An apology is not enough, Aamir Liaquat must be fired

Published: January 5, 2015

Aamir Liaqat Hussain holds abandoned child named Aman Ali before handing him over to a childless couple on August 2. PHOTO: AFP

Social media is once again flooded with outrage at ‘Dr’ Aamir Liaquat – our nation’s foremost televangelist. During an episode of his morning show Subh-e-Pakistan, aired on Geo TV on December 22, one of Liaquat’s guests, Syed Arif Shah Owaisi, used inflammatory language to accuse the Ahmadi community of being responsible for terrorism in the country including the Peshawar attack.

To no one’s surprise, Liaquat applauded the cleric’s hate speech. On December 27, an Ahmadi was shot dead in Gujranwala. Such a sequence of events is not new to Liaquat’s television career. In September 2008, he promoted similar hate speech on his Geo TV show which was followed by the murders of three prominent Ahmadi leaders within two days of the broadcast. Neither Geo TV nor Liaquat ever apologised for their role in the incitement of anti-Ahmadi violence.

Unfortunately for them, such blithe indifference is no longer possible in post-Peshawar Pakistan. Following a nation-wide uproar, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) issued a show-cause notice to Geo. Moreover, the channel issued a ‘clarification’ on December 30, apologising for the editorial lapse. The statement is available on Geo’s website. Several members of the civil society, who wrote to the channel’s management team, received personal replies assuring us that Geo is taking necessary steps to strengthen their editorial review process. These are all very positive developments and Geo should be commended for responding to the concerns of the public.

However, it is hard not to dismiss these steps as mere PR damage control tactics when the channel continues to let an unrepentant Aamir Liaquat continue with his program without so much as a hint of an apology. Not only that, the official ‘clarification’ released by the channel leaves much to be desired. The statement notes that ‘a comment made by a guest’ during the morning show ‘violated the network’s code of conduct’. Let us be clear that that the objectionable contents of this episode were not limited to one guest. After Owaisi was done declaring Ahmadis the common enemy of all Muslims and blaming them for the Peshawar attack, another guest, Hamza Ali Qadri, stepped in to inform the audience that the day Ahmadis were declared non-Muslims by the state in 1974, a member of that sect warned him of the violence that would be unleashed upon Pakistan to avenge the decision.

While it is perfectly true that during live transmissions it may be ‘difficult to control crowds and guests who speak their mind-sets,’ this excuse absolutely does not apply to this particular episode. Aamir Liaquat made absolutely no effort to redirect the conversation even though there were clearly several opportunities to do so as his guests paused between taking turns to insult Ahmadis. And far from being out of control, the audience only applauded Owaisi’s comments because Aamir Liaquat started to clap and gestured towards the audience to do the same. Attributing the violation of the network’s code to an isolated comment by a single guest is a mendacious attempt to exonerate Aamir Liaquat.

The statement, which reads more like a eulogy to Liaquat than an apology, further states that it is an ‘undeniable fact’ that Liaquat has promoted ‘multi-faith dialogue and harmony’ through his programs and encouraged the participation of religious minorities ‘more than any other program in Pakistan’s television history’. Whoever drafted this statement obviously doesn’t consider the Ahmadis as a religious minority because no representative of that community has ever participated in any of Liaquat’s shows. And while Liaquat may have the honour of fostering unprecedented dialogue with minority communities, as of today he also has the blood of three people on his hands.

Never one to shy away from airing his frequently misogynistic, jingoist and bigoted views, Liaquat is the face of mainstreamed religious extremism in Pakistan. His antics embody pretty much every problem that plagues our society today. And the fact that he is the star of the largest media group in the country only highlights the extent of our collective denial. The campaign to hold him accountable is in response to his chronic verbal diarrhoea on national TV and is not limited to a supposedly isolated comment made by a guest on his show.

Geo’s statement acknowledges that the channel itself has been ‘the victim of the wrong use of religion and several members of its team are facing threats’. This is obviously a reference to the accusations of airing allegedly blasphemous content on a morning show last May. How sad that this awareness on part of the channel’s team was not enough to stop Liaquat from accusing Junaid Jamshed of blasphemy and inciting violence against the ex-pop star. The level of hypocrisy at play here can be gauged from the fact that it was none other than Liaquat who was packed off to Makkah for damage control by the channel after the fiasco last summer.

