She left India for Pakistan, but was her sacrifice worth it?

Published: August 14, 2015

Raffat misses her life back in India, but she knew Pakistan was an important step for Muslims.

Raffat misses her life back in India, but she knew Pakistan was an important step for Muslims. A picture taken in October, 1947 shows wagons packed with Muslin refugees fleeing to Pakistan by train in the border city of Amritsar, at the start of the first India-Pakistan war (October 1947-December 1948). PHOTO: AFP

“People didn’t even bother locking their doors; we knew that we could never come back. It wasn’t easy for us, leaving everything behind, and it seems like another life now, as if we left a part of ourselves back in India. Plenty of people lost their lives, it’s still hard to believe what the partition did to all of us,” told 86-year-old Raffat Jehan.

She says that she never regretted coming to Pakistan; she believes the Partition was originally a good idea.

“My father’s non-Muslim friends told him that they couldn’t protect us anymore, as painful as it was for us, we had to leave India,” she adds.

She understood how the Partition was necessary and further spoke about how life for Muslims in India was too difficult to bear, and even though they were deeply attached to their non-Muslim neighbours and friends, they had to leave it all behind. She spoke about how only Muslims who made the journey know the amount of sacrifices that were made by each and every person. The amount of pain in her eyes made me realise that we cannot even begin to understand how much seeing Pakistan suffer hurts her.

When I asked her what she missed the most about India or newly-made Pakistan, at first she ignored my question and went on narrating a story about her childhood in India.

“I was about eight-years-old when my uncle gave my mother her jewellery which she had kept with him. This exchange happened in front of me and being the mischievous child that I was, I swiped it just as they both were engaged in conversation.”

She laughed while remembering her childhood.

“I swung the pull string pouch, which contained my mother’s gold, playfully all around the neighbourhood, stopping to show the jewellery to each passing person, even the cleaners on the street. Everyone looked, politely smiled at me and moved on, until I went to show my aunt, who took it from me and returned it to my mother the following day,” she exclaimed.

At first, I thought to repeat my question about what she missed the most, but then I realised that she just gave her answer. The fact that nobody stopped to ask her where she got it from, or just simply take it from her was what she missed. People during that time had the same problems as us; poverty was an issue then as it is now.

I wonder what changed that, when did people become this unhappy and why did they turn to crime?

I asked her these questions, upon which she answered,

“I don’t know. I still think about it sometimes, and get lost in thought for quite a while but don’t have a straight answer to give you,” she paused for a brief moment. “ I guess people just became more greedy and unhappy, everyone in my neighbourhood was friendly back then, despite the religious differences or the problems our government was facing, even though in many other areas it was quite the opposite, hence the partition,” she adds.

I was silent for a while seeing tears in her eyes, recalling her past. I know now that she was not recalling her past, but was thinking about what the country had become. Muslims of the time had fought so hard for this nation. She knew Partition was important at the time, but I felt this was injustice. To the founding leaders, to her, to all the people who died trying to reach Pakistan alive, and to those who are alive and forced to helplessly witness their country being taken away from them bit by bit.

Like many others of her age, she spoke to me about how this is not Jinnah’s view of Pakistan. She claimed that this is not what he wanted, he wanted to give Muslims a place where they could live in peace, yet the people of Pakistan have received anything but that. She explained how Jinnah achieved the impossible, and offered Muslims all that he could, still wanting to give more. Unfortunately, he didn’t live long enough to provide his country with all that he had hoped for.

“My journey to Pakistan was not nearly as bad as what many other people had to endure. I left late in October along with my family by train from Delhi to Lahore. When we got here, others told us of their experiences and I couldn’t believe what they said at first, they told me that new born babies were snatched from their mothers, young girls kidnapped and…” she trailed off, not being able to go on about the sacrifices the people had to make and the amount of pain they had to go through.

Her stories made me think that if people heard about the sacrifices that were made, would they act any differently?

I doubt that they would be as careless or ruthless, but then again, I guess they need a conscience for that, which I really don’t think some of them have.

“It saddens me that people give up thinking one person can’t make a difference; they can if they just try hard enough, it always starts with one person,” she added.

I asked her who she thought was at fault,

“The government is not only at fault, if the people just think to forget their differences in race and culture, don’t see themselves as people belonging to a certain province and as Pakistanis instead, there can be a great difference,” she said, seeming hopeful.

