Humanity check: Did you grieve Shia genocide as much as you did the Pak-India match?

Published: February 16, 2015

Imran Khan droned on about the rigging in elections in his presser. Everyone focused on their own agendas and the dead were forgotten effortlessly. PHOTO: AFP

Imran Khan droned on about the rigging in elections in his presser. Everyone focused on their own agendas and the dead were forgotten effortlessly. PHOTO: MUHAMMAD IQBAL/EXPRESS Imran Khan droned on about the rigging in elections in his presser. Everyone focused on their own agendas and the dead were forgotten effortlessly. PHOTO: AFP

Mass graves are no longer an alien phenomenon for Pakistani Shias. Not counting the numerous target killings that have taken place so far, there have been three major attacks in 2015 till now.

On January 9, there was an attack on an imambargah in Rawalpindi, which left seven people dead; on January 30, an imambargah was targeted in Shikarpur, culminating in 61 deaths. And recently, an attack on the imambargah in Peshawar resulted in deaths of 19 Shias.

On January 11, Dr Asim was murdered in a target killing in Peshawar. Thirty-nine days later, his son was one of the hostages in the Peshawar imambargah attack, along with his uncle Arif who lost his life in the blasts. On the 40th day of his father’s death, the grieving son had to bury his uncle too. Life in Pakistan for Shias seems to revolve around death tolls, blood banks, morgues and mass graves.

The video of the Peshawar attack is not as graphic as those we have previously seen in Pakistan. But the screams are still haunting. Even more horrifying is the fact that terrorists could reproduce an attack of the same nature as the Peshawar Army Public School, less than 60 days later. The death toll would have been in hundreds had the attack taken place during the Friday prayers, and not after it.

However, seeing how things work in this country, I don’t think that anything would alter here. Statistics are just numbers and no one has the time to pause and think of the lives that have been lost so far. No one has the ability to imagine the hopes, dreams or expectations that these death tolls represent. Life moves on and people stop caring. That is the cold reality.

Also, it does not do well to dwell in sympathy. Sympathy for Shias bears a costly tag of guilty by association. All organisms of perception and introspectiveness are destroyed. Therefore, the persecuted will find very few shelters to take refuge in, and due to the severe cost of questioning, the number of those who do dare to question, dwindles. This fear leads to societies’ inaction and is a colossal contribution in the continuity of such crimes.

I saw citizens more emotionally affected by Pakistan’s loss to India yesterday than they were by the three blasts and hostage situation in Peshawar on Friday. I am not saying that one shouldn’t enjoy a match – but when the loss in a game seems to affect more people than the loss of human lives, it is safe to assume that something is very wrong with our standards of humanity. Shia blood is treasured by our killers; we are not valued by the state. Over the years the death toll of Shia genocide has spilled into thousands and yet it holds no significance nor warrants any serious action.

As the frequency of attacks increases, the duration of sadness decreases. It is just anger that snowballs. In 2014, over 120 Shia doctors were target-killed. What else can one do but pity the nation that kills its healers and assigns police escorts for terrorists of banned organisations? The mechanics of tyranny toil laboriously to ensure frictionless running of oppression.

Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ), a banned terrorist organisation, is protesting outside the Supreme Court in the capital, which falls in the red zone and is currently under negotiations with the government. How are we supposed to interpret the government’s actions versus their rhetoric of eliminating terrorism, when the ASWJ sends such a clear message as to who clasps the reins of power?

The violence of targeting skilled professionals belonging to the Shia sect is compounded with suicide blasts and replete with torture and executions, as seen in four separate attacks spanning from September 2011 to August 2012.

Wounds when healed become scars – the Shia community’s wounds stay raw and gaping because they keep facing an onslaught of escalation in target killings and relentless persecution without respite. When one is in a perpetual state of mourning, there is no healing. Constant grief and that too unaddressed, can turn into grievances.

Grievances of the Shia community lie in their sense of inequality. The feeling of inequality is unique in its nature because it is not just limited to lack of opportunity as one would expect; it focuses on the lack of value for lost lives.

A Shia’s life is no longer of value to the majority sect.

A fortnight after the Shikarpur blast happened, our dear prime minister visited Sindh. People expected him to address the terrorism gripping the nation and its various communities. Yet he callously joked about food at the press conference. And everyone laughed as if on cue. Imran Khan droned on about the rigging in elections in his presser. Everyone focused on their own agendas and the dead were forgotten effortlessly.

Political echelons are leading this country from chaos to apathy and confusion. Our military’s resolve acts upon those considered anti-state. Criminal syndicates killing Shias are not considered “anti-state”, else efforts would have been directed in eliminating and curbing their powers. Expunging these terrorist organisations of “foreign fighters” is not the solution for long term (if any) stability in Pakistan.

The pyramids of power these elected leaders rely on are constructed upon skulls and dismembered limbs of the dead and the misery of wives and children bequeathed in new identities of widows and orphans.

Tyranny can reach new summits and break all records but we know that it is truth alone that endures.

