When India’s loss became Pakistan’s revenge

Published: March 27, 2015

We feel the urge to demonstrate our patriotism by mocking our neighbour. PHOTO: TWITTER

India’s dismal performance in the World Cup semi-final was a huge disappointment. India lacked strategy against the mighty Aussies and their performance was shocking for many. However, what I found more harrowing was how Pakistanis revelled in the misery of the Indians, some even claiming that this was Pakistan’s revenge.

Let’s make this absolutely clear – there is no room for relishing in someone’s misery even if it is in good spirit or done with good intentions. This is akin to hitting someone with an iron rod and then apologising for it.

Even if we are to assume that to seek “revenge” is an honourable act, I still fail to see how India’s loss was Pakistan’s revenge? Australia’s win was Australia’s win – not ours. Furthermore, we must not seek revenge. Instead, Pakistanis should implement corrective measures to improve their performance and skills.

The best course of action would be to completely overhaul the cricket team and free it from the grips of lobbyists and bureaucracy. Train the players to be sportsmen rather than politicians. Effective immediately, they should remove the likes of Umar Akmal, Ahmed Shehzad and politely request Shahid Afridi to resign completely – even from the T20 format.

I was flabbergasted at how Akmal refused to make a single run just because Sarfraz Ahmed was on the verge of completing his century. Keeping generous gestures aside, Akmal’s job was to win the match, which he ignored.

The general attitude which prevails in our society is “if I can’t be productive, I won’t let you be productive either”. Such mentality needs to be eradicated for good if Pakistani cricket is to survive and flourish. Otherwise, the day is not far when even associate teams would surpass ours in performance.

Even though Afridi holds a special place in Pakistani cricket, it is time to bid him farewell from T20 as well. It is astonishing how he is unable to strategise when picking his shots. Boom Boom, without any strategy, is a recipe for disaster. We need batsmen who can make quick runs as well as survive on the wickets.

When we celebrate another’s defeat, rather than someone’s victory, it speaks volumes about our national character. It is a negative thought pattern which does absolutely nothing to promote brotherhood and peace in the region. It would be better to celebrate Australia’s win rather than India’s loss. When we start to teaching our future generations that another’s loss is worth celebrating, it sends the wrong message and opens doors to all sorts of negativity and cynicism.

The question to ponder over is why does it make Pakistanis feel good over India’s loss? The answer lies in the years of hatred that our minds have been brainwashed with, through textbook manipulation and narrative of patriotism. We feel the urge to demonstrate our patriotism by mocking our neighbour, with whom we share so much.

The volatile junction at which Pakistan finds itself today can never be reversed if we continue to breed the next generation by perpetually propagating India in a negative light. We should put the memories of partition behind us and look towards the future, one where both countries can work together to improve economic prospects of its citizens. A future where we can see a demilitarised border and citizens can navigate without fear. A future where we can have open borders like the European Union. Where cross border trade would bring about significant improvements in the lives of the people.

To gloat over India’s loss is most certainly not any compensation for Pakistan’s lack of performance. Such displays would only promote animosity and resentment between the two – something which we all must disapprove of at all levels.

Rafay Bin Ali

Rafay Bin Ali

A software developer working with financial clients from Toronto. He is currently doing his MBA from IBA, Karachi, and is planning an entrepreneurial set-up in Pakistan. He tweets as @rafayali (twitter.com/rafayali)

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  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    finally something sensible …… but its understandable …and human too
    when a state/country has her self failed miserably in almost all fields … then it is but obvious that there is jealousy and hatred for other country( especially neighbors ) …and seeing them loose makes feel better …..i can’t say its something restricted to pakistan only…when pakistan loses india mocks it too……argentina /brazil in football too….Recommend

  • Gul e Rana

    Pakistan celebrated after India’s loss, India celebrated Pakistan’s before the WC has begun. The first Mauka Mauka ad I personally enjoyed, though it was rubbing salt in our wounds I thought it to be quite clever. But it didn’t stop there, they relished in Pakistan’s losses as the WC progressed making predictions and assumptions as Pakistan would lose from Saffers. Then moving on to Bangladesh. They should have realised that it’s called World Cup for a reason and other nation’s sentiments matter too even though population wise they’re a lot smaller than India. So why feel bitter about our celebration at India’s loss, if India didn’t want this then shouldn’t have insulted other nations…Recommend

  • Andy

    Fully agreed. It was very sad, but not at all surprising, to see Pakistani fans revel in India’s defeat. Unfortunately for us, this is a trend that is unlikely to be reversed. India’s losses are something that Pakistani’s always take pride in. We are a bitter and small-minded group of people, and this is just another small example of how low we’ve dropped in terms of focusing on our own problems and developing our own talent. Maybe one day we’ll learn how to be real professionals.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    “The general attitude which prevails in our society is “if I can’t be productive, I won’t let you be productive either”. Pakistan in one sentence.

