Dear ZaidAliT, stealing jokes isn’t funny

Published: January 9, 2015

For Zaid to use his innocent parents in his videos and to use religion to create an air of piety when he is so shamelessly stealing content is nothing short of hypocrisy. PHOTO: ZAID ALI T FACEBOOK PAGE

Carrying a Facebook page over two million ‘likes’ strong, it would be safe to say that young Pakistani-Canadian comedian Zaid Ali T has moulded himself into an internet sensation. Each update from the young entertainer earns countless shares, likes and comments within seconds of hitting the internet.

His audience is primarily South Asians, though his followers originate from many countries. Zaid’s weapons are his disarming smile and jokes that hilariously channel our exasperation with Asian cultural norms.

When I first discovered Zaid, I spent hours combing through his Facebook page, chortling at every one of his shenanigans. His strict father, who gave him a hiding when he joked about selling drugs, reminded me of my own. In no time I was sharing Zaid’s work on social media, as well as when friends and family were visiting. My own parents could barely contain their laughter and became instant fans.

Perhaps what was most impressive about Zaid was how he was churning out amazing videos every other day, as if he had a factory of wit. It was especially impressive considering that even the best comedians take ages to come up with winning material, while daily humourists such as Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien only produce a few good jokes a day and that too with the help of talented hardworking writers. Writing comedy is tedious work, yet it seemed to be coming more naturally to Zaid.

However, when I learned the truth about Zaid, it broke my heart. When I shared the truth with others, they too were heartbroken.

Before discovering the truth, perhaps the only thing that had bothered me about Zaid was how he wore his religion on his sleeve, and constantly boasted about his good deeds. For example, he recently shared news of turning down a lucrative acting role in Hollywood because a kissing scene hurt his religious sentiments. In my experience, people who try so hard to convince the world that they are pious are normally hiding deep ugliness inside.

It saddens me to say that Zaid’s ugliness is that he is a thief, a thief who steals others’ hard work and ideas, and profits off of them. I’ve spoken to some of the comedians whose content was shamelessly ripped off by Zaid, and they shared their frustration and grief with me. It began with a few videos, but the more entertainers I spoke to, the more I realised that Zaid had stolen a significant portion of his life’s content.

It first came to my attention when I noticed a comment under one of Zaid’s videos pointing out the plagiarism. The similarities between video Zaid’s skit and the skit he had copied from were startling. Shamelessly, he copies word to word.

Here is a video of Zaid’s satire of South Asian brides:

Photo: Screenshot

Compare that to an earlier released video from comedian Ali:

This video is a repost – the original video predates Zaid Ali T’s video. In Zaid’s version, he gives no credit to the original creator of the skit. Here is another video where Zaid pokes fun at how ‘white people’ take photos as compared to Pukhtuns. The plagiarism here is shocking.

Zaid’s version:

The original version posted from a year back by YouTube user gucciaka2pac can be accessed here.

Photo: Screenshot

Alarmed, I posted several comments on Zaid’s videos regarding this, but they mysteriously disappeared. Similarly, others who questioned Zaid’s ethics also saw their comments wiped away. I messaged Zaid several times, but my queries were ignored.

Here, I contacted a comedian, who has worked extremely hard to follow his dreams. He worked difficult odd jobs in Pakistan, until his YouTube videos went viral, eventually earning him a successful comedy gig in Dubai. From this comedian, who is in touch with various entertainers, I shockingly learnt that Zaid has been stealing content from various sources whose complaints were met by deaf ears.

A number of sources informed me that the comedians who go by the name of Maansals on Facebook were Zaid’s favourite hunting ground for ideas. Upon contacting Maansals, I was told that he had unapologetically stolen from many of their videos. A little research showed that some of Zaid’s greatest hits had been ‘inspired’ by Maansals.

Here is Zaid’s joke about his friend receiving a call from his dad, while the two are enjoying music:

It was lifted from this Maansal’s video that had appeared a year earlier:

What’s more, Zaid’s videos about people you find in Ramazan, how people behave during exams, are also remarkably similar to Maansals’ content.

