Modi, a poor shadow of his promises

Published: March 9, 2015

A statue of India's prime minister, Narendra Modi, at a temple erected in his honour. PHOTO: AFP

If you go against your natural instinct, you end up regretting later. In the 2014 general elections, many in India cast their ballots for Narendra Modi, despite having great reservations about him. They wanted to give the man a chance to prove his critics wrong. Despite being aware of his divisive politics and his role in the 2002 Gujarat riots, a large section of the Indian population voted for him with the hope that he is a reformed man and will initiate progressive politics in Delhi once he assumes power.

Nine months into the government, Modi inspires a deep regret amongst a large section of people who supported him with the hope of seeing a new kind of politics in the country. There are many who repent going against their instinct in backing a man who has a dubious political past.

A man who rode to power to usher in new economic reforms and lead the country to a new progressive trajectory is a poor shadow of his promises. Forget about the promised economic reforms, he represents what the sceptics feared most – a divisive polity and upsurge of radical Hindu right-wing forces all across the country. We do not want to judge him by what he did in his past but we want to assess what he is today – a close reading reveals that the man remains the same. His world remains as provincial, narrow and sectarian as it was when he was the leader of Gujarat.

Modi’s journey from Gandhinagar to New Delhi is a great leap forward in his political history. But the geographical shift from the regional capital to a national capital has not brought any substantive change in his politics. He remains a man wedded to anti-minority ideology. Directly and indirectly, he has managed to inspire and strengthen anti-Muslim sentiments across the country.

‘Beefing’ up the hate

The latest comes from the western Indian state of Maharashtra, a state which voted for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government just a few months ago. Recently, the Hindu right-wing government banned beef eating in the state. This decision is not inspired by any love for cow or cattle but plain hatred for the Muslim community. It is a brazen attempt to manipulate Hindu sentiments on the issue of the cow, an animal revered by the majority community. The ideology that Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the BJP’s ideological mentor and political patron, promotes Muslims as the “others”. It considers Muslims as second class citizens, alien people not rooted in the Hindu ethos of the country. This worldview informs the BJP.

The ban, in fact, makes each and every Muslim in Maharashtra a criminal for touching beef, a meat they eat with abandon. There are many Muslims who survive on selling cattle meat.

If the ban is an affront to Muslims, it is also an attack on their economic wellbeing as well as an attempt to perpetuate stereotype against the largest minority in the country. India is one of the leading exporters of beef but the beef meat is mostly from buffalo, a fact not revealed to the masses. Besides, it is not only Muslims, but Dalits, Christians, a section of the lower caste Hindus who also eat the meat because it is cheaper than other non-vegetarian items.

Jobless in India

The BJP government in Maharashtra also did away with the five per cent reservations for Muslims in government jobs. Aimed at uplifting the conditions of poorer sections of the Muslim community, the affirmative action was at attempt to bring the marginalised into the economic mainstream. Such decisions obviously indicated a brazen anti-Muslim bias of the BJP against the minority in the country. It’s an attack on their economy and their culture.

Posing for trouble

The same animosity towards Muslims was displayed in Mangalore, a city in Karnataka, where a Muslim boy was beaten up by some Hindu vigilante group because he was seen to be posing with some Hindu girls in the school. There were three boys in the group but only one was singled out because he belonged to the religion other than Hinduism. The area is known for such moral policing and has been in the news for its anti-Muslim acts.

Boycott the Khans!

BJP leader Sadhvi Prachi’s statement that Hindus should boycott movies by Khan actors in Bollywood as they promote ‘Love Jihad’ also demonstrates how deep the anti-minorities agenda runs in BJP’s DNA. Modi’s rise has further fuelled such elements.

Mother Teresa’s crime

The RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat recently attacked Nobel Laureate, Mother Teresa. He raised doubts over credibility of Mother Teresa’s work and termed her as a missionary dedicated to converting people to Christianity. Coming from the individual whose writ runs unchallenged both in the RSS and the BJP, the statement further accentuates Hindu right-wing’s adversarial relationship with all the minority groups in the country.

The opinion of the fringe groups would generally go unnoticed during the previous regime but their hyper activism comes under media radar quite frequently nowadays. The reason is that they belong to the same ideological family and background as the present ruling party and its chief.

In this background, Modi’s talk about religious harmony is just empty rhetoric.

The on-going campaign of ghar wapsi or reconverting those who forsook the Hindu faith generations ago is one more example of how the Gujarat strongman’s rise to power in Delhi has not been good news for Indian minority communities.

India = Hindu

Ever since Modi has become prime minister of India, he has chosen to appoint individuals with strong sectarian mind-set to run government institutions and bodies. They have spent their lifetime working for the RSS and nurture an idea of India where Hindus have a predominant place. Modi has a clear design – to convert India into a Hindu state. He says that his government has only one religion and that is India first.

What does “India” mean for him exactly?

One does not need to go in too deep to analyse his statement and understand that his India means Hindu. His “India first” means “Hindu first”.

The recent attack on Christians, concerted campaign against Muslims by Hindu right-wing forces having close affiliations with the BJP, promotion of the people with sectarian mind-set in premium government institutions, patronisation of those Hindu radical groups who make brazen anti-Muslim and anti-minority statements, all these indicate that Modi remains the same as he was before.

With his aggressive campaigning, he lured India’s vast middle class into believing that his regime would herald an era of economic reforms and prosperity. His talk of development and aggressive nationalism is just a trap to capture the fancy of the middle-class.

