#ChapelHillShooting: Do #MuslimLivesMatter in Islamophobic US?

Published: February 12, 2015

Deah Shaddy Barakat was 23-years-old and his wife of one month, Yusor Mohammad, was 21-years-old. The third victim, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, aged 19, was Yusor’s younger sister. PHOTO: TWITTER (@samahahmeed)

Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, enters the courtroom for his first appearance at the Durham County Detention Center in Durham, North Carolina February 11, 2015. PHOTO: REUTERS Deah Shaddy Barakat was 23-years-old and his wife of one month, Yusor Mohammad, was 21-years-old. The third victim, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, aged 19, was Yusor’s younger sister. PHOTO: TWITTER (@samahahmeed)

The front page of the New York Post on Wednesday morning, February 11, 2015, did not have a single mention of the three Muslim students, belonging to the same family, who were brutally gunned down in North Carolina on Tuesday night. The front page was dominated, among other stories, with Brian Williams’ ‘fall from Grace’ and John Stewart’s decision to quit The Daily Show.

The same goes for the LA Times, Chicago TribuneUSA Today and The Wall Street Journal; all among the top 10 newspapers in the country. For the Muslims in the US, who still like to believe there is no prejudice against them in the West, now would be the moment to get their heads out of the sand.

The shooting occurred at a condominium near the University of North Carolina. Deah Shaddy Barakat was 23-years-old and his wife of one month, Yusor Mohammad, was 21-years-old. The third victim, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, aged 19, was Yusor’s younger sister. The fact that Deah had a beard and both Yusor and Razan wore hijabs clearly indicates the brutal act as being a hate crime. All three were shot in the head and died on the spot. Later on Tuesday night, the suspect Craig Hicks, a self-proclaimed atheist, surrendered voluntarily to the police and is now being held on charge of three first degree murders.

Where the American Muslim community is horrified over the brutality of the act itself, it is equally aghast at the lack of insensitivity displayed by the media in the hours immediately following the killings. Some of the reports that eventually did start trickling in later on the day on Wednesday hinted that this obvious act of violence was the possible result of a petty dispute over parking issues between Barakat and Hicks. However, the hate crime motive is further evidenced with Hicks’ post, where he writes,

“When it comes to insults, your religion started this, not me. If your religion kept its big mouth shut, so would I.”

With rising statistics of Islamophobia in the West, the murder of these three young students should be, and is, taken very seriously by Muslims in the US. To the contrary, the media seems to be watering down the savagery from being as extreme as it actually is.

Islamophobia is as real and as much to be dreaded as it propounds to be. As defined by Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America, it is,

“An exaggerated fear, hatred, and hostility toward Islam and Muslims that is perpetuated by negative stereotypes resulting in bias, discrimination, and the marginalisation and exclusion of Muslims from social, political and civic life”.

According to a Pew Research Centre study, Americans are more prone to disregard Muslims than the followers of any other faith. On a scale of one to 10, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) measures Islamophobia at 5.9 out of 10. Because this statistic is prior to the damage rendered to the Islamic identity by the onslaught of Islamic State, it is assumed to be higher now.

Flip this situation for an instant and one fears to even imagine the scenario had the three victims been of some other faith and nationality and the killer had been a Muslim. All hell must surely have broken loose across the world with condemnation for the Muslims pouring in from around the globe. Every single instance of violence where the perpetrator had been Muslim would have been dragged out of the archives and revaluated by ‘leading experts’. Let alone front page news, the story would be the raging topic of morning talk shows, headline news, local news and newspapers. A varied assortment of psychiatrists, psychologists and political analysts would be live on air, dissecting the Muslim mindset, their hateful ideologies and the reason why they should all be deported from all countries immediately.

When the media goes mum over incidences such as these and opts to treat them as any other act of violence, it is actually strengthening the very foundation of Islamophobia around the world. There is more coverage for one non-Muslim killed by a Muslim than a hundred Muslims killed by one non-Muslim. The global sentiment that is being nurtured is that ‘Muslims deserve it’ and hence there is no cause for remorse. When the non-Muslim dies, he is the victim. Depressingly enough, Islamophobic lobbies are the ones who have helped shape this idea by controlling how much or how little information the public is given about a certain act. They control public sentiment and people’s level of sensitivity for human suffering; there is more sadness for a comedy talk show host quitting his show than the mindless slaughter of three young people.

Gallup polls continually show US as the number one country sporting Islamophobia, although it is rampant in other Western countries too. A poll reveals that 52% of Americans feel that the West in general has no respect for the Muslim society. In another Gallup poll, 66% Jewish Americans and 60% of Muslim Americans feel that the American public harbours prejudice against Muslim Americans.

