I refuse to observe Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s death anniversary

Published: April 4, 2015

I do not understand why he is always spoken of as a successful leader, when clearly his regime had major detrimental flaws. PHOTO: FILE

It’s April 4th today, which marks Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s 36th death anniversary in Pakistan. And for many, it is the day their supreme leader, their democratic prime minister, their charismatic upholder of human rights was wrongfully executed by a dictatorial regime.

However, this is not everyone’s view.

No doubt that Bhutto was a force to be reckoned with. He started the culture of street mobilisation (rallies), his passionate speeches made people listen to him and understand democracy – his version of it, anyway – and he gained votes from the two most populated provinces in Pakistan – Sindh and Punjab.

But does Pakistan comprise of just these two provinces?

No, it most definitely not.

So why do we always ignore the fact that the people of Balochistan and NWFP (modern day Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa) were never in favour of Bhutto? Why do we pose him as a national leader when half of his country did not approve of him? And also, why should his death anniversary be observed like this when no other leader is given the same treatment – except for his daughter?

If we take all the glamour and the UN-paper-tearing gimmicks and the dramatic speeches away, what was Bhutto’s legacy anyway?

Leaving aside his grotesque mutilation of the Constitution, which he himself devised, and his utter ignorance of human rights (keeping the Ahmadi issue in mind), there is a lot more to Bhutto’s disastrous political career that one can discuss.

He came to power when he was a martial law administrator, he weakened the country by manipulating Ayub Khan and manoeuvred his way through politics resulting in modern day Bangladesh, he exploited his relationship with Yahya Khan and orchestrated a civil war using him as a pawn, and he weakened the military by sending its soldiers against its own people and discrediting their image.

He weakened the unity of Pakistan’s provinces by favouring Punjab and Sindh and ignoring K-P and Balochistan. His treatment of the Baloch, in the 1970s operation against them, is testimony of his polarised policies. He made sure that Pakistan was not a meritocratic society; that people were treated according to their backgrounds and race rather than their abilities and that jobs were not based on the concept of equal opportunity.

While his policy of nationalisation helped in the distribution of concentrated wealth – taking away the privileges of the 20 or so families who owned 80% of Pakistan’s wealth – it also resulted in the deterioration of key institutions like education, shipping and healthcare. Because there was no investment in the private sector, a lot of industries suffered, resulting in lack of tangible jobs, high poverty rates and a negative balance of trade. Bhutto’s ‘Islamic Socialism’ was no different – while he took away land and other modes of production from different private owners, he showed favouritism by letting his friends keep their property.

Bhutto even experimented with population control, but this too backfired because he could not understand the psyche of his people. He should have gone about it with caution and care, making people understand the purpose and reason of such a campaign. Instead, he lambasted the idea on his people, presented it as an alien concept and hence damaged even future prospects of having a successful birth control campaign.

So no, Bhutto was not the benevolent, all-good leader that the Pakistan Peoples Party and its followers are so hell-bent on portraying. His rigid nature and feudal background could never have allowed him to become a successful leader.

Therefore, I do not understand why such a leader should be cherished and revered. I do not understand why we should observe his death anniversary. And I do not understand why he is always spoken of as a successful leader, when clearly his regime had major detrimental flaws.

Hence today, as a history major and an educated citizen of Pakistan, I will not observe Bhutto’s death anniversary. A person who has been so destructive to the unity of Pakistan should not be given such treatment. For me, this day is like any other. And there is no reason why other people should make such a fuss about it either.

Tuba Hassan

Tuba Hassan

She is a History major at the University of Karachi, who is specializing in contemporary history and is mainly interested in the study of culture and gender.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • ali sindhi

    now your eager to commits right: boooooooooooooooo.Recommend

  • Suresh rana

    totally agree with you . problem is in Pakistan once you die you become a hero but if you live you become a villain.Recommend

  • miristan

    hang him againRecommend

  • Anony

    Human rights and Ahmadi issue in the same breath ? What do you call a person who is not a Pakistani but calls himself as such? Anything but a Pakistani ! In the same way, what do you call a Qadiani who thinks he is a Muslim, and not just that, wants to be treated as such? Anything but a Muslim. So what is with human rights angle here? Oh please stop the nonsense and get a hold of your self identity. Sick, tired, and exhausted of people like you who define concepts like human rights from book except the one which we say we believe in. Recommend