And then there’s the matter of Liaquat hurling vulgarities at Junaid Jamshed’s mother. The ‘clarification’ that followed was even more disturbing as he extended his abuse to include his own as well as everyone else’s mother! Understanding the association between a person’s respect for Hazrat Aisha (RA) and their mother’s sexual history is a pleasure I shall leave to Liaquat’s many admirers.

But the good ‘doctor’ is at his finest when it comes to casting invectives at India to the deafening applause of an audience obviously very receptive to his brand of a gaali galoch laden Islam. His response to India’s ban on Pakistan’s hockey team was a new low even by his standards. In any other country, such obscenity would have earned his show a PG-18 rating. In Pakistan this kind of vulgarity passes for patriotism.

Like a common thug, he reacts to any and all critique with more trash talk. Two summers ago, a Pakistani columnist who dared to criticise his Ramazan transmission was declared the most ‘ghatiya insaan’ (pathetic person) in the world on national television. He recently responded to criticism in an Indian paper by threatening to gouge out the writer’s eyes. Perhaps he thinks he is once again showcasing his ‘lighter side’. That is the explanation he gave the New York Times regarding the embarrassing outtakes from his show which were leaked on YouTube in 2011. Earlier he had insisted that the video was doctored and even accused his favourite punch-bag, the Ahmadi community, of being responsible.

However, the issue is far more serious than that of vulgarity. There can be no greater dishonour of the victims of the Peshawar attack than to give space to those lying about the identity of the killers on national TV. And the Geo group has done it repeatedly, not only by allowing Liaquat to air his mindless jingoism on his morning show where everyone from Ahmadis, Jews and Indians are accused of orchestrating the Peshawar attack, but also by running an article in two of their flagship publications in response to the blowback against Subh-e-Pakistan’s episode featuring Owaisi and company. In this article, an absolutely unapologetic Liaquat once again accuses Ahmadis and India of mounting the ‘propaganda’ against him. To make matters worse, Geo’s official clarification links back to this article! I am sorry but it is hard to believe in the channel’s sincerity when their ‘apology’ features their unrepentant star promoting the very bigotry that precipitated the whole issue in the first place.

We are at war. And this war is not against a group of individuals. It is against an ideology. The killing of Ahmadis, Shias, Christians, Hazaras, and Hindus is just as terroristic as the Peshawar attack. We can wage countless Zarb-e-Azabshang every terrorist in the country but we will never stop creating their replacements as long as we do not confront radicalism in all its forms. In the episode of Subh-e-Pakistan, aired one day after the Peshawar massacre, Liaquat said,

“We should be very clear about who our enemy is.”

He’s right. We should be very clear.

And the fact is that our enemy is neither India, nor the Jews nor the CIA. It is a home-grown extremist ideology that the likes of Aamir Liaquat routinely unleash on national TV. His vitriol cannot be controlled. He must be fired. War demands sacrifices. It is time Geo placed greater premium on human lives than on TRP ratings.

Fatima Tassadiq

Fatima Tassadiq

The author is a first year doctoral student of anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania.She tweets @fatimatassadiq ( and blogs at

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  • Sohail

    I think it is only a matter of time before foreign news media like BBC makes a documentary on Aamir Liaquat. Then the whole world will know about him and Pakistan’s name will be further down in the gutter. We need to ban Aamir Liaquat now. Demanding to gouge out a writers eyes on public TV would lead to 10 years prison in an another country.Recommend

  • Fez

    Bravo! Excellent article indeed!Recommend

  • Ali

    “And the fact is that our enemy is neither India, nor the Jews nor the CIA. It is a home-grown extremist ideology that the likes of Aamir Liaquat routinely unleash on national TV. ”

    I agree everything about Amir Liaquat, and how pathetic he is. But when you say this then I would back off. you know very well and a video is on youtube where Hillary Clinton openly accepts the creation of this “extremist ideology”. The bigger problem of Pakistanis is inferiority complex. That is killing us inside.Recommend

  • UzairH

    Brilliantly and eloquently stated case Fatima. Couldn’t have written it better myself.

