What in the world is ‘Love Jihad’, India?

Published: January 10, 2015

A morphed image of Kareena Kapoor Khan showing her face half-covered with a veil has been used as the cover photo of the latest issue of Himalaya Dhwani, a magazine brought out by the women’s wing of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) called Durga Vahini.

A few days ago, whilst looking for a flat in Delhi, I approached a broker. With a pleasant smile on his face, the 27-year-old real estate agent ushered me into his two-room office. After I explained my requirements he asked me my name in a serious vein, as though everything depended on my reply.

“Sapan Kapoor,” I said.

“This is good.”

“But what is in a name?” I asked.

He paused for a moment and then said laconically,

Hum Muhammadans ko ghar nahi dete hein.

(We do not rent out to followers of Muhammad (pbuh))

When I enquired about the reason behind this discrimination against a particular community, he refused to elaborate. Feeling ill at ease in the company of such a person, I left the place at once in a huff.

Such are the current state of affairs in India. Sigh!

Moving on to the topic at hand, the recently ascended ‘love jihad’ is one of the most ridiculous concepts I have ever come across in my life heretofore. I mean seriously? For those talking about it, understand the true import of neither love nor jihad. Love is a beautiful feeling that happens between two human beings. In the realm of love, you do not fall for somebody after having ensured that the religion, caste, or nationality of their prospective beau matches their own. You cannot plan for it to happen – it just happens. Those who have been in love will understand where I am coming from. And to the rest, was it all Greek?

Indeed, the term ‘love jihad’ has been coined by ignorant, never-do-well fellows who have, perchance, not yet experienced this emotion. I pity them. The ignoramus cranks allege that Muslim boys are bent on proselytising Hindu girls using the most potent weapon in their quiver – ‘love’. Therefore, these ‘guardians of religion’ wish to create awareness amongst the masses about this ‘serious threat to the very existence of Hinduism’.

In this regard, a morphed image of Kareena Kapoor Khan, Saif Ali Khan’s wife, with her face half-covered with a veil has been used as the cover photo of the latest issue of Himalaya Dhwani, a magazine brought out by the women’s wing of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) called Durga Vahini. The magazine’s cover reads,

Dharmantaran se rashtraantaran

(Conversion of nationality through religious conversion)

Rajini Thukral, the coordinator of the magazine, has reportedly said,

“She (Kareena) is a celebrity. The youth try to emulate celebrities. They think if she can do so, why not us?”

Kareena has not converted to Islam but has added ‘Khan’ to her last name.

Thukral, during an interview with a Hindi publication said,

“The youth is influenced and attracted by people like Kareena, who at the time of her marriage had claimed that she would not embrace Islam and will not drop her surname, but only add ‘Khan’. However, she is seen practicing various Muslim rituals and she is leading a dual life. She should completely embrace Islam for this dual behaviour is affecting the youth.”

Firstly, what an independent woman like Kareena does in her personal life, like who she marries, which religion she follows or does not follow any at all etcetera, should be none of the Hindutva brigade’s business. You are nobody, I mean ‘nobody’ to comment on her personal life.

Alas, women are considered nothing but mere booty to be treated as property in the patriarchal societies of India and Pakistan. According to RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat, Hindus have lost a lot of maal (property) to other religions over the centuries which they are now seeking to recover.

Referring to ‘ghar wapsi’, a counter-campaign launched by Durga Vahini to reconvert Hindu women married to Muslim men, Bhagwat said,

Bhule bhatke jo bhai gaye hain, unko wapas layenge. Who log apne aap nahin gaye, unko loot kar, lalach de kar le kar gaye… Abhi chor pakda gaya hai. Mera maal chor ke paas hai. Aur yeh duniya jaanti hai. Mein apna maal wapas loonga, yeh kaunsi badi baat hai?

(We will bring back our brothers who have lost their way. They did not go on their own; they were robbed; tempted into leaving… Now the thief has been caught and the world knows my belongings are with the thief. I will retrieve my belongings. So why is this such a big issue?)

Thukral boasted in his interview,

“16 Hindu women who married Muslim men posing as Hindus have approached us for ghar wapsi. We have already reconverted two. One has also been remarried.”

So how exactly are they retrieving their ‘belongings’?

