The filth of humanity unvieled: Raping and murdering a 5-year-old boy

Published: January 5, 2015

The global community should agree upon stripping convicted rapists of their nationality. PHOTO: FILE

The terrorists who attacked and massacred children in Peshawar, murderers who end lives all around the world, or States that wage wars on the innocent, are not the worst. For me, even the most vicious of murders is surpassed, in brutality and inhumanity, by rape.

The act of sexually assaulting or abusing another human being is way worse than taking a life. Both acts – of rape and murder – coupled together give us a glimpse of humanity at its worst. And both acts coupled against a child, is rock bottom.

five-year-old boy was raped, murdered and hanged in my city. The awareness of living in such close proximity to some of the vilest predators ever is enough to send shivers of disgust down the spine of any parent. But it is not just Lahore or Pakistan. This filth of the earth wanders in all parts of the world.

This act does not surprise or disgust me just because it was in Pakistan, or because it was in a mosque – a place of worship; it does not matter where it occurs, or which religion the perpetrator subscribes to. A person who can stoop low enough to commit such an act is not a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu or atheist. He is not human; it feels wrong to refer to them even as animals.

They are just rapists: the worst and filthiest form of life on earth.

The news story of the five-year-old boy outraged many. What disturbed me more were comments attributing Pakistan’s and Islam’s apparent plight to this vile act. Similar implications are made against India and Hinduism whenever the crime is committed in their territory. But these creatures exist in all religions, in all corners of the world.

In Dublin, Ireland, a girl was sexually abused for five years by several men, allegedly with her mother’s consent. She was four-years-old when this started.

In South Africa in 2001, a nine-month-old baby was raped by six men, aged between 24 and 66, after the infant had been left unattended by her teenage mother.

Last year, a 51-year-old man in Ohio, US, raped a five-year-old girl and had the audacity to blame the child for his act.

14-year-old boy was allegedly raped by a minister in the UK, 30 years ago.

Even to mention only the worst of the worst of such acts would take up hundreds of pages. It’s not just the slums of the earth, or a particular religion or country. Rapists have been around as long as humans have. They aren’t just a plague on humanity but on the universe. They do not deserve to be owned by a religion, a nation or species.

I wish the world could come up with a common law to deal with these creatures. While murderers, thieves and other criminals may be subjected to imprisonment and death sentences, there needs to be a different approach towards rapists. There ought to be an area in the world especially allocated for housing these creatures; detached from the rest of the world and all other life forms; humans, animals and even plants.

The global community should agree upon stripping convicted rapists of their nationality. They should not be referred to as a citizen of any nation or follower of any religion. Fundamental human rights need not be extended to these creatures. Dump them on an especially designed facility that ensures the rest of their lives to be torturous, and let them deal with each other. They may choose to make peace with God by repenting, but their vicious attack on humanity should deny them any chance of making peace with humans.


Zafar Zulqurnain Sahi

A Lawyer by profession. A Gold Medalist in LLB from Punjab University and has a LLM degree from University of Warwick, UK. He is also a former Member Provincial Assembly of Punjab (2008-2013). He tweets @ZafarSahi (

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  • Ian
  • Abdullah

    @Zafar Zulqarnain Sahi. Brother you are Lawyer and know laws very well. Why don’t you stand for the laws given by Quran regarding these issues? They are the only solution. I hope you know the history. History is clear proof on efficiency of these laws.Recommend

  • AKM

    This author needs to set the facts straight. This happened in a mosque by muslims against a muslim boy in muslim Pakistan. Why are you not saying this straight and involving everything else? What are you or your society going to do about this?Recommend

  • angry mom

    Couldn’t agree with you more! These people don’t deserve to have an identity or even an existence for that matter. The fact that these criminals are still a part of our society is what makes us a part of the catch 22! They deserve to be stripped and be hanged/ lashed to death in public! Recommend

  • Danyal Behlim

    Very well written article, and only capital punishment should be applicable where minors are involvedRecommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Condemnation is good but lets think of solutions … I say why not start with CCTV cams in public places ?Recommend

  • Zafar Z. S.

    This commentator needs to read the article again.Recommend

  • Akhtar

    Law’s of Allah are the Shari’a law which the Taliban wants to implement in Pakistan but the army doesn’t want to implement. Recommend

  • Abdullah

    TTP is fighting in the name of shariah but not for shariah. They are fighting for their own purposes. Killing innocents isn’t allowed in Islam. Peshawar massacre unveiled them.

    Note: I am not saying that what army did so far is right!! but I am saying that what TTP is doing isn’t right.Recommend

  • arshadfilms

    Sorry to break it to you Zafar but heinous acts cannot be matched by
    equally heinous acts. The “solutions” you provide in your blind rage are
    not solutions at all. The only way rape or child molestation can be
    avoided is through open society, open dialog, education and child
    empowerment – none of which you mention in your outraged diatribe.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    I have always been an advocate of death penalty for pedos. Lock them up in dungeons without food and throw away the key. these guys are such filth that even criminals hate them. reports from the USA suggest that anyone who violates/injures or kills a pedo is given respite from all gangs inside a prison, this has led to the Prison department quietly segregating pedos from other violent criminals.Recommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    I still feel – If I could wave a magic wand and get rid of either rape or religion, I would not hesitate to get rid of religion.Recommend

  • Vinod

    I totally agree with you. Unfortunately the liberal left of the western world would be against it.Recommend

  • observer

    “Why don’t you stand for the laws given by Quran regarding these issues? They are the only solution.”
    The Quran requires the rape victim to produce four pious male muslim witnesses.Recommend

  • Aleem

    There is no special law or punishment against rape in the Quran or in the hadith, except that which is given for fornication with consent: 70 lashes. And neither is there any law against pedophilia.Recommend

  • Aleem

    Never underestimate the cruelty humans can have for one another.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    There is. I think you need to search a bit more.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Lashes are for unmaried, not for maried.Recommend

  • Sundas Rashid

    So rightly said…disowning delinquents, criminals or deviants and an attempt to solve things by discarding them is like to dismember our own virus-ridden body part by part; finding cure of the disease instead. this way we are only going to get rid of individuals not the problem. What to expect from an ignorant youth from slums, with poor up-bringing, endless depravity, unsatisfied needs and all that vapidity surrounding his life, than to indulge himself into anything at all he sees as an opportunity to entertain himself whenever and where ever? The tendency to ignore all the social reasons to cause this kind of deviant behavior, even among the well-educated lot of ET bloggers & commentators, is really dismaying.Recommend

  • sundas

    @ author: the true Plague is your approach (ofcourse many of ours too) towards the issue, your inability to differentiate among different stimuli of one crime, committed by persons of different ages, living in the different parts of world, under different social structures and belonging to different social classes. I wonder how conveniently you are ready to take human race back to dark ages when it used to deal with criminals just by the way you have come up with.Recommend