The only way this mindset will change is when Muslims, just like non-Muslims, take issues such as these beyond just table talk and coffee table discussions. We have heated talk shows, intelligent hosts, think tanks, passionate leaders and eager followers. But sadly enough, that is all we seem to have and hence the label ‘Muslims deserve what they get’. We don’t stick together, we don’t agree on a single agenda, we refuse to see beyond our own gain and we don’t look at the larger picture. The result is the fragmentation of the identity of a nation and people.

The problem is very evident but the solution is anybody’s guess.


Aalia Suleman

A freelance writer and poet who is keenly interested in the status of women in 21st century Pakistan. Her writing also zones in on Pakistan's new social and political status on a redefined global chessboard. She has a masters degree in English Literature and blogs and invites debates at 'Socio-politically Pakistani'. She tweets @aaliasuleman (twitter.com/aaliasuleman)

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  • Sane

    Would this be termed as Christian Terrorism? Would there be any public rally in US against this killing?Recommend

  • wb

    I have asked this question before and I’m asking again.

    Why should the life of Muslims matter to non-Muslims. What have Muslims ever done to non-Muslims?

    Please tell me when was the last time a Muslim country officially condemned the Armenian genocide in Turkey, Killing of Greek Cypriots by Turkey, killing of Hindus/Christians in Pakistan, Killing of Kurds and Shia in Iraq, killing of Christians in Syria, Killing of Bengalis in East Pakistan?

    Has Pakistan condemned the killing of Tamilians by Srilanka?

    Have Pakistanis condemned the killing of Innocent HIndus by Muslim mobs in Godhra, which started Gujarat riots? Have the Muslims of India condemned the incidence?

    Heck, when was the last time a Muslim country generously donated to a non-Muslim country in a time of crisis such as famine, flood, earthquake?

    You reap what you sow.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    “The fact that Deah had a beard and both Yusor and Razan wore hijabs clearly indicates the brutal act as being a hate crime.”

    Not saying this was or wasn’t… but you are claiming that only because they had Muslim attire means this was a hate crime?

    Sorry, but this is one of the most poorly written and chaotic blogs I’ve read here in a while.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    He was an atheist.Recommend

  • Parvez

    The man is in custody and I am certain he will be tried and punished for his crime according to the law. I doubt the American criminal justice system has different laws for religious motivated crimes ( like the Pakistan Blasphemy Law and the laws against women in Saudi Arabia ), kindly point out if I am wrong.
    So it boils down to a societal / cultural issue…..and today with the ISIS as the latest ‘ poster boy ‘ for Muslims and Islam, the backlash from a white man in a southern American state may be very wrong but its understandable….I repeat its wrong.
    Another point is that the feeling with Muslims is that ALL the accommodation has to be forthcoming from the other side……in reality, its a two way street.Recommend

  • Nida

    9/11 has created an ever damaging image of Islam and Muslims all over the world. Whoever came up with the plan to create hate against muslims has achieved the best success. The consequences are with the muslim ummah now. Muslims are to blame the most. We just cannot get united. Simply cannot. Completely agree to this writing.Recommend

  • Nida

    9/11 has created an ever damaging image of Islam and Muslims all over the world. Whoever came up with the plan to create hate against muslims has achieved the best success. The consequences are with the muslim ummah now. Muslims are to blame the most. We just cannot get united. Simply cannot. Completely agree to this writing.Recommend

  • Sane

    Also add in the list – killing of Muslims and other minorities in India. Massacre of Gujarati Muslims by PM of India.Recommend

  • Sane

    Also add in the list – killing of Muslims and other minorities in India. Massacre of Gujarati Muslims by PM of India.Recommend

  • https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=8559594100366660134#allposts Supriya Arcot

    Err . tit for tat eh? We know whats right , we should do it , we know whats wrong we should NOT do it . Why should we measure our actions by some one else . When killings / maimings/ shootings / tragedies are going on M or Non M countries, M and non M should condemn alike . To sum up – Non M countries should go and help ( physically or by condemning … ) when any M country is in trouble. BTW how do u know its a hate crime. IT could be just another squabble which became too big to handle. People fight for many reasons – parking lots , queues …Recommend

  • Abuzar Jamil

    Every life on this planet matters.Recommend

  • Vish

    When it doesn’t matter to Muslims, why should it matter to non-Muslims. The largest number of Muslims are killed in Muslim countries, for eg. PakistanRecommend

