Kashmir: Where raising a Pakistani flag is a criminal offence

Published: March 28, 2015

Who Andrabi is and what she personally stands for is irrelevant to this case.

On March 23rd, a Kashmiri woman publicly displayed a Pakistani flag and sang our national anthem in Srinagar. Judging from the swift and furious response by the authorities, she may well have been brandishing a swastika.

I do not believe I would be able to mount a perfect defence, especially to Indian readers, of Asiya Andrabi – a somewhat intimidating niqabi separatist leader commonly photographed with a ceremonial dagger in hand. And that’s fine because who Andrabi is and what she personally stands for is irrelevant to this case.

What I do believe is that no person should have to face prosecution for brandishing another country’s banner or singing their national anthem. I should be the right person to say that, for the following reason:

Several years ago – in happier times when YouTube was still accessible in Pakistan – I uploaded a series of videos of myself singing the national anthems of Pakistan’s neighbours – a personal gesture of goodwill towards them, from a proud Pakistani citizen. That series, of course, included a video of me singing Jana Gana Mananational anthem of India, whose lyrics I still remember by heart. I fearfully wonder if my Indian friends cheering the case against Andrabi, in the spirit of consistency, would have endorsed the same action against me too here in Pakistan.

I would not accept a ‘contextual’ argument on this, alluding to Andrabi’s questionable history as the chief of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, an all-women organisation associated with the Hurriyat. What matters is the reason for which the authorities had her booked, and that is hoisting the Pakistani flag.

Photo: Steve McCurry/National Geographic

It’s a frightening thought. And an accidental nod to Nasiruddin Shah’s contentious theory that Indians are “brainwashed” into seeing Pakistan as the enemy state. At this point, I would not challenge the claim, but regretfully add that the inverse is true as well. And that there is much animosity against Indians in Pakistan, which we didn’t develop through careful research and contemplation, but simply inherited from our ancestors.

This piece is not about Pakistan though. So I would appreciate focus on the topic at hand, without allowing ourselves to be derailed by wanton “whataboutism” concerning Pakistan.

I would not have penned my concerns had this been a sporadic ‘whoopsie’ by over-exuberant police officials. This is, lamentably, part of a culture of jingoistic chest-thumping and intense xenophobia that throttles any hope of a rational solution to Indo-Pak strife.

Last year in March, 67 Kashmiri students were expelled by the Swami Vivekanand Subharti University (SVSU) for cheering for Pakistan’s cricket team, and that was after many of them were brutally beaten by fellow students.

Meanwhile in Pondicherry, a Pakistani student was beaten with iron rods, ostensibly because of his nationality. The incident set a tremendous example that even a grand total of, say, six Pakistani students who get the visa clearance to enter India with their heads low and ears raised, cannot expect to be protected; forget what would happen if the student exchange policy were liberalised.

Dear Indians, place yourselves in an average Pakistani’s shoe to feel his disappointment, though not necessarily ‘shock’, in discovering that his beloved flag is being treated as contraband by his neighbouring state; and the singing of his anthem, being deemed a criminal offence. I would not be so naive as to question why such activity is generally frowned upon, but I would confidently state that criminalising this activity indicates pettiness.

And do not assume for a minute that I would not complain if the situation were the other way around.

Faraz Talat

Faraz Talat

A medical doctor and bubble-wrap enthusiast from Rawalpindi, who writes mostly about science and social politics (and bubble-wrap). He tweets @FarazTalat (twitter.com/FarazTalat)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Prakash

    Dear Faraz Talat, how about you placing yourself in Asiya Andrabi’s shoes, and hoisting Indian flag, let’s say in Baluchistan? What do you reckon will be the Pakistani authorities’ response? And what will be response of your average Pakistanis?Recommend

  • wirjuden

    simple solution people who want to raise Pak flag in India can pack up and leave for paradise called Pakistan … Pakistan is the greatest nation , in words of zaid red cap ” “madina e sani” why then stay back in India ? good riddance if these dumb people leave for their beloved paradise, where milk flows , rather than blood as the worlds sees it !Recommend

  • Pakka Indian

    I wonder how Pakistan and Pakistanis would react if a Baluchi unfurled the Indian flag and sang the Indian national anthem in Baluchistan, much of which is fiercely anti-Pakistan because of its decades of persecution and systematic genocide of the natives, exploitation of their natural resources by the Punjabi-dominated establishment and selling of many of its vital assets to outsiders, particularly the Chinese. Yes, dear author, there would be political fireworks and barbaric physical assaults on the poor Baluchis, I am sure. Also, don’t you not find it provocative to the local Kashmiri and Indian sentiments when a woman called Asiya Andrabi, hiding her face behind the burqa, regurgitates anti-India rants that are commonplace amongst brainwashed Pakistanis? Try doing that in your “brotherly Muslim” countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar or even the less rigid UAE. The Saudis, accustomed to executing Pakistanis by the dozens a day, would hardly blink an eye lid while putting a Pakistan under the guillotine – sorry, under the mighty sword of the executioner. By those standards, India is far, far more liberal and tolerant society than Pakistan or the Arab countries can be to its minorities. It is only when you stretch the Indians’ limits by launching an attack or staging a direct affront against India’s sovereignty that you can expect the law to crack down on the culprits in India.Recommend