    I am afraid though that the rot of dogmatism and intellectual cowardice runs too deep in our nation to acknowledge that we are the monsters ourselves. The people are too blinded by the mullahs to recognize themselves for the their extreme xenophobia and misogyny.Recommend

  • Imran Ahmed

    There are many among us who vie with each other mouthing hate and slander as proof of taqwa.
    They forget that the Divine virtues include Compassion and Justice, not hate and lies.
    This fake doctor should be locked away in an asylum for the criminally insane. At least he should never be allowed to pollute the air with his poison.Recommend

  • L.

    I have said this before and will say it again: these people who do nothing but incite violence do not represent Pakistan or it’s people. BUT when they are allowed to CONTINUE, it depicts the mentality of the people who don’t stop him. He is representing you Pakistan!

    Shehzad recently wrote a blog asking if Pakistan is ready to discuss religion. Forget about discussing it, we have been degrading it for years!

    Oh and Ali Gul Pir played liaquat very well in his recent video:

  • Fareed Khan Afridi

    Bibi ! So relieved to know you are out of the country. Or his thugs would be
    hunting for you. Who knows what his henchmen are capable of. Admire your
    courage and bravery for writing this. Certainly you stand tall. A giant, indeed.
    There is no Geo on this reader’s cable service. Hope there is a movement
    to cancel Geo, by subscribers. Everywhere.Recommend

  • Anon

    Where is the Problem…after all Pakistan is created only for Muslims of Indian subcontinentRecommend

  • siesmann

    These mullahs spread hatred ,and proclaim in the same breath that they are countering hatred.These are the ones who should be put in prison.And look at the brain-washed audience clapping in response to vulgarities,and pure hatred-mongering.!!!Recommend

  • astonished2010

    Aamir Liaquat is a scourge who epitomizes all that is wrong with our society. Geo is shameless in continuing to call him a ‘doctor’ even though he dropped out after one year of MBBS and bought his PhD online. As for Geo’s explanation, that is the worst possible statement under the circumstance. They clearly are trying to hold him innocent. Aamir shamelessly continues the hate speech and bigotry on his personal website – check the scrolling link at the bottom which reads Click to Support Pakistan.

    PEMRA needs to act now, and remove Aamir Liaquat and his hateful, bigoted, and vulgar agenda from the Pakistani airwaves Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Very well written. Amir Liaqat, a TV bully, thug, is an absolute disgrace to peace loving moderate Pakistanis. He must be banned, but unfortunately there is a whole host of Pakistanis which you rightly pointed out believe in Amir Liaqat’s version of gali laden Islam, who not only watch but also participate in his disgraceful shows.
    Geo must stop fueling religious extremism. What qualification does this man hold to be a religious scholar?

    If you allow an absolutely illiterate person (both in mind and academically(with fake degrees, no less)) to run a show on National TV, and cash on religious extremism prevalent in the country what else will happen!

    It is beyond disgusting to use Peshawar tragedy to further religious extremism and your extremist religious agendas against minorities when clearly those who did it accepted their responsibility. The baseless lies must stop. This amounts to treason.

    Pakistanis must unitedly say no to Taliban and their apologists like Liaqat and Geo and all those hate mongering clerics who turn up in these shows and disgustingly hijack a national tragedy to further spread their hatred against those who are different.

    NO MORE EXTREMISM. Ahmedis and all other minorities must be loved and protected in Pakistan.

    Will this happen? I very much doubt so. Unfortunately I see more apologists, more denial, more India, more CIA, Israel and the Ahmadis. Wait till another incident happens and these TV personalities, clerics, Maulanas, TV channels cash in and make hay hijacking our plight. We are our own worst enemies, why do we even blame India?!Recommend

  • Xyed Baqir Husain

    India is behind the Peshawar attacks that’s for sure!!!
    Secondly he isn’t the first person in Pakistan to incite people against Ahmadis, but more massive persecution and Anti-Ahmadiyya movement called Tehreek-e-Khatme Nabuwwat, Pasban Khatme Nabuwwat launched by all Islamist parties. They forced the Government of Pakistan under Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to pass a constitutionally Second Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan for declaring members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community as kafirs.
    In the end it’s nothing but a matter of historical facts, you want the change in present by forgetting the past!!!
    P.S: I am not the Amir Liquat guy :pRecommend

  • Mughal

    Don’t forget Geo is perhaps the favorite channel of our PM Nawaz. This was obvious when MIR Hamid arranged his shooting.Recommend

