As a constitutional kafir I ask, does my religious freedom hurt you this much?

Published: April 7, 2015

If you are truly hurt by the exercise of my basic religious freedom, let me know how I can help you get over your troubled sensibilities.

Yesterday, a very close family friend – someone I have always considered an uncle – was arrested in Pakistan. His crime: he had printed verses from the Holy Quran in an Urdu publication.

My uncle is an Ahmadi, and under Pakistan’s notorious anti-Ahmadi laws, he committed a ‘crime’ punishable by at least three years imprisonment and a fine. The law states that an Ahmadi who “poses as a Muslim hurts the religious feelings of Muslims”.

In the late 80s, three of my maternal uncles spent time behind bars under these same anti-Ahmadi laws for the crime of saying the Kalimah. Thousands of Ahmadis – and every Ahmadi family have their own story to tell – have been imprisoned for their basic religious profession since the promulgation of these laws in 1984. Tired of my friends and family being jailed for their religious freedoms, I am writing this to seek answers. I am addressing you, the constitutionally accepted Muslims of Pakistan.

But first some lessons from history.

With the advent of Islam in seventh century Arabia, the early Muslims faced brutal persecution at the hands of the Meccan Mullahs. Offended by Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) faith and teachings, they curtailed the freedoms and rights of the early converts.

The Muslims were stopped from calling themselves Muslims. Instead, they were forced to refer to themselves as ‘Sabis’. They were punished if caught praying or reciting revealed Quranic verses. They were forbidden from going close to the Ka’aba. They were not permitted to proclaim the unity of God. They were forbidden the profession and propagation of their newfound faith, and the consequences of doing so were dire. Many early Muslims were tortured, many killed and eventually almost all were forced out of Mecca.

The feelings of the Meccans were hurt by the religious freedom of the early Muslims, who were considered heretics in their own city.

Fast forward to the current age – this tragic story is repeating itself in the same detail in Pakistan today. The Pakistani state claims that you, the constitutionally recognised Pakistani Muslims, are hurt by my religious freedom.

As an Ahmadi, I am not permitted to refer to myself as a Muslim in Pakistan, not even in many otherwise liberal publications. The state tells me that this “hurts your religious feelings”.

I am not permitted to refer to my place of worship as a mosque because the state tells me that this also “hurts your religious feelings”. I cannot risk being caught reading the Holy Quran or saying my prayer because I am told this offends you too.

I cannot say the Islamic creed or Kalimah openly. Apparently, such profession of the oneness of God and the truth of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) message also “hurts your religious feelings”.

I cannot use Islamic epithets. I cannot risk saying the Salam openly. I have to make sure I only say it in the presence of people I trust. I cannot risk printing words like Insha Allah and Masha Allah on wedding cards. The state tells me you find this equally distressing. It tells me that you have the sole copyright to these epithets. As a constitutional kafir, I have no right to use such sacred terms.

In fact, any statement or act of mine that can remotely be interpreted as “posing as Muslim” hurts you in one way or another. And for hurting your feelings, the state believes I must be punished with at least three years in jail on top of a hefty fine.

Given the number of things that offend you, ladies and gentlemen, I suppose I need to be grateful for many things. I must be grateful I was allowed to keep a ‘Muslim name’ while in Pakistan. I suppose I must be thankful for wearing a prayer cap on occasion which did not provoke your anger. I should be thankful that my family aqiqas (birth celebrations), nikkahs and janazas (funerals) did not offend you as much as my Eids did. Or maybe they offended you but you were kind enough to let me get away with them.

Thank you very much.

Now that another of my uncles is in jail for hurting you, I am writing to ask you this – why the hell are your feelings so fragile and insecure? What is wrong with you folks?

The state has jailed another Ahmadi in your name. So if you are truly hurt by the exercise of my basic religious freedom, let me know how I can help you get over your troubled sensibilities. One thing you should know for sure is that it will not stop me from reading the Holy Quran or saying my prayer or believing in Islam.