Another victim of Zaid is Pakistani comedy group Bekaar Vines, whose videos have been steadily going viral. When I contacted Mubeenul Haq on Facebook, who is instantly recognisable in Bekaar Vines for his magnificent moustache, Mubeen was amused,

“Ha ha! He (Zaid) is (the) biggest cheater.”

Here is a Zaid video bemoaning how brown people are always late:

Here is the Bekaar Vines video he copied from:

For Zaid to use his innocent parents in his videos and to use religion to create an air of piety when he is so shamelessly stealing content is nothing short of hypocrisy. He has no business preaching Islam when he can’t follow its basic tenet of not stealing. As you can see from his following tweet, guilt is certainly playing on his mind:

To make matters worse, Zaid has also been stealing tweets and passing them off as his own. When confronted on Twitter, he threatened his followers with suicide. As one comedian put it, evidently a kiss is too ‘haram’ for him, but suicide isn’t.

The most unfortunate thing about the whole affair is that Zaid has bucket loads of talent. He’s taken videos I would have never shared and polished them to perfection. His comic timing and production values are the reason why rough comic ideas have been transformed into gems.

Many months ago, Zaid showed courage when he told his followers that he battled suicide and depression early in his life. I hope he can now find the same courage to apologise to his fans and the victims of his plagiarism. As a talented young man, he has his whole life ahead of him, and if he shows the character, he can join hands with those who inspired him and do things the right way. But first he needs to learn that copying jokes is no laughing matter.

Noman Ansari

Noman Ansari

The author is the editor-in-chief of IGN Pakistan, and has been reviewing films and writing opinion pieces for The Express Tribune as well as Dawn for five years. He tweets as @Pugnate (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Fighter Man

    Hey Blogger, seems that you are jealous of his popularity.Recommend

  • Sami

    I will suggest Mr Noman Ansari to do some more research before bashing. In the case of “White People vs Pathan Pictures” he clearly gave the credits to his Pukhtoon friend and he mentioned the person by name in that case. Kindly see that upload again and his comment before jumping to the conclusions.

    Also In my school childhood some 10 years ago when youtube was not a hit we used to do such Desi videos as well and if you will see a pattern then you will realize that many carry the same ideas and i dont consider it as a Sheer Plagiarism but a certain repetition of sorts.
    Infact i can even prove that the videos you are claiming from which Zaid Plagiarized are infact the copies of some other older videos and skits.
    Anyway it is the Desi DNA to pull someone when they are getting successful. Even it happened with “IISuperwomanII” who is a Youtube sensation and many Indian bloggers try to frame her when she did the video of How Punjabi mothers and fathers react but she is going strong day by day.Recommend

  • Talha Shahid

    I am summing up the comments coming after this article

    1. Ufff kitnay jealous log hain
    2. Defaming pakistan star
    3. Sirf videos aur tweets to steal kiye hain
    4. Tm log torrents b to use kartay hai, why double standards
    5. Yahoodi agent
    6. Kafir
    7. Indian agent
    8. Pakistan zindabad
    9. Add me
    10. Zaid i love youRecommend

  • Dr Dang

    Hahaha, True to your comment on another article on this guy, you did blog about it. Hope this blog answers questions by people who questioned your source of information.
    Good Job Noman!Recommend

  • Pankha

    Have you seen any of the things he copies on Twitter? He copies so many ideas and people roast him all the time. He can delete facebook commetns but unable to delete all the evidence on twitter. Its patheticRecommend

  • Pankha

    dude he has copied everything from biryani in lamborghini video to everything… and each thing… he is a hack… and video you are talking about he did to cover himself but didnt credit actual creator….

    he is a thief.Recommend

  • Saima

    i tweeted to him that he was using other peopls ideas and instead he just went nuts and hyper! Very disappoinetd zaid.Recommend

  • Saima

    Please go to video and check who he credited. You will laugh.Recommend

  • Khalifah

    Man everyone knows he steals his videos. My friends have posted comments under the videos and he just deletes them. And his personality is really different. He pretends to be a nice guy but he is vicious online.Recommend