  • Dubya

    do your home work … and don’t just occupy this space Recommend

  • hp kumar

    As an ordinary man,i have problem with burqua clad women…Burqua is a sign of radicalization..i cant support this burqua clad woman no matter what she does..her intentions r not correct..She must be looking for communal flare up and thus racking up more troubles in the valley..Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    the point is … we hate pakistan and pakistanis …. if she would have cheered or sung any other country’s national anthem then it would have been ok…. but pakistan… highly unacceptable ,, simply because pakistan is an enemy state ….i study in university where there is so much of hatred for pakistan that every bomb blast … every attack in pakistan ( including the horrible APS attack) is rejoiced ….every attack in pakistan is an excuse to mock pakistan and its failures here in my university … it is the same university which is recognized well around the world and has produced many global CEO’s including sundar pichai …( holds imp position in google) …
    the truth is indians in general ….huge majority of them hate pakistan …. and keep mocking it for its failures… their blood boils every time there is a news of an actor/artist coming to work here in india ….dats the truth …and yes i too am a part of this group…….and i don’t see any end to this hatred …not even in near future …Recommend

  • Sajjid

    Baluchistan is internal matter for pakistan dont know why every indian drags it in when ever they have no answer there are many states in Infia who want seprate state but Kashmir is not Indian or pakistani Affair its us who should decide and should be free like every pakistani or Indian is.
    Kashmir belongs to people of Kashmir not india or pakistan so when ever i ever idian saying we should let these people go to pakistan i laugh its like me saying let all indians go to africa if they not happy.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Pakistan’s national anthem has been played in certain matches that have taken place on Indian soil as well, and no one objects – why do think that is? Well the answer, dude, is that context is everything – if not, then you need to accept the matches as proof that the Pak anthem can be played in India without any controversy – take your pick. You uploading to YouTube a couple of videos of an academic exercise is very different from going to Quetta or Muzaffarabad and unfurling the tricolor and singing the Jana Gana Mana or shouting Vande Mataram. Do that and all that will be left for us to remember you by are these blogs. And as for Asiya Andrabi, she sang the Pak anthem to get a reaction. Well, she got it, and good luck to her.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    No ..Donot even think that Indians will allow pakistani flag to be unfurled or pakistani national anthem to be sung on indian land..You seem to be very naive , devoid of reality..Pakistan brings bad memory to us..Everything related to pakistan is anti-india..I have given you short answer..Now its up to you to look on bigger picture to have understanding about it..Recommend

  • wb

    “What I do believe is that no person should have to face prosecution for
    brandishing another country’s banner or singing their national anthem.”

    The blogger forgot the first rule of blog writing: perspective.

    The lady did not just hoist the flag of any country. She hoisted the flag of a country that has declared us their enemy and waged 4 wars and lost all of them.

    It is not acceptable in any country to hoist the flag of an enemy country and sing their national anthem.

    This is not freedom of expression.

    This is incitement to violence. Incitement to communal disharmony and incitement to terrorism (after all, Pakistan is a sponsor of terrorism in India).

    The blogger must also understand that unfurling of Indian flag in Balochistan will disappear the person and a week later his tortured body would be found.Recommend

  • wb

    Taking a cue from Prakash.

    Dear blogger, please unfurl Indian flag in Karachi or Lahore. Just unfurl in on top of your home for just 5 minutes. No need to sing Indian national anthem.

    This is a challenge.

    You must do it and come back here and write a blog that all your limbs are in tact. That you’re even alive and you don’t have any bandages on any parts of your body.

    A simple challenge blogger. Do you have the heart to accept it?Recommend

  • Zee

    “Proactive to local Kashmiris”. Why all the Indians trolling on ET seem to be live in fools paradise! Dude! local Kashmiris don’t support india, did you forget the chanting of Pakistan Zindabad by thousand of Kashmiris and observing the black day on indian Independence Day etc.

