Talat Hussain’s slap in the face

Published: October 28, 2010

Read Talat Hussain's article once and you won’t believe your eyes, let it settle in and you'll feel disgusted.

“My husband is an addict. He doesn’t work to support the family. He does menial work on days of his choosing, the money from which goes to feeding his addiction. I work to feed and support our children. But he has told me that he does not want me to work long hours at somebody’s house. I can only stay out until the afternoon. It is a matter of ‘honour’,” was how a maid described her husband to another.

“Thank God, my husband does not do drugs. He doesn’t work, he screams at me and sometimes beats me up but I am grateful that he is not on drugs,” said the latter to the former. Makes one feel embarrassed at the blessings people are capable of counting, no?

The story is not an exception. Many of the women who work at people’s houses do so because their husbands are the worst kind of ‘stay-at-home’ spouses.

I kept wondering for a few days after the exchange related above where the ‘honour’ of men begins and where it ends. It is ‘honourable’ to beat up your wife and tell her that she cannot go out of the home after dark but it does not affect a man’s ‘honour’ that his wife’s putting food on the table and working two, three jobs to make sure their children get a minimum education while he stays at home, not helping with the kids? I don’t think there is anything wrong with women working or earning more than their husbands. The line that gets a little blurry is the definition of ‘honour’ that these men have. I attributed their ignorance to their lack of education and the social strata they belong to. But then came the ‘slap in the face’.

Talat Hussain, a man who has (or should I say had) a reputation for being quite bearable among the insufferable lot of TV anchors, wrote a column “Jolie ka Thappar” in an Urdu newspaper about Angelina Jolie’s trip to Pakistan and the report that she is said to have submitted to the UN. Read it once and you won’t believe what your eyes are reading, let it settle in and you will feel disgusted. While you are reading, you will ask yourself many times, “Where is all this repugnance leading to?” you get your answer in the last few sentences. Hussain takes Ms Jolie apart only to prove one point: someone as ‘low’ in character could look right through the government’s crap post floods.

Irrespective of your sex, everything in your body will scream “sexist, racist, judgemental” to name a few reactions. Not only does Hussain take the liberty of commenting on how Ms Jolie looked at a certain age, he also has the audacity to continually pass judgement on her, talking about her ‘colourful life’, her sexual proclivities and ‘myriad broken relationships’.

“Mercy is not one of her qualities,” Hussain opines. Excuse me, sir, but it doesn’t seem to be one of yours. Most pitiful perhaps is the sentence, “To remove attention from her dark episodes, Angelina Jolie has adopted multi-coloured children to mould herself into the paragon of mercy and maternal instincts.”

Hussain’s writing seems to suggest that we really are the ‘pure’ people and that other people do not measure up.

“This woman does not pass any test of Eastern values. Take a look at Article 62 and 63 of the Pakistani constitution. We put great value on good behaviour, following Islamic traditions… If Angelina Jolie had spoken of her deeds as a Pakistani she would have been stoned to death infinite times.”

He hammers the last nail in the coffin saying:

“People like Angelina Jolie, whether they be Muslim or non-Muslim, should be given no honour at all.” I do not know who died and made Hussain the queen.

Don’t dismiss him please. He does show some compassion, “How is it possible that this actress seems worth honouring more than her Pakistani hosts?”, he asks. It is possible very easily sir. ‘This actress’ has a lot more spine and is capable of showing mercy than you. She does not think that she has the right to be a moralist and she does not stick her ‘ugly nose’ (as you put it) where it does not belong.

I am not the first one to say it but it seems that Hussain’s column was him talking to the audience of Urdu newspapers. “She is willing to exceed any limits to get what she wants” writes Hussain. It seems so do you, Mr Hussain. You wrote what you wrote because you thought this is what would sell to a particular audience. But that is not a justification. Where are the ethics that you keep on harping about? Where’s that liberalism that you keep rubbing into other people’s faces who appear on your show? Where’s that ‘down with sensationalism’ that you keep reprimanding some channels and newspapers for?

The column highlights the discrepancy between Urdu and English journalism in the country. In addition, it makes sure that the reality bites you, right in the face. In our country, when men decide what is honourable and what’s not, it has nothing to do with their class or education.

Aatekah Mir-Khan

Aatekah Mir-Khan

A senior sub-editor for the Lahore city pages of The Express Tribune

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • parvez

    I have not read Talat’s article but after George’s opinion on this, your is the best so far.
    It all makes for sad reading. All I can think of is that “its all gone to Talat’s head” and his ego has shut his rational thinking down.Recommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    Lab aisay ke beghair dhakkan ka garha!? I have never heard such a cheap metaphor before!Recommend

  • http://sadaf-fayyaz.blogspot.com/ SadafFayyaz

    That was the most pathetic Oped I ever read in Urdu……Jolie ka Thappar….now should be named as Talat ka thappar………….Recommend

  • http://www.criticalppp.com Ali Arqam

    And all the rebuttals are compiled as “Talat KoThappar”Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/225/ali-ahmad/ Ahmad Ali

    This is shameless double discourse from Hussain.