Within one year of his government, the mask has come off.

India is paying the price for going against its instinct.


Sanjay Kumar

A New Delhi based broadcast journalist who reports on national and international affairs. He is a contributor to the Asia Pacific based magazine, The Diplomat. He tweets as @destinydefier (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Rahul

    Well, You had nothing good to say about him before he got elected, you had nothing good to say after he got elected. Why should anybody care for your opinion now? People read newspaper commentary to be informed and educated, not to read articles by people with a narrow agenda nd limited range of thinking.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “India is paying the price for going against its instinct.”

    What price did India pay since Modi became PM, INC did not exactly leave India as a heaven which Modi has undone, all the issues you have mentioned existed even then.

    Finally, everyone knows BJP comes with its own baggage and sister organisations who must be kept in check, afterall it is not called a nationalist/ rightwing party for no reason, the question is would it have come to power if the same INC had been fair to all with no appeasement?

    The author writes the same stuff in different words each time he decides to pen his thoughts.Recommend

  • abhi

    So all those who did not believed in his promises in the first place are now disappointed?

    May be you are disappointed because there are no ant-minority moves by goverment as was publicized by his opponents. Now only option left to you guys is to latch on to some statements by Hindu right wing spporters, who used to give this kind of statements in the past as well.Recommend

  • Critical

    Looks like he put you out of job and you are resorting to writing pulp pieces to cater to the Pakistani rightwing……Recommend

  • Indian all the way

    I guess it’s high time you start looking for other citizenship. clearly don’t belong to India Recommend

  • Rahul

    my Pakistani friends..i write here as a peace loving Indian..not as an Indian nationalist.

    i sincerely ask you to not to take this writer seriously.. i fail to understand which part in India do people like him live in..its always correct to criticize.. its a basic right in a democracy..but to spread lies does not make sense.. i wont force you people to read much..though each single point this person made is nothing but a fallacy..i just come to the most important part where he talks about “Jobless in India”.

    friends..India has reservation systems for backward classes which include Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs all…but this reservation is NOT ALLOWED to ANY particular religion.. the congress-ncp government gave the reservation in their last year of power just to enjoy minority votes.

    just look at it in the this way..if today reservation is given to Muslims..tomorrow Buddhists would ask..then Jains would..Sikhs would..and a secular government be it anywhere cant allow privileges to particular religions like this.

    icing on the cake is the last part where he says that this is an attack on their culture and it means before this reservation was granted a few months back..Muslims could not follow their culture?

    wont say i believe those who get what i am trying to say would have understood the argument why reservations cant be given to religions.

    ET..wake up before its too late..dont just allow ANY article to be deserve respect even in India..Recommend

  • Gull Zaman Ghorgasht

    “..the man remains the same ,..provincial, narrow and sectarian”
    What a great description ! Fits Modi to a T. This Modi is not a great Statesman,
    that Bhagwan sent to pull Hindustan out of it’s generational misery. A Hindu
    Moses to lead the way to the Promised Destiny
    With the extremist organizations like Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang dal, Venvasi Kalyan
    Ashram gladly doing his bidding. While he sits demurely licking his chops, Delhi.
    His star performer Venkaiah Naidu, is his mirror image. No need to go further.
    The author has clinched it bagged it an exposed it,…in excellent terms.Recommend

  • RFD

    Modi has the New India in a Burqa. And every now then the Burqa moves and
    a part is exposed. And gives a glimpses of a indefinable terror underneath…
    Something not belonging to the human polity of this world. Something bad, not
    good, something used by mothers to scare unruly kids, from time immemorial.
    Truly THAT is the new face of India. Something nobody wants to see.


  • ab1990

    Looks like burnol is needed. I hope to buy you some when I go to delhi.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    get a life really pak newspaper ..seriously,do you have anything positive to report about India.Recommend

  • sharath

    Maharashtra court has put a stay for Muslim quota .And sadhvi prachi is from VHP not BJP.if a boy from some community is beaten what’s it got to do with prime minister. Its people Like you who comment just to attract attention .Recommend

  • Parvez

    Having read what you said, what came to mind was the Bill Clinton saying ‘ It’s the economy, stupid ‘……… of course everyone knows that the economy is not the panacea for all ills but then ‘ cherry picking ‘ incidents to draw a negative conclusion also comes across as one-sided.Recommend

  • Fareed Khan Afridi.

    Kudos to the author for this EXCELLENT analysis. You have to be naive
    to believe that Mr. Modi was anything but what the author has portrayed.
    A clear no holds bar picture has emerged. The consensus is, that deep in
    their hearts the voters knew what they were going to get. No surprise there.
    There were hardly any choices, besides, say a Rahul Gandhi, or the ghost
    of Bal Thackeray.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht.