    Moreover, Baluchistan is entirely different from Kashmir as the later one is a disputed territory while Baluchistan insurgency is supported by India. Recommend

  • Shehzad Khan

    Honestly, they 100% have a right to do so. Freedom of speech should allow anyone to do this and the progressives of Pakistan would have no problem with this. However contrary to what you said, much of Baluchistan is fiercely PRO-PAKISTANI but against the Pakistan government. I would know seeing as I’m a Baluch from Quetta (Baluchistan’s capital). All of those issues such as exploitation of natural resources, selling vital assets are major problems that a lot of us are fighting against. But do not think that we are against Pakistan.Recommend

  • amartya

    dear faraz ‘liberal’ talat, i would love if you put yourself into an Indian shoe, that Indian who has lost his relatives due to Jihadi terror attacks(if you ask for proofs,i would provide you) in Delhi Mumbai Hyderabad Jaipur Ahmedabad Varanasi etc. unleashed by your state.please put yourself into an Indian shoe whose country has lost trillions of dollars due to four wars and many terrorist attacks supported by worlds best intelligence agency. ;) . AFAIK Ali Hassan Raza(he is in my fb friend list) ,pakistani student in PU, was NOT beaten due to his nationality. if it were so,he would have been beaten in his 1st year of college by Indians not in last year. Also about Asiya Andrabi case,it is NOT as black and white as you see.she is chief of woman-wing of Hizbul mujahideen-a terrorist organisation supported by your state. and in case of those 67 kashmiri students i am telling you they were suspended just for 3 days only because of their security as they raised anti-Indian slogans in the heart of India,i.e.,in Meerut UP. also i happen to know many hypocrite freedom fighters of Kashmir who in the day date a Delhi girl and in the night they cry for azadi. thats it.
    ..please publish my comments ET moderator :(Recommend

  • Pallav Arora

    I will just take you to the basic fact. Formation of Pakistan can be ascribed to egoism, the fact they don’t want to live among non-muslims, it will defile their holy religion and Kashmir is on the same path. We have seen where ever muslims are in majority they create problems for minority non-muslims. (We have live examples from it, Pakistan is not an exception) . Today, we say and hear many words that Islam is a religion of peace but we don’t see this is the case, infact spread haterdness and to my amazement Muslims are blindly following this path.
    Do to this attitude PAK is today Nothing but heap of shit.


  • Indian

    Dear author, here the problem is not Pakistan anthem or flag…you said that once you sang Indian anthem. that’s nice. but this is also true that you don’t hate Pakistan…right?? it is your country and you love it and just as a gesture you sang the anthem…but that women in Kashmir sang that song not only show respect to Pakistan but it shows how much she hates India…it hurts us. (if you think that hate is justifiable, but still it hurts us)

    You also mentioned the Pondicherry incident….based on that incident you cannot say that Indians hate pakistanis. so may pakistanis coming to India. some for acting, some for treatment..are we hurting everybody?

    sorry for my poor English but your analysis based on incidents without going to its roots is not good.Recommend

  • RFD

    There is no freedom of speech in India. OR Pakistan. That is
    pure hogwash. It is an idolized concept. That both countries
    pretend to uphold. The Baloch problem has been going on for
    decades. From the 60’s when it picked up steam. True, it is aided
    and abetted by India. Yet the this problem exist. Nobody is sure
    exactly what the Baloch want. Because they are not unified behind
    one leader or concept. However if you unfurl the Indian flag on your
    roof and sing the Indian National Anthem. You will be made to
    ‘disappear’ and will never be found again. Whether you do this in
    Balochistan or Islamabad, it would not matter.Recommend

  • Ramchand

    You started out well in your comment. Then it just deteriorated into a
    Anti Pak diatribe. Which is common in these pages, from Indians. Just
    about par for the course.Recommend

  • M

    In Pakistan we wouldn’t care, you can see numerous Afghan flags in Quetta and surrounding areas, and we don’t care.Recommend

  • Sehwan Sharif

    most of us Pakistanis aren’t hyper-nationalists, though we are super-religious, so it’s different here.

    I couldn’t careless if a Pakistanis sang vande mataram or waved an Indian flag, most of us don’t, we would laugh it off especially if it happens in a remote area in Pakistan which has no ties with India.

    When a Kashmiri sings the ‘qaumi tarana’ or waves the ‘sabz parcham’, he or she does it out of love,affinity and desire, whereas if a Pakistani especially from a region in the frontier or Balochistan waves the Indian flag just to tick off Pakistanis, even though it doesn’t cause we know their show of love for india isn’t genuine, but Kashmiris affection for Pakistan is sincere.

    BTW I know many people from the frontier who cheer for Afghanistan against Pakistan in cricket matches and sing Afghan national anthem or wave their flag in Karachi,Lahore,Quetta,Isloo etc yet none of us care if they call themselves Afghan or Pakistani, so i suggest Indians let the hyper-nationalism rest.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    From my article:

    “I…regretfully add that…there is much animosity against Indians in Pakistan, which we didn’t develop through careful research and contemplation, but simply inherited from our ancestors.

    This piece is not about Pakistan though. So I would appreciate focus on the topic at hand, without allowing ourselves to be derailed by wanton “whataboutism” concerning Pakistan.”Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    And the first rule of *reviewing* a blog, interestingly, is carefully reading the blog and not make arguments already deconstructed in the blog.

    Do you feel I deserve to be in jail for singing the national anthem of an “enemy” state, and publicly sharing it on social media with a message of goodwill? If authorities arrest me here for completing your challenge of hoisting an Indian flag on my house for 5 minutes (they probably won’t, though my conservative paros-walay-uncle would give me an earful), you wouldn’t complain about it?

