There is nothing wrong in wishing someone a Merry Christmas

Published: December 25, 2014

Pakistani minority Christians decorate a Christmas tree in Karachi. Pakistan is overwhelmingly Muslim and at around two percent of the population, Christians are among the country's most marginalised citizens. PHOTO: AFP

Pakistani Christians pray at the Cathedral church in Lahore. PHOTO: AFP Pakistani minority Christians decorate a Christmas tree in Karachi. Pakistan is overwhelmingly Muslim and at around two percent of the population, Christians are among the country's most marginalised citizens. PHOTO: AFP Pakistani minority Christians attend a Christmas mass at the Fatima Church in Islamabad on December 25, 2014. PHOTO: AFP Pakistani minority Christians attend a Christmas mass at the Fatima Church in Islamabad on December 25, 2014. PHOTO: AFP

Pakistan saw its darkest hour when innocent kids were brutally massacred in Peshawar by terrorists last week. As every single Pakistani was in mourning, the whole world beyond borders and beliefs stood by us. Thousands of miles away here in Canada, Peel District School Board lowered its flag to half-mast for a whole week. In India, every school observed two minutes silence and Twitter trended #IndiaWithPakistan.

The Christian community in Karachi sang prayers for the children of Peshawar. I hear now that the Christian community in Pakistan has decided not to celebrate Christmas this year.

When I heard about this, it took me down memory lane, a decade and a half ago, to the time when I was working in an institution in Saudi Arabia encompassing 27 other nationalities. An Irish Catholic nurse worked with us too. She used to fast in the month of Ramazan with us out of respect for her Muslim colleagues. We loved her for her understanding nature and for respecting Islam.

A few months later came December. It was only a few days before Christmas when Muslim employees quietly circulated a memo. The memo, which each of us was to sign, stated that Muslims were to refrain from wishing Christians on Christmas.

This upset me terribly.

In an effort to understand why such a memo would be circulated, I decided to talk to a Muslim friend. While she tried to avoid discussing this with me, because the decision not to wish our Christian brethren was ‘the right thing to do’, she reluctantly came up with an excuse, which, in my opinion, was meant to placate me. She said,

“Actually, they add rum to the Christmas cake. So if we wish them, we will have to eat the cake too.”

This absolutely ridiculous explanation upset me even further.

I couldn’t understand why saying Merry Christmas had become such a taboo.

Still restless, I came home and decided to search for answers. Hours later I couldn’t find one, neither in favour of it nor against it. All that came up again and again was,

“Allah judges you by your intentions.”

I felt even worse on Christmas Eve. Since Christmas was not a statutory holiday, the nurse came into work. Knowing that Christmas is an important day and she probably wanted to celebrate the day, I went up to her in an effort to alleviate the tension,

“Merry Christmas! How come you are at work today?”

She ignored my wishing her and said,

“Yes I couldn’t take off.”

I could see in her eyes that she knew I had signed the memo not to wish her. I felt horrible. My eyes could not lie. She patted me on my shoulder, and I began to cry.

“I am so sorry, Carol.”

She hugged me and smiled. I tried to change the topic,

“Carol, where is my Christmas cake?”

She said,

“It’s at home, I will bring it tomorrow. You can actually eat it. I don’t put rum in the cake. I haven’t done that in many years.”

I smiled sheepishly and said,

“Let’s meet over lunch in the cafeteria. Lunch is on me today.”

We met at the café that afternoon and chatted for an hour where she shared a touching story about an incident.

“In Dublin, some 10 years ago, I used to see an Arab man selling souvenirs on the footpath. When it would be time for prayers, he would pack up his stuff, turn his back on the pile and pray. I was curious. He said he was a Muslim from Tunisia. On asking why he does not keep the pile in front of him, he told me that his God will protect his stuff while he prostrated for Him.

He was an illegal immigrant, yet had so much positivity. Being a Catholic, I thought it was Christianity which preached peace, but he himself was so much at peace, that I was touched.