  • Vish

    Luckily this guy was not in Pakistan, and will be punished as per US laws. In Pakistan for the same deed he would have been showered with rose petals and the 3 innocents would be labelled blasphemers, apostates or some such.Recommend

  • Meshuga

    Not only over 3,000 people of all faiths gather on the UNC campus, but there were such gatherings all over America to mourn the three students. You may be deluded if you see acts of violence against people, who happened to be Muslim, as terrorism. And the guy was a self-professed atheist.Recommend

  • II

    What an absurd reason you have given. If the people who died were non Muslim I would still have respect and compassion for them. My response wouldn’t be that what have the non Muslims ever done for Muslims why should I care! Every loss of life deserves respect whether he is a Christian, Muslim etc.Recommend

  • ab1990

    You cut india into three pieces. Dont think ever muslims are going to get any kind of respect in india.Recommend

  • siesmann

    It certainly is a hate crime.Nobody goes on a killing rampage just for a parking space.But it surely was covered in major newspapers and TV channels.And communities across USA held vigils, demonstrations.in solidarity .




    Islamophobia certainly exists in US but to a much lesser extent than as the author would suggest.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    If you can do it in FATA, why can’t we do it in India?Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    The thing about Islamophobia is more Muslim countries practice it than non-Muslim.

    1) NY monitors its Mosques. Its called Islamophobia. Pakistan does the same, even attacks one – Lal Masjid. Its called an anti-Terror operation.

    2) Pat down in Airports, increase in rejection of visa to Muslim in Western countries – Islamophobia. Kuwait not issuing viasas to Pakistanis – “No comment”.

    3) USA attacking Af searching for Al Qaeda and its leader – “War against Islam”. Pakistan bombing FATA, in search of Taliban and it leader – “Anti Terror operation”.

    4) Strict laws to check Terror in Kashmir – “Human Rights violation!”. Strict laws + Military courts – “needed to fight Terror”.

    So, Islamamophobia is dependent on who is the perpetrator.

    Pakistanis are actually more afraid of Islam than the West/India. Just change the name and the actions are identical.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    When were Zoarastrians hunted in their own homes and had to seek refuge in India? Before 9/11.

    When were Ahmadis declared non-Muslims? Before 9/11.

    When was Direct Action or “Jehad” against Hindus called? Before 9/11.

    When was Jiziya tax imposed on non-Muslims in many countries across the world? Before 9/11.

    When were hundreds Hindu Temples razed by marauding Armies? Before 9/11.

    There is a long history. 9/11 was a game changer. But, was certainly not the first.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    I was going to give you a point by point constructive reply to your blog, but really, there is little of value in there. I am just going to say that you are doing is the exact same generalization that you are accusing others of doing. What’s worse is you are using this tragedy to push your own agenda. In a sense, it’s no different than what you accuse the bigots of; the identities of these kids are lost to you and their religion is simply a means to further your point scoring.Recommend

  • sterry

    When we were in the US, we noted that there was a great deal of hatred towards Arabs and Iranians compared to other Muslims. We would always point out that our family is Pakistani and not Arab because the general anger over the 9/11 attackers who were all Arab still hasn’t receded. Unfortunately as Muslims, people in North America and Europe do have a bias against the whole faith.Recommend

  • Critical

    This is not real atheism…..This man is not a “true” atheist…..Nowhere did Christopher Hitchens said to kill religious people….Bring me the verse from God Delusion where it says its ok to kill religious people??? He took the verses of “God is not great” out of context

    Ok,let me try again…. These atheists are peaceful people,but the muslims made them murderers because Muslims have murdered many atheists in muslim majority countries…..Tell me where were u protesting when my fellow atheists were killed…

    I wish we atheists could cop out of such situation by shouting hoarse about “real atheism”…..But atheism is lack of religion where we unbind ourselves from shackles not to join a cult…. No person has the right to kill another no matter what they are unless out of self defence…

    I wish this killer doesnt get away using “parking incident”Recommend

  • Critical

    Already thousands have rallied to protest this killing and 99% of them are non muslims….

    When was the last time muslims protested en masse when a non muslim was murderedRecommend

  • Critical

    There are crazy muslims and they are also crazy christians,crazy Hindus and even crazy atheists….
    No country can control their people to make sure there are zero hate crimes….The only way is to make that is to create a “minority report” based crime detection system….
    But the strength of the country lies in how they respond after an alleged attack took place… Whom do they support?? the victim or the perpetrator irrespective of the religion or race they may be….