    Should you not be considering this ‘perspective’?

    Also, like I already said in the blog, let’s not respond to every argument against Indian law and culture with whataboutism aimed at Pakistan. Like the only goal for Indians and Pakistanis is to be half a percent better than the other in each field, and then happily retire. What if I told you we *both* have problems worth attending to?Recommend

  • Sach Bhol

    Baluchistan is indeed a disputed area if you look at the historical facts. Initially, the then West Pakistanis also did not accept the struggle of what is now Bangladesh and dismissed it as just a “small difference of opinion” which flared into a full-fledged war in 1971 and cut itself from West Pakistani exploitation. Sir, don’t kid yourself by playing down Baluchistan’s resentment against Pakistanis and their exploitation of their resources. The so-called “freedom struggle” in Indian Kashmir is fanned, mainly, by terrorist and other support from Pakistan — the whole world knows that. But if you are so keen about Kashmir, would you also not like to examine the dreadful state-of-affairs in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, particularly in Gilgit which is under terrible subjugation with zero transparency. The Kashmiris in India are doing far, far better than their brethren under Pakistan’s subjugation and repression. The moment any dissenting Kashmiri under Pakistani occupation opens his/her mouth, that person is summarily executed or simply “disappears”. They have zero rights. Their population is overrun and soon will be outnumbered by Punjabi-speaking Pakistanis. And, believe you me, that in itself is inherent with strong conflict material. It’s a question of time, dear chap.Recommend

  • John Samuels

    Dear Pakka Indian,
    Sir, I fully agree with you but the readers who have replied to you are like the proverbial Austrich birds with their heads in the sand. Blinded by hate-filled propaganda which is fed to them from day one of their lives, and unable or unwilling to discern facts from fiction, thanks to a brainwashed madrassa upbringing, Pakistanis such as Zee (the reader who responded to your post) do not see the difference in context. This burqa-clad woman Asiya Andrabi clearly engaged in an act of provocation against the national interests of India, and it was proper on the part of the authorities to detain her. Try unfurling the flag of an enemy country in places like the Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, North Korea, Pakistan, etc. and you will get a treatment that will be far, far worse than given to this woman Andrabi who should consider herself lucky to be doing this in a country which allows people like herself to stretch its limits of tolerance and civilized behaviour where none should be exhibited towards such dangerous characters.Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    kashmir will always be part of india ….u can forget it …good for u…with the kind of pathetic condition ur country is in…. u r not even getting it even in dreams….so keep dreaming … we will keep arresting …keep kicking anyone who supports pakistan…Recommend

  • Faulitics

    Haha…As if unfurling an Indian flag and singing the indian national anthem will be allowed in POK or Baluchistan. Last article was about how a burkha wearer, who wanted special exception about dress code in courts , is a victim and now this? Farah Talat, have the mullahs got to you too?Recommend

  • Ченнаи картик

    I wonder why kashmiris don’t feel as Indians. There are many people India whose culture is far far superior to kashmiris. What history makes they are of superior blood. I saw in YouTube that pak media has openly voiced that my state TN would secede from India. Total rubbish. We Tamils have history much before your religion was born(no offence). We ourselves are proud Indians. Why kashmiris thump their chest and say Kashmir blood.blah blah… India has given every thing to them including education in Indian colleges and many of them work in NCR or Hyderabad or bangalore in high paying jobs still they act that they want independent Kashmir. Totally laughable.Recommend

  • rama

    what a joke, Baluchistan is PRO-Pakistan !!Recommend

  • rama

    Faraz Talat first understand what is meant by freedom of speech. Kashmirs are not very conservative society they are progressive, society, It is radicalised by the militants after 1990. Asiya is not daughter of the Kashmir. She is fanatics to promote her narrow version of the Kashmir , there are no taker in the Kashmir.Recommend

  • Rakib

    Bloggers like you do not seem to wish well by Andrabi. If Authorities had not reacted to her she would have been the most disappointed person. Luckily for her very foolish Indians promptly obliged.Recommend

  • Humza

    You really have to get a handle on reality. Most people in Baluchistan are pro Pakistani and a few tribal leaders on foreign payrolls have not changed this reality. By all means I would accept these few Baluchis unfurling Indian flags if they want to and say that they want to join India. And yes if the majority of Baluchis want to join India like you believe, then they should be allowed to. Trying to shy away from the fundamental issue that Kashmiris were deprived of their right to be part of Pakistan at the time of partition will not work. In today’s world, you can’t hold people hostage forever and ultimately UN resolutions which oblige a free and fair referendum will have to be honored. There is no need for rancour or war if everyone just listened to what the majority of the people there want.Recommend

  • islooboy

    Afghanis do it every time there is a Pakistan India matchRecommend

  • islooboy

    Afridi pathans from Quetta Balochistan played a major role in liberating Azad KashmirRecommend

  • Dishum

    Kashmir is named after Kashyap Rishi, the great Hindu seer… And 90% pakistani ancestors were Hindus… They were all converted by raping, threatening, Jazia Taxes…. Imagine what wil you do if you are threatened your 2 yr old son wil be beheaded if u don’t become a Muslim… This is the truth…Chandni Chowk in Delhi is where Hindus were killed including Guru Arjan Dev…. Pakistanis are confused ppl… They abuse their own ancestors… Arabs don’t give a damn to these Pakis… Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Judging from the swift and furious response by the authorities, she may well have been brandishing a swastika.”

