If you are gay and Muslim, “change your sexual orientation!”

Published: March 19, 2015

They physically, verbally and emotionally abused him for bringing shame on the family and vowed more serious sexual abuse in the event he did not change his sexual orientation. PHOTO: AFP/TWITTER

I was shocked when I read the recent news story about a Muslim family living in Germany who wanted to arrange the marriage of their 18-year-old homosexual son against his will with a Lebanese girl. The son told the media that his family threatened to slit his throat and burn him alive if he did not change his sexual orientation. Eventually, the court intervened and saved the young man from the brutal punishment from his family.

This news reminded me of an acquaintance, Azam*, who runs a delicatessen in New York. He told his mother that he was gay when they were visiting Pakistan to find a bride for him. The news left the family heartbroken and angry. To teach him a lesson, the family confiscated his passport so that he could not go back to the US. They physically, verbally and emotionally abused him for bringing shame on the family and vowed more serious sexual abuse in the event he did not change his sexual orientation. It took him months, through the help of the embassy, to get his passport back and travel to the US and live his life as he wanted to.

One of my teenage patients, whose parents immigrated from the Indian Punjab, is currently struggling to come out to her family as a homosexual. She is afraid that her family, based on cultural and social traditions, will reject her. She is going through therapy to accept her sexual orientation as well as trying to keep a healthy relationship with her family. This fine balance is hard to negotiate and is causing personal conflicts, affecting her academic performance in school as well.

In the 2010 US National Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviour, seven per cent of women and eight per cent of men identified themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual.

There is no such survey in Pakistan but one can assume that the same or a lesser percentage of the Pakistani population belongs to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community. Pakistan is a conservative and patriarchal society where members of the LGBTQ community must live secret and self-confined lives to avoid discrimination, stigma and abuse. Under the weight of homophobia, heteronormativity and genderism, they are forced to adopt a lifestyle according to society’s assigned gender roles and expectations.

Almost a year ago, in Lahore, a man confessed to the brutal murder of three gay men he met online after having sex with them. He took the self-assigned role of a moral policeman and claimed he wanted to teach the victims a lesson. His morality, if it existed, did not stop him from being involved in sexual acts with his victims. It raises the thought in his case that a deeply-closeted homosexual can often have violent impulses towards others because of his psychological and social conflicts.

There is no conclusive evidence to describe what causes homosexuality but many studies have shown that it is a product of biological and environmental factors; not a lifestyle choice. And it should be pointed out that there is no evidence that links childhood sexual molestation with being a homosexual later in life. According to the American Psychological Association, homosexuality is not a mental illness and homosexual men are not more likely to sexually abuse children than heterosexual men are. The Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute reports that the majority of child molesters are men married to women and therefore are not gay people. Reparative or conversion therapy to change sexual orientation has no scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness. But it has led to higher rates of depression, suicide and alcohol and drug abuse in men who have been subjected to it.

Last year, Pakistan casted a “no” vote in the United Nations Human Rights Council when a resolution was presented to stop violence and discrimination against individuals because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. It is the duty of the state to protect its citizens regardless of race, gender, colour and sexual orientation, and in this case, Pakistan failed.

It is time to educate parents and families that being gay, lesbian, bisexual or a transgender is a form of normal human behaviour and marrying their LGBTQ children in a traditional way is not a way to cure them. People do not adopt these behaviours from others. Members of the LGBTQ population are subject to more bullying and harassment in the society than others. Parents and family members should provide support and comfort to their children and accept them for what they are.

*The name has been changed to protect the identity.

Hassan Majeed (MD)

Hassan Majeed MD

The author is working as a child and adolescent psychiatry fellow at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, NY. He is a marathon runner and his interests include art, culture, travel, gender, human rights, mental health, and education. He tweets @HassanMajeedMD (twitter.com/HassanMajeedMD)

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  • Faraz Talat

    A brilliantly bold piece of writing.

    I’m astonished that our ignorance concerning sexual orientation extends as far up as the medical community, with Pakistani doctors often recommending “treatment” for homosexuality (despite medical science admittedly having no way of converting a homosexual orientation to a heterosexual one).

