I stand with Junaid Jamshed

Published: December 9, 2014

Those were the days JJ was mesmerising crowds with his famous Dil Dil Pakistan Jan Jan Pakistan. He would have never imagined the same Pakistan would doubt his sincerity in the future. PHOTO: JUNAID JAMSHED FACEBOOK PAGE

The year was 1990. Junaid Jamshed was at the height of his career when a petition was filed in the Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan that the punishment for blasphemy under Section 295-C of Pakistan Penal Code is not appropriate under the light of Quran and Sunnah. Until then, the punishment could include life imprisonment, fine or death. The petition suggested that only the death penalty could be the right punishment for a blasphemer.

It was a tumultuous time in the Pakistani political landscape.  The year saw a change of three Prime Ministers- the ousted PM Benazir Bhutto, the caretaker PM Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi followed by the elected PM Nawaz Sharif.  Despite the shuffle, the government could have filed an appeal against the petition but it didn’t and so death penalty became the mandatory punishment for anyone found guilty of blasphemy under Section 295-C.

Then came a surge in the registration of blasphemy cases in Pakistan. An analysis of the cases registered for blasphemy reveals that we have started finding more blasphemers since 1986 when section 295-C was first added in the Pakistan Penal Code. The records of Human Rights organizations reveal that mob violence against those accused of blasphemy rose steeply after 1990 when death penalty was left as the only possible punishment for a blasphemer.

Those were the days Junaid Jamshed was mesmerising crowds with his famous Dil Dil Pakistan Jan Jan Pakistan.  He would have never imagined the same Pakistan would doubt his sincerity in the future. While expressing his love and admiration for the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in his eloquent Naat years later, he would have never thought for a second that he would be accused of causing any disrespect to holy personages by the same people who supported him in his new endeavour.

But he is in hot water now. His opponents are many. The conservatives amongst us are not willing to accept his profuse public apology because as Muhammed Mubeen Qadri of Sunni Tehreek has said in a report by BBC Urdu that an individual cannot pardon him and the proceedings should be carried out through court.

It is worrying though, that in many cases in the past, angry mobs have reacted even before a case could be filed. In fact over the years we have grown so obsessed with punishing anyone who comes even close to the letter “b” of the word blasphemy that we don’t want to wait for the court to go into session before our fatwas take lives of the accused.

On the other hand of the scale there are some modern and enlightened Pakistanis who are using the same acerbic vocabulary on social media that defames the typical conservative hardliners. We had issues with Junaid Jamshed’s various views in the past and it is the perfect time to grind our axes against him. With his turban and a beard he personifies conservative mullah-ism and so we feel it is ok to direct our hatred at him.

I have my own laundry list of complaints against Junaid Jamshed. I don’t agree with many of his views especially on women but that doesn’t mean I won’t stand with him today.

I stand with Junaid Jamshed because he reminds me of another Junaid – Junaid Hafeez, who has been behind bars for over a year for alleged blasphemy and whose lawyer Advocate Rashid Rehman was murdered ruthlessly for defending him in court. I stand for a fair trial for Junaid Hafeez and for justice for Rashid Rehman.

I support Junaid Jamshed because I haven’t reconciled with the killing of Salman Taseer when he asked that Asia Bibi be pardoned and questioned the man-made section of the blasphemy law. Unlike Junaid Hafeez, he was never arrested and had received no chance to defend himself in the court of law but we; the flag bearers of law and justice raised his murderer to the status of a hero.

I am with Junaid Jamshed today because the thought of a Christian couple burning to death in the inferno of a brick kiln still gives me nightmares.  We are quick to react often in the most abhorrent of ways and the height of hypocrisy is that we justify our intolerance in the name of a religion that teaches to be tolerant; our vengeance in the name of a religion that values forgiveness; our hatred in the name of a religion that stands for peace.

When I stand for Junaid Jamshed, it is these principles of justice, forgiveness, tolerance and peace that I wish to stand by. I know I am not alone but I will continue stand by these principles even if I am the last person standing.

I stand with Junaid Jamshed because, in the name of my religion, I stand with mercy and forgiveness.

