Asma Jahangir, mother of Pakistan

Published: October 31, 2010

For her entire adult life, Asma Jahangir has been an advocate of gender equality and minority rights in a highly patriarchal society.

Few Pakistanis have shown inspiring courage and perseverance to serve as role models. Abdul Sattar Edhi is one such individual, a world renowned humanitarian and philanthropist, and now, the first female president of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Asma Jahangir also deserves this distinction for her tenacious struggle for human rights and her resolute stance on women’s rights.

For her entire adult life, Asma has been an advocate of gender equality and minority rights in a highly patriarchal society. She is also the Chairperson of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), and the Special Rapporteur of the United Nations on Freedom of Religion/Belief.

Over the years, Asma has been subjected to government oppression in the form of police harassment, public humiliation, even assault and arrests. She has been targeted by extremists through fatwas, life threats, and propaganda. Her family has equally suffered in the form of abductions, home invasion and consistent life threats, but she has continued her struggle for justice.

She has been equally slandered by the military/ruling elite and the “designer patriots” (a term coined by George Fulton to refer to people of the upper middle class with vested business interests and apathy towards the living conditions of the majority of Pakistanis). The paranoia has reached such a ridiculous level that Asma is often labelled a mole working for the CIA, Raw, and Mossad to destabilize Pakistan.

Thankfully, the propagandist and caustic defamation by the ruling elite cannot distort facts. Asma has dedicated her life towards human rights and upholding constitutional law.

Struggle for women’s rights

In a society where women have no bodily autonomy, no reproductive rights, and are used as a tool in dispute settlement mechanisms, Asma has been an advocate for gender equality. Historically she has influenced major social and political issues in Pakistan.

Pakistan had one of the most draconian, barbaric, and absurd set of laws, the Hudood Ordinance (Introduced by the Army only to appease Saudi Arabia so that they participate in Operation Cyclone). Due to this law, hundreds of innocent men and women had been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned. Women who dared to report rape were, and still are, often accused of zina and locked up while their offenders were never questioned and as a result walked free. Asma came as a saviour for most of these persecuted women some familiar names are Safia Bibi, Mukhtaran Bibi, Jehan Mina, Shahida Parveen.

According to Robert Fisk, Pakistan has the grotesque reputation of being one of the leading ‘honour killing’ countries. Millions of women in Pakistan live under a constant threat of being shot, burned, or death by stoning for violating traditional norms. Judicial bias and gender discrimination adds to the affliction of women in Pakistan. Governmental response has been mostly indifferent. Thanks to Asma, many cases of injustice towards women have come to light and have resulted in international criticism of women’s status in Pakistan.

She has also proposed interactions on the civil society level through social exchange combined with efforts to uplift the status of women and at the same provide financial stability through business and job opportunities to poor Pakistani.

The human rights violation in Afghanistan had never been a major part of any international discussion until 9/11. But Asma had highlighted the crimes against humanity committed by the Taliban well before. The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) has also been praised her for her efforts towards the human rights situation in Afghanistan.

Protecting minorities

An equally vicious law, commonly known as the Blasphemy law, has been responsible for persecuting thousands of minorities; Asma has spoken out against this law and has represented a number of people falsely accused of blasphemy.

Asma Jahangir has raised concerns all over the world on religious/ethnic discrimination, sectarian conflicts, constitutional violations, and child labour in Pakistan.

Exposing atrocities, supporting diplomacy

Asma has always resisted military governments and is a vocal critic of military dictatorship and the past military policies in Bangladesh, Baluchistan, Afghanistan, and FATA. She is despised by many for bringing to international attention the factual accounts of abuse reportedly committed by the army in Balochistan.

Another major reason behind the military’s hostility towards Asma is due to her opinion on Indo-Pak relations. Asma has publicly supported friendly relations and cultural exchange with India. She has also criticized the mujahedeen training camps and the Islamists-military nexus.

Despite her achievements, she is often harassed and criticized by the State, the media and intelligentsia. It is ironic that a person who has worked towards promoting human rights and democracy has been maltreated and slandered.

What is unfortunate is that terrorists like Hafiz Saeed are provided safe haven and protection by the top echelons of the Pakistani leaders, and what’s more, terrorists like Aafia Siddiqui are praised as heroes when legitimate activist like Asma are attacked and ridiculed.


