Why do religious clerics get away with sexual abuse?

Published: February 23, 2015

Supporters and friends escort Mohammad Abdullah Saleem from the Rolling Meadows courthouse after he posted bail.

For years we’ve made fun of the Catholic priests fondling with young ones. Their ghastly and heinous acts of insensitivity disgust our spirits and we all abhor such practices. I once stopped by and spoke to John Wojnowski, himself a victim, on Massachusetts Avenue, Washington DC, who has been protesting for years, trying to bring the world’s attention to the abusive ways of the clergy.

He told me his appalling story of how a priest abused him during his childhood and how difficult it was for him to get over the traumatic event, something that scarred him psychologically for his entire life.

Fast forward to now, the year 2015, we have a 75-year-old Muslim cleric, Mohammad Abdullah Saleem, running the Institute of Islamic Education (IIE) in the small mid-Western town of Elgin, just outside of Chicago. He was arrested on February 17 on charges of felony and criminal sexual abuse but was let go on a $250,000 bail. Saleem obviously denies the charges.

Saleem, Indian by origin, belongs to a generation of immigrants who came to the US back in the 70s and 80s and settled here based on their religious skills. He established the IIE in 1989 and that was actually the time he started to hobnob with young females at the institute, students as well as employees. What one learns from those who are aware of such incidents is that the cleric got away scot-free because the community came to his rescue and mediated a settlement whenever he behaved erratically.

Saleem is a habitual offender. So far, along with the 23-year-old girl who came out of the shadows and reported her abuse by the mullah, there are at least three more women who claim to have been sexually molested by him. It is expected that more people will come forward.

I’ve been trying to reach out to the Muslims of Elgin, those who knew Saleem, to get a comment. However, it appears that the community has decided to stay tight-lipped about the issue. I did, however, get one individual to talk about the nefarious activities of the mullah. I was informed that Saleem believed in the concept of concubines and would often ‘light up’ at the sight of young women. It seemed that he had a monstrous, never-ending appetite, ready to pounce on the prey, at a moment’s notice. His body language said it all. My informant attended a few of the mullah’s sermons and often found him acting ‘awkwardly’.

Saleem, because of his repeated wrongdoing, has found it rather difficult to maintain a dignified stature within the community. Yet, until the night he was arrested, he continued to remain not only the head of IIE but also a revered personality enjoying the trust of tons of followers. According to some, Saleem is like the “Billy Graham of the South Asian community”.

At a time when Islam and Muslims stand in a dire need of some good news and pleasantness, the Mullah Saleem episode has not only come as a shock to the believers of the faith but also as an embarrassing PR exercise, a total image disaster that potentially pales the recently reported raunchy exploits of Bill Cosby with all the beautiful women in the world.

The advances in medical science have enabled folks to express their inner desires and self in a more effective manner and ‘sex up’ their lives even in their twilight years. Saleem, it seems, is no exception to the rule. Maybe he should have moved to a culture that allows polygamy? But then, given his lust for checking out different women, would multiple wives have satisfied his thirst for carnal needs or would he still be loafing around in pursuit of other women?

Granted we all have feelings and emotions and at times find it hard to control our expression of self. Yet, one must never let go of that unique ‘microchip’ that God Almighty has blessed us with and that distinguishes us humans from animals. That distinctive personality trait is called self-control that the mullah in question, being a religious luminary, should have exercised whenever he found himself giving in to the devilish desires. I guess those who propagate, sermonise and take upon themselves the task of reforming and refining humanity are more prone to trip into the ditch of immorality and corrupt ways. In Saleem’s case, it turned out to be fiddling and fondling with young women. Undoubtedly, his institute, his office and his constituents, the community that trusted him, deserved better.

I’m not sure about other parts of the world, but a good number of Muslim parents in North America send their kids on Sundays to Islamic schools like the IIE. This helps them become and stay aware of their religious value and realities. After Saleem’s arrest, one is sure that parents everywhere, if not withdraw their kids, will keep a critical eye and scrutinise the school environment before venturing to start an academic relationship.