Sarah Alvi

Sarah Alvi

A graduate from The Columbia Journalism School and a passionate visual artist. She is fascinated by Pakistan and curious about the world in general. She tweets as @sarah_alvi (twitter.com/sarah_alvi)

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  • Mohamed Boodhun

    sarah, there are many other hearts that need to be cut open and see how sincere they were:
    What about cutting the hearts of the Ahmadi Muslim Martyrs and see whether they are sincere when they profess “Lailaha illallaho Mohammdur Rasulullah”.
    If it is matter of sincerity, then whoever choose to believe or disbelieve, this should be their right.

    Have the courage to say that the Blasphemy law itself is bad especially when it is promulgated among a lawless people.Recommend

  • deep

    When you say : the man-made section of the blasphemy law – you lost me. Which part of the blasphemy law is not manmade? then I have to ask you, what you believe we should do with another Salman – Salman Rushdie and when you are at it , will you accept Ahmedis as Muslims and do you believe Polygamy is divinely ordained. All these disparate issues boil down to one thing – do you place the dignity and right of an individual to live his or her life above your faith and its tenets?Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    You stand by him when he is accused. Why not go outright and say that you are against the blasphemy law?Recommend

  • Sami

    Weather someone like it or not but In Pakistan our so called inner feelings are judged based on how the person looks like and how much Islam one is Practicing in the open public. You are standing with Mercy in the case of Junaid Sahib but i am sure this selective mercy is only for those who agree with your school of thoughts.

    Do you know Junaid along with his Fellows were in loss of Words in their Sermons regarding to the Destructive effects of Secularism and how Sharia is better than any Secular society. Interestingly Junaid is now in UK for his protection and Obviously UK is a Secular society. But still Secularism is a curse for us?. Right?

    We tolerate when someone will agree and our Mercy mode will be enabled in this case as well. There is one famous quote and that is enough to close this discussion and to portray our Pakistani Society as well.

    “Tolerance only for those who agree with you is no tolerance at all.” ― Ray DavisRecommend

  • wb

    You are mixing too many things.

    However, I’ll help you understand blasphemy laws.

    Dignity and right of an individual is defined in a book. Now, you might explain dignity and rights through common sense, logic, science and understanding of a society/culture.

    But those who believe that the book is divine, the final word of god, will not cut slack for dignity or rights. Heck, even an individual’s life doesn’t matter before the word of god.

    And never ask for evidence that something is divine or god given. Then everything falls apart.

    So, you can understand that to protect something that is so flimsy and loose, humans need blasphemy laws.Recommend

  • Muhammad Ali

    Miss Sarah, keep your views that run contrary to the laws of this nation, to your own self. Do not impose them on others through Express Tribune, I am totally astounded as to how this newspaper even allowed us to express such biased views and the title of course. This is an extremely biased article.Recommend

  • Muhammed Usama Aziz

    Brilliant write up. Agree with each and every word of it!!Recommend

  • pk

    First of all ‘ Dil Dil Pakistan ‘, is a pathetic song. Secondly, where was this moral brigade when salman Taseer, Pregnant Christian lady was killed. Now they are out of their den to save this self appointed Mullah. Let him live with fear of his life and see the world on other side of fence.Recommend

  • Zahra

    Too little too late!! Now that someone famous and popular is accused (or someone the author has a soft corner for), she has woken from her slumber and defended him. Where were you when Salman Taseer was brutally murdered? Where were you when Malala was shot? What nonsense! You cannot pick and choose your side based on WHO is accused. You should have one perspective which should be applied to every case, not different laws based on WHO the accused is!!Recommend

  • iee jay

    Where your mercy and forgiveness go when a non Muslim do something like
    JJ did, why Asia Bibi still waiting for justice, kindly doesn’t talk about
    the principles when you don’t have courage to say what is right and what
    is wrong.Recommend

  • AB

    I agree with you article especially the last one

    “When I stand for Junaid Jamshed, it is these principles of justice, forgiveness, tolerance and peace that I wish to stand by. I know I am not alone but I will continue stand by these principles even if I am the last person standing.”

