Humanity dies as Peshawar bleeds

Published: December 16, 2014

A soldier escorts school children after they were rescued from the Army Public School. PHOTO: REUTERS

A soldier escorts school children after they were rescued from the Army Public School. PHOTO: REUTERS School children cross a road as they move away from the school that has been under attack. PHOTO: REUTERS

This morning, as I opened my social media newsfeed, I was left completely mortified. At around 11.45 am, news about five to six militants who had carried out an attack at the Army Public School (APS) in Peshawar was all over my newsfeed.

Alarm bells started going off in my head.

I have friends whose children go to that school.

Immediately, I thought of ringing them up. But then I stopped. A thousand thoughts went through my head in those few seconds – what if they didn’t know about the attack just yet? Would I be causing panic? What if I clog up the phone lines and someone else has something more important about their kids to tell them? Would I want my friends calling me at that point? It wasn’t until I opened my TV to see the harrowing images of injured children being carried to hospitals and, unable to hold myself back any longer, I finally called one of my friends. She, a mother of two children who go to the same school, was quivering as she wept asking me to pray for her children. I didn’t have the courage to call anyone else after I shut her phone.

By 12:10pm, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility for the attack. The Express Tribune received the following statement from Omar Khorasani, a spokesperson of TTP,

“Our people successfully entered the Army school in Peshawar this morning. We are giving them direct instructions to not harm minors”. He added, “Operation Zarb-e-Azb and Operation Khyber–I forced us to take such an extreme step.”

More information from other news agencies reported that the TTP said that they are still able to carry out major attacks and this was just a trailer. TTP also warned the army to stop releasing statements which comprised of fabricated number of militants killed when the actual number according to the TTP is far less. Then, the TTP spokesperson added that they are targeting only older students, ‘sparing’ the younger ones.

The older students at APS are between the ages of 10 to 16-years-old. One of the injured children who were being interviewed by ARY said that the militants initially selected the students and then pulled another out to shoot their own classmate.

Can anyone imagine the scar that has been left on this child? Pulling out students to shoot them? What sort of barbarianism is this? Which religion permits such brutality?

By 1.30pm, Nawaz Sharif including other party heads had condemned the attack. A state of emergency was declared in surrounding hospitals. The security at the hospitals was reportedly beefed up.

What comes as complete surprise to me was the irresponsibility shown by people, not only on social media but also by the news reports that poured in the figures of causalities as though they were mere numbers and not children. Without confirmed reports, information was being thrown across social platforms and news channels without any accountability. These children, who were under attack this morning, all belong to some family that was reading your tweets, your Facebook statuses and watching the news helplessly all the while praying that the child you were talking about was not their son or daughter.

The news beats on TV made me sad, yet angry. While the injuries of the children who had made it to the hospital were being looked after, reporters were stuffing their microphones in their faces, asking unending questions from INJURED CHILDREN. Injured children who just underwent the most traumatic experience of their lives. Children who did not think they would walk out that school building alive. Children who were scared for their lives. Children. Just children.

Where were our media ethics?

What if it was one of your own children soaked in blood that you just happened to glimpse on the TV screen?

Over 100 children were killed in Peshawar this morning. Today, as history marks the Fall of Dhaka, our present marks the end of humanity. We live in a world where animals are better than humans. A world where innocent children are killed mercilessly. Today is one of the most unspeakable and surely the darkest days in our history, in the history of mankind. Today we stooped as low as to kill helpless innocent children.

That child could have been mine. With an exceedingly heavy heart and a throat choked up on tears, I extend my condolences to all those people who lost their loved ones, their children in this incident today. And for all those who support the Taliban and are their apologists, God damn you to the deepest pits of hell. Leave us alone! Leave our children alone! Don’t for a moment think that only Peshawar bleeds today, because on this atrocious day, Pakistan bleeds. On this day, humanity bleeds.

Zara Hafeez

Zara Hafeez

A digital marketer, writer, a history buff, volunteer for humanitarian causes for The James Caan Foundation, UNICEF Promise for Children, among others and a tea-aholic. She tweets as @zara_hafeez (

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  • Supriya Arcot

    Hmm “dont want to harm minors eh ” , So its not their fault that they targetted a school in a working day in working hours when its going to be full of minors. . If they themselves were educated, then they would have known what are the school timings and when it will be empty of ‘minors’ so that they could have come quitely and bombed the non-minors.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    They were only CHILDREN for goodness sake! God will not forgive these people.Recommend

  • Xman

    Imran Khan you called TTP as your own people, your were against any action against these terrorists. Because of you, the nation was divided and action was delayed, these monsters got stronger. Now you are destabilising the country with your agitation. You should go back to KPK and look after the people, instead of spreading further anarchy. Shame on you!Recommend

  • vinsin

    What about ayesha?Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    My heart bleeds at this. I wish I could go out there and eradicate the TTP. Then the harsh reality dawns that our present government allows extremists like Jammat ud Dawa nd the ISIS supporting Lal Masjid to flourish. How many more innocent children will have to die before action is taken against this cancer?Recommend

  • vinsin

    Humanity came alive in Beslan massacre and banu qurayza.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    And sitting on twitter joining faces to this news just makes it even more difficult. Truly if the death of 130 CHILDREN cannot bring Pakistan together than I cant imagine what will.Recommend

  • Abu Bakr

    No need to reply to this man. If in doubt just look at his comment history. A bonna fide Hinduvata (or whatever) supporter.Recommend

