PEGIDA anti-Muslim riots: Is Germany flirting with its dark past?

Published: January 12, 2015

Members of the Pro Cologne party protest the plans to build a mosque in Cologne, Germany. PHOTO: AFP

A German youth carrying a national flag and an anti-Islamic sign during a protest in Cologne, Germany, in 2009. PHOTO: REUTERS A picture taken on December 15, 2014 shows supporters of the PEGIDA movement, taking part in a rally in Dresden, eastern Germany. PHOTO: AFP Members of the Pro Cologne party protest the plans to build a mosque in Cologne, Germany. PHOTO: AFP

There is no such thing as racism in Germany. Or at least in theory, there isn’t. After the Second World War, Berlin was reduced to rubble by the Allied Forces, revealing the horrors of the Holocaust that Nazism left behind. At the time, the question, “how did we let this happen?” was never fully answered.

The Allies and the Soviet were too busy contemplating the future of Germany. The issue of intolerance and racism was never really dealt with but was rather suppressed deep within the sub-conscience of the Nazi apologists. And overnight, anti-Semitism became unfashionable. But looking back after 70 years, the xenophobia of the minority of Germans still lingers on in different forms and shape.

On January 5, 2015, the country’s largest “anti-Islam” PEGIDA protest took place in the city of Dresden with a record number of 18,000 people. This was not a joke anymore; this was now something that the liberals could not ignore. It might be slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

But what exactly is PEGIDA and what does it stands for?

Just like any other nation, German politics can essentially be divided into two fractions – the Liberals and the Conservatives. The Liberals includes left-wing parties as SPD (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands), Die Linke (a collection of leftover political parties from the Communist era) and an internet-based political party, Die Piratenpartei. The Conservatives include CDU (Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands), led by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

But in recent history, the far right-wing political parties such as Nationaldemokratiche Partei Deutschland (NDP) and Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) are now making their voices heard at parliament. They demand the “German people” to be their utmost priority. Borrowing the phrase from the reunification era “Wir sind ein Volk” (We are one people), they aim to cleanse Germany from “foreign culture”, decreasing the amount of immigrants and encouraging xenophobic values in the German society (hence their slogan “Maria statt Scharia!” (Maria instead of Sharia).

PEDIGA is a political movement that, more or less, flirts with the principles of these extreme right-wing parties. Its leader, Lutz Bachmann, started this movement as a tool to fight against the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and their shipment of weaponry. Lutz fancies a well groomed beard, has been arrested in the past for the possession of cocaine, drunk driving, burglary and fled to South Africa to avoid the German justice system. But what started off as a Facebook page in October 2014 has now slowly grown in popularity amongst the extreme conservatives. Arguably, for a minority of Germans, this political movement speaks for them which they have been afraid to say openly against Ausländer (foreigners) for a long period of time without being labelled as “Nazis“. Or at least that’s what they claim not to be.

On December 18, 2014, local German news channel ARD conducted interviews with the PEGIDA protestors. Almost every protester began their argument with,

“Ich bin kein Nazi aber…”

(I’m not a Nazi but…)

The PEGIDA members are also keen on not speaking to the local press as they consider them to be “Lügenpresse” (liar press). Many young protesters, aged between 20 and 35, were hesitant speaking about the uncomfortable feeling that they have around Ausländer, particularly Turkish or those with Muslim roots, while the senior citizens spoke openly, demanding the expulsion of Muslims from Europe and better pension plan for the ‘true Germans’. One female protester admitted that observing mosques being built around her home city makes her feel incredibly uncomfortable as she would not like to spend Christmas “in a mosque in the near future”.

As interested as I am in politics and human behaviour, I asked every liberal and non-liberal German for their point of view about this political movement. Some are saddened at the way things are progressing in Germany while others still refuse to take them seriously. With a unworried wave of their hand, they proclaim,

“Pfff, it’ll pass away!”

While sharing a cup of coffee with an elderly German actor, who coincidently comes from Dresden, I diverted the topic towards the recent PEGIDA movement. With a bit of hesitation, he told me that while not being a member, he still felt some form of sympathy towards the movement. He argued,

“But you should not fear as PEGIDA is only against Muslim extremists and not against well-spoken and articulate Muslims such as yourself.”