If my freedoms do not hurt you and the state is lying in your name, then you must protest these crimes. It is your moral responsibility to do so because it is you the state is punishing me for. Let the state know you do not endorse this injustice. Let it know that your faith is not so insecure and your feelings not so fragile that my basic freedoms would shatter them to pieces.

Your voice can help put an end to the senseless state-backed persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan. Your voice can prevent another of my friends from going behind bars.

Speak up.


Kashif Chaudhry

A graduate of King Edward Medical University, Lahore and Mt Sinai University Hospital in New York, Kashif is currently completing his Cardiology fellowship in Boston, USA. He writes for various American newspapers and Pakistani publications and blogs at the Huffington Post. His interests include medicine, human rights and interfaith dialogue. He tweets @KashifMD (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Headstrong

    Behold the Land of the Pure…..Recommend

  • Nasir Jadran

    Brilliant article! I wonder if someone in Pakistan will do a write up to the questions Kashif has posted.Recommend

  • Waqas

    Welcome to Pakistan brahh, land of “”pure” at the moment.Recommend

  • RFD

    Nothing is going to change anytime soon, regarding Ahmadis, in the
    Land of the Pure. Not because the country has mega mega problems,
    but because the Ahmadis don’t even register on the priority scale. Same
    as Hindus, Bohris. Agha Khanis, Zikris… The Twelver Shias barely make
    a mild ding. Simply because of sheer numbers. 20% of the population.
    Better to consider yourself as the same religious minority that was persecuted
    by the Nazis. Identical environment.Recommend

  • SNLDallas

    Dear Pakistanis, Please read the above request carefully. Islam should not be insecure of any thing in the world. This is the complete and last religion that sent by Allah. No one can harm Allah’s religion. Speak up. All Pakistani are not fanatic and not illiterate they can read the past history. do they want to be equal with Kuffar-a-Mecca? If you are stopping of reading and writing of Holy Quran how Islam will be spread all over the world. Holy Quran is the guiding light of whole universe. Speak up for justice.Recommend

  • Ajay gupta

    Now think how Hindus & Christians feel in Pakistan. U didn’t speak up for them, did u? The internal contradictions of the Pakistan state will ultimately destroy it. Recommend

  • sharif

    Not one comment? Recommend

  • Aniruddha Shankar

    First they came for the Hindus and I did not speak out because I wasn’t a Hindu
    Then they came for the Christians and I did not speak out because I wasn’t a Christian
    Then they came for the Ahmedis and I did not speak out because I was not an Ahmedi
    They came next for the Shia and I did not speak out because I was not a Shia
    Then they came for the musicians and dancers and comedians and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t one of them.
    They came next for the Sufis and I remained silent because I wasn’t a Sufi
    And then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    — Modified from the famous quote by Martin NiemöllerRecommend

  • Democracy

    ^As a constitutional kafir^….

    Kafir is someone who does not believe in Allah. Ahmadis are constitutionally non-muslims not KAAFIR.. Please check out the second amendment. Don’t get stuff from wiki and write about it..
    It says you are an MD..Really? Slippery slope analogies?

    ET: please correct the title as it is a false one..

    BTW, why are you addressing the people of Pakistan? Ahmadis don’t even vote and boycott all elections in Pakistan. Laws are made and changed by the elected parliamentarians- not by the Awaam or bloggers.

    Awaam can only elect but I have never seen any ahmadi having the courage to run an election campaign in Pakistan after 1974. If you really want to bring change in Pakistani law, you have to adopt the legal way. Otherwise, keep your Ahmadis continuously being exported out of Pakistan- the way it is right now. (The way- you and many Ahmadi doctors earned degrees from govt. medical colleges of Pakistan and got exported .)And soon, Ahmadis will be so minimal in Pak, that you won’t bother writing about this law..