“We just need to be more united and care about one another, if we do that, we can achieve greatness. I know it’s a small step and you might not think it’s as important as many other things that can be done, but in my opinion, it is the first step and the most important one we can take right now,” she adds.

It really surprised me that she didn’t blame the government or anyone specifically; she was just hopeful that we could bring a change for ourselves in the near future.

Raffat misses her life back in India, but she knew Pakistan was an important step for Muslims and hopes it achieves all that it was meant to.

Moliha Arfeen

Moliha Arfeen

She is an O level student from the CAS school, Karachi. She tweets as @MolihaArfeen19 (

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  • Ammar Malik

    it was totally worth it as if she was in india she would have been raped by nowRecommend

  • Milind A

    And in Pakistan, she would have run around to gather 4 male witnesses after getting raped…Recommend

  • wb

    When you talk about independence, why is it that you always talk about partition and very little about independence from the British? Is the struggle for freedom from the British even taught to you in schools?

    Pakistnis almost believe that they got independence from HINDUS. Well, a country created on lies will not last. 1971 proved it once.

    So, if you want to protect your country, start speaking the truth.Recommend

  • wb

    If given the choice between getting raped and one’s children getting sodomized, video-graphed and sold as DVDS for 50 rupees, I’m pretty sure, she would choose to get raped in India rather than her children getting such treatment in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Kushal

    Atleast she could have got justice, unlike Pakistani where she had to endure Hudood law.Recommend

  • Kushal

    “she believes the Partition was originally a good idea.”

    If she still believes so, then what’s the point of this entire blog?Recommend

  • Haider Rehman Butt

    Please lets prevent a flame war. Peace on both sides. Arguing here will bring nothingRecommend

  • Ahmad, Zubaid

    I am a Muslim in Indian Occupied Kashmir and we regret it everyday over the fact that we should have done more to join Pakistan. I went to Muzzafarabad 3 years ago and i felt so at home with no soldiers keeping an eye out on me. Wish India lets us goRecommend

  • Gurion

    Or stoned to death for getting rapedRecommend

  • Hypocrite

    ‘if the people just think to forget their differences in race and
    culture, don’t see themselves as people belonging to a certain province
    and as Pakistanis instead, there can be a great difference’. You fail to see that Pakistan consists of a people who refused to see themselves as Indians and saw themselves as distinct. When a nation is created on that basis, it is futile to think that they let go of this line thought any time soon. Only cowards run away from problems and create a shell for themselves.Recommend

  • rtnguy

    Lol thats because pakistan itself is a garrison state where soldiers control every aspect of life so u dont need their physical presence. In kashmir India is forced to do this because of pak sponsored insurgency. Look beyond simplistic notions and understand the complexity of life which jinnah failed to do.Recommend

  • Dan

    What do you mean? No one wants to keep you back here, please go and take your people with you too. The land however is ours, it belongs to the true Kashmiris, the Pandits :) So please clear out as soon as possible from our country, thank you.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    She must have been one of the few children not raped in PakistanRecommend

  • vinsin

    You can always move there, I dont think there is any restriction on you for that.Recommend

  • Concard

    Keep dreaming. You can always migrate to Pakistan and be a part of it. Not an inch will be given.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    Pakistan is still slave to the Goras, the Chinese and the Arabs. The only ones they are free of are the Hindus who have been decimatedRecommend

  • vinsin

    Then why Kashmiri Muslims dont want to stay in India? Why Indian Muslims want to have another partition?

    Muslims didnt participated in Indian Independence so why to talk about?Recommend

  • vinsin

    Pakistan rape rate is 4 times higher than India, so her probability of getting raped is higher in Pakistan. Pakistan has zero conviction rate so no justice whereas India has second highest after France in the world.Recommend

  • Akhand Bharat

    So why did you return to India? You could have stayed in Muzaffarabad.Recommend

  • Cosmo

    You should not have come back. Simple.Recommend

  • PeaceForAll

    very well said.. they are so obsessed with India (Hinduism) that they even have forgotten their “identity”! anyways..what they are doing is quite natural.. you can not cut off from your roots no matter how hard you try.. India and Hinduism is their roots so they will remain obsessed!Recommend

