NH10: A much needed eye-opener for patriarchal India

Published: March 26, 2015

NH10 was an eye-opening experience for the masses as it touches upon negating ignorance and giving power to women. PHOTO: NH10 FACEBOOK PAGE

In the midst of increasing inter-cast marriages and prevailing women suppression, NH10 encourages India to plunge into liberalism and women empowerment. The movie is a superb attempt at addressing issues soaked in violence and injustice amongst the sexes.

Anushka Sharma, after her girl-next-door roles, emerges as a revolutionary body in NH10, portraying a powerful woman who takes an initiative of saving her husband by fighting under adverse circumstances. There are astounding progressions in her character throughout the movie – from a modern corporate woman to a fearless fighter.

NH10 opens with a vivid image of a lively couple Meera (Anushka) and Arjun (Neil Bhoopalam) living in Delhi. After a dangerous attack on Meera, Arjun takes her on a road trip for her birthday to make her feel better after the incident. Their tragedy begins when they venture into the territory of NH10 and Arjun interferes in a family dispute at a roadside dhabb where they find a young couple beaten up by the girl’s brother, Satbir (Darshan Kumar).

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Furious at seeing the beaten-up couple, Arjun decides to teach the mobsters a lesson, despite Meera’s aversion, and ends up killing one of the men from Satbir’s gang. In order to take revenge for their friend, Satbir and his gang chase Meera and Arjun, during which Arjun gets severely injured. Meera takes the initiative to fight the men alone but conditions do not show her any mercy.

During her struggle for survival, Meera gets to know that the Haryanvi people, including their law and its officials, are immersed in ignorance regarding injustice and there is a brutal divergence of inter-caste marriages and injustice of women. She tactfully tries to escape the situation but fate leads her towards a painful end.

At that point, nothing can calm Meera down except for vengeance.

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NH10 has a great story line which is presented terrifically. However, as the movie progresses, the pace slows down, which was a bit of a let-down. There are horrifying, nerve-wrecking and violent sequences in the movie, which I would not advise soft-hearted people to watch. The cinematography is mind blowing with superb direction.

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The characters support the plot wonderfully. Bhoopalam plays the character of an impulsive and immature guy, and does justice to his role. Darshan Kumar, on the other hand, does not fail to surprise the audiences by his atrocious and extreme character in NH10 after his sweet hubby image in Mary Kom.

Deepti Naval, in a glorifying cameo, startles the public with her mind-altering performance. The evolution in her character from a mild, dejected woman to a harsh one was quite appealing.

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Last but not the least, Anushka was undoubtedly the screen-stealer. In this movie, she has proved that she is one of the leading actresses of today. She never goes off track and her intimacy with the camera is magical. From the beginning till the last shot of the movie, Anushka never escapes the essence of Meera’s character.

There was so much ease in her acting that it looked as if the events actually happened to her. The way she smoothly transforms her character is impressive too; how she’s soft and ladylike in the beginning and how the events change her into a tough person with unbeatable courage.

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The reason why I felt NH10 was so striking is because of its hard hitting subject. Tribulations like ignorance, oppression, injustice and cruel behaviour against women are unfortunately found in Pakistani societies as well. In most conservative families, women are pressurised by men and are not allowed to marry or live in accordance to their choices.

These women are leading a suffocated life and need to raise their voice against their sufferings. For this cause, movies like NH10 is an overwhelming portrayal for combating such evils and supporting women.

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Overall, NH10 is an eye-opening experience. It is one of those bold movies, like Mardani, that the Indian film industry produces from time to time, and which are perhaps the need of the hour to educate the public about our dark society.

I think this movie is a must watch. I would rate it a 3.5 on 5.

Iqra Sarfaraz

Iqra Sarfaraz

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