There have been many times that I have extended offered to shake hands with South Asian women only to find myself feeling embarrassed a second later that they’ve been instructed by their religious leaders – the mullahs – that shaking hands with a man is against the precepts of religion. The mullahs, in many parts of the world, force woman to don hijabs. In the meantime, this cleric, Saleem, in our backyard, is forcing young women to undress and sit on his lap. What kind of example is he setting for future faithfuls? What type of signal is he sending out to those who are already sceptical about Islam?

Muslims should wake up and smell the coffee. Very often I feel that they give way too much respect to mosque imams or the heads of madrassahs or, to use a dandy term, the ‘rectors’ of Islamic institutes. They tend to turn Islam into a cult and hence these mullahs become the cult leaders. Whatever the ‘maulvi sahib’ teaches the kids or the women of the household is the word of law. No one questions the rationale of the logic presented and no one ever dares question the integrity of the instruction process followed in the religious schools.

While the mullahs mess around with young women, accept donations, live in palatial dwellings, they contaminate the minds of the youth who end up in the darks confines of the ISISs and al Qaedas of the world. The Islamic world needs to revisit the goal behind the role of the mullahs in their spiritual lives.

Perhaps don’t use these guys as a medium to reach God?

Perhaps just try to connect to the Supreme Being without the crutches of the maulvi sahib?

How about getting rid of the Skype mullah?

Let’s try to swim out of the shallowness and question what one is told instead of trusting blindly. It’s just like breaking the code and giving ourselves a chance to survive the dreadful onslaught.

After his arrest and subsequent bail, Saleem has been asked to stay away from anyone under the age of 18. I suggest he should stay away from humanity entirely. It is highly shameful that even at the ripe old age of 75, this cleric couldn’t exercise control over his mind and body. But he is not the first Muslim cleric to fool around or behave abruptly and would certainly not be the last one to do so.

In my years as an active journalist in Asia, I got to know an incredible number of religious clerics maintaining extramarital links and ties and yet preaching piety and spirituality to their followers. Naturally one’s initial reaction is that of shock and awe but then it should never be forgotten – such people are master manipulators who play with the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of their followers without ever revealing, reflecting on or being critical of their own vices.

We are all God’s creation. We are ‘Ashraf-ul-Makhluqat’ (The best of creations). Why not cut the mullahs out of our mainstream lives? Why not think with our hearts and souls and not depend on people like Mohammad Saleem for our spiritual needs? Be the masters of our own destinies and reach out to God and indulge in a conversion with the Higher Power on our own without anyone’s help. Trust me, it is all very doable.

In the meantime, while the Pope keeps seeking forgiveness for the acts of these imbeciles in a Church, I don’t expect anyone will apologise on behalf of Saleem. He would, however, do a huge favour to humanity if he lets his head control the matters of his heart, and not the other way around.

Whether it is a mosque, a church, a temple, a synagogue or a religious school, people view these places as sacred. To take advantage of their trust in this abhorrent manner is disgusting. There was a time when these religious institutions were sanctuaries for the faithful and the faithless – a place for prayer, safety and self-reflection. It would be very sad to see them reduced to another dark alley in which people would have to exercise utmost vigilance.

Ahson Saeed Hasan

Ahson Saeed Hasan

The writer is a proud American, a peacenik who has traveled well over 80 countries and lived in four continents. He likes to share his experiences and reflect on the worldly surroundings. He tweets @tweetingacho (twitter.com/tweetingacho)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht.