  • Salman

    before this comment is burried by angry fans i am really sad… everyone knows this guy is doing this..Recommend

  • saloo

    These are hardly ideas, but common moments in almost every Desi life, some common jokes among every group of friends. No one can put copyright on these sort of things. The art is how you present them, and where everyone failed, Zaid succeeded. Now stop scratching your heads “How!!!”. i will fit a Trucky phrase here “mehnat ker, hasad na kr”Recommend

  • Bilal

    Excellent! Now my question to Mr. Norman Ansari. How
    many times you watch Bollywood
    copying Hollywood movies. I can name 100 of movies (e.g. players) and many
    movies are now inspired from Tamil and telgu style. But did they take
    permissions before making a copy?
    I am not here to support Zaid but did these guys @Maansals
    and @aliofficial copyright their videos so no one can copy their work? I think

    I have watched and compared both Zaid and Ali,s work but to me Zaid was more funnier…Recommend

  • Hadia.

    You forgot “Go Nawaz Go”Recommend

  • mk

    who cares, the dude has talent . other videos of the same thing arent as hilarious. hi 5 to this guy for replicating and with such ease !Recommend

  • Facebook User

    Zaid Ali responds with this:

    It’s very sad to see that whenever someone wants to go out of their way to make other people smile, people tend to have a problem with it. Have I done anything wrong to you? I don’t steal peoples work, I just re-create videos that have been made. There is nothing wrong with that and I always get the owners permission before I do it. You guys must have really ran out of content to post that. Noman, I can’t believe you dropped this low to insult someone for your own publicity.Recommend

  • Nandita.

    There is someone on twitter who is popular for her wit. This lady also steals tweets. I’ve noticed 3 to5 plagiarized tweets. She is known to many people, including you.
    I don’t know if all or most of her tweets are plagiarized but I noticed some that were.

  • ceerah

    I am surprised Tribune posted such a weak article with no real authenticity. I am not saying anything about Zaid or the writer, the article is like picking on straws to prove a point.Recommend

  • Danial Kazi

    There’s only one thing I can say for you people: grow up, don’t be a jealous of a person who has millions of fans and start appreciating his work instead of giving lame excuses.
    And you know what Noman Ansari, you couldn’t even compare the copied vines correctly. That “Desi Weddings” video was made by ZaidAli before than that guy Ali. Just check the dates!
    Secondly, many times it also happens that others copy Zaid’s ideas, so, its just not a big issue. Its just a matter of time until some other person comes up with that idea. These videos which Zaid make are just common things which happen in ones life, so you just can not claim that he “steals ideas”.

    Simply, admit that you people are jealous of Zaid that he gets millions of likes and views on his videos and now this “Hollywood offer” thing is hurting you guys badly.

    Just leave him alone.Recommend

  • Danial Kazi

    be jealous*Recommend

  • Shezad

    Isnt that what satire is? Transforming a real life situation, present it in sort of a hyperbole, and show the funny side of it in case Zaid Ali.

    But hey, a good try at gaining traction for your article. Hope it helps you earn some Adword $s.Recommend

  • Mehlub Usmani

    Cant believe I wasted 10 minutes of my time reading this post. Seems like the writer ran out of topics to write on. I normally enjoy satire, plagiarism shaming and good bashing but this is just miserable. Recommend

  • Aafi syed

    Had he agreed to do that kissing scene in a hollywood movie, I’m sure this writer would have come up with Zaid’s strongest defence for that matter..the problem is the moment someone shows symptoms of being islamic or respecting islamic values to some extent, our desi liberals start having problems with him and begin to ridicule him in anyway possible..Recommend

  • Fighter Man

    No he is not Kafir, Yahoodi Agent, Indian Agent but one this is sure that he is jealous from his poularity.Recommend

  • Guest

    What ever the case is.. Zaid makes it better. With attention to small details which make his videos perfect and truly funny to watch. So….shoooooo!! the “Shadi video” oh come on what is up with the lolly pop…lame.. Zaid’s better. Period.Recommend

