s threat perception. India, having one of the largest armies, the heaviest war technology along with rapidly developing nuclear arsenal, poses security challenges for Pakistan.

The long standing disputes can be resolved through diplomacy and soft-power. War is not only the ultimate solution in the settlement of disputes. The success story of Iranian nuclear framework agreement with the West is a ray of hope in the zone of conflicts. When the deal was announced, hundreds of Iranians took to the capital’s streets, waving flags, amid fresh hopes the country’s international isolation would end soon. This made me hopeful for Pakistan as well. The historic agreement has not only gained international praise but is also seen as a beacon of hope to bringing peace and stability in other regions too.

It is the need of hour to bring all South Asian stakeholders on the same page and that seems possible only through diplomatic initiatives. Unfortunately, the international community has failed to understand Pakistan’s security compulsions. It is the responsibility of the global powers to make India agree to a strategic restraint regime. There is need of bilateral dialogue on the South Asian nuclear arms limitation perspective. Such steps will boost confidence and mutual trust between South Asian rivals and it will also facilitate confidence-building measures in near future.

Yasir Hussain

Yasir Hussain

A student of International Relations at Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad. He tweets as @yasirhunzai1 (twitter.com/yasirhunzai1)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • alam

    Pakistan has been deliberately isolated by international community. Western powers must be responsible for this.Recommend

  • alam

    Questions are valid and must be addressed. West has to look at Pakistan through non – discriminatory lenses. Recommend

  • wb

    “I am still lost over how nuclear safety has anything to do with a system of governance, but oh well.”

    If you don’t understand the correlation between the governance system and nuclear safety, then I seriously suggest that you go back to high school.

    If you got into Qaid e Azam university on the basis of money or for having an influential parent, then please quit and return that seat to a more deserving student. This is not an opinion. This is a fact.

    Please do this and help your country with one tiny step away from nonexistence.Recommend

  • Neutral

    Well articulated piece. The country which oversees the nuclear enrichment across the globe was the one that dropped the H-bomb on Japanese. Hence, following the logic of ‘responsible vs irresponsible states’, US should have pursued nuclear disarmament of its own facilities. It is definitely political as you pointed out that countries that US feels shared its political and economic ideology are considered responsible and others are termed a threat.Recommend

  • gopal

    It is preparing for China.Recommend

  • G. Din

    “The international community has rejected hyperboles like ‘collapse’ or ‘disintegration’ for Pakistan.”
    Now, has it?Recommend

  • danish

    The fear is that governance might slip in to the hands of fundamentals one day. Now this fear could be due to wrong perception of the world. Not to forget that world’s most wanted man was found in the backyard of our military academy. Now if that operation was a reality or fiction, the world perceives it as truth. And the perception of the world is most important. Pakistan government and think tanks should work towards improving country’s image in the west as well as in places like China and India. I know this very well about how people in our all weather friend country think about our country as I live and work in China. The chinese people perceive Pakistan as the most dangerous country in the world and pakistanis as maniacs. The perception is the game changer and our people back home have still not realised that. Recommend

  • Ahmad

    Dear Yasir Hussain , I understand that you are still a student !! so no comments…Recommend

  • Shugulo

    A brief, well written abstract which refers western media bias. how ironic it is to declare Pakistan as fast growing nuclear arsenal while having a blind eye on nuclear and conventional maturity of unrecognized nuclear states. It is clearly visible that the nuclear regime wouldn’t go against nuclear development of India and Israel because countries like America and Russia will never ever loose any opportunity to invest and earn via military industrial complex in the respective countries.Recommend

  • alex

    It is stupidity of the author to confuse between nuclear energy and weapons. Pak has the fastest growing weapons program, not energy program. Secondly China is in no way a friendly nation of India despite the trade, talking of which, highly favours china. And finally trade is no guarantee that a huge trade volume is a deterrent to a potential conflict. Take the case of Japan and China, which proves the point. So India can take a friendly china assumption at its own peril as both Pakistan and china are hell bent on restraining India to the subcontinent Recommend