    Remember. Innocent until proven guilty.The author has already convicted
    the ‘mullah’. All based on salaciously ‘leaked’ information from an informer.
    The author did not go to Elgin, Illinois. Did not do any interviews in person.
    Nothing to show any investigative work was done. Just based on news clips.
    Supposedly the author is a “journalist”. This is showing pandering to an
    a readership 10,000 miles away !!.Recommend

  • Afaaq

    Great article. I hope we can take back our religion from these ”Mullahs”. Sadly they use Islam to strong arm everything. They grab land in the name of God, they kill in the name of God, they spread hate in the name of God.Recommend

  • Nida

    Excellent blog. I really mean it. Excellent work. The awareness need to be out there that there are many molvees out there who are prowling for little kids to satisfy their satanic needs. One issue, as you have mentioned is a blind trust in them and other main issue is to cover up of their acts. I swear I am personally embarrassed.Recommend

  • Nida

    Gul. Its people like you who just can not handle the truth, or do their best to hide it. All the women who have come forward, you think they are all making it up? Just because they are the molested women, they have to prove what has happened to them? Trust me, it will be proven. Mullah Saleem and maaaany others like him are still playing “the respected” and molesting kids all over. I am taking my kids out of the madrassa today. Yes I am generalizing!!!!!!!Recommend

  • J S

    I did not get sexually abused by an imam, but the infallibility of the imams and mullahs is a thing I am familiar with. I used to go to such a ‘school’ when I was child, and we were occasionally trashed by a sadistic violent imam who used a stick on us. These beatings happened with the knowledge and CONSENT of the parents. One day, I got home with bruises all over my body and this went a little too far for my parents, so they did not send me there anymore.
    As long as imams have this divine aura around them, nothing is going to change.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    / factual facepalm
    People donot wake up to help the neighbors put out their fires until their own house is burningRecommend

  • Critical

    U forgot the Hindu religious Godmen,the likes of Nityananda,Asaram Babu,Premananda…Even the blockbuster hero of MSG has several charges against him…..

    This is what will happen when you start following another person blindly,especially a person who promises you something in another life which noone else went and came back to tell the tale….

    P.S. I’m not a muslim rightwinger trying to deflect the opinion…I’m a Hindu born atheist..Recommend

  • Don Barzini

    “Why do religious clerics get away with sexual abuse?”
    Because they are religious Recommend

  • Yousaf Haque

    He is only 75.Let’s wait till he is proved to be either innocent or ‘proven guilty’.Which I doubt they will ever be able to prove.Till the time anything is proved against him as claimed by some ‘wayward’ girls,the girls stand to be guilty.Sounds strange,like all facts,but unfortunately it IS fact not fictionRecommend

  • Deadman

    No Nida, in fact Gul Zaman has highlighted the reality, The author has just started the whole game on the basis of just a news. We dont know what the fact we should not blame untill proven. Also, The fact is this is not only the case of with madrassa’s it is also at school level, I myself have many friends who have suffered this at their school level from their class teachers not at madrassa’s……….. So, don’t be hastily….Recommend

  • Tayyab

    Nida I won’t say a word in favor of Mr. Abdullah because i know that some (and by some i mean a really small number of clerics) do involve in such hideous activities. However I would like to point out a particular behavior of ours developed in the recent years. Why is it so that we are always on our toes keeping our guns ready when it comes to religion or religious personalities. Why is it not the case with everyone else. why is it so that many of us are demanding to shut down madrassas just because some of the militants were madrassa graduates. On the other hand we are associating universities with the name of a person whose party has burnt 150 people alive and killed many more in different violent activities.Recommend

  • Reddy

    Oh, the irony. Recommend

  • Khan

    Several physically abused girl/women got counseling from my wife friend, who is now under investigation too, for not letting authorities knows 4 years ago. Muslim community around Elgin tight lipped on it and first tries to cover up the issue.
    P.S live around Elgin areaRecommend

  • Shariq

    A very important subject, actually there are few very important points being made here.

    I would think that it is about having courage to call a spade a spade, having enough sense to differentiate good from the bad.

    And with regards to children, Parents have a huge responsibility, leaving your kids in an unfamiliar surrounding/situation is never advised, then why do so in case of Religious schools and clerics?

    I must add that knowledge of such incidents can frustrate a person, but it is always good to keep reason on your side and not let emotions take control.

    While your heart might be in the right place it seems to me that you wrote this piece in a bit of hurry.

