Pakistan cannot afford to kick its Afghan refugees out

Published: February 3, 2015

If this issue is not dealt with sensitivity to the existing refugees, it might lead to further deteriorating ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan. PHOTO: AFP

Pakistan’s recent policy of repatriating illegal Afghan refugees from its soil, as a reaction to the Army Public School (APS) attack in Peshawar, is being appreciated in many circles around the country. Many believe that this step would lead to a decrease in the wave of militancy that is currently gripping Pakistan.

These circles believe that Afghan refugees have injected the so-called “Kalashnikov culture” in Pakistani society; that they have introduced heroin and other drugs in Pakistan, which has destroyed millions of young lives. To these people, the root cause of every crime in Pakistan is these refugees. To them, these refugees are directly or indirectly involved in terrorism, and their repatriation to Afghanistan would mean peace for Pakistan. They believe that the same would hold true for the tribal people of FATA and they seem to have exempted everyone else from these crimes.

But these circles could not be more wrong.

While I do agree, to some extent, that such views might have been built upon legitimate grounds, blaming an entire group of people for the actions of a few is downright unjustified. Pakistanis, of all people, should understand that. People need to realise that Afghan refugees are not the sole reason why terrorism is rampant in Pakistan – there are numerous other factors which have led to this state. Every society has good and bad people, but we cannot simply expel one ethnic group just because everyone else is treating them as the scapegoat.

The Afghans, who have lived in Pakistan since 1979, have contributed to a lot of positive things. There are many Afghan businessmen who are running successful enterprises, thus helping the country’s economy. These businessmen pay their taxes to the exchequer and have also employed thousands of people, thus providing economic relief to the masses. Many Afghans have been born in Pakistan, who have received good education and are now serving Pakistan on different forums.

While talking to these Afghans, I came across many riveting stories. But the one thing that I found common in them was their love for Pakistan. They find this land dearer than Afghanistan – because it is in Pakistan that they have grown, received an education, developed businesses, gotten married, established their families and homes, and have created a social group for themselves. Why would they want to return to a land where they have no business, no home, and no relatives whatsoever? Most of these Afghans have married Pakistani citizens – if they are expelled now, their spouses might not agree to go to Afghanistan with them. Who will be responsible for their financial and domestic woes then?

Asking such people to simply leave everything – their property, their businesses and their families – and move back to their land is unfair and unacceptable. The Pakistani people cannot just ignore all the good that these refugees have done for the country.

Alongside this, such a decision might become detrimental for the provincial government as well. If they are forcing the refugees to go back to “their” land, they might bring up the issue of the disputed Durand Line, according to which the area of Peshawar till Attock Bridge is considered as Afghan land. The refugees might push for this debate to happen in the international arena and this may open Pandora’s Box for the federal government, which it certainly cannot afford right now.

Since most of the militants have fled to Afghanistan after Operation Zarb-e-Azb came about, one can insinuate that these repatriated refugees might take shelter with these militant groups and their anti-Pakistani sentiment might be exploited against Pakistan. This policy can backfire for the government on multiple levels.

Keeping these points in mind, we can understand that forced repatriation is not a viable idea for Pakistan. We need to act smartly with regards to the issues at hand. First of all, we need to stop the police from harassing these refugees and badgering businessmen to leave their businesses or pay them a hefty sum. Secondly, we need to scrutinise and separate those Afghans who are involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan from those who are honest, hard-working, innocent individuals.

Secondly, the repatriation process needs to be made in affiliation with the United Nations. Those who are willing to go back to Afghanistan should be shifted to refugee camps and properly registered under the UN. Their Pakistani CNICs, which they have procured illegally from NADRA officials, should be cancelled. Those who are married to Pakistani citizens may be given Pakistani nationalities – like it’s done in the United States. Also, those who have businesses in Pakistan should be exempted from process.Those businessmen who do not pay their taxes should be dealt with according to the law, just like any other business owner.

Lastly, the government should call for aid and funds for education and health from the international community, for those Afghans who are not willing to go back but are becoming a financial burden for the provincial government.

If this issue is not dealt with sensitivity to the existing refugees, it might lead to further deteriorating ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan – and this may be used by other forces to pit the latter against the former.

Mureeb Mohmand

Mureeb Mohmand

An Express Tribune reporter from FATA. He tweets @mureebmohmand (

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  • orion

    You have not mentioned the number of afghans involved in heinous crimes and car thefts in your article? It is best for the afghan refugees to go to their country and leave us alone.Recommend

  • Umer Sahi

    We have kept our afghan brothers for more then 3 decades , now when their country is stable, it is really the time for them to go home. We are one of the poorest countries in the world yet we gave 5 million afghans home for a lot of years, yet they hate us and refuse to accept our existence, protect the murderers of our children, Time to Go HomeRecommend

  • Umer Sahi

    We have kept our afghan brothers for more then 3 decades , now when their country is stable, it is really the time for them to go home. We are one of the poorest countries in the world yet we gave 5 million afghans home for a lot of years, yet they hate us and refuse to accept our existence, protect the murderers of our children, Time to Go HomeRecommend

  • Fahad Zia

    Go back to afghanistan and take your business with you.. Enough said..Recommend

  • Fahad Zia

    Go back to afghanistan and take your business with you.. Enough said..Recommend

  • khan

    doing business is ok ..they can be treated as expat …but refugees in camps and illegal afghans should be sent back …illegal afghans are not under unhcr ,so they should be sent first …and refugees in camps should be sent back thru UN .Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Thats a really good answer. Regardless of what people blame Afghans for doing in Pak, it is due time for them to leave.