  • jayamt

    u r free to move to paradise . Aint no one gonna stop u . When r u leaving ?Recommend

  • wb

    India lets you go even now. Who’s stopping you?Recommend

  • Ravi Blr

    No one is stopping you, you can go to Pakistan any day you want. You just can’t come back, and you cannot take the land with you, that is ours.Recommend

  • brk

    You should do so at the earliest. Don’t waitRecommend

  • persona2020

    “Partition was originally a good idea” – Yes, indeed. At least in a sense it helped in filtering out the communal guys out of India and making it a better place to live in. The bubble of “a separate country for muslims” busted right then when most of the musilms preferred to stay back in India, which in turn made Pakistan a country full of opportunists and communal people. Most of the peace loving secular muslims did not buy the two nation theory. Today, everyone knows where all sects of muslims are living in comparative peace.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    “Pakistan was an important step for Muslims and hopes it achieves all that it was meant to.”
    Perpetual denial of the failed two nation theory and the failed state of Pakistan is actually laughable. Pakistanis think that they are the caretakers of the whole Muslim world but other Muslim countries mock at you for trying to put your hand in their affairs in an impotent manner.Recommend

  • G. Din

    If you surrender your Indian passport, we will even give you a one-way bus ticket back to Muzaffarabad.Recommend

  • HZR

    Wish more of your compatriots think like you and act fast unlike who is still unsureRecommend

  • Linux Novice

    Don’t be so sure about that. Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    You said it.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    They are trying to make believe that if it was so, if it was not so etc. Pity them.Recommend

  • harkol

    Zubaid: You forget other 180million Muslims in India, whose life also could be better by going to Pakistan. If they chose to leave, I am sure India will let Kashmir go as well.

    We can’t have a situation, where Muslims want protection, religious rights & also demand separate territories, every place they are in majority. That undermines the stability of an entire nation.

    You are right. In 1947, it was ideal that Kashmir valley went to Pakistan as it was Muslim majority. Pakistan would’ve got it if it followed the UN resolutions, withdrew to enable a plebiscite at that time itself.

    Today we can’t revisit and refresh the wounds of Partition. Would be far more disastrous than anyone imagines.Recommend

  • Raz

    Ironic how many of the messages here are from Indians. The problem with Indian / Hindus is and was back then, is that they had sold their identity to the British as did the Sikhs. Ghandi I can only say was a cunning individual who was only interested in Hinduism which we all know is very much a distorted religion.
    Even today indian / hindus have no real identity of their own, they have lost their culture and tradition, their religion has no substance and want only to be like the Americans. First the British and now the Americans.Recommend

  • wiserneighbour

    More Muslims are staying in India than Pakistan. If partition was destined to create an ideal Muslim land,why did they stay in India? Where is peace in Pakistan? You were always in perpetual war with your neighbours, with your own people or you were the mercenaries of the west.Any way,the Indians are happy to get rid of the most communal Muslims. Recommend

  • Sridhar Kaushik

    For Pakistanis, Independence means freedom from the “Hindus”!
    Jinnah never went to jail even for 1 day fighting against the British!Recommend

  • Alia

    Leave so the rest of us nationalistic Indian Muslims don’t get typecast because of non patriotic, ungrateful people. I love my country and the opportunities its given me.Recommend

  • Undhyu Patil

    Kashmiri muslims are free to leave Kashmir. And also there is a country called Pakistan which was founded for those Indian muslims who dont want to live in India. They can leave India anytime they want to.Recommend

  • Undhyu Patil

    Please go.Recommend

  • Undhyu Patil

    Kashmir is the land of hindu sage Kashyap and Srinagar -Sri is Laxmi and nagar is her kingdom. So what are you doing there with these sentiments. IRecommend

  • abhi

    If this is the case the why Sania Mirza has chosen to stay in India despite having a choice? I can clearly see one day Mr Malik will become Indian Citizen too.Recommend

  • Guest

    All that matters is land and imaginary lines drawn on maps, it should be clear now eh? No one is fighting for the actual people – to give them what they want. And so we are destined to repeat the past, over and over again.Recommend

  • Sabyasachi

    Partition was a blessing in disguise for India.Recommend

  • Disgusting

    Nobody asked this old woman to come here. I also came but never ever thought of what was once home. Now this is home. People have not changed but they are now nearly six times more than the number at that time. From three crore to now nearly twenty crore. Recommend

  • Anoop

    I’m sure the Pandits wished they had soldiers when their own neighours pushed them out of villages they have lived for centuries. If you and your relatives had come forward to stop that and pushed back the militants, there wouldn’t be any need for soldiers.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    “a country created on lies will not last. 1971 proved it once.”