  • Son Of Pakistan

    Totally wrong information. Illogical and biased.Recommend

  • reader

    plz marry me author, i love u due to this article. plz keep on fighting against the bhuttos, brave girl heroineRecommend

  • Ali

    Bhutto did nothing for the economy which led to separation of East PakistanRecommend

  • Immo Ali

    Bb, get out of your fairytail disney universe. There are no prince charmings here. You have to see things relatively, thats how societies evolved and thats how values evolve. Bhutto was far from perfect, but still better than his contemporaries, given your military establishment always in control of your country. By the way, sind and punjab comprises of more than 75% of population and if you have a democratic mindset, it’s a lot of support, unless his critiques are inclined towards provincial prejudices.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    his death anniversary should be celebrated all over Pakistan as the day when God rid us of a person who destroyed our nation. He destroyed Pakistan so completely that had a foreign power taken over the damage would have been lesser. With a loss of independence comes unity and a chance of recovery, however, Bhutto gave us cancer, which is incurable as long as his cancerous party remains.Recommend

  • arsalan

    bhutto was the youngest minister in dictator Iskandar mirza'”s cabinet

  • Sol Invictus

    Among other things, he was the chief architect and the instigator of the drama which led to the separation of East-Pakistan. Alas !Recommend

  • R A

    God bless you TubaRecommend

  • Prashant

    The greatest crime committed by him was not sharing power with Sheikh Mujibur Rehman which eventually led to the loss of East Pakistan, there was a moment when he called his own citizens “Swines” for being Bengalis. Pakistan takes pride in being a nuclear power which was started at the time of Bhutto, no matter what you say he was probably the most successful leader of Pakistan to have mobilised the Pakistani masses using democratic means, there has not been a Pakistani leader since Bhutto who took on the Army rather than choosing to go into exile.

    If you start being ashamed of people like Bhutto, you will end up having no heroes because no one is perfect especially in politics. if Bhutto had not been power hungry like so many other politicians across the world, you would not even be discussing him. People living in utopia do not make history and Bhutto was surely not one of them.Recommend

  • sabundani

    I am surprised how come the Bhutto brigade hasn’t claimed Bhutto was Hafiz-i-Quran.

    Fully agree with the article.Recommend

  • Raja Yahya Minhas

    i dont think you have read a single thing about bhutto and yet you are here judging him and his intentions for Pakistan..
    Bhutto loved whole of Pakistan .. he freed our land and 90 thousands soldiers .. nd you call him a hypocrite and loyal to anti pak forces :D :D I salute your level of knowledge and interpretation .. !!
    Bhutto was the only one who could have made Pakistan something ..
    And all those who say bhutto manipulated yahya khan and divided Pakistan should read Hamood ur rehman commission report .. which was headed by the then Chief justice Hamood ur Rehman .. !!
    read and stop blaming Bhutto .. our own judiciary and military destroyed our country .. dont use bhutto as a scapegoat . he was more patriot than U and i .. !
    #KalBhiBhuttoZindaTha #AjBhiBhuttoZindaHaiRecommend

  • Rizwan Wasi

    It is a very extreme view from a biased pen.
    4th April is the darkest day in the history of Pakistan.

    ZAB is the greatest political figure in the history of this country.

    Had he not given the atomic capabilities to the country the situation of Pakistan would not have been any different than Iraq or Libya.

    He will always remain in my heart as a leader who cared for the common man and did not yield to oppression.

    Even after 36 years of his death my love, respect and admiration for him has not diminished a bit.

    May God Bless His Soul.


  • Qasim

    Jiya Bhutto.Recommend

  • Danish Ali

    “he weakened the country by manipulating Ayub Khan and…. he exploited his relationship with Yahya Khan and…”

    This pretty much sums up how “emotionally” and “without any logical reasoning” this piece is written. I won’t say anything more. However, I’m very much enchanted with the idea that a civilian has “manipulated and exploited” the army chiefs in Pakistan, two at a time. Just imagine! Thank you Ms. Hassan!Recommend

  • Saladin1Chamchawala

    Since you are a history major and know it all, can you share why K-PK and Baluchistan went the way they went?
    Can you shed some light on the ugly role played by (pseudo) communist party led by Mr Naqvi, M B Kutti and Co (imported from India) on setting NAP against Bhutto because he was Sindhi?
    Will be all ears and eyes for your history lesson.
    Oh by the way you can celebrate a 27th anniversary coming up in August!Recommend