    Thats all you can do.. Adopt the legal way or continue the Ahmadi export out of Pakistan..Recommend

  • Jor El

    @author … Who are the prominent Ahmadi muslim politicians in Pakistan as of today ???Recommend

  • Shery

    Yes. Speak upRecommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    firstly Ahmadis outpace all other muslims in conversions. Last year more people accepted Ahmadiyyat in Pakistan than any other religion.
    And secondly no ahmadi can participate the elections of Pakistan, who told you that we could vote? I get arrested the minute I try to say that I am a muslim, the only “way” for me to vote is to accept that I am a Kafir and I am not doing that anytime therefore it is impossible for em to vote.
    And ahmadis are not being “exported” our doctors and our workers go to help the needy of Pakistan the year round. Ours were the first aid workers to reach the flood hit areas of Pakistan last year and the earthquake hit areas of Pakistan before that. It was our doctors who trekked for over 70 hours to reach far flung villages after disasters. Do you know that when Imran Khan was in his “dharna” the only name he could come up with as a non corrupt finance minister was that of an ahmadi?
    To be honest this comment reeks of imbecility and callousness.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    ahmadis were one of the first (if not the first) to stand up for minorities in Pakistan. this was at a time when post independence riots were ongoing. then they continued to stand up for minorities especially hindus in sindh. to this day there are hindu farmers in rural sindh who can tell you stories of how Ahmadis saved their lives. I don’t think that anyone can point out a single incident when Ahmadis harmed another sect or religion in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Laiq

    Excellent… MashAllahRecommend

  • Guest

    Please provide the source….. Also explain who’s Ahmadis?Recommend

  • Divyo singh

    Secularism in Pakistan is only solution to its religious problem can be a good Muslim and defend Islam even more with secularism…and it is not worthwhile to have “ISLAMIC REPUBLIC” only in name..Recommend

  • Feroz

    Every Pakistani and Indian irrespective of race, caste, religion and colour had a choice to exercise in 1947, the burden or wisdom of that decision unfortunately weighs heavy even today. You managed to flee to safer pastures, please spare a thought for those who could not and thank your stars. Your effort to shift the debate to issues of freedom, liberty, prejudice and bigotry is a wasteful exercise that comes too late.Recommend

  • Intelektual

    Why the hell you published your name?
    Religion is a touchy topic in Pakistan.. Very touchy a celebrated Mullah like JJ can be thrown under the bus for it .. There are people in high numbers (belonging to every class/Profession) that hate you for existing ! their hate is not rational ! its a supposed and celebrated religious duty.. Those who find it difficult to actually practice religion find it much easier to hate In its name.. they are out there looking for excuses to persecute you .. This is but a fact & no amount of argument is going to change that..Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    who is ahmadis? /facepalmRecommend

  • Zaid Feroz

    People fear from those who are different. This fear is irrational and surmounts to absolute stupidity. I’m a Sunni. I will teach my kids to play and make friends with Shias, Ahmedis, Christians, Hindus and (If by the will of Allah by going abroad ) even Jews! Why? Because I have seen the inhumanity of self proclaimed religious Alims (their followers too) and I will not allow my bloodline to be tainted with hatred for the innocent. Blame the Government, their policy and their greed. Don’t bring the innocent of that country and especially this one into the crosshairs!Recommend

  • Asif

    To be fair, Pakistani “Mullahs” (the weird comparison with Mecca’s “Mullahs?” notwithstanding) didn’t constitutionally declare Ahmadis as non-Muslims. Remember how Bhutto convinced Ahmadis to vote for his party (the other contender being the present ANP) and then declared them non-Muslims? Bash the Mullahs all you want, I’m definitely no fan; but please but the blame where it’s due! The Mullahs or the “constitutionally accepted Muslims” didn’t get you here. They won’t/can’t take you out. How about asking the PPP?Recommend

  • truthfully yours

    This is a very well written article and does quite rightly point out the pain felt by the Ahmedis on a daily basis caused by the wanton discrimination of the state. Whereas I do stand firmly and resolutely against such constitutional amendments that have created discord and hate, I will attempt to explain why ‘feelings get hurt”.
    Imagine for a moment that you ahmedis are living peacefully and happily and you refer to yourselves as ahmedis (and not muslims). Now during your peaceful and united tenure a person, lets call him Ghalib appears. He agrees with the teachings of Mirza Ahmed, but also claims that he has new knowledge for all ahmedis and brings forth a new book and way of living. Some of the ahmedis start following his methods but the majority find them blasphemous and a mockery of what Mirza Ahmed established.Whether right or wrong, moral or immoral, the teachings of Ghalib are held as being incompatible with the ahmedi faith. The followers of ghalib are not only seen as simply being non-ahmedis but so much so that they are being seen as heretics and hypocrites who are using the name of ahmedism to spread ghalibism.