By using the same tactics which they allege Muslims and Christians had used to convert Hindus? According to a report, it costs around five lakh rupees and two lakh rupees to convert a Muslim and a Christian respectively for RSS. Poor people are lured in with promises of ration cards, cash, jobs and scheduled caste status. They fall for it, for as they say – it’s the economy, stupid.

Moreover, the Bajrang Dal, an offshoot of RSS, is planning to wage its ‘reverse love jihad’ on Muslims and Christians through its ‘bahu lao, beti bachao’ (bring a daughter-in-law, save a daughter) campaign under which they will provide protection to those Hindu boys who get hitched to Muslim and Christian girls. This to me seems like a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Things have taken a turn for the worse ever since the Modi Sarkar has taken over the reins. From treating minorities as third-class citizens and calling them haramzadon (bastards) to unnecessarily waging a sanguinary war on Pakistan, leading to deaths of innocent civilians on the border, this government has shown its true colours sooner than expected. I wonder how one could hate ‘such people’ so much.

Do they not have hearts? Do they not have compassion? Do they not know it is no bravery to make the troops fire on unarmed civilians?

It is no courage to kill women and children. They are the worst of India; they want to make everybody like them – killers and haters. But I do not want blood on my hands. They thrive and prosper in the climate of hatred; it acts like oxygen for them. Without it, such outfits would cease to exist.

A Pakistani Facebook friend of mine recently confronted me following the Peshawar massacre and killings of civilians on the border by saying,

“Do you realise you have an evil government?”


“Why did you guys vote for such people?”

I told the Pakistani categorically that I could not be held responsible for the possible evil deeds committed by my government. I did not vote for this government. In fact, I tried my best to stop them in my individual capacity. Now whatever happens between our two countries, we should at least not spoil our personal relations. I wish just once, for once, we could see the people living across the border as fellow human beings and thus realise the worthlessness of this conflict.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a fight between good and evil, love and hate. And in order to win this war, we have to blot out the latter through the power of love. This, I believe, is true love jihad.

This post originally appeared here.

Sapan Kapoor

Sapan Kapoor

A history buff and India-based journalist, the author has worked with the Press Trust of India. He blogs at sehar-anawakening.blogspot.in/ and tweets as @dRaconteur.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Jor El

    Hey, u r back after 6 months of sabbatical !!!Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Long time no see sapan!

    This is an interesting topic. And a question for Indians: would it still be love jihad if the girl is Muslim? Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    recently there was a raid in an apartment of muslim guys who were living as tenants in bangalore and they recovered explosive making stuff from their apartment.The case is subjudicial. You know why people refuse to rent out to Muslims! Recommend

  • Fareed Khan Afridi.

    Good to have see back. Welcome. Starting off with such an excellent piece.
    And you just proved that ignoramuses exist in Bharatland, by the bushels.
    Your last piece was about encountering a roving band of Hindutva thugs
    in Poona. You literally saved your Muslim friend’s life, who was with you.
    May your tribe increase. A hundredfold.Recommend

  • ab1990
  • Queen

    Will it be okay for Indians if the girl is Muslim and the boy is hindu??Recommend

  • Rana Eddy

    No , it won’t be for Hindus but for Muslim orthodoxy it is :http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/meerut/Muslim-woman-weds-Hindu-man-both-killed/articleshow/45321279.cms
    This is also a part of that larger story of India , which your media does not tell you.Recommend

  • Ramnath Singh

    If a hindu has to get married to a muslim, then he/she needs to convert to Islam. A muslim girl is not allowed to get married to a hindu, if they do, we all know , what the muslims will do to her. Are muslim girls allowed to get married to a hindu and convert to a hindu..do muslims accept this?Recommend

  • Farooq

    There may be individual cases of such things but your religious leader’s reaction of creating a moral panic with vilifying Muslims as sinister villains waiting to convert Hindu women is simply absurd.Recommend

  • Zee

    Great read. Get ready to be trolled by your fellow countrymen. As regards to denial to property purchase / rent by Muslims, it’s not new as many of the Muslims celebs voiced on it.