Alizeh Khaleeli

Alizeh Khaleeli

A photojournalist, wedding photographer and writer who is inspired by life and it's realities. She tweets @TwotwoAlys (

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  • sharabi

    why should people grieve for shias? shouldn’t they grieve for killed Hindus, burnt Christians or for every Human? Madam you are expecting a lot from a Dead Society.
    So please move on & let me make you believe that Minority persecution/Genocide is a daily-basis phenomena for “Land Of Pure”Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Not to belittle your blog in ANY WAY. But I did not mourn much for Pakistan’s loss. I had “predicted” that they will not win, seeing their deplorable condition.Recommend

  • Anon

    Wonder why you not mentioned the famous Mr. Jinnah’s speech……”you are free to go.Recommend

  • Sane

    First, the notion of genocide is absolutely misleading and incorrect. These are terrorist activities only. Killing of children in Peshawar school, burning of workers at Baldia, Karachi factory and everyday target killing at Karachi including law enforcers are terrorist activities. There is no GENOCIDE of any religious or ethnic group in this country. These are all terrorism supported by neighbor country.Recommend

  • Malti Chaturvedi

    that’s ok … u all r good looking people …who cares if u die of malnutrition ,polio or poverty ….allah is wid u ….the arabs :)Recommend

  • Ranveer Singh Warraich

    The irony is it was Shias and Ahmadis that created Pakistan! They are a victim of their own creation! Recommend

  • baltee

    Agreed with the writer even after a day all our media and people lamenting over the lost match.Recommend

  • Bahlool

    Superb. This is a bayhis quam. Majority is silent and that’s the main reason Shia genocide continues. Everyone changed their facebook DP to black after Peshawar attack but they are all immune to the continues Shia killings in Pakistan. Losing to India in the world cup happens every 4 years so that is obviously more painful for them.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    How about laying a few giant eggs while you bury your head in sandRecommend

  • Vish

    Pakistan is an apt personification of Pastor Martin Niemollar’s famous statement “First they came for………”. The author needs to reflect ” Did Shias grieve or protest when Hindus, Christians, Ahmedis were being slaughtered ?” One by one everybody gets their turn. It was somebody else yesterday, today it’s Shias, tomorrow it will be someone else.Recommend

  • Vish

    Yes one is free to go to their own places of worship but don’t complain if you lose your life for that.Recommend

  • ariba

    I think your from india. Shia killings go back around 1400 years and in Pakistan it goes back till 60’s.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Persians and other natives of Mideast created Shiaism and recently Bahai to preserve their culture, language and spirituality. But unfortunately when within 40 years Bedouins made all Persians Muslims and few lakh native Zoroastrians ran to India to save their own lives, after few generations they lost all history of their own ancestors and their struggle, even after creating a Shia sect within Islam. They also imbibed the Bedouini character of Hate, loot and plunder of other natives calling them Kuffar. So Iran started producing Nadir Shahs. Earlier when native Persian culture which valued Indian culture and when they used to copy it, they could produce Ali ibn Sahl Rabban al-Tabari’ who was influenced by writing s by Sushruta and Chanakya. Indian converts to shiasim, such as Jinah or Kokanastha Bramhin Agashe becoming Antulay, need to give up hate and creating fake separate identity for political gain.Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    Though shias did not do it in Pakistan, they were keeping quiet when sunnis of Pakistan were kidnaping hindu and christian girls, taking them to their homes where they were raped in the sunni family environment, forced to marry a man old enough to be her father and having daughters younger than the kidnaped and raped hindu/christian girl and finally selling off these girls to other muslims or pushing them to prostitution. The sunnis did not allow those girls to escape and prevented the hindu and christian girls from meeting their families. Those sunni famies, men and woman alike, were guarding the kidnaped girls so and preventing their families from meeting them. Shias were standing shoulder to shoulder in support for their common cause and beliefs.

    Then came their turn in Pakistan, their imambarghas were bombed, similar to the way hindu temples and christian churches were destroyed when they were standing by and watching as silent spectators. As I said many a times, it boild down to the beliefs and practices which is: either convert non-muslims to muslims or kill those muslims you cannot convert.

    Did it stop there? Are the sunnis safe now? What is being done to them today?

    In Peshawar school massacre, the sunni TTP terrorists forced the children they were holding captive in one class room asked the children to recite Kalma, the same way the sunnis were forcing the kidnaped hindu and christian girls to recite Kalma. As soon as the children finished reciting Kalma, the sunni TTP terrorists shot them point blank, similar to the sunnis raping the kidnaped hindu and christian girls as soon as they finished reciting Kalma.

    In another classroom, the sunni terrorists asked the children they were holding captives as to who want to be set free. All children raised their hands. The terrorists asked few children to come to the front and shot them point blank. The terrorists asked the children again, “now who else want to go free”. The children started to cry and no one raised their hands this time. It is somewhat similar to the sunnis of Pakistan threatening the kidnaped hindu and christian girls, guarding them to prevent their escape and finally selling them off to other sunnis. Now, the sunni school children of Peshawar are fearing to go to their schools.

    How many Shias (forget the sunnis as they are the perpetrators) did anything or have done anything for the christian girls kidnaped by Boko Haram? How many blogs have we seen written by Sunnis or Shias on Boko Haram kidnappings?

    What do Pakistani muslims do? They blame Peshawar massacre on India when. In fact the sunni TTP terrorists considered the sunni children of the army as kufars and killed them, killed them because they could recite kalma but not good enough.

