16 photos that prove India and Pakistan are just the same

Published: February 28, 2015

That will hopefully help us realize how our dreams, our ambitions, our prayers and our passions are alike. PHOTO: TWITTER(@Aadi104)

Conflict isn’t the only thing common to India and Pakistan. We are just like neighbours who might quarrel but always have each other’s back.

We are like neighbours who may not be too happy with the noisy parties the other throws but who would still like to be a part of each other’s happiness.

This article is an attempt to focus on the everyday, the little things which unite us as a people.

Forgive me if I come across as stating the obvious. But sometimes, the best of us tend to forget the obvious. And then it’s always good to remember, and to remind.

1. We believe in one God

No matter what side of the boundary one stands on, one can feel the power of faith. However, spirituality for us is more than religion. It is humanity and compassion.

2. You can’t tell the landscape of one from the other at times

Rocky, steep mountains which stand tall amidst azure streams, upon which frothy white clouds breathe, are a common sight in both countries. A visual treat fit for a traveller’s dreams.

 3. We know our real wealth lies in the luscious, green lands

Though technological advancements have touched our lives, we continue to worship the land which sustains us. Such is the beauty of our fields that a stroll through the green countryside can drive away the worst worries from one’s life.

4. Cricket is not just a sport for us

The sport is a major issue of contention between our countries. But doesn’t our shared love for cricket bring us closer?

5. Our trucks can put the ‘Pimp My Ride’ team to shame

From couplets to wisecracks, anything and everything can be spotted adorning the trucks on the road. The splash of colour is proof of our ingenuity and affinity for art.

6. We love to shake a leg

Many a times, what can’t be expressed through words, is better expressed through actions. And dance is the most tasteful collection of gestures. Both India and Pakistan have been blessed with varied dance forms which are beautiful, scintillating and amazingly expressive.

 7. Our voices are not drowned out in the streets

Meandering through the streets, one can come across the varied expressions of identity that the people indulge in. What meets the eye is a voice which is slowly, but surely building an identity.

8. A mother is just as indulgent on both sides of the border

They say that no one can love like a mother. And all mothers are capable of showering their children with their selfless love, no matter where they belong. This love can warm any person’s heart, no matter which side of the border they stand on.

 9. Tragedy has visited us uninvited

Sorrow knows no name, no creed. Both the countries and their citizens have had to face several tragedies. Earthquakes, floods, terrorist attacks are instances which have seen the countries and their citizens stand together.

10. Selflessly serving the country is duty for us

A soldier, be it from India or Pakistan, chooses the needs of the country over him/herself. And in return asks for nothing.

11. Our marketplaces are a reflection of our colourful lives

We don’t really know how to live without colours. Our clothes, houses, cuisines – all reflect our love for colours. After all they break the monotony of life and bring in a breath of fresh air.

12. Our plate carries more than just food

Food is an art for us, an art which has been crafted over the years with great precision in both the countries. And we like to appreciate this art whole-heartedly!

 13. Tea spells comfort for us

Nothing is more invigorating for our senses than a whiff of hot tea. It is our favoured beverage when sharing anecdotes about life or even when we are too tired to speak.

14. The light of music shines bright in both the countries

Music is not just a part of our lives but is an indispensable part of our lives. From prayers to love songs to celebrations, music gives expression to all.

15. We take great pride in our past

Yes, what is gone is gone to never return. But the beautiful memories, the achievements and the stories that our past has bequeathed us with, is something we are proud of.

16. We abhor violence

We know very well that there are no winners in a war. So, all we hope for is peace and freedom from terrorism and all kinds of violence.

Still not convinced?

If you think you can figure out the difference between India and Pakistan, try doing it on the Android app – India Or Pakistan built by social initiative India Loves Pakistan. Difficult right?

Whether you guess right or wrong, you will have seen more of both countries. And that will hopefully help us realize how our dreams, our ambitions, our prayers and our passions are alike.