    Eventually all the ahmedi scholars get together and say to the ghalibis that since there are differences between what Mirza Ahmed taught us and what ghalib has taught you (including the character of ghalib himself) and we feel that by bringing in ghalib you malign the name of Mirza Ahmed, you should not refer to yourselves as Ahmedis since you are actively distorting the teachings and are causing misinformation to spread about our religion.

    This solution is accepted by the ahmedis to the degree that they pass laws declaring ghalibis as non-ahmedis. Yet the ghalibis continue to call themselves ahmedis, despite the problems that ahmedis have with ghalib and his teachings and methods.

    I hope you understand where I am going with this.Recommend

  • siesmann

    as if people like you will let them live,much less participate in politics.It is not for Ahmadis to change the draconian and immoral laws enacted on behalf of people like you.All you can do is spread hatred ,not do anything constructive.
    And isn’t declaring Ahmadis non-Muslims the same as declaring them to be Kaafirs?Recommend

  • Syed Zafar Ahmad

    I am saddened to note that Pakistan’s constitution stops you from reciting the holy Quran if you are not declared a Muslim by the state. Very strange to find that reading or displaying the Quranic verses hurt the sentiments of our ‘learned’ Ulema. The similarity between the conduct of non-believers of Mecca and that of the present day state, as pointed out by Kashif, cannot be more striking. Can there be a more ridiculous situation elsewhere?Recommend

  • siesmann

    It is the literate fanatics who are the most vicious.Recommend

  • Guest

    I guess you skipped the first question….Recommend

  • siesmann

    And it is Ahmadi doctors who get killed ,even when they come to help the poor Pakistanis.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Hmm, I’m wondering the same thing. Let’s see how “liberal” these so called “pakistani liberals” are. Recommend

  • siesmann

    When did Hindus and Christians speak up for Ahmadis who have been persecuted ever since 1947 in the land of the Pure?Blame goes both ways.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Yes, let’s give more power to the prosecutors and in the mean time, teach our children to live in constant fear -.- Recommend

  • MAyOr

    Facepalm for mentioning more Ahmadi’s accepted Ahamadiya cult in Pakistan !Recommend

  • Joe

    Imagine, Muslims cannot respect/tolerate their own fellow muslims, and we expect them to tolerate/respect Christians in the regionRecommend

  • MAyOr

    Do u speak for the force conversions being carried out by Hindoo extremist in your country? oh wait, all you can do is preach harmony but can’t practice.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    So right. Why the Ahmadi’s did not defend themselves if they are true Muslims by going to the Court?Recommend

  • an athiest

    what a shame for pakistan .. so called islamic country..Recommend

  • Hasan

    I am sorry Asif but the events that lead up to the ’74 amendment were started back from 1948. The prejudice among the ‘Mullah’ class for Ahmadis have been there pre-partition. Also, ‘Maulana’ Kausar Niazi (eventually from PPP) played a pivotal in all of this. So please don’t say Mullahs are not to blame. The national assembly’s committee was filled up with clerics from every sect you can imagineRecommend

  • Hasan

    Ahmadis steer clear of Pakistani politics, and for good reasonsRecommend

  • Muhammed Usama Aziz

    So you are comparing your situation with early days of Islam. So why dont you guys accept it that just as Islam was a new religion at that time, ahmadi is also a new religion since you dont believe in finality of Prophethood, one of the core belief of Islam. why you guys dont proudly say that i am a ahmadi rather ahmadi muslim? just say what you are and people will have no issue with youRecommend