Of course, many Europeans now fear that once “Muslim extremism” enters, the law of Sharia is soon to follow. The recent Charlie Hebdo attack escalated this mind-set to a whole new level. To them, the laws of Islam seem incompatible with the European lifestyle.

But of course, the liberals have spoken out against the PEGIDA movement. Anti-PEGIDA rallies have emerged in cities like Munich and Cologne. Thousands have shown their support towards diversity and understanding between the two cultures. Even Chancellor Merkel has openly spoken against the PEGIDA movement, stating that the group is “full of prejudice, chilliness, even hatred”. Recently, 50 prominent German figures ran an open letter against the PEGIDA movement and the rising xenophobia in the biggest local newspaper BILD.

But after all this, the members of PEGIDA still disassociate themselves from Nazism and any form of racism or discrimination. The first sentence of their “Constitution” on Facebook reads:

 “PEGIDA ist fur die Aufnahme von Kriegsflüchtlingen und politisch oder religiös verfolgten. Das ist Menschenpflicht!”

(PEGIDA is for the admission of war refugees and political or religious persecution. This is a duty men owe!)

Ironically, nowhere in their constitution do they specifically mention the word ‘Islam’ although the word “Sharia” is mentioned and integration with Muslims is discouraged, while supporting ‘Christian/ Jewish’ dominated culture. They also stand against immigration, particularly the Muslim population, but support war refugees in their homeland. After scuffling through their list of ideas, the last sentence of their “Constitution” seemed, to me, a bit puzzling:

“PEGIDA ist gegen Hassprediger, egal welcher Religion zugehörig!”

(PEGIDA is against preachers of hate, no matter what religion they belong to!)

But the movement itself spells acrimony and expulsion of Islam or Muslims from their vision of Germany. Does that not qualify as “hate preaching”?

For my social curiosity, I decided to give PEGIDA the benefit of the doubt and not trust the “Lügenpresse” for now. I wanted the members to speak for themselves. So I decided to add myself to their closed Facebook group page, the place where it all began. But would they accept me, a non-white male with a Muslim background, as their member?

A day passed without a word but then finally, I was accepted into the group. While browsing through their page, it was filled with nothing but anti-Muslim propaganda, with total of 1,411 group members, majority being white Germans.

But could one reason with these people?

I then decided to write a formal, friendly post, asking the members that instead of hatred, they should join hands in building dialogue between the two worlds and diminish the misunderstandings between us. Here is my post:

And this is the response from the group members:

A day later, the group admin kicked me out of the Facebook group and blocked me from it. Guess I was spreading the vile concept of “dialogue and reason” that they are not very fond of. I laughed off their uninspired slogans of racism and bigotry. Apparently the PEGIDA members talk not so differently from their right-wing extreme counterparts that they so desperately want to distance themselves from. It is already apparent that you cannot reason with people who withhold racist or bigoted tendencies. I’ve faced such people in Pakistan alone so this was nothing new for me. Such people exist everywhere, in every corner of the earth.

After living in Germany for almost three years, it is arguably, one of the least racially inclined European nations I have ever come across. Many Germans still do remember what the consequences of preaching hate and ignorance can lead to. Whether its prejudice against Muslims, Jews, Gypsies or even homosexuals, they all have a similar way to go about it. But that still doesn’t excuse the fact that the morality of the German people has been flirting with its dark past for quite some time now. With a blink of an eye, 1933 could happen all over again.


Jibran Khan

An independent filmmaker who has worked on numerous short films and has taught Film Theory at Szabist University. Currently he is studying Media Arts and Design at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. Follow his Youtube channel at

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Anti-NAzi

    Oh,why everything originating from Germany had to be equated to Nazis….
    Martin Luther was a German who freed Europe from the clutches of the rigid Catholicism and helped Europe lift away from Dark Ages and spark Rennaisance movement…

    Karl Marx and Frederick Engels were German too….so was Albert Einstein..