    Now ppl will say that the same can be said for refugees in other countries. But if their new country is CAPABLE of providing them permanent shelter without effecting the lifestyle of the “original” inhabitants, then there should be no problem. Pakistan is simply not in the position of offering any more “mehman nawazi”.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Regarding the drug theory: Before the US invasion of Afghanistan, the Taliban has all but eliminated drug production there. Now thanks to this “war on terror”, Afghanistan is producing more drugs than any time in history. US actions has lead to around 6 million drug users in Pakistan- that is analogous to the entire population of Singapore!Recommend

  • tungi

    im sorry but you are an afghan first and a refugee second! we give you refuge and you stab us back! please go to your beloved land and leave usRecommend

  • zain shahzad

    They can take their businesses with them. We will build our own. Good bye to them.Recommend

  • Biswajeet Kapoor Kiraula

    In Karachi alone this is what they do :- Human trafficking,
    bank robberies, home invasion robberies, drug peddling,
    gun running, electricity theft, water theft [$5 million dollars
    worth a day] bhatta, land grabbing, land mafia, smuggling,
    house grabbing[kick you out of your house and take over]
    car hijacking, cell phone robberies from car drivers at stops,
    kidnapping, kidnapping for ransom, target killing, gangs, gang
    warfare, terrorism, recruitment for terrorists, providing safe
    havens to terrorists/extremists, And fighting, full onslaught
    gun battles among different Afghan factions for control of
    Karachi areas. Only a few of their enterprises mentioned
    here. Now multiply that by other major cities.
    Oh ! Forgot. Include hate and sectarian violence through
    Friday hate sermons from their mosques and mullahs.Recommend

  • Oats

    Sorry but I am tired about the stories of supposed Afghan business in Pakistan. I think that the cost to our economy from their refugee related violence and instability outweighs any supposed benefits from business. I have seen that in North America and Europe most Afghan refugees live on social assistance and never work after smuggling themselves into those countries. They seldom contribute to society here so I find it hard to believe that Afghans are working lawfully in Pakistan. The billions of dollars of damages done to Pakistan by Afghans must stop. They need to be sent home or sent to India but enough is enough. The canard that Pakistan gets some miserable aid for housing them does not take way from the greater economic loss that results from their illegal activities. No matter what Pakistan has done for Afghan refugees, they will always be loyal to India which rules Kabul as a proxy state.By the way, I am against all illegal immigrants in Pakistan – be they from Central Asia, Afghanistan, India or Bangladesh. The nation should focus on taking care of its own people.Recommend

  • Prashant

    While Pakistan sends Afghans back, they need to consider if most of the Afghan refugees are Pashtuns, if yes, Pakistan needs to be very careful with the farewell they provide to these Afghans, the words used for Afghans by many of the Pakistanis while commenting on this article are not going to make the Afghans and their friends in Pakistan any happier.

    You cannot have an entire province of Pashtuns and at the same time having contempt for that ethnicity which clearly reflects in some of the comments.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “We are one of the poorest countries in the world yet we gave 5 million afghans home for a lot of years, yet they hate us and refuse to accept our existence, protect the murderers of our children, Time to Go Home”

    Umer, where are these people:

    Mullah Omar, Hakkanis, Ayman Al Zawahiri, Hafiz Saeed, Maulana Masood Azhar.

    Where were these people found:

    OBL, KSM…

    You know their contribution to Afghanistan, there efforts did not make Afghanistan a heaven. If Pakistan says we do not know where the Hakkanis are, the Afghans can also say that they do not know where Fazlullah is. You can’t fight Fazlullah while giving sanctuary to Hafiz Saeed and Hakkanis.