On my way to the grocers, we used to exchange greetings regularly. He would always ask me how I was doing. Once, on Halloween, I took some pumpkin pie for him. He said he was fasting, but would take it home and eat it when he breaks his fast at sunset. That is when I began to fast, in support for a young man who stood hungry all day, selling things. It was then that I learnt that fasting teaches us self-control. I developed a deep respect for him and for Muslims. Hence, I decided to travel to the Middle East.”

I thought she would continue, but she did not. Instead she said,

“I learnt from this young man how to stay positive even in the toughest of situations.”

This young woman, in her deep respect and curiosity about our religion, travelled all the way to the Middle East to know more about us. She observed Ramazan and displayed many qualities that Islam preached to its followers, so then why was it taboo for us to merely wish them on Christmas?

Recently, a Christian couple was burnt alive for allegedly having committed blasphemy, yet we see the generosity of our Christian community to forego their celebrations for the kids massacred in the Peshawar school attack.

Did we even think of not celebrating Eid when the Peshawar church was burnt down?

Close your eyes, look into your heart and really think, would God really approve of you hurting another person’s feelings? Are kindness, compassion and respect not virtues that Islam endorses? Can we not be grateful to another human for their compassion towards us? Can we not return the favour?

While you ponder over those few questions, I would like to wish all my Christian friends, in Pakistan and the world over, a very happy Christmas.


Dr Ilmana Fasih

An Indian gynaecologist, married to a Pakistani, Ilmana is a health activist, and m-Health entrepreneur, who writes on social and health issues as a passion. She dreams of a world without borders and wars.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Gul Zaman Ghorghast

    A very touching article, indeed. What the author had to go through.
    And to persevere, and write about it. That must have been hard.
    It can be said, with ease, that all kinds of people make up this world.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Your article is incredible. It has been a long time since I read such an article. Many people suffer, but to describe it so is a unique quality. Great article. Well Done.Recommend

  • James

    Please ask the Islamic Personality of Year Mr. Zakir Naik why not wish Christians Merry Christmas….or watch his video on the same on youtube. He will clear your doubt..Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    >“Actually, they add rum to the Christmas cake. So if we wish them, we will have to eat the cake too.”

    Yeah, that’s why vegetarians never wish me happy Eid. If they do so, they have to eat meat. It’s inevitable. I force-feed people raw mutton if they ever dare wish me a happy Eid.Recommend

  • Mukhtar Zahid

    That’s good to know there are people with open mind and share with others. Really heart touching article. I appreciate! Recommend

  • Nandita.

    Madam, you signed that memo which asked you not to wish Christians on christmas.Since you made that erroneous choice, you have no right to preach compassion , kindness or respect to others.Actions speak louder than words and your actions are in conflict with all that you have said in this blog.

  • Anil Sood

    Writer candidly explains difference between KSA and developed world.

    Developed world predominantly Christian is more accommodating of other religions than Islamic countries. Countries like KSA are still wondering if it is ok to let their own women to drive. Its petro dollars are alleged to finance killing of other Muslims in its neighbourhood. Well, on Christmas day, one hopes and prays for peace and happiness of us all. Recommend

  • Subhi Quraishi

    Very well written! For me you are the Queen of short story telling – the Qisson ki WriterRecommend

  • Parvez

    Excellent article……..I liked the way you drove your point home by narrating the incident of the memo.Recommend

  • Aircraft Guy

    It’s a truth that Hindu students prayed for the peace of the martyred children of Peshawar who are Muslims. It’s also true that Christians and people from many religions prayed for the these Muslim children. But unfortunately recently my bosses father who is a non Muslim died, and colleagues were discussing that whether they should say “Allah unki maghfirut kary” or not. We although call ourselves Muslims but we are far from humans.