  • soumyadeep

    sir…seriously!!!??? u compare Pak with Iran….?? Iran is a responsible and dignified country whereas pak has always leased itself to other stake-holders in the region be it Saudi or The US or China. And what about the famous A Q khan episode? What do u expect from the world after smuggling nuclear technology to Iran,Libya and North Korea?? Shame on u guys who talk about nuclear imbalance in the region…..just look at urself then blame others…..Recommend

  • Headstrong

    “These questions need to be answered first, before the West decides to point its fingers at Pakistan”

    The only question that needs to be answered is why Pakis feel the need to compare itself with India in everything. A few more could be why there is so much obsession with what India does, what happens in India, what we breathe and what we do. If you could answer those, then maybe you’ll get the answer to your questions as well.

    Btw, giving figures of defence expenditure is not the whole picture. Compare these as % of GDP, then see China’s figures. Is the coin dropping?

    I suggest you follow wb’s advice….Recommend

  • Udaya Bose

    There is no hypocrisy. India has a declared no first use policy as against Pakistan’s nuclear sabre rattling. On a recent visit to the US a Pakistani minister publicly spoke about deploying tactical nuclear weapons. The world at large has reason to be concerned.Recommend

  • Irony

    Nationalism truly blinds most people. The author doesnt believe in governance and nuclear safety. Also he missed the fact that Pakistan initiated all 4 wars with India. India has a no 1st use policy but Pak doesnt even have that.Recommend

  • Mathew

    I doubt whether he started taking any of his classes yet, when he finally sit in the classroom hopefully he will have a different opinion. if not blame his mentors…Recommend

  • Sabyasachi

    That’s because Pakistan is a failed state waiting to implode and India is progressive state .Recommend

  • Arbit

    Author – You are so convinced of the argument in your own mind that haven’t bothered to convey it at all. Reads like a delusional rant. As wb has already pointed out, if u don’t understand correlation b/w governance system and nuclear safety, then there is no point saying anything to u. Also this is the nytimes who published the report, not the US government or the “west”, which is out to get you. Peace out. Recommend

  • Udi

    Going by writers logic ,china and USA has 500billion worth of trade annually and hence USA will never attack china, then why China is spending huge amount of money on its defence trying to catch up with usRecommend

  • Usama Khattak

    Level jiger. keep up the good work.Recommend

  • amartya

    only onw word for your article

  • Software engineer

    Dear Yasir,
    You need to understand the context on which the article ”

    Nuclear Fears in South Asia” was written. The article was written on following basis
    1) Pakistan growing obsession(India as enemy) and competing with India on growing defense moderation and defense expenditure and not focusing on competing with India on other front like education, R&D programs, Medical facility etc etc there are many sectors where Pakistan can learn to improve from India one example is space programs.
    2) Pakistan never had a consistence government after Independence, there have been coup-defeat by military in the past which worries International society especially India.
    3) Pakistan developmet is based on continuously based on doles of billion $ from USA and China, Whereas if u look India had its own growing soft power(IT sector) in the world and India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and every multinational company from around the world wants to invest and establish its own manufacturing firm.

    4) Don’t take this personal – You are just a student and you need to learn a lot in future. My personal advice to you – “Pakistan se zinda bhaag” don’t waste your talent there.

