India to Pakistan: Telling sore losers they’re beautiful

Published: February 20, 2015

Almost 68 years of living in this complex and we finally won. We had lost in cricket but who cares; we won in the game and race of beauty. PHOTO: AFP/REUTERS

While it’s true that we Pakistanis are robustly enthusiastic about cricket and winning, it is also true that we are sour losers. A loss in cricket makes us sulk. A loss in cricket against India makes us downright treacherous to our own country.

While we licked our wounds after the match on Sunday, we looked around social media for any glimpse of hope that could redeem our burnt self-esteems.

The Indian cricket team captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni said,

“We should not forget that Pakistan has a better overall record than us. They are a fantastic side and it is never easy to beat them.”

Thanks Dhoni. We hate you, but it helped that you said that.

But this wasn’t enough was it? While hating on our beloved Pakistan, at the same time we needed someone to tell us that Pakistanis aren’t so bad; we needed to be reassured that it was okay to be Indian-defeated Pakistanis.

Basically, we needed yet another Indian to tell us we’re good at something.

Along came Rega Jha, editor of BuzzFeed India. She said something that we clung to like our lives depended on it. She said:

Thanks Ms Jha, we needed this. We have never heard of you before, didn’t know who you are, but we needed this from YOU.

This was music to our self-demeaning ears. Someone was telling us we’re good looking, that we’re hotter than Indians. An INDIAN was telling us that we’re hotter than INDIANS. Almost 68 years of living in this complex and we finally won. We had lost in cricket but who cares; we won in the game and race of beauty.

The India-Pakistan relationship always intrigues me. We’re like a divorced couple still obsessed with each other with a past of unfaithfulness, cheating, extreme insecurity and still battling over who gets the custody of our baby, Kashmir. I am not even going to try to question why everything with India and Pakistan has to become a competition and why each side wants to be better than the other. From advertisements, visits by foreign dignitaries, politics, borders, scandals, celebrities, sports, movies, dramas, culture, religion, GDP, employment, education, beauty, skin complexion, festivities, fashion, all the way to dealing with terrorism – we need to be better than our dear neighbours.

It’s like our forefathers separated us only to pit us together in everything. It’s almost as if Gandhi said,

“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. If we think we are better than Pakistan, we will become better than Pakistan.”

And if Jinnah said,

“With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve…And your achievement will only be worthwhile if you beat the Indians at it”

Before and after the Pakistan and India match, we came across some interesting comments:

There were even more interesting replies to Rega Jha’s tweet:

How do we so easily forget that we were once the same country? If someone is calling Indians ugly, my dear Pakistanis, we were once Indian too. Someone in the previous generations of your family lived in India and was called an Indian. We are the same race, the same people.

On my visits abroad, people sometimes assume I am Indian. I can be all snobby about it and say,

“Uhhh no I am Pakistani, we look like Arabs not Indians.”

But what good would that do me? There are some incredibly beautiful Indians in this world, just as there are incredibly beautiful Pakistanis. Everything does not have to be a competition; despite what our politicians and the media say, we don’t always have to better and different.

There are enough differences between us as it is.

Sonal Arshad Siraj

Sonal Arshad Siraj

A student of psychology and social sciences, who likes to eat and write in that order. She tweets @Sonal_arshad (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Lala

    We are sore losers? Have you seen the hooliganism of Indian fans? Have you seen their ugly side in hockey match and kabbadi recently?

    Dont just write for sake of writing. I can do a better job at such journalism.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Sonal, you are too good.

    “We are the same race, the same people.”

    Agreed, I do not believe in two nation theory but I acknowledge the reality of Pakistan and not asking for what happened in 1947 to be undone. Recommend

  • wb

    “I am not even going to try to question why everything with India and
    Pakistan has to become a competition and why each side wants to be
    better than the other.”

    Speak for your own country, lady.

    India doesn’t do anything vis-a-vis Pakistan. We know our place in the world as a third world country and we know what we need to do and we do it. We don’t tie our fate with that of Pakistan’s.

    It’s Pakistan which is obsesses with India. Just watch your TV programs, you want CNG train because we have some, you want IT industry because we have some, you want nuclear technology because we get some, you want Roger Federer because he wore blue.

