Will we ever hold Aamir Liaquat accountable for spewing hate?

Published: December 29, 2014

On well-known controversial and hate spewing Mr Aamir Liaquat’s morning show Subh-e-Pakistan, a panel of clerics accused Pakistan’s peaceful and patriotic Ahmadiyya community of sponsoring terrorism in the country. PHOTO: SCREENSHOT

December 25th has always been an important day for Pakistan. It was on December 25th that our founder – Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah – was born. Officially dubbed Jinnah’s day, many celebrate it by remembering Jinnah’s enduring struggle for freedom and equal rights for the minority Muslim community within United India. Jinnah’s selfless struggle was driven by a passionate sense of respect for human freedom and equality. He dreamt of a state where there was no discrimination, one that stood firm on the values of tolerance, acceptance and pluralism.

It is well known that Ahmadis played a very prominent role in the creation of Pakistan and its subsequent growth. Jinnah was a close friend of the second khalifa of the Ahmadiyya community, Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad, whose support he always enjoyed. It was at the caliph’s orders that the Ahmadi imam, Mr Abdul Rahim Dard, convinced Jinnah to return to India after Jinnah bid farewell to Indian politics and moved to London.

It was another Ahmadi, Sir Zafarullah Khan, who drafted the famous Pakistan Resolution that became the documentary basis for the demand for Pakistan. Jinnah appointed him the country’s first foreign minister. The support for Jinnah was so strongly emphasised by the Ahmadiyya leadership that Ahmadi candidates fighting from certain constituencies withdrew their candidacy in support of Jinnah’s Muslim League.

The overwhelming support from the Ahmadiyya community did not end with the creation of the state. At a time when Pakistan needed every help it could get, Ahmadis gave everything they had for its growth and goodwill. Sir Zafarullah Khan continued to promote a progressive image of Pakistan on the international stage. His disciplined stance on various issues and his impressive advocacy won Pakistan the first presidency at the UN General Assembly in 1962.

The country’s first Nobel laureate, Dr Abdus Salam, also belonged to the Ahmadiyya community. Another prominent Ahmadi, Mirza Muzaffar Ahmad, who was the federal finance minister under Ayub Khan and Yahya Khan, played a key role in the economic development of Pakistan in the 1960s and 70s. His efforts led directly to the success of the Mangla and Tarbela Dam projects. Ahmadis were also at the forefront in defending Pakistan in times of war; General Akhtar Malik and General Abdul Ali Malik are a few names that come to mind. In fact, the only Pakistani general to have ever laid his life during combat was an Ahmadi – General Iftikhar Janjua.

On the other hand, hard-lined clerics like those belonging to the Ahrar Party (and the Jamaat-e-Islami) vehemently opposed Jinnah and his struggle. When they failed to stop Jinnah’s dream from materialising, they turned to hurt the newly found state by continuing to fight his ideals and his vision of a pluralistic and inclusive state.

Almost 70 years after the realisation of Pakistan, we can still see a recap of Jinnah’s struggle on Jinnah’s day.

While Pakistani Ahmadis – including the diaspora – fasted world over and prayed for the progress and wellbeing of Jinnah’s Pakistan, on December 25, 2014, the mullahs continued to fight Jinnah’s vision. They continued to fan the flames of hate and violence. They continued to endorse discrimination and bigotry of minorities – the very evil that led Jinnah to fight for Pakistan. And they did not do this in a small village mosque or town hall. They incited hatred and violence on national television.

On well-known controversial and hate spewing Mr Aamir Liaquat’s morning show Subh-e-Pakistan, a panel of clerics accused Pakistan’s peaceful and patriotic Ahmadiyya community of sponsoring terrorism in the country. Ahmadis were labelled “Jewish agents” and traitors – Muslims were urged to unite against and “recognise this root cause of terrorism”.

It must be remembered that the last time Mr Aamir Liaquat promoted anti-Ahmadi hate speech on the same Geo TV in 2008, two prominent Ahmadi leaders were gunned down in Pakistan. Neither did Geo TV or Liaquat ever apologise for their clear role in incitement of this anti-Ahmadi violence, nor did the state act upon this putting an end to the hate.