    “….yet they hate us and refuse to accept our existence”

    Ask your former chiefs of ISI if they were not the ones who created and imposed a brutal regime by the name of Taliban on Afghan people, ever heard of strategic depth, this does not sound to me as a favour by Pakistan on the Afghans, it is the Afghans who can actually make the claim that Pakistan refuses to accept them as a sovereign state.Recommend

  • Sami

    The problem with the Afghan refugees is that they are not willing to Integrate at all. There is nothing wrong when one will assimilate but when their third generation is still abusing the locals then there is a problem. They have no problem with Pushtoons but all other Pakistanis are evil for them,
    I befriended many Afghans and I love all of my Afghani friends but when i added them on Facebook i came to realize how much hatred they carry especially against Punjabis and Urdu Speakers. For Pushtoons it is alright but atleast Punjabis, Sindhi and Urdu speakers cannot tolerate and the reason is the Sheer Hatred and Bias. Why they abuse us ? What our families have to do with any conflict? What you can achieve by abusing us and blaming us every time?.
    So the problem is that failure of integration with locals and abusing of locals while living here is a big problem. So it is better if they leave. Because atleast a DAAL KHOR like me is better without any non-Daal Khor Aryan race.

    The integration and Assimilation is a failure on all fronts due to the racial superiority concept of Afghan people.Recommend

  • Sami

    Dear Author so you put Attock and whole KP as a controversial part of Pakistan and disputed it as a part of Afghanistan citing Durand line.?. Do you know this issue is solved and this issue was between British and Afghan so Pakistan has nothing to do it. The issue is full and final and Existing borders are the original borders for your information.
    Also keep your eyes away from Attock as it is a city of Punjab and the days of Durrani empire when he was plundering this land are gone.Recommend

  • Vish

    Very true. Pakistan receives. International aid to take care of Afghan refugees. Also Afghans contribute to Pakistan economy. If Afghans leave the world will lose any residual interest in Pakistan, international aid will stop and there is a possibility that Pakistan may economically collapse.Recommend

  • sayed

    A Very realistic story sir, But no one will understand this reality and by the way Pakistanis also not holy angles and the guys who attacked on Army public School was Pakistanies from Swat, Waziristan and Khyber Agency….Recommend

  • sayed

    Do not forget that Afghan’s fought the war with Russian and saved Pakistan and by the way who were stopping Pakistani leaders, governments and establishment for not creating any clear policy or laws for management of their borders, FATA and Afghan refugees??? why Pakistan did not signed
    The 1951 Refugee Convention and dealt with Afghan refugee
    with a clear policy?

    Do not blame Afghans for mistakes and hunger of Pakistan political leaders, bureaucrats and establishment who just want to earn money and that is the main reason… why Torkham Gate is still open? the reason is that the Political Agent seat rate is 15 Million per year and if a person pay such big amount then he will try to earn twiceRecommend

  • sayed

    sham on people like youRecommend

  • sayed

    we are here for extending Afghanistan border from Torkham to AttockRecommend

  • Ali

    As an Afghan I totally agree, they should be all sent back to Afghanistan. All of these refugees has been used against Afghanistan by ISI.The Pakistani military establishment has been sponsoring terrorism for decades in Afghanistan, the Pakistani military has been using these refugees and their keens as proxies in Afghanistan…. The military establishment can’t just keep burning other homes thinking that it won’t born their home, this fire has been instigated and started by Pakistan now it is burning Pakistan. Don’t forget that Pakistan made Billions of Dollars because of these refugees as their aid was diverted to Pakistani budget from 80s to date, Pakistan just can’t afford losing this money by sending all of them back to Afghanistan. Meanwhile I would like to remind you that Afghans still consider Khyber Pakhtonkhwa home as the imposed Durand Line is still disputed. I would like to remind you that we don’t have anything against Pakistani people, they are our brothers; they are also suffering from the mean policy of Pakistani military establishment.Recommend

  • marik

    They should go back and rebuild afghanistanRecommend

  • ashfaq ahmad

    i do not think afghani love pak, i am pashtoon myself and afghani hate pak whether pashtoon or punjabi more than anything else in the world. so i think they should go to their own country along with their bussiness.Recommend

  • L.

    Indians ask us where “Mullah Omar, Hakkanis, Ayman Al Zawahiri, Hafiz Saeed, Maulana Masood Azhar” are like we send them wedding invitations. -.-Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Why do you have to hate another country to prove love for your own?Recommend

  • L.

    Ethnicity does not equal nationality. The native people of United Kingdom may aswell have the same blood, but Wales, England, Ireland etc are still diff countries correct?Recommend

  • Hypocrisy?

    All of these people, before they were in Pak, they were hiding in AFG, it was only natural of them to try to escape into Pak after US invasion. It was Pakistan that has apprehended dozens if not more AQ operatives (just look at US state dept. most wanted list).

    “created and imposed a brutal regime by the name of Taliban”
    The Taliban were a natural product after instability of the cold war, Pakistan suffered too, you make it seem like Pakistan was some sort of puppet-master and not Russia/US? Pakistan was justified in supporting the Mujahiddin as their opponents (the Communists which India indirectly supported) were even more brutal.Recommend

  • Hypocrisy?