    Though I have to say that the idealism that surrounded most of Talat Hussain’s work has now been replaced at worst by a sinister machiavellian twist laden with deadening scoops of hypocrisy or at best by an apathetic and cynical pragmatism, accentuated by a relentless opportunism.

    What has gone is that sense of trust and credibility. We cannot know for sure whether Talat Hussain has taken a sharp right turn or is merely speaking different things to different people. Recommend

  • http://nsk-online.blogspot.com Noreen Shams

    lets all females together slap him……..thish thish thish
    …. disappointed Recommend

  • Khalid Saeed Butt

    @Sarah B. Haider:
    no kidding? can I have the link? that really is cheap. Recommend

  • http://meer-mehernewspappar.blogspot.com Meherzaidi

    Excellent rejoinder. http://meer-mehernewspappar.blogspot.com/2010/07/state-of-sindhi-woman.html

    Aah these enlightened supposedly tv anchors. They forgot the rape, threats to Dr Shazia at Sui. They forgot Allah Wasai and her fourteen year old who were paraded naked a few months punishment of some crime which they did not commit in Meeranwala. aah these amnesic Pakistani, Muslim anchors. they forget the recent brutal killing of an elderly person and burning of his dead body in town of Dera Ghazi . http://meer-mehernewspappar.blogspot.com/2010/07/cover-me-oh-cover-me.htmlRecommend

  • Hamza Baloch

    I think this column become “serious” becuse of talat response on “human cakroch”compain.

    And this is the problem of “english audience/ writer” woh kissi “eik”cheez k peechy hath dhoo k pirr jaty hia.:)Recommend

  • Bilal

    A lot of stuff abt her glamor life went through my eyes when I was having a look at her tour and in the end i was indecisive to choose who is better we or she???I still dun hv an honest answer but I’m sure that she supports humanity & she’s not hypocrite and that raises her character to some level.Wish her best in life…feel sorry for Mr.TalatRecommend

  • http://nsk-online.blogspot.com Noreen Shams


    here it is guys…. look how renowned decent man can has such opinion like this …..simply cheapRecommend

  • Deen Sheikh

    I must admit, I am a little bit shocked, these words were penned by Talat, who is known for his rational, intellectual and hands on approach to modern day journalism. Truly shocking, this also illustrates the dual standards that prominent journalists are keeping with respect to both their English speaking and Urdu speaking audiences. One set of standards for the English speaking readers, and another for Urdu speaking Readers. What a disgrace……
    If Talal is reading this, Dude Im disappointed
    I thought you were kinda cool,
    what happened to you man
    I thought you were COOL!!!!!!!!!!!Recommend

  • Danish Jalbani

    Hats off Miss khan….

    Wonderfully written and a great topic to write about. I personally congratulate you as a man to bring such a thing in front of us all about this so called men definition of honor…

    And for Mr. Talat, if you are reading this, Sir get a life… I never expected such a thing from you or from Express ….. Shame on such journalist who spreads such kind of unwanted information in the society to dismantle it…..

    Writers have the power to become social scientist and bring this country out of this great sorrows…. Writers like talat hussain have forgotten their duties as a writer…

    I again congratulate miss khan and thank her for this awareness… Keep it up…Recommend

  • http://www.razarustami.bravehost.com Muhammad Raza

    Well i was not expecting such cheap article from Mr. Talat. I am still trying to figure out the motive of the article that what does he want to prove by judging the actress in an irrational and personal way. The politicians of Pakistan have more bad record than this actress but yet they have no single social work benefiting the people of Pakistan (just on paper too).Recommend

  • Kashif

    I feel that the message Talat wants to give in his article is related to our Leaders / Great Politicians, how ever some Sarcastic statements he did mentioned while elaborating the Personal Life of A.J. What is important for us to realize is that NO MATTER HOW LOW MORAL VALUES the west has in terms of spending life, relationships and sex, still they have some human values and realize the suffering of people regardless of religion and cast. Bottom line, our Politicians and Leaders are worst of the worst when it comes to Humanitarian Moral Values.Recommend

  • Schazad

    I thought he was a rationale voice in all the non sense thats flying around. But I am very disappointed by reading this. I used to watch Aaj TV because of him as I stopped watching all the other Paki news channels but I think its time to switch all together to something else. Dawn was the only English channel from Pakistan that I used to watch so its going to be Dawn only from now on. He is a hypocrite and vicious man as it turned out. I am completely disappointed. He turned out to be a rat too.Recommend

  • BushraS

    Good job Aatekah! The article is despicable and my jaw kept dropping more and more as I read through it. Recommend

  • Aneela Jameel

    I have following observations to make:

    If I am the owner/editor of Urdu “Express” I would’ve never allowed such a “cheap” article to appear in my esteemed newspaper..
    George Fulton said in his yesterday’s blog that Pakistani nation (well majority of it) wants to read such sensational crap….I really doubt it…
    whatever she did in her childhood or youth is totally her personal matter and is very much OK by all western standards so why criticize at all?
    If TH wanted to point fingers at the govt. (PM’s family specially) as he has done in the last para this was the most pathetic method of doing that….:(
    Let’s not point fingers at Allama Iqbal : by all poetic standards , drinking is extremely common among all poets so why just Allama?
    and why having 3 wives should be a problem for anyone? in fact very much inline with Islami sharia