  • Loyalcitizen

    Today was the worst event in the history of Pakistan.Those brutes killed innocent children.They are not just 184 casualties but 184 lives that were lost. 184 families that were destroyed.184 dreams that were broken.184 talents that were wasted.This was a very coward and insane act.Why are you bloody Talibans killing innocent people in the name of Islam.Well, this is what Islam has to say about it.
    “Set out for Jihad in the name of Allah and for the sake of Allah. Do not lay hands on the old verging on death, on women, children and babes. Do not steal anything from the booty and collect together all that falls to your lot in the battlefield and do good, for Allah loves the virtuous and the pious.”
    Islam is the religion of peace and not war and murder. When will this stop? This is not jihad as you people define it but this is murder.Murder of humanity.
    ” He who kills a soul will be as if he had killed all humankind; and he who saves a life will be as if he had saved the lives of all humankind.”
    What was their crime? Is getting education a crime? What was their fault? Did thye really deserve to get brutally murdered? You dont deserve to be called humans.You Talibans will have to pay for this act.You people will be severly punished by Allah.
    (16 year old who completely lost faith in humanity)
    #share #repost #spread this messageRecommend

  • f.najam

    there are not 130 children , there are more than 200 children that have been killed brutally.. what if the children of these politicians were there instead of those innocent kids?? they say 5 lac and 2 lac will be given to the parents of those who are martyred and those who are injured,, question of the day is what the hell there parents will do with this money??? will it bring their children , their happiness back ?? i cant bring even the 1% of their memories back…
    they say they condemn the brutal attack on school children…. how many times will they condemn???? for how long they will condemn?? why they ONLY condemn????? because those were not their children??
    where the hell is humanityRecommend

  • Anoop


    Now, do you see? The children were asked to recite the Kalima.

    This is the same hateful ideology which kidnapped those 200 little girls in NIgeria.

    The same ideology which asked people to recite the Kalima in an Kenyan mall and gunned down even Muslims who refused to do so.

    Its the same exact ideology, the people who take it to the logical end change.

    Your ideology has failed you. Be Rational and reject these superstitions and learn to speak the truth. Be a guiding light of truth and science to your fellow people in Pakistan.

    If you denounce them as not-Muslims, they will do the same to you. If you say “this is not Islam”, they will repeat it back to you.

    In no other Religion, can such carnage occur.

    You were saying the anti-Insurgent operations were a success. It can never be successful when people like Hafiz Saeed are taking out mass processions in the middle of Lahore.

    The saddest thing is you will never adopt Rationality, nor will Pakistan.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Its not only about support to Terrorists from the state, or at least tolerance of them.

    Nigeria doesn’t support Boko Haram, yet they exist, earlier this year, they kidnapped girls from a school and held them hostage.

    The victims of Nairobi Mall attack were asked to recite the Kalima, just like the little children.

    During the Mumbai attacks, people with Muslim names were asked to do the same and those who couldn’t were killed.

    If Pakistan goes after all Terror groups, will these attacks cease? There is a larger problem in the Muslim world and it is the common thread which binds all the Muslims together.

    Due to massive egos and thorough brainwashing, believers will never realize this, but outsiders can see it clearly. A Mother can never admit his son was a Thief. A believer will never admit the negative effects of his faith over the world.

    End result: Such tragedies will continue, more so in the Muslim world than outside.Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    See to your own province IKRecommend

  • Critical

    While Indians are trending #IndiawithPakistan , Pakistanis have replied with #‎StopIndianTerrorismInPak‬ …

    Really guys,is this the best you can come up during such a grave tragedy….Remember we are humans first…..

    Yup,Humanity is indeed DeadRecommend

  • LS

    – I am with humanity and against the people who are against humanity, everywhere in every country
    – I am with education and against the people who are against Education, everywhere in every country

    Hope sense prevails and people unite to root out this scurge once for all. I also hope that this does not lead to blame games, hot flares, emotional highs against a community or country and people would rise above that and vie for action than forget this in few months.Recommend

  • Sunil Bits

    Riyad-us Saliheen, Boko Haram, Taliban are not muslims they are worst than wild beasts, All should be killed and sent to HellRecommend

  • Abdur Raouf

    Dear Sane Pakistanis.

    For the sake of Allah SWT, go out on your streets and make your voice heard to your incompetent and corrupt government, and most importantly your Army. Let them know that the so called ‘strategic depth’ which your army seeks is not across the western border, but in your people. A death of a single innocent is like killing all humanity and here we have these fake ‘saviors of Islam’ slaughtering a bunch sorry a whole lot of kids. If this cannot possibly bring a change in their attitude nothing will.

    Peace and may the peace and blessings of Allah SWT be on their families and may be heal their hearts. May Allah eradicate this fitna from Muslim societies around the world. The muslim world was just like any other before 9/11. Tripoli and Damascus felt safer than St. Louis, MO and Detroit, MI. And now the scourge of terrorism has ravaged them. Sometimes one feels the very purpose of 9/11 was to spread this cancer far and wide in the Muslim world. But thankfully you guys are not under the western jackboot yet. You’ve been slaving and begging but you still have time. Be sincere to yourselves and to Allah and give it to these terrorists. Also have prominent ulemas speak against them openly. If Tariq Jameel, Dr. Israr Ahmed and the likes speak against them, it will really boost the confidence of an already embattled and cowed populace. You will receive blow back for sure but there is no other choice. They are coming after you any ways. Why not give it to them before they get you??Recommend

  • R Adnan

    Today’s act of unimaginable sorrow and the ugly truth of Taliban has taken them to a new level of doom and cowardness. Every life that they forcibly took will only tighten the noose of God’s apprehension around their sinful plans. This generation is the future of toady and they need to comprehend that nor compulsion neither abomination or malice is is answer to any complication or testing predicament, instead a solution can be derived by inquisition , expedition and detailed analysis of the issue at hand. We need to ensure that the young understand the consequences of blood already spilt and know that they need to educate themselves to find the right path to follow and ensure that humanity’s journey’s end and resting place is conscientious and righteous.Recommend

  • Rafeeq

    Does making Gita the national book a rational move? Or asking people to take medicines from cow dung and urine a rational move?