  • emi

    “even” Jews? that sounds pretty bigoted to me…Recommend

  • Muhammad Mustafa Abeer

    If you are so hurt by their imprisonment what are you doing outside Pakistan???? Come and save them. Not logical! And the one who believes in interfaith dialogue can never be so harsh as you were in this writing.Recommend

  • Parvez

    What has been and is happening in Pakistan in the name of religion…….is simply despicable. The Ahmadi issue was just the start, ZAB offered his little finger ( in a fit of personal weakness ) to the religious right and today they have grabbed the whole arm. Recommend

  • Fawad Sharif

    All your sentiments and hard times apart. I would just ask a question. Why don’t you carry out this dialogue with a religious scholar? Only he can answer what you want to know. Raising questions in front of lay men also covered with sentiments is I believe fallacious, please don’t mind.


  • Jaffer Abbas Mirza

    First of all, I apologize on behalf of majority. Only an insane can deny the fact that Ahmedis are the victims of our intolerance. I believe that every man has a right to hold his faith without any fear or discrimination.
    I would request you if you can give any reference for what you mentioned after ‘But first some lessons from history.’Recommend

  • MAyOr

    What good has secularism brought to your Secular India, where beef has been banned and force coversions are everyday issue.Recommend

  • Jor El

    If ahmadi muslims wont change things themselves, nobody will change it for them …Recommend

  • MAyOr

    Marvelous !Recommend

  • harris bin tahir

    We dont even know these kind of things are happening with you guys, thats the reason when we go abroad they treat us like subaltern class because we in our country treat minority and other people as a subaltern. What goes around comes back aroundRecommend

  • Aimon Shahbaz

    Don’t be mad but can you tell me who are Ahmedis? Like i read about them somewhere during my school studies but couldn’t remember what makes them different from us Muslims.
    What do you people believe in and why can’t you call yourselves Muslims? I’m not being sarcastic it’s just that i want to know about Ahmedis. Recommend

  • L.

    1. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad DID NOT “bring forth a new book”. We believe Holy Prophet PBUH to be the last law bearing prophet. After him, Islam’s teachings WILL NOT BE CHANGED.

    2. Where is this apparent “new way of living” you refer to? Find me ONE thing Ahmadis do which is not accordance to the faith of Islam.

    3. You are clearly uneducated in this topic. What teachings are different?!! What did Holy Prophet PBUH teach us that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad go against?

    No, unless you give proof of all these claims, your points are meaningless. Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Where was he harsh? Recommend

  • Abdul Mueid Shahid

    You explained beautifully!Recommend

  • deltree

    Back in the day God helped the cause of whom you refer to as sabis. If your prophet is true(na) then I am sure you will have the same victory we had, let me know when that help is sent down. Recommend

  • Indian

    I wondered if you are still in Pakistan… nd confirmed in teh final paragraph that you are in US of A….My indian Ahmadi friends dont speak of similar troubles but definitely, they are seeing increasing incluendce of wahabi’s and zakir naik kind of ideology that asks believers to burn these guys at stake… We need to weed out the zakir naik’s first before attacking the traditional ulema who support killing of Ahmadi’sRecommend

  • Miyagi Jr.

    Look, PPP needed support of religious parties to win elections, Mullahs wanted Ahmedies to be declared non-muslims, King Faisal wanted to become the Khalifa, the only things stopping Bhutto to become the leader of the islamic world, and King Faisal to become the Khalifa was Ahmedies. So no one is blaming this or that, it was the collective thought and plan that led to the ousting of ahmedies. Has nothing whatsoever to do with religion itself. Just plain politics.Recommend

  • Not Ahmedi

    In your hypothetical situation, the followers of Ghalib claim that his teachings are in accordance with Islam Ahmaddiya, and call themselves Ahmadis, the latter of which closes the entire debate as to whether they are Ahmadis or not. Similarly, in Pakistan, Ahmadis claim to be muslims. That is all there is to it. If they say they are muslims, they are muslims. Just because the majority finds their beliefs incompatible with Islam does NOT mean they have to get butthurt over it. They have every right to find them incompatible but if they get sentimental about it, no one but themselves are to blame.Recommend