    Here are some statistics that hammer home what has happened since
    Lord Modi took power. And his unrelenting campaign of hatred against
    Bharat’s minorities. These are from India’s National Crime Records Bureau :-
    Every 16 minutes a Dalit woman is raped by a non Dalit man. Every week
    13 Dalits are murdered.and 6 Dalits are kidnapped. Every day 4 Dalit women
    are raped by upper caste men. In 2012 when the famous Delhi raped occurred
    1574 Dalit women were raped.These are just a fraction of the real numbers.
    The communal orgies against Muslims in Gujrat, Muzaffarnagar, Indian Kasmir
    and Manipur are in a class by themselves. The Indian Army enjoys immunity there. The main reason for all these ills in Bharat, the resurgent ascendency of religion. The Hindu Supremacy Doctrine, The the unabated fanaticism of the Hindutva philosophy has Bharat mired and sinking in a deadly quicksand. Indeed.Recommend

  • Vish

    Modi again. Yawn. Yaar even Indians are bored of Modi. Ab to jaane do.Recommend

  • Narasing

    .Let me refute on basic things, which are not too difficult for you to understand hopefully.
    1. RSS does not hate anybody. It represents and works for Hindus & India.Only some will conclude they hate this group or that.
    2. Muslim reservation is unconstitutional & courts have struck them down in every state. MH quota was a to fool muslims into voting for congress.If you dont understand this, perhaps you need to go back to school & learn journalism starting afresh.
    3. 1 Muslim boy beaten up : at least 10 RSS/BJP leaders got killed across India.4000 hindus lost all their livelihook in WB.Its not even funny comparing stats when it comes to Hindus vs mulisms/christians.Stop peddling lies & false conclusions.
    4.Its free country & RSS and any other organization say what they feel. There are tons of evidence including Evangelical Teresa’s own admission.
    5. GOI made position clear, they dont want to remove Secular from constitution, they are for all. Any questions?Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Meh.bleh and big whoop. These three eloquently articulate my reaction everyt time someone berates modi. I don’t like the guy, I am not ” siding” with him, but even then. He is doing great. I don’t know why he doesn’t rein in his extremists, but then again everyone makes mistakes, perhaps this is his mistake. The entire article that you wrote containing a thousand words can be replaced with ,” pro hindutva so bad”.
    I agree that his being pro hindutva has marred his tenure, but to be honest this is only one thing. Please look at the broader picture.
    So bottom line. Modi is supporting Hindu extremists, he should not do that. No question there. Does this make him unworthy of ruling? In utopia it may, but the last unicorn I saw was on a five year old girls backpack so we ain’t living in utopia, therefore modi can rule. He is a pretty decent politician as far as I can judge from his decisions till now.Recommend

  • Alapan

    …a known Modi hater saying “Modi inspires a deep regret amongst a large section of people who
    supported him with the hope of seeing a new kind of politics in the
    country. ” ..common give me a u have any data to support it? even after delhi elections loss, a survey conducted in Delhi said that 60% of delhites rated Modi as doing good job. So plz come up with facts and figures and do not apply ur opinion of him as general view among majority of Indian voters.Recommend

  • Amer

    Some Indian who comment on these pages think that we somehow don’t interact with the wider Indian population. Every Indian Muslim that I have talked to has told me that Modi is a mass murderer and there isn’t much else to say!Recommend

  • Hamid Mescanzai

    A PM of 1.6 billion people is NOT allowed to make mistakes. Non negotiable.
    Are you really reading what the author wrote ? Regarding ALL minorities?

    ‘..he is doing great..” how can that be? In Maharashtra if you are caught
    eating beef you will go to jail. if you are caught selling beef you will go to
    jail. if you have a restaurant you can no longer cook/sell beef. if you are
    a butcher you are out of a job. In Mysore there are rampaging hindu mobs
    who go looking for Muslims. All of this since Modi came in power. Good?
    If the end result of Modi’s reign is a miserable life for minorities how can that
    be good.? Mohan Bhagwat, in Govt. said all Muslims should go to Pak.
    Sadhvi Prachi is the one who said boycott all Khans movies. These are
    current leaders in Modi’s Govt.! !Recommend

  • Queen

    Facts mentioned in the blog make me grateful to be a Pakistani citizen.Recommend

  • Queen

    Okay, so according to you, highlighting government’s shortcomings is akin to having ‘narrow agenda’ and ‘limited range of thinking’? Very sensible.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    hahahah Dalits are not minorities, SCs and STs form the majority of India’s Hindu population. And as per your cooked up stats, if out of 25,000 rapes in india out of a population of 1 billion only 1574 dalit women were raped, then surely Dalits must be the most secure women. Poof goes your entire argument!!

    “Bharat mired and sinking in a deadly quicksand”

    Seriously???? If wishes were horses then all Pakistanis would be riding away to glory.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    I think I quite CLEARLY pointed out that his extremist attitude is his MISTAKE. why don’t you go back and read my comment. EVERYONE makes mistakes, why isnt he allowed to make them? isnt he human?Recommend

  • Jor El

    No these r not shortcomings. Shortcomings wud be not implementing the economic reforms the govt set out for. These r incidents that happen ironically under the UPA regime. they will always happen becoz there is no dearth of hot-headed idiots in the country.Recommend

  • Sane

    You claim to be the largest democracy in the world and contrary to this ‘order’ a man whose expression does not fit in your doctrine of anti-Muslim and minority. What a shame.Recommend

  • Sane

    Mass murderer of Muslims acquitted by Kangaroo Courts in India. Proof of mass murdering: US refused visa on this ground until Mass Murder became Indian PM. What a nation Indians are? They elect Murderer as PM.Recommend

  • Sane

    Hinduvta doctrine shall result India in pieces. Mind there are over 60 separatist movement in India.Recommend

  • Sane

    Good to know that rape of 1547 Dalit women does not cause stir at least to you. Typical Hindu hegemonic mindset for which Indians are famous for. Minorities of India shall rise against their mass killing, rape and overall injustice.Recommend

  • Sane

    Reality bitesRecommend

  • Suren Singh Sahni

    Majority of Hindus in India 99.9% do not subscribe to the views of RSS and VHP. We have coexisted with muslims and other minorities for centuries.As Sanjay has given examples of Intolerance but elections in Delhi has proved beyond any doubt that Indians are not going to tolerate any disturbance towards minorities. Modi is trying to be a the Prime Minister of India not of Hindus but fringe elements need to be controlled. Recommend