    The problem the Europeans are facing from Muslims are that they are refusing to integrate with the European society but they want Europe to follow their law…In Pew survey,an overwhelming majority European muslims in even countries like Sweden,Norway wanted Sharia law to be imposed in Europe and blasphemy laws and death for apostacy…

    This is troubling considering that many of them gained asylum to escape from the sharia law from their host country….

    Also,the problem is that the rights which muslims want to exercise is directly against the rights of non-muslims..

    In Belgium,Bacon was forced off the public school lunch menu after protests from Muslims..

    In Hague,Netherland, the muslims are trying to outlaw having dogs as pets….

    In a mall in Birmingham,the Santa Claus event was cancelled after Muslims protested against it…

    In few KFCs in England,hand wipes were taken off as they contained alcohol….

    Whenever,the natives try to confront,they use the standard words like ‘racism’,’Islamophobia’,political correctness etc….In fact,the victims of Rotherham scandal complaints werent investigated by police officers because they feared that the muslims who indulged in this might slap a racism charge and he might lose the job…Many politicians are bending to muslims because they secure votebanks for them…

    Add to the fact,a few hatemongers like Anjem choudhary,Abu Hamza directly preach hate messages against non-believers

    Therefore,these people are showing that they are getting tired of having their culture getting destroyed by the immigrants…and I’m sure that they wont reach the level of NazisRecommend

  • HZR

    Novel comment about Germany is misplaced and coming from a society which has no space for minorities including fellow coreligionists.Germany and other EU nations fear the rise of Islam will undermine their societies and way of life as proved by the recent Charlie Hebdo incident. Can you blame them for this and what is surprisng is that followers of other religions have no such issue.They seem to get along fine not jsut in Germany but in all of Europe as well.Recommend

  • Homajon

    There is hundred times more racism from Turkish immigrants towards Germans than the other way round..
    If you had seen how young Turks are behaving in buses…shouting, vandalizing, cursing German people on the street, harassing girls, spitting at them….then you could understand why some of the Germans become ‘racist’, especially toward Turks!
    How would Turks react if millions of people from 1 country would immigrate to Turkey and behave the way Turks are behaving in Germany: living in parallel societies, not speaking the German well, even in the second and third generation, permanently insulting their hosts and their traditions, being extremely criminal….Many young Turks commit crime and live the gangster lifestyle.Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    You cannot blame them for all these.That is what is happening around the world.They are marking their territory.If you people cannot tolerate your own people like ahmediyas and Shia, how do you expect them to accept the nonsense happening around the world????Recommend

  • Homajon

    For those who understand German, there is a very good documentation called (google it):

    Kampf im Klassenzimmer – Deutsche Schüler in der Minderheit
    (translated: Fight in classroom – German pupils in the minority)

    This film shows, that German pupils in schools with mostly Turkish pupils virtually live in hell!
    They are insulted, mobbed, beaten brutally, treated as scum on earth…only because they are German! You would never see that in a school with mostly German pupils and a Turkish minority. And it’s not just in school, it’s everywhere! Most violent crimes are committed by Turks, and their victims are almost always Germans. Russian immigrants also have high violent crime rates, but the Russians are only fighting each other, but the Turks almost only beat German guys, because they hate the Germans and because they consider the German guys as physically weak!

    The only racism that exists in Germany is Turkish and it is directed against Germans! And still the Germans have this extremely high level of tolerance, due to their memories of the Nazi rule.

    Just imagine millions of immigrants live in Turkey, their sons have terrible school grades, they hate Turks, they commit every day violent crimes against Turk, they are general extremely criminal, they consider Turkish girls as hoes and treat them like hoes, they hate everything German….how would Turkish politicians react, and especially how would the Turkish population react?!Recommend

  • Dr.Anon

    I have a bunch of half-German,half-Indian cousins,living in Germany. They are non-Muslims,but do employ Muslims (Turkish housekeepers,nannies etc.) in their homes. This movement has no support from my relatives or their other German relatives,friends & colleagues- so,I think that the authors fears may be exaggerated …?
    What Indian Hindus & Pakistani Muslims should be much,much more bothered about first is ; hating Indian non-Hindus & Pakistani non-Muslims inside their own countries, respectively : rather than about white Germans disliking foreign/immigrant Muslims (Turkish,Algerian,Morroccan,Pakistani,Bangla etc.) living,inside the Germans own country.
    Indians & Pak…accept your own non-foreign,indigenous religious minorities first.Do away with communal disharmony,suspicions,violence,ghar-wapsi etc…then later,teach Germans & Europeans a lesson in loving their non-German,non-white,foreign minorities.