  • ajeet

    The other religions will slowly start retaliating soon, Recommend

  • fze

    When I was small and studied in a missionary school in Pakistan, Christmas was an exciting time. Although majority of the children, including me, were muslim but we all used to take part in the nativity play where parents were also invited to see. We used to give cake to our Christian friends on Christmas. Then came Gen.Ziaul Haq and little by little strange nuances were introduced in the society. Brother and sister (Nazia Hassan & Zohaib Hassan) were banned to sing together (being girl & boy. Hilarious). In dramas, two pillows were banned to show on a bed (perverted mind). Women were forced to cover their heads with dupatta on TV, even in a scene where she was shown going to bed to sleep (more hilarious). Saudi influence increased in the society. As a result the society that emerged out of Zia’s era was myopic and produced pygmies. That’s why I call the children of Zia’s era as ‘the lost generation.’What I saw and was taught in school is still with me . I still say ‘Happy Christmas’ to my friends and do not forget to send them gifts because doing so does not take ‘Allah’ out of my heart. And that is my belief!Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    Dr. Zakir Naik, recipient of Dubai International Holy Quran award and honored as Islamic Personality of the year 2013 says wishing Christians on Christmas in haram and shirk.
    Watch video in this link where he answers this question to a gathering of muslims in UK and everyone applauding.

  • Khurram Akhtar

    Dear All,
    Its a pity that our society has come to this- But I am here to say merry Christmas to all my Pakistanis of Christian faith.Recommend

  • Ch. Allah Daad

    A very well written article. In short educated Muslims are as ignorant and stupid as illiterate Mullahs who teach them hate.Recommend

  • shahid

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL ! including all the Muslims as Jesus (Issa) was one of our Prophet and we respect and love him too … Any Muslim who does not respect Jesus (Issa) have not and do not read and understand Holy Quran…Recommend

  • Queen

    I have wished my Christian friends Merry Christmas and have shared chocolates and cakes with them. Similarly, they too have celebrated with us on Eid. I agree with the author that there is nothing wrong in wishing someone Merry Christmas and it does not make one a disbeliever.Recommend

  • Sane

    Happy Christmas to all our Christians in the world. We as Muslim need to respect all religions and say good wishes on their religious celebrations. Islam also teaches us so.Recommend

  • Working Woman

    IS it ever going to publish? ET??

    got too many emotions mixed up here.

    Christmas is not about
    just sharing joys and having time with family giving off gifts. Its the day
    Christians believe Jesus was born incorrectly associating him as son of

    Now this simple fact
    makes you think or Not? Look for the origins of this festive. When you wish
    them ‘Merry Christmas’, you are accompanying them in the very incorrect belief.

    But yes, Christians
    are free to celebrate their day as they want. But don’t go out giving verdicts
    that wishing them is OK. At the same time, You are free to wish them if you
    feel like and that goes between you and Allah.

    Just like EID is
    not a holiday in countless countries, Christmas cannot be declared one
    too. By the way, all the janitorial staff was given off this Christmas at my
    office (I sit in a multinational software house here in Lahore collaborating
    with Teams in US, UK and AUS ) because, the most of them are Christians. And
    there is NO restrictions on the rest of non Muslim employees that bars them
    from availing leave on Christmas and new year. Even lots of Muslim employees
    are taking their annual leaves as the year end is near.

    And lastly “Allah judges you
    by your intentions” doesn’t fit in as an excuse/justification everywhere.
    A guy who raped a girl could have an intention of making love to the
    girl, may be just introducing her to the world of sexual pleasure (Oh ,
    he didn’t realize the girl may not like it). If intentions work
    everywhere, You just can’t blame him for the so natural intention of sharing
    love with her!Recommend

  • pk

    Well she is Indian Muslim, that says it all. Secularism is inbuilt in Indian diaspora. Be it any religion. Don’t expect it from Muslims of other countries.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    You say you couldn’t find an explaination of why the Saudis forbade wishing of Christmas greetings, heres one to ponder..

    Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ i.e. the begotten son of God as per Christian beliefs. The attribution of a son to God in Islam is a slander against the oneness of Allah and is the gravest sin one may comitt. A person dying having comitted this sin unrepentent is as per the quran promised a painful and humiliating punishment in hell. The wishing of christmas greetings by extension is also thus akin to slander against the oneness of Allah.
    While you may argue that only Allah knows your intensions when you wish a christmas greeting to one, it may be argued that you delibrately chose to wish someone Merry Christmas when you could have just wished them enjoyment of holidays or not wished anything at all and thus placed that persons honour above that of Allah. Islam does not forbid good relations with non muslims, in fact it is enjoined upoun Muslim to show kindness to non militant non muslims and have honourable dealings with them. Their lives and livelyhoods when they are peace with Muslims or are under Muslim protection as in Pakistan are sacred.
    Events like the horific burning of the Christian couple or attacks on Churches in Pakistan are thus forbidden in Islam.A true muslim upoun seeing such injustice would fight to stop it, unfortunately these days there aren’t many such Muslims around.Recommend

  • Sane

    Read carefully; she did not say that she signed the memo. The only aim of people like to highlight negativity and to help grow hate.Recommend

  • SamSal

    Secular does not mean non-believer, ok?
    Now that you know this, please try to open your mind a bit.Recommend

  • vinsin

    And that is why they voted for Pakistan in 1946 then? Less than 2% of Indian Muslims follow secular laws in India most of them follow sharia laws. Male circumcision, female circumcision, Bakrid is rampat among Indian Muslims. Forced conversion through marriage is also prevalent. Many Indian Muslims will rise up again for partition as you sleep.
    My boss is also an Indian Muslims and he never greets anyone on any festivals and most of us do it on muslim festivals. It is better to say that some Indian Muslims practice secularism.Recommend

  • vinsin

    how rape is love?Recommend

  • Rajan

    cute reply faraz… great one!!Recommend

  • Nandita.

    She did sign the memo. Why don’t you read the blog carefully.She has clearly said that her Irish friend got to know that she had signed the memo.
    Yes, you are right. The sole purpose of my life is to spew hate. Recommend

  • Ilmana Fasih

    Thank you. That was a very encouraging comment.Recommend

  • Ilmana Fasih

    Thank you. That was a very encouraging comment.Recommend

  • Ilmana Fasih

    Yes I had signed as it was mandatory on every Muslim to sign to ensure it has been read. I defied the recommendation in the memo and wished my Christian friends, not just her. And have been wishing every friend before and after that, till date. Rest, feel free to judge as you like.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Instead of asking your own mind and interrogating your own heart, ask Allah Ta’ala and his beloved Prophet saww that can I wish “merry Christmas” to Christians and dewali to Hindus?Recommend

  • Nandita.

    Just wishing does not help. What was and is still needed is for the majority community to stand up against state sanctioned persecution of minorities. Until that happens, the sorry state of affairs in these countries will continue. If you don’t take a stand against such blatant discrimination, then you are a part of the problem. Recommend


    Looked up the link. It is a fake link. Nothing there.

  • Abdullah

    We all Muslims need to wish merry Christmas to Christians and in other word we need to wish them best of luck in making Jesus son of Allah. (ma’azallah)Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Open mind huh…… Christians celebrate it as their religious ceremony and we are not supposed to take part in it and appreciate it. If we do then in other words we are appreciating their shirk will Allah the almighty……Recommend

  • Sam

    Sorry but 100kids in lucky marwat died,no one mourned either so ure wrongRecommend

  • SamSal

    Zakir Naik is not a very credible source, let me tell you.Recommend

  • SamSal

    Making insensitive remarks on rape, seriously???Recommend

  • siesmann

    Sane doesn’t always mean sane.Recommend

  • Nandita.

