The Taliban is not the real enemy

Published: December 20, 2014

In my view, the enemy is not really the Taliban; it is in fact the passive ‘fascist’ and ‘terrorist’ in us all, which is resistant to change, especially when it boils down to discussions on the reformation of organised ‘Islam’. PHOTO: EPA/FILE

December 16, 2014, marked the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan’s (TTP) deadliest attack in Pakistan. Militants from the TTP attacked an army-run school in Peshawar, killing 142 people; 132 of whom were children. Survivors of the attack are still being treated in hospitals.

As declared by the Taliban, the motivation for the attack has been to avenge the Taliban families who have been targets of the drone attacks in operation Zarb-e-Azb. The attack has been widely condemned across the globe with majority of Pakistanis mourning December 16 as a ‘Black Day’ in the history of Pakistan.

Consequently, the prevalent government, army, opposition parties and the wider nation have joined hands against the ‘enemy’, that is, the terrorists. A firmer message than ever has been sent to the terrorists with the uplift of the moratorium on capital punishment in Pakistan, the signing of the death warrants for six terrorist convicts on death row, the Lal Masjid protest, the FIR lodged against Maulana Aziz and the expansion of the military offensive. Generally, the Pakistani nation has probably never been this active in person and on social media to condemn any such barbaric act; simply because the Taliban’s ‘conscience’ has hit an all-time low with the subjects of the attack being innocent children.

To give my two cents worth, this incident should serve as a rude awakening for Pakistanis to scratch the surface and dig a little deeper. For long people have considered only the persons responsible for the actual terror acts are ‘terrorists’, while in reality they are just the tip of the iceberg.

Active terrorist activities are a mere consequence of the passive ‘terrorist’ in us all. Pakistanis have, in general practice, what I call a passive form of ‘fascism’ in their approach towards everyday issues of religion, politics as well as socio-economic substance, thus providing a breeding ground for violent terrorists. Our authoritarian approach to preaching of organised ‘Islam’; our oppressive approach towards gender equality; our rigidity to breaking barriers on class structure; our opposition to diversity; our support for dynastic politics; our resistance to following policies and procedures; and all other forms of ‘fascism’ have encapsulated into a holistic ‘evil’ that has come to be known as the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan today – the terrorists.

Various forms of passive ‘fascism’ and ‘terrorism’ are prevalent in different segments and demographics of Pakistani society. Whilst most Pakistani ‘Muslims’, men and women alike, are quick to declare Ahmadis as ‘Non-Muslims’, a majority of Pakistani men, ‘Muslims’ and ‘Non-Muslims’ alike, adopt a chauvinistic attitude towards women. Patriarchal culture in Pakistan has resulted in ever increasing violence against women.

While the majority of the Pakistani population remains silent on the barbaric killing of the minorities under the façade of the ‘Blasphemy Law’ (most recently the Christian couple case and infamously the Asia Bibi case), the so called ruling elites have not had the courage to pass a bill against such atrocious laws that negate the basic freedom to practice one’s religion ; even though they have the power and means to do so.

Whereas Pakistani Sunni Muslims demonstrate a strong reaction to violence against their fellow Sunni Muslims across the globe, reaction of this sect against sectarian killings of Shia Muslims has been relatively weak in comparison to a situation in which Sunni community feel that their religion is being insulted. For example, the strong and violent reaction in response to the publication of cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in a Danish newspaper.

Though the ruling elites have ‘generously’ been awarding compensations for the poor families who have been subjects of various natural calamities and terrorist activities, to this date no one has genuinely attempted to overhaul the systems and controls in place as it may threaten the powerful status quo of the feudal and the ruling classes.

All in all, we all have a burden of existential guilt on our shoulders when it comes to inhumane incidents such as December 16, 2014. However, rather than responding emotionally to the situation, we must objectively question ourselves on who the real enemy is. In my view, the enemy is not really the Taliban; it is in fact the passive ‘fascist’ and ‘terrorist’ in us all, which is resistant to change, especially when it boils down to discussions on the reformation of organised ‘Islam’.

Until this fixed mind-set towards the virtue of ‘Islam’ as the religion from God is addressed, despite the scale and subjects of terrorist attacks being innocents, a unified response to active terrorism would be difficult.

Taliban aspire to establish a Shariah compliant Pakistan. Their motivation stems from their belief that Islam has a universal, absolute and cosmic significance. In a similar fashion, most moderate ‘Muslims’ also fail to question organised ‘Islam’ by giving even the most illogical arguments a ‘Godly’ justifications.

In many instances this makes active or passive violence the only recourse – the violent defence of organised religions usually ascends from a sense of doubt in the very belief. In this sense the illogic of organised religions becomes their indispensable strength rather than a weakness as it is thought to be universal regardless of rationality and ceases to be personal – thus becoming part of the state.