  • Sunny Shines

    Buddy, you should have taken help from Anjam Choudry of UK to deal with that situation.. He is good at handling UK, you know, in these matters..Recommend

  • Reddy

    if a protest makes them nazis and makes you remember holocaust( which most Muslims deny out rightly),what should they make of muslims. you go there ,seek refugee status,political asylum or better life..once you become significant populace,you somehow miss your home country or brain and wanna make some absurd changes to social fabric of the state starting from halal meat to curb on bikinis on a beach and changing class rooms to masques(changing the menus to accommodate your nonsense),if that is not enough occasionally blowing up somebody/something cuz he/she doesn’t fallow ,understand or put up with your deranged ways.i think they are not only justified to hold a protest against your ilk but also you should be thankful that they are just holding a protest, had they taken leaf out of your would’ve been burned by now like the christian couple.Recommend

  • your_guest

    One question to the author, Why aren’t the Germans against Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs? There are significant number of these people now in Germany who come from India, Afghanistan, Srilanka and even Pakistan who are not Muslims. Some of them are not even integrated into German society and don’t speak German even after living their for 10 years. But I hardly see them expressing their discomfort with these people. Maybe because they mind of own business without bothering anyone.Recommend

  • Omair Babar

    well written Jibran. Glad to find you in your stride.Recommend

  • someone

    I must say Pakistanis have lots of guts to point finger at others while in their own country Ahamdais can’t call them Muslims and anyone with Isreal stamp on passport can not enter in Pakistan. Secretly they admire the Killing in Paris however are very quick to cry foul when European protest against the killings.Recommend

  • ab1990

    asking sharia is not good

    ‘Sharia controlled zone’ in Germany: Group of young Muslims patrolling city streets

  • UtkarshSinghNain

    The title is misleading. There have been no ‘riots’. And hating a religion is not the same as hating a race.
    Jews are a race and a religion. Islam is just a religion.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    There are extremists everywhere and in every country. to be frank germany is one of the most open countries for refugees/migrants. There are other scandinavian countries which enforce strict migration laws, but germany is very lenient. As I always say, we should not judge a nation by the actions of a few. 18k is not much, I think a white supremacist rally in the USA can pull bigger crowds in the southern states.Recommend

  • marik

    You know, if Muslims want the Liberals to take their side, it would be better if they became Liberal themselves. A liberal has a hard time siding with anyone who believes that the penalty for apostasy is death or who never speaks out against the fact the non-muslims are second class citizens in Muslim countries. Recommend

  • JayMankind

    No. Germany is dealing with the dark present that many nations are facing today.Recommend

  • Jibran Khan

    Actually, being a liberal myself, I dont think I agree that “They have to become liberal themselves”. You can tolerate someone else’s point of view without abiding to it. And vice versa. The problems with Pakistan unfortunately exceeds far beyond the “liberal vs conservative” questionRecommend

  • Sami

    Mr Jibran Khan Germany have so many problems and I am astonished that you are still living there?. The best way is to leave Germany for a developed and tolerant society like Pakistan. Let the Germans tackle their own problems and let the Pakistanis live in their own utopia back home.Recommend

  • wb

    Well put.

    There’s a saying in my language. Don’t point to the fly in another man’s dinner, when there’s a dead donkey in yours.Recommend

  • L.