    By the way, not a good blog at all (from a pure content and literary pov).Recommend

  • Gina

    What a brilliant piece :-) In all this competition, most people do forget the fact that they are the same people.Recommend

  • Mouli

    :) – Nice blog with lot of senseRecommend

  • Sabyasachi

    On my visits abroad, people sometimes assume I am Indian. I can be all snobby about it and say,

    “Uhhh no I am Pakistani, we look like Arabs not Indians.”

    Dear Sonal, Looking like an Arab you think is a compliment?If you are mistaken for an Indian here in US you would still be safe,but God forbid if you are mistaken for an Arab then you have had it well and truly.I have traveled the world extensively and in most corners of the world to be called an Arab is synonymous with stupidity.And the only thing Pakistan identity gives you abroad is that of being a merchant of terrorism.ET let us see if you accept the truth.Publish this uncensored so that people in your nation can remove their blinds.They should be proud of their Indian heritage and culture.The Arabs were a Bedouin waste land when India was at the peak of it’s civilization glory!Recommend

  • jssidhoo

    Sensible article trying to drive some sense into the sub – continent . Best of luckRecommend

  • deep

    Very Nice Sonal – it is so important to tell the elders they were wrong :) Only wish there were more like you. And if you want to understand Pakistan’s current conundrum I would recommend Hussain Haqqani’s magnificent delusions – a fabulous book by a fabulous Pakistani.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    I would like to salute you. I would like to stand up and clap for you. One the most open hearted blogs I have ever read.Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    Confused article! Pak reactions to an India loss is quite mature as compared to India. It so happens that thy r winning against us at the moment. The way Indians humiliate pak at ever possible opportunity is despicable. Pak ppl usually don’t retaliate like that!Recommend

  • Afridi101

    Common Pakistanis expected Pakistan to lose. Only media tried to play up the event. There was not much reaction from Pakistanis on the loss either. In fact, we have very little hope and thus interest in the world cup. Besides, Jha’s comments irked the Indians they only picked them up. So please stop playing up the whole thing.Recommend

  • Queen

    Cricket is a game; one has to lose and the other has to win. It is unfair to associate a game with something subjective like beauty. Let us not involve beauty in Pakistan-India cricket rivalry. I totally believe that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and it is really demeaning to say that people in India are ‘ugly’ or people in Pakistan are ‘hotter’. Every person has their unique characteristics and that is what makes them beautiful. I think people in both Pakistan and India are mature enough to like cricket players because of their talent and not because of their looks. Despite of who wins or lose, the euphoria of watching Pakistan-India cricket match is amazing :)Recommend

  • Masani

    All political correctness apart, by and large, Pakistanis have better beauty, Indians have better brains. We can deny it only because we don’t want to face the inconvenient reality behind some stereotypes.Recommend

  • Queen

    I am surprised that you think being called an Arab is “synonymous with stupidity” On the contrary, if you tell a a foreigner that you are from an Arab country, they assume that you are very rich. I am saying this because like you I have also traveled to various countries around the world. And yes, I have never been mistaken for an Indian anywhere :)Recommend

  • Milind A

    That was sarcasm man!!!Recommend

  • Average Indian

    very mature. Hope the Pakistan army understands it and there is permanent peace soon.Recommend

  • PChrome

    Why are we Indians so insistent on getting Pakistanis to admit they are more like us than anybody else? I just don’t get this obsession of ours. Let them be Arabs or Persians or Aryans or whoever they want to be.Recommend

  • NFD

    Correct,. because Malaysian do not look like Indians.Recommend

  • FNP

    You have to admit Indians are dark and have a very
    pronounced indigenous ethnic ‘desi’ look.
    Specially in the South. So be honest.Recommend

  • Sabyasachi

    You think being Arab or stupid disqualifies anyone from being rich?Is the family of the supreme controllers of the Kingdom in the desert by any stretch of imagination gifted in intellect?So, ain’t they rich neigh rich playboys if you like.Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    so is Africans. so what?????what is that to do with complexion.Obama is supposed to be the most powerful man on earth today. Michael Jackson was one of the most admired pop icon.Do you think that if you have fair complexion you are intelligent?what is skin is not important,what is inside your head is most important.Recommend

  • Indus2Oxus

    As much as I agree that her comments were shallow and we shouldn’t feel superior for superficial reasons, I don’t understand the urge of Pakistani liberals who love to go the extra mile by reiterating that “we were all part of India once, we were once India or that we’re all the same race”

    That’s a very simplistic and ignorant understanding of history, anybody that knows anything about both Pakistan and India, knows that both countries are immensely diverse with MANY histories -yes the history of one part of India isn’t the same as one part of Pakistan’s, though there are regions with historical overlap.