    The mass mourning and media outrage shown by america clearly shows that their “moderates” dont remain silent if their extremists take law in their own hands….Recommend

  • Ahmed

    I wish I can throw you I front of these red necks and see how they will treat you when they know you r muslimRecommend

  • Snehil Sharma

    The Muslims have lost the empathy of the World.No one really cared about the Israeli agression on Gaza,the killings of Rohingyas in Myanmar and Muslims in Sri Lanka by Buddhist extremists.That is because Muslims only care for themselves and no one else.Recommend

  • Ray

    The term ‘islamophobia’ should be rejected. The suffix ‘phobia’ denotes ‘irrational fear’. Acrophobia is an irrational fear of heights. Arachnophobia is an irrational fear of spiders. The fear of muslim terrorists is not irrational. All one has to do is read a newspaper from anywhere in the world, and see what Islam does. No, the fear is quite rational, and Europe and the US would do good to shed the ‘political correctness’, and start calling a spade a spade, unlike Obama recently did.Recommend

  • wb

    Before a horde of Pakistanis misread or misunderstand my comment, I want to clarify that I’m in no way justifying the acts of violence against the three. US having a very good track record of justice will provide justice in this case as well.

    But, I’m absolutely justifying the absence of empathy or sympathy by non-Muslims.

    Unless and until Muslims start behaving like human beings first and start empathizing with non-Muslims, non-Muslims will remain (and will have to remain) indifferent to the sufferings of Muslims.Recommend

  • Ira

    One way to ascertain the existence and/or severity of ‘Islamophobia vs Infidelophobia’ is by simply looking at the statistics. The number of non-Muslim minorities have fallen sharply in the Islamic world, while the Muslim numbers have been steadily growing in the West. So the bigger picture isn’t as straight forward as you claim to be.

    You are using these gruesome crimes to legitimize your beliefs about discrimination.
    I am not saying that the media might shine a negative light on Islam, but you’re just fostering this terrible “it’s us against the bad, bad West” kind of thinking that makes things worse and not better.

    And you’re using assumptions about people, their character, their thoughts and their motivations to justify your point. This is journalism at its worst.Recommend

  • Gopeet

    YOU don’t make sense either. Did you read Sikhs are
    targeted and killed and shot dead in US because of their turbans.?
    Mistaken for Muslims. Yes ! Hijabs were the reasons for this
    hate crime. Go be sanctimonious in Times of India. Or Hindu Daily.
    or Krishna Knews. …BJP Banarsi News.Recommend

  • wb

    What a wonderful, generous person you are. I will start believing you when you first organize a public protest against the killings of Muslims in China, organize a public rally against the killings of HIndus in Godhra by Muslim mob. Also organize a protest for condemning the killing of HIndu Pandits in Kashmir by Muslims and Muslim terrorists.

    Then come back alive to comment and I’ll change my heart immediately.Recommend

  • wb

    Really, have you always done the right thing in life, knowing fully well what is wrong? Have you never paid a bribe? Have you never cheated a rupee on your taxes? Have you always stood for the poor and the victims?

    I’ll condemn the killings of Mulsims, the day Muslims collectively show us (not a few individuals) that they care about non-Muslims.

    And as far as it is hate crime or not, try to connect the dots.Recommend

  • wb

    Actually, that’s no logic.

    Even if you’re thrown in front of TTP and even if you claim to be a Muslim, they’ll treat you worse than the way rednecks would treat a Muslim.

    Because for TTP, by any measure, you’re not Muslim enough.Recommend

  • Gopeet

    You need to read your news studiously, diligently before expounding,
    sanctimoniously about ‘ACCORDING TO THE LAW.’ You have no clue
    You read about the Sikh temple attacked in Wisconsin, US? When a
    white supremacist mistook Sikhs for Muslims and killed numerous Sikhs.
    Sikhs are undergoing severe harassment because people associate
    a beard and turban with Muslims. Their temples are vandalized etc.
    Remember Trayvon Martin. Black teenager killed. Killer went free.Florida.
    Remember Michael Brown. Black teenager killed, Killer went free.Missouri.
    Remember Eric Garner, choked to death. Killer went free. New York.
    !3 year old Rice, killed by police. in playground. Killer went free. Ohio.
    Are the laws enforced equally? All over US? No. They say Justice is blind
    Do you have any idea the types of discrimination that Muslims undergo?
    Yes, Hijabs identify Muslims. The Australian case where where a Muslim woman when she heard about the deranged Persian holding hostages in Sydney,…took off her hijab. Prompting an Australian woman to start
    the #Come ride with me. All of this in Australia. You have no idea, no clue.at all. So please do not judge until you experience it first hand. Muslims know it is a two way street. They don’t need YOU to tell them THAT.Recommend

  • Pappu Pager

    Answer this honestly. Did the majority of the muslims feel sad/outrageous when three Israeli teens were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists?