As soon as a belief ceases to be personal and becomes organised into a religion, it becomes an official monolith that has to be defended either actively or passively. I believe it is the so called ‘moderation’ of organised Islam that provides a cover for dangerous fundamentalism in Pakistan.

Until we become flexible enough to be able to rupture the boundaries of resistance to reformation and evolution of organised Islam into a personal belief, I remain doubtful we will be able to convert our plurality into a coordinated and effective response to what we generally understand as ‘terrorism’.

Sana Hameed Baba

Sana Hameed Baba

The author is a financial services professional in London and a part-time Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) student at BPP, as well as a member of Lincoln's Inn. She has been actively involved in youth led initiatives for Pakistan in the UK. She tweets @sana_h_baba (, and can be found on Instagram @sana_hameed_baba.

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  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    I myself had the experience of conversing with one such dyed-in-liberal wool-extremist. I asked 30 times to justify punishment of blasphemy through Quran and every time his response was “The mullahs say this is true, so ofc it is true”Recommend

  • Prashant

    Pakistan claims to be fighting Taliban on one hand and on the other hand supports blasphemy laws, Mumtaz Qadri, lynching of a Christian couple, both follow the same ideology and hence neither wants to fight the ideology but just want to decimate the other side.Recommend

  • Ruxx Inno

    the article aptly describes the whole situation that we are currently facing in Pakistan. extremism and violence runs in our blood. Tolerance seems to have disappeared among our people. Mention the topic of PTI vs PLM (N) and see how everybody gets out of control and ready to attack each other. We all need to step back a little and analyze the situation and eradicate the extremist behavior among us. Education and the right knowledge of the religion is the only solution.Recommend

  • Visibly

    Excellent piece!Recommend

  • نائلہ

    What do you mean claims to be?! If you have access to twitter than kindly search and look at the photos of the dead bodies of the Taliban.

    Our children have been killed solely cos we are fighting them, but you need further proof? -.- Recommend

  • Haq

    I wish you had fleshed out your arguments against organized religion a little better. I really wanted to be able to share this article, but it’s falling short.Recommend

  • wb

    That was his point. While fighting humans is important, what is more important is fighting the ideology.

    The ideology that is taught in many homes and most Madrassas.Recommend

  • Fizzah Iqbal

    And that’s why I say study Qur’an. It will make you a better human being first and then a better Muslim. But I guess here too I will be said “you are scoring points”, “stop preaching”. It will teach you how to be tolerant and non-violent.

    Asking someone to study Qur’an IS NOT preaching.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Really? Were they a peace-loving group before Zarb-e-Azb? What you need to fight is the ideology of the Taliban, not just a sub-segment of the individuals who believe in it. As I have said before, the word in Hindi for terrorism is ‘aatankvaad’. The root word -vad in Sanskrit does not mean ‘to kill’; it means ‘to speak’. Pls use that as the yardstick to identify the actual terrorists – you can be pretty sure that none of them have been targeted or killed so far.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “What do you mean claims to be?”

    Ever heard of Quetta Shura? It is common knowledge where does Mullah Omar reside and who does Maulana Fazlullah owe his allegiance to, one one hand you want the TTP defeated while protecting Mullah Omar from a safe house in Quetta.

    A small town in Pakistan by the name of Miranshah would not be as infamous as it is if the Hakkanis, Jalaluddin and Sirajuddin did not have the backing of the Pakistani authorities to create mayhem across the border.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    “Pakistan claims to be fighting Taliban” tell me from which angle is this statement correct. Recommend

  • Roon

    Are you living in the past? Pakistan has already taken the town from the militants.

    What more do you want???????Recommend

  • Hypocrisy?

    “‘to kill’; it means ‘to speak'”

    Well you will have to give us some time. We have registered an FIR against lal masjid cleric and refused to bail a Mumbai attack suspect. People are protesting against the Taliban and the supporters of extremist ideology will only be further marginalized in the future. An operation against them is also underway and some have even been hanged recently. There is not much more we can do at the moment.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Asking someone to study Qur’an IS NOT preaching.”

    No it is not preaching but do you really think that the Taliban has not read Quran, you say that to them and they will terminate you.Recommend

  • L.

    He said they CLAIM to be fighting Taliban! Terrorists in English are defined as those who invoke terror. And we are fighting them. Why would we need to claim something already infront of everyones’s eyes?! Recommend

  • L.

    Indians can’t handle pak army getting credit for a anything- even if they save a mustard seed from falling off a cliff.

    It’s Pakistan who’s people have been martyred night and day in this “war on terror”, it’s Pakistanis who don’t know if they will come back alive to their homes after they step out. And those are Pakistanis killing these terrorists, not worrying about their own lives but only thinking of their country and it’s people.

    Obviously nothing is going to be fixed overnight, but no; whingers will whinge even though they are not the ones in immediate danger. Recommend

  • wb

    True. I also had the experience with some one who claimed a certain someone to be the greatest man ever lived because each and every one of his time said so and their testimony recorded.