    One can understand the reasons of Muslims accounting for the majority in most of the slums in indian biggest cities.Recommend

  • Sarita Talwai

    I am disturbed by the cherry picking of incidents by the author that paints such a terrible picture of his country and country men. Yes, India has problems regarding differences in religion, customs or social inequalities. Problems that each and every country in the world face. A country as vast, diverse and complex as India is striving hard to shake off its poverty and lift its people. We are getting there. In spite of the naysayers. I wake up to the muezzin’s call every morning. The haunting call to prayer is followed by the sweet ringing of bells from the neighbourhood temple. Neither is jarring. I meet people from so many different states, speaking different tongues , following different religions in the course of my day and not once do these parameters change my opinion about them. I believe I am like lakhs of Indians who want nothing more than progress for their family, their neighbourhood and their country. We are well aware of the shortcomings in our country’s social fabric and we stand United to repair it. To believe otherwise based on a over simple article by a serial exaggerator is doing a disservice to the good people from both sides of the borderRecommend

  • Fareed Khan Afridi.

    Namaskar ab 1990
    Thought you were going to use ‘ab1523’ this week.
    What happened? ab1990 is now assigned to Golnath.
    Narendra said you must use ‘ab 1523’. Your new number.Recommend

  • Salman Shareef

    Sapan Kapoor the only sane voice from India.Recommend

  • Salman Shareef

    Once Shabana Azmi said in her interview that she couldn’t buy the property because of being muslim. Was Shabana Azmi a terrorist ?Recommend

  • Parvez

    I was gently informed by an American of Indian origin that people like you are vigorously out to create a negative perception on this subject……just to discredit the BJP ( ..are you ? )……I am inclined to think that in a land of 1.3 billion people of various hues and shades such issues, especially where religion is involved, are easily exploitable and the government would do well not to do so.Recommend

  • someone

    Well had you read a new on ToI on how a hindu woman in Pune was tortured by her husband to accept Islam, you probably would have had saved soemtime for yourself and not write this blog.Of course such news don’t come under your radar for some unknown reasons. People like you lose your tongue/pen/ fingers when missionaries are converting the tribal en masse but that is ok under the disguise of secularism however when same tactics are being used by hindu organizations, suddenly the secularism of India is in danger. Recommend

  • Sid

    Sapan, there are few things you will never understand. But enjoy the freedom of speech in the very country you are spilling your bile against. Recommend

  • Hypocrite

    Pray tell me why have Western countries now created a policy against grooming (their term for Love Jihad), mentioning the same reasons and methods being used by Pakistanis and Moroccans. If they whole world is pointing fingers something is certainly wrong.Recommend

  • Andy

    What is this? Copy paste old news from TOI and writing a blog! If you could write I’m sure at least a few millions in India can write such a blog!Recommend

  • hp kumar

    you r ok with Muslim girls marriage with Hindu man and then her conversion to hinduism??Recommend

  • wb

    “(We do not rent out to followers of Muhammad (pbuh))”

    Here is an interesting conversation that I’ve had with a Muslim journalist. One can even try to guess who he is with the clues that he works for a South India based Urdu weekly. In the 1970s this weekly was the highest circulating Urdu weekly in India. It was stopped for a while because of blood-feud. Now it has restarted, although with much less circulation.

    So, the conversation went something like this:

    Me: “Is it true that Muslims don’t get to buy flats or rent houses?”

    Him: “To some extent yes. Mostly in the small apartment buildings with 10-50 houses where people of same community live. The opposite is also true. Small Muslim apartment buildings don’t give out to HIndus or Christians.”

    Me: “What about renting?”

    Him: “Well there is a problem. But you see, even I wouldn’t rent my home to a Muslim, because they would not pay rent on time. I’m 70, retired from being the union leader at Mico, now working daily at a Urdu weekly and I tell them clearly that if I don’t get my rent by 10th, I cannot survive that month. Yet, I don’t get my rent.”

    Then the conversation wandered off to talking about my own relative who was a union leader at Mico, later a communist leader, later an MP and one time minister and how his own daughter was married off to a Muslim who runs a HR firm.Recommend

  • wb

    Love Jihad is real. My own cousin was a victim of it when she was 16, that too in a remote village. Later, because of the political influence of her father, he managed to get her back without involving the police.

    Also, let me explain Love Jihad to those who don’t understand it: Love Jihad is the faking of love just for the sake of converting insecure, vulnerable Hindu girls.