    2nd attempt ET
    Just wishing people is not enough! The majority community has to stand up against any kind of state sanctioned persecution of minorities. If you fail to do so, you are a part of the problem. The sitiation in so many of these countries will never change if people refuse to take a stand against discrimination.Recommend

  • Working Woman

    No. Like ‘Intentions’ just don’t serve the reason justifying rape, they don’t fit for reasoning in the blog above as well.Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    What do you mean it is a fake link and nothing there? You can also find it on you tube. Zakir Naik, as you know is an Indian Muslim. Make a search “Zakir Naik’s video on wishing Merry Christmas” or here is the youtube link:

    Here is another link on

  • Abdullah

    Q: Is it permissible to wish others “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year”?

    A:Your query refers. It is not permissible to wish non-Muslims Merry Christmas, because such a greeting is a religious greeting and we Muslims are not allowed to adopt any custom or style of their religion. The hadith also prohibits greeting in a non-Muslim way.
    Saying ‘happy new year’ is makrooh, not totally haraam because this is not a religious term. But it is better to avoid even this. In place of both types of greetings, we can merely say to them: “we wish you well over the festive season” or “greetings for the festive season” and when saying this have this intention in the heart that you are making dua of guidance for them. Wishing them well is actually wishing that Allah guide them to Islam.

    And Allah Ta’ala knows best

    Mufti Siraj DesaiRecommend

  • Ann

    Dude you never fail to entertain us !! good oneRecommend

  • disqus_cpigxGEcGj

    If the writer was really sincere with her Christian colleague she would have introduced her to Islam and its teachings. Recommend

  • A Muslim

    And you are quite an authority on such matters aren’t you especially since you explained your reasons so very well and even give ample examples to prove your point didn’t you?Recommend

  • Someone

    Isha (AS) is definately revered in Islam but celeration of his birth along with Christains is most definately not allowed. May be when you read the quran you just skimed past the some verses of Surah Maryum (Verse 88 to 93) Intrerpration of which is reproduced below:
    And they say: “The Most Beneficent (Allah) has begotten a son (or offspring or children) [as the Jews say: ‘Uzair (Ezra) is the son of Allah, and the Christians say that He has begotten a son [‘Iesa (Christ)], and the pagan Arabs say that He has begotten daughters (angels, etc.)].”

    Indeed you have brought forth (said) a terrible evil thing.

    Whereby the heavens are almost torn, and the earth is split asunder, and the mountains fall in ruins,

    That they ascribe a son (or offspring or children) to the Most Beneficent (Allah).

    But it is not suitable for (the Majesty of) the Most Beneficent (Allah) that He should beget a son (or offspring or children).

    There is none in the heavens and the earth but comes unto the Most Beneficent (Allah) as a slave.Recommend

  • MichiGan

    If a person’s faith is so fragile that wishing a fellow human being Happy Christmas or Happy Diwali, etc. will imperil that faith perhaps it’s time to question said faith. Recommend

  • MichiGan

    Good article Dr. Fasih. I am glad that you did not do what the memo asked you to do. I wish that you are now in better position to also speak up against such mistreatment of people of other faiths when you are hanging out with people of yours.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Just wrong and a product of Hindutava ideology!!Where you get your statistics?From RSS?Recommend

  • siesmann

    What an irrational excuse.!!!Isn’t Jesus a Prophet in Islam?What is wrong with celebrating his birthday.You believe whatever you do,and Christians their way.That doesn’t change anything or Jesus being a prophet ,unless a hatred-filled mullah is your guide.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Allah must be sending Ilhaam to you to be his spokesman!!Recommend

  • siesmann

    Why you speak for others,Mr.Mullah?Keep your fancy ideology yo yourself.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    May Allah cure you soon.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Your silly comments can’t change the truth that celebrating anyone’s religious festivals indirectly supports their ideology behind that festival.Recommend

  • ryner

    I just want to reiterate a fact, that all that you see in TV shows and English movies is not Christianity.
    People confuse social thoughts with a religion.
    Just because the movies are of west doesnt mean its christian.
    The rum in the cake or the drinking is not a part of it at all.
    Also there r 100s of ppl who specificaly ask for such cakes n invitations to parties because thats what they see and hear and want a sip if it.
    Again tv is not the real thing. :)Recommend