  • Ammar

    You r a history student but could not summarize the history correctly.Missing very important points..You wrote it right tht you dont understand why Bhutto called a succesful leader and with this knowledge you never will able to understand it..Recommend

  • Annie

    I agree with you. We should stop making idols out of people. But don’t expect people to understand. That’s the sorry truth these days.Recommend

  • abreez

    Democracy is the best system I know where different
    balancing factors of society work hard for their rise and make people of any
    land more and more demanding. In any
    true democratic society different balancing factors keep constant check on each
    other and thus make it difficult for any ‘Mir Jafar’ to remain ‘inactive’ with his 40,000 troops and let a very small
    army of 3,000 to overpower a large army of 50,000. I think the writer is young and yet to know
    history of Pakistan but after some years she will surely take a u turn.Recommend

  • ubaid khan

    he cherish under dictatorship same way nawaz under ziaRecommend

  • http://www.umalik.com/ Usman

    Unfortunately we as a Nation are in love with charlatans and entertainers. “Love affair” with Bhutto and Bhuttos point to just that.Recommend

  • Ali

    The writer is not completely wrong, but this blog is more a rant than anything else. Too much foam in the mouth spoils one’s speech! And repeatedly mentioning ‘history major’ shows insecurity, not qualification.Recommend

  • Hassam Tahir

    Thankyou! If not for the being hanged for murder, he should have been hanged under article 6 for high treason. Plotting against the state which led to the formation of Bangladesh.Recommend

  • Muhammad Salman

    There is no way that he can be entitled with a word ” Leader” when he was unable to digest his defeat to Awami league….. He was notorious when it comes to killing the leaders of opposition parties…One of the persons responsible for the separation of East Pak. He had a blood of innocents on his hands by using PEOPLES FORCE…justice has been served… I mean if he called himself a democratic leader, then why he was not able to accept the democratic right of Awami League ? Idhar hum, udhar tum…..banday ko sharam ati hai…. Bohat zulm kia ha …People glorify his speech at UN lol…. We will fight ? And the following week our 90k army personnel surrendered…He along with Gen Yahya bought sinister moves into politics due to which we lost our brother..Recommend

  • Parvez

    I’ll completely agree with you…….in ZAB there was much that was bad and little that was good. The good upright Asghar Khan has written words that shows ZAB for what he was ‘…….join up with me and together we will fool the people for years to come ‘. Asghar sensibly did not join up and ZAB lasted only a few years.Recommend

  • khwaja shahiryar

    every body has the right to observe or not observe any day. what Tuba Hassan says is true—- half that is. like any leader, Bhutto had many weaknesses. but he had his strengths too. the best he did was to give ” voice ” to the down trodden. he brought the politics of pakistan out of drawing rooms and into the streets so that even a common man thought what was said was his / her voice.a cursory look at the politics of that time and even on his legacy would show that while many “elite ” hated him, his biggest admirers were the peasants, rickshaw drivers etc. that his legacy survives even to this day speaks volumes about his popularity. his execution by the establishment was the ultimate curse to befall this hapless nation. pakistan and it’s politics has never been the same again. the nation has been polarised into pro and anti bhutto and the wounds may take years to healRecommend

  • Hussain Rizvi

    He rescued Pakistan from the brink of collapse after the separation of East Pakistan although he sacrificed a lot on paper but he did rescue this country. That, frankly, is the only good thing he did.Recommend

  • amirza1985 .

    Exactly my feelings… Even his daughter was a corrupt evil woman who looted the country of millions with her Mr ten percentRecommend

  • Pirzada

    This guy was a tyrant. We’re just way to easily manipulated, and celebrate gimmicks such as the UN-paper tearing which actually bring disgrace to our nationRecommend

  • Ali-Mardan Talpur

    one can easily sense the hatred and animosity behind writing such biased article……Recommend

  • Bilal

    looks like some 15 year old Brainwashed kid’s writingRecommend

  • fahad

    Very well summarized. Bhutto and all those who portrayed him as a champion of the people should be forgotten in the annals of historyRecommend

  • Pakistan Khan

    i am no fan of Bhutto but it would be solely unjust not to mentions some of his good qualities. He was one of your best foreign minister (if not the only one). After 1971 keeping the nation united, devising constitution,restoring democratic process were some of things he did well. His lack of patience towards criticism ultimately paved his way towards gallows but i personally think he should have been left to die politically.Recommend