Anas Abbas

A UK based financial analyst, researcher and blogger with interests in counter-terrorism, history and philosophy

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Tanzeel

    So these credentials make her mother of Pakistan ?Recommend

  • Taha Ali

    I Think this post have to be remove from blog.
    we are pakistani, we already accepted Fatima Jinnah.

    Who is she.. name title of Mother of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Umer Firoz Pirzada

    Very Good Anas Bhai You Doing Very Well Recommend

  • Ali

    She may have been active for human rights whenever it suited her.. but that does not mean she can be declared “mother of Pakistan”. No Sir, she is not our mother, in fact far from such a personality. Please do not insult our nations’ mothers. They are far more respectable and honourable.Recommend

  • Asim Kaleem

    damn ………. how come she can replace Fatima Jinnah as mother of nation ……. Mr writer correct yourself ……. Recommend

  • Ali Arqam

    It was very shameful when Tehreek-e-khtame nabuwwat, was brought to undermine her and the terrorists and sectarian monsters were provided an incentive to threaten her.Recommend

  • Ali Arqam

    Indeed she is like a mother for all secular, peace loving and enlightened Pakistanis. Maudoodis children are an exception.Recommend

  • Taha Kehar

    Noteworthy credentials and a willingness to wage a moral crusade against injustice is what makes her worthy of respect. I agree with this approach entirely – particularly with the final paragraph.Recommend

  • Ali Muhammad

    Fatima Jinnah can called as Grand Mother and Asma Jahangir and Mother. Kids do not fight now.Recommend

  • Danny

    she is Westernized hypocrate!!!!Recommend

  • faraz

    @Taha Ali

    Fatima Jinnah campaigned for democracy and she was defeated in elections which were rigged by the military regime. And pro-military mullahs gave fatwas that a women cannot become a head of the state. Fatima Jinnah was subjected to similar kind of propaganda by the same elements which try to malign Asma. Both Fatima JInnah and Asma are an inspiration to the nation. Recommend

  • faraz

    Ayub khan also accused Fatima Jinnah of being an Indian agent! Recommend

  • Habiba Younis

    @above ones, oh PAHLEEZ ! dont try to scratch an issue oout of a petty thing! the writer here isnt comparing her with Fatima Jinnah, neither he wrote that now she has “replaced” her or stolen her position. Why do you people get hyper on a simple thing like just honoring a woman by calling her the mother of nation due to her exemplary services to the state? Asma’s jahangir truly deserves this praise, excellent article!Recommend

  • Habiba Younis

    Asma Jahangir*Recommend

  • Humanity

    Not many people come close to her unequivocal support for human rights and struggle for justice. She is an honorable woman, a role model for others of courage and perseverance. Pakistan can use more heros like Asma.Recommend

  • aZ

    Good piece Anas, please keep it up!Recommend

  • irfan urfi

    SALUTE 2 Asma Jahangir !

    NOBLE PERSONALITY ! wonderful TRUE ,facts and research base article Recommend

  • parvez

    Bold and well written article. Pakistan needs people like Asma Jehangir.Recommend

  • neelam

    we r proud of u asma.and thanku anas 4 the post. we need to honour our heroes.Recommend

  • haider

    she is mother of all embarrasements time will prove again… She is the first Pakistani who has been openly introducing western agenda…Recommend

  • ammad

    She truly is a great personality from Pakistan. However, we should not forget all the struggle and efforts of Benazir Bhutto to strengthen democracy in Pakistan. Recommend

  • Sehrish

    Interesting how the people who comment only to insult her are the ones who can’t spell and make grammatical errors. Ignorance always unveils itself.

    We do need more women like her. And to make it harder for people like her to do what they do by harrassing them instead of appreciating and helping them, we’re only digging our own graves.Recommend

  • Sehrish

    Oh, and Danny, it’s spelled hypocrite.
    And if you hate westernization so much, stop calling yourself Danny instead of Daniyal. If you knew the meaning, let alone the spelling of hypocrite, you’d know it can be used to define a person such as yourself.
    And if helping women who have been raped find justice is too western for you, please go live in a cave somewhere. K, thanks. Recommend