    Nonsense. A country that is physically separated by a second country, which is unfriendly to begin with, cannot maintain its physical cohesion. That is what 1971 proved and nothing more.

    The ones who are physically contiguous (Punjabis, Pathans, Sindhis, Baloch) get on with life in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    This is silly thinking on your side that we are obsessed with India or Hinduism. We have a different identity and we have moved on since 1947 or even 1971. Its only you guys who are constantly trying to remind Pakistan of its roots. To me, it does not even matter where Pakistan came from, its a reality now and we are living it as Pakistanis. You folks tend to assuage your own egos by talking about us as if our day and night is spent wondering about you. Trust me, you are not that special. India only comes up when something flares up on the border or you guys try to threaten Pakistan. Besides that I have no reason to think about India.Recommend

  • Saad Hasan

    Have you ever been to Pakistan? You speak with such authority about our mental mindset when you have no clue. We click with Arabs because they are our co-religionists, with Chinese its a regional alignment. On the count of Goras, you folks beat us hands down in aping and courting them. One only has to see Bollywood and its aping of the gora culture and what not.Recommend

  • explin

    Pakistan is an important step in islam’s plan of exterminating non-muslims. We know that better now.
    Kashmir land belongs to hindus. If anyone living there is loyal to arab imperialism then he can go to Makkah.Recommend

  • Parvez

    For an O level student that was a mature, thought provoking blog……keep writing.Recommend

  • Abhishek Chaturvedi

    heard about paki women being sprayed with acid….??
    reason : … they were shopping …
    heard about paki women being killed for honor …..??
    reason:… they were dancing ….
    worth it .>>> ??? NAAAAAAAAAATRecommend

  • Bakht Nasir

    kashmiri muslims are freee to live in kashmir.. and kashmir btw isnt an indian state . it is a disputed territory . and kashniri muslims will have to decide their own fate. someday .. not of leaving kashmir . but of a partition.

  • Bakht Nasir

    a country created on two nation theory willll last .. it willl … Recommend

  • anonymousx11

    O level student, Karachi… lets play Dota2 insteadRecommend

  • vivek

    Yup that must be the reason why we find millions of muslims in european countries and even more in queues outside US embassy in Pakistan . May be that’s why Pakistanis get deported in overwhelming numbers from foreign countries , in which they didn’t go in the first place ( Yup , it’s all because pakistanis and muslims take so much pride in their culture while indians don’t .Recommend

  • Ahmad, Zubaid

    Yes. It was a blessing for Pakistanis too. Imagine taking responsibility of 600 million Indians defecating openlyRecommend

  • jayyed

    The number of Indians present here and very attentive and sensitive to whatever Pakistanis have to say about their country is interesting! See this piece- it was not even about present day India- yet look at all the negativity they prove they are filled with.

    But that is no surprise to anyone who really knows the Indians. Right from birth, the Akhand Bharat mantra is force-fed to them. You would find half of the indians hiding it under the “we don’t care anymore” attitude (while their hate exposes their lie everywhere), and the other half unable to hide their grief and expressing it openly, as you read/find about commonly.
    Unfortunately for them, their beloved Rashtriya SS, and Vishwa Hindu Pareshad and Shiv Sena etc have polluted even the most educated of Indian Hindu brains. Fact is, the partition of Bharat MAATA, ie the creation of Pakistan has never been an easy pill to swallow for the poor Indians- the hate, the jealousy, the negativity would never end so long as Pakistan thrives as an independent nation- which we will, God willing. :)Recommend

  • Ahmad, Zubaid

    Pakistan is not a failed state. India is a failed state because it has to impose curfew in one of its state ON ITS INDEPENDENCE DAY.Recommend

  • jayyed

    Bad research. We talk about both. YOU just pay more attention to that part..! :)