  • Rakib

    There is method in the madness. While Hinduism (afaik) does not ban cow slaughter in scripture, the sentiments have always been against it among North & West Indian Hindus. Dalits, Minorities (except Jains & Sikhs), Northeasterner Tribes eat it & Southern Hindus especially of Kerala & of non-Brahmin stock relish it. The issue of Cow Slaughter has troubled the Rulers of India since old days. Babur had asked his son Humayun to avoid the slaughter on certain days & Akbar had issued a firman per record of Abul Fazl in Ain-e-Akbari to ban it altogether in Agra/Sikri. There are quite a few Mughals who followed it since cow-eating is not mandatory for anybody anyway! Legend has it that Meerut Constabulary went on riots in 1857 on this issue. And post 1858 British Govt was careful about slaughter of two specific animals in certain areas.

    The proposal to ban cow slaughter on grounds of protecting India’s cattle wealth was incorporated in the form of Art #48 under Directive Principles of State Policy of Constitution of India.. When that was debated & adapted (1946-49), both Modi & his party BJP were not born yet & Nehru-Ambedkar (Secular-Liberal) ruled the roost. Constituent Assembly stopped at recommending it (along with other proposals such as prohibition on liquor, Uniform Civil Code etc) but did not make it mandatory; & left final decision to wisdom of future generation of Indians. That “wisdom” (!) is being displayed now!!Recommend

  • Jor El

    N lets keep it that way …Recommend

  • Rakib

    IMHO: Modi does not make Mistakes when it comes to promoting Hindutva, which is his reason for existence as PM, duly approved by RSS. Or, rather he has planned his “mistakes” honed to perfection over last 12 years, gathering rich experience of Trial & Success in Gujarat. His minions dare not talk/do any major thing without his blessings. There are actions/statements that a PM can’t be caught making lest world media & NRIs pounce on him & fence sitters/few liberals desert him. He can always make others say it/do it & then he can acquiesce to it with silence. And yet retain “plausible deniability” if the unmentionable hits the fan.. Clever & oldest trick,as old as epic “Mahabharata”..Recommend

  • Alapan

    first of all..lets be very clear..delhi elections was not against BJP or RSS ‘s hindutva policies..It is a simple fact that Delhi Unit of BJP did not have a credible leader against AK. AAP learnt from the 2014 general elections, if they made this election into a Modi vs AK issue, they are going to lose. And hence they did not attack Modi personally or his job done in the last 9 months. That was very smart politics. Even after Delhi’s defeat, a lot of Delhities have said that this election was not a vote against Modi as they are happy with this performance nationally. And btw Majority of Hindus may not be part of RSS but have deep respect for the work done by them. So plz check ur facts before commentingRecommend

  • Queen

    Agree. But if the author Sanjay Kumar has highlighted the issues which have arisen during the tenure of the present Indian Government then it is unfair to term it ‘limited range of thinking’. Governments are more likely to address issues when they are highlighted by journalists and media.Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Err .. Dont mean to take sides but sometimes you are num one in the market simply because you are the ONLY one and not because you are THE BEST. What other alternative do people have if they dont vote for his party ? His is the biggest and most visible party .Recommend

  • نائلہ

    It’s an indian “reporting”. Recommend

  • Rakib

    Author claims: (This decision is not inspired by any love for cow or cattle but plain hatred for the Muslim community.) While Modi is not overflowing with any love for cattle is the author willing to accuse men like Nehru, Abul Kalam Azad, Rajendra Prasad & Ambedkar of “hatred for Muslim community”? The proposal to ban cow slaughter was incorporated in the form of Art #48 under Directive Principles of State Policy of Constitution of India. When that was debated & adapted (1946-49), both Modi & his party BJP were not born yet & aforementioned Secular-Liberal ruled the roost. Constituent Assembly stopped at recommending it but did not make it mandatory; & left it to wisdom of future generation of Indians.Recommend

  • Gurion

    The fact that you think that this article is factual makes me feel great that you are a Pakistani citizen.Recommend

  • Gurion

    “Mother” Theresa was a fraud and that fact has been proven comprehensively both by Indian and Western intellectuals. The author needs to educate himself.Recommend

  • Jor El

    Again, these issues have not risen due to the govt, but regardless of whoever is in power. U think that hotheads care for who is in power? no, their job is to continue being idiots, regardless of whether they get govt help or not. Coming to the points the author has highlighted, none except the Beef ban is a govt sanctioned action. Even the beef ban(which got a presidential approval, he cud have said no himself) was a product of a previous state govt decision. Just coz the present maharashtra govt took this step doesnt mean that it was their decision, they just implemented a decision that wasn’t originally theirs. When u say that govts address issues when highlighted by journalists n media, it not completely correct. Govt has a team of bureaucrats that dictate policy. I will give u a very small eg, before the present budget, media kept highlighting the income tax issue n wanted arun jaitley to raise the slab to Rs. 5 lakhs, but he ddnt do it. This is not to deny the importance of media, it has its role, but to overestimate its role is a tad too much.Recommend