  • Mushi Khan

    lol.. does it even matter what this lady thinks or if she doesn’t observe the martyrdom anniversary of Bhutto?
    there will always be people like her who would think of themselves as something all knowing… trying to manipulate history
    the problem with this generation is they come up with their own conclusions in a “jiffy”
    anyway.. wish you all the luck Ms. Educated Pakistani :)Recommend

  • Ramis

    I agree with the writer. His policies were disastrous and his rule was filled with corruption. Three major things that he did, for which we are still paying the price:
    1. Division of Sindh province into urban and rural – effectively discriminating Urdu speaking community against native Sindhis in govt jobs and admissions into professional colleges and universities.
    2. Loss of East Pakistan
    3. Nationalization of all institutions – killing private enterprise and economic growthRecommend

  • Muhammad Noor Khan

    what about the one and only thing that will outshine every mistake of his … founder of Pakistan’s atomic bombRecommend

  • Muhammad Noor Khan

    and Bhutto got 81/138 seats in west pakistan (excluding Bangladesh) he got almost 59% of the population votes …. so ur argument of half of Pakistan (KPK And Bangladesh) is incorrect !Recommend

  • Anjaan

    Bhutto’s two criminal acts, one against the Ahmadias and the other against the Bengalis, can simply qualify him to be hanged twice … !!Recommend

  • Ammar

    Very nicely written by the author. The sad fact is that history is always OVERRATED and people in power (especially any form of media) can manipulate what they want history to sound. Just take a look at the course books we read as children about Pak vs. India.
    Rather than living in the past, we should embrace the present and prepare for the future.Recommend

  • Nasir malik

    nasir s a malikRecommend

  • Nasir malik

    I agree with this article. He is the person who abandoned half the country just for personal glory. No one has hurt Pakistan more than Bhutto, and perhaps Zia ul Haq, and therefore his name should be obliterated from any place of significance. Any one who call him a hero either extremely naive or a traitor.Recommend

  • True paki

    Agreed 100%.Recommend

  • Muhammad Sajid Ali Bhutto

    Agreed on some points but its true,after reading thoroughly your article,you’ve written only one sided history.
    Dear,if you,being a student of the History ,cannot justice in writing then how is it possible for you to become the great writer …I,instead of relative of Bhutto,never praised and boosted him off so much as other followers observe deeply.
    I suggest you to write both bright &dark sided of his life then compare the all merits and demerits according to the current dirty regime.
    Thanks !
    M.Sajid Bhutto
    [email protected]Recommend

  • Muhammad Sohaib

    its your own opinion, not reality.Recommend

  • Zia Malik

    Showing Him As A Hero To The Nation Is All About “Kharcha Pani” For The Party..! Otherwise What Else They Do.. What Is Their Business By The Way.. ???Recommend

  • AnisAqeel

    What was the wrong information!!! Some people (masses in Pakistan) are blinded by speeches and expressions and start worshipping even traitors. A constitution made with bribes to get census, a minority leader grabbing power with conspiracy at the cost of one half of a country, poking nose in peoples faith to please a foreign country for economic and political benefits (declaration Ahmadis as non-muslims). BTW Bhutto was never an elected head of government but was put into that seat by the military. An excellent analysis by Tuba Hassan befitting the subject she’s major in.Recommend

  • Furqan

    Very well written and totally agreed. Recommend

  • n_m_a

    FINALLY – someone in the Pakistani press says it (was fed up of lefties in the Pakistani media always praising him – without realising that the seeds of most of the troubles the nation faces today were laid in HIS time!)Recommend

  • Ali

    This article is based on lies. Whole article is against facts. Jeay Bhutto. Long Live BhuttoRecommend

  • Jagmohan Trivedi

    Bhutto was aristocrat,foreign educated,liked cakes instead of chapatis.He was
    essentially a government in himself,pick and choose,favouritism were his tools.
    His discrimination to Ahmedis,low grades for East Pakistan and upgradation of
    Zia as COAS,resulted both in his political and actual demise.Leave choice to
    people,if his death anniversary has any significance,yes sympathy may be there
    as he suffered as a criminal in five feet cell in jail before noose around his head.Recommend