After the December 16th attack, the nation has been grappling with methods of alleviating terrorism in the country. There have been debates about how the Friday sermon at mosques should be monitored so as to prevent any hate speech capable of inciting terror. Yet, on December 25th, on national television, a morning show was allowed to air the most irresponsible and provocative statements against the Ahmadiyya community without any repercussion at all? Is this what is expected to happen with the Friday sermons too? Will there ever be any consequences for hate speech?

Luqman Ahad Shehzad, a 27-year-old leader of the Jamaat-i-Ahmadiyya (JA), was shot in the back of the head near Bhiri Shah Rehman village, a small community of Ahmadis in the Gujranwala district on Saturday, just three days after Aamir Liaquat denounced Ahmadis on his show. Shehzad marks the 11th person to have been killed for being an Ahmadi in Pakistan this year. And the third person whose blood marks Liaquat’s hands!

Will we continue to be silent witnesses to such attacks on our patriotic communities? Will we wait for another tragedy in the wake of this disgustful show? Or will we finally muster the courage to speak up and hold Geo TV and Aamir Liaquat accountable for their instigation of hate and violence?

As responsible citizens and as members of Pakistan’s civil society, it is our duty to side with Jinnah’s vision.

Enough of this #AhmadiyyaPhobia.

Enough of this hatred and violence in our name.

We will speak up!

Before the start of the New Year, we must make a choice – an important choice – between supporting Jinnah’s ideals or refusing to speak up in his support; simply put, this is a choice between Jinnah and his enemies. If you are honest in wanting Pakistan to progress and see change, let me see your protest. Let me hear your voice.

Do you think Aamir Liaquat should be allowed to host a TV show?

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Kashif Chaudhry

A graduate of King Edward Medical University, Lahore and Mt Sinai University Hospital in New York, Kashif is currently completing his Cardiology fellowship in Boston, USA. He writes for various American newspapers and Pakistani publications and blogs at the Huffington Post. His interests include medicine, human rights and interfaith dialogue. He tweets @KashifMD (twitter.com/KashifMD)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • neatgy

    Gen Zia and his molvi constituency is to blame. Keep highlighting this issue. Eventually sanity will prevail.Recommend

  • Iftikhar Ali

    nature heels every wound just give it some time, it will pave a way for ALRecommend

  • Gul Bahadur Marri

    A gripping article, indeed. Belaying a very daunting task. Confronting the Sunni
    majority in this country. Only THEY have the cultural currency, the moxie [if any] to
    battle and chart a way out of this ocean of hatred. The Shias, supposedly 20% of
    of the population are barely holding their heads above the water. Though some doubt.
    The Ahmadis, the Christians, the Hindus and other minorities are non entities, below the radar. As the very well known saying goes..” there are islands of goodness through
    out this country, and one day they will be join hands and become a giant “Recommend

  • http://thoughtofnasir.blogspot.ca/ Nasir Ahmed Khan

    A very well written blog post. Pakistanis are fed with so much of hatred against Ahmadis through media and society that they don’t even consider Ahmadis to be humans. Amir liaqat in today’s morning show (29th December, 2014) while trying to prove himself innocent again portrayed Ahmadis as traitors of Pakistan. Ahmadis can never be traitors of Pakistan as they are always taught to love their home country no matter how much persecution they face. Ahmadis are loyal to Pakistan and are really patriots as they have always been. Well said enough of this #Ahmadiyyaphobia.Recommend

  • Fareed Khan Afridi.

    Had no idea Geo was spewing this hate. Had this Amir Liaqat in their repertoire.
    Simply do not subscribe to Geo channels. Not included in the cable service.
    However, it is clear as the day is long, that PEMRA is silent on it. Even as PM
    Nawaz Sharif is doing his fire breathing dragon overture. Along with the two
    sword sabre dance. As best as the Pudgy Man can dance. His factotum, the
    ALLEGED minister of Info,… Parvez Rashid is silent too, not a peep from him.
    Therefore a party to spreading this vituperatve poisonous hate.Recommend

  • wb

    You must arrest this man for spreading ignorance more than hate.