  • Amjad

    She can be the mother of Anas Abbas but not Pakistan.Recommend

  • pandel

    If Aafia was a terrorist against america, than she IS to be praised. America is the butcher of the children of this world, why would you be SOOO weak minded and think that her terrorizing america is a bad thing. What is wrong with you? Are you afraid they’ll throw you in jail for stating this obvious fact!? The embarassement to pakistan, and to the Muslim world, are people like you!Recommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui, Australia

    We Pakistanis are emmotioal to the core, some lady did some good work we start calling her mother of Pakistan :)

    Asma Jahangir has good work on her credentials but lets wait she need to perform much more to reach the level of mother of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui, Australia


    Is asking to respect women, asking not to kill Shiit and brailvis, asking not to kill and prosecute minorities like Hindus, Chiristians and Qadiyanis are western agenda then I am also western agenda promotorRecommend

  • Jamal Asfandyar

    Oh Please, she is NOT the mother of pakistan. Please CALM down!
    Why does this newspaper publish such nonsense!!!Recommend

  • Adeel Ahmed

    LOL… this writer is funny if not deluded for thinking Asma Jahangir can be called the Mother of the Nation.
    What about Bibi Fatima Jinnah?

    Writer should be ashamed of this anti-Pakistan rhetoric. This is completely against the basic tenets this Nation is built upon and has survived for so long.

    No one can replace Bibi Fatima Jinnah. Next you’ll hear this joker saying Zardari or Bhutto was the Father of the Nation, conveniently ignoring Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah.


  • Shahbaz

    She is not more than just a Social Worker being inspired by western thoughts,,,,no more sentiments plzzzzRecommend

  • Fahad

    Let’s praise Ms Asma Jahangir for her good work and criticize in good manner.

    And Bibi Fatima Jinnah is “Madr-e-Milat” (Mother of the Nation) and not “Mother of Pakistan”, so that slot is still vacant. Like we have Baba-e-Qoum (Qaid-e-Azam), Qaid-e-Millat (Liaquat Ali Khan), Qaid-e-Awam (Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto) etc so we can have the mothers’ series as well!

    But please Zardaris and Shareefs do not qualify. For them we will have terms such as Qaid-e-Nawazistan or Baba-e-Bhuttoism-to-Zardarism.Recommend

  • Azeem

    Maama MaamaRecommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui, Australia

    @ Shahbaz

    “western thoughts” has become a big time buzz word in Pakistan and mostly used by those people whose religion of ‘Islam’ begins from women and end on women, Talking human rights, taliking women rights, speaking against powerfull, speaking against oppressor, speaking for supressed are not ‘westerm thoughts’ they are essentially Islamic thoughts.Recommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui, Australia

    @ Fahad,

    Stop being emotional, yes she did some good work that should be appriciated but dont preach to ‘praise’ her, she is just a common human being with all goods and bads like you and me.

    In my view this mullah attitude to either ask to ‘praise’ and condemn someone :) Recommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui, Australia

    @Adeel Ahmed

    What is the basic tenets Pakistan was built upon!!?? giving free hand to mullahs to preach hate agaist fellow muslims, declaring them Bidaati, Murtid and Kafirs and eventually ‘wajibul Qatal’ !!?? preaching jihad in neoughbouring countries and all over the world like india, afghanistan, chechnya, china, bosnia!!! ?

    Mr Adeel! All these things happening in Pakistan in these days are actually against the basic tenets Pakistan was created.Recommend

  • sajjad ali

    @ all those who are the children of Ms.Fatma jinnah..

    well, kids can have more then one mother.please clear your thoughts about many founding fathers for its disgusting so much so that u can surely be termed “illegitimate” being the nation as whole.Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    Breaking News: Aasma becomes mother at the age of 58
    a leading Pakistani lawyer, advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, President Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan and human rights activist becomes mother at the age of 58. A 58 year-old of Pakistan has become one of the oldest mothers in the world after giving birth to the nation.Recommend

  • SadafFayyaz

    Great blog and I like Asma a lot……..but calling her Madar Millat or Mother of Pakistan, she is no way comparable with Ms. Fatima Jinnah……….I have always admired both of them………Recommend