    How many muslims protested the kidnappings of the Israeli teenagers? Did you think about writing a blog about the prevalent Jewophobia that exists in the muslim countries. Now since I have given you an idea, can you also write a blog if jew/hindu/christian/sikh lives matter in (jew/hindu/christian/sikh)-o-phobic muslim countries?Recommend

  • wb

    Actually it doesn’t. Don’t believe me? Ask your relatives and family members who sacrifice a goat or a cow on Bakra Eid. Ask your government which allows thousands of endangered animals to be hunted down by Saudi Royals. Ask your municipalities which allows millions of dogs to be killed. Ask your countrymen who openly enjoy violent dog fights, bear baiting, cock fights etc. Ask your army if the lives of those in Swat matter. Ask your government if the lives of Ahmadis matter.

    Ask your parents, relatives and others about how much they protested against the second biggest genocide of the last century in Bangladesh.

    Ask yourself when you eat Tandoori Chicken and Veal Kebab next time.Recommend

  • wb

    Actually you’re wrong.

    Muslims don’t even care for themselves. They pretend to care for other Muslims.

    But the truth is Muslims are Muslims worst enemies. Throughout history, if you look at which group of people have killed their own kind more than others, you’ll find Muslims at the top of the list.Recommend

  • http://johnharperjr.blogspot.com/ Juan Martin

    It’s very possible he was a psychopath who went off over a parking space, and they just happened to be Muslim.

    Regardless, making assumptions and judging people based on the actions of someone else is never the mature thing. If you don’t like what a Muslim or ISIS is doing, that is fine, but don’t connect it with some other person or event just because the person happens to be Muslim.Recommend

  • Hadeel

    Self-proclaimed atheist? What does that mean? Is somebody to come and proclaim you atheist?Recommend

  • Biswajeet Kapoor Kiraula

    No,..there is a ceremony involved. Somebody comes and hang you
    upside down. for a day. Maybe half a day. Then you do 3 back flips.
    And finally the hindu swami proclaims you an atheist. You get to wear
    a red cap.Recommend

  • Honky Tonk Man

    Absolutely, Atheism is a non-prophet irreligion of Peace… and all atheists shouldn’t be judged by the works of one man… besides, he was an anti-theist not an atheist, so atheists themselves are in the clear. Also, he was a redneck,… all he needed to commit murder was a gun and a grudge..Recommend

  • your_guest

    There is no one in the world to believe your story about PM Modi massacring Muslims in India.Recommend

  • PeaceMaker

    What an absolutely absurd argument.
    Firstly I’m a Shia and we’re as Muslims as any one else.
    Secondly Tamilians and talibans were/are terrorists who took up arms against
    Innocent people so you don’t expect condemnations on killing of murderers.
    Thirdly, Pakistan sent an entire first aid team to Haiti, Japan and many other places
    Fourthly, Saudi is one of the greatest donor in Africa.
    Fifthly, most Muslims and Muslim countries condemn acts of terrorism in
    Any part of the world be it 9/11, 7/7 etc

    Moving on when have non Muslims condemned mass murders of Muslims
    Palestine, Kashmir, Burma, somalia, syria etc

    I’m surprised how you could even talk of Christians in Syria when thousands of Muslims have
    Been killed there by air strikes and other weapons of mass destruction

  • vasan

    Just look at peshawar tragedy today and the kids massacre in the APS in Peshawar. All in the name of religion, Why do u expect the world to have empathy when muslims kill muslims and nonmuslims in the name of religion, force religious laws on others and so on. And the height of it the “other” muslims disown the killers as “non muslims” thus refusing the see the problemRecommend

  • vasan

    Also when were the Kashmiri pandits driven out with threatening messages of “leave kashmir leaving your women”.? Before 9/11??Recommend

  • Sane

    If any Muslim commits any crime this becomes Islamic Terrorism. When a Christian kills Muslims, then either he is atheist, insane or lunatic. Why not this is also labelled as Christian Terrorism. This was planned killing as murderer has expressed his venom against Muslims many time.