  • asd

    I also think this version explain them alot if they want to know what hurts..Recommend

  • Feroz

    Do you believe anyone can alter the prejudice of a religious scholar ? Do you need intermediaries to come between oneself and God ? If so the intermediary will play the role of broker and profit at your expense.Recommend

  • abc

    Ahmadis are those who don’t believe in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a last Prophet by Allah. You can create a new religion but you can’t amend a religion’s shariah by yourself. I am literally failed to understand what does secularism mean?
    I support the stance to give more rights to minorities. But Ahmadis will remain In ShaaALLAH non-muslims. What are you guys facing now-a-days is just because of injustice and the wrong interpreters of Islam. please Mr.Kashif chaudary come back and spend 8 to 9 years in studying Islam then you will be justified to say any thing. When we are not ready to spend time then who the hell we are to cry. And please tribune post my comment. Your openness is confined only to Ahmadis, or shites.Recommend

  • Saad

    Given the rampant anti-semtism in the Muslim world I think it is important to specifically point it out that we should not be hostile towards Jews as well.Recommend

  • Miyagi Jr.

    The bigotry doesn’t stops here. The funniest things is, if a Hindu, christian, a non-believer says Mashallah, Alhamdulliah, Salam or Inshallah, pakistanis love it, they even appreciate it without even realizing that Christians do not believe in Prophet Muhammad, Hindus do not believe in prophet Muhammad pbuh, and non-believers sometimes do not even believe in God, on the contrary, they dis-believe prophet Muhammad and call him (God forbid) an Imposter. Ask any christian or hindu, or any non-muslim, if they believe in Prophet Muhammad as a true messenger from God, if they even consider prophet Muhammad pbuh a prophet from God, and you will get the answer.

    But when an ahmedi says mashallah, inshallah, salam, all hell breaks lose in pakistan. ahmedis who believes in Prophet Muhammad pbuh, believes in one God, believe in the Supreme finality of Prophet Muhammad, believes that Quran is the last divine book, that Muhammad pbuh is the Master and is the Last law bearing Prophet.
    How pathetic is their state of mind, you cannot even imagine.Recommend

  • Miyagi Jr.

    And why not? did they steal your dime and asked for interest to take it back! pathetic. The monetary system that the country is running on right now is jewish! so you better stop going to the banks.Recommend

  • Khalid Shaikh

    True that. All Ahmedies have to do is say “peace be on you” and they get arrested if not killed a few days later by na maloom afraad on a bike!Recommend


    speculative!, and if ahmadhi do this they would be just as wrong as we are now.Recommend

  • Khalid Shaikh

    Can’t believe there are people who still doesn’t know why ahmedis do not vote!!! you must be living under a rock or something, like there are people in Pakistan who still nag and cry about Sir Zafarullah Khan refusing to attend Jinnah’s funeral! Even if you tell them 1000x why. What they do not see, or refuse to see the state of affairs of the country without Ahmedis on higher posts.
    Once upon a time, like 50 years ago, Pakistan was booming in every sector, internationally it was seen as the rising power of asia. Karachi was the Paris of the east. etc.
    And now, since forced ahmedi exportation started 40 years ago. Pakistan is at the top of every negative list possible.
    But i know you will never see it that way. And why would you. You are living the time of your life in the Bastion of Islam, in the land of the pure.Recommend

  • Khalid Shaikh

    To save someone from imprisonment, you need to be out of the jail to do so, not inside. So logical!

  • Guest

    Great, When abc says, Ahmedis will remian non-muslim inshallah, it gets posted, when I say abc will remian ignorant inshallah, it gets deleted!!!