    Oh.. and about lasting of our country, YOUR MOTHER India did not last in one piece and broke up FIRST! If you had been that truthful, you would have had your AKHAND Maata still intact with you today..!! (And about 71, heck despite all your efforts, even Bangladesh did not come back to you at least).Recommend

  • jayyed

    This has got to be the most humorous remark here..!Recommend

  • The Truth

    Pakistan is a country born out of religion based hate and seperatism.Recommend

  • The Truth

    If Muslims in Pakistan got freedom/rid of Hindus But Hindus in India did not get freedom/rid off Muslims. Why ?Recommend

  • jayyed

    It is this hateful attitude of your forefathers that created one Pakistan already.
    Your govts have used all conceivable methods to subjugate the Kashmiris. And since you seem happy/okay about the thousands of mass killings and rapes etc of Kashmiris, you prove yourself not worthy of being called educated human beings. As a nation, you have been lying to yourself generation after generation. And thanks to propaganda by your beloved extremist right wing RSS, VHP and Shiv Sena etc that you guys love to hear, you seem to have become okay with your sins.

  • jayyed

    Bad research and false oversimplification.
    Many people gave up their all to leave India. They belonged to all cadres of society. and for many many years, Pakistan has remained ahead of India in many ways despite all the negativity we have received from you guys from dau one.
    Muslims in peace in India? Thats a joke! There are countless articles/newspieces that suggest Muslims in India are treated and have the status of the Dalits! the proportion of Indian Muslims that voted in recent elections was alarmingly low.

    And yes, do educate yourself about the Muslims who stayed back in India- and compare an average Indian Muslim with an average Pakistani.Recommend

  • jayyed

    Aww.. but see the problem is, that is not what most of your countrymen think. Akhand Bharat Maata ki jayy..!! :)Recommend

  • jayyed

    Another poor victim student of the Shiv Sena, Vishva HINDU Pareshad and RSS doctrines..!
    Why don’t you guys gather all your hate and just leave.. WE NEVER INVITED YOU HERE..!

  • jayyed

    Well said. India is officially the RAPE CAPITAL of the world!!Recommend

  • jayyed

    Delusional boy.
    In India you actually always have hundreds of witnesses. They just don’t stop the act.
    So when its over, nobody gets punished anyway.Recommend

  • jayyed

    The child rape rate in India is higher than that in Pakistan!
    Glass house..!!Recommend

  • jayyed

    In India, they allow gang-rape of female students on buses, do the WORST torture possible to them- kill them and the whole 1 billion knows about it..and the case goes to their Supreme Court.. and you have everyone posing to be SAD and SHOCKED.. and wanting EXEMPLARY PUNISHMENT for the rapists..

    Well earned title, “RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD..!!”Recommend

  • jayyed

    You want to talk about punishment??

    In India, they allow gang-rape of female students on buses, do the WORST torture possible to them- kill them and the whole 1 billion knows about it..and the case goes to their Supreme Court.. and you have everyone posing to be SAD and SHOCKED.. and wanting EXEMPLARY PUNISHMENT for the rapists..


    Well deserved title yours, the “RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD..!!”Recommend

  • jayyed

    And why did she chose to marry a Pakistani man?

    I pity you guys- when she was marrying the Pakistani man, your whole country was in a state of shock. ONLY ONE TOPIC!
    Then it happened and there was just the worst abuse for her from every corner of india. Then she won the title and you were like, ‘she is the prise of india- give her that coveted Ratna award”
    And now there was all her happiness with Shoaib about Pakistan’s win-And you guys were like..

    Seriously- pity you.Recommend

  • jayyed

    Don’t worry man. Let them remain in their perpetual hate and negativity.
    They are a lying bunch- posing to be educated and civil- yet okay with all their black sins, giving hogwash logic that their textbooks and RSSs and VHPs and Shiv Sena churn out to them.Recommend

  • jayyed

    They have just been fed the importance of your land, something they never admit.
    On the one hand, you’d find them arguing that Muslims stayed back in India of their free will. On the other hand, you’d find the same people telling you to leave. They are a bunch of compulsive liars that have no shame in lying as a nation.Recommend

  • jayyed

    The truth must have hurt..!!!