    How about killing people on the basis of caste that is a near constant in the Indian heartland?

    How about the near constant chantings of ‘Jai shri Ram’ and ‘Har Har Mahadev’ during communal episodes in India involving slaughter and gang rapes of minority women? Is that rational?

    What do you have to say about low caste people like the ‘bhangis’ being treated like dirt and many lower caste people not even allowed to enter many temples?

    When even sages say dalits deserve to be killed and are dirty and must not be allowed into temples, thats a whole lot of rationality there…isn’t it??

    In no other religion can such atrocities be the very part and parcel of its workings. A clearly rigid and unequal religion it is then. For the brahmins and by the brahmins of courseRecommend

  • bigsaf

    Once again

    >”And for all those who support the Taliban and are their apologists, God damn you to the deepest pits of hell.”Recommend

  • ab1990

    humanity died in pakistan when bin laden was found in pakistan.Recommend

  • siesmann

    When people start to have delusions of being protectors of Allah,they will keep killing in his name.As if Allah is so weak that it requires the protection of murderers of humanity.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Unfortunately they will still keep their eyes shut to the truth.They will seek the cause of their hatred in everyone and everything except themselves.And they will keep on the path of self-destruction.For these militants killing in the name of God and Prophet is sawaab,and something to take pride in.Recommend

  • siesmann

    That is where they came from in the first place.Recommend

  • Riaz

    If that is case as you tell, why was there such a slumber in these ‘righteous folks’ as you say before 9/11. Why the sudden jump in such carnage after 9/11. it’s almost a 10 fold increase after that event? Were the fundamentals of Islam different before the event?

    I have had been to many many muslim countries and heck even their capitals felt a lot safer than strolling through manhattan in the dead of the night. I’ve been to Tunis, Algiers, Baku, Aleppo, Baghdad (yes even Baghdad), sanaa (I even met many many Indian teachers here living peacefully) and Damascus (Syria is a goldmine for history lovers. Its cities are almost 5000 – 6000 years old and there are many preserved sites). And I can tell you it was wonderful. Some where well off cities some so so but there was peace, a lasting peace. Forget about terrorism, even what seems like regular affairs in other big cities like sexual crimes were negligent. I was more fearful of being mugged, drugged or shot at in NYC or Chicago or London than there.

    So how come some war which has been named ‘war on terror’ actually result in spreading the tentacles of terrorism so far and wide. Do you see the eerie similarity with another phony war? The ‘war on drugs’ which has actually ravaged southern american nations and latin america?

    Even as we speak there are many Indians staying peacefully in Oman, Malaysia and Indonesia despite the near constant haranguing that an Indian Muslim endures by the ever steady and hateful right wing in India. You could ask them to ‘come home’ to safety won’t you?

    Pray tell me what changed after 9/11.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Oh !Muslim societies were peaceful before 9/11.Then what was the strategic depth all about,what was Taliban,Al-Qaeda and the ilk,and why did 9/11 happen in the first place.And who is going to make ulemas speak against the jihadis?They are its very originators.For the sake of Allah?As if he needs killers and haters to protect Him,and that too in his name.As if non-Muslims have a different God(and then Muslims will harp around Tauheed).Is n’t that shirk or Muslims have a different definition of it.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Haven’t you had had enough of cliches like these.They are Muslims,and they know they have a following in Muslim populations.Recommend

  • siesmann

    “where is the hell is humanity?”.Well they say killing one human is killing humanity.And then go on to kill humanity many times over each day.What chance poor humanity has then?Recommend

  • siesmann

    haven’t you had enough parroting the same cliches over and over.Islam cant be a religion of peace as long Muslim are not peaceful people.Allah doesn’t need Jihad .He can handle His affairs Himself..He will be more happy if you start practicing humanity and kindness towards your fellow humans(Not only Muslims)Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Be rational? Anoop you are an atheist, Correct? Well in my books that’s the furthest one can be from rationality.

    Now quit bringing religion into this tragedy, the Taliban are fighting for their political agendas, for POWER. That’s the reason they are called terrorists- they are to ignite terror onto the people. The day one is no longer terrified, that’s the day they will have no power.

    And as a matter of fact, The only thing which has kept me SANE in this horrible world is my faith. I am nothing without it; absolutely nothing.

    In no other religion?! Did you miss the memo when the BUDDHIST monks were killing Muslims in Burma?! What about the Christian crusades- oh you weren’t alive so they don’t count? And have you researched on the Thugee sect of Hinduism? Right in the very country you call home!

    Im not sure I said they were a success, rather they were done for the right reasons and directed at the right place. And this disastrous event has only further proved my point correct. The Taliban have seen what zarb e azab is doing to them and they have retaliated- exactly how bees do when you hit their hive. Means we have hit their spot and now that we have, we will not stop. I am with the Pakistan army, no matter what you say.

    Pakistan and it’s people will adopt rationality the day they believe in themselves and have faith in the power they have. Recommend

  • siesmann

    It died much earlier,in 1953 when first pogroms against Ahmadis were committed.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Muslims were killed as indiscriminately in Mumbai attacks.You are right though that unless Pakistan changes its culture of hatred and intolerance,terrorism wont go away.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    What sort of barbarianism is this? The kind Pakistan has been inflicting upon its neighbors and its own people. Remember Salman Taseer, that Christian couple, thousands of Ahmadiyyas, hazaras?

    Which religion permits such brutality? Do I have to mention this? Really?