    There is more: Since the motivation is conversion, all sorts of lies and deception are used. From feigning love to feigning being a Hindu. Later telling the girl that he is actually a Muslim and then forcing her to convert. Being poor or vulnerable or insecure or ignorant of their rights, the girls then convert.

    There have been many cases where the men had even been married before and the girls had been duped into believing that they were unmarried.

    Having said that, Kareena Kapoor is not in anyway vulnerable to become a victim of Jihad. And using Kareena’s photo was wrong. But that’s between Durga Vahini and Kareena Kapoor.Recommend

  • wb

    “Do you realise you have an evil government?”


    “Why did you guys vote for such people?””

    Wow. You tacitly said we have an evil government.

  • wb

    Sorry. His piece is rubbish and it can please a failed population of 180 million only.Recommend

  • Jehanzeb Mahar

    “Poor people are lured in with promises of ration cards, cash, jobs and scheduled caste status.”

    Why would someone want a scheduled caste status? Just to receive benefits from the government? If that is so, it’s really very sad :(Recommend

  • Banana

    I will tell you what is not LJ. BJP leader Shah Nawaz Hussein’s wife Renu Sharma is a practicing Hindu. Subramanian Swamy’s daughter Suhashini Haider is married to a Muslim. And of course Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri is a practicing Hindu. All these are NOT love-jihad because these women did not have to convert just for the sake of marrying Muslim men. On the other hand, South Indian music director Yuvan Shankar Raja married a Muslim girl last week. He converted a few months back for this. So in this case, as you asked the girl is a Muslim. And yes, this is love-jihad. On the other hand, a Muslim girl eloped and married a Hindu guy in Kerala last month. She has not given up her faith and yet she has received death threats and is a subject of abuse by her co-coreligionists on the social media. This is not LJ. Do you understand or do you want me to elaborate further?Recommend

  • sami

    love jihad is fabrication of defeated Hindu mind, nothing else. They may celebrate hindu guy marrying a muslim girl. but a muslim guy marrying a hindu girl is a love jihad. nice logic indiansRecommend

  • 19640909rk .

    Muslim girl marrying a Hindu boy can never happen, unless her parents are very rich, liberal, movie-stars, higher strata. If a Muslim girl from poor family falls in love, she will be forcibly married off to her cousin/uncle/etc. Even if she becomes a second wife, it is ok for them. So Jihad never exists in Hindu religion. Hindus can marry people from other religion without converting them. It is no obligation.

    You should learn more of your fore-fathers religion.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Many hindus hate muslims: Nothing new there
    Many hindus think that muslims are going to destroy everything because Islam is growing very fast and hinduism is growing slower than a snail on sleeping pills: Nothing new there
    I have seen that you are just waking up to harsh realities of hindutva and hindu hate. Well the truth is this has been going on for a long time. BUT, BUT not all hindus are like this. I know a lot of guys on social media who are hindus but they actually dislike Hindutva movement and want to coexist.Recommend

  • iknowwhatudidlastsummer

    I don’t understand why you had to bring in the whole discussion with your “pakistani facebook friend” in this context esp the peshawar attack and modi coming to power in india ! Till no connection has been proved please don’t drop any unnecessary hints.Recommend

  • Too ridiculous

    Nope. The Rss would love that !
    Recently Kareena Kapoor was the covergirl if ‘love-jihad’ on the hindi magazine ‘Himalay Dhvani’,with half her face obscured in a burqa.
    I guess that means Sharmila Tagore,Malaika Arora,Reema Khan,Gowri Khan etc. are all,the victims of ‘love jihad’.
    A Bjp MP,Sakshi Maharaj, also required all hindu women to pop out 4 kids per head (the same chappy who hailed the Murderer Nathuram Godse as a ‘patriot’ for opposing hindu-muslim unity & killing Gandhiji for endorsing that )
    Hindutva groups are making my India,the laughing stock of the world.Recommend

  • abhi

    So your Pakistani friend criticized India after Peshawar attack and your couldn’t answer him! What do you think Modi and RSS were behind Peshawar attack?Are you for real?Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorghast

    Shows the sick narrow mindedness of the hindus,… like you.
    These Muslims, all 200 million of them, cannot be ignored. They
    are citizens of Bharat. They are THERE. The sooner Modi and
    hindus like you accept this, the better. All around.Recommend