    Isn’t it hypocritical of Indians lecturing us on refugees while commiting itself to expelling its own (i.e Bangladeshis)? Modi made some clear remarks on this matter.Recommend

  • Junaid Saleh

    This blog-post is 870 words long, while according to the editorial rules, an article must not exceed 800 words maximum.
    Why? I want an answer from ET as to why they break the rules to publish their own employees, but turn down contributions from other people for silly reasons.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    These guys have created more problems for Pakistan than any other entity, including India.
    Terrorism is from them
    Thievery and general lawlessness is from them
    They are the most known drugdealers
    They create the most noxious social extremism
    They have led to the Mullah culture in many northern areas
    They are the ones who kidnap children and then sell them across the border
    The largest number of abused children is because of them
    They are destroying Karachi
    They are eating away at Pakistan.
    O our good brothers please leave us in peace and go home.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    “These circles believe that Afghan refugees have injected the so-called “Kalashnikov culture””

    Who gave them the Kalashnikovs to begin with?Recommend

  • Gratgy

    “The problem with the Afghan refugees is that they are not willing to Integrate at all. ”

    Then Britain must throw out all Pakistanis for the same reasonRecommend

  • Gratgy

    India is not threatening to expel refugees, by the way do you know the difference between refugees and illegal immigrants?Recommend

  • dard3disco

    the whole region is a mess….should have stayed under the british…at least the white man knew how to rule… #aaka_tableel !!Recommend

  • Milind A

    There’s a big difference between Bangladeshis and Afghans… The problem of Afghan refugees was created by you, by funding and participating in the anti-Soviet war.
    We on the other hand did not create the Bangladeshi exodus. They crossover to India due to high population density and lack of jobs. Most Indians would not be averse to these in India, had it not been for some of them participating in subversive activities against India. Some of them are being funded by your ISI and thankfully the Bangladeshi govt has woken up to this menance and we’re working jointly on this issue.Recommend

  • goggi (Lahore)

    All refugees of 1947 please kindly return back to the birthplaces of your ancestors, all people of Arab, Iranian, Turkish, Afghan, Jew origin please kindly migrate away from the land of my ancestors! And neither we need your ideologies, your languages, your garb and your vicious god which have converted this fertile land of 5 rivers into a cesspool of vice and ignorance.Recommend

  • Chitralwala

    Making arrangements to send them to India. You Indians
    can support them. And collect all the aid money. That will
    be lots of free idlis and dosas for your citizens. No meat
    involved. Also use money for toilets. Your people need them

  • Grace

    So maybe you can explain why Afghanistan has been a base for India since 1947. It is only because Kabul agreed to be puppet state of India and interfere in Pak for 60 years that all the problems there started. Pakistanis saved Afghanistan from Soviet Union while Afghanis were running all over the world to claim asylum and live on khayrat. No one wants money from Afghan refugees which is a big lie. They are burden on the country.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “The Taliban were a natural product after instability of the cold war..”

    Read this:

    Yes you are right, Pakistan has caught people like KSM but why do you have most wanted terrorists in your country and what stops you from taking action against those killing Indians.

    Your country kept on saying OBL was not in Pakistan but he was found there and it would not be a surprise if Zawahiri were to be caught in Pakistan as well.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Agreed but the Pashtuns of Pakistan would not be happy if the Pashtuns of Afghanistan were to be treated in a way which they perceive to be inappropriate just like the Tamils of India protest when they see the Tamils in Sri Lanka at the receiving end.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Here is a link for Mullah Omar and Quetta Shura:

    Maulana Masood Azhar:

    People like Osama were hiding in Pakistan and the ones like Hafiz Saeed openly spew venom against other countries.

    You may not have sent them invitations but I would be surprised if you do not know these people reside in your country.Recommend

  • Grace

    Then you should know that the coward terrorist who attacked the public school were speaking in Uzbek, Arabic and Afghan Dari according to taped evidence. This evidence was shown to Afghan authorities by General Raheel Sharif the following day when it was also clear that the attack was co ordinated by cowards operating in Afghanistan. It’s time to send back the refugees and build a big fence to keep out Afghan refugees once and for all.Recommend

  • Maria

    Pakistan didn’t make any billions from refugees but got next to nothing from housing refugees. The trillions we lost from having Afghan refugees is far worse. If these Afghans refugees are so valuable, they should be welcomed back to Kabul with open arms. The Afghan people have been working for Indian masters since 1947 by causing trouble with Indian agents long before Soviet invasion of Afghanistan so don’t blame ISI. Blame your Afghan leaders who take orders from India and RAW intelligence agency without caring about Afghan civilians for so many years.Recommend

  • Jehanzeb Mahar

    One of the dumbest things I have ever read. Refugees must go back to their country.Recommend

  • Prashant

    You are giving all credit to the Afghans most of whom are Pashtuns as if Pakistan would turn into a heaven in their absence.Recommend

  • Abdul Muqeet Khan

    We are not capable of a being responsible for 3 million afghans, yes its true that many of them have integrated however for that 1 another thousand exist that has not. Its time those are expelled for Good.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    The number of Pakistanis who have integrated themselves in British Society and have become good members of English Society far, far exceeds the number of troublemakers. Here the situation is that only a handful of Afghan refugees have become a Part of our society.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Making arrangements to send them to India.”