    “Secretly they admire……” You do know that you are accusing a population of 200 million of inhumanity, right? Or do you live in the hearts of Pakistanis to have any idea of what they admire or not? Recommend

  • Milind A

    I can talk about Indian Hindus hating Indian non-Hindus…. First of all, the list of non-Hindus here include Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains & Buddhists. The Jains, Sikhs & Buddhists are not hated by Hindus.. Only Muslims & Christians i.e. folks of the Abrahamic faiths that look down upon Hinduism and adversely comment on our customs (idol worship, work of a devil) or don’t have any qualms to convert the world (Hindus included) to their fold, by claiming false superiority of their religions on others. Once this is stopped all Hindus would start loving these non-HindusRecommend

  • Jor El

    Thats a gud one … what language wud it be n whats’s the original quote ???Recommend

  • Jor El

    Thats a gud one … what language wud it be n whats’s the original quote ???Recommend

  • xyz

    True. Before we all try to clear away the speck of dust from the Germans eyes, we,sub-continental people,must remove the gigantic logs,from our own eyes.Recommend

  • Vish

    This saying is in Kannada. Maybe in other Indian languages as well.Recommend

  • Vish

    Err….. If you hadn’t noticed this article is by a Pakistani. Not sure where India comes into this. Unless you are trying to create a false equivalence (between India and Pakistan) where none exists.Recommend

  • Jor El

    whats the exact saying ???
    uuta nalli nona nodubeda … something something ?Recommend

  • Hmm…

    Everyone,( including jihadis ) hate with reasons that make sense to them.
    This is just ,your reason to hate.Recommend

  • Hmm…

    There is no equivalence between an Islamic country & a secular democracy. Apples & oranges.
    Pakistan does have a lot more religious intolerance than India has-there is no contesting that. But this doesn’t mean that there is no communal hatred in India. Communal & religious hatred are being fanned in India too & just because its lesser than in Pak. isn’t a reason for us to be satisfied with our modernity. Since when is an Islamic country like Pakistan,a benchmark for a Democracy like India ?Recommend

  • Jibran Khan

    Dear Reddy, fortunately I always try not to view the world so Black and White but focus on the grey areas in between them. I know a lot of muslims who are religious and are tolerant enough to accept European culture for what it is. The fanatical view lies on both ends of the specturm and none is better than the other. In this day and age, Ignorance, racism and bigotry should have no place in this worldRecommend

  • Critical

    Turkish population faced a similar situation with the Armenians back in 1900s and we all knew how they reacted…Recommend

  • Anti-Nazi

    Well,being conservative doesnt mean you should force your ideology into someone’s throat…..

    If drinking is against your culture,then dont drink but not threaten pubs in muslim dominated areas to close…

    If you dont want to eat non-halal meat,then go to a shop which provides one,dont force your office cafeteria to provide them…

    If you think a dog can annull your prayers,then try to live in a petless community,dont try to oulaw owning dogs as pets

    If you shouldnt touch alcohol,then dont work in Mark and Spencer where they sell wine instead of making a scene by refusing wine to customer because you dont want to touch it..

    If you dont like seeing women in bikini,then dont go to beach…

    If you dont believe in Santa,atleast allow the christian kids to have a photo-op with the Santa in the mall….

    If you dont like the fact that Britain sent their army to Afghanistan and Iraq,then write a complaint to the govt,dont throw out an Army veteran who came to buy in your shop..

    This is what is muslims should know..not everyone has the same beliefs as you,so you should allow them to practice their freedom while safeguarding yours….Recommend

  • Faulitics

    The author seems to have “whole heartedly condone any sort of violent actions”

    Condone means support. Comedy of errors.Recommend

  • Faulitics

    Why blame german society for trying to save itself? Is self-survival same as bigotry?Recommend

  • abhi

    How many demonstration happened in Pakistan in support of Charlie?Recommend

  • abhi

    If I read your post and responses, I will say the responses were very civilized to a post which was very condenscending in nature. While you accused that Germans not know the history of rest of the world you yourself admitted that you learned about European history while living in Germany and were not aware of many thing before you reached there. Now as you are going to Germany it is natural that you should learn about Germany because you went there by your own choice but you should not expect a German who is living in his own country must learn about your country/religion/culture. If some German do take that extra step you should be greatful. I can see none of the responders abused you or threatened to kill you, but still you are feeling offended and wrote a full blog on this.Recommend

  • Reddy

    “tolerant enough to accept European culture”

    is that a favor ?.if it is, to whom you are doing this favor..are they asking you to wear bikini top on a beach or are they forcing you to eat jelly beans,no. yet your ilk manged a ban on them from the menu altogether, in some cases santa claus.