  • Suraj

    person ? . ..
    Billions of peoples voted for this government & WHAT U think.?? we all are fool ..??…. u always blame peoples for choosing Modi as our PM… who u think u r to decide ..?? u know congress lost because of peoples like u who thinks that only you have exclusive rights to choose what it right and wrong…. like Mani shankar Ayyar, digvijay sing, Mulayam singh Yadav, etc… Recommend

  • Thinker

    ‘spilling bile against’
    Pointing out flaws in our own house leads to them getting corrected/mended.It doesn’t mean he (Sapan) hates his house (India).Recommend

  • wb

    If a insane person certifies another insane person as sane, should we frame and hang the certificate on the wall?!Recommend

  • Old trick

    1.Hate speeches are made because incidents have to be exaggerated to create ‘moral panic’ & communal hatred in low I.Q. societies.
    2. When panic sets in- society is divided/polarized. When hate sets in,people become insecure.
    3. A polarized insecure,society is a great vote-bank – now,the time is ripe for hate-speech-makers to come and harvest votes & win elections with ease.
    Simple ! (This is the trick- easily winning elections on the blood of communities,a) first by being suspicious of each other,
    b) then hating each other &
    c) finally killing each other …win-win for communal politicians )


  • wb

    Says the one who created a country solely on the basis of hatemongering and fearmongering.

    And growth of population is not an achievement. 10 million Jews have more brains, culture and contributed more to this world than 1.2 billion underachieving, undereducated, lazy, useless Muslims.

    It is a fact (I repeat FACT) that where ever there is a good population of Muslims, there’s violence, death and destruction, all in the name of Islam.

    The entire world is, therefore, wary of Islamofascism.Recommend

  • wb

    ” she will be forcibly married off to her cousin/uncle/”

    Or she will be killed.Recommend

  • Lol…

    Enjoy freedom of speech ?
    What personal generosity,you have offered to Mr.Kapoor. The freedom of speech that is guaranteed to the author by the constitution is your largesse,since,the Constitution of India was penned Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Conversion to Islam for the sake of marriage is larger part of sinister design to bring demographic change..Why cant muslims stay away from Hindu girl?Recommend

  • Lol…

    Look up what the hindutva brigades slogan ‘bahu laao,beti bachaao’ means.
    I love the delicious hypocrisy in my country ! Watching the evening news & hindutva brigade antics,is a much better passtime than watching sitcoms,since the Bjp came to power in May.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Defeated mind??This is very typical of muslims.I was going through comment sections of news “Shahabaz sharifs daughter marriage to An Indian Hindu guy”.yes you r reading it right.. wazi bo katal was slogan written all over page…Fool couldnot understand that she had migrated to India and hence beyond their reach. Thats how muslim mind worksRecommend

  • sabkadost

    Gp65? Recommend

  • Lol…

    Pls. don’t stereotype all Indians as illogical. Not all Indians & hindus are saffron fanatics.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    If you will ask me and many of my friend..The answer is big no..That is considered a bad omen..Muslims r brought up with different culture and their eating habit is also different…Recommend

  • wb

    Many Hindus may hate Muslims.

    But most Muslims hate all non-Muslims and most Muslims hate each other.

    The hatred of Muslims against everything is infinitely higher than the hatred of Hindus for Muslims.

    You want the evidence? Start reading news papers everyday and learn about what happens in Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Srilanka, Burma, India, US, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Spain, FRance, Sudan, Chechnia, China, Australia… ahh, pretty much all 200 countries with a handful of exceptions.Recommend

  • Lol…

    Only sane voice ?! You mean ,that apart from Sapan alone,every other single Indian is a communal,saffron,hindutva bigot ? All 1.2 billion… ? You’re not quite right.
    There are many moderate,peaceful,broad-minded Indians,just like Sapan.Recommend

  • L.

    Not marrying, as in generally falling in love with. Cos isn’t the whole concept of love jihad that Muslims will convert the non Muslim and then marry them? And also, too many prejudices in your comment. Not every Muslim family is alike. And I never said that Hindus will do that, you can’t convert someone to Hinduism- but isn’t that happening in your country anyway?