  • Sehrish

    I think all the negative comments pretty much exemplify exactly what is wrong with the nation. Lost boys who really need a mother to whip them into shape. Article was good Annas Abbas. You must be astounded how people grabbed one line and ignored the rest and came in with ridiculous accusations like “who’s next Zardari”, “anti-Pakistan rhetoric”, “stopping rape and promoting peace within sects is too western for us, traitor” etc etc- but it happens when you’re a writer. No matter what you write about, these kind of people show up. Which is amazing actually because it’s no small feat that they can read and write at all, so they have to be given some credit. Recommend

  • Talal

    Great Article! Love the last para!Recommend

  • Azeem

    She’s a human rights activist, a lawyer and the President of the Supreme Court Bar. thats it. Her struggle for human rights is commendable and I think most of her law practice is based on that. The bar association is a representative baody of some 2,000 odd lawyers. she isnt the President, PM, CM, Governor, Minister or even a Senator/ MNA. What do you expect from her. she is unlikely to change the status quo and all that will happen is that the pressure exerted by lawyers upon the government is likely to ease out. consequentrly the PPP lead government will get breathing space.

    Mother of Pakistan. I cant see what she has done or what she will do to deserve such a title. My best wishes to her and I hope she does a good job but why the title. You are making Asma Jehangir to be some kind of saviour to the country. that is something she is not and cannot be.

    Quaid-e-Azam, Fatima Jinnah, Liaquat Ali Khan, ZA Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto………can you bracket Asma with these giants. I for one do appreciate her contributions but No i wont even accept her place alongside Abdul Sattar Edhi. there are people with potential provided they are properly supported such as Shahbaz Sharif and Mustafa Kamal but no I dont see Asma Jehangir rising higher than the Supreme Court Bar. Recommend

  • ali

    I Think we have accepted Muhtrama Fatima Jinnah as Mother of Nation, don’t be so emotional very soon, every politician and every human activist can’t be mother of pakistan, Recommend

  • S. Ali Raza

    So, would Zardari be Father of Pakistan? Recommend

  • kk

    Goodness Gracious Me !!!! We Paks are nut jobs. Its an honour he is bestowing upon a well deserving human rights activist. He didn’t say she gave birth to the country. If at all this country now seems to be “VOMIT” , full of vermins.
    Anyhow, I wouldn’t even waste my time on the loser comments, Mr. Anas Abbas, brilliant piece, totally agree with your comparisons and thank you for highlighting this courageous woman’s efforts.
    Keep writing there are enough enlightened people even in good ol’ “VOMIT” to appreciate your efforts.Recommend

  • Sana Saleem

    She is Great Woman. Her work is appreciable and Pakistan needs women such as her to get rid of discrimination.Recommend

  • maheen usmani

    Notwithstanding the respect I have for Ms Fatima Jinnah, whose primary claim to fame was being Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s sister, what is so wrong with calling the feisty Asma Jahangir the mother of the nation? Asma has struggled long and hard in a parochial and oppressive society where the odds have been stacked against her. She has stood up for the weak, the helpless and the dispossessed time and again, as the writer has pointed out. In calling her the mother of Pakistan, Anas has set out the facts precisely and that is what lends meat to his claim. Asma is a national icon and a role model for Pakistanis everywhere.. no two ways about it. Recommend

  • Amer

    She is the mother of Pakistan, Dr. Abdus Salam was the father and Anas Abbas is just one of their child. Happy everyone. :)Recommend

  • Qadir Bakhsh

    Asma Jahangir’s victory came in the backdrop of an unbelievable media campaign against her. She was labeled a “crony of Zardari Camp”, “a critic of the Supreme Court”, “supporter of NRO” and what not. Her main opponent’s (a non-starter, Ahmed Awais) campaign was run by none other than the largest media house of Pakistan. When all was not going in their favor, they even resorted to calling her a “Qadiani”, a derogatory term for Ahmedis. This was the final straw in the rants against her which have been about Anti-Islam, Pro-US and Pro-India. While she supported the restoration of judges, only herself and Ali Ahmed Kurd openly denounced the judicial activism taking place in the country in the name of “rule of law”. The decision on NRO, involving the judiciary in executive and administration matters like demotion of grade 22 officers back to grade 21, the literal blackmail to get Justice Ramday as an Ad-hoc judge and retaining Justice Khwaja Sharif as CJ at LHC and other matters has been openly or behind closed doors been debated and questioned by a number of reasonable lawyers. It was only Asma Jahangir and Ali Ahmed Kurd who openly questioned the same with Kurd even asking “judges to behave as judges” while Asma calling the decision on NRO similar to one a jirga would announce.Recommend