  • Observer

    Only in Pakistan people like Imran Khan and This anchor can be on television screens making money or spreading their primitive politics free of charge ! Recommend

  • Parvez

    What you have said is absolutely true….but who is going to bell the cat ?Recommend

  • Ali

    @ Fatima: I am glad that your article is just a blog and cannot be taken seriously. No matter how wrong this gentleman is, and the fact that he should be banned, which I completely agree with, for you to say that attacks are because of “home grown” extremism, shows your naivety on the matter.. Pakistan has always been a religious society and deeply conservative, nothing wrong with it.. TTP came into existence not long ago, around 2004 and 2005, and that too after US invasion of Afghanistan.. there is a proxy war going on and these people are funded and brainwashed by the people in AFGHANISTAN. Many of them are Uzbeks and there is evidence that instability in Pakistan is being controlled, financed from Afghanistan by the Indians and CIA…. so yes, we do need to fix our home and rid our society of intolerance and other such vices,however these attacks are orchestrated regardless if the executors are PAKISTANIS AND FOREIGNERS… Pls. write a blog on this subject next time from Pennsylvania and do send one copy to the Mayor of your city and see if you can get anyone to listen to you… and yes Liaqat dude should be banned!Recommend

  • Azzy

    excellent article!Recommend

  • astonished2010

    Excellent dossier of the shadiest character on the electronic media.
    You can offiically lodge a complaint with PEMRA against the offensive content at:
    Choose ‘TV Channel’, the Channel name is ‘Geo Ent’ in the list, and the date of the program with hate content was December 22.Recommend

  • nust

    The majority hates him.Recommend

  • Syed

    Thanks to the author for so eloquently exposing the hate, the insanity and crudeness of this Liaqat bigot.Recommend

  • bigsaf

    ‘Mainstreamed religious extremism’ is the right description. Its not ‘just a few extremists’ that condone religious hate and violence against others. His large audience shares the same mindset, including the minority bashing and twisted denial of religious terrorists from the majority Pakistani community, hence excusing the main culprits and crimes, and that’s probably why he’ll still be popular, a money maker and left untouched regardless of the vulgar behaviour, which unfortunately also seems accepted.Recommend

  • astonished2010

    Go to and record your complaint against the content and the hostRecommend

  • Ali

    Does the writer even know the background of that killing ? ( I don’t know myself ) but how can it be inferred that the killing of that Ahmadi is a direct consequence to whatever bull… what uttered in Amir Liaqat’s show ?…The whole article seems to be an outburst of the hidden anger against Amir Liaquat and out of frustration of the continued persecution of Ahmadis….Im not saying the violence against the followers of this religion is justified….im just saying it is also a bigotry to blame a person or an event for the killing of a person ( without any proof )Recommend

  • Dajjal

    For every single Pakistani who condemns Aamir Liaquat, there are a hundred who celebrate his hate and think along the same lines… its sad that a country’s moral compass is so messed up… whats worse is when you confront such People (when they are not in a position to raise a mob against you) instead of acknowledging the truth, they double down on their insanity.. so there is very little hope for Pakistan or its future. You may militarily defeat the Taliban soon but the ignorance, hatred and bigotry which gives rise to such elements are deeply ingrained into the mentality of Pakistani and are not going to go away anytime soon… so these blogs showing fake outrage are as laughable as they are pointless…Recommend

  • N Nazir

    I can only say ‘JazakAllah’ for so aptly articulating the nemesis that our ideology has fallen into.Recommend

  • N Nazir

    I can only say ‘JazakAllah’ for so aptly articulating the nemesis that our ideology has fallen into.Recommend

  • ABC

    Just few days ago, when this fake doctor joined Express, he was called Islamic scholar on this website. That is the reason he doesnt get banned. One after the other media house will be hiring him including express.Recommend

  • ABC

    Just few days ago, when this fake doctor joined Express, he was called Islamic scholar on this website. That is the reason he doesnt get banned. One after the other media house will be hiring him including express.Recommend

  • ABC

    Just few days ago, when this fake doctor joined Express, he was called Islamic scholar on this website. That is the reason he doesnt get banned. One after the other media house will be hiring him including express.Recommend

  • omer

    I love amir liaqat he is so cool and he is the best. I love Amir Liaqat what a personality.
    I also like Ghalib MovieRecommend