    As for Pakistanis and Indians being the “same race”, uh…anybody that knows basic anthropology is aware that both countries have numerous ethnic groups many of whom belong to different races; it’s only the groups of Northwestern India bordering Eastern Pakistan that are the same, and just because some Pakistanis may have origins in India that doesn’t mean most do – over 90% of Pakistanis are native to this land predating the formation of this country, the people that migrated from India are only 7% of the population.

    Lastly, the modern day Republic of India is a different entity from British-India and ancient India; we were citizens of British-India prior to the 14th of August 1947, the nextday the Republic of India was formed, long before the British came there was no country called India but hundreds of princely states with distinct identities and languages; Winston Churchill is known to have said that the subcontinent was no more a country than the equator.

    For most of our history the Indus valley(present day Pakistan) and the Ganges valley(present-day India) have been separate for 1500 years of the past 2000 years, and only 500 years together in various periods of history.

    So I suggest Pakistani Liberals to know more about the countries ancient roots instead of making ignorant super-emotional PC statements that “we’re all the same” -we’re all different and there’s nothing wrong with being different.Recommend

  • wb

    True that’s why Bill Gates refused to make Satya Nandella the CeO of microsoft.

    nonetheless, what’s your point?Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Specially in the South. So be honest.”

    Yes, we are being honest, I guess you were being a bit too honest for East Pakistanis liking.Recommend

  • wb

    If I can be brutally honest here and not try to be politically correct, the moment one says that he/she is a Muslim (and don’t look like East Asians, as in Malaysia or Indonesia), people assume that he/she is stupid.

    Which, of course, is not true and has got nothing to do with religion or race.

    However, this is the stereotype that exists in this world. And this is true.Recommend

  • Attock

    Yeah we’re proud of Indus valley and Mehrgarh heritage and find it laughable that people in the Republic of India, most of whom are Dravidians and or Bhaiyas that live along the Ganges claim our history and civilizations!Recommend

  • Prashant

    Yes it was but I guess even that was too much for Sabyasachi :)Recommend

  • Mai Kolachi

    we are the same race because all Pakistanis are apparently Bhaiyas who speak Tamil originate from Bombay and eat dosas for breakfast and wear lungis on eid

    Good jokeRecommend

  • Prashant

    “I am surprised that you think being called an Arab is “synonymous with stupidity” …”

    I am surprised you are not aware of the reasons why this belief, either perceived or real of some Arabs being stupid comes from.

    “On the contrary, if you tell a a foreigner that you are from an Arab country, they assume that you are very rich.”

    Because that is true, as much as them hacking people to death on the streets on the name of justice, not allowing women freedom etc.Recommend

  • Bilal

    In your mind you keep saying this to yourself “I am hotter, I am hotter”. This would’nt going to help you either. :)Recommend

  • Bilal

    It does not matter you believe it or not, it is kicking this continent harder and harder each day passes.Recommend

  • Bilal

    It does not matter you believe it or not, it is kicking this continent harder and harder each day passes.Recommend

  • Shrihari Kulkarni

    better beauty becoz of PunjabisRecommend

  • NFD

    No,… you have not traveled every corner of the world.
    Your comment shows that, sadly. Arabs are synonymous
    with wealth. in any corner of the world. Yes, they look exotic
    and cut a fine figure in their robes and head dress. No doubt.
    Same goes for Arab women, in their hijabs. Sharp, exotic.
    They maybe the most discriminatory people on earth, and treat
    any non Arab as a serf, but that is a different topic. Secretly, YOU
    wish you looked like them.and cut a sharp figure, just like them.Recommend