  • s.nazir

    Hope and pray that she focus on the rights of women according to the islamic injunctions, and what respect and status islam has given to woman ,as a mother ,sister,and wife or entire women folk.Recommend

  • Saba

    Azeem- Really? Benazir? Really?
    She could be Mother of Pakistan only if Pakistan is a child actor being exploited by his parents who are stealing his income. Recommend

  • Salman

    Hahah Mother of Nation very funny!!Recommend

  • Neeraj, India

    Shame on you Pakistanis who are degrading the author and the great lady Asma Jahangir, people like her are a rarity not only in India but around the world. How many of us have the courage to stand up and to be on the side of oppressed, helpless and needy and spare time for them?
    How come you guys, appear so much offended at the author calling her a mother of Pakistan? Is it such an offense? Why you think that calling Asma a mother of Pakistan, would endanger Fatima Zinna’s rightful place in the history of Pakistan, whatever little it has as a nation. Pakistan is an artificial country, created on the basis of the flawed concept of making religion as a binding force and it miserably failed. It badly needs heroes and Asma is one. You cry for a good image and then never hesitate to throw mud on the faces of those very who can contribute in making it a little positive.
    I can only sympathies with the Pak guys like @kk. Recommend

  • Babur Chughtai

    The first and foremost yardstick to measure the suitability of someone for public office is their commitment to Pakistan and the Pakistani nation. Everything else, no matter how noble, comes second, distant second.

    Asma Jehangir has done a lot of good for women rights, although on a very limited scale but she did nonetheless and she deserves credit for that.

    She also has shown little interest or commitment to Pakistan as a nation. She has not shown patriotism. For all her noise on women rights, she failed to say one word to condemn the rapes of Kashmiri women every day by Indian army.

    By this measurement, Asma Jehangir does not deserve to be elected to any public office in Pakistan Recommend

  • Syed Ali Raza

    @Neeraj: its Lady Fatima Jinnah… I am not going to talk about ‘Bal Thakery’. Your support for her maybe more of a reason not to call her mother of Pakistan. No doubt she is great human and a professional.Recommend

  • Spam Robot

    No mother of Pakistan can be so polarizing. It is like calling Z A Bhutto the father of the nation.Recommend

  • Saba

    @Babur- she’s human, not a saint. she doesn’t deserve to be elected? yet here we are, with zardari as the head honcho. no complaints there. now lets give ourselves a pat on the back. we really know how to pick winners.

    unfortunately neeraj is right. Recommend

  • Mubasher

    She just won a bar election, OK fine. But ‘Mother of Pakistan’? Hang on dear Pakistanis…please be fair…Maadr-e-Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah served more (everyone knows this) than Ms Asma Jahangir (a controversial figure always) and cannot be the mother of Pakistan. individuals may like to put their names instead of Pakistan, e.g. Mother of Anas Abass, there is no problem for me!!!!

    I have one question for all to ponder on is: can asma jahangir win any bar election without help from ppp especially mr babar awan? yes or no? think logically and answer this simple question keeping in mind of the current political scenarios.

    thank you Recommend

  • Mubasher

    Hi Neeraj from India

    I reaaly appreciate your comments.

    People like asma jahangir are NOT a rarity in Pakistan. I can give you a single example of Balqees Edhi. In Pakistan you will find not a single person with any doubts about the work she is still doing all over Pakistan. There are lot more examples.

    I am not afraid neither anyone else in Pakistan about the place of Fatima Jinnah as Mother of Pakistan. The thing is Fatima Jinnah has done more than Asma jahangir. i think you need to read history.

    Pakistan is a reality now and you, typically, are not accepting this reality. Muslims believe in One God and Hindus believe in 33 million gods. We consider cow as an animal and you consider cow as Maata, a thing of worship. So what you think about flawed concepts?Recommend

  • Umair

    If only Asma could attempt even a failed attack upon US soldiers, everyone will accept her as daughter, mother and what not of the nation without a pause. Alas Asma lacks the essential credentials of an aspiring terrorist like the other ‘daughter of nation’ lasy. Asma has been in the business of saving lives not taking them, what good is that for Naseem Hijazis and Bin Qasim’s of our nation?Recommend

  • Umair

    *lasy = ladyRecommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui, Australia

    @Babur Chughtai:

    Its a free Pakistani media and not a RAW controled Indian media, People are free to write blogs and people are free to criticize them.

