Willful ignorance

Published: February 4, 2015

I am impatient, Lord. I cannot wait. When will You set us free? When will You liberate? PHOTO: REUTERS

What do you want, God? What do you need?

Submission, obedience and blind faith; is that all you require of me?


I am sorry, my Lord; this dogma I refuse to accept,

From the Master of the universe, more compassion do I expect,

You are the Vicegerent, the Supreme and the Omnipotent,

Am I alive to live in fear? Is that how I am supposed to view your strength?


My heart does not believe it! It does not concur,

It trusts a God of mercy and benignity, not tyranny and terror,

They kill in Your name; they torment and subjugate,

Will bigotry prevail over forbearance? Is that our fate?


They shed blood of the “unbelievers”, innocent though they may be,

They set it as a precedent, a warning for the world to see,

They call me a heathen, an infidel for the way I dress,

Under the guise of seeking Your favour, members of Your creation do they oppress,

Why are You silent, God? Don’t You See?


I have been told that anything can happen when You just say, “be”!

I am impatient, Lord. I cannot wait.

When will You set us free? When will You liberate?

Call me a heretic; yes, you may!

I am prepared to contest this wilful ignorance; I am ready for the fray!

Khushbakht Vaka

Khushbakht Vaka

An accountant and auditor by profession, Khushbakht’s interests include reading and writing. She is also a member of Women’s Action Forum (WAF).

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  • Rashid

    Superb!!! very nice words…Recommend

  • hassankhan

    Megatronic facepalm……

    Lady if some people are killing in the name of ALLAH(swt) that does not mean that our Creator wants the same for us.

    You should invocate to ALLAH(swt) for help instead of going around and mock His powers.

    Do you have any doubts in ALLAH(swt) Powers???Recommend

  • MA

    Questioning and protesting is all fine and is necessary for self discovery. Iqbal wrote ‘shikwa’ and was called kafir but then he wrote ‘jawabe shikwa’. Let us see if you follow the same path, 10 to 20 years down the road!Recommend

  • tman

    just come out and say you hate Islam .. that would be shorterRecommend

  • Parvez

    I get where you’re coming from and it reads well ….. but the question that beggars to be answered is that why can’t we open our eyes, our minds, our hearts and do something right to help ourselves………and THEN I am certain God will help us.Recommend

  • Syfullah

    Every Muslims needs to learn the Quran. Quran can give far better solution then others. Learn Quran and inspire others to learn the Quran.Recommend

  • shahroze

    Awesomely have you written the words but do not ask GOD to proof you as he already did by enlightening you,by empowering you to distinguish right from wrong.
    Stay Blessed.Recommend

  • Imad Uddin

    It would be inappropriate if in response to this piece of poetry someone started presenting “unsolicited advices” to the writer, but she has raised her points so brutally that it demands an involved discussion. When I was twelve years old, I remember my mamu a doctor whk had a clinic near our home, used to come at evening tea with my father and discuss with him things you said in your poetry… like God does not ned anything from us…my father use to nod and laugh. I also rmbr tht mamu argued tht quran says tht sun is moving in a rounded path… etc, in fact my mamu had a translation in his clinic and each time used to come with a new argument. once after mamu left i asked my dad what he actuaally was saying n my dad said in his typical humorous style, ” har kisi ki apni mantaq hoti he”…. i later asked him why shouldnt i read the quran with meaning…. n my dad prohibited me by saying dont go so deep into these afairs “nhi to tum kahi k bhi nhi raho ge”
    tht fired my curiosity, at a completely diferent level… if there is a God, I belong to him,n if quran is from Him or nof from Him… How should i seek Him and what He wants.
    my father never sent me to the madarsa near our home, saying ” waha har qism k bache hote he is ki zabaan kharab ho jae gi” so i finished my frst recitation of Quran v late. But i began to read its meaning when i was 12 or 13…
    my frst “sacrifice” for God was when I gave up a dance performance on ary from my school, when i was in class nine… obviously not properly understanding why dancing is bad. My mom got really annoyed tht i dont show my best talents etc..
    during all my teenage i was trying to figure out whether the peace in sprituality has more “utility” or enjoying carefree.?
    At the same time i used to feel tht this is perhaps a wrong comparison to be made.
    The fear of God came in several colors. Some of those were suffocating. But some, along with thrthe knowkedge of his mercy were beautiful.
    in the mid teenage my ” taubahs” n “duas” began to be filled with tears. N i realised tht any of the wrst things i did to feel joy were pale and not lasting in comparison ti those spritual experiences….
    the made me so light and peaceful…like i cunt describe.
    by late teenage i used to swing like a pendulums between light and dark form of “utility”.
    And gradually something unexpected happened, i started feeling more n more stress n suffocation while watching movies n listening music.
    Whenever i was dragged by my family to darker fun..i began to feel sufficated… no idea why
    now the fear of God had a completely different shape and form…..
    it is not anything different fron love of God… and closest rekationship with God… something so powerful, tht cleaning tht heart became so easy…. it became so easy to forgive others n forget….
    when u have a biggest challenge in front of you fear of God can wash away all other fears..
    it is like the brightest light you need.
    but when i get drowned in the world the fear of God bites me. But tht reminds of the reality.
    when i move into the shadows and cdarkness, i become weak likeeverything becums uncertain.
    You said u r impatient , how long can u wait for His reply before giving up? 30 years, 30 mnths, 30 wweeks. .. i have an advice tht would consume ur 30 Hours. Watch 30 hours of maulana Tariq Jameels lectures, my spritual inspiration, to see How God is like, irrespective of however however ludicrous u find what he says, n however repetetively he says tht.
    Those who kill innocent in the name of God r responsible 4 their own acts, n must b strongly condemned.
    Sry for dragging it so badly n baring m ugly self. Perhaps everything i shared is not relevant to your curiosity.
    This world is full of empty people. dont doubt God because of them.
    n if you reallt happen to do tht 30 hour exercise do advise me too, on how can we fill our empty parts…
    after all we all r perfect at being incomplEte…
    looking forward to reading more from u.
    i ended up just the way i never wanted, ive never felt so silly…


  • Parvez

    God helps those who help themselves………Recommend

  • fm

    Wonderful! I know too many otherwise rational people who suspend their critical thinking ability when it comes to religion. A lot of times its not only the sociological, historical, geopolitical ignorance but its the ignorance about religion itself. Most people haven’t even read the quran’s translation and just blindly follow the mullahs narrative and their brand of islam.Recommend

  • Sid

    Salute dear, for beautifully expressing your thoughts.Recommend

  • Sid

    Her thoughts reflects problem with all religion and not just Islam.Recommend