    Grow up you people. What else will you do in the name of religion? When will better sense prevail in you? Whatever happened yesterday was because of the very rotten fabric your nation is made of – the religious intolerance!!Recommend

  • sharabi

    yes Humanity dies but as it was long dead during 26/11 Mumbai.
    Only difference is that India is with you but we had not Pakistan with us.
    Both are the black days.Recommend

  • siesmann

    well you tend to forget that 9/11 was perpetrated by these Jihadis.There were factories of terrorists in Pakistan since long before 9/11.Mullah Omar could easily have avoided war by turning in Osama and his terrorist outfit to USA or send them out of their country.But they were Taliban’s guests .If a guest attacks another country from your territory,you are responsible for it.Just as Taliban had been from territory of Pakistan,so the drones.
    Dont talk about Muslims in other countries.How are Muslims of your country ttreating its own Hindus,Christians,shia and Ahmadis.And remember blood shed has been a persistent feature between Shia and Sunni ever since the advent of Islam.You could no bridge a little difference of opinion in 14 centuries.Whose fault is that then?Recommend

  • Roon

    Looks like people have finally had enough of Anoop’s “rationality”. I don’t think I have anything more to add other than to tell you to look at your own country. You falsely worry about refugees in Pak but voted into power a government that has promised to expel Bangladeshi refugees (called infiltrators by you) in your own. Where is your rationality and humanity now? Hinduism and India has its own skeletons in its closet if you look closely enough.Recommend

  • Alann

    “Can anyone imagine the scar that has been left on this child? Pulling out students to shoot them? What sort of barbarianism is this? Which religion permits such brutality?

    I think I know the answer to that one. Sartaj Aziz belongs to that religion. The Talibanis belong to the same religion aswell.

    Either way, it was a very unfortunate incident. Although I don’t think anything much will change in Pakistan, I sure do hope things do change for the good in future.Recommend

  • Anjaan Aadmi

    How many times would humanity die … ? … did not humanity die when Hafiz Saeed’s gunmen massacred over 160 innocent civilians on the streets of Mumbai … ??!!Recommend

  • Prashant

    I have no words to describe the pain and hurt the mothers of these children must be going through.

    The bottom line is Pakistan has to identify the issue which is creating these terrorists and address it ASAP, it is not a process which is going to start today and end today.
    Some in Pakistan are already blaming India, if that is true and Pakistan has evidence, Pakistan has every right to complaint, this is a tragedy but also an opportunity to look back to see where exactly Pakistan went so wrong that these terrorists hope to continue getting the support from people despite killing minors in such large numbers.

    There is not a good Taliban and a bad Taliban as the ideology is the same, the good Taliban who might talk peace today is different to a bad Taliban only because he is not carrying a gun, as soon as you refuse to give into these good Taliban’s unreasonable demands, all hell breaks loose.

    I am wondering where is the former interior minister of Pakistan who had proudly claimed that he was the father of Taliban and would Hamid Gul still give the moral support to Taliban as he has claimed many times on air? If the answer is “yes” because Taliban were actually not responsible for these attacks and this was another conspiracy, Pakistan is leaving itself at the mercy of its killers.Recommend

  • Anjaan Aadmi

    ” … near constant haranguing that an Indian Muslim endures by the ever steady and hateful right wing in India.” … ??!! …

    Oh yeh, that is blatant lie manufactured in Pakistan … the reality is that the Indian Muslims thrive in India, while the Hindus have been systematically decimated in Pakistan … !!Recommend

  • Anaya

    Shame on PTI! Shame on IK! Shame on his supporter!Recommend

  • Anaya

    We hate Imran khan Now!Recommend

  • Parvez

    It is now 24 hours after this massacre and what has our Prime Minister done…..he has set up a committee to recommend…….need I say more.Recommend

  • Anoop

    100 Children were massacred by Muslims, in a Muslim majority state, in a country ruled by Muslims and you think Hinduism and making Gita the national book in India is equivalent and more important to discuss!

    Modi himself is a low caste person, genius. Officially he belongs to the Other Backward Caste category in Government files. His Father was a Tea Seller, Modi sold Tea when he was a kid.

    Last PM was not even a Hindu! Can this happen anywhere in the world where the PM or President is not from the majority community? You don’t have to worry about India.

    Hinduism and Hindus have enough tolerance to hand over their fortunes to the people of other Religion, if they are competent enough(At one point PM was a Sikh, so was the Army Chief. Defence Minister and Congress chiefs are Catholics.. They ruled for an entire decade). If Jinnah were alive today, he’d be killed by Muslims for being the wrong kind of Muslim – A Shia.

    I think you have bigger problems than my country.. Colossally bigger. What do you think?Recommend

  • Anoop

    Either you are young to remember or don’t read a lot.

    Most of the Terror groups which operate in Pakistan today were formed in the 90s. LeJ, LeT, JeM, HuJI were all products of the 90s. Afghan Taliban too was born in the 90s.

    You can read about it online, I am not going to spoon feed you. All this happened when Benazir was in power, with her blessings. Ironically, she was killed by the same ideology which she nurtured. She and Pak Army nurtured them to fight India in Kashmir, but since Indian Army pushed most of the Terrorists out of Kashmir and built a solid fence across the LoC, they were out of work and turned on Pakistanis!

    Tell me, had Pakistan not supported Terrorists in India and Afghanistan(Pakistan was one of the 3 countries to recognize their brutal regime in Afghanistan), would TTP be born? Isn’t LeJ a central part of TTP? Don’t TTP owe their allegiance to Mullah Omar whom your Govt is protecting?

    What better way to hurt TTP than kill Mullah Omar? Will you Govt do that?

    There is no “war on Terror”, there is only “war on Terror created by Pakistan”Recommend

  • Anoop

    Why should Bangladeshis stay over? India belong to Indians. Australians keep Pakistanis who seek refuge in Refugee Camps. UN has even decried such behavior. No country, however civilized will not entertain foreigners.

    Hinduism and India definitely have problems, but compared to the magnitude and utter carnage of Islam and Pakistan, our problems are fixable and related to Economy.