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Swetambara Chaudhary

Swetambara Chaudhary

A writer at ScoopWhoop and a keen traveller. She tweets @swetambara (twitter.com/swetambara)

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  • hp kumar

    so you found similarity b/w Predominantly hindu culture and islamic culture..great..you need to go back to school my lady.Anyway its good initiative to bring india and pakistan on the same page ..Not practical though..Recommend

  • Steve-O

    If the article is a reflection of Pakistan’s national psyche, then it seems that they’ve moved on from irrational rage (recalling the cricket selector for having dinner!?!) to self-consolation. The next stage, by the way, is accepting that the nations are not the same, and that India has clearly pulled ahead by accepting and assimilating people of all faiths. This in turn has created a strong sense of national identity which is powering a resurgence in business, sport, arts and entertainment.Recommend

  • Queen

    Good blog, If only Pakistan and India can address their differences and live peacefully as neighbors, the region will be a much peaceful place.Recommend

  • Dq

    Ever heard of two-nation theory lady??Recommend

  • naeem khan

    what is Islamic culture?Recommend

  • ajay Gupta

    & i suppose east, west & south india don’t exist for you? & northeast: what is that??? know what, north indians and pakistanis are of the same genetic stock & share the same myopic vision: so for pakistan east pakistan did not exist, & for you india exists only as north india.Recommend

  • Jasvinder Singh Marwaha

    Not at all correct. You Pakistanis are superior in every field. You claim this all the time. In humility, we accept.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    you should tell me as you guys r proponent of two nation theory..do you forget jinnahs description about how hindus and muslims r two different nation?Recommend

  • naeem khan

    whos JinnahRecommend

  • Indus to Oxus

    Indians look more like Sri Lankans and Bangladeshis and have more cultural similarities with them, so why do they always play up similarities between Pakistan and Northwest India?Recommend

  • Farhan

    The writer is obviously Indian, I have yet to meet a Pakistani girl named ‘Swetambara’.Recommend

  • Faulitics

    “Whirling Dervishes” are from turkey, not pakistan or india. But you forgot one difference. Pakistanis are beautiful and indians are ugly according to one indian (rega jha) and all(or maybe most) pakistanis.Recommend

  • Turk

    Whirling dervish in Pakistan? Since when?Recommend

  • I was smiling along until I noticed the “Pakistani whirling dervishes.” WHAT? They are TURKISH. May be folk dancers from KPK? Or from Thar, or something?Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Such a good blog. But I am sure hp Kumar,wb ,anoop , will try their best to tell here. Such a pity. To see such good blogs wasted.Recommend

  • Adpran

    I am Indonesian, but I have observed India and Pakistan since few years ago. My honest opinion about both countries. There are enough much similarities between India and Pakistan, but also there are many differences between India and Pakistan.

    Few weeks ago I visited a supermarket near my home and I saw a couple of foreigners. I could recognize easily that they were Indians. Few days later in same supermarket I saw three foreigners, and easily I could know that they were Pakistanis. From what I knew?. From their dress.

    Anybody realize that Indians and Pakistanis dressed differently?.Recommend

  • Umm

    All I know, Saas – Bahu wahan bhi same, yahan bhi same.Recommend

  • sylmarkhan

    You could not win against mohammad ali jinnah & allama iqbal

    You certainly can’t win against maqbool bhat.

    we gained independence because we did not want indian rule.
    We wanted to rule our own country.

    two nation theory as visioned by india does not exist. that is why india got what she deserve not what she did not deserve.

    Only one can rule kashmir? will be indian or kashmiris not both.
    this is the reason why kashmir and pakistan does not want to be with india. because it treats differently than indian states.Recommend

  • Parvez

    We are both so alike….and yet so different. Possibly that is how its destined to be. If both understood this it would be nice……but unfortunately that seems destined not to be.Recommend

  • thriftysmurf

    Wishful thinking? When Bangladesh was assigned to Pakistan, the Bangladeshis quickly realized that they and Pakistanis had nothing in common except religion. They realized they were very different in habits, appearance, food, culture etc. Same goes for majority of Indians. If you ever had a chance to live in a foreign country, you would notice that Pakistanis and Indian Punjabis are very close while there is almost no interaction between Pakistanis and other Indians (Gujaratis, South Indians, Marathi, Bengalis etc). It doesn’t take much effort to distinguish between a girl from Lahore and a girl from Mumbai. To 90% of Pakistanis 90% of Indians are foreigners. Indians need to lay off Pakistanis, don’t worry about Pakistani lives, don’t interfere in our business. I emphasize this because if you don’t clarify our differences, Indians will continue to lay claim on Pakistan.Recommend

  • fze

    I’m fed up and tired of Indians, all the time, passing cutting remarks about us. If you don’t like us then please don’t visit our sites. You stick to your side and let us survive on our sides.Recommend

  • Fair

    some of the “similarities” are just generic, or are specific to minority in India, which are Muslims..

    like number 12: Food..