    Abusing a child for being gay, is far more of a choice than homosexuality itself. If anything needs to be treated, it’s our dangerous collective ignorance about these matters.Recommend

  • ovais

    Homosexuality is haraam in islam. Your blog is neither liberating or factual , the point is as muslims it is our belief . You just cannot allow homosexuality in an islamic republicRecommend

  • Jalal

    World Health Organization (WHO) classifies Gender dysphoria (LGTB) as Disorders of adult personality and behaviour. REFERENCE: F64-F66 of The ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders Diagnostic criteria for research, Geneva, 1993.Recommend

  • AliSajidImami

    Well done. Thank you for writing this.Recommend

  • Suresh Sethuraman

    Good that there are people who believe in being right than in being liberal.Recommend

  • Intellectual.pseudo

    What agenda are you working on ET publishing such articles. Liberal Fascism at its peak in Pakistan. Publish this comment if you have guts.Recommend

  • Jor El

    Haraam in islam or haraam in the quran ???Recommend

  • Hetero moderate

    I was stunned to learn how bigoted some modern looking Muslims can be against gays.

    Here a clip between an intelligent moderate Muslim (Maajid Nawaaz) against a narrow minded Muslima on a BBC show. Watch and shiver:


  • https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=8559594100366660134#allposts Supriya Arcot

    Much needed blog . I have seen marriages break down because of this . Bein joue .Recommend

  • Nandita.

    Well said! It doesn’t matter what Islam or any other religion has to say in this regard. If your religion propagates theories which violate basic human rights, it is time to do away with such antiquated religious diktats. Every individual has the right to live life as per his choice and what goes on in his bedroom is no one’s business. Individuals should have the right to embrace their sexuality without interference from society. Homosexuality is not unnatural-the compulsive need some people have to interfere in others sex lives is what is unnatural.
    More power to the LGBT community!

    On an aside, it’s time people start using their brains and give up relying on religious texts to tell them how they should lead their lives. If your religion tells you that homosexuality is unnatural then your religion is teaching you to discriminate and persecute individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation Which is a violation of human rights.Recommend

  • Ali

    and the point also is why does God create homosexual people if its haraam ?Recommend

  • Aadil

    “as muslims it is our belief”
    Does that make it okay to threaten your child with death and torture, confiscate their passports, and physically and sexually abuse them? Is that allowed in Islam? I don’t think so.

    Regardless of what the religions says, the science points to homosexuality as a biological reality. It is not a choice the person makes. It is something they have to live with for the rest of their life.

    Knowing this, what do you think is the right thing to do? Ostracize them, force them to deny their sexuality, or accept them and help them come to terms with what they are?Recommend

  • analytic79

    The writer is right that Homosexuality is not a disease, but he wrong in condoning it as a product of environmental and biological factors. It is a choice made by individuals, a choice which is specifically forbidden in Islam. There is absolutely no way that it can be condoned through any ruse or justification.Recommend

  • Joan Høj Jacobsen

    Thank goodness that there are people willing to help these individuals. In a modern world, there is no place for homophobia or discrimination. Any political or religious belief that preaches such things are not only wrong, but helping to perpetuate evil committed against innocent men and women.Recommend

  • Nandita.

    Where’s my comment? ET-illogical comments filled with hate are published but my comment is not. Wah!Recommend

  • https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=8559594100366660134#allposts Supriya Arcot

    Understandabily those days when the society was closed, these people didnt come out much and propogate their state. Medical / social Knowledge and aware ness were at a low level then . We are several centuries ahead of them today.Recommend

  • someone

    it is sad that despite being muslim and despite knowing your religon doesn’t allow it, you want people to adopt this psychological abnormality. i would suggest to learn more about islam and not post anything just to make a couple of bucksRecommend

  • Jawad Khan

    I would rather say shame on the people who are Muslims and still defending this article.. I mean I am not a conservative Muslim.. Neither the perfect one.. But at least I know how to differentiate between right and wrong.. Those so called Liberal Muslims are saying that it is not Haram or you can not help someone change their sexuality.. For God sake.. Islam is no doubt a peace full religion. yet it also have boundaries..

    And it is not at all allowed in Islam to marry the same sex.. or become Gay or Lesbian.. same like Zena (Sex without Marriage) is haram in Islam.. and drinking Alcohol.. No matter whatever statement you pass.. you can not change the fact that it is Haram.. And for those Muslims.. who think they are too modern to except it.. Just study a little bit history in Islam and think about Kom-e-Lout.. A Town which started having sexual affairs with the same sex.. and Allah punished them with stones, fire and then put the whole Town upside down..!!
    So please think before speak otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences..Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    The author is not giving a religious sermon; don’t respond with a religious argument.