  • Ghulam Mustafa

    Dear blogger … Talat’s op-ed is published in daily Express, a sister publication of this English daily and its (ET’s) editors and bloggers cannot through dust in our eyes by just saying “[Talat] wrote a column “Jolie ka Thappar” in an Urdu newspaper” … admit that the express group has the same double standards and language aparthied which your fellow writer George Fulton has rightly pointed out in his articleRecommend

  • Shahbaz

    @Hamza Baloch:
    Totally agreed but a sense of frigidity finds among the female about Mr.Talat though, what he wrote mostly dissdented and castigated him explicitly,his vignettes about Miss Jolie made pandemonium and stuch her Fansin a state of doldrums.He statted Miss Jolie as a strumpet and revealed her Autobiography so what does make it difference to others rather he demosed herself infront the mass just stereotypes doesn’t disparage Mr.Talat’s fame and Dignity.Recommend

  • Naushad Shafkat

    Ms. Khan has to be complemented for this excellent article. The discerning amongst his viewers have always known that Mr. Flotilla Talat Hussain has a base mentality, prejudiced mind and a foul mouth. Always acts like a Mr. Know-All and has a condescending approach to those who have views opposed to his own ingrained ones. He thinks being ‘different’ is all that matters-the world holds Ms. Jolie in high esteem so he has to be ‘different’. Unfortunately he does not understand the difference between being ‘different’ and being original. The crap that he has written has exposed him to the hilt- and Thank God for that. Brother Schazad might probably be in for another disappointment; Mr. Flotilla might soon be joining Dawnnews! There goes the last vestige of sanity from our electronic media jungle!Recommend

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/nahyanmirza Nahyan Mirza

    I really couldn’t believe what Talat had written a couple of days back when I first saw the piece. It clearly shows the mentality of our journalists who don’t have any personal opinions and just cater to a particular audience set. Similarly as pointed out the difference in the English and Urdu press is clearly visible even within the same media group.

    The allegations that Talat Hussain is an establishment and agencies pawn are also seemingly confirmed by this recent example of gross penmanship.

    If you wanted to defend Pakistan’s position you should have talked on specific points and clarifications. A personality attack on an unbiased observer is highly disappointing and below the standards of an educated person…..

    Very bad Mr. Talat Hussain!!!!!!!!!! Recommend

  • Akbar

    Talat What in earth u had in your mind when you wrote such a cheap article?What are you trying to proof? Man are you in your senses ! This is insult to journalism !Recommend

  • Sarfraz Abbasi

    I havent gone through his article will try to find it and then I will try to come up with my feed back however as I have gone through the article above and some talks with my friends on the article in question revealed Talah went out of limits at many points. Talah should not have talked about someone’s personal life. She is not from our society, she does not own our rituals, how we can talk about a woman of another totally different we in our own culture have got so much differences. Now if you go to the weddings, shoppoing malls and public places in our Metro cities of the country you will find the answer how bad Jolie is and how good we are…

    Talat has disappointed me, I did not know that, a many who has always been bellieving in character and change through the charactor proved to be a totally different. I wish these words were of not him. Recommend

  • S J Raza

    Pretty contrary to the above mentioned statements….I think one needs to read Talat’s article with great understanding….I donot know and want to comment about AJ’s character of the past or present but if it may be true from Talat’s point of view, then all he has done is that actually shown a mirror to our leaders, govt, state officials working for the flood victims. He has actually compared them to be worst in character than AJ (as per Talat’s opinion), because despite the poor conditions of the country with floods, the state officials were bending over their backs to please AJ. He is actually highlighting that our Officials are worst in character, if compared to AJ, as she could appreciate what they could or cannot. In the end to our people, please understand and try to read between the lines, rather than looking at things just at thier face. Someone in the world does something against our religion and we are ready to buy a flag from our own pocket and burn on the street, or burn a resturant, depriving our own people working there of livelihood……so please look before you leap.Recommend

  • S J Raza

    @Kashif: good work man….its nice to see someone understanding the true meaning…. Recommend

  • Rabia

    I would say to Mr. Hussain plz don’t consume your energies on her who is atleast doing something positive in her life. Save it for our politicians who have nothing to stand for and show their face for. Look at it like this “She takes her clothes off but our politicians have ripped our entire nation’s clothes off”, now who should be stoned first???Recommend

  • http://grsalam.wordpress.com Ghausia

    What a horrid thing to do. I don’t like her either, but she came here with her head covered dressed modestly to help us. What more does Talat Hussain want? She doesn’t have the moral/religious lifestyle Pakistanis are supposed to follow, she’s free to do as she wishes, that has nothing to do with the good work she does. If Talat Hussain wants to be so righteous, why doesn’t he have the guts to write about all the politicians that engage in drunken revelry and the occasional ‘special lady friend’? That piece of crap article is a disgrace to journalism.Recommend

  • http://www.LiaquatAli.com Liaquat Ali

    What silly commentary.