    Feel free to reply and queries.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Aditya Gupta
    Software Engineer.Recommend

  • HZR

    Terrorists are keen to get hold of the nuclear weapons and it that happens the whole scenario will change and you have a foretaste of that with IS in Syria.. given the porous nature of the security in Pakistan it is natural that the world is skeptical.One bomb or ten bombs the effect is same and it does not matter whether you have hundreds or af ew.total annihilation is the outcome of any nuclear adventure.India is big so it can salvage itself but Pakistan…..Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    Yes, there is hypocrisy (if that means double standards) in the world as it is part of human behavior. All countries and individuals are not equals when it comes to mindsets and responsible behavior; to believe otherwise is fiction and dangerous. It seems ironic that America is the only country that has dropped an atom (not nuclear) bomb on an enemy country. But that was soon after the atom bomb was developed and tested by Americans and it was during wartime and consequences were not fully comprehended. With the instability and unrestrained extremist macho rhetoric (and actions) emanating from various part of the Ummah, both the West AND the non-Muslim East are equally troubled and suspicious. Iran, for one, has repeatedly said that it would nuke Israel out of existence if and when it acquires a nuclear weapon. Is that a responsible way for a major Islamic country to talk? MADD worked during the Cold War because of two rational actors – the US and USSR. But it won’t work for too long if even one side in a conflict is not rational and responsible. (For those who literally believe in and actively seek martyrdom and gifts awaiting in heaven, death by any means, including nuclear ones, smells just as sweet.)Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    Maybe. But tThe fact that the Af-Pak region was considered the Center of Global Jihad after 9/11 had nothing to do with it? Even non-Western powers and wannabes are suspicious.Recommend

  • Alann

    A nuclear armed grass eating world’s epicentre of terrorism is what Pakistan has become by its own deeds. Miserable, despicable place where lives don’t matter, only religion does. Don’t compare yourself to India.Recommend

  • ab1990

    the biggest mistake pakistan has done is to protect bin laden. Pakistan has lost all its credibility in front of the west . So keep rambling.Recommend

  • Gulwant Singh Bedi.

    Well when we have Bharatis like you, then Paks or China does not need help.
    They already won.Recommend

  • Sacha Bhol

    “Western hypocrisy: Pakistan’s nuclear weapon is a threat but India’s is not? ”
    The title of this piece, created to generate controversial but baseless arguments, which most brainwashed Pakistanis engage in, should have itself rendered a clue to what the author says in the latter part of the piece. There is no hypocrisy on the part of the West to have doubts about Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and not have about India. This is because Pakistan is generally perceived as a terrorist-state – or a state that uses terrorism as an instrument of its foreign policy – whose military officers work hand-in-glove with terrorists and extremists. There is also absolutely zero civilian control over the army. This is a matter of grave concern not only to the West but to the entire world, including “all-weather-friend” China and the remaining four permanent members of the UN Security Council. On the other hand, India’s nuclear button is not controlled by the army generals. It is under TIGHT civilian control which, in turn, is subject to controls by other segments in a thriving democracy. That’s the harsh and simple truth.Recommend

  • Malti Chaturvedi

    cuz pak is a failed unstable state …Recommend

  • Victor P

    Yasir, you answered your own question – nuclear stockpiling is not a main problem, the problem is whether it is indeed safe. With Taliban-sympathizers being omni-present in your armed forces (read the multiple attacks on your naval bases with the help of insider-knowledge), what is the guarantee that your nuclear stockpile will not fall in the hands of the Taliban? Pakistanis can deny in their shrillest voices, but the fact that Osama Bin Laden was found and killed in a town close to a military garrison has jittered the whole world. Also the fact that the topmost nuclear scientist was found passing nuclear technology to North Korea, tell me honestly why should any country believe in Pakistani claims that its technology is not a threat to the whole world. For all things said and done, India is a far more responsible country in world opinion, who has never misused its nuclear power, wish we could say the same about Pakistan.Recommend

  • siesmann

    The said article is mainly about Pakistan nuclear arsenal and its implication.World has certain concers and reasons ,and precedents.Its being under the military government,1999 war with India immediately after acquiring,and tranfer of nuclear technology beyond Pakistan are concerns.Pakistan,as opposed to India,has a first-strike option.And although lessened,the risk of it falling into hands of terrorists still there.Recommend