  • Khawar

    I don’t live far from Elgin. People of a particular community where he originally comes from as well as some other cult members whom we see knocking at our doors to preach religion on regular basis are trying to protect him. Justice must be served and truth must prevail. Amen.Recommend

  • anon

    This is a somewhat confused article. Politicians, atheletes, actors/actresses are all getting away with their sexual exploits.

    If you want to shake hands with women, pick one who does, why does it bother you if the lady doesn’t want to shake hands with you.Recommend

  • The issue advocacy is alright and all, but did this have to read like Rita Skeeter wrote it?Recommend

  • just_someone

    Disgusting to hear that the community in Elgin hid this…I cant understand how these people let these things happen to their own children and how the parents dont ensure that such monsters are put behind bars so that they cant ruin any lives again!
    Im glad youve written on it and mentioned the Elgin’s community’s criminal culpability since it needs to be voiced and known!Recommend

  • Agrippa – The Skeptic

    Well said!Recommend

  • Aziz Ur Rehman

    I fully agree with you, Nida. It seems almost a usual practice to molest the young students on the part of these worldly mullahs. They have absolutely no respect for the teaching of Islam in this regards. It is a good idea to withdraw the children from madrassa but when you arrange a teacher for home tuition, please do it completely under your nose.Recommend

  • haris

    well your bizarre way of stereotyping has compelled me to discuss in such forums for the first time. Mullah as a whole is dignified position in Islamic education system. If any person does any rubbish and misuse his authority should be equally taken into account in the courts and provided with enough witnesses or any proofs to make him punish as others. I understand this rubbish happens a lot by such persons. But spoiling the image of this position is not justice.
    If he is a Mullah he is just another person. He can do wrong and he should be dealt accordingly.
    Also this incident in US certainly indicates if he had done this and their are enough proofs their judicial system is not controlled by IIE for that matter to pave a safe path.

    I hope u understand my point.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Can see a mother’s concern in your comment. Fine. But don’t
    jump to conclusions. Don’t assume guilt. That is not the way.
    Google Tawana Brawley, Wappingers Falls, N Y.
    Thanks for the profound statement ! Wonder how many men
    lives are destroyed by innuendos, false statements, fake testimonies.
    This mulla may be the worst of the worst. But UNTIL it is proven
    so,…that he did it, he is INNOCENT. Can quote numerous cases
    where people were accused convicted thrown in jail on false
    testimony. They just released a man in Texas. Convicted falsely.
    by the ineptitude of the police. He spent 8 years in jail. Before being
    freed. Should we go in blasphemy laws used as revenge in Pakland?
    Have no idea where your tent is pitched. if it’s in the West, then
    what are your kids doing in a madrassa? If it’s in Pakland then
    what are your kids doing in a madrassa? Either way .Madrassa?
    Don’t let your judgement get clouded in the heat of emotions.Recommend

  • Sonia Khawaja

    ” Maybe he should have moved to a culture that allows polygamy? ”

    ET, please find real journalists. This Mullah sexually molested an 11 year old girl while she was reciting the Quran. Do you think him having 4 wives would have changed that? he is a sick pedophile and making such jokes is insensitive and trivializes his horrific crimeRecommend

  • Kamath

    Please judge the accused and if found guilty punish the him, -the mullah,- in the court of law and not in the court of opinions.kRecommend

  • Waad

    I’m amazed that what that time was, we handed religion to Mullahs. Mosques, Synagogs, and Churches etc. are still places of faith, but problem did arise when we made them de-facto owner of these places. If every person take part in on-going matters then these Mullahs will be vanished by thy selves,.Recommend

  • haseeb khan

    I am not saying that this blog is wrong, but I will rather call it a bit biased. I think majority of us have been to these MADRASAs and/or been taught by MULLAs/QARIs. In my view blaming all of them and then in relation blaming these places will take the young generation away from these places and may be after sometime we start questioning our believes. No matter what; these places all over the world are still spreading the basic teachings of every religion and we got that religious affiliation and respect for them. Rather then blaming individuals or places, why not to think about the point that we still don’t have a proper system for the appointment of preachers. E.g any person with a long beard or who remembers 30 chapters of Quran is not eligible for preaching of Islam. Why not to think about other aspects of individuals before appointment, such as the character, education, behavior etc. The main reason behind this and many other like incident is negligence from community and also to some extant lack of proper system and check & balance.Recommend