    And my forefathers were Sikh and Muslims- as far as my history goes. I will learn what I need to, thanks very much. Recommend

  • L.

    you are understanding this wrong. Muslims women aren’t allowed to marry outside of the faith- because then their children will be non Muslim. That’s the reason many men convert. Men on the other hand don’t have to convert the non Muslim girl but if she wants to, then she can. Love “jihad” is only love “jihad” when he/she is MARRYING to convert and not the other way around! And how would you know what the respective peoples’ relationship was like?

    Also, there is ZERO CONCEPT OF LOVE JIHAD IN ISLAM. If people want to carry it out, let me tell you that it is wrong- but keep in mind the definition I posted above. Recommend

  • Roon

    “Love Jihad is real”
    Oh wow! I thought you were a liberal athiest/ Hindu (with your criticism of religion) but comments like these prove that you are an RSS sympathist…Recommend

  • Roon

    “Love Jihad is real”
    Oh wow! I thought you were a liberal athiest/ Hindu (with your criticism of religion) but comments like these prove that you are an RSS sympathist…Recommend

  • نائلہ

    You can’t convert to Hinduism.

    Next question? Recommend

  • نائلہ

    You can’t convert to Hinduism.

    Next question? Recommend

  • hp kumar

    .Bride consciously or unconsciously is taking up grooms caste and religion if she marries a Hindu and The guy remains a Hindu after marriage ….India has a separate Hindu law..now come to the question once againRecommend

  • hp kumar

    Someone who is very critical of Hinduisma and filled with Hindu hatred is sitting at Moderation desk .Anyway this article is nonsense,serves no purpose for us..Recommend

  • Fareed Khan Afridi.

    Sure everything you say is true. Hope you don’t loose
    your place on the sidewalk. Getting harder and harder
    to secure a sleeping niche next to the rickshaw. What
    with the 1,8 billion teeming masses. Dosas are getting
    cheaper though.Recommend

  • wb

    I don’t care what you or others think about me. I am only telling the truth.

    If you hate the truth, that’s your problem, not mine.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    I agree Recommend

  • Census booster

    Don’t you know that Sikhs are forcibly counted among hindus,by the saffron fanatics,though its a completely separate religion (probably using the lame excuse that sikhs also avoid beef ) ? The same treatment is meted out to Jains & nature worshippers (like tribals)..some hindu fanatics even go as far as forcibly absorbing buddhism into hinduism ( by claiming buddha as an avatar of Vishnu ) Its only a matter of time before parsis,bahais etc are also declared as hindu sects by the likes of Rajeshwar singh,Yogi adityanath & subramaiam swamy..give it 50 years.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    The entire world is actually a donut. That’s why when Pakistanis make a century, we kneel down and eat some. You should totes try it one day! Recommend

  • ab1990

    people who dont respect hindus will never get respect in india.
    Whether that person is muslim or christian or any other religion is no issue.

    Sikhs tried to divide india in 1984 and muslims did in 1947 and even now are doing in kashmir

    Those who try to break india again will face severe consequences. We dont care what their religion is.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    If she is marrying to convert him, then it’s wrong; if she is converting him to marry him, then it’s their business and I personally have no problem with it.

    If she marries a Hindu while remaining a Muslim and then thereby convert to Hinduism like u said, then it is not allowed by Islam. Because their children will be Hindus. But I don’t have any right to sit here and judge people like that if that’s what u want me to do. Recommend

  • Indian

    That is a crime ( not the mythical ‘love jihad’ ) ..a plain & simple crime- for which pre-existing laws,exist in India.
    Indian law can handle such crimes.
    The hindutva brigade is trying to raise a mythical bogeyman of ‘love-jihad’ for unintelligent,saffron masses to create communal unrest. That’s how they stay in power.
    There are zero official statistics for ‘love jihad’,nor are any muslim organizations making such en-masse programmes or training youth for such agendas. Pure myth !
    All cases of marriages with forced conversions, are individual crimes solely,which can be handled by existing laws.Recommend

  • L.