    India is known as an investment destination, not a Terror epicenter of the world.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Buddhist monks don’t quote Buddha when they perpetrate violence. Osama was known to quote from the scriptures. Fazlulllah too did the same on his Radio – Wasn’t he called Mullah Radio?
    Christianity is very similar to Islam.I’ve always maintained this. Since, Jesus never held a sword and spoke about sacrifice and Love, it mended itself. When the influence of Church was nullified, Christianity evolved.
    Just because you believe, doesn’t make it true. Many people from many cultures believe in many different things – they cannot all be true.
    Only Science is the Truth. Oh wait, you don’t believe in Scientific Theory, especially one which invalidates your belief.
    You rather believe in something which is unproven, than Scientific Facts like Evolution, which have been proved by Genetic Science and Paleontology. Even the medicines you take are tested on Chimps, because per Evolution, they are our closest ancestors.
    I bet you will not stop taking modern medication, but are willing to discard a proven scientific fact.
    Everyone wants the fruits of Science, but don’t want to sacrifice their unscientific beliefs or change.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Dude, you don’t even know the meaning of the word Rationaltiy.
    You were accusing Stalin and Hitler to be Rationalists, remember?Recommend

  • ak

    @Roop: You cant be that blind.Mean you cant be. In India there are more than 30million bangadeshis, living illegally. Theyhave not comes here due to extreme humanity crisis, rather for better opportunity. Why should India cater to them if they have come here illegally.
    Are you that illogical? Which government in the world would allow this.
    This same country allowed millions of refugees to take shelter during 1971 war since it was a humanitarian crisis.

  • ak

    Obviously they kill in the name of religion, still religion has nothing to do with it. I have never seen such a blind community

    Surely, in Nigeria, Libya, Syria,(rather all of islamic/asia/western world facing islamic terrorism) its only “poliical” problem.Ok chief.
    Goodluck with solving the issue, if donot even have the guts to accept it.Recommend

  • vasan

    Because you guys were keeping quiet and did not take any action against mumbai massacres, ahmedi killers, shia shooters, christian killers, there is a very strong possibility that your crying would go in vainRecommend

  • Dante

    Can you kindly stop Pakistan bashing? Just because a few have made this comment, there’s no need to rub salt onto others’ wounds. If you are very hurt, then you can stop trending on twitter with #IndiawithPakistan. Nobody needs your tweets. You can keep your display of hollow solidarity to yourself.

    Thank youRecommend

  • Dante

    Instead of expressing sorrow, the Indians have stepped forward with an opportunity to bash Pakistan.

    “In no other Religion, can such carnage occur.”

    Seems like 1947 is already forgotten.Recommend

  • Dante

    The best policy is to ignore aggression perpetuated by these Indians and keep the martyred children and their families in our thoughts and prayers. Our efforts will be much spent in their remembrance than wasting our time arguing with people who only spread hate.Recommend

  • Sane

    Terrorism in Pakistan is a proxy war through infiltrated terrorists supported by enemies of Muslims and Pakistan. This time we shall fight them out. These terrorist under the garb of Muslims are basically not Muslims, but local or foreign agents sent for insurgency in Pakistan. They have been recognized and to be flushed out or killed.Recommend

  • Sane

    In this human tragedy too, you bring hate against Pakistan. We will fight against these terrorist sent by you. We will clean them out and many more.Recommend

  • Sane

    No. This is not due to religious intolerance. These terrorist are not Muslim any way. They wear, look and live like Muslims, but are not. Rather they are foreign agents pose as Muslims. Irrespective they claim to be Mulsims, they have been recognized they are fathered by non Muslims and have their close connection to some neighboring countries.Recommend

  • Roon

    Oh Wow! Your true “humanity” comes out!
    “UN has even decried such behavior. No country, however civilized will not entertain foreigners.”

    We have millions of AFG’s. They are humans who have fled their homes. There are many refugees in Bangladesh from Burma. The human rights convention does not take in nationality into account. They should not be kicked out.

    “You were accusing Stalin and Hitler to be Rationalists, remember?”
    I’ll say once again. Even rationalists can be cold and calculating, massacring people in the name of the “greater good” just like Stalin.

    “our problems are fixable and related to Economy”
    And our prblems are related to global politics in the post 9/11 world, why deny it?Recommend

  • Hamid

    All 9/11 terrorists were Arabs you know. Yes they were born in the 90’s but it doesn;t invalidate his point that Islam itself is not responsible for the violence.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    True, very true. Recommend

  • Real Truth

    To its critics India is known as the rape capital of the world and a land without toilets.Recommend

  • ab1990

    If those terrorists were sent by india hafeez saeed wouldnt be living happily in pakistan.
    We are not stupid to attack children instead of hafeez saeed.

    India wont gain anything by attacking children who cant even hold a gun properly.
    Next time prove with evidence without typing rubbish against india.Recommend

  • L.

    I can go buy food for the poor in the name of religion, I can work for peace in the name of religion because thats what it TEACHES! How can u believe these savages and NOT believe the BILLION against it?! Shows how much knowledge you have.Recommend

  • L.

    Cant believe someone is using this event as another source. 140 families were destroyed, but mr anoop over here thinks making islamaphobic remarks is more important. Disgusting.

    Only further indicates that this stuff is paying his bills! Rain, hail or shine, anti-muslim comments wont stop these Indians.
    Inhumanity at it’s finest -.-Recommend

  • L.

    Oh dont remind him, then he may actually have to get up from his chair and make a difference in his own country!Recommend

  • L.

    I think I will need modern medication to deal with your utter disgracefulness and sadistic remarks. 140 children were martyred yesterday you are here comparing chimps and monkeys.

    I will believe and continue to believe in my country, my religion. And also every single thing thats makes you Indian’s boil in hatred for Pakistan.