  • Jor El

    N for the time being, thats gud enuff for a majority of indians.Recommend

  • RFD

    Cherry picking? There is a long history behind the Chai wala.
    from Vadnagar, District Mehsana, Gujrat. Former RSS ideologue.
    His hatred for Muslims, his culpability in the Gujrat Riots. His
    involvement in the desecration and vandalizing of churches
    in New Delhi just before the elections last month. [BJP lost]
    Denial of visas to EU. US, Aus. NZ. Should we go into the
    tearing down of Babri Mosqu?. Amit Shah the president of BJP
    was out on bail, until recently for his involvement in inciting anti
    Muslims riots in Gujrat. NO these were different riots. Not the
    world famous Gujrat Riots. The so called ‘judges’ exonerated him.
    So,..the author is cherry picking?… so?Recommend

  • ajeet

    Pakistan wants India to be secular, but wants itself to become more Islamic with full scale sharia law and blasphemy punishments? Pakistan is a Muslim nation and India is a Hindu nation which kept itself Secular.Recommend

  • ajeet

    I don’k think the Islamic invaders handled Dalits any better, with the presence of ashraf/ajlaf and arzal among the South Asian muslims.Recommend

  • ajeet

    If you have 1.2 billion with more than 26 recognized languages, you will have 60 separatist movements. But in Pakistan, with 6 or 7 ethnicities, you have more than half of the country under separatist movements, which is more risky.Recommend

  • ajeet

    We will follow Pakistan’s strategy of dealing with minorities as Pakistani minorities don’t seem to rise up at all.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    ROFLMAO!! Hilarious! you did not even read my comment or perhaps you did not comprehend. Dalits are not minorities they are hindus and they far outnumber the upper castes.

    As far as the 1547 Dalit women, I am equally concerned about the 23453 non dalit women who were raped. Learn to read the comment before posting a silly reply with the usual “hegemony, hindu,mass killing yada yada” thrown in. The only mass killing going on is in Pakistan right now or perhaps in your drug induced dreamsRecommend

  • Gratgy

    We are grateful too, in fact we have built a huge fence to ensure you stay on your side.Recommend

  • Biswajeet Kapoor Kiraula

    That is why she has been put on the fast track by the Vatican
    to becoming a saint. People of your ilk, have a credibility.issue.Recommend

  • RFD

    When you have a temple built, [by your henchmen]
    so people can come and pray to you, and to your idol
    reposing inside in splendid splendor then SOMETHING
    is very very wrong. Well,.. Emperor Nero was a living god
    of the Romans. Now Mr. Modi wants to go down the same
    path. According to you,.. that is good?Recommend

  • Queen

    Thank you for the gesture.Recommend

  • Abyss

    Sanjay, mate, take a deep breath. I visit and find similar articles. We get your point, you’ve reached a peak of disappointment as far as Modi is concerned, it can not go beyond this. You might want to stop this obsession, it would only eat you up from within.Recommend

  • Queen

    Okay. I hope the issues raised in this blog do get addressed soon.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    What? I already said that supporting Hindu extremism is his mistake? What had happened today? Did you all stand in the sun too long? Why are you not reading my comments?
    I did not day or was his mistake as in saying that he inadvertantly did it. Mistake means that he is wrong in doing it, and of course he knows what he is doing.
    I feel real sorry when I am forced to explain things as of taking to give year oldsRecommend

  • Zee

    Kudos to author for showing the true face of so called secular India! Now get ready to be trolled by the RSS / Hindutva brigade!Recommend

  • Parvez

    In my comment I was trying to say that APART from the religious issue, there are other factors that determine a governments performance, e.g the economy…..and the author chose to ignore that. In my view he was ‘ cherry picking ‘.Recommend

  • amartya

    blah blah blah and blahRecommend

  • abhi

    I fully agree and I am ashamed of Kangaroo Courts of India. Despite full witch-hunting by the central goverment and lots of cooked up evidences presented by dubious characters they were not able to punish a CM of small state, what a shame! They didn’t even taken into the account that his visa to US was denied, what other proof do you require? On the other hand I see the Pakistani judiciary with great respect and envy. They do not hesitate to even hang a PM on the slightest heresay and thus keep the light of justice and equality glowing in the subcontinent.Recommend

  • wb

    What is wrong with the blogger?

    Modi has done plenty wrong but more than plenty right. I especially approve of Modi’s dealings with Pakistan.

    The new motto is, you violate ceasefire on LOC, we will rain fire on working border. Which is fantastic.

    And why do you blame Modi for everything that happens in the country? Blame him where he should take the blame. For example the boat example.

    Karnataka has a congress government and not BJP government. So, how did you manage to blame Modi for the boy getting beaten up?


    Stupid analysis.some authors are only hear to criticise him day and seems to be is better to have a wise dictator than a stupid secularRecommend

  • Jor El

    These r hardly issues that anyone bothers about, save the beef ban which directly affects butchers n their livelihoods. They r more like nuisance values rather than issues. Much like the recent Junaid Jamshed controversy. The only ppl bothered r those whose airtime gets eaten up by JJ. Let me ask u straight, were u really bothered by what he said n the subsequent blasphemy case against him ???Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Your other points are objectionable too , but I will contest only one . While yes Muslim reservation is unconstitutional ,is reservation for lower caste muslims wrong??Recommend

  • raw is war

    @ Sanjay

    I consider Modi to be the best PM since AB Vajpyee. Economy is improving. We had enough of congress. Never again. Our economy under congress became weaker than Pakistan’s.

    Apart from Congress, we have Mulayam, Maya, Amma, etc etc. I cannot even think of them as leaders, let alone PM material.