  • Queen

    We are no moral authority to judge anyone of being ‘gifted in intellect’. It is inappropriate to term the entire Arab world ‘stupid’ based on some preconceived notion. But then again, maybe asking Indians to adopt common sense is way too much, I guess.Recommend

  • Prashant
  • Prashant

    So, who are they? Arabs, Aliens or just neighbours?Recommend

  • Akshay

    Like one of the posters above, I really would like to stand up & applaud you loudly. This is really ironic that the sane voices against the tweet are also heard from across the border. The liberal terrorists in India have literally turned the utterly crass & out rightly racist tweet in to issue of online violence against women. As much as some of the tweets against Rega Jha were deplorable & necessary police action needs to be taken, it also shouldn’t be denied that she herself made a very deplorable & cheap tweet in 1st place. Nobody should have a problem with her calling Pakistanis hot. Its a matter of perspective after all, Shobha De has also referred Pakistani men as hotter. But nobody gave her the right to call 1.2 billion Indians as ugly (even if she conveniently included herself). Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Having lived in Chennai for work reason, I can tell you that women over there do not swoon for Bollywood Greek gods like Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham, & Fawad Khan. They have their own heartthrobs from Tamil cinema no matter how much people like Rega Jha consider them ugly.

    Once again, thank you for showing Rega Jha a mirror which the liberalists in India do not want to.Recommend

  • Sabyasachi

    It is because we lack your kind of common sense we are still secular and do not burn people alive. Remember the spectacle of an Arab burning another?(Jordanian pilot).You have all the oil wealthy but no brains and Israel has no oil what so ever and has all the brains.Having such huge mineral wealth you are still medieval and nothing in your nations be it simple mundane things like a road or a building or a bus or train you are capable of manufacturing on your own.Even for accounting your wealth you need accountants from India.What more proof is required that you are the wisest fools on earth!Recommend

  • Queen

    Mr Prashant, I can provide references of various articles to prove foolishness and ignorance of Indian people but does that mean that the entire Indian population is foolish?Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Find out why bangladesis went away from you guys..balochistan is also on the verge of meeting the same fate.I have seen pakistani television blatantly running shows ,mocking balochi people as dark skinned..You even call west indian dark skinned..what happened?you ended up taking panga from them as well .Tino best attacked shoaib mallick.hell sania mirza came in picture to rescue him .its about time you pakistanis learn to act responsibly..
    I know ,moderator must be itching after reading my comment..Bu this is fact nobody can deny itRecommend

  • Dan

    You’re proud of Indus valley? aw thanks.. You do know ( i hope) that it was established by the wise people of what is today South India before they were attacked and driven back by a load of illiterate war mongers who occupied their lands?.. So what do you have to do with Indus (ie..Hindusthan..India..) and the achievements of ancient Bharat? Aren’t you supposed to be arabs? Lol.. Just because you dragged the owner out of the house and filled it with your crap doesn’t mean that you built the house.. It’s common sense but i guess that’s too much to ask from a pakistani..Recommend

  • wb

    I’m actually hotter. It’s summer and it’s very hot. Besides, heat only increases with every peg.Recommend

  • Sona

    Thank you!Recommend

  • Sona

    Thank you!!Recommend

  • Sona

    Thank you Prashant!Recommend

  • Sona


  • Sona

    Thankyou !Recommend

  • Sona

    Thankyou! Completely agree, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.Recommend

  • Sona


  • Regumrex

    Nice article. Tongue in cheek!
    I remember when I was in 7 th grade in a school in Delhi (that was many moons ago) am American female actor (or was it a writer?) visiting India said “Indian mothers are the best in the world”. Those were the early 70s when India was a truly 3rd world country with little prospects (the IT revolution being far away). The above statement by an American made Indians feel very good. I remember reading many articles in the newspaper about it and many Indian mothers feeling happy they have finally found recognition where it matters.
    Seems to me Pakistan is in a similar situation today. A loss in a cricket match makes the whole nation go into depression! Unbelievable. I saw a Pakistani politician say that Pakistanis should dig a grave for each of the players who was playing in that match! Then an Indian magazine editor (relatively unknown to the world) says Pakistanis are hot and everybody in Pakistan goes gaga over it. that Indian editor had her moment of glory. In today’s world of Internet, even a stray dog deserves its 1 minute of fame!
    Once Pakistanis stops treating every match with India as something they need to win in order to preseve their H and D, they would not be so stressed out and would take a victory or defeat on their stride. That is how it should be.Recommend

  • mazharuddin

    If we shave our beard than we definitely hotter than Indians. subhan allahRecommend

  • Mai Kolachi

    lol that’s very typical, we aren’t arabs or any middle eastern, we are the natives of the IVC and Mehrgarh civilization, I study genetics so I know what i’m talking about.