  • siesmann

    It was an Atom-bomb ,not H-bomb.And japan was the aggressive nation refusing to surrender.It was dropped to shorten the war and save lives(can be contested).And US-Russia arsenal is indedd down tremendously over last 20 yeats.And both countries have strict no-first strike understanding.Recommend

  • gp65

    “Questions are valid and must be addressed. West has to look at Pakistan through non – discriminatory lenses. ”
    Must be addressed – eh? What will Pakistan do if they are not?
    In any case the question has been answered by Bush: India’s track record on nuclear proliferation is different from Pakistan. (Remember A.Q. Khan)?
    Also consider following additional factors:
    1) Pakistan has repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons against India whereas India has a No first use policy for nuclear weapons
    2) Pakistan’s leaders have repeatedly referred to Pakistan’s bomb as a Muslim bomb which can be used against Israel (who has never attacked Pakistan)
    3) Pakistan has many terrorist camps directed towards India which Pakistan government turns a blind eye to and these could capture power and be in control of nuclear weapons
    4) Pakistanis take pride in being a martial nation and have started 4 wars and can be expected to start one more war where they could use nuclear weapons – since they DO NOT have a no first use policy unlike IndiaRecommend

  • gp65

    Pakistan has isolated itself from the west by playing a double game – giving safe haven to Afghan Taliban while taking money for being a partner in NATO war against terror.Recommend

  • MartyPav

    Wow! 0 critical thinking, a layman can write this article. Recommend

  • Irfan

    Westerns are just stupid. Recommend

  • umang

    india is not surrounded by friendly countries.
    because of pakistan and china india has to do soRecommend



  • bahaha

    They classify us a threat only because we are willing to disemminate nuclear knowledge to others. Other than that our 5KT devices are not even a credible battlefield threatRecommend

  • khuram

    @wb, you are totally at seaRecommend

  • Question

    Does aq khan ring a bell, selling and buying nuclear secrets from/to libya and north korea. The world knows this thats why we get such press.
    Secondly, with many attacks like mehran base on military installations, the world is bound to be concerned of nuclear arms safety.
    Ideally, having nuclear weapons is hardly a detterence, kargil war proves it. We just cant nuclear bomb any country unless its 1940s or ourselves turn to dust With the retaliation.Recommend

  • Jasvinder Singh Marwaha

    Does each country not have a right to decide how it views other countries?Recommend

  • observer

    As former US President George Bush, during his visit to Pakistan, answered on Pakistani soil, when asked the same question that you ask thus: “India and Pakistan are two very different countries with different “histories”” You know very well what his word “histories” meant for euphemism.

    And, by the way kid, you seem to have taken what they taught you in Pakistan studies to your heart. Recommend

  • mirror

    It’s not India that keeps on ranting about its nukes all the times. The only countries in this world who try to keep the game on going (even if they have no chance) are Pakistan and North Korea.Recommend

  • NerdBiker

    While I can understand Pakistan’s fears regarding India’s larger conventional capabilities, I would say the main reason people feel Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are a threat to the region is that Pakistan is an unstable country (as opposed to Iran, India and others).Recommend

  • rtnguy

    First of all defense spending should be seen in relation to GDP. India uses 2.5% of its GDP on defence and pakistan 3.5% despite which its defense spending is small as its economy is mainly mafia based and hence informal with very little tax collection. Secondly india is not converting its fissile arsenal to bombs as fast as pak is which shows pak’s intention to fight a nuke war which is sheer lunacy. India only has to hit pak with a dozen 200KT thermonukes to make pak realize what nuke war is.Recommend

  • Rupom Hazarika

    Pakistan is yet unsuccessful to gain the confidence for impartiality in dealing with terroism even after its own massacre of Peshawar school attack. Nobody can’t so easily forget the deadly attacks of 9/11 and 26/11. The Pak will surely enjoy the confidence of the International community once when it will win the war in evacuating the human hunting terroist groups from its own land. Otherwise, Pak will never be out of its both internal and external disputes. Terrorism itself is a suicide bomb!!Recommend

  • Jaybee

    We’ll worry about our threat of “non-existence”. Been surviving pretty well here actually for 60+ years and not lacking anything of sustenance as my last trip to India tells me.