  • Mehdi

    Fyi- zakir naik is a doctor of medicine (mbbs) he is not a Islamic scholar. He is a bigoted human.Recommend

  • ashok

    How come you are still a Desai. Is it Islamic? Shouldn’t your name be Mufti Sirajudaullah or something similar? Anyway I wish you happy christmas and all forthcoming Eids. You may not wish me happy Diwali, Holi or Navratri. I will not mind. Good day.Recommend

  • SamSal

    Zakir Naik is a shady person! You need authentic sources then study Quran and Hadith, don’t blindly follow anyone who has a beard and can speak arabic!Recommend

  • Abdullah

    As this is the matter of jaiz and najaa’iz (permissible and impermissible) so surely it is the matter of religion. So, can you support your argument with any proof from Qur’an and Hadith?Recommend

  • Abdullah

    There is a thing very common in liberals and TTP, both are using religion to support their wrong views and ideology and both are busy in defaming Islam, and Scholars. Both think themselves as on the true path and actually both are deviant. May Allah guide us towards the true path and give us taufeeq to accept what Islam says wholeheartedly.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    There is a thing very common in liberals and TTP, both are using religion to support their wrong views and ideology and both are busy in defaming Islam, and Scholars. Both think themselves as on the true path and actually both are deviant. May Allah guide us towards the true path and give us taufeeq to accept what Islam says wholeheartedly.Recommend

  • vinsin

    What is wrong? What is product of Hindutava ideology? Statistics about what. What do you mean by RSS, where do they publish statistics? I know you hate India and secularism and always want to misguide people that India is secular.Recommend

  • vinsin

    What is wrong? What is product of Hindutava ideology? Statistics about what. What do you mean by RSS, where do they publish statistics? I know you hate India and secularism and always want to misguide people that India is secular.Recommend

  • PirG

    Isn’t it about the freedom of choice for everyone?

    Can we stop going the right wrong route and for the love of life let the people make thier decisions. Zkair Nayak is practicing the same freedom and staying away from saying it. I respect his choice and I will fight for this freedom.

    In the same note I will defend and stand next to the person who wants to exercise his freedom going and doing against Zakir choice.

    This is really about freedom folks. Leave that space free for everyone.


  • Yo2Da2

    An MMBS (“Do no harm”) holding such bigoted views? He should be stripped off his license to practice. (Maybe it has already been done.)Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    Only if Allah is same as “God” or all the other versions of Him in other religions. If Allah is exclusive to Muslim, how then can Islam be called a “mono-theistic” religion, as those other versions of “God” exist. Anyway, fze and others like you, including the blogger, you are human first! Congratulations for being an example of tolerance and peacefulness! (Zia will always be remembered in your country as teaching hate from “A to Zia”. The rest of the world does not remember him for anything.)Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    Nandita, please do not be judgmental. Who amongst us has not had a moment of weakness and done something we were ashamed of? And, did people working in “Sour dough” Saudi Arabia have any choice in the face of losing a livelihood? (That is the danger of a dictatorship, especially a theocratic one: tow the line or else.)Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    Perhaps religion causes ignorance and stupidity regardless of one’s state of education (Ph.d. or Mullah)?Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    You said it, Bro! Religion IS irrational! And unscientific – no verifiable EVIDENCE is ever provided, except recursive references back to some holy text of some kind or some commentary written by so-called religious scholars. (Just go back to the other discussions on other “religion” blogs – they soon descend to name calling.)Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    Thanks so much, Mr. Abdullah! That explains it all. Nothing more to say.Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    Culture (of which religion is just one part) is like an onion with layers upon layers of meaning. The outer layers are what we can easily observe – such as the rituals that people engage in. Slicing an onion can sometimes make one cry.Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    King Abdullah of KSA spreading intolerance and ignorance to the far reaches of this PlanetRecommend

  • GodIs4Idiots

    What if thiis “Allah” or “God” concept is the basic disease? just saying,becaz I have issues!!!Recommend

  • Mike

    In Canada usually we wish Seasons Greeting & even where the christmas tree is put up in an office place,the words attached there to are Seasons Greetings. It’s gives a wider appeal & brings to mind the end of the year & the change of season.Recommend

  • abhi

    It is only in Islam that we see such debate happening. You don’t have to Islamic scholar to have some basic etiquettes.Recommend

  • Name

    the same can be said about the author to keep her “fancy ideology to herself”, and should not speak for the othersRecommend

  • Nandita.