  • Ali

    You may not like his political views but he was a political leader, a prime minister and someone who did not go to Saudi Arabia or London. He was definitely better than most of our leaders- Learn some more historyRecommend

  • Mansoor Ahmed

    The problem is how we teach and learn history makes us write such a pathetic articles. I feel sorry for the author’s lack of information.Recommend

  • Hammad Sandhu

    sorry to say but you are utterly misled, your writing is prejudiced, your facts distorted…and most importantly, I don’t think you even qualify to write a piece on such a world class and visionary leader.Recommend

  • Johar Nawaz

    I too do not observe Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s death anniversary because I believe in ” Kal bhi bhutoo zinda tha, Aj bhi bhutoo zinda hai”.Recommend

  • Omer Alvi

    So true. Thank God finally ppl admitting. A fascist who tortured his own fellows like J A Rahim; c’mon how can he be a leader when he was instrumental in the division of Pakistan just for personal gains. Only words but no action and just look at what he did with economy. He was a failure and still his ghost is still haunting us in the form of PPP. May God protect us Recommend

  • Naveed Akbar

    Not a valve free analysis, should compare pros and cons before coming up with a conclusion…………………………………………………Recommend

  • Satinder

    The Writer Tuba Hassan brought forward some basics facts
    There may be more,the writer is very courageous.Recommend

  • wb

    Bhutto was directly responsible for the 1971 war.

    There is a biography that’s available on Bhutto titled: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Recollections and remembrances. This biography is written by different people who knew him personally.

    His second wife, Benazir’s mother Begum Nusrat Bhutto, didn’t even know that he was married when he proposed to her. He married her only as a trophy wife. He was super rich with thousands of acres of ancestral land. She was a fair skinned Persian.

    Shows what a bigot this man was. In many ways, Bhutto is one of the biggest villains of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Aijaz Hussain

    The biggest problem with the cult of Zulfi is that we celebrate him while glossing over his shortfalls.
    He was manipulative, he was two-faced, and cared nothing for what the man on the street needed.
    His whole manifesto was a complete joke.
    and not to forget, sacrificing half the country because of lust for power, that was inecusable.
    So yes, i’m happy someone spoke up about itRecommend

  • Aijaz

    set us right thenRecommend

  • Kashif Feroze

    Too hasty to be judgmental about ZAB, for a historian, without weighing the positives of ZAB. Nice try #BTWRecommend

  • Dr. Saad

    can’t agree more than that….very well written but the blind followers of PPP will keep on considering him as “leader”. I am of the view that unfortunately, after the death of Quaid-e-Azam, Pakistan has never seen a leader. May Allah s.w.t grant wisdom to this nation, ameenRecommend

  • Fact Man

    Ahan, and your version of this information is?
    Do you even know what the history of Pakistan is?Recommend

  • faiZ

    whatever you, Ms Tuba, said is having sheer lack of facts. Recommend

  • Faran

    Couldn’t agree moreRecommend

  • Salman

    about time somebody starts speaking truth about Bhutto, He was not hero, he is sole reason why Pakistan’s private enterprises never prospered. The only head of state in Pakistan who did more damage to Pakistan than Bhutto is Zia ul Haq.Recommend

  • sattar rind

    you do not know the Bhutto .. its clear childish like questions against ever born leader of Pakistan. 2nd you are also seems not good in political knowledge that was going on at that time…Recommend

  • sattar rind

    you could not be able to understand him. it is clear from you childish like questions …you have raised in your article.. he was, yes bad luck that he was born at wrong time at wrong place…Recommend

  • Khira

    Why does it matter to you if people observe his death anniversary? You may not want to but why force others? This attitude is no less dictatorial than you accuse ZAB of being.
    About KP and Balochistan well every leader can get more votes from certain areas. Which party is exactly national nowadays? He got his way through top military personnel. Who could have survived without some backing of military establishment then? Same could be said about today as well. About east issue, well he tried his best along with military but when India manipulated their interference he could do nothing. He was in fault for hurrying too much about military involvement but we cannot blame him alone. Yahya Khan and some of ethnocentric establishment were also to blame. Private institutions were harmed largely because of this misguided hurry but nationalizing assets paved the way towards fastened employment in long term. He should have been more persuasive and emphasizing while promoting birth control.
    So yes he made mistakes and miscalculations.But putting the blame solely on him is anachronistic as he had to act according to the pressures of his time. What makes him different is his courageous attitude to stand up for what he believed in and attempting to introduce democracy in such a harsh environment. If Pakistan is not influenced by Saudi ideology fully part of credit should go to him. I am not saying this as a PPP supporter (I am not) but as a person who sees consequences of what was done. If he was Punjabi he would probably not be the target of such out of proportion blame. This is like blaming Stalin for every major issue of Russia. After all, Zia and “modernized” PPP had plenty of time to solve the mess after east crisis.Recommend