  • Abdullah Afridi

    I think the bigger issue here is that Pakistan is a relatively and the nukes could end up in the hands of the fundamentalists. This is a real problem and doesn’t effect India as much as it effects us so naturally, it is a cause for concern in the west.Recommend

  • Feroz

    A lot has been said and a lot omitted. The faulty assumption made is that the rise in power and status of India is due not do to its policies, ability and action but as a result of others favoring it. For fifty years after Independence Pakistan was the ally of China and the West with many treaties signed while India maintained non aligned status with the Soviet Union being its only friend. In that period all Pakistani transgressions were overlooked due to the cold war.
    Today the global community is looking to build a multipolar world and the only country which universally commands standing, respect and acceptance universally, is India for multiple reasons. Being the fastest growing economy today and well on course to be the Worlds third largest by 2030, no one wants to miss out on the opportunity to be friends and profit from it.
    Since the author is unaware of Pakistani standing in the global community and reasons for it, he merely needs to take the trouble of doing some reading on the Net and enhance his horizons. The only Ideology any successful country today subscribes to is prosperity and welfare of its citizens, anything else being a lodestone around the neck too heavy to carry. I sincerely hope the current and future generation understands better what the world needs and tailors its policies and strategies accordingly. To be successful I need to overcome my faults and limitations and reinvent myself, criticizing others will not help me reach my goal.Recommend

  • Sandip

    If Pakistan want’s a deal like Iran, it has to act like Iran- namely completely and unconditionally surrender it’s nukes, bomb making material as well as the capability to produce them, in perpetuity. This will have to be backed up by intrusive inspections which will ensure that Pakistan never ever gets in a position where it becomes an international migraine for the international community.
    That, coupled with unconditional and complete shutdown of all terrorist camps being operated within Pakistan and Pakistan controlled territory and trial of all known terrorists and their backers in the government who have been involved in killings of people outside and inside Pakistan is mandatory. If Pakistan is ready to do so, world powers can certainly think of giving Pakistan nuclear energy under IAEA safeguards.Recommend

  • Dr.Shafique

    Pakistan is itself responsible for being isolated in the world. Why blame others for our own faults, decades of erroneous and faulty policies, massive shortcomings and failures and a web of concocted lies and fiction on which the foundation of the country is based? Of course, you forgot, Sir, to blame our usual scapegoats – the USA, India and Israel which d not have anything better to do than “conspire” against Pakistan. Right?Recommend

  • anugrah

    The author has a talent for the comical. Continue writing more comic stuff like thisRecommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht.

    A true Sage ! A yogi ! Recommend

  • Neutral

    Haha. The only thing that I can agree with you is that is was an atom bomb. Rest is based on narratives that every country feeds its people. I am sure many would disagree with your statement that “It was dropped to shorten the war and save lives”, just like when US destroyed Iraq through airstrikes without any evidence for ‘weapons of mass destruction”. Bear in mind, that US used chemical weapons during that. I guess the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam was also done to shorten the war and save lives? Retrospective examination reveals a lot about the self-proclaimed ‘peacekeepers of the world’. Who gives them the authority to change the way other countries function? I guess it’s the ‘white man’s burden’. Peace outRecommend

  • Rishi

    a breath of fresh air. I was missing such ‘sane’ articles, apt and intelligent article. I am really surprised at the intellect level of Pakistani University students, they are really bright. I see yet another brilliant talk show analyst in this student. Way to go!