    If you have a scientific point to counter his scientific argument, feel free to contribute.Recommend

  • Rebellious

    well i am against homosexuality … iam kind of homophobic but i dont not support someone for any violent act against any homosexual person or community…. you can teach them to avoid it but you can’t force them..Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Actually the punishment of having sex with another man at a place where four other men can clearly observe the act is punishable with lashes, as per the Holy QuranRecommend

  • KnockSomeSense

    Why does God create murderers if killing someone is forbidden?Recommend

  • wb

    A brave blog. Original and gutsy.

    I wish that the current bigoted BJP government shows some chutzpah to make constitutional amendments to make homosexuality legal in India.

    We’re a culture that accepted different sexuality not yesterday, but from the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata: Uttara, Shikhandi, Mohini and what not.

    Yet, ironically, it is the Pseudosecular Congress government that accepts homosexuality and BJP is adamantly against it.

    No one knows what sexuality is. There is no final scientific theory on it. No matter what it is, let it flow free in the land of truly free and tolerant: India.Recommend

  • Mirza Asif Baig

    I hate Express Tribune Now.Recommend

  • Critical

    If you look at the same story of Lot,he offered his virgin daughters to the townsmen so that they wouldnt harm the angels….
    After Sodom was burned,Lot’s daughter fed him wine and allowed themselves to be impregnated by their father……

    So,according to your logic,we should legalize incest too!!!!Recommend

  • Kaafir

    I am a devoted Muslim, and I have feelings for the same gender as mine. My feelings are not sexual but rather emotional so what I feel is love rather than an urge for sex.
    Nobody is born perfect, neither me nor you. My imperfection is that i love someone else, yours may be different to mine but do keep in mind please that you have imperfections as well. While i try to overlook your imperfections and be non-judgemental about them, accepting who you are, you sir on the other hand choose to hate me despite understanding your flaws.

    But guess what, i’ve come to a point where I don’t give an absolute crap about your judgement and hate towards me. Because I know that in many ways i’m much more better than you, primarily because i see the human in you. And i know for sure that for this sole reason, Allah loves me. And when i have His support, i don’t need to worry about your ignorance. :) Recommend

  • Asad Bhatti

    Shame on you Hassan Majeed MD for this shameful article in the favor of what Islam does not permit. You are intervening as equally as queers do in God’s will and creation. This is no human right nor it has anything to do with health. All the best with more hate!Recommend

  • Ali
  • kulwant singh

    My dear friend no one is going to answer ur question.Recommend

  • Ali

    Listen. The only way you people would have understood is if Allah chose you to be homosexual. You completely missed the point of this article corresponding to your deep underlying fears regarding homophobia that if you support them you’ll go to hail or be proclaimed a gay yourself. I’m a Muslim gay man, which only me and my Allah knows about. I’d literally do anything, anything to be straight, even for a day. But I’ve accepted it. Allah made me this way. Now what this article states is the protection of lgbt rights. To treat them as humans. We are born gay and being Muslim I agree “practising” homosexuality is a sin, not “being” one. I’d happily die a Virgin knowing Allah wanted to test me out if I give in to my unconventional desires. Supporting lgbt rights means not treating them like animals, preventing abuse. They are already broken on the inside. Don’t break them on the outside too. Have mercy. Nobody wants to promote gay marriage or gay relations. That’s haram. But please. This isn’t a choice. Like you were born straight (if you were) we were born this way.Recommend

  • http://people.ign.com/ripxo AlphA RipXo

    God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.Recommend

  • wb

    i met a pakistani. I don’t remember who it was. But he was definitely writing on one of the very mature blogs.

    His comment: “Hollywood promotes homosexuality”.

    As if it’s a shampoo that you apply on your hair and it becomes silky smooth.

    And he seemed educated, even though he made many grammatical, spelling errors.

    I mean what kind of a fiend believes that homosexuality can be PROMOTED?Recommend

  • Mike

    Why it is so difficult for religious fanatics to understand simple things. Humans born with mental deficiencies (e.g Autism etc) and other mental/ physical disabilities or orientations are also created by nature/ god. As per religion a child born with Autism/ sexual deficiency has no right to live!!! and funny part is that there belief is based on thousand years old tales.Recommend

  • Ali Akbar

    I know. What a shame.Recommend

  • wb

    You obviously don’t understand what he’s saying.