    Here are some of the childhood pictures of people in the show business. http://www.eatnineghost.com/hollywood-celebrities-when-they-were-young/

    I am sure none of them would fit Mr. Hussain’s high standards of beauty. My message for him is: Comment on people’s work, not on their person.Recommend

  • Cinammon

    Even if someone does not conform to our personal or general moral standards, we are not to lay it out so ‘crudely'(the operative word here) for the world to see! Whatever on planet earth happened to being a ‘gentleman’? Unless it directly affects you, or has any practical implications for someone, you keep mum bout such stuff, Sir! Recommend

  • nayeem

    and this is supposed to be a ‘senior anchor person’ guy . but what was the editor doing?Recommend

  • http://deleted vikas ranjan

    …. a sense of frigidity finds among the female about Mr.Talat though, what he wrote mostly dissdented and castigated him explicitly,his vignettes about Miss Jolie made pandemonium and stuch her Fansin a state of doldrums.He statted Miss Jolie as a strumpet and revealed her Autobiography so what does make it difference to others rather he demosed herself infront the mass just stereotypes doesn’t disparage Mr.Talat’s fame and Dignity.

    Can we have a more intelligible translation please.Urdu written in Roman script will do.Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    Well written, I appreciate you for exposing the anchor (read not journalist).Recommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    What moral religious life are Pakistanis following?
    Plus, Pakistan’s electronic media scenario, for the most part works on Murphy’s laws and sadly I cannot see a single columnist-turned-anchor person on TV who can be termed ‘intellectual’ in the true sense of the word since the sole purpose to have so many analysts on TV is not to build public opinion but to keep running the channel twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel
  • Maeve Withers

    Angelina Jolie has never written an autobiography and Mr. Hussein does not claim to personally know her since since her childhood so he is repeating rumors that are not based in reality.

    Ms. Jolie grew up in the USA, but she has made a point of embracing everyone’s culture without comment or criticism. Her job for the UNHCR requires her to be fair and to speak diplomatically as well as to report back to the UNHCR of her observations. Her visit to Pakistan was in that role, not in her professional capacity as an actress or celebrity. Mr. Hussein’s personal attack on Ms. Jolie, and her children, appears to be an attempt to smear her. Why? Recommend

  • ihsan

    a great article by talat husain….
    its actually a slap on all off you liberal,,burgers,,hollywood born generation they see the world with the eyes of hollywod ant mtv…but the gud news is that you are not more than 0.1% …Recommend

  • Aneela Jameel

    @ S J Raza

    With all due respect, I have to disagree with you…Mr Talat’s intentions may be very noble (as u pointed out in your comment) but the execution does not meet true journalism’s standards.

    In my previous comment, I talked about the possibility of Mr. TH being drunk while writing the article and that part of my comment got censored. Mr. TH devastated Julie’s character and perhaps not a single word was censored. Are we dealing with double standards here?
    I just hope TH reads each and every comment on this thread …….

    Thanks dude I had the same feeling about Mr. Shahbaz’s comment. I’d also request him to write in Roman script :)Recommend

  • http://ahandfulofdust.wordpress.com/ Mariam

    Even if he wrote like that only because he was talking to a particular audience, doesnt make sense. His piece reminded me of a typical pakistani men, talking about any women, whose liberty and braveness makes them feel insecure.Recommend

  • irfan urfi


  • Ed Baig

    @All congrating Ms. Aathekah and condemning Mr. Talat …… READ THE LAST PARA OF HIS ARTICLE……………. the message is LOUD AND CLEAR.Recommend

  • aysha

    Amen to that!
    I’m so glad you called him out on his disgusting hypocrisy. I’m so sick and tired of men like him making a mess out of Pakistan. You see this kind of pathetic, spineless discourse among cheap, third class lafungay who sit around smoking and discussing the “character” of girls without considering their own. I wish we didn’t have to see the same sort of thing from the mouth of a journalist. Really sad times for this nation. Pakistan is becoming an intellectual wasteland- we need people like you to give the lafungay a slap in the face. THANK YOU. I hope he’s ashamed- but self righteous creeps like him never are. Recommend

  • Amna

    Mr. Ihsan,

    Closed minded people like you constitute 99% of the population which is why the country/society is in the gutter.Recommend

  • Azeem

    @ The Author
    Seeing that this article is primarily being criticized in the Expreee Tribune and was published in the Daily Express (a sister newspaper) I must ask as to whay Talat is being singled out here. How about targeting the entire Urdu media and oh BTWy the Editor is ultimately responsible for the content of his newspaper. Your criticism (and George Fulton too) amounts to targeting a soldier who killed civilians and is charged for war crimes while the a General who ordered him goes scot free. You want responsible journalism go ask the Editor why the article was published and if the response is that this what the reader wants than why blame Talat.

    Oh and as far as im concerned George got it right. talat was playing to the gallery and so are you and George.