    This man talks utter utter utter rubbish and all those dupatta aunties clap him and bless him and go Ahmadulillah.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    He does this everytime and then gets away with it. Had he lived in a western country he would have been prosecuted and jailed for inciting violence at least, or manslaughter at most. I hope Pakistani police grows a spine and arrests him.Recommend

  • Spyrogyra

    Actually it was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s government that declared Ahmadis non-muslims. Zia has a lot to his discredit, but anti-Ahmadi diaspora isn’t one of them.Recommend

  • Muhammad Raza Haidery

    I wonder who certifies these people as “clerics”..Recommend

  • Hunza

    The 5% who want Amir Liaqat be allowed on TV are reactionary Ahmadi haters, who like him just because he talks BS about Ahmadis.Recommend

  • Imran Ahmed FRCP

    Get rid of people like him from our TV screens, please.Recommend

  • Indian

    Bold words that can only come out of someone who cares for but is outside Pakistan. Truth is that selective treatment will never be possible unless all hate-mongering-terrorists like LeT guys like Saeed and Lakhvi are given state support, what to say of any action taking! Sadly, Pakistan is still trying to treat the symptoms and not the cancer within.Recommend

  • FAD

    This country will take years to build religious tolerance. It is the responsibility of the media and the govt to promote healthy discussions on such matters. This is a very time consuming process and the majority of Pakistanis’ are uneducated and feel defensive when such matter are being discussed. We should all do our part and spread the love instead of hatred.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Sadly the government / judiciary is in a state of decay, a state of selfish apathy. Simply demonstrating and demanding what is right, will not move them into doing right………possibly civil society must gear up and think of a way to FORCE the government into acting. It may be unpleasant but then time for niceties is over.Recommend

  • Ashra

    Humanity first! Recommend

  • ahmad

    Excellent article. Amir Liaquat has no credibility at all. He must be prosecuted this time of inciting violence.Recommend

  • raja

    Very good article. Amir Liaquat should be ban from hosting any TV program.Recommend

  • Fareed Khan Afridi

    Had no idea, Geo was peddling hate. Had Aamir Liaqat in their repertoire.
    Pervaiz Rashid, the minister for Info, is silent on this hate mongering. Not
    a word. And he represents Nawaz Sharif. The Govt. is up to the elbows in this.Recommend

  • Sohaib Ahmed

    he should be behind bars in any civilized countryRecommend

  • Sami

    In our constitution Preaching of any Religion other than Islam is not allowed anywhere in Pakistan and also if some Non Muslim will pretend to be a Muslim or will use any verse of Quran they he can be tried for blasphemy. How come Pakistani government can make a patent on Quran. Quran is not for the Muslims but for the mankind but Pakistani government is adamant to limit Islam to the Muslims only!

    Infact Pakistan, Iran and Saudi-Arabia are a mockery of Islam as in Religion Islam there is tolerance and there is no compulsion in religion but the so called Islamic countries are infact proving Islam as intolerant that must be changed.
    We must portray Islam as the religion of Tolerance, love and prosperity and it can be proved after ending all discriminatory laws in our Constitution.Recommend

  • Safeer Ahmad
  • Faraz Ahmed

    There is nothing wrong in this clip !! Recommend

  • AA

    Aamir Liaquat is not Sunni, he is Shia FYI.Recommend

  • Yahya Ahmad Khan

    similar ‘clerics’ that exist already do that!Recommend

  • Arooj Najmussaqib

    #amirliqatspreadingvoilence in the name of Islam, In the name of Pakistan !!Recommend

  • Zee

    Started mocking different sects of Islam such as deobandi and ahle-hadees in the first phase and now the minority community?

    Clerics like him are the sole reason where we are today in terms of religious tolerance. Sad, really sadRecommend

  • Sol Invictus

    This hate preacher should never be allowed to run a show. Enough of this hatred campaign against the Ahmadis from this guy. Every time he speaks, it seems as if somebody has put super-glue in his hemorrhoid lotion.Recommend

  • shahina

    I wonder if we have any educated class in our country or if people think themselves or just close their eyes and hide themselves cos they are not affected and waiting for their turn then will make a hue and cry ! Amir liaquat should be accountable for his hate speech along with hus fake clerics I want to see all behind the bars ! Recommend

  • naima bushra

    thanks God , first time an ahmadi srideRecommend

  • Waseem

    Article well written.