    Pakistan is the converging place of South Asia with Central Asia.Recommend

  • Attock

    Baloch people are not dark skinned, they are naturally very fair skinned and grow beautiful thick beards -they are an Iranic people who descend from Kurds and mixed with the natives of this landRecommend

  • Beef Samosa

    Not just Punjabis, all Pakistani ethnic groups are good looking.
    The Sindhis,Pashtuns,Kashmiris,Baloch,Seraiki,Chitralis,Gilgitis,Baltis,Kalash,Makranis,Urdu-speakers who migrate from North India and have Mughal,Pathan and Persian mixture with beautiful north indian genesRecommend

  • Attock

    That’s a myth brother, the natives of IVC resemble the Brahui people of today -they were Caucasians like us and had Mediterranoid skulls, they were related to the Sumerians of Mesopotamia not the South Indians.

    The achievements of IVC and Mehrgarh are that of our ancestors, “India” only appropriated our original heritage and name; modern-day Indians are part a different civilization called the Gangetic civilization and South Indian people are totally different and had their own empires.

    Look at a map of IVC, it covers all of Pakistan,eastern Afghanistan and Northwestern India whereas rest of India has nothing to do with it; even genetically we are closer to the natives of IVC

    so PLEASE stop taking away our history!You should be proud of your Ganga-Dravidian originsRecommend

  • Rakib

    A very fine Blog! Honest. Unaffected simple style. Language of the heart. Bravo, Sonal-ji.Recommend

  • Sabyasachi

    That was a prize winning comment.Wonder if others got your line.Recommend

  • Grace

    There are similarities but there are plenty of differences too. Especially among native Pakistanis and Indians. The author forgets that Pakistan was also part of ancient Greece, Persia and Afghan Empires in addition to British India. Why does it bother you to admit that native Pakistanis who are the majority have different influences and racial mix in addition to different culture due to our history and geography. It seems that some liberals from Karachi who came originally from India seem to want to lump us together with Indians but we find that untrue. The British who ruled South Asia always called it a continent with different races.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “…will it indicate that the entire Indian population is foolish? No.”

    Contradicting yourself my pal. I was responding to this comment of yours:

    “But then again, maybe asking Indians to adopt common sense is way too much, I guess.”

    Why does this argument of yours apply only to the Saudis and not the Indians?

    Also, check out the links, it shows the institutionalised prejudice and not just a common mans prejudice.

    You may address me as Prashant henceforth.Recommend

  • Grace

    Indus Valley in Pakistan existed long before Hinduism. Pakistanis are proud of our history despite what you’ve been taught in India.None of us want to be Arabs which is another myth propagated in India. Pashtuns, Baluch, Sindi and Punjabi are more proud of their tribal, clan and district affiliations. The only ones who pretend to be Arabs are the so called Syeds, Siddiquis etc who migrated from India to Karachi.Recommend

  • Sid

    Sonal, love you for making the statement “we are all Indians”. And I am not bragging about this as Indian who won the battle of argument about origins of Pakistani. For me India is a sub continent more than a name of a country. And Indians are its inhabitants including now what we call Pakistani, Indians and Bangladeshis. So for me your statement comes as a ray of hope where we Indians and Pakistanis stop identifying each other as breeds of different metal. We are two sides of same coin, even if we don’t look at each other in eye, we are doomed to be inseparable :). So why not just shake hands and celebrate cricket, id, diwali and jalebis. Khud Hafiz and lots of love.Recommend