    Cant believe I have been wasting time on a person which cant type two words of condolences yet jumps at tacking Islam to this horrific event. My bad, I was wrong, you’re just another Indian on ET.

    Dont expect any more responses.Recommend

  • guest

    I am literally lost. lost of words and my heart bleeds….just praying that please Allah..forgive our sins and be with us in this time of sadness.Recommend

  • Anoop

    You have millions of Afghans but you have got Billions to host them from NATO, remember.

    Afghan Refugees were trained to be Mujahideens and sent into Afghanistan to fight the Soviets, remember? USA ignored your nukes and gave you Billions in exchange.

    So, its not that you are doing a great charity, isn’t it. You can send back those Afghans, but also return all those F16s and Billions US has given you guys to do their dirty work at the expense of Afghans.

    Who will bottle the genie you guys unleashed on poor, defenseless Afghans? Don’t make it seem like charity.. It really is not.

    Just note how many Billions US has given Pakistan during 50s, 60s and 80s and in 2000s.

    Its another issue if you guys used it to build bombs, nukes, missiles and whatnot and wasted it, than building an Economy.

    Buddy, you still don’t get it don’t you. Rationalist cannot commit crime, especially the senseless violence of Hitler and Stalin. You calling them Rational is so ridiculous

    Please talk to a person and ask him what Rationality is and if Hitler and Stalin were Rational people.

    Hitler and Stalin were Rational! lol

    Your problems date back to 1947 and the blood curling violence associated with it. Most of the Terror groups that haunt Pakistan today were born in the 90s(when US had sanctioned Pakistan and left it to itself) – LeJ, LeT,JuM, HuJI, Afghan Taliban – all of them were born when there was a Democratic Govt in power.

    Your problems have to do with the fact that A state born with a divisive ideology – TNT, (Pakistan was one of the 3 countries in the world to recognize Taliban Govt in Afghanistan).

    9/11 only accelerated your march to where you are today. It is not the cause of it. Don’t you agree?Recommend

  • Anoop

    Lady, I am making a call for Rationality and pro-Science. To ask people to not believe in fiction is not Islamophobic.

    When you say the Islam Terrorists practice is not the correct one, that too is a form of Islamophobia. Rather than accepting it, your ego is denying they are even Muslims who are obviously driven by Islam.

    You ignore the plight of millions of people in FATA and justify carpet bombing(did you read the link Roon shared which basically said Pak is responsible for approving Drones there to the deaths of 100 children?). You have the gall to call others inhumane. I am the one who is speaking on behalf of people of FATA. You are condoning the senseless violence.Recommend

  • Anoop

    If Pakistan had a 1.3 Billion population, it would have taken the lead, I am sure.–a-luxury-for-most-pakistanis/

    To be considered a Rape in Pakistan a woman has to produce 4 male witnesses. So, no wonder not much Rape cases are reported to world bodies from Pakistan!

  • Anoop

    Mind you there are more Christians(2.5 Billion) than Muslims(1,4 Billion). Almost equal number of Hindus(1 Billion).

    Compare the behavior. How many Terror groups does the Christian world have? How about Hindus?

    If you were the mayor of a major American city, which place of worship do you think there is more likelihood of violence stemming from? Church? A Temple? A Gurudwara? or a Mosque? Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Only further indicates that this stuff is paying his bills!”

    Not your usual way of responding.

    Just to add, if people who are killing on the name of Hinduism, Islam… are not called Hindu or Muslim terrorists, you are not going to counter them effectively, this menace has to be fought by those who practice the same religion and not by people who are outside the faith.

    They are bringing disrepute to an entire community and the easy way out is to dissociate ourselves from them to avoid the backlash but this is not going to sort the issue, they need to be addressed as who they are and need to be fought against by every possible means.

    There is no long term military solution, this ideology needs to be defeated which in itself is going to take some time.Recommend

  • Anoop

    I am imploring you to adopt Science and Rationality, which in turn means being an agent of Peace and Tranquility.

    There is nothing disgraceful to ask someone to adopt the ways of Science and Scientific Temper.

    You can’t even admit Scientific Facts, forget admitting the ideology you held dear is responsible.

    No matter how much you deny the TTP were Muslims

    By ignoring the Cancer it will not go away. For the sake of those poor kids at least.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Unfortunately, his efforts alone would not make the difference just like Pakistan would not get rid of polio just because of any one persons efforts.

    As far as toilets are concerned, Indians are dealing with this issue as a priority and we do not look at this topic as a taboo.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Thank you sir for having us enlightened. I could have responded in kind but I would not Recommend

  • Prashant

    If a person goes by your logic, Taliban and their ideology is a creation of US, what stopped you from getting rid of these guys ones the US had left Afghanistan, who asked them to fight in Kashmir and go as far as Chechnya? Was it not one of your interior ministers who claimed he was the father of Taliban? Your logic says the brutal Taliban were in Afghanistan, supported by Pakistan and it was American pressure which turned you against them which has resulted in this chaos in Pakistan. How come Taliban is bad for you but not for those countries where you seek strategic depth?

    This is the major problem, you still do not think you should be fighting Taliban despite their ideology and acts and still believe if Pakistan stops fighting these chaps, everything would be hunky dory, may be it would but how would you guarantee another 9/11 won’t happen and if it does.

    Agreed, US should not have invaded Iraq but how would you justify the mindless killing of ISIS, are you going to simply say they are non Muslims because they are killing Muslims?

    “Even as we speak there are many Indians staying peacefully in Oman, Malaysia and Indonesia despite the near constant haranguing that an Indian Muslim endures by the ever steady and hateful right wing in India. ”

    Yes indeed, Indians are everywhere and we are thankful to our hosts


  • Prashant

    “Now quit bringing religion into this tragedy, the Taliban are fighting for their political agendas, for POWER.”