    The hater preacher “Amir Liqaat” should be fired and punished for provoking hatred and killing of peaceful Ahmadis. I hope and pray Pakistan is wiped out of such hate preachers who are eating up Pakistan like cancer does to the body. Ahmadis are peaceful citizens and this is well recognized all over the world.
    I hope Pakistan and GEO TV takes up action against Amir Liaqat.Recommend

  • MA

    Its not the Dr who should be gotten rid of, but the general illiterate public, who comes to his shows and like robots laugh and clap when cued to do so, has to be educated in recognizing these so called experts of Islam.The commercials money is another factor that should be tackled. The products that are advertised on the show should be boycotted by those who believe in the truth.Recommend

  • Faulitics

    Its not about spine. Its about ideology and beliefs. What makes you think that society in general does not agree with what this hater is saying? Why would the police arrest someone who says what they think?Recommend

  • mughals

    qadianis or ahmedis are NOT muslim. this attitude of qadiyanis on amir liaquat makes him more popular even after joining geo he lost his fans but qadiyanis hatred towards him on social media via twitter and otherRecommend

  • siesmann

    Just sacking him wont change much.It is much more important to also sack these Mullahs that come on his programmes spewing hatred and intolerance against Ahmadis.They are the worst anti-Islmaic force there is.Recommend

  • siesmann

    So true.These mullahs vehemnetly opposed creation of Pakistan whereas Ahmadis worked towards it.Now these mullahs become the dispensers of death.Recommend

  • Sana

    I have met this person during a flight to Saudi Arabia.He is a mentally ridiculous person and true ever cheap I have met in my life. I don’t take head scarf even in Saudi Arabia and wouldn’t be wrong to say me n my sister were the one without head scarfs but this man being in aharam he didn’t stop staring at us! to the level that we had to get our seat changed.This drama didn’t stop there but he continued to show his cheapness level during immigration! He shouldn’t only stop hosting the show but this filthy guy shouldn’t be even allowed to preach Islam! Recommend

  • siesmann

    Islands of Goodness don’t last long in countries like Pakistan.Mullahs serve shaitaan!!Recommend

  • siesmann

    What proof the Government needs when these mullahs and their host spread hatred on airwaves?Hatred is not a healthy discussion.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Not when one is intent on inflicting wounds on oneself.Pakistan is such a “one”.Recommend

  • salma

    I don’t know why but from the very beginning of his career I had a strange feeling about him. I never liked the way he talks, recite quran or naat, it was always so superficial and munafiqana. I really cringe with disgust whenever I see his hypocritical face. I am also surprised that so many people consider him an alim e deen. I mean there should be a limit of being naive.Recommend

  • Salma

    First. it is non-Muslims, as if it is justified. Then, it is the Ahmadiyas. Quick on its heels follow the Shias. Then there will be finer strands of the pure bred. The finest alone will live and thrive. So fine, that you cannot see them with the most powerful microscope. Long live this ideology.Recommend

  • SamSal

    I lost all hopes when I tweeted this article and someone replied saying this is a conspiracy to malign the ‘ulema ikraam’ and that amir liaqat is a peace loving pakistani.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    quite trueRecommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    The society in general is not full of hate. I can go and mingle with them at will, I find them open hearted and good natured. However, the extremists intimidate a large portion of society and coerce them into being extremists. If the people who are coerced rise against these mullahs and take them to task extremism will vanish.Recommend

  • Noreen

    Wasn’t he the head of Express tv? wasn’t he like that from the point where we know him? Did he leave already and i heard he joined geo again?Recommend

  • Gopeet

    No, he is a converted hindu from Thar.The family converted.
    He converted and became a Sunni Khawariji. Recommend

  • bigsaf

    After thousands of deaths due to terrorism, I can’t believe people are still demented enough not to know the enemies are from their own communities and still escape-goat with their twisted hate and devious conspiracy lies. They should put up a mirror and see where the actual roots of terrorism reside…Recommend

  • bigsaf

    Just because he’s got Shia clerics coming on his show, doesn’t make him Shia. There was talk about his brother or something, but that was inconclusive.
    Regardless, there are conservative Shias who despise the Ahmadis…just not ridiculously claim that they’re the root cause of terrorism, when the blame clearly lies with another group.Recommend

  • bigsaf

    Unfortunately a good deal of the majority have difficulty in admitting even that the religious extremists are one of their own, despite all the suffering inflicted and being victims themselves. Tackling religious bigotry is a long way off.Recommend

  • Faulitics

    “If the people who are coerced rise against these mullahs and take them to task extremism will vanish.”
    I hope so but not very optimistic.Recommend

  • Bachi

    Don’t forget that Zia did the most damage with the blasphemy law.