    She is still alive and will I am sure be back to her business soon despite as you say India’s furious response. In some other countries, the furious response would mean the person going untraceable. The author might say I am missing the perspective which is exactly what Faraz should have done in the first place.

    Also, it is not a crime in India if you are brandishing Swastika, it was not created by Nazis but the symbol was just used by them.

    There is nothing wrong in hoisting another countries flag but to raise it at the cost of your own is an act of defiance and when you combine it with the background Dukhtaran-E-Millat comes with, the state has to counter it before such an act goes viral.Recommend

  • RFD

    With all due respect..the Kashmiris, both entities, do not want to
    join Paks OR India. At this stage. If they had their way, they want a free Kashmir. A separate nation. Which should be fine.Go for it.
    Coming to the Baloch question, They DON’T want to join India.
    A small percentage want a free independent Balochistan. And they
    are aided and abetted by India. They are the BLA and the BLF
    However, that will not happen. It has a snowball in hell chanceRecommend

  • Tarak Vaakil

    No Faraz, u r missing the point, look of al the writers on this blog, u are the best I’ve ever come across, and I’ll also understand how u feel when Indians support u on many issues but not on this 1.

    I’ll explain, this lady ( I don’t even like using this term for this caricature ) is to us what Anjem Choudhry is for the British, as it is we bow down to the dozens of demands to whims of the minorities, but when it comes to this case, it is 1 time to many,,,,,,In India u’ll find many places where an entire locality openly supports Pakistan and waves the flags when it wins cricket matches………..so please we do have freedom of expression, u did see how we mocked our own gods didn’t uRecommend

  • Harris

    So all Kashmiris (including the author) who support Kashmiri separatism are terrorists without any evidence or links?Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    start apologizing boy. why are showing such shamelessness btw?Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    why are you still showing such shameless attitude that you show up to comment even after you wrote that you will be apologizing in public lol. Recommend

  • wb

    Yes, I’m for arresting anyone who hoists an enemy flag. If not this will lead to widespread unrest in the society.

    And when you say the police may not arrest you, I’m guessing you mean if you survive the mob first.

    If the situation were different, then no problem.

    If a Srilankan flag is hoisted in Tamil Nadu, he’ll get beaten up. But if a Srilankan flag is hoisted in say, Kolkota, nobody will care.

    So, as long as the situation is not normal, yes whoever incites violence must be arrested. Inciting violence is not necessarily a hate speech, I guess, I don’t have to clarity that.Recommend

  • wb

    the same way you promise to provide non-existent proof and then only provide assumptions/theories/propaganda/lies and then chicken out making personal abuse.

    Sounds like a blackhole calling a warmhole black. Guess who you are in the analogy.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Yesterday ,BSF shot dead a pakistani for smuggling heroine into Indian territory…Just go through the pic,you will feel ashamed of yourselfRecommend

  • hp kumar

    RFD ,how many times you have been to india..If you have not ,then stop writing your cacophony..Indians will not tolerate flags of pakistan and Bangladesh on indian soil..The two countries r danger to our freedom of speech and expression..Comparing India with a failed state is far fetched idea..pakistanis should look to middle east for comparison..Recommend

  • hp kumar

    What i understand from your comment is that pakistanis r always made to do wrong stuffs..freedom of speech comes with responsibility..what if we all sit and see innocence of muslims in front of this lady and her gang..Let me see her reaction then.with the kind of immature thinking and irresponsible behavior that pakistan’s educated class evince toady, is the reason why pakistan is fast becoming a failed state ..Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Yeh right, like an indian would know better than a Baloch regarding what is going on over there. Recommend

  • L.

    YOU are a danger to the freedom of speech of India, Mr Kumar. YOU ARE. Read your own comment below.

    If you don’t want to compare your country with a “failed state”, then why do you keep bringing up problems in pak when we talk about issues in india, ah? Compare yourself with America cos they also have a great rep. at being a country full of rapists.

    TBH now I’m actually beginning to miss Prashant and Anoop. Atleast they weren’t full time HYPOCRITES like “abhishek” and yourself. Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    why are u constantly after me …. leave me alone …!!!Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    if stating the fact and obvious is shamelessness … then i have no problem showing it …Recommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    Claps..what an honest and brave statement, a straight punch on the faces of all those who are always busy in justifying themselves otherwise. Same applies on the other side of the border – the ugly and horrible minds are no less in number on both sides.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius
  • Zee

    Dude! You need to get some research! Yes there has been some issues w.r.t Baluchistan but majority of the people love Pakistan barring few tribal leaders and the whole world knows india is abetting those people.