    “The fanatical view lies on both ends of the specturm”

    is that punch line for muslims to draw some kinda equivalency ?.because there is no parallel,none whatsoever….i have not seen/heard a Buddhist asking for a class room break to attend prayers nor a sikh, hindu, jew altering cafeteria menu cuz it somehow offends their religion and the best of all Christians aren’t asking the schools not to teach “evolution” cuz it doesn’t agree with the bible.

    “Ignorance, racism and bigotry ”
    those very words are the trademarks of most muslims who live in europe today and add some kalashnikov and RDX…you will get the picture.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    Also sir do not forget that if we non-europeans go to European countries , it is more of our duty than theirs to adjust & shape our ways so that we remain compatible to them . After all do not we expect the same from any Foreigner settling in our societies??Recommend

  • Sami

    My dear brother still you are apologetic in your tone. I am a Pakistani like you but let us accept the ground realities and let us accept the truth. You cannot compare Muslim and Christian fanaticism with one viewpoint. The fanaticism among Muslims is the cause of killing among their own communities. The Europeans were like us 3-400 hundred years ago but now they are changed and your argument in this regard is invalid.
    A European Contemporary fanaticism will not kill anyone in their countries but a Muslim fanaticism have the ability to kill and look what is happening in our country and in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq Syria, Nigeria and so many incidents in other countries.Recommend

  • Hasan

    Care for your own medicine? How many demonstrations took place in Paris in support of APS Peshawar?

    That still doesn’t make it right though, all human lives are equally important and should be mourned as such.Recommend

  • NotSoCommon

    I guess the liberals for some time have been asking themselves the question “Do we Tolerate the Intolerant?” And I for one am slowly coming to answer that with a resounding “NO!!”Recommend

  • Johny

    Agree with you wholeheartedly Mr. Reddy. WHEN IN ROME DO AS THE ROMANIANS DO.Recommend

  • Jibran Khan

    Dear Faulitics, I wrote Condone as in “accepting the fact that the violence has been committed in the name of Islam” but I guess I could’ve used a different synonym for it. Nice catch though.Recommend

  • Jibran Khan

    Not really. In my opinion, self survival does not equal blaming the immigrants for their problems. Germany is also blessed with so many open minded intellectuals. I do not blame the German society but the movement of PEGIDA itself that give rest of the open minded germans a bad reputation.Recommend

  • Jibran Khan

    Dear Sami, after living in Germany for almost 3 years now, I think I have the right to praise or criticise the German Society since I feel I’m a part of it as well. I want see it remain diverse and colorful and not fall into the hands of people preaching prejudice and hate. Unfortunately, Pakistan is ridden with such peopleRecommend

  • L.

    How many demonstrations happened in Australia in support of Charlie? Yes, a vigil was held but most of them were French immigrants. Does that mean my country is also secretly admiring the attack? How many demonstrations happened in France against the Peshawar attacks? Does that mean France supported the murder of 140+ children? You do know that MANY indians, MANY, applauded that the Peshawar attacks, saying: “don’t worry, less terrorists for us to deal with”. Not only that, but MOST of the indian commentators on ET even refused to acknowledged the attack! Such is the humanity that you have depicted. Have Pakistanis been accusing your WHOLE country for admiring the attack based on the stupidity of these small minority? So come again: who exactly has given you the right to accuse my people of admiring these deaths?

    You know it’s is said: “if you make people think they are thinking, they’ll love you; but if you really make them think, they’ll hate you”.