  • Sid

    Chill dude, once best friends always makes the most dangerous enemies. Our leaders and armies and many other people in between with vested interests including religious leaders have so much to loose if we common men of India and Pakistan stop believing them and stop being afraid of each other.
    Media has always been an instrument of propaganda and no longer abides by the purity of unbiased journalism. There will always be She says He says kind of argument. And we common men will naturally take sides of the ones we think of as our own.
    Our younger generation inherit and subscribe to the blind hate which we had carried on for 68 years and will hopelessly carry on further until our annihilation. Either that, or we take a leap of faith and hold on to our strong determination to go against the powerful lobby of government, military, mullahs and sadhus to stop them for meddling in our common life and do what they are really elected to do.
    We have immense potential which is trapped under layers of hatred. This potential will die with us unless we break through these layers.
    So do not take words of few Indians as humiliation. Its sport, and chest thumping on victory is allowed. Keep smiling, see you guys in Finals.Recommend

  • wb

    True. That’s why Pakistan is burning.

    And that’s why Mars is more receptive of cooler people like Indians.Recommend

  • NFD

    in the North you have the Mughals and other conquerors’s
    genetic influence .Including pre historic migrations.
    But the rest of Bharatis are dark. The indigenous Bharati
    races closely resemble the the Austalian Aboriginals. Striking
    resemblance. Undeniable.The genetic make up is similar.
    Exception being the hair.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Let me clarify you on behalf of all Indians.we donot appreciate racism in any form. .we posses zero tolerance towards racism of any form and this is not our value.Having said that I m pretty fair skinned ,have many friends with darker skin.i never feel high in company of them just coz of skin complexion.Further let me remind you ,dark skinned west indians have handed you white skinned pakistanis a humiliating defeat of 150 runs today.Now whom will you appreciate?I guess fair skinned pakistanis all the way…right?Recommend

  • Sabyasachi

    ET held back my original replySuffice to say that looking like or being mistaken for an Arab is the greatest misfortune for an Indian.Many Indians here in US are paying that price day in day out.Specially the Sikhs or whom we lovingly call ‘sardars’.Why even the Indian origin lass who became miss America had been mistaken for an Arab and had to face disgusting vitriol on the social media recently.But once they came to know her origin was India they miraculously became apologetic.ET do not be partial and allow only his reply to be published whilst censoring my counter. That is unfair!Recommend

  • Zain

    Seriously one of the worst things i’ve read all day. Why does ET publish such crap?Recommend

  • Faizan Usmani

    This is blood lowest journalism at it’s peak. How about if we put it this way that Indians are much smarter, hard working and honest to there mother land.Probably that is the reason they are excelling in the world and GDP growth is fastest in the world at moment and on other hand we are stuck up with such mentality of good looks and low moral value due to which we as a nation are at the lowest point in our history. I am sorry that i had to mention all these facts but these words are coming from a Patriotic Pakistani:)
    World doesn’t care how you look. What really matters is whats your potential and what can you achieve to benefit the humanityRecommend

  • hp kumar

    so you have civilization.I thought your history started from invasion of Bin quasim.Recommend



  • hp kumar

    From this article and my blocked comments,one thing is quite clear,..Moderator is big supporter of racism..precisely he/she is racist in real life.I see every comment with racist content is being approved while counter post is being discarded.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Ah feminism takes precedence over racism.good good. I would have edited that part too.Anyway racism is irresponsible behavior (equally applies to both male and female)..Say big no to rega jha’s and like minded comments(though i m not supporting vociferous attack that she went through but then i must say people learn lesson sometimes) .Recommend

  • Sabyasachi

    If you seriously believe you are Greek then you are in for trouble too.Greeks are considered to be modern day demented chaos creators.Tell anyone in Europe that you are Greek and specially in Windsor and they will not allow you beyond the outhouse.Recommend

  • PrasadDeccani

    India need not be your benchmark or yardstick; probably that is how author felt.Recommend

  • Charlie Sheen’s Tiger blood

    Forced and badly written article, I’m sorry but nobody with an actual mind actually cares who looks better so please stop writing about such superficial crap. Btw You have a future in journalism, tabloids and gossip columns, that could really be your thing.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “lol that’s very typical, we aren’t arabs or any middle eastern, we are the natives of the IVC and Mehrgarh civilization”

    And where is Mehergarh civilization? Is it on Earth? If yes, does it have any closely related civilizations, does it have any neighbours in the present times?