    Also Modi is in-corruptible. Please take a pause.Recommend

  • RFD

    The Germans were very happy too. Jobs everywhere.
    Food. Industries working full time. Clothes, money.
    Hitler had the German economy booming after
    he took power/control. If you watch the documentaries
    of that era you will come across “A chicken in every pot”
    That was an expression started by Hitler. He did very well
    by the economy. What good is a booming economy when
    only the ‘CHOSEN’ benefit ? When the rest are non entities.
    The Muslims, the Christians, the indigenous ethnics, the
    lower castes are under dire threats. So what good is an
    economy when there is blatant ugly hatred for 200 million Muslims stakeholders by the Bharat’s PM….Modi.Recommend

  • Vish

    Sadly Pak newspapers can’t sell without India centric articles. Even in articles that have nothing to do with India, Pak commentators manage to bring in India/Indians.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Again……my point was that APART from the religious discrimination there are other factors that govern a States well-being, to deny that is wrong and the author did just that…… and your comparing Midi to Hitler is a bit much.
    To set the record straight, during the elections I thought that Modi playing the religious card was ‘ electoral strategy ‘ apparently I was wrong.Recommend

  • ak

    Rather his points are quite pertinent

    Regarding Quotas, personally i am against caste based quota..But do you know why caste based quota was given in 1st place (hindu caste)..kindly go read

    Also since when Muslims (As religion) start having castes?

    This reservation was defined in Constitution based on social segregation of Hindus(albeit for a brief period only)..if India has to define itself as secular, there cant be any religion based blanket reservations
    So pt 2 and 5 demand by sickulars are self contradictoryRecommend

  • ak

    hmm..GDP growth more than 7..India to become fastest growing economy among major nation
    Manufacturing index up by 44%
    FDI flow up by double digits
    Ease of doing business index improved drastically
    Economic outlook and sovereign rating also improving
    Corruption at top lebel decreasing (independent report)
    Jan Dhan Yojna to direct benefit Poor..A world record
    more than 5million toilets have already been built for poor
    Schemes for affordable housing going on
    Unemployment decreasing
    and this is only 10 months

    And yeah Modi is not doing anything….one must be blind to beleive all these..

    He has committed some mistakes as well, but country is moving in the right direction for the momentRecommend

  • ak

    No dear..its a reporting for Pakistani newspaper..the newspaper publishes this so owns it as wellRecommend

  • Parvez

    I did reply but it seems to have got lost, so I’ll be short :
    Religious intolerance is bad but it’s not the only indicator to judge a nations progress………and your comparison of Modi to Hitler was a bit much.Recommend

  • indiakanagrik

    hey u writer its unconstitutional to give reservations based on religion.Update ur gk, its not pakistan.Recommend

  • chander

    Islam does not have caste system and is an egalitarian religion as stated by its followers. So there is no question of there being a lower or upper caste muslim. Castism is a disease only in Hinduism, so only Hindu lower castes are eligible.Recommend

  • chander

    Church has always been a political institution and has more crimes hidden in its cupboard than you can imagine. People of your ilk can be taken for a ride by anyone.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    “Islam does not have caste system and is an egalitarian religion as stated by its followers.”
    That is a lie peddled by Leftist ex-Hindus & elite Muslims (both Left & Right) to contrast it with Hinduism . Do you think caste needs any religion to support it.
    You also know it as I do . :)Recommend

  • Rakib

    In many states, including Modi’s Gujarat, reservations for “lower caste” Muslims is available. I had provided here the names of quite a few such castes including the Muslim counterpart of Modi’s caste but Moderators did not allow it. That rejection has baffled me!Recommend

  • Rakib

    @chander & @ Rana Theoretically Islam as such certainly does NOT have caste system the way Hinduism has. But, Indian Muslims do practice it even if the stratification is not so discriminatory. The converts carried forward the names & inheritance of their ancient occupation related castes & surnames. Only Orthodox Muslims & the Clergy pretend otherwise in India but Leftists never deny that. In fact, as part of their theory of class (caste) struggle its important for them to highlight the landless labour “Dalit” Muslim & “Dalit” Christian & their struggle against feudal landlords. For the interested:- Please Google for “Caste in Indian Muslim Society” by Prof. Yoginder Sikand,Head, Centre for Studies on Indian Muslims,Hamdard University, New Delhi to get a first rate account of “caste” system that is unique to Indian Muslims.Recommend

  • RFD

    Would it be OK if Modi is compared to Stalin?…Make it
    more with the times…an Indian on his way to becoming
    a Putin?..[just substitute Gulags for concentration camps…
    for Muslims and other minorities]. If you study history a
    little more diligently you will find this revenge and atrocities against Muslims happened recently in Serbia, Muslims were
    put in concentration camps, by Radovan Karadzic and Co.
    and Radovan Milivojevic. Clinton had to go free them. The
    whole world did nothing ! including the Muslims countries.
    They stood around wringing their hands and looking tortured.
    That, was pure revenge for Turkish rule….500 years ago ! !
    So you think Modi can do it again?Recommend

  • Rakib

    Reg #5 : I believe this Government will not be able to remove the words “Secular Socialist” from the Preamble to Constitution since SC will strike down any attempt to tinker around with, what it calls the “basic structure” of Constitution. Modi therefore can’t kill the word but he can maim the spirit. I would be hard put to believe that the Hindu Nationalist Capitalist & his Party, which has building of Temple in place of Babri mosque as its Objective per Manifesto, are actually both Secular & Socialists. That would be a laughable claim anyway.Recommend

  • Parvez

    OK, brother I think you’re rambling …… it was a good exchange anyway. You made your point but I disagreed with it. Ciao.Recommend

  • L.