    And Bangladesh, yes our politicians played a very dirty role but India did cause the creation of BD and the same thing is started by Pakistan in Kashmir i.e. Supporting separatists in Kashmir.

    If india is so sure about Kashmiris affection to India then allow them a plebiscite under neutral observers and you will get the result.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    If you go through the story ,it seems that her family was already into prostitution business..Since the girl refused to carry on family’s profession,she was raped..One should look at positive side of it..In the past,her class of people simply submitted themselves to parents demand or join family’s business of dealing with clients..But it is no longer a case now..She simply refused ..She lodged a complaint in the apex court and her voice has been heard..Supreme court showed its disgust on police apathy and reprimanded them ..most probably her parents would soon be arrested and she will be allowed to live a life of her own choice..these r the changes one must appreciate..But India haters like you will always look for bad story coming out from India..Nothing can change your mind..Recommend

  • Zee

    Look a person responding who directly hails from a country elected mass murderer as PM! Enough said!Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    It doesn’t matter if she’s your Anjem Chaudhry or your Osama bin Laden. What matters is the *reason* for which Indian authorities had her booked, and that’s for raising the Pakistani flag.

    That reason is laughable. If she’d been arrested for terrorist activity, that would’ve been different. But I don’t think singing “Pak Sar-zameen” counts as a legitimate act of terrorism, or even an act supporting it.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat
  • Faraz Talat

    Mock my liberal values, if you must. But the day a person gets arrested by the Pakistani authorities in Azad Kashmir for singing the Indian anthem, I’ll be mounting the very same defense on behalf of Indians too.

    And you’ll be listening to passionate comments from Pakistanis who are conservative, such as yourself, about how poorly the Indians have treated Kashmiris, and how Pakistanis are right to be so xenophobic.

    Arresting a person simply for raising another country’s flag is, almost by definition, despotic.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Indeed, she got it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Andrabi had actually been *banking* on the culture of xenophobia rampant in India, knowing that she’d be booked for something as petty as displaying a foreign flag, win international sympathy, and make India look like a despotic regime.

    I’d say that plan worked splendidly.Recommend

  • L.


    Pakistanis DO NOT get any pleasure out of the pain of Indians; get that through your head.

    But if you are going to continuously brush off the discussion of events which appear to happen in your own country and act like a child, blaming others at every point made against your own, then you will receive replies with links like above. You are lucky we won’t add a “LOL” or a “haha” at the end of the message. Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    what are you talking about lol? you constantly kept on commenting that sati was over in India and if a case was shown after 1984 you will apologize. So start apologizing boy.Recommend

  • Milind A

    The ‘mass murderer’ as you call him is acquitted by Indian judiciary (which is far better than your kangaroo courts)… And what about the genocide by your army when it killed 3M Bengalis in 1971… That rogue army is still around looking for blood now in Yemen.Recommend

  • Milind A

    Its unfortunate that you’ve cherry-picked a few anti-Pakistan incidents (Pakistani student beaten in Pondicherry) to build your case. You conveniently ignore the Pakistani patients streaming across the border who’re rendered medical care in India.

    About Naseeruddin Shah’s remark, this is completely off the mark.. With and open media and internet (yes youtube is not banned in India), its not easy to brainwash an entire population. Fact is when a country sends people in boat to create mayhem, or attack our Parliament, bad blood is automatically created against that country.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    father rapes daughter and there is a positive side. I hang my head in shame at this crass attitude of yours.Recommend

  • Milind A

    Ok… Then why don’t you set them free by withdrawing your army from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir…

    us we’ll decide whether we want to free them or not… You don’t have
    to worry about our Kashmiris, because in any case they don’t want to
    join you…Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Any proof that it was Pakistan who sent ” a boat” and pakistan who attacked your parliament? Unless you have concrete proof, you are no different than Zaid Hamid who blamed India for Peshawar.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    I think neither you nor me have lived a life with prostitute..Why comment on that when you donot know anything about them?There is a reason they r called prostitute..I said even sexual harassment of a prostitute is not looked away by Indian court..thats a great achievement..It shows the seriousness and commitment of govt of india towards safety of woman..Recommend

  • Prashant

    “If india is so sure about Kashmiris affection to India then allow them a plebiscite under neutral observers and you will get the result.”

    We are actually sure that we do not stand a chance in a plebiscite, so we are not going to conduct a referendum.

    Your comments suggest you are absolutely sure of the people of Balochistan’s affection for the nation of Pakistan, why don’t you conduct a referendum then and address the issue once and for all?

    Hey don’t bother answer because I already know your answer which you have responded with in the past umpteen times that “Kashmir is disputed but Balochistan is not. “Recommend

  • Prashant

    You are seeing things in isolation Faraz.