    “Pakistan is the converging place of South Asia with Central Asia.”

    Agreed, do not need to be a student of genetics for that, simple knowledge of geography would do.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Haris, better luck next time, you won’t always get out for a duck as you did against West Indies.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Actually, the region now called Pakistan has been invaded, overrun and pillaged so many times by so many races that no one really knows what they are. i would say they are some kind of mongrel race, nether arab nor Persian nor IndianRecommend

  • Maria

    The author speaks for herself alone. Most Pakistanis, especially sons and daughters of the soil do not consider ourselves Indians and would never buy into the notion ” we are all Indians”. My maternal city of Peshawar would be considered part of many nations and so was my father’s city in Rawalpindi. The writer is probably writing about her own Muhajir origin family but she is being insensitive to Pakistanis who are residents of this soil.Recommend

  • NFD

    They said you are the gate keeper at the Hanuman Temple
    in Koyabashi, Japan.Recommend

  • Vanaj

    A people who have been slaves of everybody from the Greeks, Sakas, Kushans, Hephthalites, Arabs, Mongols, Turkics and raped for thousands of years by these barbarians claiming Indus valley and Mehrgarh heritage? Don’t make me laugh. The Indus valley people moved east to the Gangetic plain when their lands turned into desert. There is clear archaeological evidence of this. The only Indus valley people blood you may have is when invaders from India proper ( Mauryans, Guptas etc) conquered you and also had your women. LosersRecommend

  • Vanaj

    You guys are the children of Mongols, Turkics, Sakas, Hephtalities, Arabs and all assorted barbarians The descendants of today’s Indus valley live in India. Whih is why today’s India has been the centre of civilzation in SOuth Asia while you have been an irrelevant backwater. You reflect the values of your primitive masters.Recommend

  • Sabyasachi

    Attock it is not important that the Dravidian lay claim to ‘your’ history and civilisation.You have missed the point totally.Right from beyond the present day Baghdad to Cambodia in the east there was only one civilization which swore by the ancient Vedas.Your ancestors were also part of this civilisation as much as the Dravidian.They are too of Dravidian stock.If you study the ‘Legacy of Genes’ in the Indian subcontinent then you would know that your and Dravidian stock of genes are the same.So, a Dravidian continues to claim that heritage which you call unfortunately only yours in exclusivity.Therefore it is you who have got it wrong and not Dravidians.The ancient city of Dwarka which is reported to have got submerged lies about 250 Kms west of the present coastline.Krishna predates Harrappa by 5000 years.He was born in Mathura.So now tell me who is claiming whose heritage?ET it is important Attock knows the truth.Please let him read this.Thanks.Recommend

  • Sabyasachi

    Grace even Max Mueller would not agree with your version of history.Please do not propagate falsehood.Recommend

  • Gulchand Mehta

    Grace, how many names are you using? There is Grace,
    then there is Maria, then sterry, also Humza. You are not
    from Punjab. or K-P. Punjabis and Pakshtuns, the real ones
    do not go around displaying your kind of hatred. Something
    is fake in your comments.Recommend

  • Sid

    Dear Maria, you can be in denial as much as you love. But the fact remains Pakistan was carved out of Bharat which resulted in creation of Pakistan and India. If you can find any books on history of this region you will know. But unfortunately it seems many Pakistanis either don’t have access or will to read unbiased history books cause it will break their sense of belonging.Recommend

  • NFD

    The Indian women wear saris and have this bindi. The men
    have this distinctive, very ethnic, Australian Aborigines look.
    [with straight hair] how can they be mistaken for Arabs?Recommend

  • Grace

    What hatred? If you understand Pashtu and not just Hindi remember , Har fikr akhpul lireh sta. I can guarantee you that I am real Pakistani. Is it only fake when you write Hoshang Ansari or some other name? I am glad to hear that you find me a prolific blogger! Are you surprised that so many Pakistanis disagree with what you believe? Mehargarh and Indus Valley civilization existed long before Hinduism and European Scholars have attested to this. Only Indians have been taught that Pakistanis hate the rich civilizations of their soil. We do not.Recommend