  • KT Shamim

    Just to correct I think it was 2 not 3 deaths that could be connected to his program in 2008 … not to compare but anti-Ahmadis might just take that from this article and claim it is based on false data.Recommend

  • Salma

    Why do you hold your punches? he must be prosecuted. And he must be made an example of.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Wow!the mother of conspiracy theories!!Recommend

  • siesmann

    You got Ilhaam to make India the culprit”for sure”.Taliban accepted it;no proof has been provided by authorities in that regard.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Conspiracy theories don’t count fro truth;good for brain-washing thoughRecommend

  • vinsin

    Why do you then you allow them travel to Pakistan from Afghanistan? Why Pakistan has not filed any case against Afghanistan or India for that matter in ICJ? Why Pakistan PM or Defense Minister has not made any statement regarding that?Recommend

  • vinsin

    Agree, but majority of Indian Muslims never moved to Pakistan and also Liaquat Nehru Pact contradict your statement.Recommend

  • vinsin

    File a case and prove it till now no Pakistani minister has made that accusation.Recommend

  • Ali

    So your saying Hillary Clinton is brain-washing others by accepting what CIA has been doing?Recommend

  • Aaliya

    While I agree that there is deep rooted hatred and bigotry in a vast majority of Pakistani mindsets, to pooh pooh or question the writer’s sincerity on the subject is unfair to say the least. You might think that it is pointless to raise these issues given the mass of ignorance shrouding the nation, but the enlightened moderates are just as accountable for contributing to bigotry with their silence, indifference and apathy. Change will only come when all of us collectively decide to do our bit to raise our voices and challenge the status quo and the morons who bring a bad name to our country, religion and national ideology. WE all have a role to play and a responsibility to fulfill.Recommend

  • Aaliya

    Brilliantly written. Thank you for addressing an issue that many of us are still taking very lightly. Keep writing, and raising your voice against bigotry and mindless hatred. We need to drill the point home that enough is enough, and Amir Liaquat has gone too far yet again. He needs to be stopped, and GEO needs a good shaking up for its lax policies and double standards.Recommend

  • fatima

    Thank youRecommend

  • fatima

    Since it is obviously not possible to change the past I thought it better to focus on the present and the future. And this blogpost was not aimed at outlining the persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan. My point was to talk about Aamir Liaquat’s offensive antics.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Why just fire him? He incited violence which led to the murder of a young man. He should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.Recommend

  • turtlehead

    the real objective of any blog or column in a newspaper is to ignite the minds of the reader, so calling blogs that do that a waste or as u say ” a fake outrage” is really very childish. If you have a better way to ignite the minds of people at large please share it.Recommend

  • astonished2010

    Aamir Liaquat is the Maulvi Abdul Aziz of electronic media. Recommend

  • Prashant

    Geo was asked to prove its patriotism, I guess they have hired Mr Liaquat to help them prove their patriotic credentials.Recommend

  • Hasan Jawaid (USA)

    By any standards, human or law of the land, nothing is more deplorable than prescribing death punishment to anyone who chooses to practice beliefs that are not inline with the state or country. But, if such is our mindset which is what seems to be the case, we should then stop complaining about sectarian violence that has become norm and accepted by the society. Haven’t we all turned our faces the other way on Hazara killings in Quetta; killings of shia passengers in the bus in Gilgit; suicide attacks that have rocked mosques in Peshawar on a frequent basis; and icing on the cake – courts letting go of the killers lacking sufficient evidence. Killings of innocent ahmadis that has been going on for several years is simply pathetic and should have been condemned by each and every school of thought. Getting Aamir Liaqat off the hook with a mere apology or having him just fired is not enough, he should be tried for instigating killings of innocent citizens who did not commit any crime other than practicing their faith.Recommend

  • Muhammad Ali

    U all are likely speaking in the favour of INDIA there hundreds of Indian Anchors speaking against Pakistan at that time nobody had any problem But with Aamir Liaqut everybody have problem bcz he spoke for the Pakistan i was also against Aamir Liaqut but from the day he did this i love him because he is the only one who speaks like a man Recommend

  • Ali

    TTP is openly claiming. From where are they getting indian manufactured ammo? just google before questioning.Recommend