    Anyways we know he will be let loose to repeat killing and showing hatred against Muslims. What a double standard.Recommend

  • vasan

    As long as you live in the cocoon believing PM of INdia killed muslims, there is no salvationRecommend

  • Visibly

    Why is it that 3 lives are more worth than 150 Pakistanis in Peshawer? Why is it that killings of 3 people is anything against the killings of 11,208 by fire arms last year in the USA (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/homicide)? Or what about some few 100 thousands in Muslim nations? By other Muslims.
    Did the perpetrator kill because of his religion? His ideology? Or was it because he disagreed on some parking issues?
    That this story has not been covered by the west is false: Eg. from the leading blogger site in the world: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/religion/Recommend

  • Visibly

    Only in case if he shouted “God is great” while shooting.
    Or if, as an atheist” he shouted something like: ” I kill you because you are muslims”.
    Did he?Recommend

  • Abuzar Jamil

    You are in a constant phase of denial.May God help you.
    P.S: The above reply was not childish enough so please try harder.Recommend

  • ramblings

    These were 3 great youngsters, Muslims could have embraced them, celebrated their lives and tried to learn some tolerance from them. Highlighting their generous, helpful nature would have done more to deal with Islamophobia than using their death to advance your own political/religious goals. You may think of police and neighbors conspiring to hide the real motive of these murders but keep in mind not the whole of humanity is so prone to conspiracies.
    Lack of introspection among some people is amazing. Media has many faults but criticizing it for not covering a story as you want is very immature. These were tragic killing but when 30 people are gunned down everyday media can’t and shouldn’t cover all of them.

    Islam is not very highly regarded because of hypocrisy of many Muslims at large. Muslims are right when they complain that terrorists are given dis-proportionate coverage and it tarnishes their image. But many Muslims themselves are quick to make generalizations about media, police, west, etc. They ought to know better since they are victimized by same thinking. One can excuse the initial assumption that many made that it was a hate crime but now when things have become a lot clearer still clinging to your initial assumptions in the face of all this new evidence is just sad and pathetic. In last 14 years Islamophobia related killings have killed fewer muslims than what a typical terrorist event in PK or Iraq kills. I just hope that Muslim Lives Truly Matter not only when the killer is non-muslim.Recommend

  • wb

    Are you sure I’m the one in denial and not you?

    I’m sorry my truth has hurt you. I’m also sorry for exposing you and your kind.Recommend

  • Snehil Sharma

    True that…..Muslim Ummah is a myth. Millions of Saudi petrodollars go into building luxury villas and mansions but they rarely go into feeding starving Muslims of South Asia.The Muslims of South Asia hold Arabs in very high regard while the Arabs see South Asian Muslims as dirt of their shoes.The “Best Religion” in the World has become a laughing stock.Recommend

  • Snehil Sharma

    “Firstly I’m a Shia and we’re as Muslims as any one else.”
    Isn’t this what Ahmadis also say ?? Do Saudis consider you Muslims ? The sectarian violence in Middle East and Pakistan clearly shows that Sunnis do not consider Shias as True Muslims.Recommend

  • Abuzar Jamil

    Nice work….keep it upRecommend

  • Visibly

    But let us be honest. Many atheists are not good people. Exactly, as many religious are not good people.
    When an atheist is not good, we should reject them in the same manner that we reject religious fundamentalists or idiologists. How many atheists have supported Jake Tapper’s action? Have they been walking in the street in favour of Tapper?
    Very simply, Jake Tapper is a disgrace to atheism, if he killed in the name of atheism. But did he kill in the name of atheism?
    And do note that he was also a strict supporter of NRA, i.e, people advancing the rights of gun-ownership. So, maybe it would be more wise to go against NRA?Recommend

  • Visibly

    And by the way: Extremists in the West are usually converts to Islam (feeling they have to prove themselves), or muslim criminals, pretending to be
    real Muslims. It should not be difficult to reject these people as infiddels.Recommend

  • wb

    Also, google and find out about the kind of destruction of historical and architectural treasure that the Saudi government has done just to build hotels and restaurants.