    India is an un-natural country based on hate Pakistan propaganda, you are not considerd good india unless you hate and abuse Pakistan and muslims. India has sustained by committing attrocities against Sikhs, Muslims, people of Asam, naga land. Now Maoists are giving tough time to those Birhamin establishment.Recommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui, Australia

    @Babur Chughtai:

    Hey Babur Consider my above post a reply to Neeraj, India

    Express tribune should allow to edit the commentsRecommend

  • ali

    Really go ahead create an cult of personality thats just what we need, never believe in the office only in the person who holds that officeRecommend

  • Neeraj, India

    Some Paks seems to be really pissed off at me and dragged one god, two gods, cows, Bal Thakre, RAW, Sikhs, Assam, Maoists, spelling of a name(!) and many more blah, blah, blahs on to the simple issue related to a nice lady known as Asma Jahangir. But, that is not surprising, because these traits are attributed to a typical Pakistani mindset, who constitute a huge majority in Pakistan. No wonder country is sinking into abyss.
    Thank god we in India don’t fight over such trivial issues. I have a suggestion for you. How about elevating Fatima Jinnah(happy?) to the status of grand mother of Pakistan. That may put an end to this useless debate.Recommend

  • Babur Chughtai

    @Neeraj, India:

    Pakistan is not ‘sinkig into an abyss’. We are dealiing with our problems. India, on the other hand, is feeding its people make-believe propaganda about Incredible India and film insudtry tranquilizers. Meanwhile, India suffers the world’s biggest freedom movement, in Kashmir, and 12 other movements across your entire east and southeast, while struggling with the world’s biggest problems of poverty and disease. On top of it all, US politicians want to pull back on ‘outsourcing’ their jobs to cheap call centers in India.

    And you have the gall to come to a Pakistani website and call Pakistan ‘sinking into an abyss’. Pray your stars that you comment was posted. Indian nes websites don’t even extend this courtesy to Pakistani surfers. Recommend

  • Hamza Baloch

    Ohh.. You did not mentioned her meating with Bal thakry:ORecommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui

    @Babur Chughtai:

    The difference between Pakistan and India is that Human right activist Aasma Jahangir is being respect and elected as president of Pakistan’s most influential legal organization while in India Human right activist Arundhati Roy is being called traitor and Indian government is preparing to file case against her on high treason while Indian media is throwing insult to her.Recommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui

    @Neeraj, India:

    Its good you know the spell of “Maoists” correctly, tomorrow they may be in your place as well because till today they are in control of at least 5 provinces of india :)Recommend

  • Ahmad

    A 10 year girl has been a victim of extensive torture in Multan by a Lawyer, we will see how the Mother of Pakistan react now, or keep silent as always on all sort of criminal offences on women and poor of Pakistan except where a heavy fees is paidRecommend

  • R. Qureishi

    Anas, you have the ability to make us laugh! Can you now right something serious about her? Why make her mother when she doesn’t believe in these kind of roles that men have created to suppress women. Recommend

  • R. Qureishi

    @ Neeraj India:

    If we, Pakistanis, have flawed logic then how would you describe secular India’s views on Kashmir etc. When we talk to ‘educated’ Indians about partition and Kashmir. They say Maharajah of Kashmir wanted to be with India and religion of the Kashmiris is not relevant. And when we talk about Haiderabad and Juna Garh, they say majority of population was Hindu which made them natural part of India and Nawabs’ decisions were irrelevant! Recommend

  • Fahad

    Hey Neeraj India,

    We can decide on our mothers and grand mothers, I think you should go and look for your mothers and grand mothers, I mean, only if you can track. — oh I forgot, you guys have so many, how can I forget the cow mattas. Good you know your mothers and grands and great-grands etc :)

    A big ‘lol’ at Indian thinking – Thank God we are in Pakistan. At least we say openly what is in our heart and mind unlike our Indian friends.Recommend

  • Muhammad Sarfraz Abbasi

    poor writer either he is too much innocent or paid to sell a cheap stock at higher rates.. come on guys..Recommend

  • Ahmed

    @ Neeraj

    Dear ! Both countries are faced with a lot of challenges and it will be the best thing to do if we focus on our own home rather than giving ill-informed advices to others.You don’t know Pakistan well enough to give solutions and in the very same way,we also can’t advice you on the problems that you people face.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    So now the UK based financial analyst will decide who is a terrorist and who is the mother of Pakistan.