    YOU CANNOT PAINT MILLIONS WITH THE SAME BRUSH. Get that through your head. Recommend

  • Jibran Khan

    Agreed. Integration from immigrants is necessary. But I guess you haven’t come across a German or European Nationalist who would never accept you as you are since you have different skin color, name or any other reason he could think of.Recommend

  • Sid

    To be honest dude. If you want the governments of the country where you want to live to adopt sharia then it is every right for it’s citizen to ask you to leave. In fact letting you be there even after you display your intention to change their social fabric speaks a lot about their tolerance. This attempt in your article to call them racist is criminally hypocritical at the least and only exposes how thankless Muslims are for all the goods they have received in those countries. It was your duty as liberal Muslim to keep your extremists brethren in check so that rest of your community does not feel this alleged racism. But you failed or simply never had intention to do so. And now with this rude wake up call you want to stand in defense of your liberal kinds who do not raise a voice against those who demand sharia in western countries ? Please introspect before you point fingers.Recommend

  • Ram

    Pakistanis all over the world are sharing Hitler and his message on why killed jews and left few to show the world he was killed them, I have seen that shared by most educated and even tolerant Muslims were sharing them on FacebookRecommend

  • Salma

    Every Nation will be pushed to the brink of taking such extreme positions if the situation develops the way it has been so far. Who can blame if the hawks take over the mantle of decision making in Germany or elsewhere? Insecurity is a powerful instinct and it makes an unreasonable person out of the otherwise most rational person. Unless the Muslim community as a whole calls the bluff of the extremist elements within its fold, it is of no use to blame the western societies for not being ideal democracies or a country like India for not being an ideal secular country. Hard facts. A dialogue cannot be initiated by demanding that only the side adhere to the norms of a civil society.Recommend

  • turtlehead

    LOL awesome catch ! english fail or secret got out ?? :PRecommend

  • turtlehead

    “when i first arrived in Germany i was a bit shocked how little the Europeans know about history outside Europe” – was this bit really necessary ? Are you trying to say you knew everything or at least a lot about European or World history when you arrived in Germany ? quit being a know all…and stop thinking people are supposed to know of you or your culture. You moved to Europe so you learnt about them..why do you expect them to know about you’re culture or history ??Recommend

  • 19640909rk .


    Why is it that there are protests against only Muslim in Europe. There are substantial populace of Hindus and Buddhists also. Why are they not protested against.

    ” Jis thali mein khate ho, usi mein ched karna” seems to be the motto of Mulims around the world.Recommend

  • Milind A

    At a superficial level your argument seems fine. But the hatred the jihadis have on the Western powers is partly contrived and partly based on reality.
    The dislike Hindus might have to the non-Hindus would be because of the past experience and the current obduracy of the later.Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    And yet there are liberals there who protest that on every problem faced by minorities , whether racial , religious etc. Compare this to the fact that such religious supremacism over your own country’s minority & bigotry espoused by your own country’s so-called Liberals , goes even untalked about .

    At least if there has been a single write-up by any Pakistani Liberal journalist (forget protest , only write-up) plz do reply me with a link.Recommend

  • Pappu Pager

    Interesting that the so called “liberal” author wants a “dialog” with the people who are at the receiving end of the Jihadis. The author should instead have a “dialog” with his muslim brethren, trying to put some sense into them about how to respect other cultures, keep their religion to themselves, and not to riot/pillage when you see non-halal food or a cartoon? Can the author first tell us what steps has he taken to have a “dialog” with his co-religionists? Surely your muslim brethren are not as hate-mongering as the PEGIDA members are, they will easily understand and accept to integrate, won’t they?Recommend

  • Iftekhar Khokhar

    The western media in the name of “independence of speech & opinion” has been inciting religious hatred of the highest degree against Muslims. A question arises, “is it so necessary to hurt others religious feelings”?? The answer to this question is very simple–“they do so as a pastime”. The bigotry on the part of western religious fanatics is now evident; and it should be condemned in letter & spirit besides curbing it with full force!!! These fanatics teach others to treat even the animals with kindness. On the contrary, they are committing horrendous acts against Muslims’ faith just to malign them, which, itself falls within the purview of extremism & intolerance. The reaction on the part of Muslims all over the world is not unjust & uncalled for. The western media should refrain from provocation whatsoever to avoid further global disturbances.Recommend