    Really? how about making arrangements for the Biharis stranded in Bangladesh so that they can go to their destined land of pure, I guess that would not get you any aid money.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    That is your perception. Only 28% of Britons believe Muslims want to integrate into British society.Recommend

  • Ghulam Qadri

    I absolutely disagree with Mr. Mureeb’s argument. Now when Afghanistan has gained a level of stability the Government of Pakistan must take steps to honourably send back Afghan refugees. Pakistan society, infrastructure and economy cannot afford to continue taking the burden of millions of Afghan refugees.
    Ask people of KP and parts of Balochistan where most of Afghan refugees are hosted, they will tell tale of challenges they are facing due to presence of high number of Afghan refugees. They cannot find a bed in hospital when they are sick; poor daily wagers find it difficult to get work in competition to their Afghan competitors who are willing to work half the market price; and majority of small business owners who find local market saturated by Afghan vendors.
    Having keenly observed Afghan refugees as a professional and a a citizen of KP I can say with authority, ask any individual in KP and Balochistan who do not have a direct interest or family relation with Afghan refugees, they will support return of Afghan refugees without wasting a single day.
    Now when Afghanistan offers more economic growth opportunities as compared to KP or Balochistan, it is in interest of Afghan refugees as well to return to their country and contribute in its reconstruction. Once back in their country they will build social contacts, relations and position in the society that will be their own and not borrowed from another nation.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Here is a report
    For people who do not have the time to read the entire report here are a few facts
    83% of Muslims are proud to be a British citizen, compared to 79% of the general public.
    • 77% of Muslims strongly identify with Britain while only 50% of the wider population do.
    • 86.4% of Muslims feel they belong in Britain, slightly more than the 85.9% of Christians.
    • 82% of Muslims want to live in diverse and mixed neighbourhoods compared to 63% of non-Muslim Britons.
    • 90% of Pakistanis feel a strong sense of belonging in Britain compared to 84% of white people.

    I think this is enough to shut any nay sayer upRecommend

  • sayed

    1. who invented the Taliban?
    2. who recognize Taliban Government formally? after termination of a setting Afghan Government?
    3. Who were providing Air force to Taliban for bombing on Northern Afghanistan.
    4. Who trained innocent Afghan people for fighting with Russia in Afghanistan.
    5. Who always tried to make Afghanistan unstable?

    the only answer is ISI and PakistanRecommend

  • sayed

    Every Country has national interest and Afghanistan can not avoid india just for Pakistan and Pakistan did not saved Afghanistan from Soviet Union but used Afghanistan innocent Muslims for saving Pakistan from Soviet Union because their target was reaching to Karachi and Gawadar ports for establishing their export worldwide.

    regarding worldwide assylums Pakistanies also the second khayrat khor after Afghans and since 1979 Afghans living in Pakistan on their own expenses and you can have a look at your KPK economy and Businesses 80% of them has been established by Afghans.

    Pakistan always begging for donations for Afghans but after receiving those donations your leaders and bureaucrats pocketing all those money and do not forget that Pakistan internal displaced people also supporting by UNHCR.

    I am an Afghan was born here in Pakistan and currently more than 25 Pakistanies working as my employees in my company and love Pakistan more than any Native Pakistani.

    Just be realistic and say the truth.Recommend

  • sayed

    HAHAHAHAHA Businesses can not move and do prayers if we move our businesses then you Pakistanies will die becasue of hungerRecommend

  • sayed

    I am an Afghan was born in Pakistan 32 years ago and I agreed 100% with you.

    I also would like to say that why they fought against Russia? As a Nation what Afghans gained from this Jihad?

    Pakistan safe guard its self because target of Russia was occupying Pakistan and its warm waters and ports (Karachi + Gawadar) because since 1947 Pakistan was supporting USA against Russia.

    USA used Pakistan for logistic and intelligence support & Sudi Arabia for financial support and this Trika decided to use innocent religious but illiterate people of Afghanistan as ground forces for fighting with Russia.

    every one got his own benefit but we Afghans who were born here in Pakistan and spent half our age is still living as refugees and facing such cheap words which you can read in comments from Pakistani youth then how Pakistan will expect that this new gen ration of Afghanistan will hate India and will be best friends of Pakistan???? think over it/

    I love Pakistan more than any Pakistani and also do not like Indians who are killing Muslims in Kashmir and also believe the brutal murder of innocent childminder in Peshawar School is not justified who were killed by Pakistani Taliban.Recommend

  • sayed


    there are good and bad people in every nation and I am so sorry to hear that your friends calling Punjabies as Dall Khor….

    I am an Afghan and I like Punjabies more than Pakhtons because Punjabies are educated people and my brother wife is also a Punjabi from Rawalpindi but as I said there is bad and good people in every nation so just avoid such people more there is a reason behind such hate which is ISI who never tried to show their friendly face to Afghans but currently their polices also changed and hope in the future both nations will be best friends of each other.