    I hope this would equally apply to Asia Bibi as well. Do anyone have courage to say Asia Bibi be forgiven, the way JJ is being forgiven by our Religious Leaders.Recommend

  • Yolo

    I’m afraid selective application of who to forgive and who not is a bit…problematic. Firstly, JJ has some serious issues – passing SUCH mysogynistic remarks against women – my God. I have never heard such degrading remarks – terhi puslee, not allowed to drive cars. Just sad. I’m not even speaking of women empowerment – what he did was cross basic lines of dignity and respect by making “fun” of another gender.
    Secondly – if Veena Malik was, oh wait, HAS been accused of blasphemy..for doin something much less “blasphemous”, where are the muk-mukaa/maaf karo ji parties then? I’m no advocate for the blasphemy law but truth is – JJ only apologised coz he realized he’s been charged with Blaspemy, and oh wait, there’s a penalty for that… that, my friend, is the truth, whether we like it or not.Recommend

  • Nashmia Tauseef

    A wonderful article Sarah…..i agree with each and every word you wrote. It was very enlightening. Blasphemy law should be reviewed. Every one has made their own rules and punishments whereas Islam is a religion of peace and forgiveness. We cannot go beyond our prophet Muhammad pbuh who was the embodiment of forgiveness for all humanity.

  • Adil

    Sarah! Firstly your stance on supporting JJ “for principles of justice, forgiveness, tolerance and peace” is as selective as of, with due respect, Maulana Tariq Jamil’s. Historically and factually every second person accused for committing blasphemy in Pakistan has/had requested for “forgiveness” in the open court even though when they were not guilty. No one stood with them but the moment one “muballigh” gets caught in the same storm, everyone starts preaching the importance and value of repentance and “forgiveness”.

    Secondly when past performance of the alleged blasphemer has been taken into account so that it should be considered now in case of JJ. Salman Taseer was a national leader but that didn’t matter. In fact no one’s past mattered when the tool of blasphemy was used to target someone.

    I am not saying to instigate a mob and carry on with the current practice but why everyone has awaken for JJ and not for commoners and minorities. It is just because this time our own tail is stuck in the bushes.

    So instead of standing of JJ first who has already flown out of the country and who has a backing of tableeghi jamat, rather first start a campaign for those who are already affected by this law. Otherwise your selective and unjust support holds no value at all.Recommend

  • M. Ikram

    does this pardon apply just to misogynist and sectarian mullahs. What about Asiya Bibi? Or the Christian couple who were burned alive in a kiln! or Shias like Tufail Haider who was hacked to death on the mere allegations of Blasphemy? or Ahmadis who were killed on similar allegations. They never got a chance to issue an apology to save their lives! What about the historical texts from which Moulvi Lay. Chips was quoting? do they also get a Chance to make an apology video. Will the Taliban and ASWJ/LeJ accept apology video instead of killing thousands more for differing with them. Recommend

  • wb

    Well, all Mullahs are self appointed or appointed by someone who favors them.

    Nonetheless, Dil Dil Pakistan is a fantastic song, that makes you hum again and again. I sing it many times, albeit in a funny voice.Recommend

  • Abdullah Afridi

    We need a secular Pakistan periodRecommend

  • Benish Chaudhry

    Excellent piece of writing Sarah!! Finally there r people who are thinking the logical and ethical way. 

    I would love to quote Usama RA’s incident here for those who think blasphemy law should be imposed on JJ. Usama RA killed a person because he had doubts abt his faith. While he was about to kill him, the person recited kalimah…but still Usama RA killed him. The word reached Muhammad SAW. 

    ” Prophet [sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam] asked Usama [R.A]: Why did you killed him, when he was reading (about to read) the Kalimah? Usama [R.A] replied: He was reciting the Kalimah just to escape (to save his skin). Thereupon Prophet [sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam] said: Had you torn his heart to see whether he was reciting the Kalimah from his heart or not? Then He [sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam] ordered to deliver all his wealth and goats to his family [Tafsir Hasnaat, 1/818]. Thereafter Usama [R.A] made a promise (to himself) that in future, I will not kill anyone such, who would be reciting the Kalimah. He also said Salam after adhering to Islam. When the battles came upon Ali [R.A] (during his Caliphate), then Usama [R.A] mentioned about his promise and excused himself (from the battles). 

