Willful ignorance

Published: February 4, 2015

I am impatient, Lord. I cannot wait. When will You set us free? When will You liberate? PHOTO: REUTERS

What do you want, God? What do you need?

Submission, obedience and blind faith; is that all you require of me?


I am sorry, my Lord; this dogma I refuse to accept,

From the Master of the universe, more compassion do I expect,

You are the Vicegerent, the Supreme and the Omnipotent,

Am I alive to live in fear? Is that how I am supposed to view your strength?


My heart does not believe it! It does not concur,

It trusts a God of mercy and benignity, not tyranny and terror,

They kill in Your name; they torment and subjugate,

Will bigotry prevail over forbearance? Is that our fate?


They shed blood of the “unbelievers”, innocent though they may be,

They set it as a precedent, a warning for the world to see,

They call me a heathen, an infidel for the way I dress,

Under the guise of seeking Your favour, members of Your creation do they oppress,

Why are You silent, God? Don’t You See?


I have been told that anything can happen when You just say, “be”!

I am impatient, Lord. I cannot wait.

When will You set us free? When will You liberate?

Call me a heretic; yes, you may!

I am prepared to contest this wilful ignorance; I am ready for the fray!

Khushbakht Vaka

Khushbakht Vaka

An accountant and auditor by profession, Khushbakht’s interests include reading and writing. She is also a member of Women’s Action Forum (WAF).

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