    Bottom line – India beat Pakistan. India reached SF, while Pakistan crashed out in QF. Now, have your “revenge”.Recommend

  • Zee

    Ever heard a famous saying ” all is fair in love and war”. Recommend

  • Grace

    I don’t know who those Pakistanis are that you claim are relishing India’s loss. In any sport some people win or lose so the better team deserves to win – simple as that. As a Pakistani, my team lost so it doesn’t matter to me whether Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or any other foreign country wins. What is childish is the reaction of Indian fans who are looking to lynch and abuse their players after heir loss. Pakistanis were much more mature when we lost in our matches. Obviously we were disappointed but we were mature enough to realise that invariably there are upsets in any sports tournament.Recommend

  • Dubya

    You must guard your life for telling the truth now …
    I prey to god for your your safetyRecommend

  • Jehanzeb Mahar

    Hopeless people. Nothing elseRecommend

  • wb

    We Indians should encourage India hatred among Pakistanis.

    That’s the easiest and cheapest way to break up Pakistan without firing a single bullet. And we’re massively succeeding.

    Don’t listen to the blogger, Pakistanis. Remember, the partition is only half the job done. You need to strive towards destroying India.Recommend

  • Zaigham Ali

    Mr. Rafay you don’t have to get flabbergasted that how Umar Akmal refused to take a run when Sarfraz was on 49, because Pakistani team is bookie team and they play the game (cricket) according to their own rules. UA denied taking 1 run as Saf’s 50 was eaten and Saf got out at 49. Similarly Pakistani team got out at 222 odd runs and no Bookie in the world was sure of Pakistan’s success but Pakistani team having bookie’s ability did the wonder. Similarly against Australia the bookie Pakistani team repeated the same act and every one was sure this time that Pakistani team will repeat its feat which was done against SA but this time Pak team had eaten itself.Recommend

  • wb

    It was done on purpose. Don’t you understand? That’s the easiest and most cost effective way for us to break up Pakistan.

    We need to keep Pakistan engaged all the time. Pakistan should invest billions in military and nothing in education and welfare.

    Soon, Pakistan will break apart without us firing a single bullet.

    Keep watching.

    The entire world knows that Pakistan is an unnatural country. “It’s not even a country, it’s an effing acronym.” – someone on Homeland season 4Recommend

  • wb

    On another note. A part of me was hoping that India would lose.

    Indians and Indian cricket needs to hop off the high horse.

    We need to understand that we’re supporting a sport that is lazy and requires least athletic skills of all the team sports. Aslo, cricket is one game that is quite suitable for fixing.

    So, why are we idiots wasting so much energy and time and money on cricket?

    Hail Ramgopal Verma.Recommend

  • indrasis

    no one is lynching the team…there were some posters burned…not like pak where you guys held mock funeral for your cricketers ….also…..if you see the news a huge welcome team reached to receive the team today….first start reading your own newsRecommend

  • indrasis

    first of all those ads were not some official montage bcci created…those were marketing strategies by the star group…and insult??….where was insult?….those ads were to be telecasted in india…why you have a problem with it ?……and where did we make predictions in other matches of pak?….no one is feeling bitter …..opposite quite amused that there can be people so dumb that they would think that their own team’s loss can be revenged by anotherRecommend

  • Hasan

    This reaction from Pakistani fans was fully justified. India themselves involved Pakistani fans in their matches against opponents other than Pakistan through those mauka mauka ads. Honestly after the Pak-Ind match, I didn’t take interest in any of india’s matches but then they started showing a pakistani supporter wearing jerseys of every India’s opponents. They themselves involved us and now they shouldn’t cry over such a reaction coming from usRecommend

  • Owais

    when saf got out at 49 Younus Khan ws standing at non striker end…first update ur knowledge than criticize someone.. Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Those ads were prefect reflection of pak mindset..Even if those advertisements were not made,paki fans would have celebrated Indias defeat .It has become trend now among akistanis .But hey you guys r entertainment for us..pl carry on…Recommend

  • Ali

    The author is right

    If Pakistan had defeated India in a WC match then Pakistan had all the rights to gloat and mock.
    This was pure Schadenfreude, an attribute of the weak.Recommend

  • Uzair

    @disqus_0ZYyBOB4Aj:disqus Thank you for pointing that out. Just goes on to show how misinformed people, like Ziagham, make overblown statements with no grounding in reality.Recommend

  • Qew

    It was clear that the end result was already in favor of Pakistan. Umar Akmal should be commended on putting his teammate’s stats into consideration when there was no chance whatsoever of Pakistan losing the match because they had plenty of balls on hand.Recommend

  • Zee

    The country having its 70% population under poverty line, Rapistan, elected a mass murdere as PM should not feed such a comment!Recommend