    He’s 100% correct when he says that Homosexuality is haram in Islam. Infact homosexuality is the worst kind of crime against Islam.

    Now, use your brain.

    Does it reflect poorly on the person who relied upon Islam? Does it reflect poorly on Islam?

    Use your brain and if you have any courage left, speak the truth.Recommend

  • Ali

    Doctors just want that extra money, feeding on hope which they give to their poor patients.Recommend

  • wb

    Fantastic comment. Most sensible.

    Even Ali has to be commended for making the sane statement.


  • Anesi

    You are not knocking any sense bro.Recommend

  • Marcus

    People do not have the ability to “intervene” in Allah’s will. You’re just upset because homosexuality disgusts you.Recommend

  • Tinnu

    The people of Lut were raiders and thieves as well though so it wasn’t just homosexuality that was the problem.

    If we go by extremist interpretations, many landmarks (such as Minar-e Pakistan or Burj-al Arab) are monuments like those the Pharaoh built and should be destroyed. Should we really look to these people for guidance?

    “And it is not at all allowed” “to marry the same sex.. or become Gay or

    There are many Christians (especially in conservative America) who think the same way but the difference is that they (or their state) does not threaten homosexuals with violence and neither should we.Recommend

  • Nope

    If you cannot choose to be homosexual and find the same sex attractive, then people who find the other sex attractive cannot choose to be heterosexual.Recommend

  • Aisha

    Murders, rapes, theft, and all such crimes are existing since the human himself is, but that does not make them ethical or acceptable just because they are “natural”. And the abundance of something happening does not make it right.

    It is an agenda to inject such evil thoughts in Muslims’ minds and specifically through Muslims like you because this way it will be easier. Recommend

  • Bahlool

    As far as I know, this appears to be a muslim author and ET is a Pakistani news site so I will bring Islam into this. Homosexuality is just not allowed in Islam and this is something that can’t be accepted. If you happen to have these desires then it would be better not to execute on these desires. Fine don’t get married to the opposite sex but don’t start messing with the same sex either. Control yourself here or don’t complain on the day of JudgementRecommend

  • Joana Sahiba

    The people all of us are human and it needs education to understand this. You cant beat it out of a person nor can anyone rape a person beyond repair and hope with that they will change their sexual orientation. Humanity has nothing to do with religion. Humanity knows of the humanbehaviour which has been with humans longer then anyone will acknowledge. We humans have to rise above ourself and let our fellow humanbeings be. Either gay or lesbian or transgenders.Recommend

  • https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=8559594100366660134#allposts Supriya Arcot

    Err Wibsy -a teeny weeny slip on your part. Its not Uttara who is from the third gender. Its Brihannala – her teacher.Recommend

  • moderate

    Very informative, thanks for sharing.Recommend

  • tahironly

    Please change religion dont orientation.
    LGBT is personality disorder if you are sick you can do any thing.Recommend

  • Mohib Ahmad Siddiqui

    Okay let’s all be serious. I really hope the writer is reading this comment too. Your name suggests that you are Muslim. I wouldn’t say that you should be ashamed of yourself or whatever, but I really hope you consider the advice I am about to offer to you.
    I hope you believe that Islam is a beautiful Religion that offers peace. For us Muslims it is vital to read the Quran for guidance. So please read the Quranic verses regarding this topic first and be guided. You can support homosexuals to a limit of their helplessness against natural odds but you can not support gay marriage I’m sorry. Yes abuse is an issue but these problems can be dealt with by other solutions.
    Plus the thought and concept of homosexual relationships is squeamish for anyone with a conscience.
    To all of you non-Muslim people around here, this might not be an issue around your culture but Pakistan is a Country which was created on the basis of Islam. Already there are alot of wrong things taking place in Pakistan but we should do whatever that is necessary to avoid any further discomfort that our community might face in the future.Recommend

  • Sohail Naveed

    If you are Muslim and speaking out against homosexuality then please explain why there is a huge silent homosexuality practise in Pakistan, when there is conumption of alcohol , when bribery corruption is a fabric of our society. If you speak out against homosexulaity why are you silent and allow the other sins ? If you are liberal or conservative why are their acts of violencee against women and who are you to decide which sins are better or worse than others. If homosexuality is not a choice explain why would any person want to be gay so they could be abused, tourtured and killed? So ask yourself who has given you the right to be the judge and jury of homosexuals are you really sin free?Recommend