    I suggest you stop hating. For that’s what the Indians do. Recommend

  • wb

    That changed in the last census.Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Lady,this is whole point of debate which you donot want to answer purposefully.I wouldnot ask you to answer it bluntly since i understood what you want to say…But pl try to understand our point of view as well…Govt should pass anticonversion law to finish the controversy once for all..Recommend

  • wb

    “If she marries a Hindu while remaining a Muslim and then thereby convert
    to Hinduism like u said, then it is not allowed by Islam.”

    If she’s converting to Hinduism, what does or should anyone or she care if Islam allows it or not? She’s not following Islam anymore. So, what does she care?Recommend

  • wb


    Stop assuming nonsense. Nobody said it’s in Islam.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    oh come on. You insulted the resident troll here. You see his bread and butter is argument. Only on this blog you will see that first he claims that love jihad is not a part of Islam but when a comment is made saying that it is not a part of Islam, he instantly starts an argument saying that the blogger never said it was in Islam. So just a garden variety troll.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Jihad is an Islamic word genius.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    If she doesn’t care, then no one else does either. Recommend

  • Fighter Man

    Sorry to say! Most of the hindus I have come across so far were either haters or narrow minded.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Why should I be commenting on peoples personal lives? Is that what u want me to do? Do you want me to announce whether she will enter heaven or not? Because I can’t decide that, God will.

    Anti conversion laws should placed for FORCED conversions. Of ppl want to convert in or out of Islam or any other faith by their own choice, then why should the government be involved? And of Hindus want to convert to Islam because they want to, then it should not be bothering you, mr hp kumar. Recommend

  • wb

    Hehe! This comes from the person who argued that a certain someone is the greatest man ever with recorded evidence.

    Then changed his argument half a dozen times.

    Then chickened out twice.


  • wb

    and what’s your point ?Recommend

  • wb

    Then why did you rant?Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Irony of irony..India is a secular country..I asked you do you agree with muslim girls marriage with a Hindu man and then her conversion to Hinduism ?you said no coz islam doesnot permit without giving a thought to it that it is legal as per Indian law..I wouldnot blame you alone for your hypocrisy coz even Indian muslims concur your point of view…I would like this one way traffic banned forever..I cannot live among Muslim majority FYI..Recommend

  • L.

    Yet you call it “love jihad” it hasn’t got anything to do with Islam! Recommend

  • L.

    I was explaining to mr kumar. No one asked you to join the convo. Recommend

  • L.

    I think you guys are being too paranoid. Recommend

  • L.

    I know how it seems but that’s what they want to portray to us. Think about it. If Hindus/general Indians behave like so online, would you want peace with india? Not likely. Then if a large number of Pakistanis don’t want peace with india, is it good for our country? No. Because we should be peaceful regardless of who the other person is. Creating friction and hatred between Pakistanis and Indians only benefits the minority of hateful IndiansRecommend

  • Humane

    Even if someone doesn’t believe in hindu mythology & personally considers it pure fantasy- I still like it,if a non-hindu,for the sake of etiquette & courtesy is respectful of a hindus feelings/bhakti. This courtesy seems to be a hard thing for me to expect from a non-hindu now,esp.after reading your comment, where you,as a non-muslim, are irreverently hinting at someone elses revered prophet (pbuh).
    I’m very dissapointed. Let’s all just have some basic courtesy & decency for all people,irrespective of what they believe in ,huh ?Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    We do not deny that.but play by the rules of the country.You are an Indian first.whether Hindu, Muslim or Christian you cannot cut the branch of the tree you are sitting on.Atleast relax that you are not in China, your all weather friend.they just shot and killed six Muslims. People who don’t play by the rules of the country should be treated like shit. Recommend

  • Alann

    Sapan certainly isn’t the uhh.. only sane voice in India.
    There’s also few more super seculars like Aakar Patel, Sagarika Ghose, Rajdeep Sardesai, Arundhati Roy…If I cared to dig more, I’ll find quite a few of them giving out their words of wisdom every now & then.
    I’ll confess/admit (whatever), I’ve found, all these guys have a much superior IQ than the average Indians like me, and can be matched only by the Pakistanis. How I feel jealous (is that the word?)..Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Thank you for your advice. true, that’s what the Hindus
    do, not Indians. You are lumping them. It use to be not so
    Until started reading ET Online.
    Will follow your 2 cents.Recommend

  • LS

    Let me tell the real Why – Lets say there is a town and there is a housing complex and a Masjid near-by. One Muslim family arrives and pays 2.5 times the market price for the flat and buys it. Another does the same, once they are 2 family on the floor they push-out the other non-muslim family out and ask them to sell it at considerably lower price using strong arm tactics or driving them crazy. Gradually before you know it the whole building becomes Muslim because everyone has been kicked out after the first two came in. It happens in colonies, housing apartments, even towns or localities within town. Once the area grows big enough no-body is allowed to come in — not even police ventures there. It becomes like a NO-GO zone just like what we see in UK, France, Switzerland or any other place.