  • sayed

    by the way did you heard that evidences? or just believe on rumors ? I do not refuse that those terrorists used Afghanistan land as a base but do not forget that Pak Army ISPR officially several time announced that all 7 terrorists was Pakistanies.

    more also do not forget that every day hundards of innocent Afghans also being killed by suicide bombers through Haqani Network Taliban’s who were supporting till April 2014 by Pakistan but we Afghans never show such anger on general Pakistani public or nation.Recommend

  • sayed

    The Land which was disputed and still disputed called Khyber Agency till Attock and maybe rulers of both countries has been changed but the issue is still alive which need to be resolved by both current PAK/Afghan Governments.Recommend

  • Saif Nadeem

    Let me assure you we had enough of your people. Our backs are groaning and breaking under the burden. As a businessman you will be useful to Afghanistan. So go there. I think both countries will gain. Time for talking is over and it is time for action. Please leave peacefully before we have to force your people out.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “It is only because Kabul agreed to be puppet state of India and interfere in Pak for 60 years that all the problems there started. ”

    Look at it from an Afghan perspective, they had a claim over some of the Pashtun areas which were a part of the western part of undivided India, in 1947, all of a sudden they see a new country next to them called Pakistan which had forcibly occupied Balochistan, what the Afghans would have asked from India are now asking from Pakistan because they believe the Pashtun areas are legitimately theirs just like Pakistan wants Kashmir because majority are Muslims.

    “Pakistanis saved Afghanistan from Soviet Union while Afghanis were running all over the world to claim asylum and live on khayrat.”

    Pakistan was not a fan of the Soviets and hence it would not be appropriate to say Pakistanis did Afghans a favour, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were afraid of the Soviet expansion and hence they decided to fight the Soviets, the Afghans have a long history of fighting the occupation which many of your own generals say when it suits them.

    There are Pakistanis also who run around for asylum and what you describe as khairat, you must be a Sunni following the version of faith that is being practiced by Taliban and hence you are not able to see it.

    Ever wondered what is Kerry Luger bill and Friends of Pakistan stands for, most in the world believe that is Khairat.

  • Prashant

    I am wondering how would the Pakistanis react if they are asked to leave Europe and America.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Spot on.Recommend

  • Prashant
  • Gratgy

    We are not talking about muslims perception about themselves, we are talking of the native whites perception about them in the same way you native pakistanis perceive afghansRecommend

  • Humza

    I think you know that the the Taleban are the same remnants of the Mujahdeen used by the US and West to defeat the Soviets. Pakistan allowed itself to be used to defeat the Soviets. Ironies abound in the world but now you need to say that Afghans should go back to Kabul and help rebuild their own country.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    what kind of anger would you like to show the Pakistani public. Please answer to the following before being “angry”
    Terrorism is from your people. ever since 1900 you have been a land of strife.
    Thievery and general lawlessness is from you, as cities with refugees see a sharp rise in petty crime.
    You are the most known drugdealers, almost the entire supply of hard drugs in Pakistan comes from you. This destroys thousands of lives per day.
    You create the most noxious social extremism with enforcing beards, banning girls education, forced marriage and a -plethora of other inhumane ways.
    They are the ones who kidnap children and then sell them across the border. This destroys young lives.
    The largest number of abused children is because of you. Almost 90% of Afghan refugees abuse their children.
    So please feel free to show “anger” after you answer thisRecommend

  • sayed

    Do not forget that Afghans still did not recognize the Durand Line as an international boarder therefore force deportation is not possible for Pakistan as well and more please note that only undocumented and unregistered Afghans will be sent back because these people can be used either by Pakistani Taliban or by Afghan Taliban.

    and can you let me know that what type of burden are you talking about? all Afghans who are living in urban areas in Pakistan and have established businesses paying several type of indirect and direct taxes and if Pakistan do not has any clear policy or law for direct taxation for foreigners who are doing business here in Pakistan it is not our fault.Recommend

  • Fareed Khan Afridi.

    In one comment you say “Pakistanis will die of hunger” if
    Afghans remove their businesses. You turn around and
    say ” I love Pakistan more than any Pakistani”. then you
    comment “we are here to extend the Afghan border from Torkham to Attock” You are severely confused. And if
    after 32 years you cannot decide where your loyalties are
    then you should be packing your bags. You are an Afghan.
    Make no mistake. An ungrateful Afghan. You belong there.
    And confused aberrations like you are dangerous. You are
    not wanted here. “do not like Indians” ….will not help either.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Studies and surveys of a university which are peer reviewed and conducted by people who know what they are doing, being compared to a personal column and a hate website. Oh my God such a close contest of integrity, sooooo soooooo close. Prashant, I really respect you, and I like talking with you here, but come on dude, even you can’t say that these two are similar in integrity and scope lol.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    And I have been from the very onset been saying that afghans THEMSELVES do not want to integrate. They themselves think that they are not going to integrate. My ENTIRE argument is that even if british people do not think that muslims are making an effort to integrate , even then muslims and pakistanis consider Britain their home. While here we see that Afghan refugees think of others as either westernized low grade muslims who cannot compare to their high grade of Islam and consider Pakistan to be a western ally and therefore an enemy. They call the Pakistani pashtuns as “illegitimate children of western soldiers” because they did not come to Afghanistan to fight, they call the Punjabis as “Dall Khor illegitimate children” , same with sindhis and baloch people.
    What is one supposed to say to these people. ON the other hand the vast majority of Pakistanis in Britain are completely opposite as studies have shown.Recommend