    Though the shias were not the ones doing these to the hindu and christian girls, they definitely supported these acts of sunnis with their conspicuous silence which is heard loud and clear by all. Have the shias of Pakistan ever spoken for the kidnaped hindu and christian girls or have they even on one such incidence or on an incidence of destruction of temples and churches done anything in a way that others can say that there is some, even if not a whole lot of sincerity? Show me one blog or even one comment from any muslim of Pakistan, shia or sunni, who is in Pakistan or have migrated to countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, etc.Recommend

  • Tariq Jameel


  • Ashutosh

    Then they came for me …then there was no one left to speak for me ….Recommend

  • Sabyasachi

    When Mary Shelley penned Frankenstein,she had Pakistan in mind.Isnt it the greatest irony that Shites and Ahmedias demanded and created PAKISTAN?Recommend

  • Sabyasachi

    I love what she writes.But I am wondering as to why is she not in Bollywood yet?She has the looks that could launch a thousands ships!Devastatingly beautiful!Recommend

  • Noor Khan Mescanzai

    You just changed the topic. The blog is about Shia genocide. People were more devastated by the Paks loss than about the heinous killings of Shias.
    You…not worried about Shias. You are
    gloating over how you accurately predicted defeat.

  • Golnath Agarwal

    This is the “guilt” factor of the the majority Sunnis in the
    Land of the Pure. Do not acknowledge that your own Sunni
    brothers are perpetuating this Shia genocide. You have to
    be severely in denial. People like ‘Sane’ the main reason
    for paks regression.Recommend

  • Javed Ali Hasrat

    hats off @2488alys brave,courageous..! outfit,outlawed & banned organization is supported by PMLN as well as Nawaz, the illegitimate progeny of Zia-ul-Haq,whom was eradicated in air,no identity in this world. KSA the ancestors as well as producers of such terrorist organization.Recommend

  • bigsaf

    What’s misleading and time wasting are these in-denial, delusional bald-faced lies to minorities and victims which only serves to defend the culprits due to fear of your own background association. These aren’t plots by India but Pakistanis and their own violent and hateful groups.

    There’s been an anti-Shia sectarian cleansing program that’s been running for decades in Pakistan by local Sunni Islamist radical groups, regardless of foreign ideology, who also indulge in other anti-minority cleansing, who are targeted at a higher disproportionate rate than a mainstream majority citizen in religo-political terrorist attacks, on this state or beyond.Recommend

  • Chitralwala

    They did not have time to grieve or protest. They were/are being
    annihilated systematically.. It’s where is the next attack taking place?
    Just busy being killed, DAILY. All over the country.Recommend

  • siesmann

    All one reads of you is INSANE statements.At least do justice to your name.Pakistan has suffered much from attitudes of people like you.Genocides originate is mentality and ideology first,and become so by denial.Denying the facts that Shias are being killed for being Shias is condoning it.Recommend

  • rtnguy

    Lol it was the shias who created Pakistan. Jinnah was a ismaeli shia . Sunnis were just docile landlords in british india till shias gave them fire. Now shias are burning in their own creation. Recommend

  • Visibly

    No of course not. The only people to be compassionate about are 3 muslims killed in USA by an gun-nut American. But Shias at home, some 20 Christians beheaded because of their belief, are inrelevant. Because, the only thing we Pakistanis, Sunni Muslims care about is Sunnis and the Prophet and the Quoran. And the way we interpret how to life. All others are infidels. Their deaths are insignificantRecommend

  • Prashant

    The saving grace is Shias are still considered Muslims and have not yet been bracketed with the Ahmediyas.Recommend

  • Alizeh Khaleeli

    Yes I as a Pakistani Shia I have been at protests for people of all faiths , including the Peshawar Church Blasts. However very few of our own “Muslim” communities have joined us.I have also written against the Hindu graves being desecrated and forced conversions.
    If I have spoken up and done to the best of my ability so that this day comes on no one else.May no one, nor any sect or group of people suffer this way.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Thats just a one off speech. In other speeches he has called for Sharia. Hindus can go to their Temples, but be ruled by Sharia. Exactly how Pakistan is today.Recommend

  • Ali Raza Khan

    Awesome piece. The fact that Pakistanis are apathetic to the loss of lives of the ones who belong from the same sect as the founder of Pakistan is enough a reason to ‘not comment on what we are actually’. People binding badges on their lapels and parading songs of national greatness preaching patriotism are the ones who are delusional the most-such are the people who claim that this is no Shia Genocide even though the dictionaries are replete with the word-genocide-and its meanings.
    The third last paragraph is of particular importance. Unless the ‘state’ which is inclusive of the security establishment does not distance itself from its terrorist proxies, there is no end to it. Also the fact that there is appeasement in general for the terrorist groups is one mindset which has to be changed. The fact that terrorists are being negotiated with by PM’s adviser before the Supreme Court is an insult to the principles of justice/judiciary itself. In effect, it leads to the deduction that the judiciary is a sham and so is the government of Pakistan.
    People of Pakistan need a realization: 20% at least is the proportion of Shiites living peacefully till now. Make it impossible for them to live; responses will come sooner or later.

    A Proud Shiite Afghan who was born in Pakistan and envisions to serve the latter despite knowing the fact that no justice is coming soon for the loved ones he lost!Recommend

  • Anoop

    So Shia-Sunni conflict all over the world is imaginary?Recommend

  • Anoop

    Shias have in the past done the same with other minorities.

    They were silent when Ahmadis were named non-Muslims. They were silent when Hindus were targetted in Bangladesh. They were silent when Sikhs were targetted at Partition. They were active in Direct Action by Muslim League.