    These are not moments of weakness. These are choices that people make knowingly and repeatedly. Unfortunately, these choices prove to be catastrophic for minorities who can’t seem to catch a break in these barbaric countries.


  • Yo2Da2

    Yes, we all make choices, good or bad. But to me this blog was a “mea culpa” and the author made up for it by writing this sweet blog with a positive message. What choices have you made for which you apologized publicly? Forgiveness is better than endless recriminations.Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    There are plenty of believers of other faiths who are as hateful – in their own way, of course – to non-believers resulting in harm and death. Why even bother to go to dark-age dictatorship countries like Saudi Arabia, exporter to the world of two of the vilest exports today: Crude oil and crude Wahabiism? They are going to try two Saudi women drivers in terrorism courts. Doesn’t that say it all?,.Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    Dear Working Woman, I am so glad you are so very enlightened and collaborating, no less, with (Oh, God!) Christians from US/UK/AUS with dubious intentions. Will Allah approve of your, um, risky behavior? (I don ‘t think the Bible refers to Jesus as son of “Allah” – as Allah did not exists when or where He was born. It was Yaweh or the Highway!)Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    Oh, you wily Canadians! Trying to proselytize and convert everyone into a – God forbid – a well-wishing secular Liberal! What next? Happy Rabbit Day, eh? Open the doors wide to immigration from poly-everything nations of the world to your tiny (population-wise) to-date English-and-French speaking land of 30 million, risking the inevitable destruction of your open and civilized “European” society?Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    Jesus was Son of God! Not Son of Allah. Only a Muslim can be the latter. I am pretty sure.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Do you think people of his kind do not know the truth? They do but they won’t accept it, even when you provide them the evidence because they are proud of it, their hatred of others knows no boundaries.

    Zakir Naik is as dangerous as Osama, he says he does not know Osama and hence he would not comment, he makes fun of Christians and Hindus and goes scot free as the free world believes in being diplomatically correct.

    Zakir Naik would be hacked to pieces by now if he was speaking the same nonsense about Islam.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Wonderful, a Muslim must not wish a Christian/Hindu on their festivals and when they respond in kind, you would claim they are at war with you and your religion.Recommend

  • Prashant

    I did not have Christians working in office on the day of Christmas, so I could not wish them but I wished all my friends who interacted with me that day, most of them were Hindus. I did not see a single Muslim wishing anyone a Happy Christmas but I have seen some of them feel uncomfortable when wished. I am not saying they are unpatriotic or they are communal but at the same time it helps us understand that people like Zakir Naik have a constituency and quiet a big one at that.

    When I was in school, things were different though the Muslims did not accept prasad even then but did not mind wishing the others on their festivities.

    You may respond to me if you have something better to say than accusing me of being a member of RSS.Recommend

  • siesmann

    I know India is secualr.What are you?Is RSS?Isn’t your assertion is a contradiction.You say I hate secularism and also misguide people by telling them of it.I don;t hate India,I hate people like you.Recommend

  • siesmann

    For you and for mullah-guided hate-ideology.Not for others.Recommend

  • Nandita.

    Haha. I have NEVER made choices which would adversely affect another human being.
    This blog didn’t come across as a “mea culpa” kinda blog. It was a preachy sermon which struck me as odd since the actions and words of the writer were in conflict with each other. Recommend

  • Salma

    Oh My god. i get polluted if I greet Christians on the day of the Christmas. Because they believe that he is the Son of the God whereas I believe that he is merely a prophet. Merely a prophet? Even if it were that, how many prophets are there? and what am I? Even human, if I am so scared and bigoted and full of hatred?