  • Rahul

    Doctor Saheb should watch this video, Anti-Gay Pakistan is the Gay porn capital of the world. Any chance Pakistanis actual beliefs are different from what they say


  • Frog

    Put the whole town upside down? Recommend

  • Adpran

    I know personally with few Muslim gays who decide to leave their homosexual behavior after they realize that same sex ‘relationship’ is sin. And this is not something easy for them because it’s means they must live in celibate life. They cannot turn their sexual orientation into heterosexual then marry a woman.

    Did they choose to become gays?. No!. Homosexual activity is a choice. Every man can choose to involved or not involved in homosexual activity. But being homosexual is not a choice. If those gays could choose, they would choose to become heterosexual and live normally.

    Every Muslim gay actually realize that homosexual activity is a sin. Many of them actually want to leave this sin, but they feel hard because it’s mean they must live in celibate life. They need support from people around them to make them strong in their effort to leave homosexual behavior. They need support, not death threat.

    So, readers, you can hate homosexual activity. But please, do not hate the gays. They really need our support to leave their homosexual behavior.

    Adpran (Indonesia)Recommend

  • Breaking Bad

    praying five times cures your body and soulRecommend

  • Nida

    They (gays and lesbians) both go against the natural disposition (fitrah) which Allaah has created in mankind – and also in animals – whereby the male is inclined towards the female, and vice versa.
    Whoever goes against that goes against the natural disposition of mankind, the fitrah.

    The spread of homosexuality has caused man diseases which neither the east nor the west can deny exist because of them. Even if the only result of this perversion was AIDS – which attacks the immune system in humans – that would be enough.Recommend

  • farah

    i agree with Mr Jawad khan here! completely!Recommend

  • Nida

    Since the prohibition has come from his Lord, the Muslim should not wait until medicine proves that harm befalls the one who does that which Allaah has forbidden. Rather he must believe firmly that Allaah only prescribes that which is good for people, and these modern discoveries should only increase his certainty and confidence in the greatness of Allaah’s wisdom.

    Ibn al-Qayyim said:

    Both of them – fornication and homosexuality – involve immorality that goes against the wisdom of Allaah’s creation and commandment. For homosexuality involves innumerable evil and harms, and the one to whom it is done would be better off being killed than having this done to him, because after that he will become so evil and so corrupt that there can be no hope of his being reformed, and all good is lost for him, and he will no longer feel any shame before Allaah or before His creation. The semen of the one who did that to him will act as a poison on his body and soul. The scholars differed as to whether the one to whom it is done will ever enter Paradise. There are two opinions which I heard Shaykh al-Islam (may Allaah have mercy on him) narrate.”

    (al-Jawaab al-Kaafi, p. 115).Recommend

  • Shahid Zahoor

    Mr. Writer You can be a Muslim or Gay, simply as you can’t take dual nationality of Pakistan and Israel.Recommend

  • reila

    Dude im muslim but that doesnt change the fact that im bi !
    im doing anything to please god, but when it comes to my sexual orientation i cant help it !
    and just to correct something, what is haram in islam is sodomy not being LGBT
    and being gay is what leds to sodomy and thats why most of people consider it as forbidden by the religion, but as long as ur relationship doesnt contain any form of sodomy then u cant judge it as haram !
    go refresh ur sources before talking~Recommend

  • baba

    Homosexuality is Haram in Islam. You can engage in negative activities like homosexuality, prostitution, but do not claim to be a practicing Muslim, when you do those negative things.Recommend

  • Arsha

    People are responsible for consequences of all their actions. If what they are doing is wrong yet it is not damaging another person then let the consequence be between them and their God. Why shouldn’t we keep our judgments in our own home and let people be. Who are we to torture them or persecute them. Does your God prefer kindness and tolerance or violence and hatred, that too in his name!Recommend

  • Parvez

    That was a well written informative article.
    Some say that Islam forbids homosexuality but they do not prescribe an alternate or a solution. Forbidding it, does not make it go away, it’s tantamount to denial………..so reason suggests that an educated solution be sought.
    In Pakistan until very recently the Islamic Council refused to accept DNA as evidence claiming religious constraints……..eventually sanity prevailed. So in the case of homosexuality a consensual middle ground will have to be forged.Recommend