  • Visibly

    In the Catholic church, such abuse was suppressed by the Church itself. Even today the Catholic church states that they have the right to judge their ministers (almost like miletary law) rather than leave this to civil law. Unfortunately the Church has been most engaged in judging themselves favourably. And these actions are now rejected by most people, resulting in a massive leave from the Catholic church. Would be good if people belonging to the Ummah would do the same.Recommend

  • Bin Idrees

    The question should be why do writers like this can get away with writing this kind of garbage in a respected newspaper. The entire article is no more than accusations with even a glimpse of proof. For example “The mullahs, in many parts of the world, force woman to don hijabs. In the meantime, this cleric, Saleem, in our backyard, is forcing young women to undress and sit on his lap.” Wow. It seems like the writer has witnessed the actual alleged act.Recommend

  • AH

    It is not about the greater Chicago community being tight lipped about this issue. It is that Muslims here understand the overall picture in regards to how they should behave in these matters. 1- Due process has taken its course and justice will be served as per the law of the land to victims as well as the accused; acquittal or sentence. 2- The community at large does not want to assume nothing as responsible citizens and same has been conveyed by the scholars who are hugely respected for their impeccable service in community as well as guiding the muslims on how to tread as per the faith in these matters. Here is a a gem of an advice by one of the senior sholars and people are in complete agreement with the advice given. Link > Shaykh Muhammad [Darul Qasim – Chicago] Recommend

  • Khizer Saeed

    Indeed my friend, indeed, totally agree with the author.Recommend

  • baba desi

    Maulana Saleem may be innocent or guilty. We don’t know yet, these are still just allegations. It is also wrong to accuse all “molvis” of this because of this one person or a few other bad apples. You can not generalize.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht.

    Another convicted on manufactured testimony in Chicago.
    He was put in a police lineup twice. and each time was not
    picked out ! Still the police set up a case against him. There
    were other glaring inconsistencies. Yet he was tried and
    convicted and thrown in jail for 23 years!! His name is Boyd.
    Came out just last few weeks. The detective who handled this case has a history of manufacturing evidence. Now they are
    looking at every case he handled. Or was associated with.
    Talk about Justice. !! Nope cannot buy it. Convicted in the
    Media. The mulla’s reputation is destroyed. Even if he did nothing. He is finished.Recommend

  • Afaaq

    Nobody is saying that this particular gentleman is guilty. Havent you heard of ”Innocent until proven guilty”. None the less he will be investigated since multiple women are coming forward with similar allegations. We must wake up to the face that these molvis as you put them are just human. They have their share of good and bad apples. In a country like Pakistan, if some kid would have come forward with these allegations he would have been silenced or at worst killed.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Has he got away with this ?….no he has not. The law still has to take its course and most probably he will be punished because the judicial system works, to quite an extent. Now if this were Pakistan…….yes, he would get away with not only sexual abuse but murder as well.Recommend

  • Mood

    Best Article i read in long time. i Agree with everything you saidRecommend

  • Mood

    well I’m from Chicago and we have been hearing about this Mulah for years. 100% I think he did it. and dont forget she have a pants with his seman on it how are you going to defend that Gul. dont blind fallow or defend a person just cause your from the same school of thought, so i assumeRecommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    ‘…we have have been hearing about this mullah for years…’
    Who is “we” ? There is a whole cabal of you ! In Chicago.
    And you all kept your mouth shut? Did nothing for years !
    Nada…Zip. And now ya’ll are feeling the pain? How so?
    There is nothing about DNA evidence in the story. You made
    that up. Your veracity is at stake.
    Does your mama knows you are commenting on ET?
    By the way Elgin is not a small town outside of Chicago. It is
    a suburb of Chicago.Recommend

  • Ian
  • goggi (Lahore)

    To SIN against God is the characteristic feature of all the three Abrahamic religions.