  • Shaheer mahmood

    can we get some of these comedians to confirm that their permissions were NOT taken? It may not be plagiarizing as he is not earning from it (or is he?), however it surely is enethical. It’s more like giving a cover to a song of another artist, you don’t earn from it, however you definitely give credit to the original artist. Nonetheless, after seeing this attitude of Zaid, I am extremely disappointed and probably would not watch any of his videos anymore.Recommend

  • abc

    I was told too that there r several similar videos like zaid but let’s accept it he’s good at it
    Even if it’s copied the way he does it is better than others Recommend

  • Mir

    Regarding the video on Pashtuns, he only credited the original creator after I called him out on it. You can see the Facebook post is edited. He never acknowledged his inspiration before I mentioned it to him. He also deleted my comments where I mentioned that.Recommend

  • Danish Shah

    Thank you Noman, for writing this! I too have noticed a lot of plagiarism in his videos and I was heartbroken as well. You should also mention the video he did on the “harassment” issue. That too, was a copy paste of an older Indian video.Recommend

  • Danish Shah

    Umm, the blog proved that Zaid plagiarized content. That was the point, sorry that evaded your wits!Recommend

  • Sid

    Plagiarism in media industry is not a new or unknown phenomenon. Original ideas are re-used by artists to spawn out their own version. Some are successful and some tank. But where most of the people who plagiarize fail is that they fail to acknowledge their “inspiration”. That is the fan base killer.
    Either ways I like Zaid’s video, as you rightly pointed out his talent is in his timing and his performance is good.
    The part where he wears his religious piousness sleeve is purely an indication of his insecurities and is validated by the fact that he may have tried to commit suicide at some point of time. That experience itself is pretty challenging to overcome.
    He has potential, hope he realizes that. And I hope if he reads this article and comments he take it as a healthy criticism.Recommend

  • Syed Afzal Ali

    This is how it goes man. You get inspiration and you surpass the original. Where in the world it is written that you cannot retell a joke? We listen to jokes and tell them to others that is what happens.
    Even if Zaid stole them, its perfectly ok. He has done them way better than the original that is why his fan followings gets a boost after every video share.

    Noman ali You dont even know how to criticize a person. This looks like a massive defamation campaign against Zaid.

    Well this is not less than a surprise, we always get shitty posts from tribune.Recommend

  • Striver

    I guess you don’t like “bollywood” films either because they are also copies of some American, French or English movie.
    And when exactly did you start to dislike Zaid Ali, when he turned down a role because his RELIGION did not allow him to kiss a non-Mehram?
    Get real people. Don’t wear your “liberalism” on your sleeves. This is extremism. I thought you didn’t like extremism?Recommend

  • Sid

    Also note. Artist’s talent is measured by their performance and not just material. Bracketing them with plagiarism is discrediting their talent because their material was not original. I don’t support plagiarism but I believe in giving credit where it is due. His lines were copied but the performance was his own.Recommend

  • nust

    HAHAHHAAH Noman you go dude! You were true to your word, you DID blog about it. The same happened with me when I first discovered Zaid and later found out he was copying from Punjab Vines and other pages. Ajkal kay attention seekers. Worst part is how he pretends to be so pious and how people readily believe this fraud!Recommend

  • Bilal

    Honestly, if this qualifies to be a well screened blogged post by ET, I reckon it has fallen even lower than its CaughtOffside equivalent. Sheer animosity is evident from this guy Noman’s post, at least make an effort to hide your grudge, man. Not a fan of Zaid’s either, but I guess he is projecting a positive image of our nation with power of wit and expression. Please do away with culture of unwarranted and unsubstantiated claims to tarnish image of young bright man. Recommend

  • Raj

    I did watch the puktoon video but there were no credits to anyone in the video but he just wrote a line the comments which was hard to find. It simply means that only 1 out of every 500 people who liked it was busy enough to actually know the original comedian behind the idea.Recommend