    When Allah has promised to forgive anyone who does taubah…and when Prophet SAW didn’t impose something like our fractured-blasphemy law on Usama RA….who r we? Are we doing any tableegh like him…a good word or a short lesson!?  Is our tongue doing more good than bad??? JJ was doing more good when something wrong slipped…

    Unfortunately, Islam in Pakistan is in great danger and we, as muslimeen, are constantly busy in protecting the theology rather than preserving the practise by leading… Allah has promised to protect the book….lets all stand up and protect those who are doing something for the religion…none of us know how dear he might be in the eyes of Allah!! if he did something wrong…let’s forgive him like we forgive our brothers and our children….let’s give him a second chance…!!! May Allah increase his knowledge of islam…add barakat to his fiqh and give him the energy and life to serve Islam in a better way! 

    We love you JJ for the sake of Allah!! 

  • MA

    I agree with all the criticism the author is getting from the commenters. However, I think she has gone as far as she can without herself being accused of blasphemy. Let us give her a credit and develop consensus between liberals and conservatives against blasphemy laws. Consensus is the only way of getting rid of these laws!Recommend

  • Gul Bahadur Marri

    Well ‘wb’ you are a professed hindu.
    Now this…coming from you !!. Who practices a religion that has
    9 avatars of Vishnu, Rama, Ghanesh, Hanuman and other
    hindu deities who are in charge of death destruction revenge
    and annihilation of non hindus. Putting it mildly…of non believers.
    Armed with this, the hindus don’t need to accuse anyone. They are
    allowed to, simply, eliminate all non hindus.Recommend

  • Maham Aziz

    The thing I find troubling Sarah is that these arguments for and feelings of forgiveness, justice, empathy etc etc, have only been expressed, even by the likes of respected, in my mind at least, enlightened, and hugely popular figures such as Maulana Tariq J and Nauman Ali K when a person they consider their own is in trouble. I hope this provides them with the courage and incentive needed to apply these same feelings, principles and efforts to the law it self and everyone who suffers because of it. Maybe the one good to come out of this might be that a, or more, respected religious group and its representatives might actually address the issue, rather than close their eyes to it because it just is too volatile and no one wants their hands dirty.Recommend

  • Maham Aziz

    Nicely written Sarah, I agree a 100%. I would go further though and lay some responsibility now on personalities, influential, such as the ppl I mentioned earlier, to take up the cause. And I must say, I hadn’t even, sadly, noticed the lack of interest and effort by these people, public interest and effort anyway, to right this wrong. I am a little angry and disappointed. And even now, I haven’t seen a video by them saying the law needs to be amended, they only speak of forgiveness for JJ, and maybe others in general, but they are reluctant to touch the lawRecommend

  • Maham Aziz

    I know That people who speak up are persecuted and in grave danger, tabhi I feel maybe the only people who can possibly broach the topic is people who are part of the right. Liberals Tu boltai hain aur martai hain. The religious right might be in a position to sensitively and in a balanced way propose to amend and fix the law rather than the two extremes you see right now; one that says get rid of it altogether cuz religion has no place in law and other who say don’t even mention it cuz criticizing this manmade law, just because it claims to be Islamic, is blaspheme on its own. These people could, possibly, bridge the divide. Maybe I’m being too optimistic, but someone has to try, why not these public figures who preach and educate people about our religion, why cant they protect islam from being used and injustices being done in its name? I feel I am offended by the law as a muslim and the blatant misrepresentation of and the use of the name of Islam. Don’t get rid of the law I say, but fix it so it is actually in accordance with Islam and its principles of justice, fairness, forgiveness, empathy and peace.
    It is easy for me to ask these men to step up when my life’s work, reputation and well being are not at stake. The minds of the people need to change, and I feel these people,might be able to do so in the least confrontationlist manner. And this incident, which has forced them to come out and at the very least defend a person accused of blasphemy might act as a turning point. And justice is very extremely imp, whether you kill a murderer or a rapist or a blasphemer, you should be held accountable. But then this is a chicken and egg problem I feel. Because there is no justice people say taking law in ur hands is ok, and when you, in any situation agree with that, drawing a line between which law and when u can take into your own hands those you can’t is near impossible :/ I really am at a loss. Realistically there seems to be no end!Recommend

  • Abdullah

    I don’t know why every one is using the word blasphemy in this case, when he didn’t commit any.
    Unfortunately, impressed from sunni tehreek terrorists, everyone is calling JJ as a blasphemer while we all know that blasphemy is not that you use some unsuitable words by mistake for any of Holy personality but it is the intentional act or remark that is actually meant for blasphemy. From his video it is evident that he never meant that.Recommend