    Dont get me wrong he shouldnt have written what he wrote but are you any different. if this newspaper had similar readership wouldnt the article have been ublished here too?Recommend

  • Alamdar

    TALAT… u have actually spoiled ur own impression here… anyways the articles seems more like a jealousy and hatred coming out….

    i guess its because Angelina said NO interview to him when she was in Islamabad….

    MEDIA has always been Mis-used by People like Talat Hussain….

    I still rememeber when all these news achors were sold to the Army during the Kerry Lugar bill press conference ……ALL CRAP !!!!!!!!!!Recommend

  • Sarfraz Hussain Naqvi


  • Maryam

    Talat Hussain seemed to be sensible among the rest of the lot but this article of his has disappointed the whole mass. Its better to think about whatever you have to say and state about a women(and probably that’s what Islam teaches us as well) and I suggest that keeping his grudges aside he should appreciate her visit as compare to the leaders and the renouned personalities of our own country who have hardly paid any head to the matter apparently. Recommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    @Ed Baig: What a waste of the last paragraph!Recommend

  • Umair Zahid

    well this writing wd surely be invariably a human engineered episode probing into an Achilles’ heel(vulnerability/weakest point)………that was what exactly Hussain,the-all-hailed Tv anchor did a fake effort to ascribe himself to the J…olie’s issue as a publicity stunt,anticipating adulation from orthodox quarters of the country or influencing the blind-followers of him to say the least……….he seems to have devised his barometer of purification where he filters one’s vices and virtue;he tactically used her personal life to defame her contributions during her recent visit to pakistan……….
    However the author has tried to encapsulate man’s dominion and female suppression in an incontextual manner….wat hussain said might have several motives behind his statement and he shdnt be made a
    standard,attributing a lay man’s acts a demonstration of what hussain preaches;hence in order to highlight orthodoxity and fanatacism,you should have bothered writing a seperate article at the expanse of wasting a paper’s cost!!!!!!Recommend

  • vikas ranjan

    @SJ RAZA

    it may be true from Talat’s point of view

    Mr Raza we are talking facts here and not opinion.If Ms Jollie is not a drug addict then she is not a drug addict, if she was not married to any Hollywood bigwig, then she was not,irrespective of Mr Talat’s point of view. If he propagates a ‘point of view’, contrary to the known facts then he is spreading falsehood. I am sure some articles of the Pakistani Constitution will have something to say about that.For more ‘facts’ as opposed to ‘point of view’ please go to cafepyala.com.

    Someone in the world does something against our religion and we are ready to buy a flag from our own pocket and burn on the street, or burn a resturant, depriving our own people working there of livelihood……so please look before you leap.

    I do not get the connection, is Mr Talat arguing against burning flags and restaurants? What I could make out was that he was actively promotig ‘sangsari’. Before jumping, do read this.

    If Angelina Jolie had spoken of her deeds as a Pakistani she would have been stoned to death infinite times.”

    Not withstanding the fact that the ‘deeds’ Mr Talat alludes to are a figment of his ‘point of view’.Recommend

  • hameed ali khan

    i think talat took a lot of money from our pm to support him..becoz anglina jolie tell the truth of our leaders that how responsible they are…and talat is supporting them with the same technique which we are using for decades to hide our immoral activities..using islam as our weapon to legalize all the bad things and to take support of the people…
    shame…we were not expecting such a cheap analysis by a person like talat..Recommend

  • M.Umar Mukhtar

    I dont know what is wrong with people here. Firstly, Mr.Talat has told the facts about Miss Jolie. Secondly, it looks like most of the people have not read the article. Mr.Talat is actually criticizing the govt on the way it has handled the flood relief operations. Recommend

  • http://www.twitter.com/abidifactor Syed Ali Raza

    Relax.. The man just wants to be adopted by her :) thank god he’s exposed!Recommend

  • Rabia


    Your analysis of 0.1% is quiet weak, looking at all the responses here and Mr. Ihsan i have yet to come across a culture or a religion which preaches humiliating others and hiding ones’ own evils. If only we can start focusing on general gender moralities rather than “women moralities”, may be we can have a chance to grow as a mentally balanced nation and not one with a tunnel vision like yours and Mr. Hussein.Recommend

  • http://www.LiaquatAli.com Liaquat Ali

    @M.Umar Mukhtar

    One may argue that those looooooooooooong parargraphs were the sarcastic rhetoric that led to his argument in the short paragraph at the conclusion of the article to shame the Pakistani elite to do the right thing. I am not so sure. Nor are those who have showed their disappointment above.