  • Ramchand [hindi speaker]

    You so vociferously and vehemently defend the Punjabis when the
    blog, context or issue has nothing to do with Punjab or Punjabis. Also
    for some reason you have a deep abiding hatred for Urdu Speakers.
    Nobody cares if you have 50,000 Afghan friends. Or you love Urdu
    Speakers. Because your comments are saying something else.

  • Gul Bahadur Marri.

    In this day and age businesses are transferable. Afghans
    should not have any problems transferring their businesses
    to Afghanistan. Your country will need all the economic
    stimulus it can get. And whether you recognize the Durand
    Line or not is irrelevant. You are not wanted in Pakistan.
    And you are no longer welcomed. Time for repatriation is
    here. Afghans are not upstanding good citizens. because
    of their “extra curricular activities” outweigh everything else.Recommend

  • Hypocrisy?

    “Pakistan which had forcibly occupied Balochistan”
    Please don’t fabricate lies . Makran, Lasbela and most of Balochistan was integrated peacefully. The separatists say that there were problems in Kalat but the Khan actually ruled under Pakistan peacefully. The rest of Balochistan (ruled by Oman) was also integrated peacefully (unlike Goa).

    It was Nehru and Mountbatten who said choose Pak or India to the states.

    In contrast the invasion of Hyderabad by India involved military action and deaths of civilians.

    “they believe the Pashtun areas are legitimately theirs”
    Kashmir is disputed, the British (and the world) agree to this
    Durand line is not disputed, the British (and the world) agree to this

    ” hence they decided to fight the Soviets”
    That does not negate the fact that we cared for millions of refugees. Isn’t all politics about self interest?Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Again that is your perception not Afghans, Ask the Whites they will say Pakistanis do not want to integrate.
    Pakistani Muslims in UK look down on white women, call them immoral and other vile names and then indulge in grooming activitiesRecommend

  • Humza

    Trust me – no one will die of hunger because of Afghan business which is largely confined to smuggling, prostitution and peddling. Please take your business back to Afghanistan or to your masters in India where you can prevent hunger there. We all know how your business prevents hunger in other countries where you run for asylum like in Europe or Canada where most Afghans don’t work.Recommend

  • Hazara ka bunda

    “..I like Punjabies more than Pakhtons…because they are educated…”
    The Sindhis, the Balochis, the Muhajjirs, the Hazaras, the Baltis
    the Pathans are not educated? You think so? Only Punjabies?
    Something is very wrong here. You sound like a desperate man.
    All your comments in this blog are beyond the pale. YOU definitely
    need to GO BACK to Afghanistan. You should go help your new
    rising nation. With your ‘businesses’ or business. Urgently.Recommend

  • Hypocrisy?

    I would like to add that I do disagree with Pakistanis on this section who are speaking of forcefully ejecting the refugees. Repatriation should happen in an organised way in agreement with the refugees.Recommend

  • Aslam shaikh

    No Sir, Enough is enough! No further deteriorating… Afghans must go to their Land and be happy.Recommend

  • Prashant
  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Again I will like any study which shows that Afghans want to integrate. I have shown a study where Pakistanis and Muslims ahve shown that they like britain. Now it is upto you to show any genuine study where more than 80% of Afghans say that they like Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sammy

    I dont think anything your said makes any sense. any meagre benefits they bring if any bring too much burden on Pakistan in terms of terrorism, economic downfall Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Again as I have said earlier, your study is irrelevant to the discussion. We are not talking about immigrants opinion about themselves we are talking about the natives opinion of the immigrants. I showed you a study where only 28% of Britons believe Pakistanis are willing to integrateRecommend

  • Hypocrisy?

    Well they are in a minority and abroad though.

    Mr Marri’s own brother is in the National assembly and a number of Baloch are with the government such as Mr Mengal.
    I could easily bring up links of Kashmiri separatists bringing up Indian occupation.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “I could easily bring up links of Kashmiri separatists bringing up Indian occupation.”

    You could? You have on multiple occasions, else would Indians take any interest in Balochistan?