    How much more generic can you get then “food”

    By this logic, I can show similarities of Pakistan, with any third world country with a muslim minority…

    I can see how some people try to find “similarities” between Pakistan and India, so they can some how avoid a conflict, but the thing is, it is not about similarities, but about diversity, both Pakistan and India, are diverse countries, ethnically, racially, culturally, linguistically, and I think, we need to make peace with our diversity, internally and externally.

    It would be nice to see Pakistanis celebrating their own diversity, instead of making generic similarities with some foreign country.

    I am from Lahore, and I would love to see, diverse Muslim people from all around Pakistan, coming to Lahore, and enriching this city with variety of flowers like a garden, and perhaps even someday, Muslims from around the world, with diverse backgrounds, would migrate to Pakistan, to enrich this country with beauty.

    That would be wonderful.Recommend

  • Fair

    Alhamdolilah. All Praises are for God.Recommend

  • Fair

    I think, that is the point. When a country can not even make peace with its own diversity, and refuses to see it, instead it tries to draw superficial “similarities” with a foreign one, and on top of that, tries to have a “relationship” based on that. Things probably would go wrong.

    Trying to have peace between Pakistan and India with such superficial approach is probably bond to fail, and it also seems to quite ignorant and insensitive.

    Why can not we make peace with diverse cultures, peoples and nations, because that is a HUMANE thing to do? and because it is a right of every human-being to have peaceful existence, no matter if he is black, white, brown, red, , blue, poor or rich, speaks: Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, or Urdu?

    I think that would be more of a solid approach.

    This is my opinion as of now, Allah knows best, if I said anything wrong, I hope Allah forgives me.Recommend

  • Jehanzeb Mahar

    Love from Pak Recommend

  • Khan

    There were other popular leaders too at that time but guess people coveniently want to ignore them to back their statements. Muslim league was only popular in Punjab and still is unable to win from Sindh, KPK & Balochistan as were in the 1930. As for two nation theory goes it is still a ‘theory’. There are dozens of dissimilarites between a Marathi & Punjabi as are between a Pathan and a Punjabi or Sindhi.Recommend

  • Khurram Akhtar

    Like it or not- we are the same people. By erecting a border in between does not make us two. The politicians divided this country and brought lot of misery to the land. And now we should look for peace and harmony. resolve our differences, come out of “medieval ages darkness” and join hands to improve the lives of our people.
    Humanity First.

  • geek

    Not in the leastRecommend

  • abhi

    Care to publish any photo where Indians are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi or Durga Puja and corresponding images from Pakistan?Recommend

  • Reddy

    good one,tickled some ribs there,thanks to you lady, now we officially resemble a terrorist state and you missed one.most of the pakistanis eat with right hand and what a coincidence.
    “we believe in one god”
    when did that happen ?
    “We love to shake a leg”
    isn’t that blasphemous in pakistan…i should call a mullah to confirm it…Recommend

  • https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=8559594100366660134#allposts Supriya Arcot

    Err num 16 is slightly unbelievable …Recommend

  • Zainab Bhatti

    Beautifully put. :)Recommend

  • khawar janjua

    Here we go again, Ms Swetambara’s version was of some reconcilation and then there are some who only believe in once upon a time that happened so it should be like this forever, hate was sowed and we are harvesting it ever since. Question is are we leaving any other choice for our on coming generation??Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Seriously…In 12th pic,you r comparing “saradh ka bhojan” with matrimonial feast in Pakistan..hehehe…epicRecommend

  • hp kumar

    You r completely wrong my friend.Indians r neither of it..Indians r Indians..This article looks as childish as it is,i m sure no indian will consider themselves similar to pakistanis.its actually other way around when people belonging to foreign countries run restaurants and business houses using India’s name abroad…Recommend

  • hp kumar

    you r not aware about concept of diversity it seems,,India is diverse..this is only one side of story that you pakistani muslims can relate to..can you tell me similar story about hindus living in pakistan..Forget it… there can never be reconciliation in this way..While you can keep trying to accommodate as many muslims as you want shunning everything non-Muslim..Recommend