    If Hussain thinks that the stubborn and shameless elite in Pakistan can be shamed with such convoluted advice, then maybe he does not understand the makeup of the Pakistani elite class. Recommend

  • Muhammad Bajwa

    This is completely outrageous. I just can’t think what made Mr. Talat to write such article. Oh God please bless us ungrateful Pakistanis.Recommend

  • Dia


    I have loved your reply to ihsan.. I was thinking what to say but you have said it well in one go!Recommend

  • Dia

    @M.Umar Mukhtar:

    How would you justify the use of words like “rang barangya yateem bachay” and “baghari dhakkan k ghara, na jism mein jawani ka suroor”.. now if I see a person who’s lost his sight and refer to him as “andha aadmi” that would be the truth as well.. if calling a spade a spade to this extent is the order of the day then we’re doing the same by labelling TH as rude, crude, biased etc.. Recommend

  • hasan adeel

    I think no more comments need to put here,but one thing we should keep in mind that every person in this world has it’s own views and thinking.But, before commenting we should at least think what we are going to write about and what is actual reality behind the matter.
    Mr.Talat gave his point of view, on the contrary, Jolie came in Pakistan and submit the report to the UN about what she felt and observe herself.Recommend

  • rocket

    the news paper which published this enlightening article should be thanked which brought to the light this sparkling facet of MR TH,burying many misconceptions forever.Recommend

  • Omar Shahid

    Aatekah, because of the language barrier, you’ve misunderstood the article. The message in Talat’s article was that a women who doesn’t live up to any of the superficial eastern standards feels that instead of hosting a dinner for her, the Prime Minister should have tried to arrange food for the flood victims. A woman who would have been stoned to death had people known what she has done in her life feels that the Prime Minister should have done something for the flood victims instead of wasting resources on calling his family from Multan to Islamabad to meet her. This was a great piece of satire but because of the language it was written it, people have misinterpreted it. Recommend

  • Faraz

    Ateekah,I also agree with @Omar Shahid.You completely misunderstood the Talat’s article. Apart from all the biography described in his article, Jolie still spoke the truth.Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    Talat gone Ghalat this time. Recommend

  • Manzoor

    This is an intoxication of “Media Power”.This happens when mediapersons (The puriest creature of the world)behave like judges! Recommend

  • farry sidor

    Thumbs up aatekah! A very good article. Im impressed!Recommend

  • noor-ul-huda

    instead of sighting talat’s article as a racist, disgusting, humiliating a woman; people should think with open mind.

    what he was doing is: he was comparing several LOW CHARACTER people, among who anglina is still holding the first place. :|

    talat hussain actually tried to say that angelina being a low character is still of “upright character ” when she is compared to the govt. of pakistan and its officials and their families.
    we ol must feel ashamed of how our govt, and all the so called shameless politicians treated the flood victims, how those horrible days were used for cheep publicity and how much those flood struck people suffered because of govt. of pakistan and KHADM-E PUNJAB and co.Recommend

  • Saima Qizilbash

    Talat who?Recommend

  • http://dosrarukh.wordpress.com Amjad

    Please read the last lines of Talat Hussain’s article.I think you have not got it what talat is saying.Recommend

  • Reader

    Maybe all the Flotilla attention has got to his head, or a manic attack of finally getting a job he wanted for long – or maybe he just had a huge crush on Jolie and this is some sort of Reaction formation! The rest of his spite blab about art and single parents and everything else is just despicable.

    Thank you Aatekah, and The Express Group, for publishing her work! Recommend

  • Reader

    @Noreen Shams:

    Not just women, any one who is against racism, and sexism, and superiority complexes because of class, creed or nationality should get this opportunityRecommend

  • http://deleted vikas ranjan


    Please read the last lines of Talat Hussain’s article.I think you have not got it what talat is saying

    If all that Mr Talat wanted to say is contained in the last line,why did he write the rest of it. One reason that comes to mind is, he was incresing the length of the article to get paid more. But then, to spread falsehood only for monetary gains is still reprehensible. Recommend

  • Adnan Ali

    Writer is showing jealousy with Talat, I have read the artical and there was nothing wrong, TH just wrote the truth about Julie and our govt. This is only a childish behavior of writer, if you cannot compete with TH then don’t do cheap things. Recommend

  • http://NA Ali

    I heard about it but didnt read thd article. Thanks for sharing it here. I think Talat’s article came as a slap on his own faceRecommend

  • Ali

    All Talat Hussain has to say is ” We have become a nation of beggars.She took the whole
    trip as another opportunity for a photo shoot which will give her some limelight.All she has to
    tell the world about Pakistan was how the authorities treated at the expense of poor.”

    If you think he has done it the wrong way you should have done it the right way.As for the
    things that Talat has written about her are the stories we normally read in the western media.
    When did anyone from the “so-called” Urdu journalism has written anything like that about
    Hadiqa kiyani,Atiqa Odho or even the stage actresses.Where did he wrote that all women or
    all western women are characterless people.

    Yes normally men try to discredit women by hitting at their character but here you have
    somebody who is trying to be a saint or even a great humanitarian.Saints and humanitarians
    do not like to photographed with rulers. Recommend

  • http://na prasad

    What Talat has written should not surprise you. A famous Pakistani actress – Reema Khan – was asked on a breakfast show about marriage plans etc – and she said “After marriage I will ask my husband and In-laws – please please let me work – atleast behind the camera” – This is what a very successful career woman happily admits about compromises after marriage – more tellingly it highlights the kind of pressure the women of all social classes face to conform to society’s standards. I am sure the beautiful Ms Reema is blissfully unaware of the pressures she faces.