    Now, they are being targetted. The divisive ideology of Pakistan has finally caught up to them. Since, they are the largest minority group, they will foreve be targetted.Recommend

  • Samanya Manus

    What is happening today in Mideast where millions of Shia, Yezdi, Kurds, Coptic Christians are running from their countries and the same issue is faced now by the tens of millions of shia in Pakistan. Ironic that some of their ancestors in north India were at forefront of the creation of Pakistan and grabbing the government and white collar jobs besides for grabbing properties of fleeing Hindu-Sikh in Punjab and Sindh, once it was done.Recommend

  • Humza

    You are right, the writer doesn’t understand the term genocide. Innocent people of all religions, sects and ethnic groups have been targeted by coward terrorists. When the school kids in Peshawar were killed, majority of them were Sunni but no one called it a ” Sunni genocide”. It was just another cowardly act of terrorism. There is ample proof that a lot of this terrorism is being supported across the border by anti state agencies. Why do you think General Raheel Sharif flew to Afghanistan the next day to show taped conversations of terrorists to the authorities and demanding action? Most victims of terrorism in Pakistan have been majority Sunni Muslims to date but we should mourn the senseless loss of all life and not just highlight the value of one death being more of less value. People have to come together whatever their affiliations and battle the scourge of terrorism together. The cowards who commit such acts against civilians want the people of the nation to identify with this or that group instead of staying firm together. I mourn the senseless loss of any life. That’s why I stand against all terrorist activity no matter the victim is Christian, Hindu, Shia, Sunni, Ahmadi etc and I do not want to give the coward terrorists the satisfaction of knowing that they are creating distrust or dissent.Recommend

  • Let’s not use the word genocide loosely. It’s not the same as terrorism! Sensationalism is the last thing we need as we grieve for the lives lost and plan for a safer, more progressive future.Recommend

  • Sane

    You are a history buzz. Keep it up by misleading people.Recommend

  • Sane

    Basically Pakistan was created due to Hindus attitude with Muslims. Still their attitude shall create a new Pakistan in India,Recommend

  • maz3tt

    A sane voiceRecommend

  • N/A

    So an Indian will tell us who created pakistan? Yes there were members from these sects but it would be absolutely wrong to conclude that they created pakistan! Majority of All Indian Muslim league were Sunnis. No go check your own history that whether india is created by Hindus or British?Recommend

  • shayan

    so finally everybody has started writing so openly abt minorities genocide…. few days back i was also reading saroop ijaz article on the similar topic…. its all a matter of time, this is an initial phase in the next phase they will target barelvis, then deobandis will taste their own medicine, at the end only salfis will be left with their own selfies. …… all the middleeast funded madrassas will rule the ruins. grave yards will be destroyed, women driving banned and sharia will take its courseRecommend

  • Milind A

    “Did Shias grieve or protest when Hindus, Christians, Ahmedis were being slaughtered ”

    In fact Shias were on the forefront in demanding Ahmadis to be declared as non-Muslims in 1974.Recommend

  • Milind A

    Why complain – As long as Muslims are killing each other, everything’s fine. Had few of these been killed accidently by U.S., Israel or India, all hell would have broken loose. Look at the outrage at the Chapel killings – 3 Palestinian-Americans killed in U.S. and you’ll understand.Recommend

  • SamSal

    How are the 2 even related?
    Persecution of minorities vs sports?Recommend

  • doesnt matter

    Indians were killed in Godhra riots. Not Muslims :PRecommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorghast

    Your bias is showing in glittering profound abysmal ways. How
    sanctimoniously you have avoided the core. But then people of
    your ilk are spurious at the most to begin with. You deliberately
    keep avoiding the fact, that Shias are a minority. They are about
    14% of the Sunni population in the Land of the Pure. They are not
    considered stakeholders. Or even allowed to be stakeholders.
    If you admit to this, then your whole argument is destroyed. Shias
    did not keep quite while the Ahmadis, Hindus, Christians are being
    killed off. THEY are busy surviving, from one attack to the next. They are not given any media or political attention. Their voices are
    suppressed. If there was a 100,000 Shia demonstration tomorrow,
    you will not hear about it. Because the media will not cover it.Recommend

  • Lord

    My voice greatly presented sister MashAllah :)Recommend

  • vasan

    While a new pakistan was already created out of old pakistan in 1971 ,people like you are hoping to create a new India, Not a snow ball’s chance in hell.Recommend

  • vasan

    A convenient escapism and denialistic attitude. Of all the people supporting TTP, you are conveniently blaming your neighbour. There is an article in this paper quoting the foreign countries and the amount they give to support madressahs which are the creators of TTP. Read what Mush said when he mentioned that it was ISI who created monsters.Recommend

  • vasan

    But Jinnah never said that you will come back aliveRecommend

  • Raza

    Nice article.
    I am surprised at the number of insensitive people out there, just go through the comments :(.Recommend

  • Gul zaman Ghorgasht.