    Adam and Eva, the first humans lived in the garden of God called Eden, naked due to their innocence! They were free to do anything they wanted, except eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil which God had implanted in his garden.

    Eva was lured to SIN and ate an apple from that tree of knowledge and gave Adam who also ate. Because of their DISOBEDIENCE, the angry God turned them out of his garden to live a life of hardships on the earth.

    This DISOBEDIENCE to God, this lust to SIN, is the principle trait of the Abrahamic theology.

    It is irrelevant how many dozen wives the Muslim cleric has in his harem, relevant is but the big kick to sin, to be disobedient to the god!!! the more the pseudo religious suppress themselves, the more is the compulsion to sin as their great grandparents!
    our societies are overcrowded with devout and intoxicated sinners, killers, perverted rapists, child abusers…………because the children of eva and adam are predisposed to sin!!!

  • normskyy

    Why don’t you learn the faith so that you can ‘cut the mullahs from your mainstream life.’ Mullahs or not, all are capable of lowly acts. Your article starting along the right lines until your secular tendencies began to that through. I challenge you to learn the faith and then preach to us. Until then you can’t make such an absurd comment to ‘cut the mullahs.’ Is justsaying ‘cut the doctors for our physical ailments’ based on a dodgy Dr. The solution is for people like you to step up and learn the faith and inform others… Not to preach religious ignorance from the comfort of your arm chair, SirRecommend

  • Dr. Mateen

    And keep your eyes open with tutors , as tutors are alone with the kids, or young girls, or even a girl of 2o years, and the capability of a predator is that they mentally coerce their victims, , Many teachers who talk very nice, dress very nice, soft spoken, smooth talkers found out to be predators, The MO of predators is to make you like them, they present to be likeable persons, and then involve physically with their victims, .This is general conduct of predators all over the world, In universities when guys brag about their triumphs to other guys, remembered couple of incidents in punjab university when some guys who were tutoring young girls were telling stories, and we’re comparing stories to modify their mo’s .
    So it is a general evil and the predators have multiple victims at the same time, usually 90 % of students he is tutoring.
    If you think your kids are safe with tutors, you are wrong, you always have to keep an eye on your kids too, and on the persons your kids are in contact or in touch with.
    You cannot blame a madrassa , sexual harrasment, exploitation is more in regular schools as compared to religious schools and churches.
    Moreover we have to agree that law has to run its course and findings. And avoid running into any conclusions ourselves.Recommend

  • z

    Two of those “supporters” are his sons…Recommend

  • Khan

    This blog post is offensive. The writer can barely contain his happiness that a ‘mullah’ has been taken down by a scandal. And the way he uses joking language to describe what happened is disturbing.Recommend

  • http://www.fb.com/rosecosmos96/ Zainab Iris Rose

    Very true and tragic!Recommend

  • http://www.fb.com/rosecosmos96/ Zainab Iris Rose

    The truth has been spoken!Recommend

  • http://www.fb.com/rosecosmos96/ Zainab Iris Rose

    Dr. You are right.
    But religious places like madrassahs and schools and households, all of them are equally risky.Recommend

  • Mehdi

    do you live in one of the Chicago suburb ? Well this Imam will have his day in court very soon. Yes semen analysis was done on the victims under garment. DNA swab was taken from the alleged perpetrator. So your assertion that people making stuff about the mullah is wrong. I live n chicago and those story has been in the news.Recommend

  • Mood

    I’m from chicago not Elgin and people in other mosques been saying that this Mullah is knowing for touching his student unappropriately. what do u expect me to do? drive to elgin and citizen arrest him? be foreal and if you havent heard about the DNA you havent been fallowing this story here i’ll show you my proof. here is the http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/16/us/sexual-assault-suit-against-illinois-imam-highlights-a-communitys-divisions.htmlRecommend

  • Mood

    While she was making copies in April, she said, Mr. Saleem pulled her onto his lap and held her there, lifting her dress as he groped her. “I just looked at the wall or the ceiling and just kept saying, ‘This is very uncomfortable,’ ” she said. After he left, she said, she found something sticky on the black pants she wore beneath her dress……The new allegations prompted the former secretary to go to the police, despite the concerns of some family members. She took with her the pants with the dry, white stain. “If this happened in my parents’ generation, nobody would’ve ever found out,” she said.