    On another show, this very Reema said on the Shareef show – when asked by this particularly obnoxious comedian – Shareef (who in his parochial views will make Talat seem liberal) as to what her opinion was about Rakhi Sawant’s swayamwar – to this the very goodly Reema said that she would go by what her elders say when it comes to marriage. And the not so goodly Mr. Shareef commended this as a laudable virtue as against marrying according to one’s own wishes.

    The two things that the above highlights is one I need a life and secondly women in South Asia continue to be up against a patriarchal system that decides for them what is good and bad behaviour. Recommend


    i am thankful to the writer who has shared this article with us.

    I need one answer from the people. If someone is doing good for you or doing in his/her life.what is more important, the life she has been through,her bad character or the good work she/he is doing fro the cause of humanity?
    Despite of her bad character or whatever MR.TALAT i would like to tell at least someone took the initiative.WHAT HAVE YOU DONE SO FAR FOR THE COUNTRY? AND YOUR CHANNEL?

    I am unable to understand WHAT do we want? When people do bad WE CRITICIZE them and when some good for us WE CRITICIZE them as well,,y? kis matti k banay hain ye log.


  • Noreen Shams

    thanks Reader for elaborating …Recommend


    blah blah blah and blah
    Talat wrote an article. his friend George criticized him. it was commented upon extensively. both, for and against comments registered. Another nobody knows who find it convenient to gain popularity by discussing the same issue and we the people started commenting on it again with all the reasons which have been enumerated on George’s column. Why. Why. Why. Nobody wants to listen to us and we, proclaimed self righteous find it here to ogle out all the frustration brewing in us. Recommend

  • Wequar Azeem

    Evidently the victims of Angelina’s report to UNHCR greased the palms of Talat in cash and kind to malign Angelina. The maligning and demonising of Angelina’s character was aimed at erasing the credibility of her report to UNHCR about the appaling conduct of our Administrators at highest level.
    Aatekah Mir Khan has not done justice to her criticism. She fell terribly short. Talat Hussain, who I confess I rated high in my opinion of Pakistani TV journalists, is a shameful disappointment. What is he shooting these days ? I am truly ashamed of his blog. Its not just casting aspersion on Angelina Jolie’s personal life history, or making disparaging remarks beyond all measures of slander and libel, its blatant misreporting of facts and twisting the inference from her life events to demonize her persona.
    Talat Hussain – SHAME ON YOU.Recommend

  • K

    Mr. Talat, passing judgements much?
    I can sort of see what direction the writer was trying to take but honestly it comes of as really cheap. Talking about Jolie’s colourful life, broken relationships, love for women and drugs like she is the only person who is guilty of such things. I do not condone the above mentioned acts and I do not claim to know anything but if I may speculate, the policians here are hardly “parsa”. I am not a fan of Jolie but I do commend her for at least touring our country, unlike our fellow countrymen, the so called leaders? who enjoy dining with international celebrities and are ever ready for photo ops.Recommend

  • Spam Robot

    Well written by Talat. One issue is that we can not judge why Angelina adopts children. So I would disagree with Talat there. But overall gets the point across.

    He is a little too dramatic though. Might be because we are not accustomed to such articles in Urdu. But what he mentions is common knowledge.Recommend

  • Tariq Ahsan

    Given that I admire Talat’s work as a journalist, and have learned much from his coverage of issues, particularly the war in Waziristan, I was too bored and disgusted to be able to finish reading the column under discussion. I suppose he just got-up on the wrong side of his bed on the day he wrote it. Talat definitely needs to know more about working women in the West. Like men and women everywhere else, they are kind and gentle. What Talat presents in his column is a stereotype, and like all stereotypes, it does not actually exist.In Canada, where I am located, right wing writers like to scare people with the caricature of a fanatic, and hateful Muslim woman in a burka, who may be out to kill them. I was exposed to the caricature we sometimes create in Pakistan of a Western woman after a long time.

    Best wishes,


  • Spam Robot

    @Tariq Ahsan:

    I agree with you partially. Talat while taking on the subject mentions that she can not be considered moral for lack of a better word by any standards. At the end he does mention that the standards for an Eastern woman are higher. There are no surprises here. We don’t have to be apologists all the time. Recommend

  • Zai

    In an attempt to humiliate our premier Talat made a very menial attempt. He has so badly exemplified that can never be imagined. Express news should have a process to scrutinize such mediocre writeups. Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/2608/talat-hussains-slap-in-the-face/#comments Sara Wazir

    I really appreciate you. why people (journalist for sure) take advantage of freedom of expression and media for special… why always people put fingers upon female? if women get divorce she is no more acceptable to the society..but on other hand if men get married to TWO women at one time..media take special interview of it…but what about female here,,if this step was taken by any women..will she would be free to live or survive with the respect? sorry to say but big NO…
    Talat sahab try to digest the work of others which is far better then you..oh i think its natural that man can’t actualy digest it..and you have problem also that you always wana be highlighted thats why..but please give us a break…
    no matter how others are…even appreciate the positive work…
    julie had Allee-shan dinner at Minister House,,but what about kamar zaman kaira wheh Government of Pakistan psid 500$ an hour for his fun in limousine… at the thiem when people in pakistan as facing hunger because of flood..
    So please Grow up guys..give women a space so by then she would be able to work please Recommend