    It is very easy to believe on whatever mainstream global media shows and then term people terrorists on its basis.

    Dear Writer ! In one of your previous poorly researched article about Aafia Siddiqui,you simply cited some media links to prove her a terrorist.There has to be proper research to prove someone a terrorist,which you probably don’t know.

    All those global human rights activists are not crazy that they are terming her sentence a violation of human rights.Do find some time to read the full verdict and you will come to know how weak that case was.

    It is indeed better not to criticize a country after you have left it.Revolutions are not brought up by writing blogs.If have some love for Pakistan,then come here and serve.Otherwise stop creating unsuccessful stir.Recommend

  • Shamoon Saleem

    I happened to be in Pakistan when the spectacular election of Asma Jahangir was reported on tv as a cliff-hanger. SHE WON! I could breathe again for a while.

    It seemed to me, however, that besides the obvious reactionary social tendencies there was also an opposition to her from the social current that pins the hope on the new ‘suo moto’ reformist role of the judiciary. Nothing works, there is no hope. “Iftikhar Chaudhry does someting at least.”

    In that desperate situation if Asma points out that the role of the judiciary is not that of “leading the revolution” but fulfilling its role as the independant upholder of the law it feels like a betrayal of that hope. Not realising how desperately needed that role is and how radical and solid that standpoint is. This sentiment is probably a partial explanation of the substantial support for the opponent of Asma who represented certain strong vested interests in the bar, as well.Recommend

  • Haseeb

    Good one Anas. Keep writing, may be some day we will understand.
    “stopping rape and promoting peace within sects is too western for us, traitor” … Great saying, Pakistani mentality in nutshell.Recommend

  • tat

    making her mother of Pakistan… may be yours but m not proud to own these nonsenseRecommend

  • Rehanna Khan

    Nicely written. Thank God there are people out there such as yourself who appreciate Asma Jahangir for all that she does… the current state of affairs in Pakistan is so unstable that it makes it truly dangerous for anyone, especially women, to exercise freedom of speech and to stand up against prehistorical and unjust laws like the Blasphemy Law and Hudood Ordinances. It’s disturbing that the majority of men and women in the upper-class society of Pakistan dwindle their time away with mundane matters when there are so many issues that the counrty is dealing with at the present, so I have nothing but the highest respect for individuals like Asma Jahangir who are risking their lives every day for the great good of the country and its citizens. Recommend

  • http://yahoo SA Chaudhary

    ALLEGATION OF SELECTIVISM AND FAVOURTISM OVER SUPREME COURT OF PAKISTAN QUA SUO MOTO CASES; Today I am shocked to read a news in the daily Jang i.e 1.2.2011 qua the statement of Asma Jehangir President Supreme Court of Pakistan that in supreme Court Selectivism and favourtism is going on. Instead of raising such voice against Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan, the honourable President should compell the government to implement upon the orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan. Although she has endorsed that the judiciary has gone good work, yet at the same time, she has expressed her displeasure showing it as selective or working on favourtism. The lawyers community has full confidence that Asma Jehangir would not betray the confidence of people, especially the people concerning legal fraternity. What steps Asma Jehangir has taken towards the implemention of orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan. Asma Jehangir is also aware about the history of the people ruling this country and what is their choice. She also knows very well as to how the posting/transfer, appointments are being made and likewise other matters concerning running of affairs of Pakistan. It also does not lie in the mouth of Asma Jehangir that Supreme Court’s work is not to investigate the matter. This is true. The Supreme court is not investigating any matter. I request from the core of my heart that Asma Jehangir should not give such statement about the judiciary, especially supreme court of Pakistan. Although there are so many problems and backlogs in the lower judiciary, yet the same would also be removed by the passage of time. Recommend

  • Moise

    Mother of Pakistan? It is like Obama winning the peace prize. In propaganda subtleness is key, I think author needs to take Freud’s nephew book on PR again.Recommend