  • Pakka Indian

    Pakistan could have been a prosperous and modern nation but, alas, the leaders chose – and the brainwashed and gullible people blindly followed – a course that was totally anti-India (or, some say, India-centric) as if that was a panacea for its future redemption. But analyze the motives of those who have – or still hold – power in Pakistan and things will become clear: they all pursue their personal agenda. India happens to be a convenient vehicle to further their own personal interests, consciously or unconsciously ignoring the overall national interests which are always at the back burner. Sadly, this mindset has taken Pakistan and Pakistanis down the path of self-destruction and backwardness. How does a nation emerge as a prosperous, modern and thriving place? Bring out the nation builders and give them a good, modern education that promotes critical thinking and a questioning mind. You can only retreat into the stone age if you don’t change. As for India’s cricket loss against Australia, most Indians (except a handful who will stoop to the Pakistani level) take it in stride. They will take stock of their own weaknesses and strengths, and face the challenges in future. Frankly, we don’t care what Pakis think of the India loss: if they rejoice over someone else’s defeat, then so be it. Schadenfreude may give you moments of satisfaction, but it will also close your mind to greater things in life. Pakistanis would do well, in their own interest, to get out of this mold because, according to the vast majority of nearly 1.3 billion Indians, we do not emulate our neighbours or condemn them (unless they engage in nefarious activities that are detrimental to our national interests). We have our own ideals and models to follow. You can also do that, if you want, or remain closed forever in the dark cave of deceit, destruction and denial.Recommend

  • Indian

    If Pakistan plays Sri Lanka, I don’t care who wins. If Pakistan plays against non-Asian teams, I naturally support Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sridhar Kaushik

    I have no problem Pakis or Bangladeshis making fun of individual players or against a team but it should not involve a country.
    I personally think players like Dhoni and this other guy who is now a days bonking a film actress (forgetting his name) are highly overrated.Recommend

  • Jahil hamid

    LOL Hilarious how Pakistanis and Bangladeshis enjoy other’s loss.Recommend

  • http://www.chinasmack.com/2010/pictures/filthy-india-photos-chinese-netizen-reactions.html ɱαѵ∈ʀϊ¢ƙ

    You must be fun at parties.Recommend

  • Sarah

    Lol Pakistan cricket team is weak? .Regardless of how many times we have lost to India in the past few years we have whopped India in the past I wouldn’t say Pakistani cricket team is weak! We are right up there and Indians do know that..We are like the Sri Lankan cricket team unpredictable!Recommend

  • Sarah

    Ok but who did india play in the quarter finals Bangladesh? What if you got Australia? First Australia crushed us crushed india then and now they are the champions in hindsight I wish we cud have gotten to play against the easy team in the quarter finals which was Bangladesh…no need to gloat about anything mate!Recommend

  • Sarah

    Whats Hilarious is they blamed Anushka Sharma for their teams loss LOL..How women are degraded just blows my mindRecommend

  • Fahad Javed

    Its funny that you say you don’t care yet you write a longest reply to this post :D You say that we do not emulate or condemn your neighbours but your media plays the “das qadam Pakistan khatam documentaries”. You burn your own stadium and pelt opposition team when you loose the semi-final of a tournament (Remember 1996) so you don’t take it in your stride. Your prime ministers of yesteryears comment that Bollywood is the best weapon against two nation theory. So yeah stop kidding yourself and stop lying to the world that you are ok with us. If you were your media wouldn’t have made that Moka video to begin with!

    And no our current prime minister is trying to open up trade with the Indians. Our universities are producing quite able graduates who are competing with the world. Frankly not even once did I hear in a narrative at LUMS, NUST or FAST (our top techie institutes) a competition with IITs. We are looking to collaborate and compete with the west and the east but India doesn’t show up on the radar. Australia, NZ, middle east Europe and US does. So yeah we have it covered. Thank you for your adviceRecommend

  • Fahad Javed

    Here is the deal. This is not the first Pakistan loss to India in World cup. Infact we have lost every match against in Indians in WC. But we never really celebrated their loss before. Even now I don’t think we are celebrating their loss… rather we are reveling in the fall of an arrogant. If those Moka adds and those we will not give it up adds would have been made and propagated by the Indians, most of the Pakistanis, like the 6 previous times would have been ok with it. Happy yes, since they are our rivals, but not celebratory. And this is not limited to Pakistan. The Bengladeshis who rightly believe they were cheated out of the tourney are also celebrating the fall of the arrogant.Recommend

  • Saurabh

    Well, lets go back a little in time. You see we played the lowest ranked team in Pool A (Bangladesh) because we finished the group stages at the TOP of Pool B, not a lousy 3rd. Pakistan got what it deserved with the QF exit. India reached the semis on its merit and we are proud of that.Recommend

  • Ibrahim Mughal

    The reaction of Pakistani fans is completely justified. They initiated the “mauqa mauqa” demonstrating over confidence and their egoistic attitudes that they #wontgiveitback. Also, the reason why Akmal refused to take a single-run so that Sarfaraz Ahmed could complete his century was an act of sportsmanship than a politican and that was the 1st century of a Pakistani cricketer since 2011. Recommend

  • fze

    keep on showing your mentality.Recommend

  • fze

    keep on showing your Indian mentality.Recommend

  • Ahsen

    Dhoni has done ALOT for his team, he’s a legend when it comes to the recent uprise of indian cricket team, indian cricket team is surely one of the best teams now and credit goes to DhoniRecommend

  • Utsav

    Well,I didn’t feel like replying but doing so for your sake. Just read your own comment once.You used such bad words.Bro,try to act like a decent human being and a noble man.It will improve your image and you country’s too.Recommend

  • Kami Khan

    I liked the way Amir Balled, it was an amazing scene.Recommend