  • curious

    Freedom of Speech guarantees that people can spew hate — in other countries there are enough people with the proper moral compass to insure that these people are isolated and their influence is contained. Let an idiot talk enough and he is exposed – let an idiot preach to idiots and he becomes a leader.Recommend

  • Shumaila

    as far as i know there is a Hadees Nabwi Salaho Walahe Wasalam which states “If a person says to his brother, O KAFIR (disbeliever) ! Then surely one of them is such”. (i.e; Kafir) (Sahih Bukhari Volume 8 Book 73 Number 125) if you call your self true Muslim than why are you going round saying who is Muslim and who is not, you don’t live in their hearts and you have no right what so ever to call anybody a non-Muslim. Allah is the only one who can and has the right to judge about who is what therefore you can not label anybody anything and it is better that you leave his job to him.Recommend

  • Munda

    Mullah’s reaction to innocent people dying in terror attack=terrorize and kill more innocent Pakistanis. When will Pakistanis think for themselves and realize that these people are the biggest threat to the country’s progress and prosperity.Recommend

  • Nikhat Riaz

    I despise Geo for promoting this phony scholar allowing him to air his hateful speeches and comments from Pakistan’s biggest TV channel to the viewers all around the world. As a promoter and supporter of Free speech I won’t say ‘Ban’ him! (though i dearly wish I could)…but, still he need to have a separate microphone and camera to propagate his sick versions, shallow perspectives, pseudo intellect and could offer his cheap entertainment.
    I don’t understand what has happened to Mr. Imran Aslam- a very learned and progressive journalist?Recommend

  • salman ahmed

    In actual qadiyani call every other muslims “kafir”.. Read below link form their own website.


  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    Sacking him and other mullas will be a step in the right direction.
    But there is a bigger giant vicious full of hate problem, where YOU
    live. It’s called Hindustan.Recommend

  • ali

    thankyou for telling the truth..amir liaquat should be arrested and so should abdul aziz!Recommend

  • Hasan Jawaid (USA)

    If you ask me, associating Aamir Liaquat to any sect is an irresponsible statement and is likely to wedge shias and sunnis further apart. If decades of senseless sectarian violence means anything to you, stay away from casual statement in future without doing your homework. Take a quick peek at the European religious wars from 1524 – 1648 in wikipedia that brought famine, destruction, diseases, depletion of resources and massive decrease in population. May be we could learn something from it. Unfortunately, looks like we need few to several more decades of bloodshed and massive killings before realizing it was time to set our gps right. As much as we all would like to see love, peace, plurality, and harmony in Pakistan, the current mindset tells a different story – “hunooz dilli dour ast”.Recommend

  • Hasan Jawaid (USA)

    If you ask me, associating Aamir Liaquat to any sect is an irresponsible statement and is likely to wedge shias and sunnis further apart. If decades of senseless sectarian violence means anything, we should stay away from casual statement without doing our homework. Religious/sectarian conflicts have never been resolved by waging wars. A quick peek at the European religious wars from 1524 – 1648 in wikipedia would unravel horrors of famine, destruction, diseases, depletion of resources and massive decrease in population. May be we could learn something from it. Unfortunately, looks like we need few to several more decades of bloodshed and massive killings before realizing it was time to set our gps right. As much as we all would like to see love, peace, plurality, and harmony in Pakistan, the current mindset tells a different story – “hunooz dilli dour ast”.Recommend

  • Hasan Jawaid (USA)


  • faiza

    his expressions and hidden meaning in words are mostly towards vulgarityRecommend

  • Shumaila

    This is the problem with all you people, you can’t carry out a proper research. In reality you need to do your research this website is of “The Lahore Ahmadiyya Islamic Movement” and most of us here belong to “Ahmaddiya Muslim community”. There is a massive difference between us it would be good if you find the difference out before you go around accusing people. i’m linking the actual website from us down below, kindly check that out before you go around accusing us falsely. Here is the link http://www.alislam.org/Recommend

  • Natasha.