  • Sane

    Would you tell the way of secretly admiring?!!Recommend

  • Pappu Pager

    “I want see it remain diverse and colorful and not fall into the hands of people preaching prejudice and hate.”
    And for this you are preaching to the people who are “reacting” to the prejudice and hate being propagated by the certain immigrants in their country? If you really want to eradicate prejudice, you need go to the muslim majority areas and preach to them that “Muslims/Christians/Jews/Hindus/Sikhs/Buddhists” all are children of god and equal in the eyes of God. Anyone who says anything bad about other religions will go to hell.Recommend

  • Sane

    Then come back and correct your home first.Recommend

  • Alann

    There’s a very simple solution to that: Return back to your ‘home’ country. Muslims seek asylum in other countries for their own ‘security’ & ‘prosperity’ which they didn’t hope they would gain in their ‘Islamic’ homeland. Then once they are in significant numbers in those liberal countries that took them, they then try to convert those very liberal countries into those same Islamic hellholes they emerged from.

    Moral of the story: Live in your own Islamic country if you are so addicted to your Sharia and Islamic way of living. Don’t go live in other countries and then expect them to bend in front of your ‘Islamic’ demands.Recommend

  • Vish

    Thanks for agreeing with me.Recommend

  • abhi

    very funny post indeed.Recommend

  • abhi

    The irony is that mr author will actually have very little knowledge about even history of Pakistan.Recommend

  • 2nd attempt

    Adverse comment ? When we toured South India, my colleagues little daughter asked why there were figures of devils on top of the temples.We thought it was funny,since they did have fangs,red tongues & looked scary to a small child- would you consider her honest observation as an ‘adverse comment’ ? If it looked so, to a hindu child,why won’t it appear so,to non-hindus ? Don’t be so quick to get insulted. If your religion is so fragile & your ego,so weak,then you will always have reasons to be bigoted against minorities who’re citizens. Peace, patience & love to all.Recommend

  • JayMankind

    “their problems”? The Germans do not have problems. It is the immigrants who have them. They are uneducated, unemployable and all they do is think about archaic ideologies whose time has passed.Recommend

  • Pappu Pager

    “self survival does not equal blaming the immigrants for their problems.” Seriously? Do your middle eastern ‘brotherly’ countries bend over backwards to accommodate the demands of the Pakistani immigrants? Just compare the non-muslim immigrants to muslim countries and muslim immigrants to non-muslim countries. It seems only the muslim immigrants have problems, whereas the non-muslim immigrants easily adjust to the host countries. Also wonder why the muslim immigrants do not protest any unjust labor laws or injustices done to them by the Arab countries? Is it because the Arabs show a middle finger to human rights and shove all the protestors on the next available boat back to their countries? The Germans should outsource the muslim-immigration department to Arabs and see how quickly the muslim immigrants become more German than even the native German themselves. Muslims tend to take others’ tolerance as a sign of weakness.Recommend

  • Milind A

    “Don’t be so quick to get insulted.”
    Not at all… If a child or a layman passes an ‘adverse comment’, I won’t be bothered. In fact, I’ve worked in the Western world for most of my career and have gotten used to such type of ‘adverse queries’ from my Western colleagues. That’s fine.
    I’m talking about the ‘adverse comments’ from religious heads – the Pope (or his missionary), who talks about inter-faith reconciliation, preaches love, harmony.. but suddenly his mask comes off as he feels Christianity is stopped in its tracks by Hinduism.Recommend

  • Foaad

    did you watch the youtube clip??Recommend

  • Crap Hatter

    The footage of the riots show that all the rioters, without exception, were far left anti capitalists. They attacked police, private property and PEGIDA. The media once again is complicit in a “cover up” crafting a narrative that fits their prejudice.

  • Crap Hatter

    The footage of the riots show that all the rioters, without exception, were far left anti capitalists. They attacked police, private property and PEGIDA. The media once again is complicit in a “cover up” crafting a narrative that fits their prejudiceRecommend