    His words, not mine.

    He later changed his argument twice, then called me an imbecile for expecting him to provide proof according to the yardsticks set by himself to prove a certain point made by himself and then chickened out, without ever having produced any proof.

    It’s the same kind of extremism, that claims “The mullahs say this is true, so ofc it is true”.

    Blind faith is blind faith.Recommend

  • wb

    Simply because seeing is not always believing.

    In other words, what Pakistan wants the world to see and believe is not what it wants to hide.

    Of course, you know that we’re talking about Afghan Taliban and Haqqani network.Recommend

  • vijay

    Sana u are a minority in ur country unfortunately.
    This is how a normal, caring human shd be. U deserve a big hug for ur courage in saying it aloud.
    God Bless n wish u and ur country well.

  • siesmann

    Mullah is the one creature most anti-Islamic.After all who else can assign functions of Allah to himself,and start dispensing death to people according to his whims?So much so he can disqualify people who has Allah as their God with all their heart and accept all the basic tenets of Islam?But their belief in Allah doesn’t suit the bigoted Mullah,so he decides to(pretends to) act in His behalf according to his limited knowledge,Recommend

  • BlackJack

    What about the Afghan Taliban – which country do you think hosts Mullah Omar right now? Ever heard of LeT? What about LeJ? You aren’t fighting terrorism, you are just bombing some places that may contain some of the extremists who no longer deliver positive RoI to their erstwhile masters. The others continue to enjoy patronage and support in the fond hope of using them when the time is right. Pls stop deluding yourself.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Pakistan has chosen Quran as a scientific text,and so is millenia behind the rest of the world.What kind of humanity is in research about measuring apostasy,temperature of hell etc(see Hoodbhoy).Muslims chose Quran(a book of faith) over science (the manifest truth)long time ago,and are suffering its consequences.Recommend

  • Cyz

    I would say the world would be a much better place if we focused on being better human beings ourselves instead of giving unasked advice to others.
    By the way, tolerance compassion forgiveness etc are tenets of every religion. Recommend

  • Benam

    Your solution for religious extremism is “more religion”!

    I bet most of the terrorist will tell you that they are better Muslims than you are. It is your reading/interpretation against theirs.Recommend

  • Prashant

    The Hakkanis are not just any other terrorists, where are they? Did they disappear in the thin air just like Osama did after 9/11 and eventually found in a compound within a walking distance from the Pakistan military academy at Kakul?Recommend

  • Prashant

    I have already responded to that.Recommend

  • Lalit

    when a person like Sartaz Aziz who happens to hold a responsible post in Pakistan Govt tells us the difference between ”good” and ”bad” Taliban and says who should and shouldn’t be targeted,one is inclined to believe him.Recommend

  • Muhammed Waqar Younis

    Proper Muslims follow Hadiths which are the Happenings of Prophet Muhammad(SAW), in his case people used to abuse him to the point of throwing stones at him and making him bleed upto his own feet but he still prayed for them, A women used to throw Garbage over him whenever he passed beside her house but he went to take care of her when she was ill, When he has been sooo much different and tolerant how the heck can these guys justify their actions?…People are filled with anger, rage, uncontrollable chaos and they take it out and justify it by any means there are…pure evil/darkness to be precise filled in them to do heinous deeds to satisfy their inner lust…Recommend

  • Sohail Ansari

    Well thought-out and brilliantly
    written piece. Thanks Ms. Baba for your great work.Recommend

  • Kamath

    Bold and insightful article. Recommend

  • Yaasir

    A very well written and incredibly true article. I salute your bravery to write in such a brave manor. Hats off to you!Recommend

  • Parvez

    The mistake you are making is to presuppose that the Taliban want to impose Islam and Sharia in Pakistan…..NO THEY DON”T. They want to grab POWER. To do so they have to destabilize the government….which they know is inept and corrupt and the people have been brainwashed with ‘ religion will cure all ‘. The utter failure of both political governments to deliver for the people has left a vacuum……..and the religious lot are poised to fill it.Recommend

  • Saeed

    Naila, he is correct, and you are stuck on the definition. Why have we not killed or arrested Mulla Umar. How come Usama Bin Ladin was hidin for so many years right in the Army’s backyard. We are not fighting them with the objective to root them and their twisted ideology. With this halfhearted approach, they will keep doing this.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    quite right. I made a comment along the same lines a while ago.Recommend

  • Roon

    The Haqqani network has been dispersed by Pakistan.

    Some are being hunted by us:

    Some have fled to AFG and are being held there:

    Will you continue to hold the hiding of BinLaden as a gun to our head? Even the Americans have said that Pakistan did not know about his presence.Who are you to speak on their behalf?
    If you know so much about the Hakkanis why don’t you tip them off yourself???
    We know better than you so keep your assertions to yourself.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    But just scrap the efforts of the army and the people of the country all at once?! You know how many people have lost their life to this cause? How dare they! Recommend

  • Prashant

    “They want to grab POWER”

    Yes but what next after having grabbed power?