    I cannot even think while I greet Christians with the holy thought that he was a prophet. Why? Because my religion forbids it. Ironically, my religion does not forbid me from accepting goodies from Christians, or countries with Christian population, be it finance, medicine, education, and of course arms and ammunition. Jesus might have been just a prophet, as I would say. But what about the atheist godless anti-religion China? The darling all weather friend of my motherland? I will accept everything from that country. But greet a Christian? Much less a Hindu? God forbid. I will be polluted.

    Congrats to myself.Recommend

  • Salma

    Very droll. Liked it!Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    But you can see how that space for freedom can be quickly shrunk by people who do not believe in freedom for everyone, only for themselves. Blasphemy laws are an example of this. (Democratic freedoms do not mix well with a sectarian mindset and laws and practices that support it. That is why countries like Saudi Arabia will never be democracies.)Recommend

  • vinsin

    Which assertion is contradictory? What is your definition of secularism?
    If you don’t hate India then why do you say India is secular when it is not?
    Why India has not implemented yet women rights, child rights, animal rights, religious building and clothing laws, freedom of religion?
    You hate truth
    Please provide correct statistic and prove that I got statistics from RSS(whatever that is).
    You haven’t answer any question:
    What is wrong? What is product of Hindutava ideology?

    If India is secular then explain Imrana case, polygamy in India etc.Recommend

  • vinsin

    Jesus in Christianity and in Islam are different, don’t misguiding people. I think you are Indian Muslims who want to make India an Islamic state. Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus birthdayRecommend

  • observer

    “There is nothing wrong in wishing someone a Merry Christmas”.

    Of course it is wrong in Islam. The Quran forbids taking Christians and Jews as friends.Recommend

  • Chillax

    Jesus is the son of the God of Judaism (YHWH ) ,not of Allah (ask any Christian ) .
    So,relax. Wish people for Christmas-it doesn’t imply anything about Allah (swt).Recommend

  • MuslimLove

    I am a Muslim and I wished all my coworkers “Merry Chrismas”, including Hindus, Christians and Muslims.

    True muslims celebrate Christmas every day.

    Namay Ahmad (SW) naam-e jumla ambiya ast

    Bigots like Zakir Naik can continue to burn in their hatred towards God, His Prophets, Islam and all of humanity.Recommend

  • Urooj Hayat

    I’d just ask is that mandatory to wish Christmas? Obviously not. We respect all the humanity & even our Holy Prophet gave freedom to all non Muslims to perform their religious obligations even at his own place. but did the Holy Prophet (SAW) himself participate in their religious festivals? No. He didn’t. Though I may agree with you that what matters most is the intentions, yet being a part of something spreading which attributes to anyone with Allah doesn’t seem justifiable. Why look at others then, be a copy cat just to please the non Muslims?
    I’m wondering if we dont pray “Allah unki maghifrat kray” for the non Muslims, how does it take us away from humanity? We can pray for the non Muslims “may Allah guide them to the right path” and we do too. Muslims have some limitations & so do the non Muslims in their religion. But unfortunately neither Muslims take care of it nor the non Muslims. True Christianity was when the Christians believed in Jesus Christ & no more than that. But since when they changed their religion & their Devine Book Gospel, we dont need to learn from them what we should do what we shouldn’t. Quran & Ahadiths are enough for us.


  • Urooj Hayat

    I’d just ask is that necessary to wish Christmas? Obviously not. We respect all the humanity & even our Holy Prophet gave freedom to all non Muslims to perform their religious obligations even at his own place. but did the Holy Prophet (SAW) himself participate in their religious festivals? No. He didn’t. Though I may agree with you that what matters most is the intentions, yet being a part of something spreading which attributes to anyone with Allah doesn’t seem justifiable.Recommend

  • Mj Huzefa

    What’s your point, how many times have you yourself stood up for any injustice! Stop passing judgmentRecommend