    The Elgin police and prosecutors have interviewed the three women.Recommend

  • asy ma wail

    The time when we kept the religion as the lowest priority.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    “…do you live in one of the Chicago suburbs?..” No. But
    do make numerous business trips there. However, do not
    HAVE to live there to make common sense assessment or
    follow the nexus. Going by what the blogger wrote there is
    no mention of DNA evidence. If there are other stories percolating in local town gazettes or weeklies, then that is different..Nothing in the Chicago Sun Times or Chicago Tribune or WGN that springs to mind. All of this, is besides
    the fact that the ” journalist blogger” started his blog with :-
    ‘ For years we made fun of Catholic priests for fondling boys’…maybe this twerk made fun of these Catholic
    priests over his tea and samosas. Sincerely doubt that
    other people found it amusing or entertaining. That alone shows HIS caliber. Consequently, this does not give this blogger the license to pronounce judgements on this mullah
    Or to derive conclusions and innuendos.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    ‘…people in other mosques been saying…’ Then those were just rumors flying around. Nothing concrete. If you people
    were so sure and were ‘all TALKING in your mosques’ then
    ya’ll could have done something. There are numerous HOTLINES to report such things without implicating yourself.
    There is the Dept. of Human Services. So many venues.
    But you all did nothing. Just talked and talked in your mosques.Recommend

  • gfuest

    Don’t always believe what you hear or what you read on internet.
    Mullana saleem didnt do that kind of thing, he is a good mullana
    My brothers live iie (3 years) they only come home for weekends and they told me about iie and mullana saleem. and i go there very weekends to pick them upRecommend

  • Mood

    how about you saying that DNA proof must of been on Local newspaper. lol. is WGN, NYtimes. local Please just stop talking to me. Recommend

  • GlobalNomad

    Now where is the American Justice system and law why the hell this terrible pervert Mullah is out with the kind of evidence you have mentioned.
    The same thing when happen in Pakistan becomes terrorist, extremism and such. But under American Law this Mullah gotten away. Where are social activist? where are human rights? Where are child rights and protection? where is American Constitution?Recommend

  • Lake, St (Rte US20)

    Gul , Correction! Elgin is a city itself and not a suburb of Chicago.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht.

    Do your homework. And know what you are writing about.

  • Mood

    his been getting away with it cause the masjid supports him everytime someone report it, they have a meeting he apologies and probably pays settlment. actually the people that run the masjid are mad at this girl for taking it public. they wrote on there website “the girl doesnt want to settle the matter privatly she want to take it public for attention” really? what is it to settle in the masjid this man need to go to jailRecommend

  • Mood

    well it was a rumor and we wasnt 100% sure then, and we didnt know the people he was doing this to it was something that was in the air untill this case and the 2other women that came out made it official. and no we did not sit around and have a halaqa and talk and talk about this guy we got better things to do in the masjid like Ibada. and im from chicago so i didnt know these people only seeing this guy twice in ramadanRecommend

  • Mood

    you been arguing with me for the past 3 days, and i try to see the good in people you dont seem like a bad person but can you please explain to me why are you defening this guy when 1 of his victoms said he was touching her private parts when he had Quran open on his chest.
    PS: i dont get my evidence from local papers. i’m from chicago so its eigther national papers or WGN or ABCRecommend

  • bahadurali bhimani

    1- How is midea everyone know very well. 2- If it’s tru this happened because blind faith on person. 3- Any person violat Islamic laws is not Muslim doesn’t matter he looks Imam molvee peer Mujahid anybodyRecommend