    Pakistanis justify the Taliban in Afghanistan despite the following actions:

    – Not letting people listen to Music.
    – Lack of freedom for women.
    – Public executions.
    – Public Floggings including women.
    – Public Amputations without a proper trial.

    Would you want to have these people ruling your country and if not why do you want these chaps to rule Afghanistan, why do you protect Mullah Omar but want Fazlullah killed despite the fact that Mullah Omar is the supreme leader of all Taliban, you cannot treat cancer by refusing to accept it as cancer.

    “The mistake you are making is to presuppose that the Taliban want to impose Islam and Sharia in Pakistan”

    Have you forgotten what Fazlullah did in SWAT, he introduced his own version of Sharia and Islam and what the Afghan Taliban had done to their own people for so long, you may not agree but the evidence available suggests otherwise.

  • LS

    He said and I quote…

    “The root word -vad in Sanskrit does not mean ‘to kill’; it means ‘to speak’.”

    I give you a slice of cake for misquoting… at the same time, I do appreciate the actions of the public/civil societyRecommend

  • Roon

    It seems you really are living in the past. Pakistan’s support to the Taliban ended with 9/11 and the aftermath.
    You may argue that Pakistan under Musharraf and later tried his best to make sure that there was no conflict with the Haqqanis due to fear of retaliation but even then they allowed American drone strikes. Recently Pakistan has even taken action against them and carried out airstrikes and occupied their bases (links above).
    Today very few people in Pakistan want the Taliban in Afghanistan (just want them to enter a power-sharing deal which is similar to what president Ghani wants). If you continue to ignore these recent facts and continue to harp on about the past then there is not too much point to argue with you.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    My friend, you have as much time as you are willing to give yourself to dig your country out of the hole that it is currently in. I sincerely wish you all the best.Recommend

  • Sana H Baba

    Thank you for your comments and please spread the message.Recommend

  • wb

    Not one has asked Pakistan to scrap the efforts of the army. Who as done that? Read all the comments. Why do you assume things that we never tell and then argue based on your wrong assumptions?

    That’s nonsense.

    If anything, we want Pakistan army to expand its operations. Target not just the terrorists, but also extremists who target Shia, Ahmadis and Indians.Recommend

  • wb

    Imagine in today’s world where we have internet which tracks a man’s life on his emails, social media, his discussions, the video he watched, the movies he downloaded, the sites he visited…and then there are a person’s insurance records, tax records, rental records, marriage/birth certificates, office records, salary records, bills and more records.

    And even in this world, if you have to reconstruct a person’s life with 100% authenticity, you will succeed at 1% maybe.

    Now, imagine the life 1400 years ago. Where there was hardly any records or books or registers or videos or emails or phones.

    Sahih Al Bukhari was completed more than 200 years after Prophet Mohammed’s death. So, how can it be authentic.

    I’m not questioning the facts such as dates and names and other things.

    But I know that it is very important to Muslims, to Many Muslims it is as important as quran.

    Well, again, blind faith is blind faith.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Didn’t you read my earlier comment? perhaps it got muddled in disqus. anyways I will rewrite it here.
    The proof that every person of his time called the Holy Prophet SAW the greatest man is first of all in the books of hadith. There are more than 100 thousand “hadith”. Each of these comprises testimony of more than one person, sometimes as many as 7 or even 8. So make that 800 thousand people who testify to his greatness.
    Now onto the other religions. The contact of them with the Holy Prophet SAW was minimal. The jews of Medina rebelled and revolted. But even then the Holy Prophet SAW wanted to show them mercy. They rejected this mercy and said that they would rather be judged by Hazrat Ibn-e-Saad. He judged them according to the Torah, that rebellion is a crime punishable by death and therefore the rebelling warriors were killed. EVEN after this, the Holy Prophet SAW is mentioned as a great man and a True Prophet of God in midrash Nistort and in the Jewish work “Bustal-ul-Uqul”.
    So therefore every single person who met the Holy Prophet SAW called him the greatest man ever.
    If you have any written testimony from the time which shows a different view then I will retract this comment and offer you my sincere apology.
    I am not a blind follower, I scoured a lot of books but have still to find a written testimony of anyone who met him and was against him.Recommend

  • Almas

    So trueRecommend

  • wb

    “The proof that every person of his time called the Holy Prophet SAW the greatest man is first of all in the books of hadith. There are more than 100 thousand “hadith”. Each of these comprises testimony of more than one person, sometimes as many as 7 or even 8. So make that 800 thousand people who testify to his greatness.”

    I guess you’re not familiar with Hadees. Hadees has more than 100,000 verses, correct. But a vast majority of these hadees are about what Prophet did, and a vast majority are not the testimony of random people, but the quotes from Abu Bakr, Ayisha, Qudaija, Fathima, Ali etc.