  • B

    Weather it is choice or biological, it is illogical, unnatural to condemn homosexuality.
    For some people it feels like a biological thing rather than a choice analytic. But yes, those people do choose to not deny something so innate to them instead of choosing to try and be straight. Those who force (or choose) themselves to be heterosexuals, end up eventually killing themselves.Recommend

  • R

    I would like to ask “normal” straight people, is it any of our rights to ask what happens inside a bedroom? Isnt it disrespectful?
    Another question: God punished Qaum Laut, not human beings. Even if God forbids in Quran, there is no way whre it is said in Quran that homosexuality should be punished with this many lashes or death or stoning in this world. Why dont you let God handle it? If God is going to bring wrath on a homosexual person, then let Him do it. What right do you have! And I think this goes for every other forbidden thing in life mentioned in Quran.Recommend

  • syed

    wow unbelievable that some people are actually defending this and the guy whose has given interview to BBC that some narrow minded Muslim think this way .. are you kidding me defending this is like in few years some Muslim will start to eat pork and drink alcohol and will say that and they would say that State of Pakistan failed to protect them .
    In Islam what ever is forbidden is clear so there is no argument defending what is forbidden . And if by chance you are defending this point so are you not challenging your religion ?

    Besides that its said in Islam that if you have done any sin do go around barging about it to the world …

    And people who are defending this what his parent did is esactly what you might do if you found out your son is gay .so stop judging his parents until you walk a mile in there shoes ..

    for the term ” Pakistan has failed to de3fend them ” Sir Pakistan follow Islamic law and in Islamic law gay marriage are not allowed . So how are you saying they failed to defend them ….Recommend

  • syed

    Sir this load of crap .. i mean if religion said its forbidden then there is no point of argument . the guy said if my parent excepted that why wont community not .. well if a guy murder some one and his parent will definitely protect him hide him care for him but still that does not change the matter of fact that he is a murderer so sir as for slave in Qur’an sir you took only one part you did not stop using slave bec you modern attitude . May i remind you sir our Prophet freed slave thats why we dont keep slave now ….wow the ignorance of this person is …….Recommend

  • mua

    ummm just going to say one thing… islam is a religion between God and me. other people are not there to act as mediaries for God. So please save everyone the trouble and concentrate on your religion.

    yes, the overwhelming majority of muslims believe that homosexuality is wrong, but one does not need to go out, and destroy lives in the process. Arranging a marriage of a homosexual man with a woman is cruel to both the man and the woman. There is a risk of increased STDs, and for sure there will only be depression, and gloominess for both the man and the woman.
    Similarly it is also wrong to go about killing people because of their orientation, religion, “blasphemy” etc. Was there ever a bigger blasphemer than the people of quraish, yet did the prophet ever say to kill them all.

    we claim to be muslims, but hardly any of us tries to act on the message of peace.

    i would just recommend the fate of the person in the hands of god, for god is most merciful and most kind.Recommend

  • mua

    be honest,
    when was the last time you stared at a woman, when was the last time you missed ur namaz, or when was the last time you did something that was against the tennents of islam.

    I am not calling you out, but rather explain that everyone of us is imperfect, and we are to be judged only by Allah. So please stop being a moral police, and continue on to better your ownself.Recommend

  • Salman Jahangir

    “It is something they have to live with for the rest of their life.” Actually there are many people who change their sexual orientation /with time. Some people also revert to their previous orientation after experimenting.Recommend

  • Salman Jahangir

    Well a doctor can recommend a treatment as long as being gay is unnatural. Is it scientifically proved as natural?
    It would be way more helpful if we talk about it with reasons. Rather than partying with west or religion.Recommend

  • Amer

    @Faraz: You are so eager to
    hear a “scientific point to
    counter his scientific argument”, so here it is for you my educated Dr
    friend who doesn’t care about what religion has to say:

    google the name: Heather Barwick and it’s today’s
    news.com.au here in Australia that a daughter of two Lesbians is against gay marriage because of the
    basic reasons of a child’s need for a father and a mother in their life.


    The write of this blog hasn’t given any scientific evidence either, he is referencing the opinions of organizations and not any solid scientific research with data etc. The point I am trying to make is not to hate against LGBT society but that what the writer is trying to portray as something natural is not natural at all and it destroys the fabric of society to its core.