    It’s disgusting. It’s vulgar. It’s a destruction of the history of humanity. Recommend

  • vasan

    Please understand that when a muslim commits any crime, it becomes Islamic terrorism if and only if it is done on the basis of religion, ie either to spread islam, implement sharia or blasphemy etc. Otherwise it is not islamic terrorism. A simple Crime.Recommend

  • unbelievable

    Is there any evidence that religion had anything to do with this crime — nope. Would any Muslim call this a hate crime had this atheist killed three Christians — nope. Need I say more – nope.Recommend

  • abhi

    Isn’t it double standard. When some muslims in the name of Islam kill innocent you happily tell us that the killers are not muslims. Now you are first one to claim that Muslims are being killed by non-muslims and it is Islamophobia! This could be a simple murder over a petty argument why to make it a war between muslims and non-muslims?Recommend

  • Gopeet

    This comment.was written for Parvez’s consumption.
    Not NidaRecommend

  • siesmann

    Nobody throws petals and call someone Ghazi for killing another human being ,but only Pakistan.The said people went throw trials and were acquitted according to law.They were not killed on the streets like any blasphemer in Pakistan.Recommend

  • siesmann

    And how did you notice the hatred?Paranoia has a tendency to project.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Not a chance.He is not Mumtaz Qadri ,and UsA system of justice is unlike Pakistan’s.Recommend

  • siesmann

    And what would you call Shikarpur ,and Peshawar just today? is it not anti-Shia?Recommend

  • Chitralwala

    All your comments are forwarded. every time you comment
    on ET.Recommend

  • bigsaf

    “I want to clarify that I’m in no way justifying the acts of violence against the three.”

    You said this earlier.

    “I’ll condemn the killings of Mulsims, the day Muslims collectively show us (not a few individuals) that they care about non-Muslims.”

    So its conditional. You do not condemn. You do justify it.

    When was the last time you’ve been to a protest yourself for other groups or your own, being a perpetual on-demand condemnation machine for others? Regardless, there are Muslims groups and activists who do condemn violence against non-Muslims and care, holding vigils and other protests.Recommend

  • Čestmír Berka

    Go to Deah Baraket’s Twitter page to find 911 conspiracy and ansi-semitic
    tweets. Go to Craig Hick’s Facebook page (if you can still get there)
    and see his support for the Ground Zero Mosque, and likes for Rachael
    Maddow and the Huffington Post. Hicks had atheist/leftist leanings,
    Baraket- oh well… It’s a shame that Baraket was killed over nothing
    (a parking space), yet he was not without stain. It’s reprehensible
    that Hicks would kill at all- but his support for the Ground Zero
    Mosque, and the others, seems to indicate that religion was not the
    motive of the slayings.Recommend

  • Čestmír Berka

    Actually he said he hated religious “extremists”,
    especially Christian conservative nuts and radical Muslims. He was in
    favor of the “Ground Zero Mosque” (as it was called), etc. That does
    not sound like a person who hates all Muslims.

    His words:
    “Seems an overwhelming majority of Christians in this
    country feel that the Muslims are using the Ground Zero Mosque plans
    to’mark their conquest,'” he wrote in 2010. “Bunch of hypocrites,
    everywhere I’ve been in this country there are churches marking the
    Christian conquest of this country from the Native Americans. Funny
    thing is the Christians did that while defying our Constitution, and got
    away with it!!”

    After the Giffords shooting he wrote this:
    “I guess after the
    horrible tragedy early this week in Arizona, all Glock pistols will
    officially be labeled ‘assault weapons,'” he wrote. “While I never cared
    for Glocks personally, it stinks that anyone would blame a firearm
    rather than the operator of such firearm for such a terrible act. I
    think I’ll start blaming McDonalds for my weight problem, Christianity
    for the Ku Klux Klan, and Islam for terrorism.”

    Sounds more to me like he was a gun nut with an anger management
    problem. All confrontations he had with them were about noise or
    parking, but almost every time it was the parking spot.Recommend

  • wb

    Justifying the absence of condemnation is not the the same as justifying the violence. I don’t have to clarify that, unless you’re a high school student.

    There are Muslim groups…nice…but not at official level. Please show me which Muslim group has condemned the occupation of Tibet by China. Which Muslim group has protested against the persecution of Hindu Pandits in Kashmir? Which Muslim group has protested the killing of Tamilians in Srilanka?Recommend

  • vasan

    Was he trying to implement christian laws, was he killing for blasphemy, was he killing to spread christianily ?Recommend

  • wb

    You’re welcome.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “There is more coverage for one non-Muslim killed by a Muslim than a hundred Muslims killed by one non-Muslim.”

    Which instance are you referring to?

    I can understand the anguish of the author for seeing the fact that 3 Muslims dying at the hand of a non Muslim not getting the coverage that the Muslim killing of non Muslims gets in the western media but clearly there is no comparison when it comes to extremism in the west to the extremism in the Muslim world.

    I am sure there is Islamophobia , In west it does not turn into the violence as often as the phobia of non Muslims turns violent in the Muslim world.

    May God rest the victims souls in peace, they did not deserve this.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Forwarded to whom and how is it not making any difference despite you forwarding these comments for ages?Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Whoever came up with the plan to create hate against muslims has achieved the best success.”