  • Jahil hamid

    No sir we Indians are black and ugly while the Pakistanis ate tall fair and handsome.Recommend

  • Jahil hamid

    Then don’t publish news about India. better still make your own Ummah internet.Recommend

  • Hadeel

    Excellent post, Swetambara! The pictures are absolutely delightful and I wish more Pakistani bloggers can post articles like these. We have to look at each other differently than many politicians want us to.Recommend

  • marvi

    so after getting freedom, your situation is just like now that to praising each other on which specific point when we have a two nation theory ??????Recommend

  • Sane

    Indian and Pakistanis have different ideologies and they are entirely different to each other. Similarity you portray is found in every part of the world. All drink water, there are rivers and oceans in many countries. People sleep, people cry, People laugh ….. a long list. We Pakistanis have totally different perspective, life style, thinking etc. than Indians. We do not share anything from each other.Recommend

  • Sane

    This is rather amusing that pictures proves that Pakistanis and Indians are same. What a childish notion to distract people from their ideology.Recommend

  • Prashant

    I am sorry if I am being too blunt for a budding blogger but you need to speak for yourself lady, there are many people on both side of the borders who would not agree with your simplistic comparison, a method of comparison using which even Pakistan and Turkey can be made to look like neighbours.

    There are better ways of comparing India and Pakistan. Recommend

  • Prashant

    You almost sounded sane until you wrote that last sentence.Recommend

  • Raffay

    I think the point of the blog was a simple feelgood writeup and not an indepth comparisons of the culture of India and Pakistan.Recommend

  • Raffay

    ” there are many people on both side of the borders who would not agree with your simplistic comparison”
    You yourself said this. You may not agree with him just as he doesn’t agree with the author but calling him insane is quite a low blowRecommend

  • marium and marry.

    Fusion or confusion? Need an answer.Recommend

  • fze

    One more biased remark. Shows your mentality.Recommend

  • Ali

    read all the threads and you will understand why there is no peace between two countries. Here is a young blogger trying to do something positive and look at the negativity that it draws. Shame on all of you for discouraging the young lady…. the comparison is meant to draw closer but instead it drifts us further apart. God have mercy !Recommend

  • Maria

    Why can’t people just accept that Pakistan and India are different; I have lots of friends who are African and European but I don’t have to say I am same as them. All human beings are same but like you, I also think that those people who say India and Pakistanis are similar in order to avoid conflict are being intellectually dishonest. Even Churchill said British India was as much as country as the equator. It never was a country.Recommend

  • Sane

    Since Pakistan got separated from Indian there is a constant propaganda that we are same to each other. Even if we are same then? Would India stop building dams to stop Pakistan’s water share. Would India stop to flush flood water to Pakistan in flood season. Would India stop hatching and supporting terrorists in Pakistan, Would India stop lablelling allegation against Pakistan and ISI even if two bicycle collide in India.

    Pakistan and India are not same and will never ever be same.Recommend

  • Sane

    Then why not remove all borders of the globe. Become one. That would be greatest……you must plead for this. We are the same people…..ha….ha….haRecommend

  • Prashant

    I make an opinion of a person reading his comments over a period of time.Recommend

  • Farhan Merza

    very interesting article, thanks for sahring with us. keep writing gud Allah bless you :)Recommend

  • There’re plenty of images of Pakistanis celebrating a religious holiday. What’s your point? Or do you not know what “corresponding” means?Recommend

  • Zee

    They won’t stop! And yes people finding similarities between Indians & Pakistanis living in a fool’s peradise.

  • sofia

    V would have been together if the hindus were to to us in the beginning ….. they weren’t to that’s why v wanted our own country … nd v have it now… in our countries there are just a few of people who think positive… will never ever try to b friends with indiaRecommend

  • sofia

    Nize agree with you Recommend

  • sofia

    Quaid azam muhammad ali jinnahRecommend

  • Prashant

    Are you not the one who once claimed you have relatives in India?Recommend

  • Zee

    Yes I do have but will this change the facts? Not at all! They are Indian and I am Pakistani.Recommend

  • Prashant

    So who is living in a fool’s paradiseRecommend