    India maintains a very large presence of its Army in Kashmir to not only respond to the militant threat but also to ensure the protests which are peaceful do not gather momentum when they start, by your logic, India should also allow the Kashmiris to protest irrespective of its consequences.

    It sounds illogical not to allow protests in a democracy but if Kashmir had been just another state of India, it would be manned by police and not Army and police together.

    The Indian leadership would find it hard to explain to its people elsewhere in India if a large number of people in Kashmir take to the streets with Pakistani flags.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Any proof that it was Pakistan who sent ” a boat” and pakistan who attacked your parliament?”

    Why do you think your country had to file a case against Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi?

    Would you at least listen to your then interior minister Rehman Malik:


    Are you also aware that Maulana Masood Azhar was the one who was blamed for the parliament attack, this is the same man whom India traded for in return for innocent lives at Kandahar, he resurfaced in Pakistan within days and continues to live there, are you now going to say it was allright to have the plane hijacked and one of its passengers killed for a blood sucker like Masood Azhar?

    Another man who was freed that day was Omar Saeed Sheikh who by your own countries admission went on to play an important role in getting Daniel Pearl hacked to pieces.

    If this is not enough for evidence, you obviously have decided it is perfectly fine to have Indian blood on Pakistani hands. If you continue on this path, you would end up with the same conclusion as that of the deep state within Pakistan which still believes it can take care of those fighting it while being the sponsor of those who kill others.Recommend

  • Rakib

    Andrabi was 5 years old when Section 13 of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 1967 became operative in India. It was not kasmir/pak specific. It may be a stupid law for some but its the law. Neither Pakistan nor Kashmiri’s of Geelani-Andrabi variety were really the major worry back then, despite 1965 war, and it was North East & the early paranoia of Indira & irrational fears of CIA & hobgoblins that resulted in quite a few Draconian laws. Today when jingoism passes for some kind of patriotism all such Acts are brushed up. (Gujarat legislature has just passed one such horrible law) Hoisting Pak flags is commonplace in some parts of Srinagar & jails can’t accommodate all.Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    does this come under sati or not ???

  • ormd1911

    Well, they want Kashmir, not the Kashmiri’s ? The other side says take the Kashmiri’s and Kashmir is theirs. Its as simple as that.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    no, ofc not. SATI is the hindu practice where a widow is burnt. And what connection does this have with our debate? you said SATI was not ongoing in India, I showed you it was. Why are you being shameless btw? There is a word for people who just comment to incite others, it is TROLL, I think it fits you really well.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Daughters and sons in Pakistan too this seems to be an organised system in Pakistan

    Parallel justice system: Man sells daughters to pay Jirga fine


  • ask

    Simply apologize & be done with it and in future don’t pull fast ones. Its so easy! And then this Max guy will let you be, or so it appears.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Rehman can’t recite a Surah of the quran. An actual detailed news report would be nice.

    So just cos these men who are apparently pakistani, appprently carried out these attacks and havent been jailed by the state of Pakistan, they are apparently SUPPORTED by the country? Nup, you can’t just say that.

    Oh and why is the fact that I don’t go around blaming ppl without proper evidence, hurting you?? Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Rehman can’t recite a Surah of the quran. An actual detailed news report would be nice.”

    I am sure Rehman Malik, the interior minister of Pakistan was conspiring to have Pakistan blamed for this. May be you should make “reciting Surah” a criteria to hold the position of an interior minister of Pakistan.

    “So just cos these men who are apparently pakistani, appprently carried out these attacks and havent been jailed by the state of Pakistan, they are apparently SUPPORTED by the country? Nup, you can’t just say that.”

    You need to ask yourself who created LeT and why is no action being taken against the likes of Hafiz Saeed, a Pakistani would argue lack of evidence, an Indian would say it is charade.

    When people like you come up with the theory that you have, it is clearly a veiled justification of the Pakistani states policy of bleeding India, Pakistan needs to understand if you can do it, there is a possibility your adversaries can do the same better than you which in short means the death of more innocents on both sides of the border.

    “Oh and why is the fact that I don’t go around blaming ppl without proper evidence, hurting you??”

    It does not hurt the Indians any longer because we have gotten used to it over a very long period of time where the Pakistanis ask for evidence and APPARENTLY no amount of evidence is enough, the likes of Hafiz Saeed and their ideology is hurting Pakistan much more than the Indians but the Pakistanis can always look the other way.

    So much for a liberal from Pakistan, huh..

    You did not respond to the Maulana Masood/ OSS bit though.Recommend

  • Milind A

    Madam…. David Headley was privy to this plan and this came out of his confession… Moreover the terrorist chats were intercepted and they were taking orders from their handlers in Pakistan. Additionally, Ajmal Kasab’s family who hailed from Pakistan Punjab, owned him, but later disappeared from the public eye…
    India has already provided a dossier with the relevant proofs to your Govt.
    What more proof do you need?Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    its not going on in india ….. it wasn’t sati … she committed suicide outta grief and sorrow … nowhere was it written that she was forced… u r so ill informed ….Recommend

  • L.