    A vast majority of them talk about divorces, punishments, rituals, ritual cleaning, perfomring salats, punishment for adultery etc.

    And a vast majority of them are also repititions.

    Many of them talk about how Prophet behaved with his wives, children, wrong doers etc.

    So, not even a tiny part of 100 thousand of them are about calling the Prophet a great man and not all of these tiny percentage are said by different people.

    In fact, there are only very few Hadees which are testimony of random people. Most Hadees are quotes from Prophets wives, relatives, children, his companions and followers.

    “So therefore every single person who met the Holy Prophet SAW called him the greatest man ever.”

    I just disproved your argument right above.

    And most importantly

    most importantly

    most importantly
    Hadees were written 200 years after the death of the prophet.

    So, there is no guarantee for the authenticity of Hadees. In fact, many Islamic scholars themselves have questioned the authenticity of Hadees.

    And let me quote from you: “Yes ofc I have a meter. He was called the greatest by each and every person of his time, and their testimony was recorded. Show me one single person who was called great by each and every person of his time.”

    So, even if I give you the benifit of your blind faith, do you have any record to prove that those who met prophet were only 800 thousand.

    Sorry, no sane mind can accept your blind faith as proof.

    “I scoured a lot of books but have still to find a written testimony of anyone who met him and was against him”

    And if you know logic a little bit, you’ll agree that absence of evidence does neither prove an event, nor does it disprove an event.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    quite true Sahih Bukhari is not the word of God as the Holy Quran. and is therefore anecdotal at best.
    But you see, even though it cannot be called as reliable as the Holy Quran, there is no source other than the Hadith and the Jewish books which chronicle the life of the holy Prophet SAW.
    My surmise here is that a book written 200 years after his death is much much more reliable than an unknown person commenting on his life 1400 years after his death.
    So, in a nutshell, it is not as reliable as the Holy Quran and anything in the Hadith which may go against the Quran should be rejected, BUT it is infinitely more reliable than any other work after it.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    But what does he mean by Pakistan “claims” to be fighting terrorism?! Clearly he means that we are not, which is completely untrue.

    I agree with the rest thoughRecommend

  • wb

    No. It’s not untrue.

    When someone says he’s fighting taliban, he must fight both the Afghan Taliban and Pakistan Taliban.

    When you fight one and harbor the other, your claim is not true.

    I can’t expect Pakistan army to acknowledge that “we continue to harbor Afghan Taliban, but we fight Pakistan Taliban.”

    At least they could have avoided a lie with omission, by just claiming, “we will fight Pakistani Taliban.”

    So, until Pakistan army doesn’t fight Mullah Omar and company, their claim of fighting Taliban remains a claim.Recommend

  • Hypocrisy

    Didn’t mean to misquote and understood what he meant, srryRecommend

  • Prashant

    “Indians can’t handle pak army getting credit for a anything- even if they save a mustard seed from falling off a cliff.”

    That is not true, there must be a better way of responding to questions, I have highlighted facts and asked questions accordingly, why not respond to that and either prove me wrong or prove yourself wrong rather than using adjectives to describe Indians.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Some have fled to AFG and are being held ”

    How come Pakistan is able to deliver KSM to America but as soon as Osama comes into Pakistan deceiving the Americans in Tora Bora, he disappears? Pakistan goes into North Waziristan after tremendous pressure from US but does not get hold of the Hakkanis, what makes you think that the Hakkanis will go to Afghanistan when he is been declared most wanted by the Americans and Afghans, if the Hakkanis do not go to Afghanistan, where else would they go, it is anybody’s guess.

    “Will you continue to hold the hiding of BinLaden as a gun to our head? Even the Americans have said that Pakistan did not know about his presence.”

    Are you also unaware of the presence of Hafiz Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim in your country?

    “Who are you to speak on their behalf?”

    I am not speaking on anyones behalf because we Indians have reasons to ask Pakistanis to bring the Hakkanis to justice for bombing our embassy/ consulate in Kabul and Herat.

    How about Mullah Omar though, you completely forgot to mention him.Recommend

  • Prashant

    What is the point in fighting Fazlullah but not Mullah Omar? There has to be only one reason which is you still believe that Mullah Omar and his ideology will serve your purpose in Afghanistan after the American withdrawl.

    Many in Pakistan feel the ideology of Taliban and Pakistan are same but it is the Taliban actions which are too extreme and hence they are to be imposed on the Afghan people for Pakistan’s own strategic interests but the same Taliban needs to be avoided at home and hence the need for Zarb-E-Azb, you cannot fight the devil and at the same time support it too.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Actually why don’t you attempt proving MY this statement incorrect? Every single comment I have read on from INDIANS on ET is against the army. I wonder why……Recommend

  • L.

    140 + ppl have been laid to rest SOLELY because WE ARE FIGHTING TALIBAN! You have NO right to say that we are not fighting them.