  • Guest

    Or you can quote The Dark Knight, like youRecommend

  • Zain_Malik

    u portrayed negatives only. u’re right at the mentioned facts undoubtedly but u forgot to point at the positives. e.g the international islamic financial institution plan of bhutto and the plan of being an atomic power at any cost. i’m not a die hard fan of bhutto but cant let anyone describe him in an entirely negative frame.Recommend

  • Saladin1Chamchawala

    Mr Bhutto must be heart broken and devastated that a certain Ms Hassan refuses to observe his death anniversary.
    Some people really think they are the centre of the Universe and even The Divine one is their persona valet!Recommend

  • simplepakistani

    A pathetic effort at writing an article. Your selective research, shows a total lack of skill, at finding well published history of Pakistan. Recommend

  • disqus_cpigxGEcGj

    finally somebody had the courage to call a spade a spade. great article.

  • Ibad Hashmi

    i disagree with you because the facts have been distorted,despite all you have written the issue of East Pakistan was far more complex.So,please have a deep look on the issue.I still regard Bhutto as a leader and one of the most competent ruler of the country.Recommend

  • Ibad Hashmi

    you are just giving a one side story.Recommend

  • Ather

    The author needs to et her facts straight. PPP under ZAB was the only party in Pakistan that had representation from all four provinces. All other parties were either regional, sectoral or sectarian.

    I happened to visit KP in the 1990s and was appalled by some of the economic development initiated by ZAB. Left Bank Canal project, Indus Highway project and Gomal University are some such projects that have changed the lives of people living in rural DI Khan. In Balochistan, the RCD highway project took off in ZAB’s time and his regime also initiated many road building projects that were opposed, for obvious reasons, by feudal lords such as Bugti and Mazari.

    I should also add that ZAB almost killed separatists’ movements in the provinces of KP (then NWFP) and Sindh.

    Also, it is a fact that all enthusiastic leaders of that time including the Chilian leader, the Algerian leader and the Jamaican leader who led the people’s movements were either toppled or killed by the CIA. Castro was also rising at the same time. They could not kill him but successfully isolated him.

    Perhaps the author of this article was not even born at the time of ZAB, but facts can always be explored if one has the will. I understand she is a young lady who may be under pressure to publish. Unfortunately, our country has no future if its young do not begin to act responsibly.Recommend

  • Shahid

    Ok, how about other leaders of Pakistan?Recommend

  • Haider Rehman Butt

    The author presented strong arguments. Please make yours.Recommend

  • Sfarooq

    Well written article but completely off actual reality. Firstly, there are flaws in every regime. Secondly- noone celebrates bhutto because of any level of “successful”-ness in his regime-they celebrate his charm, his leadership charisma and everything that came with his persona. He was a personality by charisma and he won many over.Recommend

  • NoNy

    good try, though needs a little more work. Bhutto’s politics and its ups and downs need a little more research, even for the sake criticism. waiting for the day when we will have a little spine to talk this way about the muslim leaders who have been glorified for their utter stupidities, our syllabus and history has created a fuss about them and it’s been centuries. BTW NO political leader in the world has ever been “the benevolent, all-good leader”, NONE. so criticism should be accross the board.Recommend

  • Adil

    i agree with you , who he was to get a religious decision of declaring Ahmedies as non muslim from National Assembly a worldly legislative body – he did it to please molvies – but molvies , hanged him in last – name one thing which he did for poor of Sind only , travel to sind and you will find totally devastated province with corruption , starvation , feudalism , poverty and distress – more specifically Larkana is example of his bright minded , developing approach , called philosophy of Bhutto …Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    She did’nt even know about the word research… I humbly request her to please do some research and then make any statement. Shame on you tribune Please higher any proof reader..Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    The writer is totally leave the circumstances and socio economics atmosphere of that time and article is reflecting anti bhutto feelings. I want to comment only one thing of so many about Mr. Bhuttos policies, Nationalization policy which you are saying the destroyer of Pakistan Industrial progress. Did you ever read that policy thoroughly what was it. It was for wellbeing and welfare of poor people of industrial workers. Before that every industrialist just ruining the lives of the worker. They have all the power to hire and fire anyone at any time and no reason.Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    The writers ignores every social step which was taken by Mr. Bhutto was the basis of the social Islamic Pakistan. He was taken those steps which are directed us from our Islamic book (Quran) and Lessons of Prophet (PHUM) that salary of the worker should be given to him before his dry his sweat.