    This is a stellar blog. Par excellence. You have uncovered the
    the spurious, ugly face of politics, and Sunni apathy in Pakland.
    You do not need to justify your blog to a troll. Or what you have
    done to stand up against the systematic annihilation of minorities
    in the Land of the Pure. All your previous blogs are on record.
    Showing your clear stance on religious discrimination You will
    not find many supporters. Because if there were, you would not
    be writing this article. Sadly that’s how it is.
    These trolls are here for one purpose only to disrupt any clear
    meaningful discussions. As you you can see from their hateful
    comments. Which are allowed by ET.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    my apologies, I meant no harm and I did not in anyway mean to belittle this blog. I am sorry that my comment came off as crass to you. I will edit it right away. I hope you will accept my apology.Recommend

  • Ashish (India)

    Blog check: Did you write any blog on genocide of your minorities other than Muslims?Recommend

  • Sane

    Its just a matter of time to prove as how India is deeply involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan. Killing of Shias and other is just by Indian support and plan.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht.

    Very nice of you to address the Shia situation. Appreciate your kind words.
    Wondering if you can pay more attention to the caste system? What if an untouchable’s shadow falls on you? Maharaj from Reshekesh said,
    THAT is grounds for capital punishment. He also said if a cow is killed.
    that is a hanging offense. Immediate public dispensation, no trial needed.
    Guess cows are very sacred to hindus. You all have bigger problems.
    Maharaj is a very well known Swami, with a following of 23 million.Recommend

  • Aakashvaani

    Why did you burst the Pakistani bubble? Rule of thumb, never tell a pakistani that all their lives they have been fed with lies and more lies to cover up previous lies. They love it and flaunt it proudly.Recommend

  • humanX

    So shia “genocide” is a reality however, in APS and bomb blasts in city centers are a normal thing? In our country everyone is being targeted. Calling it a specific sect killing is untrue. Hell these animals consider everyone an infidel. So please let’s not play it as a shia vs rest of pakistan thing. Ahmedis,sunnis,christians,Boris,hindus & shias are all targeted by these animalsRecommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Thanks so much for enlightening the readers here. Which are all
    hindustanis, from the looks of it. Nothing new there. This being the
    hindu stronghold in Pak media. Actually the going joke is, this paper
    should be printed in sanskrit. You know, the wormwood looking writing.
    Much better all around. Don’t you think? Easy for all the hindustanis.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    First and foremost, Persians did NOT create Shiaism. It started when
    the grandson of the Prophet [PBUH] was murdered by Yazid. In Karbala.
    Zoroastrians belong to a very ancient religion. One of their great kings,
    Hammurabi, gave the world ‘THE CODE OF HAMMURABI’. [google it.]
    There were other great Zoroastrian kings, Darius the Great, Cyrus….
    Zoroaster flourished in pre Islamic Persia. Started thousands of years ago.
    Most of your comment is meandering, incomprehensible and hard
    to decipher. but that sheds light on your beleaguered lack of knowledge.Recommend

  • vasan

    Keep saying this from 1947, as if India does not have any other thing to do. Remember Shia sunni fight is there ever since Islam started. This is nothing new to Islam or Pakistan.Recommend

  • Ranveer Singh Warraich

    It’s called the World Wide Web my friend, sorry but the halal version is not available yet!Recommend

  • Rafeeq

    Did the Hindus gave shelter to the Muslims crossing the present Indo-pak border or did they join in on the bloodletting?Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Ask your self – why would grandson create something against what his grandAbbu created? Why grandson’s progeny has to run for life and take refuge with kuffar king of Sind? An ideology cannot survive unless it is incubated in a particular culture. Even last bookwala prophet Marx’s could survive in particular culture of Russia, when it was adopted by Chinese, it took a different form. Chinese Marxism has almost nothing in common with Russian one. Chinese one is extreme capitalism with one party, one book rule and yes one khilafa politburo chief.

    I think you have imbibed and internalized too much of His Story penned by a well paid darbari and who might write “Khilafa Hazarath Bush sent one young handsome jernail Bin Colin Kasim Powell to attack Baghdad to free delicate pious oily female goat Khushboo whom cruel king of Baghdad had kidnapped and was threatening her with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) … ”

    Persian history was told to me here in USA by a Persian with MS MBA from US university and a Syrian colleague who was PhD Comp Sc. from an Ivy. This should not matter… you can come to the same conclusion if common sense is applied. Ask simple questions – Why India & China progressed in past and are again rising? Because they are civilizational countries. Even after the attack by barbarians and their loot and plunder or attempts to divide India, India is rising. Why Persia, a civilization could not / cannot be like India and China? Answer is – Persians got brutalized / Bedouinized and lost their civilizational foundation. If India loses its Dharmik foundation then it will be like barren AfPak or Banana Republic of central America. Chinese Comp Scientist in Bell Labs also said that China is progressing because of its foundation of Confucian, meditative Buddism… communism is more of nuisance but it cost China 50 Million lives..

    Don’t read HisStory books, chase the money trail, find out who gained, this will make you come to same conclusion as me / any sane person.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    By the way, read Gul Agha’s views, a Sindhi Shia. He was very active 86 on wards on soc.culture.indian. Gul is Professor of Computer Science at U of Illinois @ Urbana Champaign.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Hindus, Sanatan Dharmis do not have graves. They bury dead young ones and ascetic realized beings. Samadhi or structures are constructed where they are buried. This is done because it is considered that even the dead body of realized soul can raise the consciousness of other beings near it. Rest are cremated so that there is no attachment for departed soul and also in her/his friends and family.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    I don’t know why my previous comment was filtered out. Let me try again:

    Gul, you are probably upset at my statement – in mere 40 years, whole of Persia fell to Bedouin ways .. civilized natives ie Zorastrians & Hindus like Yezidi ( escaped to India to save their culture and spirituality. There are ten times more Zorastrians in India than in Iran. Many Yezidis went back after Mongols ran over Baghdad and power of Islam went to Turk, who were lenient. Educated Persians know how this conversion happened in mere 40 years. It happened under duress. Natives of Persia were not allowed to possess any wealth which included wives and children unless they convert to Bedouini ways. A generation down Persians tried to preserve their identity, culture, language & some of their spirituality by creating Shiasm. More progressive among them created Bahaism about 150 years back.