    Yes they are fighting for power but they have been in power ones in Afghanistan, what did they do after that?

    -Forcing women to wear burqas and not letting them work.

    -Public Floggings/ Executions.

    -Drug Trafficking.

    -Militant camps to train terrorists from across the world.

    -Women were forbidden to ride in a taxi unless they had a male companion from their family.

    The list goes on and all on the name of religion and accepting this fact and dealing with it accordingly would not make a religion any less.

    They are not the Capitalists of China pretending to be the Chinese communist party with a single minded agenda of growth for their people, these are oppressors and killers of their own people and they do it on the name of religion while making most of their money from drug trafficking.Recommend

  • Prashant

    What is your version of 1947?Recommend

  • Prashant

    ” If they themselves were educated, ….”

    Education is not the issue else people like Omar Saeed Sheikh, Richard Reid, Mohammed Siddique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer, Ayaman Al Zawahiri would not have been called terrorists.Recommend

  • Prashant

    Did you really expect him to take on the Hakkani network or to put the Quetta Shura behind the bars? They are still the strategic assets .Recommend

  • Anoop

    Hindus have a history of non-violence, but doesn’t mean they will not react. 2002 Godhra Train burning prooved that.
    Hindus are not screened at airports, our temples are not seen in West as breeding ground of Terrorists,
    But, yes, Hindus will hit back to provocation and will fight for our rights.Recommend

  • Tellerr

    Very true. i have seen many times after a catastrophe a media person sticking up the microphone and asking how are you feeling. Well unless that person has given you permission at that point of an interniew, it must be the most insensitive appalling way of presenting news.
    I hope and pray that people of pakistan learn to respect lives. Taliban their fringe groups etc, i hope these young men, they must be the children of mothers . New young guys joining can atleat now walk away from extremist mindset. More tragic perhaps that as per news TTP was formed as a reaction to lal masjid incident. Way to make a point. What a horrible ,inhuman and barbaric way to extract pain in order to be understood. I hope this tragedy atleast make those who are joining their ranks question their call for an islamic state. What kind of islamic state would they govern if to merely establish it they are willing to walk all over islam. Very very very sad. May Allah Tallah fill our hearts with mercy and love for each other. Sydney seige couple of days ago , where 2 people died and the whole city was shook up and look who we have cheapened our blood.

    And i hope as a nation we can understand that exactly this kind of pain parents went through when kids died in lal masjid. Those parents than sat in front of parliment house waiting to be heard, from poorer backgrounds, unable to be heard, their anguished was not shared. With a lot less media focus, and little to no support from fellow country men they managed to attract the wrath of Allah for rest of us. Please lets not kill each other,lets spare the innocents, lets fix our mindset. Lets not only get rid of taliban but also make no more taliban.Recommend

  • Riaz

    You say “Either you are young to remember or don’t read a lot.”. I am probably your Father’s Age don’t you think? I was a young lad in the early 80s when probably you must have been a toddler. I had already seen enough of the world, both Muslim and other wise (when probably you were probably reading poems in high school) to come to that conclusion.

    I said the ‘war on terror’ has actually fanned extremism to places wherein I could never imagine extremism taking root.

    Iraq is a classic example. First the CIA helped Saddam come to power in Iraq, since he was supposedly a “bullwark against communism” (back in those days, the evil USSR was painted as the worst thing to happen to humanity since hitler). He was a brutal dictator who did all sorts of things but still Iraq was a pretty stable country and had a pretty decent standard of living. The best Arabic speaking doctors, teachers and civil engineers in Saudi, UAE were mostly from Iraq and some from Egypt.

    It was only when he went against Kuwait (another American ally or shall I say client state) that he became an evil man (during the Reagan years he was hailed as ‘America’s favorite b*****d’ when he fought against a newly independent Iran). The US did the very same thing in Guatemala, in Argentina, in Cuba (where they failed collosally to install a friendly puppet regime) but thats another story. Coming back to Iraq, unjust sanctions were imposed on it for almost 15 years greatly impovershing the general populace. Pure hypocrisy on the part of the west. If you go to South and Central America, you’ll realize that your new friend (the US of A that is) is despised by a whole lot of people there. Can you tell why? I’ll leave you to do your homework. Thus many destablized places that we see now were thriving and prospering places with a good quality of life back then. In fact as I said I felt much more safe in Aleppo while coming home after a late night coffee than I did in nyc or atlanta.

    And about those groups I never said those groups benefitted Pakistan in any positive way. In fact the army generals have grossly misused them. But let me tell you, if the Russian bear would have got his way in Afghanistan, then Pakistan would have been definitely on its list next. The proxy way between the CIA-ISI combine and USSR in Afghanistan completely destroyed Afghanistan’s civil society but with it sealed the fate of USSR too. But what happened afterwards affected Pakistan negatively.

    It was these returning battle hardened jihadis who had seen the worst in it’s war with USSR that created huge trouble in Pakistan.

    Plus the traumatized Afghan populace who was pouring in like anything, they settled in and around major urban centres. Many of them were not even registered refugees so the total number of Afghans living in Pakistan is way way more than the oft quoted figure of 2 million. Then began the subsequent rise of violence and the spread of gun culture in Pakistan which until now was only restricted to the lawless tribal areas. So more than the India centric jihadis it was these afghan returness that wreaked havoc on Pakistan from the late 90s. The contribution of the India centric ones although present is very less compared to the Afghan ones since the latter were much more battle hardened and much more precise and brutal. Plus every adversary of Pakistan has a golden oppurtunity in these people. What they need is heavy weaponry and money and they will do the dirty work themselves.Recommend

  • Tellerr

    Lol enough. Lol u gave me a chuckle after such tragedy. Recommend

  • Tellerr

    Apparantly its humanity to pick on a 16 yrs old guy who is trying to protect his faith.alright!Recommend

  • Hamid

    Hindu and Christian fanatics were not armed/funded by the West and Saudis in the past against the Soviets.Recommend

  • Roon

    “Science and Rationality, which in turn means being an agent of Peace and Tranquility.”
    You still deny that the communists who murdered so many people considered themselves scientific?Recommend

  • Real Truth

    I myself was merely replying to Anoop who struck the first blow:
    “India is known as an investment destination, not a Terror epicenter of the world.”