    He introduced the policy that every millman is bounded by the law that he has built a housing facility, dispensary, School for the children, Life bima policy, EOBI, Health care facility for the workers of the factory..Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    Mr. Satinder she is courageous but ignorant too and leave the facts. and off course lack of research and knowledge…Recommend

  • Ather

    Totally agree with you Mr. Sandhu. The author is a young person, in early stages of he career, so this blog goes on her CV which will help her find a job in her field. However, it is very unfortunate because if our young people are this irresponsible, then the future of our country is worse than the present.

    My response to her blog has not been posted by The Tribune and they have the right to do so, but I will summarise my response again here (which probably will not be published again).

    PPP under ZAB was the only party in Pakistan that had representation from all four provinces in national assembly. True, they did not win majority seats in KP and Bl, but had many seats from there. All other parties were either regional, sectoral (representing business class) or sectarian. Many economic development projects were initiated or boosted during ZAB’s tenure as Prime Minister. For example, in KP, Left Bank Canal project, Indus Highway project and Gomal University (among others) have changed the lives of residents of rural DI Khan (just go and visit there and talk to locals). In Balochistan, many road building projects were started which was opposed by local feudal lords for obvious reasons. RCD highway really got under way at the same time. I suggest the author to verify all these facts and then rewrite her blog.Recommend

  • Ricky Smith

    The PPP know the art of propaganda and have learnt well from Herr Gobbels, the NAZIs had the same idea, large portraits of Hitler, pictures with children, benevolent leader, hiding their true ugly selves behind large mausoleums and so on. When Zardari unfortunately became President, all of islamabad was covered with his grinning dumbazz toothy pictures, but they have someone really smart running they psy ops out of Larkana….

    I would demolish all their mausoleums if I could. Hope the Taliban do it.Recommend

  • Custard_Pie_In_Your_Face

    Not only am I observing Zulfikar Ali Bhuttos death anniversary, I am celebrating it.Recommend

  • Enkay

    Muhammad Sajid Ali Bhutto : The evil that man do lives after them – the good is oft interred with their bones! Marcus Antonius in Julius CæserRecommend

  • n_m_a

    Wait – he was the FIRST to go to Saudi Arabia for money ! After his failed nationalisation and quota system destroyed the economy and industry he ran with with his begging bowl for a handout to sustan and keep himself in power. He started the trend of going to our “Muslim Brothers” for money, and since his his time the issue has only gotten worse….. ofcoruse as with most things the true implications on our society didnt show till decades later……..Recommend

  • Atiq

    You wrote what I wanted to write, for a long time, He is not even worth remembering for anything but for the enigma he caused. No words are enough to express my anger for not only Zulfiqar Bhutto but also his followers, an uneducated person may not understand many things but people like aitazaz ahsen and qamar zaman qaera are the ones who really annoy me, Anyway a very good idea and an equally good expression
    keep it upRecommend

  • Saad Salman Zia

    Totally agree!Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    When I read firebrand ZAB’s statement, “We will eat grass . . . ” so very long ago, that for me, and for many outside Pakistan, crystallized perfectly who he was. Yet, people supported him and still do.Recommend

  • Saladin1Chamchawala

    There is very thin line between courage and stupidity; some people don’t know the difference!
    Of course Mr Bhutto is heart broken for being ignored by this phenomenal columnist of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Saladin1Chamchawala

    You forgot to mention that he was also responsible for Adam’s expulsion from the Heavens, Moses being lost in the wilderness and Jesus Christ being put on The Cross.
    While you are at it; add Noah’s floods, Spanish Inquisitions and destruction of Baghdad by Mongols to his list of crimes as well, he won’t be able to deny any of these things!Recommend

  • Asif Javed Khan

    Absolutely right, he was an evil genius. Otherwise he would have driven pakistan to the top position.Recommend