  • Usman Ahmad

    Wait a minute! I will defend Talat. Why? Because what he has written is already written and published in western tabloids, and magazines. All that kind of journalism which exposes sleazy, rauncy and scandalous aspects of celbrities’ life is equally racist, sexist and condemnable. Talat has simply taken a few pages from those magazine and precised them for his article. Reactionary liberals! Get over it!Recommend

  • TReader

    @ Usman Ahmad,
    Emotional and weak defense. You seemed to have made two baseless assertions, one that the writer and those who have criticized Talat’s piece are reactionary liberals and two that the writer in any way endorses “All that kind of journalism which exposes sleazy, rauncy and scandalous aspects of celbrities’ life is equally racist, sexist and condemnable”.
    If Talat has simply taken a few pages from those magazines he must be criticized, two wrongs don’t make a right. If you want to defend Talat then defend the content of his piece.
    While there will always be a demand for “raunchy and scandalous media” (and i am sure some loved Talat’s piece too, though his piece was not entirely raunchy and scandalous but he sure crossed the line), we deserved to me reminded by responsible and conscientious journalists that such aberration is wrong and must be vocally condemned. Recommend

  • Fahad Sayeed

    I donot agree with the blogger. She has misinterpreted the point of Talat’s column, and doing so she herself has indulged in the sin of people bashing which she is condemning. Bashing urdu reading audience is more prejudiced than putting front the doings of one person and judging her. Recommend

  • babruk

    i am so much disappointed in talat hussain. i counted him in one of the few good Pakistani jouranalists. shame on him. I just couldn’t believe that he could be capable of such words. good that we know him now. everything is rotten with the state of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Optimist

    his attack on jolie couldnt have been more offensive…especially when he proceeds to describe her facial structure…DISGUSTED!Recommend

  • ann syedha

    MR.Moderator ! u didnt let my comments published here , I dont know why ??
    But still I insist that the above mentioned column was a MASTER PIECE by SYED TALAT HUSSAIN !
    If Ms. Atikah Mir Khan having a little sense of “Literature” she couldn’t have criticized Mr.Syed in such a raw way !!! But ALAS !! having literary sense is not every body ‘s Cup of tea , isn’t it ???Recommend

  • ann syedha

    @Noreen Shams:
    why should all females slap Talat hussain ? just bcoz he wrote something bad about a famous american actress ? where you all women of HIGH SPIRITS were when the COAS of Pakistan Army cum President of Pakistan cum chief Executive of Government of Pakistan General Pervaiz Musharraf SLAPED all women of Pakistan ( Actresses or no actresses , Beautiful or not so beautiful ) by saying “the women of Pakistan even got raped to get a Chance for Canadian or US immigration” … why dont u people said “DISGUSTING ” at that time .. why didnt u ask all the women of Pakistan to give him a GUARD OF DISHONOR on his farewell from President House ??.Recommend

  • Dia

    @ann syedha: What a ridiculous question you’ve come up with.. what makes you think that pervaiz musharraf’s words were lauded at or commended? What makes you belive no one had reacted? No wonder your comments were not approved by the moderator! The only thing you’ve written with a sense is that having literary sense is not everybody’s cup of tea!!Recommend

  • ahnaf usman zillohu

    hello vikas
    i dont know how are you bringing in the issue of burning flags in this talk , we are only talking about talats article:
    i dont know about angelinas life, and i cant say if someone can be stonned just by his / her public acceptance that he/she slept with someone, but the point in talats article is his last two sentences. it is true that he stretched his arguments against her too long but that was to show that she still feels to him better than our own leaders. Everyone please read last two sentences and then make comments.

  • Waqqar

    Mr Tallat article is a whole mess of frustration. I don’t know in which sate of mind he was, when writing such article. I don’t know why our community has problem of character assassination. Even well educated people seems indulge in this habit. Recommend

  • Liberals Suck

    Tallat Hussain RocksRecommend

  • Afridi

    Your are right in giving vent to your agony and anger out, but you know it is difficult to generalize one individual character on whole society. Almost every society has problem of this gender discrimination in one form or other. I have not been through his column but what it conspire is that he has typical view that we perceive are stereotypes of the Pakistani society. To be specific the problem rest in our resort for wanting more, more then we deserve which is coupled with narcissism, along with disgust for other, the more we are going for away from our religion the more we would suffer. By religion don’t mean extremism to be religious what it mean for a Muslim one need to fully contrive for the true meaning of it. I hope am not wrong? Recommend

  • Mesaid

    I simply change channels and am at peace. As for print, just look for a more competent writer or one without hidden motives!!!!!!!!!Recommend

  • jaleeluddin Qadri

    Its Satire.Recommend

  • jaleeluddin Qadri

    He is making fun of “honorable” families like Gilanis. Recommend