  • Sania Khan

    In the world of showbiz you can take ideas and if he does it better than the next guy then tough luck. It’s not stealing ideas… also he is a very popular figure so for him to talk about doing good deeds is actually inspirational and motivational which is a positive thing. After his comment about not kissing in the hollywood scene, it made me question whether the industry I was in was also something that goes against my spiritual beliefs [for money]… article just seems like a bunch of hate, false accusations and no credibility.Recommend

  • J. Yamla

    It seems like that Mr. Ansari is just jealous of Zaid’s success…In this internet world, there is NO thing like ‘copying’, ‘cheating’, etc….. Everyone is copying each other… some people find success and others don’t.. DO NOT understand the point of this article… use less.Recommend

  • Isbah

    Wow people have no life…just enjoy the jokes. This isn’t a university essay and most of these videos can be related to all Pakistanis so not really plagarism.Recommend

  • محمد Waqas

    You are right sir!Recommend

  • Ebtesam Ahmed

    Thankyou for addressing this. And jbtw he copies MOST of the tweets he post on twitter.Recommend

  • nashadelic

    Noman Ansari, instead of spending this much time and energy in discrediting someone, you should do something more productive with your time. Every skit I’ve seen done by Zaid has been done a hundred times. every joke you hear on late night shows are reused and redone.

    Unfortunately, pulling each other down has become the Pakistani way. What’s worse is how comfortably you call someone a thief on a loud medium. One should think quite a bit before throwing around hurtful words like that.

    Dear Tribune, I don’t know what Zaid did to Noman, but you shouldn’t be just handing over this platform to such negative voices. Let’s all do something constructive for a chane. Recommend

  • glee

    damn! its a shame.. things people do for fame… the weird thing is that his fans are some what denying the facts mentioned in above article.. lolRecommend

  • zile huma

    (Y) i agree.. we all love zaid this is just because of his hardwork.. he is a hardworker and we will kep suporting him INSHALLAH.. :)Recommend

  • Usman

    He steals people work and doesn’t GIVE CREDIT. STEALING IS STEALING.. He stole some of my jokes and later blocked me on social media sites when I told him to remove my jokes and some videos.Recommend

  • Usama Tariq

    Zaid is a great talent.. These people are jealous…Recommend

  • Yousuf

    Well, Stealing is sumthing else and getting idea and polished them is sumthing else…take example 0f Ibne Safi and Mazhar Kaleem’s Imran Series….Ibne Safi started the series ( if i still remember) and Mazhar Kaleem polished his idea and published in a better way and everyb0dy liked it…similarly Ziad polished 0ther ideas and published in a better way which everyb0dy likes.Recommend

  • take a chill pill

    Haters are going to hate hate hate…Recommend

  • wsiraj

    Dear Norman
    I hope that this is all part of a big joke. Right? like the whole Matt Damon Jimmy Kimmel thing with Sarah Silverman. I really really hope so otherwise this is just a little sadRecommend

  • Silent Cry

    At least let someone peacefully earn Pakistan a good name. Be it a robbery of ideas, plagiarism or whatever!! The truth is that only he had the spark to ignite a fire of smiles, laughters and a decent view of Pakistan.Recommend


    ‘Good artists copy, great artists steal’ :DRecommend

  • Haider

    If you actually read the comment section below his videos he gives credit to every person. And the video of how Pathans takes photos, he messaged the guy who originally made it and asked if he could copy it. Do some research Mr. Journalist.Recommend

  • Kakarot

    Indian agent? Seriously?
    Why the hell you do harbor such thoughts against India when terrorists from your country come and ruin ours!
    Hatred isnt going to lead both the nations anywhere..
    Grow up!Recommend

  • taimur azhar

    look, even if he did so, its a harmless act, isn’t enough for us that he is putting smile on out faces.get a life man.
    and btw who the hell are you to judge him in religious perspective.Recommend

  • J.J

    I don’t know you.. But I am sure that you are probably jealous of Zaid Ali T…. Atleast whatever he is doing. He is making hundreds of thousand people laugh.Recommend