    We ourselves accept that there is an issue in Kashmir but we do not see handing over Kashmir to anyone as a resolution.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    No we are talking about the immigrant population. Try to read the blog. it is about Afghans. And when you presented the British “similarity” i showed you a real survey where it is shown that even though many Brits may not realize it but Muslims want to become a part of Britain.So that basically renders your “similarity” moot. However , as you were showing such bad grace that I told you that if you can show even one single good study of Afghans willing to integrate in Pakistan then we can say that yes they are trying.
    Good LOrd, it takes so much space to make you understand lol.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Is the person i originally replied to an immigrant? So what crap are you talking about. Talking to you is like banging my head against the wall. So long.. Have fun posting irrelevant stats while I get ahead with my lifeRecommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Yes please please go get ahead in your life. Feel free to post your nobel speech here. And don’t worry, this is indeed a good way to slither away from a discussion when you have been beaten into the proverbial pulp lol. Btw, the next time you try to argue about something do make sure you google it. Kinda makes me sad to see people like you who just think that no one will negate their views Recommend

  • Hamidah Fawad

    Don’t worry. I agree with you. But I also believe that those afghan’s who want to go back should be facilitated and those who are here illegally should either be given permanent status or be repatriated.Recommend

  • I mean not every afghan has the intention of ruing and destroying Pakistan and harming its people and is NOT responsible for the terrible things that happened to Pakistan and it’s residents . We feel bad about that too . But the solution is not ” kicking out ” every single afghan that is sort of like an overreaction . I was born raised spend my whole life in Pakistan I am not ‘ cut out ” for Afghanistan , most people would rather ” die” than to move back to ” filthy ” Afghanistan . What the Pakistan government is doing is both unfair and unrealistic and incredibly disrespectful to our people .The kindest and the most helpful thing for all concerned would be to catch the ones malicious intent and leave alone the ones who are just trying to live happily ( like me ) …

    Politics is not my cup of tea but I guess the bombing and the incidents will persist brother other countries are involved the political world is a lot bigger than you think . Even If we do relocate its not guaranteed that Pakistan will be safe and sound and the people will live happily ever after . Individuals are innocent my sister is innocent . If Pakistan government is not capable of getting rid of ” terrorists ” then don’t ever you ever blame afghan people for that . But you know what my parents live in America in a few months I will be with them but heart goes out to to other afghans . Have a great day brother ——–Recommend

  • Rafeeq

    You need to know the Pak Afghan border has been hostile and considered a soft border ever since Pakistan became a separate state, long long before the USSR seized Afghanistan.

    Afghanistan and Pakistan each has a history of supporting each others criminals and separatists with Afghanistan supporting Baloch nationalists from the very beginning and Pakistan doing the same for wanted men in Afghanistan. Even during peaceful times, Afghanistan has had always supported the ‘Pakhtunistan’ issue in Pakistan which makes and has made Afghanistan a natural ally of India.

    There are shades of gray and nothing is black or white my friend. Welcome to the real worldRecommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Bhutto’s government and army started destabilizing Afghans from 1973 onward. Soviets army came because of the destabilization caused by Islamist supported by Pakistan in 1979. Keep it in mind that even Palestinians were butchered by Pakistani Brigadier Zia Ul Haq in September 1970 in Jordan. Pakistani army was used as tool to destabilize whole subcontinent and even Asia.Recommend

  • Spend a lot of time here Prashant, on a Pakistani blog bashing Pakistan. Are there no jobs in India? Or did your local college not accept you resulting in so much free time?Recommend

  • Sacred

    These Afghans should be deported immediately from Pakistan. They have been living here for 30+ years. And at the same time they defame and hate on Pakistan! It is time they go back. And they never come back. The border should be sealed, fenced, electrified and border guards should have a shoot-on-sight policy for anyone trying to illegally cross the border.Recommend

  • Sacred

    We don’t want any Afghans in Pakistan at all.Recommend

  • aseer

    What aingles r u people discussing total one sided , and just tell me one can say that we will b enjoying forever and our country will not face the same problem jus imagine
    Allah may not bring such suituation in pak but just for example if v r forced to b displaced and compled to go find protection in other countries and every country ask
    What did pakistani do for them the option is only afghanistan to whom v can remind that v r the people who supported u for 40 years , though i believe all of them will not treat us as v did them, but v can not think about india iran bangladesh and china they have no payback reason.Recommend

  • rafaqat

    umre sahi that’s not right you saying to poor people out of Pakistan that’s not right it was not afghani it was Pakistani talban who attak school and india paid them think about small childers how the ganna live in that contrey where the got nothing left and muslim love poor people you must bi from Nawaz family uk should tell every Pakistani live uk I will like that the way you saying to afghani there are Pakistani muderers in ukRecommend

  • Gratgy

    English please.Recommend

  • Sajid

    And who stoped the Russians from Raping Afghan women? It was ISI.Recommend

  • Shahid Hameed

    according to immigration Law foreigners can not get Pakistani nationality when they get married with Pakistani Girl..Recommend