    P.S: it’s fascinating how you can leave one teaching of Islam and embrace another but still think of your self as a Muslims?Recommend

  • awais

    You need to study the medical & psychological implications of same sex marraiges on each individual and on the children they adopt. who let you write this article?Recommend

  • And how do you know it’s a choice? Why are you so confident about the true sources of atypical sexuality? Do you know an overwhelming amount of genetic and psychological research goes against what you are saying? Do you know same sex behavior is present in more than 450 species of animals and birds but hate and homophobia in only one? What does that tell you about what’s biological and what’s a choice?

    But if you are closed to logic, then no one can say anything that’ll make you budge and stop being unreasonable.Recommend

  • ET doesn’t need “guts” to publish your comment. Vile, extreme hate is hardly controversial in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Murder is a conscious crime and has a victim. God didn’t create murderers. God created people some of whom made bad choices and killed people and “shall burn in hell for it!” And yes, I am talking down to you because you clearly don’t know what logic is.Recommend

  • Also, good to see extremist Hindus and extremist Muslims agreeing on something.Recommend

  • You are plain wrong and misrepresenting WHO classifications. First of all gender dysphoria is NOT the same as being gay, that’s just the ‘T’ in LGBT. Second, the WHO document is a resource on diagnostic criteria for research on mental disorders and you are trying to pretend it says gay people are mentally ill. It doesn’t even MENTION homosexuality or the word gay or same sex attraction. You might be living in the 1920s but do you think the civilized world would have let WHO get away with that?

    The most controversial thing about this WHO document is that it uses the word disorder for transexuality and transvestism, which has been object to. In fact, the latest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 5) by the American Psychiatric Association clearly distinguishes between gender and sex and uses the word dysphoria instead of disorder to reflect a shift in perspective on gender identity. Recommend

  • No, what you hate is the idea of a better version of you.Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/asadumfb Asadullah Memon

    LOL be one of the gay then and experience it all, then maybe you’ll feel what really means to be abused, ignored and usually bullied ;)Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/asadumfb Asadullah Memon

    Same goes for OTHER Haram things that are Legally allowed :3Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/asadumfb Asadullah Memon

    Yes because they are so called Humans who follow Humanity because the Religions says so ;)Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/asadumfb Asadullah Memon

    They wont Scientifically argue because for that they have to research and science will not help them on this so the only way they’ll counter is by using Religious and pseudo-scientific Stereotypes because they will at least support what they are believing.Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/asadumfb Asadullah Memon

    LOL they are being Scientific and face itRecommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/asadumfb Asadullah Memon

    I belief only discussing and communicating will come to a conclusion and decisions rather than belief and hate driven arguments that have no benefit at all but will give birth to bitterness, ignorance and in the end violence :'(Recommend

  • Fraz Bakhsh

    You never know how many gays or bisexuals living in Pakistan with their clandestine sexual orientation. They do not have the heart to reveal their sexual orientation not because they are ashamed to accept it but because they know that this society is not capable of accommodating this massive discovery. They will turn violent, may even kill him, may want to remove him from the society and they will not treat him the way he used to be treated. He will be seen as an object of shame and disgrace.

    Who are we to decide that? What do we have to do with his personal life? What we need to understand and accept that being a homosexual does not make a person bad or untouchable , he remains the same as God made him. Its between him and his God, we are nobody to intervene in his life.Recommend

  • Fraz Bakhsh

    You never know how many gays or bisexuals living in Pakistan with their clandestine sexual orientation. They do not have the heart to reveal their sexual orientation not because they are ashamed to accept it but because they know that this society is not capable of accommodating this massive discovery. They will turn violent, may even kill him, may want to remove him from the society and they will not treat him the way he used to be treated. He will be seen as an object of shame and disgrace.

    Who are we to decide that? What do we have to do with his personal life? What we need to understand and accept that being a homosexual does not make a person bad or untouchable , he remains the same as God made him. Its between him and his God, we are nobody to intervene in his life.Recommend

  • SIGH. While you must educate yourself and enter the modern world on your time, let me at least tell you that AIDS was not not caused by homosexuality! It was caused by the consumption of bush meat in the Congo which allowed the virus to jump across species and from where it was transmitted to other parts of Africa likely through Swedish colonial railroads, and from there it spread to the world.