  • Grace

    You Indians will stoop to any level to erase Pakistan’s history. Fortunately, even Greek government supports archeological work in areas where Greeks left their mark in Pakistan. No one is saying they are Greek but there is ample evidence to support that Greek civilization existed and thrived in what is now Pakistan for centuries. Ever heard of Greek King Menandros? I don’t think so. He didn’t rule in what is now India but he was a regional ruler in Pakistan from Greece. Morover, genetic markers of Alexander’s soldiers exist when you look at population studies and genetic markers.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Not just Punjabis, all Pakistani ethnic groups are good looking.”

    Correct and macho too, forgot Mard-e-Momin Zia ul Haq?

  • Prashant

    “I would recommend Hussain Haqqani’s magnificent delusions – a fabulous book by a fabulous Pakistani.”

    He is the Arundhati Roy of Pakistan, each one of them are considered fabulous on the other side of the border than their own.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “he writer is probably writing about her own Muhajir origin family but she is being insensitive to Pakistanis who are residents of this soil.”

    A few questions:

    1. Which country is your eastern neighbour?
    2. Where do the rivers flow through before they enter Pakistan?
    3. Which city in the subcontinent was the capital of Maharaja Ranjit Singh?
    4. Ever typed the word “Lahore” in google to see where does the city derive its name from?
    5. If Muhajirs are not the sons of the soil, Jinnah with his Gujarati roots would be the first in the list to not to be a son of the soil.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “So why not just shake hands and celebrate cricket, id, diwali and jalebis. ”

    That would be a negation of two nation theory according to many Pakistanis.

    Here is what Jinnah said in 1940 addressing Muslim league:

    “It is extremely difficult to appreciate why our Hindu friends fail to understand the real nature of Islam and Hinduism. They are not religions in the strict sense of the word, but are, in fact, different and distinct social orders; and it is a dream that the Hindus and Muslims can ever evolve a common nationality; and this misconception of one Indian nation has gone far beyond the limits and is the cause of more of our troubles and will lead India to destruction if we fail to revise our notions in time.”Recommend

  • Prashant

    “It seems that some liberals from Karachi who came originally from India seem to want to lump us together with Indians but we find that untrue.”

    The land and the people which is called Pakistan today fell from heavens with the arrival of Muhammad Bin Qasim and hence the history before that is completely blank for those who make up the population of those lands today.Recommend

  • Prashant

    You have been successful in charging the mods of being racist though.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    even after resentment against rega jha’s comment from indians,some of the comments here surprised me really..Few of the commentators r hitting above the weight i think..they r calling indians bhiayas ..what if indians will use T words for pakistanis which is quite popular now a days…But you and i know,how serious this topic is in india.In case moderator doesnot know,let me remind you, we and you pakistanis have gone through era of separate hindu pani and muslim pani..Casteism a form of racism still prevails in india..we r doing our best to get away this evil and atleast wouldnot want to prevail it on our day to day life.if we indians start fueling it through morally irresponsible statement we will make life of muslims and dalits difficult..We have Brahmins who r still spewing hate against lower castes and minorities call them malchhas.Since moderator doesnot live in a pluralistic society ,so this bit of immaturity is expected.
    And hey pl donot fly high indians donot see pakistan in good light..Not coz of kashmir issue…But there is seriously something wrong with you guys…Recommend

  • Gulchand Mehta

    No Grace I am from Amritsar. According to you that makes
    me a GreeK?….Roman?….Bulgarian?Recommend

  • Maria

    But even the British who gave you India never called it a country but a continent with different people. Think about it.Recommend

  • Maria

    1/ India is East of Pak and Iran is West of Pak and China is North of Pak – what’s your point?
    2/ Pakistan’s rivers flow from occupied Kashmir that the British gave to India
    3/ Maharaja Ranjit Singh lived a few centuries ago and ruled in Lahore where the court language was Persian.. He did not rule India.
    4/ There are many theories about the origins of Lahore but the city existed before Hinduism since it also existed during times of the Indus Valley civilization which is before arrival of Aryans.
    5/ Jinnah was born in Karachi and identified with Sind despite his roots.Recommend