  • BilaL

    I just dont understand why is this article even here. I havent understood the mindset of mr Nouman. I would just ask Mr Nouman that does those entertainers have copy rights of there ideas from which Zaid copied, because you cannot have a copy right of something which is already inspired by daily life routines. So this isnt something they have spent their lot of money on thinking how does camermen shoots bride on desi weddings or other videos. What a stupid article. Recommend

  • hamza

    fame earns critics… and so is proving in the case of Zaid Ali… buck up ZAID!!! we are all with youRecommend

  • Hashim
  • infinity_apex

    Lets not forget the Pillow Fight Prank, Omar Imrans tweets, and that recent sister-rape PSA video..Recommend

  • ayesha

    Haters gonna hate hate hate…..shake it off :pRecommend

  • Jawad

    Bravo to the writer of this article! ZaidAliT is a cheater/copy artist and he should be sued by those he has copied from. Intelectual property is a real thing and it is protected by law.Recommend

  • pak fauji

    “yahoodi agent, Indian agent” LMFAO GOLDRecommend

  • shah

    all comedians copy each other. Its part of the entertainment business. Did the person who came up with a joke be the only one who can tell that joke for all eternity. ?Recommend

  • Muhammad Sohaib Siddiqi

    To Noman Ansari. I raise you this question ‘have you ever relayed a joke to your friends you heard from someone else if you have then stand in line next to zaid because you apparently stole a joke. Conveying happiness throughout the world is now a crime according to you is that what you want to say. And to the best of my knowledge no one made any money by posting these videos not zaid not the maansals and any of the other sources you quoted. I expect an intelligent answer Recommend

  • Zahir

    Oh well, Noman Ansari if any of your work has been stolen you have the right to complain. But if not, than its better to mind your business. The people who’s work have been stolen knows how to deal with it.Recommend

  • bar123

    tribune has some messed up writers . i have never ever seen a praise worthy article here, apart from dirty criticisms to people who are trying to achieve something and appreciations to the evil ones.Recommend

  • Ali

    Silly folks. Few years from now, some other dude will pickup the same ideas and do another video. Heck, they might even be inspired from 50/50. Admit it, you’re just jealous cause he does it better.Recommend

  • L.

    Hahaahahahahahahah. :’DRecommend

  • L.

    MAANSALS > everyone. ANY given day. <3Recommend

  • Farhan

    Pakistanis always finding reasons to bash other Pakistani’s. Lighten up dude!Recommend

  • Yasir

    “His comic timing and production values are the reason why rough comic ideas have been transformed into gems”

    Are you kidding me? His comic timing is as lame as it gets. The only thing good abt his vines are the idea behind them. And that too he spoils by over doing and not knowing when to shut up.
    Maybe if he tries to step outside of his desi vs white mental capacity, he can come up with something creative and actually funny.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Religion sells in Pakistan. Pretend you are the holiest of all, quote MashaAllah, SubhanAllah and namaz in your conversations and people will shower their praise on you! It is a great marketing technique used very effectively by this guy.

    Not at all comfortable how some people use religion as a marketing tool. You may be pious but you do not need to boast about your morals and how good a Muslim you are on public forums.

    Even more sickening is how Pakistanis generally respond with MashaAllah..SubhanAllah to those who pretend to be pious. Religion should be a personal matter not to be boasted online. Grow a beard and do anything under the (dis)guise of the beard, and the religion obsessed people will only shower their praise on you while you may shamelessly continue to steal!

    Well done Noman. You are one sane voice on these forums.Recommend

  • saj

    LOL this is hilarious.Recommend

  • علي عبدالرحمن

    Just because other comedians didn’t get that much appreciation or recognition for their work,doesn’t mean that they start criticizing or defaming others for their.Anyhow, his work may give people a chance to became happy,he is showing our country’s and religions good side on social media which change the perspective of many.He achieves the fame for which his contemporaries were ever dreamt for.
    It doesn’t make you look good to show your hatred or jealousy in this way for someone…shame Noman .Recommend

  • علي عبدالرحمن

    I am also shocked by reading such weak article on tribune.Recommend

  • Xyed Baqir Husain

    Propaganda, you tried your best to debunk the facts which in-fact were not the facts. If he is truly stealing, believe me that guy already be sued for millions of bucks, he’s not living in Pakistan where you scarcely see a law or an order, remember that!!!Recommend

  • Faulitics

    I have never heard of ZaidAli but i read the other article about him refusing a role in a movie because of a kiss. Then i read this statement in that article

    ““Being true to yourself and your morals is one of the best feelings and it shows that you have achieved something in your life.”