  • Hira Jabeen

    very very rightRecommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    let the burn flow through you my friends, don’t hold it in let it flow. And your comment makes nill sense, Ahmadis are members of Ahmadiyyah Muslim Community. It was the people who were not Ahmadis who accepted Ahmadiyyat. Btw how many people entered your “brand” of Islam last year?Recommend

  • Hira Jabeen

    mr kashif
    with all respect, believing in Allah as one, reciting kalma, believing in prophet muhammad as last and then introducing a new prophet/messiah in islam ???? amending islam in any way is not allowed. Recommend

  • Hira Jabeen

    there are so many countries forcing muslims not to practice islam….in many countries u cant wear hijab, veil, grow a beard !!!!
    why dnt u write abt that???
    and its not just pakistan so many other muslim states have declared them as non muslims Recommend

  • ioer

    AH wonderful religion making the world a better place.Recommend

  • Khalid Shaikh

    What are you talking about alphabets?? Recommend

  • Khalid Shaikh

    What makes one a Muslim? believing in the oneness of God, and believe that Muhammad pbuh is the messenger of God. or believing is the oneness of God, and believing that Muhammad pbuh was the last ever prophet of God?
    I hope you do at least know the translation of Shahada.Recommend

  • Khalid Shaikh

    What courts, the same courts who cannot decide whether to hang Qadri or not, because he murdered the governor in broad daylight, and pleaded guilty without any pressure. Yep. Because of these courts, Pakistan is where Pakistan is today.Recommend


    Zaid its not the issue that we hate them no one shud any persons but the beliefs are to be Hated.. They shud admit that they are non muslims and their belief will also be less Hateable.. Recommend

  • Miyagi Jr.

    LOL, this reminds me of the talk shows on Pakistani media, when a party in government is accused of corruption with all the evidence, they say, yeah, but the party before us was corrupt as well, lets start from there lol.Recommend

  • alisned

    Pakistan is the only Islamic country in the world which has felt the need to define who a Muslim is in the Constitution. Religious belief and identity is one of the most individual and personal things in life. Why should the state have any right to define anyone’s faith for them? It is the height of arrogance and delusion.Recommend

  • Khalid Shaikh

    OMG, Abdul Mueid bhai even thinks its beautiful, what about my comment which is pending for the last 5 hours!!Recommend

  • Divyo singh

    India is not a ideal secular country…but yes no ahmadi got arrested for printing holy Quran verses in Urdu publication.. Ahmadi in India are treated same as another Indian..and beef is banned in Maharashtra not in whole India…even alcohol is ban in kerela and Gujarat so shall I call it pro islamic states?..Recommend

  • Miyagi Jr.

    Dude, why are you making things so complicated. Keep it simple s, When Ahmedis say, they are Muslim, their religion is Islam, they follow the Quran and sunnah, who are you to call them non-muslims. Is is not the Shahada that makes one a muslim, that “there is none worthy of worship except Allah, Muhammad pbuh is the messenger of Allah”
    I think this is more than enough, no more no less. Thats what ahmedies do and say. If the mullahs somehow have gained powers to see inside hearts and minds of ahmedies, then why don’t they declare themselves Gods. Because only God has the power to see inside hearts and minds. Not you, not me, and certainly not any mullah, And the distortion that you are talking about, its all in your head, which is already filled with hate, prejudice and what not against the ahmedies. First look at the characters of your own mullahs before pointing fingers to other holy personages.
    So cut the crap with such illogical and nonsensical example that you wasted our time on. And get one thing straight. No one, and absolutely No one has the right to declare anyone non-muslim, no matter what and how big or small the differences are. Its a God given right for every human being to call him/herself whatever they want to. Not some Parliament full of corrupt politicians and bigoted mullahs.Recommend

  • alisned

    Why should it be only the responsibility of Ahmedis to vote for the protection of basic human rights for all? Doesn’t your faith teach you to be compassionate and uphold these rights for everyone, not just look out for your own self-interest?Recommend

  • Khalid Shaikh

    From the way I see it, Dr. Kashif is a Pakistani, why would he write about other countries and their short-comings. And even if He did, your stance towards him wouldn’t have changed a bit.
    I think you are kinda new to all this. but Pakistan is the ONLY state which has declared ahmedis non-muslims in their constitution.Recommend

  • Akkasha

    If he doesn’t, I am sorry , we cannot and we shouldn’t let Islam flourish in the wrong hands. Think from every perspective. As far as their basic rights as citizens of Pakistan are concerned, they should be provided to them. Thanks.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Which countries are forcing muslims not to practice Islam. Is islam only about the Hijab?Recommend

  • wb

    Nowhere does it say in Quran that not eating beef makes a Muslim a kafir. A Muslim can remain equally good Muslim without eating beef.