    This is not the official Ahmadiyya website, please get your facts straightRecommend

  • kamal

    ” In fact, the only Pakistani general to have ever laid his life during combat” what about major general sanaullah niazi, maj general javed sultan, major general bilal omar and lt general mushtaq ahmed baigRecommend

  • Gul Zaman Ghorgasht

    The Ahmadis the Christians,
    the Sikhs, the Hindus and other religious minorities are nearly
    wiped out. The Shias, are not wanted either, they are killed
    regularly. However they are, supposedly 20% of the population,
    they are still capable of putting a feeble resistance. A losing,
    feeble, resistance. While the Sunnis of every stripe, look the
    other way. That translates to 180 million people ‘looking the other way’….The govt.? Not a peep, not a word out of them.
    Lets not be sanctimonious, and give textbook comments, out
    of the Good Citizen Manual. And Europe? Where is Europe?
    Is it a country?
    Of course the ET moderators will look the other way, and
    will not print this.Recommend

  • main kahan hoon

    Nice job getting ahmadis’ view from an ANTI-Ahmadiyya site. Here are detailed answers to your concern (one in English and one in Urdu).

  • junaid

    I already didn’t like him.Recommend

  • http://www.qern.org/ Akber Choudhry

    Factual inaccuracies: 1) Jinnah avoided Bashiruddin as Bashiruddin (of Qadian) was playing Congress and Muslim League against each other. 2) Dard is just a family anecdote – he was a nobody in the scheme of

    While your ancestors were loyal to Pakistan, why is every Ahmadi causing harm to Pakistan for last 30 years. The day I hear your khalifa say ONE good thing about any Muslim, or about Pakistan, I will change my mind. Hate begets hatred my friend. And for a community that says ‘Love for All’, the second part
    appears to be ‘Hatred for Pakistan’.

    Liaquat is an iffy anchor. He was out of line, Geo apologized. Case closed. How many times your people go on Fox News and how much hatred does Fox News spew against Muslims?Recommend

  • B.N.A

    He is not a Muslim ,he is a Hippocrates and shameless person .He proudly spread hatred against Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at under the protection of GOV of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Mariamz17

    Well written! I feel ashamed as a pakistani and as a human being and I am disgusted to see that man hosting tv shows. Recommend

  • Mahi

    Very well written. It is time to speak up.

    The solution to extremism is simple yet very hard to achieve. To say who is right and who is wrong in his beliefs, is to be decided with talks, with refrences, with points … not calling names, pointing fingers and ordering killings. First become a human…. Show humanity… And humanity does not go with violence. It is simple to resolve problem of extremism if all of us decide on one thing and that is not to hear see or do any act of violence… Now this is a collective effort. Everyone should realize that those who teach violence against anyone are not from any religion because violence does not have any religion. This simple solution get hard to achieve because most of us humans have become good at ignoring violence as long it doesn’t happen to ourselves.

    Amir liaquat and all those who spread hate on TV or in your homes should be stopped right there. If Pakistan has learned any lesson from the recent act of violence in army school they should take serious actions against such people.

    Pakistan has very recently paid the price of hate towards others and extremism by the blood shed of 130 school kids.

    I won’t tolerate hate and violence against anyone… Why? Because it’s against humanity! Recommend

  • AA

    I did not try to associate him with the sect, try to correct implication of “Confronting the Sunni
    majority in this country.” statement. The Sunni majority does not use violence, it is the extremist minority that does. Extremism does not peculiar to any religion or sect, it is a mind set that appropriate whatever reason it can find to justify killing. There are extremists of all sort who kill in the name of race, religion or the nationality. It is only one’s own insecurity and fear that lead to such an extreme act.Recommend

  • Nazmul Hossain

    Thank you for telling the truth.very good post.Recommend

  • salman

    Killing qadiyanis by individual is heniuos act… Recommend

  • MatthewKemp

    Perhaps Pakistan was a bad idea. For every action there is a reaction. The reaction of Pakistan’s existence has been intolerance and murder.Recommend