    This set a red flag in my mind including Noman’s comment about ZaidAli’s plagiarism in the comments section. I did my own analysis and came to the same conclusion that this one is a “pious” fraud like so many.

    “In my experience, people who try so hard to convince the world that they are pious are normally hiding deep ugliness inside”

    Good job Noman. Unethical frauds like ZaidAli should be exposed. But don’t expect some of his fans to agree with your facts. They judge a person not by his actions but by his projected “piety”Recommend

  • freshy

    Noman Ansari it seems like the videos you are comparing to are just basic youtube videos and not like Hollywood videos. How can you compare other people small videos to a young man who did many videos. So what! You are destroying his image and truthfully he does a better job in these videos then the ones who brought to compare. Your just an annoying blogger who is bashing your own kind. You had all this time to do that. You seem so jealous and a person who enjoys bashing others and destroying their lives. Go blog the current devastating issues. So what if he brags about his pious character? I rather her him brag about that then those who brag about their new Mercedes benz. Recommend

  • hab

    yes he might have copied everything, but this happens everyday… not everything happens to one person… one hears it from someone and then one brings it to the world… unless its trademarked its not copied. or else every word one says is compied tooRecommend

  • SanT

    Well done. Investigative journalism at its best. Recommend

  • henna

    He got famous my copying vines (those six second videos) that went viral. Every single one of his first videos were copies of viral vines! Recommend

  • Hammad

    Tribune blogs are a joke. This is not the way to write about a celebrity. You cannot just publish an article filled with hate and slander about a particular individual. It doesn’t matter if Zaid is innovative or a cheat. Media publishing needs to uphold a certain level of professionalism, and this my friend, is not professional. This is pure hate speech. I don’t understand how Tribune allows such articles to be published in the first place. Hope the author realizes his mistake.Recommend

  • Zenobia Yunus Lechero

    Original video:


    I’ve always found him fake. I find him hypocritical. He updates statuses like “Never judge anyone. People change. They just needs support. I knew a girl who used to smoke, drink, party, and have casual sex. The other day I saw her on Facebook – she has become a hijabi and shares verses of the holy Quran. Yada Yada yada.”
    And then he tweets like “‘New year. New me.’ No shut up. If you were a kameena in 2014. You will be a kameena in 2015.”Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Thank you for your feedback. No, Haseeb Khan didn’t give permission to Zaid for the White vs Pathan pictures video. I have his email where he says he is really happy about this blog and that Zaid indeed did steal the idea. Later, Haseeb was notified after Zaid had earned 60K hits.

    So if you’d like to do some research talk to the people whose videos were stolen.Recommend

  • Usman

    You guys have WwwwwwaAAAAyyyy to much time to collect data and compare who is cheat and bla bla why can’t you just leave him alone and do your own thing, if you don’t like his videos or you think this is bad for you don’t watch just hide/unsubscribe. It’s simple don’t like it don’t watch it.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    He copied them, people liked his copied video more than others. laughable.Recommend

  • asha_insha

    How ironic that such people are ardent fans of Himesh Rashmayya, Anu Malik ,Atif Aslam, Qurut ul ain baloch when they give remix hits and sing the old songs again but they have problem when someone from same background,age and milestone in life achieves more than they have..Recommend

  • Sam

    Lol, this is the most useless article I have read in my entire life. You make it seem like he killed someone.Recommend

  • Haseeb Uddin

    If the writer is so confident that the chap is theif, then he should team up with “other” comedians and sue him… I’m sure it will make the writer and the other comedian a lot of money….