    If it troubles you then perhaps you should not throw stones while living in glass houses.Recommend

  • Roon

    ” Billions to host them from NATO, remember.”
    Are you honestly saying that Pakistan is profiteering from the misery of so many Afghans who have caused an influx of drugs and arms in the country. Such a notion is laughable. All in all the even with the aid the refugees are a net loss for us. We won a phyrric victory against the Soviets together. Only blaming Pakistan for these is not fair as the West/Saudis/India too who supported Northern Alliance/Soviets are also to blame.

    “Rationalist cannot commit crime, especially the senseless violence of
    Hitler and Stalin. You calling them Rational is so ridiculous”
    Why not? Can they not consider killing millions in the interest of the greater good. Hitler believed that he was doing humanity a favour by eliminating undesired humans such as Jews and Roma people. As said before these murderers considered their actions to be perfectly rational and who are others to disagree with them? You commonly say that different people have different interpretations of Islam. Its the same for rationalism is it not? You may not consider them Rationalist but they did themselves.

    “Your problems have to do with the fact that A state born with a divisive ideology”

    Now this is just Anoop’s absurd historical revisionism. If what you say is true then why were terror groups not formed in 1947 and why did Hindus kill Muslims too? If Islam is violent why did it have such a golden age where it was first in scientific achievement and why is it only now causing trouble in the post-colonial? What does TNT and recognizing the Taliban in the past have to do with anything? You are just piecing together unrelated facts to create your own narrative.Recommend

  • Roon

    “They are not the Capitalists of China pretending to be the Chinese communist party”
    This is actually a pretty good example. The Taliban are just like this. They talk about religion but forget that indulging in narcotics business and killing innocents is prohibited in Islam. They are powermongers using Islam (and to some extent Pashtun nationalism) for their own ends. In this sense they are neither Pashtuns nor Muslims.

    We are not denying that “these are oppressors and killers of their own people and they do it on the name of religion”, simply that you refrain from branding our religion and all of its followers as inherently violent and claim that the militant interpretation and not our own is right.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Is killing other Muslims protecting the faith.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Keep weaving conspiracy theories.Your enemies are in minabars and madrassas.If anybody has garb of Islam,they are the ones.Recommend

  • siesmann

    The world will believe when Muslims start acting the way they want the world to believe.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Talk of people spreading hate.You people even don’t let Naila’s sect live peacefully.And look into your textbooks.They are nothing but preachers of hate and intolerance.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Not Muslims?Foreign agents?Haven’t we heard that before.Remove your blinders.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Lal masjid everyone was given a chance to come out over many days.Even the main mullah came out wearing a burka.The wrath of Allah sure falls on a nation that has the audacity to think they are protectors of Allah,and they can commit murder in his name.Lala Masjid mullah didn’t even condemn the Taliban after 132 kids were slain by those brutes,he is trying to justify their slaughter.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Will you?The world will thank you if you do.But first ask the mullahs.Recommend

  • Anoop

    But, do you agree that I only spoke the truth?

    You did too, but I only put your truth in perspective. Had Pakistan a population of 1.3 Billion, Pakistan would beat India in all negative indices associated with India.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Hinduism certainly doesn’t promote mindless violence. That is why people like Mahatma Gandhi are born. Most Hindus don’t even like to harm an Animal and are vegetarians.

    Buddhism and Jainism, offshoots of Sanatana Dharma propose strict Vegetarianism and non-violence. Some Jains don’t even walk for the fear of hurting ants.

    Christianity had its share of violence, but since Jesus wield a sword and spoke of Sacrifice and Love, once the influence of the Church was removed, it transformed.

    There has been islamic violence even in the past.

    Here are a few links which talk about it.

    So, you saying Zoarastrians had to run to India because of the West? Or, Tipu Sultan’s forceful conversion of his own people not Islamist in character?Recommend

  • Anoop

    You are cherry picking facts.

    US has made a lot of bad decisions. But, it has not supported Terrorists on its soil.

    The Russian Bear wanting to take over Pakistan is just speculation. The real reason is Pakistan didn’t want a pro-India Govt(Soviets were pro-India and so was the Soviet appointed Govt) in Afghanistan. So, Pakistan had a personal interest, a geopolitical reasoning to support them. US giving money and arms only made the deal more sweeter.

    Pakistan used these battle-hardened Terrorists to sneak into Kashmir. A lot of Jihadis who entered Kashmir in the 90s had sensed victory in Afghanistan. US had washed its hands off these Terrorists, didn’t they, when they sanctioned Pakistan in the 90s. Pakistan CHOSE to support them throughout the 90s. If the Afghans were unwanted, why did Pakistan use them in Kashmir?

    Pakistan was 1 of the only 3 countries in the world to recognize a Taliban Govt. Pak supported Terrorists even after US closed the chapter and moved on.

    PML-N has in the past taken support of SSP. Benazir Bhutto supported these Terrorists in Kashmir.

    The way I see it, only Pakistan and its people(PML N and PPP are Democratic parties) are responsible.

    Wasn’t there a time when donation boxes for Jihad for Kashmir were to be seen on every street in Pakistan?

    A Black Mamba, a cobra, a python all are snakes. They will kill one way or the other..Recommend