    The author is a resident of INDIA Recommend

  • Milind A

    So according to your narrow definition of secularism a person has to shun religiousity, or stop building a temple (the temple dispute has been solved through a Supreme court judgement), in order to be secular.

    Well that leaves you entire Muslim population communal – outside the secular camp, because they believe in the finality of the contents of Koran (some of these are offensive to non-believers), identify with pan-Islamic causes etc…Recommend

  • Rakib

    Nobody need shun own religion. What Modi & his men believe in their personal lives is their business but as public servants they are open to scrutiny & criticism, for their words, action & silences.. As PM/Ministers/MPs they are a Government that has won based on a Manifesto which has, among many other things, Temple building as ONE of its objectives to be met under due process of law. That is indicative of their commitment to a Hindutva Agenda based on which they got support of an important section of voters. They have the Right & Duty now to Build since they are elected on that (among other) platform. But then they must not boast of being Secular or Socialist. Let them call themselves Hindu-Hindutva-Whatever etc with pride, as normally they do, and not Secular nonsense.. Don’t let them say what they don’t mean & claim what they aren’t. They are as non-Secular as the Muslims you appear to criticise, except the latter are shade less dishonest. about it.Recommend

  • ak

    Doesnt matter..Its the Editorial policy of a paper which decides what opinion to publish..
    You will find more people in India subscribing to other view..
    So ownership goes to Newspaper as wellRecommend

  • Alapan

    since when did Church especially Vatican become credible? if for people like u, vatican with countless scandals in 2000 yrs is credible than Indian govt which is our own(no matter what political ideology it belongs too), then god help us..Recommend

  • Alapan

    there is no lower caste muslims or chrisitians..period.! u change ur religion to escape caste-ism and then u cannot claim to be lower caste anymore. you can’t have both the cake and eat it too.Recommend

  • Alapan

    ..and the author is know modi hater too…we can decipher that from his countless articles on modi and bjp..Recommend

  • Rakib

    Your saying “period” or you or anybody else including Muslim/Christian Clergy of India being in denial doesn’t alter social reality. There are at least 20 “castes” of Muslims in Modi’s Gujarat apart from Dalit Christians elsewhere who get special consideration as they must. They have the first lien on the nation’s resources as MM Singh had suggested.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    @Rakib Do you really think caste needs sanctioning from religious scriptures .
    Please do make distinction between” jati” & “varna” .
    1) Maybe Islam does not sanction Varnas but it does sanction Perso-arab supremacism & is definitely not egalitarian , just like the same as Brahminical Sanskrit shastras promote ” Varnashram” bigotry & thus Brahmin-Supremacism. But then that Varnashram has always been opposed by non-Brahminical Vernacular panths , be those like Tukaram ,Jnnaeshwar ,Narayan Guru etc… as well as by other non-Vedic Sanskritised religions like Lingayats etc. So , not all of Hindu religions sanction “Varnashram”. This varnashram is exhibited when some Brahminical sects deny entry to Dalits etc , but nevertheless non-Brahminical folk religions have also flourished.

    2) But nevertheless , even if Hindus mostly rural Hindus follow hindu customs dictated by commingling of their folk traditions & Brahminical hindus , they have “jatis” . A hindu following Tukaram or Ravidas (both Dalit saints) still has “jati” — a thing that has always permeated even occupations , not just religions . A Jat or a Rajput or Gujjar continued to remain that regardless whether they were farmers or warriors.

    3) Thus Quranic Islam is not a far cry from Vedic Hinduism —the only difference is that the latter came under attack from within , while former never did. Folk Sufi Islam is also only as egalitarian as local folk Hindu religions.

    CONCLUSION : It is essential to see caste (jati) as beyond religion or occupation. Also the myth of Islam’s egalitarianism needs to be repudiated as (1)It is often used by Right-wing Hindus to rebuff Muslim “lower-caste” reservations (2) It is often used by Right-wing Muslims (particularly in Pakistan ) to promote Islamo-supremacism & use it as excuse for Muslim evangelism.Recommend

  • Parvez

    If you care to read the fine print at the bottom of the article it says: The views expressed by the writer and the readers comments do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of ET ‘. ……….that really makes your view point invalid.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Please , do ponder that caste does not need religious sanctioning to survive .And also if Buddhism was a reaction to caste , why is it so that majority of Buddhist monks were of Brahmin birth & why do Sinhalas still have castes afterall they have been Buddhists for a longer period of time as compared to us. You said “caste is unique to Indian muslims” , should have said “South Asian” . As Prof. Sumit Guha ,a sociologist contests that caste or jati is rather a complex involuted form of ethnicity.

    Also , are you sure that Migrant muslims who formed the Imperial class of Delhi (i.e. Abbasis ,Turks, Timurids & most importantly the Syeds) did not have castes & never looked down upon pre-Islamic Indian tribes (both upper castes & lower castes) with contempt just as upper castes saw the lower castes.Recommend

  • Rakib

    While I appreciate your post & thank you for it I don’t see my having gone in to history of caste system of various groups following whatever religion. I was merely dealing with the social reality that caste is among Muslims, like among others & that Leftists don’t deny it. How migrant Muslims looked down upon local converts has certainly added to the then pre- existent atmosphere of discrimination. History of Balban & Tughlaq period testifies it.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Rakib , cool down & no need to aanswer the communal barbs of those communal Hindus .
    But have you often wondered that Indian Secularism actually pushes more Hindus to communalism.