  • Sid

    Look at the audience sitting in the show of Aamir Liaquat and the way they cheer his controversial comments. These are the people and like of people who encourages twisted mind like Aamir to use his vantage as media person to spread hatred rather than thoughts of peace and rationality.
    We can blame Aaamir, but his source of inspiration are those clapping on his vulgar comments.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Because they are busy fighting hindus everywhere. Everyone
    knows this. even all the 1.7 billion hidus know this.Recommend

  • Sid

    Logic please. Admitting mistakes of past shows statesmanship and reflects courage. When has any statesman in Pakistan ever confessed of it’s mistake in letting CIA use Pakistani and Afghani children to wage it’s war against Russia in Afghanistan ? If CIA funded and trained, you guys provided the most important resource “your citizens and children as fighters”. And to do that Zia-Ul_Haq changed the future of Pakistan by indoctrinating it’s citizens to harshest form of Islamic way of living. Slowly injecting and encouraging extremism in society to promote unity against “common enemy”. His policies slowly radicalizing the otherwise moderate Pakistan. Why not admit that and course correct your thinking that you were equally if not all responsible for your current mess of promoting extremism. But for some people like you it is easier to shift the blame than admitting you are very much part of the problem.Recommend

  • Sid

    Just by stating “I am sure” reflects that it is your personal opinion stemming from your unabated hate for India. Otherwise even a blind and deaf would listen to the criminals claiming the attack and at least listen to government officials who made no such statement neither even suggested the possibility. But it is your own strong will to listen to extremists like Hafiz Saeed who like you is “just sure” and have no evidence, facts or what so ever to back their claim. Only things you guys have is “I am sure”.Recommend

  • Sid

    Anybody who stoops down to vulgarity on media does not deserve to be put up on a pedestal . Its easier to use abusive language and get few claps from rowdy people but more difficult to stay compose and keep your prejudices in check to host a meaningful discussion to help alleviate the society.
    Certainly we have bad eggs like Aamir on our side too, but also please note the overwhelming public outlash on such people. On many occasions those who make such crass comments never get any public approval and they slowly fade away from being a public figure.
    And please share any video from Indian anchors using such rowdy and crass comments as Aamir resorts to on a national television. Certainly you know how to google up a youtube video. Don’t you ?Recommend

  • Ali

    Funny logic.

    Yes they openly admitted so did Pakistanis. Why we have to take the blame 100% when its responsibilty goes equally to them as well? Why American media never bash CIA and our does the opposite? When both are wrong then both should be blamed. Why just Pakistan? 2ndly even they admit they still funded ISIS? So basically USA being more “Civilized” , “Educated” etc etc compared to Pakistan did not actually learn from there mistakes. Lets be unbias and logical at the same time. Middle east is a mess just because of Islam? or America as well? Killing on innocents only to be blamed on Pakistanis or Americans too? if they are more civilized then where the hell is human rights?

    We have to stop our brainwashing and deprogram ourselves from The likes of Fox, Geo etc. lets read some other newsoutlet which we will never find on mainstream media.

    bashing filthy generals who were stooges of USA/Saudia in the first place will not resolve our issues. We need to understand why USA wants to be the sole super power and then we will know who is creating all this chaos.Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    All should look up “” on wikipedia to see its total lack of credibility due to pandering all the latest conspiracy theories!!!!Recommend

  • Xyed Baqir Husain

    That’s the problem, Kindly open your gaze to see things how they truly are, bollywood blindfolded your eyes dear!!!Recommend

  • Ali

    Google the population of India & Pakistan before saying majority did not move.Recommend

  • Zaima Afzal

    we pakistan and mulims need a hero like Amir Liaquat Hussain and no one can ban him except ALLAHRecommend

  • Noel Alvis

    Stop calling him Dr (doctor). He got a bogus degree from a non-accredited one room college. He is just a joker.Recommend

  • narayan verma

    I see a lot of Pakistanis here (for the first time FYI) who are not in Pakistan, and seem to be talking sense. I’d like to point out a very small chapter of History (which actually also connected to Pakistan) of Bangladesh. Just want to point out what the Non Resident population did for the country in time of the conflict and afterwards in rebuilding their nation. I believe if you guys try you can do something similar too, though the challenge in front of you is enormous, still, tackling elephantine problems sometimes needs only an ant like effort.Recommend