    The “whoever” was Mossad, Osama is just a scapegoat, infact he did not die in Abbotabad, he still lives in Timbuktu. How did his family land up in that mansion where he was supposedly killed by the Americans, the answer is another Jewish conspiracy.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Is it not a bit too much to consume?Recommend

  • Prashant

    “You get to wear a red cap.”

    But Sir, Zaid Hamid is not a Hindu.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “It’s very possible he was a psychopath who went off over a parking space, and they just happened to be Muslim.”

    It is equally important that non Muslims do not live in denials, the chances of this being a hate crime against Muslims is more than any other possible reason unless proven otherwise.Recommend

  • Prashant

    PeaceMaker, Is this how you plan to make peace?Recommend

  • Prashant

    The above comment is for the non Muslim audience, Recommend

  • Javaid

    “goat or a cow on Bakra Eid. Ask your government which allows thousands
    of endangered animals to be hunted down by Saudi Royals. Ask your
    municipalities which allows millions of dogs to be killed,Ask yourself when you eat Tandoori Chicken and Veal Kebab next time.”

    Oh wow. You can’t tell the difference between the life of a human and the life of an animal!Recommend

  • Javaid

    Well said! wb is a hypocrite who has himself probably never protested the killings of Muslims in India or elsewhere.Recommend

  • Javaid

    Every religion has its own history. Bringing Medieval deeds into the 21st century is flawed logic. Christianity and Hinduism has its own history with the Crusades and Suttee ,etc respectively.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Interesting.The defendant lawyer will bring in these kinds of quotes to destroy the hate-crime allegation.Recommend

  • wb

    Why am I a hypocrite when I’m clearly saying that I’ll not protest the killings of Muslims, unless and until they start empathizing with non Muslims?Recommend

  • wb

    what’s the difference between the life a human and the life of an animal?

    Please explain.Recommend

  • Javaid

    Humans have human rights that are held and accepted universally. Animals do not. They can be caged and even slaughtered for meat (exceptions for dogs, cats, horses, endangered animals, etc in some places) according to most laws in the world.

    Animals do have animal rights but they are not as extensive as human ones.

    This isn’t rocket science.

    Are you a staunch vegetarian? Even if you are what about the ants you accidentally crush under your foot? The pests you kill while using pesticides in any place? The flies you swat? They too are living things. So are plants actually.

    Meat has been important source of food for humans since time immemorial.

    This may seem a bit hash to some but human lives are obviously more important that animal lives.Recommend

  • Javaid

    How do you know that Muslims don’t emphasize with non-Muslims?
    How will you know when Muslims do emphasize with non-Muslims. How do you know who is in minority and who is in majority?

    Seems to me you have created your own narrative about Muslims with selective anecdotal or no evidence. Afterall which Hindu group has ever protested the deaths of Muslims by other Hindus? These standards are what make you a hypocrite. Muslims don’t need empathy from people such as you.Recommend

  • Np

    It would be a phobia if it was an irrational fear. But is the fear irrational?Recommend

  • Vish

    There is a difference though. All others have reformed or trying to reform. Not so with Muslims, especially Pakistani Muslims. Everything has to be as it is written down 1400 years ago, with no change allowed.Recommend

  • Chitralwala

    Don’t feed the troll.Recommend

  • St2026

    This article highlights the American “negative” ethnocentric mindset that is causing the aformentioned influx of Islamaphobia.Recent media and current events have created discussion where it has often “othered” those who are Muslim. Islamaphobia is a direct result of Western ethnocentrism because many are quick overgeneralize the Muslim community and view the entire community in a negative way. Ethnocentrism is so problematic in the Western world because it causes fear of cultures unfamiliar to them and creates blanket statements of hate where Americans believe that terrorism is inherently present in all Muslims.Recommend

  • sana

    totally agree with you …wb should really stop with his/her own hypocrisyRecommend

  • sana

    no muslim can kill an innocent!Recommend

  • wb

    Show me when which Muslim government has officially condemned the killing of Tamilains in Srilanka, or Chinese occupation of Tibet, Killing of pundits in Kashmir?

    And sorry, Muslims are not likely to get any empathy from an overwhelming majority of non-Muslims.Recommend

  • wb

    I’m not talking about rights. I’m talking about life. What is the difference between the life of a human and an animal?Recommend

  • Gopeet

    Try English remedial classes. Then try again.Recommend

  • siesmann

    you can’t argue;so fall back on your English language superiority?Recommend