    Moreover, the world’s biggest HIV epidemics are in Sub-Saharan African countries many of which are deeply homophobic. You are more interested in denouncing the West than you are in actual facts!Recommend

  • Khalid

    If any body wants to be LGBT,he can be but at that place,country,community,where its allowed,that is from perspective of a person who does not believe in god or any religion,but if u r a believer of god no religion allows this rather condemns LGBT and suggests punishments for this,being LGBT and believing it to be wrong and sin one can expect that person can come back to normalcy or things allowed by god.
    But as writer suggests that change ur orientation if u r gay,or suggesting gay rights in pakistan or any muslim community,its not possible and it was and will b haram,illegal in pakistan or muslim community rather punishable and i endorse it,giving LGBT rights would be against the beliefs,law and regulations of the country,land.
    But if any one considers LGBT rights proper and OK,he should be at a place where he has likeminded people and laws allow this practice,otherwise should be punished,and for a believer there is no place,where god does not exist.
    People being muslim and supporting LGBT rights should change their identity,ie become anything or follow anything which allows LGBT rights,and dont convince muslums to change their identity.Recommend

  • SamSal

    “Homosexuality is not unnatural-the compulsive need some people have to interfere in others sex lives is what is unnatural”

    Very well said!Recommend

  • normskyy

    You can be gay and a good Muslim. People have all sorts of orientations including wanting to cheat on their wife. What is not allowed ate relations outside marriage. Simple. So as a homosexual if you make the choice of getting involved in a relationship then that is sinful. It is a choice whether to have a relationship not a need. A promiscuous heterosexual doesn’t have a need to have illicit relations they do it by choice. Some individuals find children attractive. …doesn’t mean they should engage in paedophilia. The actions are incorrect not the orientation. Don’t confuse the two. Recommend

  • YJ

    This is not allowed in Islam and other religions(I guess), and was
    not acceptable in Society….. I am so sorry to write “WAS NOT
    ACCEPTABLE”. Sins and crimes were always there in every society but must
    be discouraged/ rejected on every level….For God SakeRecommend

  • Hameedullah

    If only being “gay” and “muslim” were nationalities which they are not.Recommend

  • Hameedullah

    He also created transgender and intersex people. And for your information they can not be definitively classified as Adam or Eve.Recommend

  • Troubled

    [email protected]: I applaud you for handling the profound stupidity on this board with the utmost dignity. It’s a lost battle, they are so filled with hate, they forget they are not God, their need to resort to violence against anyone who is not them is exactly like the thinking of ISIS. We can thank the Saudis for turning our society into what it is today. Keep up the good fight, the stupid do not inherit the earth. Recommend

  • Milind A

    ” with Pakistani doctors often recommending “treatment” for homosexuality
    (despite medical science admittedly having no way of converting a
    homosexual orientation to a heterosexual one).”

    Purely relying on the decision of medical science may not yield results. A whole lot of alternate therapies – Yoga, meditation can ‘heal’ these kind of ‘conditions’ (atleast in theory), since these work directly on the mind and also due to the fact that the brain is elastic and can be re-shaped. I’m not sure what your stand on alternate therapies is (you being an allopathic doctor), but these do work, though not as consistently as allopathic medications.Recommend

  • any

    It’s from writer who is either atheist or dies not believe in Islam..LGBT is nothing bt D the product mindsets of such people (like da writer) u better do research abt religions of all sorts n den enlighten the people n Muslims abt ur thotsRecommend

  • Prashant

    You seem to believe that homosexuality is chosen by some as a fashion statement and has no biological basis. Even if there is evidence of homosexuality having biological basis, people like you would not accept it because it does not suit your description of the faith.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “You just cannot allow homosexuality in an islamic republic”

    yeah..just chop them up with a Chinese chopping knife.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    > “Is it scientifically proved as natural?”

    Yes. It was declassified from the list of mental disorders all the way back in 1973.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Indeed, what kind of Muslims would we be if we didn’t systematically shove our beliefs down other people’s throats; abusing and subjugating them until their change their ways according to our ideals.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    It’s not that I don’t “care” what religion has to say. For all I care, you could follow the Saudi mufti who says the earth doesn’t revolve around the sun.

    But when your religious ideals start impacting the lives of others, you have to stop. Your religious freedom ends where my nose begins, and vice versa.Recommend