  • Kamath

    I am sure the author of this colomn will soon be graduating with a Ph.D in defence studies. Good job guan teed.Recommend

  • abhi

    If we go by same logic even Afghanistan can have nuclear weapons. After all they need protection against their nuclear armed neighbours which has been meddling in their affairs for quite some time.Recommend

  • Agrippa – The Skeptic

    Would you care to explain what you mean?Recommend

  • abe

    Iran? Responsible?
    Did you forget what Ahmedinejad said about the Holocaust and his threats…Recommend

  • RFD

    Huh? Wha? Who is teaching this to hindus?
    At the Modi University of Hindutva Philosophy?
    RSS School of Religious Rants. [in Banaras]
    Shiv Sena School of Modern Bharat?


  • Oyster

    India has definitely progressed in terms of gang rape instances.Recommend

  • Rob

    And US decides which country is a potential threat and which is not? ” Pakistan has repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons against India.” So there should be sanctions against Pakistan because it has allegedly threatened to use nuclear bombs? Well, US has all ready used nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and chemical weapons in Iraq. Any sanctions against US? Bottom line: West has to look at West through objective lenses. Enjoy your day :)Recommend

  • David

    actually he got all his facts from Pakistani leaders and Pakistani news papers.
    A thousand cuts bleed India to death.Recommend

  • Rabail

    The dubious policies of west has actually made the reality of rivalry between Pakistan and India in the longer run. It is the policies of west that is actually making the non proliferation regime to be failed in its mission. US favors to India, India’s determination for clinching nuclear deals with other countries are all the factors which are contributing towards making Pakistan and India to be farther apart. Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program since its inception has been the subject of harsh criticism and the good point is the Pakistani establishment has always been proved to be busy in enhancing its safety and security standards while complying with international non proliferation regime and norms. And kept on progressing in developing its nuclear infrastructure and security mechanisms… Now this can also be the reason why the nuclear program of Pakistan is not being rolled back by its authorities out of the fear of western propaganda…Recommend

  • Gratgy

    A crazy drunk beggar is standing on the street with a big knife threatening to stab people and then complains that no one hugs him because there is a conspiracy to isolate him.Recommend

  • Eshel Dapez

    India enjoys the nuclear blessings by that very international community which actually voiced a lot about counter nuclear proliferation. If all is OK for India than why not for Pakistan? It is very much India which literally introduced nuclear weapons to the region by first tested on May, 1998. If we say that like the twin creation of states both are almost twin nuclear weapon state. Then why this so vivid discrimination. Interestingly, there are so many anti-nuclear movements in India which have high concerns against inadequate nuclear safety measures of nuclear power plants,.Recommend

  • Mike

    Because international community (western powers) gives blessings to like-minded countries with similar ideologies. Rest are reckless nations with nuclear facilities that pose a threat to ‘international community’ #WesternHypocrisyRecommend

  • Hannan Ahmad

    I think it is a period when we, Pakistanis, should realize the fact that India is going to become a big power in the near future, while we will not. Those who knew it are acknowledging it by showing concerns over Pakistan’s nuclear program. I am a Pakistani, but when I see the power house of country, I see nobody truly thinking about how to grow up the nation to a level where it will be able to stand against the rising challenges posed by India’s dominance in the global economy. That’s where we should focus as a nation and take the right steps by campaigning for economical growth of country. Once we reached that level, the concerns of global media would vanish on their own. Otherwise, prepare for even bitter days when the west would start showing concerns on even our simple military exercises, saying they are going to destabilize the regional situation, while keeping a blind eye towards India. And yes, here is a good article that talks about where the global economy would be in 2030. Read it carefully and see what statistics tell about the Indian economy.