    Gul, dear don’t take too seriously His-Story penned by a paid darbari. Derive rationally history by finding who benefited by particular event, who paid the bill for the event, how common people took alien identities for tactical political and economic gains… that will make you reach to the truth.

    Follower of Imam Hussain (Aleh Saalam) named Muhammad Bin Allafi, was given shelter in Sindh from the Ommayya enemies of Ahal-e-Baith. The reason for the conquest of Sindh by Ummayyad Imperialism was Raja Dahir’s refusal to return Muhammad Bin Allafi, who had taken asylum under Raja Dahir’s government. As it was against the social rule of the Sindhis in those days, to return the parsons who had placed themselves under their protection from their enemies. Raja Dahir’s tolerance and liberal minded-ness was a well known fact, or account of which people of various religions lived peacefully in Sindh, where Hindus had their temples and Parsis had their fire temples, Buddhists had their pagodas, Muslims had their mosques. The Muslims had settled in Sindh on account of the policy of the Arab rulers. These rulers had difference with the relations of the Prophet, and being intolerant, wanted to kill them. How could this God-fearing ruler return these sheltered people to the cruel and tyrant Arab rulers? It is said that Imam Hussain (Alahisalam), after being harassed by Yazeed and his followers, wanted to come to Sindhi on the invitation of Raja Dahir. But instead of being given permission to go to Sindhi, he was martyred at Karbala. The fact is that the Arab Imperialism started during the days of Umer, who had started conquering other countries. This was the fifteenth invasion of Sindh. How in the days of Waleed Bin Abdul Malik, the Arabs succeeded. It will be proper if I elaborate on the fourteenth invasion of Sindh, since the days of Caliph Umer.Recommend

  • Fatima

    People are just trying to divert attention. This Shia genocide breaks my heart. Thanks for speaking up.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Do you expect the Hindus to sit quiet when provocated?
    After Partition, in 3 years, in 1950, the same Hindus gave full Rights to Muslims. Muslims still have their own laws – Muslim Personal Law.
    Even Jinnah’s own daughter preferred to move back to India. Away from Muslims, towards the Hindus.
    This is called tolerance. That is why the trajectories of India and Pakistan are different.Recommend

  • khorasani

    Wot, Shias are muslim?. f you think differently you are also a kufar or a blasphemerRecommend

  • ZKhan

    Shia-Sunni Conflict is not all over the world..If you know then tell me how many of them Killed each other?Recommend

  • ZKhan

    Your So called Hindus are only Known as Hindu in any Muslim Country apart from that they remain Higher caste/ Dalits/ST/SC or OBC….You talk about Shia Killing it is Shame on entire Muslims is done by an terrorist organization not by any Civilians Govt But what about your Low caste Hindus which are killed, Tortured and raped by your higher caste Hindus..It is not a shame…….If don’t know whether you see your own history of Killings….Then you should read the history of Hindus in Srilanka, Bhutan and Cambodia how they were slaughtered by your so called Buddhist..Recommend

  • Mike

    Why grieve for shias when 250,000 sunnis have been killed by non Arab Iran alongwith Assad the minority shia dictator in Syria. Pakistan does not live in isolation but is influenced by the activities of officially declared Shia state of Iran. Iran is involved in the killings in Afghanistan & Pakistan & all hazaras in Baluchistan are Iranians with bogus IDs’. They have bombed Pakistan 3 times but Pakistan is showing patience due to its issues in KP. Your former President Zardari a Shia also supported Iranian killings in Pakistan & backed them in their nuclear activities.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht.