    How smart is it to be fighting countless multiple wars at once? Ask America- for they just can’t seem to get enough soldiers or security to protect their country! Amazing things don’t happen overnight. But I guarantee, even after pak goes after the afg Taliban, u ppl will just put more and more responsibilities on us. Which we are already fulfilling. If you haven’t got the eyes to see the amount of time it’s taking, then ask your country to put effort in rather than all talk, if they have even a fraction of the guts that my country has. Have your people forgotten that you are not immune to death and are mortal?!

    Regardless, Pakistan army is not doing this for ANY other country. They don’t live to please any other people but ours and inshallah they will bring back our deserved land. Grab a pair of binoculars, and watch the show.

    End of conversation. Recommend

  • Prashant

    I can’t speak for others but tell me where did I sound anti Pakistan Army?

    Is asking questions which you do not ask your own Army/ Govt being anti Pak Army?

    All I am asking is why don’t you fight Mullah Omar and Hakkanis and I do not see people like you asking these questions.Recommend

  • wb

    I don’t think you know much about Afghan Taliban.

    Forget fighting them. It is widely believed with evidence that Pakistan is supporting them. Meaning, giving them space to live, money, weapons etc.

    There’s a vast difference between fighting someone and sponsoring someone.

    Some would say, they’re exact opposites.Recommend

  • Roon

    Haven’t I answered them below or will you continue to ignore evidence and focus on insults?Recommend

  • Jamrud Khan Mohmandkhel

    India is the real problem. Supplying, helping, training
    and planning for the TTP.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Blasphemy law is 100% Islamic and is extracted from Quran and Hadith. You can read the book “Gustakhi e rasool saww karne walo k bary main Sharai faisla ” by Mufti Muhammad Shoaib Haqqani. Ofcourse you will need to search it on Google. It’s easily available.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    No comments….. Recommend

  • Muhammed Waqar Younis

    Correct!…and we have been trying everything to find the true contents of the Sahih Bukhari and its a very VERY tedious task and not to mention then implementing them in the society afterwards…Recommend

  • Prashant

    “It seems you really are living in the past. Pakistan’s support to the Taliban ended with 9/11 and the aftermath.”

    Do you remember the Kunduz airlift, why did the Pakistanis rescue the Taliban and flew them out of Afghanistan for an entire night, this does not indicate an end to supporting Taliban.

    “Today very few people in Pakistan want the Taliban in Afghanistan (just want them to enter a power-sharing deal which is similar to what president Ghani wants).”

    Read your generals and you would know what the state of Pakistan wants in Afghanistan, you do not want to share power with Taliban in Pakistan but would advise the Afghans to share power with them.

    The question still remains in why does Pakistan protect Mullah Omar?Recommend

  • Prashant

    What you call evidence is a figment of your imagination mate, look around and you would be overwhelmed with evidence regarding Pakistani involvement in terrorist acts to the east and the west.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    “Hadees has more than 100,000 verses, correct.”
    Blatant proof you have not read even one single hadith. No one in the entire world uses the word “verse” with hadith. So this shows that you have not even bothered to research Islam, you are only trolling here.
    If you do research I will happily debate with you, but I don’t like trolls per say, therefore consider this my last comment to you. You will not be answered again when you reply to my comments.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Prashant You’re putting the cart before the horse …….for the Taliban enforcing their brand of Islam / Sharia is just the vehicle / the excuse and that is why it is so brutal, so as to instill fear……some even term it as Islamic fascism because the more logical, sensible side of the religion is DELIBERATELY suppressed.Recommend

  • Red Strikes Again

    What message?Recommend

  • Prashant

    “….if they have even a fraction of the guts that my country has. ”

    Brave words, India will fight when it has to just like it did in the past.

    “How smart is it to be fighting countless multiple wars at once?”

    TTP was never possible without Taliban and Taliban was a creation of Pakistan, in short you are fighting the devil you have created.

    “Regardless, Pakistan army is not doing this for ANY other country.”

    Correct, please stop blaming the others for fighting TTP and help the Afghans to defeat the Taliban across the border as well, if your country stops hosting Mullah Omar’s, Hakkani’s and Hafiz Saeed’s, the world would start believing your efforts.

    “140 + ppl have been laid to rest SOLELY because WE ARE FIGHTING TALIBAN! You have NO right to say that we are not fighting them”

    Sad but true that they have had to be laid to rest and you are also right that it is the result of the Pakistani Army action against Taliban, my point is will you win this war by eliminating a few or a group of individuals belonging to TTP, the answer is a resounding NO because the leadership and the ideology is not only intact but the Pakistani establishment happens to be the biggest defenders of it.