    For example : Take contradictory postures of Nehruvian & Leftists on Evangelism & Conversions . I reject Hindutva but to be honest I cannot be called as a “Secular Hindu” by Nehruvian terms , even though I reject the intermingling of religion & politics. Also afterall a Secular Hindu for these ppl is : 1) one who would fight Hindu missionaries but be accomodative to Muslim/Christian missionaries. 2) Accept barbs of men like Kancha Ilaiah or DMK that “Hinduism is Fascism” without protest but fight tooth & nail against any “Islamophobia”.
    3)It tells me to reject Manusmriti (which I fondly do) but it also tells me to at times eulogise Shariah .Is not this contradictory set of stances ?? The Secular media would buzz for Rohingayas but turn unapologetically deaf for Pak & Kashmiri Hindus, ppl closer to Indians culturally as they are Sindhis & Kashmiris.This does not make Hindutva good but only shows the precariousness of Nehru-Ambedkarite Secularism —-a reason we need to rethink Secularism , if we want to protect it.Recommend

  • ak

    Yeah So?

    You mean to say the opinion which “GET”published are not defined by editorial policy of the paper? Are you that naive

    Thats why i said ownership goes to newspaper äs well”(apart from writer).
    Read carefully first..Recommend

  • Alapan

    ..and what abt the hindu poor? they do not have claim over nations’s resources..muslims ruled over the country for 100s of years treating hindus as slaves and even now u want special treatment. ppl like u r responsible for groups like RSS and VHP becoming more and more popular among Hindus. Plz start thinking abt country and not just abt muslimsRecommend

  • Rakib

    When I talk of Dalit in any context (as in the post you have responded to) Hindu is most certainly there in large numbers. Good Ambedkar in the First Schedule to Constitution in 1950 had taken care of them & of Scheduled Tribes too..(2) RSS was born decades before I was & it was even more vicious under Golwalkar. It can’t become worse than what it is on my say so. More the fellows of VHP like Togariya-Katiyar become vocal better it is because that will show up the true face of Hindu extremists.Recommend

  • Rakib

    Hindu Right can choose to go whichever way it wants to but I am not a votary of Indian Brand of Secularism. Indira gave this fancy name to India but the original framers of Constitution were more honest: they knew India can’t be “Secular” therefore never called it so, formally. First a Meaning was invented (equality of all religions) & a word was borrowed to fit the meaning (Secular). So far I know: Indian State has no Official Religion. That’s all. That should be the beginning & end of definition of Indian Secularism.

    Indians use the word “Secular” when they actually mean any one or all of the following: Tolerant. (they really mean Indifferent but pass it off as tolerance). Eclectic. ( they actually mean buffet religion but only Hindus can do that & when Muslims/Christians being monotheists refuse some get upset). Syncretic. (makes sense culturally since India is a melting pot). Equality of all Religions ( Muslims & Christians would never agree). And so on.

    India is unfit to be Secular. Nor was it to be Hindu Rashtra. No past ruler ever gave any religion related prefix or suffix to India. Secular/Theocracy are not the only two alternatives in life. Nobody wonders what business Nehru had to make Parliament to frame Hindu Civil Code? And his Dy.PM of rebuilding Somnath? Or, Government running temples & giving subsidy for Hajj? One CM ran pilgrimages for Christians to Holy Land too & I am not sure of Mansarovar assistance. How can Owaisi’s MIM be allowed by EC or even Shiromani Akali Dal run Govt under “Secular” Constitution? Why is there a Chief Qazi in Madras & not Chief Pujari? Why Shah Bano elicited amendment to Constitution & how a mosque-breaker became a Dy.PM? What’s the point of Hindu leaders breaking fast which they have not kept during Ramzan? And why 5 crores worth sandal-wood is burnt by the PM, who leads a Spartan-life otherwise, in a temple? ( I am not condemning any of the foregoing, mind you!)

    India is not a Theocracy nor will it ever be. India is not Secular either. India is Unique.Recommend

  • Parvez

    ‘ Chit bhi meri…pat bhi meri ‘……..
    It was an OPINION piece by an Indian author. Just because it was negative in nature towards Modi you dragged the Pakistani site (ET) into the fray……..if you were unbiased you would have debated the issues raised instead of trying to ‘ bad mouth ‘ the site.Recommend

  • Sameer Shaikh

    To people of Pakistan!

    I am living in India and I can tell you the exact situation. India consists of 322 different dialect groups speaking 120 languages with 29 nation states within a nation with no connection to historical development of India and examples are Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal. The RSS/VHP/Bajrangi represents upper class majorities. India is so diverse that the caste system run deep in the society. The lower caste.. Dalit, untouchable, shudras were treated so badly and neglected that they converted to Muslims since during prayer all muslims stand with each other to show the solidarity that all are equal. During Eid, people hug each other showing brotherly irrespective of financial group compare to caste system where untouchables were now allowed to enter or sit in upper caste people. Our religion because of equality and respect became so popular that it traveled all across world. Except for few which was forcibly converted as called by RSS, if you read Indian newspaper in metro cities like mumbai in midday newspaper, there are hundred of name conversion from majority to muslims because they find their daughters unable to get married, big dowry social discrimination in marriages for lower caste.

    Now you people realise how Muslims got empowerment in India, some are doing well, it is because of gulf metro dollar nation where 1 crore indians work in gulf and send money to india to take care of their family, else muslims were worst than Dalits.Recommend