    Thank you for your comment Have visited U I Champaign/Urbana campus. Pretty decent, nice.
    Appreciate the time and effort you spent on this long comment. Rest assured there are different perspectives.
    And different perceptions. On history. Am not a novice
    when it comes to history. History was my minor. through
    college and university. Am a history buff. Special area,..
    ancient and medieval history. Might point out to you that
    there was a Great Persian Empire. They conquered Greece and were knocking on the door of Ancient Pharaonic Egypt. Then there were the Assyrians and Sumerians and Akkadians, Hyksos, more or less related.
    History has shown that all empires/civilizations rise,
    reach a pinnacle, then decline. Egyptians, Romans,
    Indus, Persians.
    Personally, inclined towards the libraries at Nortre Dame, University of Chicago [at Chicago] Fordham University,
    Rutgers and partial to UCLA. Even Benedictine is decent.
    Have visited them all.
    I agree to disagree with you,… respectfully.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    for the sake of all that is holy and pure. why do you post such absurdities. whenever I read this I wish someone would perform the pre-mummification ritual of brain noodle on my brain, for that pain is nothing compared to reading this type of taliban propaganda.
    why do you and other people like you always think that India is behind everything? In the words of a great intellectual of our age, you guys will most probably blame India the next time a child is born to you. You are like the person who has a gangrenous leg and yet claims that his neighbour is “using black magic” against him. What will India gain from killing Shias only you should know. there are a billion more ways they can strangle Pakistan , yet they are not doing it. Why can you not just let it go? and then go after the real culprits, the saudis and other ISLAMIC nations, who fund terror in Pakistan? Last time I checked HUMANS lived in India, living , breathing humans who had no use for inciting Shia genocide, because they have no animosity with Shias. What do you think will happen if the border is opened? will DEVILS pour through? Why would they want to murder you? What do you have that they cherish? Dude, the Indians are just like us, they are humans, they are not the devils that your local mullah told you about. Yes some of them are extremists and want wholesale killing of muslims but that sort of ill is present in all societies. To be frank if I put you in a room with a hundred indians and a hundred Pakistanis you will not be able to tell the difference.
    So in a nutshell, live and let live. Why cannot you accept the fact that the “HOLY” Saudis are financing the wholesale murder Shias and other muslims? Do angels live in Saudi Arabia? Do you think they ride unicorns and have wings? They are humans who hate Shias and all other sects of muslims. They think of all other people except saudi born as inferior.
    I will now let you make the decision as to who is responsible for these atrocities. The person who lives next door, is most probably related to you by blood(YES our ancestors intermarried big WHOOP), lives almost the same way as you, and bears no hard feelings against you. OR the person living far far away who thinks that you are inferior, who thinks that you are wajibul qatal(YES according to Saudi wahabi sect all other sects should be killed, big whoop there too) and most importantly, who admits that they are financing your extremist organizations.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    insane voice.Recommend

  • Vish

    Salute your courage for having done so but this is not only about you. May many more join you so that the slaughter stops and there is no need to grieve for anyone. You are the exception, but Shias as a group have hardly protested against persecution of others. Lets hope that changes now.Recommend

  • Vish

    If you can point out any inaccuracies please do so. It is a fact that there were never any large scale protests by Shias or Sunnis against the demonisation and slaughter of Ahmadis. The author may be an exception, but Shias or Sunnis as a whole have hardly spoken up. If they had all this would not be happening today.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Gul dear, you are fed some weird stories about caste. Caste is a Portuguese word. What the natives of India had was Varna not caste like Romanized/brutalized Europeans. Modi, the present PM is tad above Macaulay defined so called “untouchable.” Gandhi was lower of the Vaishya. Shivaji, the great was Kshudra a generation before. He gave sword in hands of all, including Bramhin, so called “untouchable” and even converted (under duress) ancestors of mine. Do you know that Macaulay defined “untouchable” boy (some say even retard as a child) became the greatest Sanskrit poet and dramatist in sixth century after Yeshu/Jesus birth. His name was Kalidas, the state poet of Raja Bhoj’s kingdom. Most of Rishis/sages and realized souls who kept Dharma alive and nurtured were not Bramhin by birth. Even today, the lady saint and realized souls such as are Macaulay defined “untouchable.” Varna was not birth based but aptitude based. Gurus observed the child and suggested profession and so the Varna. There was no hierarchy. It degenerated into birth based, especially when wrong understanding and application of Gautam, the Budhha’s message and Mahavir Jain’s emphasis on purity made India as a country pacifist and weak martially, which made possible it to succumb to invasions of barbaric hordes who created their proxies among the natives by giving jobs in court, tax collectors and rewarded them with land titles. Earlier the land belonged to whole village and villages had 12 Balutedar system for division of work. Angloes created walls between castes for dividing the society and mis-ruling over them. They did this by conducting census and rewarding some castes & religions over others.

    In your comments below, Gul dear, you seem to own Persians as your great grand Abbu and almost hate everything native. This is the problem of Pakistanis and some of the Muslims. Instead of owning good traits, habits and honorable characteristics they try to own some fictitious alien race. This is because of text books and media which make you subconsciously think that only alien, white skinned non-natives have right to good life and ruling over Indian natives. Trace for example Bhutto’s genealogy, first the coward, crook Rajput converts to Sunni then as Mughal’s court become more Shia they convert to Shiaism. Then when Angloes become more powerful they move to Sindh and become their proxies, and acquire millions of acres of land. To keep the distance between them and the native masses who toil on their fields as Haris, make sure that they remain Hindu, Sunni, Barelwi and not Anglicized. Such rootless parasite elite are ready proxies for Angloes or oily Arabs, who declare thousand year war against nativist India and for that they become more Bedouini than Bedouin in their politics and Talibanize the poor native sunnized converts who are brain washed so much that they do not have any compunction in blowing themselves up for an alien enslaving ideology, if it is going to hurt other natives whom they call Kuffar, Shia, Ahmedi, Hindu-Sikh or Christian.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    You need to read what he wrote in 1989, a copy is here

  • Gp65

    Jinnah was a Shia. No matter what you guys have been told.Recommend

  • Gp65

    You forgot to mention the Bengalis and the mohajirs.Recommend

  • Gp65

    why then are the worship places being called imambarghas instead of masjids?Recommend

  • Gp65

    Shias and Ahmadis and mohajirs and Bengalis. All these groups are paying the price.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Salute you for having the decency to change in response to someone’s pain. I do not agree with you on some issues – particularly women’s rights. But I do respect you as a human being eith integrity and compassion.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Huh? What is ISIS doing? What was the Iraq/Iran war about? What is the Sunni monarchy in Bahrain doing to its Shia majority subjects?Recommend

  • Gp65

    The relationship is obvious. The cricket loss to India and attack on the mosque (what’s with calling it a Imambarghah) happened on the same day. Which one did media cover more extensively? Which one caused more heartburn?Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Angloes are using Islam as a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) against Muslims. Bathist ruling elite knew how Islam can be hijacked by Lawrence of Arabia Anglo to create puppet House of Saud and build Saudi Barbaria. Bathist had created relative peace in Mid-East and for that they were punished one by one – first Saddam, then Gaddafi and then Assad.