    The bottom line is you need Afghanistan to defeat TTP as much as Afghanistan needs Pakistan to defeat Taliban, Afghanistan would not help you unless you help them. You cannot expect to get hold of Fazlullah as long as Afghans are deprived of their biggest culprit Mullah Omar.Recommend

  • siesmann

    claim to do something doesn’t mean you are not doing it.It expresses the irony of the situation wherein you are doing one thing positive and doing a bad or negative thing at the same time.Recommend

  • siesmann

    same text can be used for 2 opposing views.One would become a good human if one wants to.If not,one can read hundred books and will still be bad.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    why not you tell me which verse of the Holy Quran is the basis of this law. quote me one single verse of the Holy Quran which says that blasphemy should be punished. I have been looking for someone who has the specific verse but so far there has not been a single “marde mujahid” who can give a single verse.Recommend

  • Commodified

    Islam has been branded as a religion of peace by apologists. Its debatable, but what is clear is it does not seem to inspire compassion in its most rigid adherents. Violence kills, but what pulls the trigger is a severe lack of compassion for others. Islam inhibits the development of compassion for all humans. A cursory glance at some of Islam’s teachings lead me to believe that the majority of the world’s Muslims are good and peaceful people in spite of the indoctrination in Islam, not because of it. I’m sorry but that’s how it looks like to me.Recommend

  • wb

    How can you find the true contents today?

    That’s not a tedious task, that’s straight impossible.

    So, either you take the whole book as correct or reject the whole book as wrong.

    Or you can selectively do it.

    But the risk is, the terrorists will also selectively read it.Recommend

  • wb

    Verse, stanza, lines doesn’t matter. A verse is a verse. Doesn’t matter what one calls.

    One is an idiot to pick on the word verse.

    You are arguing just like mullahs in mosques. When asked for proof, instead of providing proof, you jump on saying you don’t know, you haven’t read, you’re ignorant.

    Typical mullah mentality.

    I give you a second challenge.

    Now, provide me 100 verses from Hadees where strangers, not Prophet’s followers, or companions or warriors or commanders or family or friends have called him the greatest man ever lived.

    Just provide me the numbers. Don’t have to quote the verses.Recommend

  • wb

    Doesn’t matter.

    It is in Hadees. It is not present in Quran, but is proven beyond doubt that it is in Hadees.Recommend

  • wb


    India is the problem.

    Now, why are TTP taking money from India?

    So, they are taking money from non muslims to kill Muslims.

  • wb

    ” I will happily debate with you, but I don’t like trolls per say,
    therefore consider this my last comment to you. You will not be answered
    again when you reply to my comments.”


    This is how the other guy argued with you.

    He said, he won’t argue with you because you don’t know anything.

  • Roon

    Like I said you ignore Pakistan’s recent actions against the Taliban and continue to completely ignore the damage Pakistan has suffered to them. Every group including the AFG Taliban have been targeted in Zarb-e-Azb. You yourself said that Miranshah was their HQ. Also, you yourself have said that KSM was arrested and not just him but dozens of other AQ leaders. No credit for arresting them but full blame for letting OBL escape eh?

    As far as Mullah Omar is concerned if you think that he can not be in Pakistan without our knowledge do you think that ISAF and Afghan forces are protecting the TTP leadership on purpose too??? It can only be one or the other.Recommend

  • Hypocrisy?

    “TTP was never possible without Taliban and Taliban was a creation of
    Pakistan, in short you are fighting the devil you have created.”
    This is just you indulging in the blame game. One could say that the Taliban could not be possible without the Mujaheddin and the Mujaheddin could not exist without Saudi and American funding so it is their fault, no? What does this accomplish?

    ” Pakistani establishment happens to be the biggest defenders of it.”
    You really have no evidence for this in the recent past though. Haven’t we launched an operation against them? How do you know that “group of individuals belonging to TTP” only have been eliminated? You do know that 1000+ militants have been killed?

    The bottom line is that no action that Pakistan will take will manage to convince you of its sincerity so it is useless to even try. You will continue to be obsessed with the past.Recommend

  • Roon

    ” you do not want to share power with Taliban in Pakistan but would advise the Afghans to share power with them.”
    This is what their own president wants, not Pakistan, to bring them to the negotiating table. You Indians will continue to oppose any peace deal even if it would lead to peace?

    What our generals said was during the cold war and after, as mentioned you are obsessed with past details.

    I have answered about Mullah O above, do you think that the Americans have the TTP leadership in a safe house too?Recommend

  • hammurabi

    Its not the moderates who believe in organized religion.Majority of Pakistanis believe so.Why Talibans are not real enemies?Moderates are in minority but they are beacons of some hope.Recommend

  • Muhammed Waqar Younis

    Look…If you the knew the Life of Prophet Muhammad(SAW) and his Companions .These so called Hadiths are the very details of the life of the Prophet and his Companions and from it we can elaborate what is right and what is wrong…All we have to do is find out which are the real ones, its hard indeed as much as finding out the similarity between human and pigeon DNA…Recommend

  • vinsin

    And then why your government doesn’t say so or go to the International courts?Recommend