    Majority sensibilities are maintained in every secular country. Just because Chinese in America want to eat dogs, doesn’t mean, USA should allow dog eating hurting the sentiments of hundreds of millions.

    And forced conversion has happened in India only into Islam. Not into Hinduism. Lured conversion is not the same of forced conversion. Recommend

  • UE Malik

    Naila do u maintain ur claim that Ahmedis believe:
    Muhammad SAWW the Last Prophet from Almighty Allah..
    Wid the conclusion of Quran Almighty Allah has stopped sending Wahi…
    Mirza Qadyani never claimed to be Prophet ,He never claimed to have recieved Wahi , the claims of Mirza Abt Hazrat Eesaa A.S ?????
    Go read the books of Mirza.Recommend

  • Omarfarooq


  • Miyagi Jr.

    By looking at what kind of a mess Pakistan has gotten into, ever since declaring Ahmadis non-Muslims.
    And when Google search says Ahmadiyya is the fastest growing sect in Islam. and with fastest, i mean really fast.
    And you still cannot see the helping hand of God.
    God bless you.
    ps: Mind you, our Prophet is, and always will be Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him.Recommend

  • Jor El

    I don’t want to sound arrogant or anything, but please don’t preach to someone who doesn’t want to be taught …Recommend

  • Jor El

    I don’t want to sound arrogant or anything, but please don’t preach to someone who doesn’t want to be taught …Recommend

  • Khalid Shaikh

    When did God stopped speaking? I think I missed that conclusion. Can you please guide me Malik bhai? So i become a true believer like you. And please also guide me on how one becomes Muslim, like, the shortest way.Recommend

  • Khalid Shaikh

    When did God stopped speaking? I think I missed that conclusion. Can you please guide me Malik bhai? So i become a true believer like you. And please also guide me on how one becomes Muslim, like, the shortest way.Recommend

  • Jor El

    India has no choice but to be a secular country. It will have its issues, no denying that, but they have to be dealt with n learnt from.Recommend

  • Jor El

    India has no choice but to be a secular country. It will have its issues, no denying that, but they have to be dealt with n learnt from.Recommend

  • Khalid Shaikh

    It looks and feels new, because the distortions of 1400 years have made Islam look anything but Islamic. And you also know how that story ended 1400 years ago. so you better not take your words back because this is exactly how this story will end as well.Recommend

  • RA

    Why are we so insecure and why is our belief so fragile that we get offended. The state should protect the right of everyone’s non violent expression of religion or non-religious viewsRecommend

  • democracy

    It is not “Ahmadi” doctors who are being killed…It is the “doctor” community as a whole that is being targeted. Look at Sindh.. Around 3000 doctors are seeking asylum in other countries because of extortion and murders. As far as I know, in the past 5-10 years, there would b a max. 10-15 Ahmadi doctors being killed (I mean target killing). Muslim doctors’ murders outnumber the Ahmadis by a huge a margin.. It is the occupation not the religion..Stop associating everything with religion..Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    Dr Naik has reverted far more people than your imposter.Recommend

  • pin2

    There is nothing wrong to be labelled “Kafir”, constitutional or otherwise, as long as you are not discriminated against for being a kafir. While you as a Ahmadi take offence of being called “Kafir”, you yourself have called non-muslims kafir your whole life.

    Is it the word that you have problem with or the discrimination that it comes with? Come out clean.Recommend

  • Bilal Mahmood

    Main difference between Ahmadi and non Ahmadi Muslims is in the belief that Ahmadis believe that the awaited Imam Mahdi/Promised Messiah of latter days has already come in the person of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) to revive Islam in this age. Rest of the Muslims are still waiting for his coming.
    If you need further information in detail kindly contact me on Twitter @BilalmahmoodUKRecommend