    If that’s how writer says that things work? Then also point fingers on singers who use Iqbal and Ghalib’s verses to create music. That’s also thievery cuz they don’t pay anything to them!Recommend

  • Humna Naseer Ahmed

    Loads of other important issues going all across the globe….take the example of Pakistan itself, hundreds of poor children died of hunger in the fervid and sweltering desert of Thar, the brutally atrocious massacre of students at Peshawar, and critical political upsets , the cases of hanging of the terrorists, non availability of gas and other resources. …..And then comes the thing of jokes being stolen… any more left….?Recommend

  • Nouman Younas

    So copyright issues on funny videos?
    Get a life…
    get others ideas……. and making ppl laugh is not bad..Recommend

  • Yousuf

    Hey thanks for enlightening Noman Ansari! That is a nice research.. There is a history of him copying exact same tweets as wellRecommend

  • BeingSelf

    Why this thing is raising up right after when he rejected a Hollywood movie?
    Just a thought!Recommend

  • Armaan Singh

    he stole my intro i made for him……when he was not famous enough he asked me to make a intro for him for his videos ….he kept using my intro in all of his videos and didnt even gave me a single credit and then he stopped responding to my messages….Recommend

  • Buzz

    What if he is stealing the content??? Contests are not copyrighted anyway. Recommend

  • Faraz

    Hasty generalistions with little solid evidence. Most of these ‘plagiarized videos’ that has our common themes in ‘brown people’ or ‘Desi’ society and no one person can put a claim over them and call them their own. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge Zaid Ali T fan, he goes over the top for me soometimes, but the guy is talented and successful and talent and success breeds jealousy. Like you said in your article, his comedic timing and wit is on a different level as compared to most other brown comedians out there on social media.

  • Ali

    While the article has some real allegations and proofs, I would just like to share that zaid did an event in our univ, and he openly acknowledged all the sources from which he takes ideas and improve them….so maybe he is not doing it in purpose….but if people mind that, I agree, he should atleast take permission or sort matters out before making one .Recommend

  • Haya Baloot

    The author of this article seems to have a personal agenda of defaming and slandering Zaid Ali.

    First off, I’m not a die hard fan nor a hater of Zaid Ali. I admire his work and appreciate his values that he has committed to hold onto. However this article is very poorly written with no authenticity of the accusations that the author whom willining used tribunes reputation has published.

    If you actually followed Zaid’s Facebook page you would notice that on some of his videos that he creates, he has included authors from the original idea to play a part of his role or he would comment tagging the authors name with an “inspired by” tagline. (Attached actual proof with images)

    Secondly, all these ideas that these viners and youtubers create are nothing new. The whole idea behind the movie,music and fashion industry is to recreate older ideas with a modern touch or execution. Nothing is considered original at this point as they were all inspired by something whether it be an image, video, or a story that their friend has shared. By reading a few comments from his videos, it seems as if they love his acting style and accent which so far doesn’t even relate to the ideas he has done.

    Lastly, this is a very bad habit that journalism in Pakistan unfortunately has. People tend to feel like the only way to create a stir, engage users and create a hype is to bash and accuse publishers and actors. This is why Pakistan is years behind India and other nations.

    I seriously am disappointed by Tribune. I also feel sorry for Zaid for getting blatantly accused and slandered for the sake of 1 days worth of attention.

    May Pakistan move forward as a country.Recommend

  • Saad

    This is bs. ZaidaliT didn’t steal the content. we all have thought of those ideas so any person can say “oh that’s my idea”, but the point is he has more subscribers because of the fact of how he acts and does his videos. everything about his videos is relatable. . Apple wouldn’t be without microsft but does apple say “oh let’s give credit to Microsoft?” Just bless the dude and tell him to do better. And convey message and spread awareness. . Recommend

  • Osama

    Pakistanis hate Pakistanis more than anyone hates them!
    Dear Author, I am deeply sad that i read your piece. I wasted few minutes of my life reading it.Recommend