  • Question

    Sorry..’jewish books that chronicle the life of the Prophet (PBUH)’ ??
    Is this a typo ? Which jewish book are you talking about ?Recommend

  • Yo2Da2

    Aha! Finally the truth is out! Islamic fanatics (Taliban, all the bloodthirsty Lashkars, the lone wolf Qadris, the Haqqanis) are not the real problem hurting Pakistan and its people! It’s the non-believers living next door causing all the problems all along. Mr. Mohmandkhel, you are a genius, Sir! Can a
    nishan-i-Pakistan be far behind?Recommend

  • Freeman

    So, please share with us your evidence about its reliability? And speaking of Jewish books – which ones chronicle the Life? Judaism preceded all other so-called Abrahamic faiths. You know that, right? Unless you mean Jewish scholars of the modern era. (By the way, I hope you also know the beloved-Islamophile Karen Armstrong is not Jewish but a former nun.) Simple making of assertions about reliability do not make anything infinitely more reliable – it’s always the facts that can be verified. Comments by “wb” are logical and reasonable and should not be controversial. Information decays over time: information from a year ago decays less than that which is 1400-years old. Maybe that explains all the multiplicity of interpretations and origins of sects that have evolved. Language changes. Standards of proof change and progress with standards of scholarship and historiography.Recommend

  • Freeman

    The modern Apostle of non-violence, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the leader of the Indian Independence Movement against the British, was reported to have been loved and respected by everyone in the world, even the British common man. Even Mussolini stood up in respect when the small,
    dhoti-clad Indian had an audience with him. Yet this same man killed by a fellow Hindu. So, really even “everyone” has to be taken with a grain of salt.Recommend

  • Arif Jamal

    Islam is a religion of peace and respects people of other faiths. Problem is there has been a decline in Islamic societies over the past 100-200 years and they have failed to keep up with the times, specially lack of education is a major problem. There is lack of modern leadership and most ulema are uneducated. Hopefully we can all live in peace in not so distant future.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    the midrash nistarot and bustal ul uqul . Not a typo. my good friend google spell checks for me.Recommend

  • Lodhi

    Excellent blog.However,the word”moderate muslim”needs reconsideration.Moderate Muslims advocate separation of religion from state.The proper term is Average Muslim rather than moderate Muslim.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    I said “quite true Sahih Bukhari is not the word of God as the Holy Quran. and is therefore anecdotal at best.”

    anecdotal means that I , too, don’t find it most reliable.
    But my knowledge as well as yours is based on it. If you have a better source feel free to share it.
    “information from a year go”
    did I just read this right? Who has firsthand information about the life of the holy Prophet SAW and is still alive? I will gladly pay my soul to meet such a person.Recommend

  • wb

    That’s my question.

    How can you know which is right and which is wrong? How? How?

    Now, for example, there are hadiths where the prophets ordered death penalty for blasphemers and apostate.

    How do you know if these are true or false?


    Please enlighten how.Recommend

  • Milind A

    Either you knew this secret and your army didn’t?
    Else why did it take the Peshawar carnage for your army to wake up and act against these monsters?
    They could have gone after these beasts long time back, when these TTP were beheading your soldiers.Recommend

  • wb


    Try making a Muslim understand such a very very simple logic.Recommend

  • Wellwisher


    This is the fourth or fifth time you have derailed a blog from the topic at hand to the hadith and shariah. Do you people have nothing better to do?Recommend

  • Prashant

    “As far as Mullah Omar is concerned if you think that he can not be in Pakistan without our knowledge do you think that ISAF and Afghan forces are protecting the TTP leadership on purpose too??? ”

    So Osama was living in Abottabad without your knowledge and now Mullah Omar too? For how long will the world put up with this?

    Also, if Pakistan has the right to use proxies, are you not giving the right to others to respond in kind?Recommend

  • Prashant

    I would like to agree with you Parvez but I am not convinced. I like your comments though, you seem to have a good head on your shoulders.Recommend

  • Roon

    You avoided the question. So you do believe that the TTP leadership IS being protected by ISAF and in your opinion it is justified?
    President Obama and then CIA head Leon Panetta said that there was obviously a support network for Bin Laden but the ISI and Army heads did not know about his whereabouts. Does Prashant know more than these people? I think you are being a bit too paranoid about Pakistan.Recommend

  • Asad Ali

    Wrong logic. When hindu mobs in Gujrat killed more than 2000 muslims under Modi, did that imply Hinduism invokes lack of compassion for others?Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Quran doesn’t speak the way you want it to, for example Quran orders us to say salah but doesn’t mention the way it should be said. Ahadith explain this. Similarly, Quran clearly mentions the dignity, honour and high status of Holy Prophet saww and bounds us to respect Him. But if someone disrespects him and commits blasphemy, then many ahadith explain this issue. If you are sincere and you really want to know about it, then you can refer the book that I mentioned in previous comment.Recommend