  • Ali

    But you’re such a lovely person.Recommend

  • Ali

    India uses the Armed Forces Special Powers Acts to brutally put down independence movements in its own country – the idea of India as one single country is lie. A lie that will unravel after the balkanization of the Indian state given the way Modi is governing. :)Recommend

  • Ali

    Don’t they burn rape victims in India?Recommend

  • Ali

    ”The Indian government backed a survey of 125000 children in Thirteen states. Of the children interviewed, more than half (53%) said that they had been subjected to one or more forms of sexual abuse. Over 20% of those interviewed said they were subjected to severe forms of abuse. Of those who said they were sexually abused, 57% were boys.”

    Indians can make themselves feel smug about coming on here on Pakistani sites to comment on problems we face, but no matter how much you put your nose in our affairs, you have problems of your own.Recommend

  • Ali

    The stench of Modi ji’s war mongeringRecommend

  • Ali

    The very existence of Hindu nationalism on brilliant display and top form on here legitimises Pakistan’s existence. Every post by an Indian troll is the confirmation for us to choice was right and a warning bell to the beleagured Muslim minority in India.Recommend

  • Tanu

    Leave aside Hindus, Indians and their opinions; just do some introspection on the fact that even after close to seventy years, your people donot have a consensus on the reason for which pakistan was created or its existence. Pakistanis, not others, donot agree among themselves.

    More than half of original pakistan made itself into Sonar Bangla. Bangladesh has its reasons clear, no doubts or confusion. Can you say the same for Pakistan?

    Partition was as painful for Hindus as was for mujahirs muslims. India does not have mujahirs, they have their india as home. Pakistan still has mujahirs seeking home and justice.


  • Rajiv

    Yes indeed.
    Pakistan was a good creation for India and Hindus.
    Regret is that not all Muslims left.Recommend

  • neat

    Good riddance from the muslim hating Indian hindus. Look how they have pushed indian muslims to the ghettos. A murdering psycho is their primeminister. At least this lady has toilets hereRecommend

  • Rajiv

    I don’t hink so.
    These people are not native of that land.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    No Mr Jayyed
    Demand of Pakistan was raised in 1930s by Muslims
    Rahmat Ali coined the term ‘Pakistan’
    1940 the demand was officially put forward.

    Stop blaming others, will you .Recommend

  • Rajiv

    No it’s not a disputed territory
    It’s Muslims who think it’s disputed and want to make it look disputed.
    There is no dispute.
    kashmir belongs to native Kashmiri Hindus not the half breeds.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Who cares?Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Muslims choose to live in India for their own benefit.Not patriotism.Recommend

  • jack night

    Were did you get the stats? Only 23 percent live in below poverty. Per income of Pakistan is way below than Bangladesh. Even economy of Mumbai is bigger than Pakistan.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Not independence but violent madmen.
    What’s wrong in that?Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Yes it was.
    I wish all Muslims should have left.that’s the only regret.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    of the 600 million 500 million are your kind.
    Why not do something for them? Adopt them , we don’t need them here.Recommend

  • jayyed

    Very well said..!Recommend

  • abhi

    Why anybody choses anybody for marriage is their personal choice. I can assure you that she didn’t chose Shoaib because he is a Pakistani and she chosen to stay in India because she likes to stay in India rather than staying in Pakistan. She herself made it clear so many times. If you want to pity you can pity on yourself. Pakistani celebrities are lining up to get a visa or permanent citizenship for India and this is a fact.Recommend

  • abhi

    Nobody wants to leave their ancestrol place and live in a foreighn country. There is no point in asking such questions at this point in their life.Recommend

  • Ali

    One person’s madness is another person’s independence – the double standards of Indian jingoism are mind boggling.Recommend

  • Ali

    They will not understand that – Hinduism by it’s nature is a very ethnically exclusive religion – it’s not inclusive, does not promote equality between the races and promotes charlatans in it’s midsts.Recommend

  • Ali

    Absolutely freedom from Hindustan and the British Empire – Pakistan has always been the under dog fighting on two fronts. :)Recommend

  • Ali

    Hmmm Bangladesh didn’t come back to you did it? And you have more than 60 independence movements currently active in India – so the ‘One Nation’ Theory fails hopelessly too haha.

    When India’s economy fails and it will such is the nature of capitalism – then watch as India tears itself apart from the inside.Recommend