    This innate desire to kick out non-Muslims drives people nuts, once they are sizable community they go on to harass non-Muslims to the point that they deny government services and are told to either convert or leave.

    This isn’t something I have hear someone say. It has happened to two of my close friends and if you want I can give to names of the towns in India where this has happened.

    The truth is much bitter than you think.

    As for Shabana she isn’t that “type” but a society law is a law.

    One last thing – it also drives the real-estate prices down for that locality.Recommend

  • marik

    Who knows? Better to be cautious.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    I am quite sure he just invented this story. It is always a distant “cousin” who has been the victim. I am sure if the article had been about hindu girls being forced to do menial labour by non hindus , the same “cousin” would have been victim of that.
    It is quite laughable when people use these old tricks, but then again, it is also somewhat refreshing to get my mid morning laugh.Recommend

  • Queen

    Your reply reaffirmed the belief that Pakistan’s creation is justified.Recommend

  • wb

    You need to google and learn the meaning of the word paranoid.Recommend

  • wb

    Who said so? Read all the comments.Recommend

  • Sad

    Sorry,you feel that way. After sampling some of the pro-hindutva comments in a few blogs,I can understand your harsh opinion of hindus being haters.
    All I can say is,I have had great hindu friends in school & college-broadminded,modern,secular,plural,kind-hearted people (irrespective of wether they were religious or agnostic hindus) The people I know in real life are very,very different from the hardcore,hindutva Indians,commenting here. Our country seems to have been run over by a strangely backward,political party & fringe elements (the kind that say that a Mahabharat helmet is left on Mars,at a science congress or who say that the Geeta should be the national book of a plural country …) I see a difference between the two sets of people-the good ones I know in real life & the strange ones who’re commenting here (& I see on the News)Recommend

  • L.

    No I don’t. This is Hindus being afraid that Muslims are set on converting Hindus as their favourite pass time. Recommend

  • L.

    But then you are lumping Hindus. Isn’t that wrong as Muslims being lumped with Isis? Recommend

  • L.

    How would I know or care about what is legal as per indian law? Were u trying to be funny, cos no one laughed. If you can’t live among Muslims, then that’s YOUR problem. Move to Brazil. Not only a hater, but also a time waster! Recommend

  • hp kumar

    ha ..look who is talking?First you should not participate into debate coz you donot have knowledge about anything..you asked from indians and when you have been taken for ride,you have adopted an intimidating tactics to win over…By now you would have come to know that whose problem is this and in worst case scenario who is going to migrate?May i also tell you this?Recommend

  • Queen

    Finally someone from India agrees that there is hypocrisy in their country.Recommend

  • Queen

    What about Suzanne Roshan married to Hrithik Roshan and Aamna Sharif married to Amit Kapoor? The same can be said about Hindu boys marrying Muslim girls.Recommend

  • wb

    My previous comment was blocked. Don’t know why.

    Nonetheless, criticizing someone is not the same of disrespecting. If disrespect is invariably a part of criticism, then without a doubt criticism should have full freedom overriding the mandatory respect.

    If someone says that Rama was a very selfish man, despite knowing he could have provided Ramarajya to millions, he went on to please only his father and his family and went into vanavasa for 16 years, then it is a valid criticism.

    Rama should have defied his father, should have hurt his family for the sake of millions of his people by providing them ramarajya.

    Now, that is not disrespect, that is criticism. Similarly if I say that the prophet’s life was against modern values such as abolition of slavery, gender equality, tolerance and peace, that is criticism.

    If disrespect is inherent, then so be it. Telling the truth is paramount. I don’t believe in the rubbish “na bruyat satyam apriyam”. Because, this lying is what is costing the entire globe a lot today.Recommend