    I never called myself a liberal prashant, trust you to talk without proof.

    Anyways, if they did it, and you guys have proof, then Pak should jail them. If pak doesn’t jail them, then take it to the international court. If international court can’t do anything, then tough luck- I.e. Time to take your words back.

    Oh and also: unless you have CONCRETE PROOF against the COUNTRY, you can’t talk.

    Keep me updated. Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Why hasn’t pakistan government been held responsible for it then? WHY, if you have this “evidence”, the gov. Of pakistan is still chilling? Like I said to Prashant, take your case to the UN, an international court or whatever else and make a proper judgement.

    And UNTIL that or something similar is carried out, you can’t blame the country that is Pakistan. Case closed.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    LOL, THE INDIAN NEWSPAPERS CALL IT SATI, so let me get this right, the newspapers are lying, the entire media is lying, encyclopedias are lying, and who is not lying Abhishek Chutvadi ofcRecommend

  • ask

    You may want to learn more about International Court, its jurisdiction, its limitations. You may want to educate yourself on aspects like Investigation (of crimes committed/ conspiracy hatched on Pak soil) and responsibility of Prosecution. Pak has a vested interest in delaying the entire process & you may want to teach yourself what’s that The Hague can do/just can’t to enforce expediated trial while dealing with a sovereign nation.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Believe you me, nobody can do anything if a country does not want to mend its ways, we are talking about sovereign countries and not criminal individuals, more so with countries which possess the nuclear capability which negates/ reduces any possibility of an open war which also means the country at the receiving end of covert acts responding in kind for not having any other option.

    The word “Liberal” I hope is not uncomplimentary for you.

    Let us agree to disagree on this one because there are more people in the world who are convinced about Pakistan’s role in sponsoring terrorism than those who are in Pakistan who think they are a victim of a grand conspiracy for being the only Muslim country to possess nuclear weapons.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Uncomplimentary or not, I don’t prefer getting tacked on with traits unless I use them on myself.

    If I gave two jacks about the opinion of the “people of this world”, I would not walk out of my house looking like an obvious muslim.

    For me, someone is innocent until proven guilty and if for you, translates to being a “conspiracy theorist”, then so be it. Recommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    Respect ! Your honor !Recommend

  • Surya

    Thanks to people like asiya andrabi and JKLF, along with JeM, kashmiri pandits like myself saw our community slaughtered and thrown out of the valley. We are the original inhabitants of Kashmir, and are unable to return due to such forces. Recommend

  • L.

    Not needed man, I just can’t stand it when ppl talk without proof! What if everyone starts to follow the conspiracy theorists and claim that raw did 26/11 and also played a part in peshawar. Many ppl say they have proof too! But not guilty until proven, correct? Indians only ask for proof when you speak against their own. Otherwise they are are know it alls Recommend

  • Asy ma wail !

    Agree, its strange that why they, with all their good relationships and so called “international acceptance” of their stance, don’t take Pakistan to the international courts and get a verdict against it. Some legal expert might help us solve this confusion.Recommend

  • Disgruntled

    You may see ask’s comments above with regard to the limitations of dragging a country to ICC. India well recognises the futility of this course of action – if Pakistan refuses to even accept the evidence as such, India can do little but make noise. But India, of course, has realised that it can pay Pakistan back in its own coin. As you well know, that course has been initiated, and will indeed be escalated, depending upon Pakistan’s actions. This unfortunately is a zero sum game, in which ultimately Pakistan has more to lose. Recommend

  • نائلہ

    We shall see what the future holds when we get there. Recommend

  • ajeet

    We should follow Pakistan’s example and use air force in Kashmir.Recommend

  • peacenik

    The UN Resolutions on Kahsmir firstly admiited that Pakistan had invaded Kashmir. The prerequisite for plebicite was that Pakistani Forces will withdraw totally ( and that includes Azad Kashmir) and Indian forces will be reduced. Pakistan never withdrew. Over the years Pakistan also has changed the demographics of its occupied territory. This why the plebicite was not implemented. Study the resolutions.Recommend

  • Kushal

    Dear Faraz, Just today there is a news that some channels got banned in AJK, for telecasting programmes dubbed in Hindi. Want to know if your logic of “freedom of expression” extends to this as well or not?Recommend

  • abhi

    There is a differene in raising the flag as goodwill gesture and raising a flag for claiming to be part of another country.Recommend

  • abhi

    If there is no proof then what Lakhvi is doing in Jail? Recommend

  • Zee

    It’s just a matter of one agreement under UN and the day india agrees to vacate IOK, Pakistan will do it same day for plebiscite.

    But it’s been 65 years, india is just playing with the words, even Indian govt won’t allow Kashmiris in the bilateral talks between India and Pakistan.Recommend

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