  • Sabyasachi

    It happens too in Pakistan but then the problem is unlike India, if the girl reports she would be first asked to produced four male witnesses.That is well truly impossible since these things are not done out in the open.But yes times are changing and in large parts of your state that too is happening now.If she does manage to produce witnesses then she would be declared irreligious and not peaceful and she would be stoned to death on one pretext or other.To reach India’s state of a free and progressive democracy you will have to evolve for another century and that is being optimistic.Thank GOD we are what we are!Recommend

  • Sabyasachi

    Your newspaper is scared of reporting my reply.Suffice to say that it happens more so often in your filth ridden society .Recommend

  • ab1990

    very much true. That is why your country was cut into two parts in 1971Recommend

  • siesmann

    And many will agree with the statement too.USA not perfect,but certain ideologies need confronted like communism and Jihad.Recommend

  • Mango Man

    You still beat us by many a mile in East Pakistan, oops, Bangladesh!Recommend

  • siesmann

    That is so true.Pakistan needs to learn from the fate of USSR.It had a big nuclear arsenal ,probably even bigger than USA.But it lost beacause it lagged far behind USA in economy.Recommend

  • Oyster

    Aww..I think I struck the right cord! By the way, I am not from Pakistan. HahahaRecommend

  • Oyster

    It’s funny how you assumed I was from Pakistan. What your response has proved is that rather than rectifying the ills of your society, you resort to criticizing others for their problems. PeaceRecommend

  • Neutral

    So, USA chooses the ideologies that need to be confronted? (That is, all ideologies other than capitalism, secular democracy, etc.). I loved how they confronted communism by trying to kill Castro numerous times and failed. What a bummer!Recommend

  • Neutral

    And USA decides the ideologies that need to be confronted and dealt with. What ideology was being defended when US and allies bombed Iraq and killed numerous civilians, massacred defenseless Vietnamese people in My Lai? The funny part is how USA has attempted to murder the communist Castro so many times and failed. The notions of ‘individual liberty’ and ‘sanctity of human life’ goes out the window when it serves USA and the allies. I am sure ideologies like capitalism and secular democracy do not need to be confronted because USA holds it very dear to the heart. Have a nice eveningRecommend

  • Sabyasachi

    All the more reason then that you cast aside your pseudonym and comment.Don’ be lily livered and comment.That would be fair.Since you are non Pakistani then it is all the more reason that you should not be judgmental when it comes to India.This happens in every society but has gt highlighted since that BBC documentary.BBC is well known for it’s anti India bias.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Appears he is correct in his assumption. Funny, isn’t it, how he got it right first time, since you speak of “rectifying the ills in your society”? The fun quotient in your response bringing in gang rapes when the topic is something else may also be examined. You may like to follow your own advice and stick to the topic instead of bringing in isssues not relevant to this particular discussion. Whatever Sabyasachi has written is spot on anyway.
    Peace :-)Recommend

  • Torpedo

    Hahaha. But not as brilliant as the ones in Zee news. hahahahahaRecommend

  • Oyster

    Dude I ain’t from Pakistan. I hail from ottawa, ontario. I was actually mocking the double standards of sabyasachi. I guess you’re an Indian? No wonder you find this spot on ‘That’s because Pakistan is a failed state waiting to implode and India is progressive state.’ I was responding to dispel the notion of finding fault in others and shutting the eyes on problems back home. Why so ‘Disgruntled’?Recommend

  • siesmann

    Killing Castro wasn’t that difficult that US had to try it numerous times.Just like Muslims are for hire for their own to kill,so are many cubans.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Oh,vietnamese were so innocent;they were murdering their own under communist ideology.USA at least tries to restrict itself to military targets,not that their is not collateral damage.So what was Saddam doing in Kuwait and threatening Saudis.What was it doing to Kurds with its chemical weapons.And compare the liberty and sanctity of life as it is administered by the current Islamic caliphate-wholesale murder deliberately directed against non-combatants,wholesale rape of teenage girls,destruction of property and cultural relics,and exporting of Jihad to other countries.And TTP,your icons ,are pretty much the same.Recommend

  • Neutral

    Amazing how fallacious your arguments are. You are condemning all the atrocities done by ‘others’, but when it comes to US doing the same thing, you believe they are doing these mass murders to save lives and their precious ideologies. Goes on to substantiate the article’s arguments on ‘Western Hypocrisy’Recommend

  • Qasim57

    Great article! You know you’re written a good article Yasir, when all the Indians are whiny and riled up in the comments section.Recommend

  • exposingindia

    I do not understand why people keep saying, that Nukes will fall into the hands of Fundamentalists? Can’t that happen in India? Actually it already has happened with Modi as the prime Minister, a man who has a history of Hindu Nationalism and extremist views.