    Moderator please publish my previous comments addressed to Gul, since it explains why some Rajputs like Bhutto (from Haryana) became first Sunni Muslim and then Shia Muslim. Tarek Fatah says it is high time for desi Muslims to give up Islam as an ideology which separates them from their native cousins such as Hindu-Sikh and own the native roots, otherwise rootless hay can easily succumb to the inferno in the Mideast. If for physical safety if you need to give up Islam then so be it … too long we have been rootless parasite, who can be easily used by alien imperialists for their geo-strategic aims and wars.Recommend

  • Indus to Oxus

    The Republic of India is NOT a civilizational country by any measure, it gets it’s name from the Indus river which flows almost entirely through Pakistan and the Indus valley civilization was based almost entirely in Pakistan with just parts of Northwestern India; the vast majority of people of ‘India’ do not descend from the original people of the IVC, India is a Gangetic country and the Ganges civilization of UP/Bihar is the real civilizational identity of India which it does not own, but instead tries to claim the IVC with which it has tenuous links, more importantly most of the progress in India has been in the South which has belonged to a completely different civilization throughout history and has had it’s own empires, so to say South India is “progressing” cause their identity is based off the IVC is laughable.

    Please don’t conflate ancient India, British-India and the modern day Republic of India together -all 3 of them are different entities with different histories, the masses and the media tend to confuse them together but they are different.Recommend

  • Anoop

    There have been Shia Sunni riots in India. In Malaysia its criminal to be Shia!
    In Iraq being a Shia is like having a death warrant. I’ll provide more info if required.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Seems you have lot of interest and you can give your perspective to the people who have similar interests and intent for common good of the subcontinentals.

  • Mike

    How about commenting on the killing of 250,000 Sunnis & the making of over 4 million refugees by Iranian mercenaries in Syria in colaboration with Assad.We live ina global village & the affects are felt everywhere though as human beings we in the west regret such things.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Will visit this site. Thank you.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht.

    As per your advice will read this too. thanks.
    Am not sure whether you are from India.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Thank you again for your long comment. Appreciate it.
    It appears you are venting off some steam. Am respectfully
    digressing. Do not agree with EVERY aspect your comment.
    It is an interesting viewpoint. Do acknowledge that you are
    fully entitled to your opinion. An inalienable right. However,
    as before, ‘ must agree to disagree with you.’Recommend

  • asy ma wail

    whatever, Its lovley to read a lovely intellectual discourse.

    Thanks Salim and Gul, for being wonderful :)Recommend

  • ZKhan

    Give me the number…conflict is of the political gain not religious…At least the issue is better than the lower caste Dalit Hindus which are often killed by your civil society..Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Caste problem exists in Pakistani muslim as much as it exists in North West Indian Hindus….. But , you never talk about your caste system . Lets forget it , no doubt varnashram exists among Hindus & you will find significant people criticising religion itself for almost past two centuries … But look at you , the moment something wrong happens in your society , your Liberals say look at “Dark ages of Europe” or “caste system of Hindus” or “see that an Islamophobic party has come up in Germany” or “Hindu-Muslim riots in India”…..The problem is the “apathy in your Civil society” —“lack of candour in them specially pertaining to suffering of non-Msulims” .
    Do you know , unlike in India, even Pakistani English newspapers talk more about the suffering of say muslims in xyz countries than it talks about the suffering of non-muslim Pakistanis……Thus explaining the vacuity in our knowledge about Pak non-muslims , how their numbers reduced , when ,statistics , reasons etc.
    Compare your Conservative Liberals with the Indian ones , you have guts to lampoon Hinduism openly & call that as “Fascist” (Read Arundhati Roy & Kancha Ilaiah) —-is that even possible in your society on the contrary , your Liberals constantly whine about Charlie Hebdo cartoons . In fact your liberals are open to discussing flaws of Hinduism , Christianty by regurgitating Hindu/Christian Liberals (mostly Atheists) but cannot expose Islam.

    You too have a caste problem , yes less than us , but it would never be studied , attacked or even acknowledged ….bcz true Liberalism is yet to develop in your societies.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    “Actually the going joke is, this paper
    should be printed in sanskrit.”

    Would have appreciated if u said Gurumuskhi Punjabi . This shows you know nothing of Indians .Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Republic of India , Nepal ,Lanka & Bangladesh belong to the Indian Civilization , not Pakistan , whose roots completely are foreign -Perso-Arabic. A reason you celebrate Mahmud Ghaznavi , not Jaipal Janjua . A reason you celebrate Bin Qaim or other Turks … Also look at your script in which you write Sindhi , Punjabi & Kashmiri — borrowed from Ottomans . All these languages & their ancestral ones had there own scripts . Except for G M Syed , I have not known any secular Pakistani -& also he was the only person who cared to oppose Persianisation & Arabisation .Recommend

  • Shab

    Excellent Article and wonderful..God bless you and protect you.Recommend