    So I agree, Governance does not matter. Fundaments do not have to be the Taliban, they can be people like Modi.

    Also, This is not a movie, No villan will have his own hiding place in a cave with nuclear weapons ready to threaten the world. This only happens in movies. It takes hundreds of millions of dollars to maintain Nukes and launching them is not like throwing a Grenade. If you throw a Nuke, nothing will happen, at Max the bomb might break. There are multi level controls on how to actually detonate a Nuke.Recommend

  • exposingindia

    Why is China a threat to India? I think only in the minds of Indians it is a threatRecommend

  • siesmann

    Western Hypocrisy is much more rational than the Islamic one.Recommend

  • Neutral

    I am sure you have a nice Hypocrisy index to compare one hypocrisy’s rationality to another. Anyway, thank you for accepting that western hypocrisy exists.Recommend

  • Neutral

    What about the double game played by the west .They literally made ‘taliban’ to counter Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Earlier they were called ‘mujahideen (warriors)’ by the US and now they’re termed terrorists. Double games have been played by both sides. It is useless to defend either sideRecommend

  • siesmann

    Secular Democracy is the best known system of governance so far.Pure capitilism certainly isn’t.And USA capitalism has made adjustments over centuries.Although communist-socialism has been defeated,but some of the social ideas had to be and were absorbed by capitilism. Labour.Labour rights,hours worked,working conditions,labour unions,worker benefits including social security,health,education and unemployment benefits are all socialist ideas .There is still a lot of income disparity that will need to be worked out.So Western system is not a monolith that won’t change under different circumstances.Communism and Sharia(if there is one such thing)are monoliths sticking to ideologies largely defunct ,and so are fought against their expansion.Recommend

  • pork lover

    China isn’t a threat but a potential threat! Similarly the author talks about India’s massive defence sepending but fails to mention the share of gdp India is spending on defence.India spends 2% of her gdp on defence while pak spends 3.5% of its gdp every year.India’s defence budget is large because India’ economy is approx 9 times pak. 2 % of 1000 is more than 3.5% of 100! This author failed to learn basic lessons in maths:-)Recommend

  • Ariean

    This article looked like something written by a kindergartner Recommend

  • Gatsby

    A rich corrupt man kills everyone in his way to expand his empire and colludes with ‘like-mined’ individuals to consolidate his power by oppression.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Why would a rich man kill, he would rather buy everyone. Eg China Recommend

  • hamza

    Yes read Moody’s report or s&p policy Recommend

  • Gatsby

    I know it’s hard to fathom for you, but some can’t be bought off. Hence, USA kills everyone that stands in its way and can’t be bought off. #WesternHypocrisyRecommend

  • Vaibhav Shah

    Not to mention that India is HUUUGEE and it has threats from China since we have border disputes with them. China also covertly funds the Maoists and insurgencies in the North East. And we all know Pakistan is the global hub for terrorism. So India not only has to counter an external threat, it also has to counter externally funded insurgencies within the country. The budget is pretty justified although there is a need to reduce corruption in military system to use the budget efficiently.

    In terms of Navy, India is the defacto power in the Indian Ocean and has to safeguard its and even China’s trade from pirates and up until 1971, India had to defend itself from both eastern and western fronts in case of a war with Pakistan. This is why it needed two aircraft carrier fleets from the very beginning. What India spends on military is about 7% of its total yearly budget where as Pakistan spends somewhere close to 30% of their yearly budget on military.Recommend