  • Midhat

    Thankyou for writing this. I have been against JJ for his views on women freedom, but this the accusation of blasphemy is absolutely ridiculous. Also to all those human rights champions advocating his punishment because Asia bibi, Juniad Hafeez and other minorities faced the punishment, two wrongs doesn’t make a right. Infact it is a perfect moment to talk about the blasphemy laws because it has triggered some debate from the religious sector. I, for the principle of not supporting the blasphemy laws , support JJRecommend

  • Minto

    Good article and the comment section really exposes how narrow minded few readers are. Sarah not only supports JJ; she also supports other victims of blasphemy law (Muslim or non-Muslim). However pseudo-liberals readers are the real hypocrites as they say in the comments section, they would support all other victims of this law but not JJ as he was a ‘maulana’ or too religious for them.
    And another thing: for those pseudo-liberals pointing out that JJ being a coward fled to England; may I ask you that you was Malala a coward too? Or it’s fine if you are a Nobel Peace Prize winner?Recommend

  • ahmedansari

    There is a logical fallacy within the line of argument. An analogy could be made with say, the riots in Ferguson happening these days. Suppose a white person wrote an article saying that heshe stoody by the white cop who killed the black teenager Michael Brown and the verdict of the courts that acquitted him, using the argument “not all white people are racist, we are actually very liberal, peaceful, and fair to all ethnicities, and therefore in order to show that our principles are good and fair, I will forgive the white racist cop.” The problem with this argument is that a) it completely dismisses the crime, i.e. systemic racism and a failure of the law, in favor of personal individual leanings, i.e. your own views on ethnicity, and b) forgiveness is not yours to give or practice in this situation, because you are white – if a black or brown person, say, even Michael Brown’s parents, had stood up and said “we forgive the murder of our son even though we acknowledge it’s wrongness”, the entire gesture would not smack of hypocrisy. By leaning toward the white cop, the writer would actually be turning the entire issue towards whiteness and white forgiveness, rather than towards everything wrong with the system, and therefore diluting and dismissing the entire issue.

    We chose the law and we allowed it to pass. How you are arguing makes this about the sanctity of Islam and Muslims rather than about Junaid Jamshed, who is completely deserving of corporal punishment under the laws he helped perpetuate and justify, but ask a Pakistani Hindu or Christian or Parsi whether they would stand by Junaid Jamshed – do their religions also not advocate peace and forgiveness and tolerance? This article would probably make more sense coming from a Hindu or Christian, even if one would raise eyebrows and ask why, but coming from Muslim privilege it is completely unacceptable. Yup, being born Muslim is a privilege in Pakistan, just like being born white is a privilege in America. Sorry if this sounds like more bashing but I think everyone else has a point here.Recommend

  • Parvez

    So what you are saying is that JJ is a ….. but the law under which he is accused is faulty …… and so you stand by JJ .
    Religious tolerance does not exist in Pakistan, people of JJ’s ilk have pretty much ensured that. So when the adage ‘ as you sow, so shall you reap ‘ becomes a reality, standing by your conviction is correct…….standing by JJ is wrong.Recommend

  • Corporate Soothsayer

    You have every right to stand with Junaid Jamshed if you wrote a similar length blog, proclaiming that you stood with Asia Bibi and Junaid Hafeez. If you didn’t raise your voice at that time, then you should stand by respectfully and let Karma run its course, as the poison peddlers poison spills in their own cup.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    What she implies is it doesn’t fit in with supposedly divine Islamic Laws and Texts.
    What an absurd thing to say by a blogger: All Rationality is lost.
    There is no such thing as non-man-made texts.
    This happens when there is a lack of scientific temper, the lack of will to question and move on scienfitically proven facts.Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    “With his turban and a beard he personifies conservative mullah-ism and so we feel it is ok to direct our hatred at him.”

    This is an extremely bigoted comment you have made. The Holy Prophet (SAWW) and all respected Sahaba Karaam (RA) had beards and wore turbans or caps. Many muslims today do not have beards. I do not have a beard, but I feel ashamed of not having a beard and will keep it when I am in my 40s. It is a bad enough thing not to follow the sunnah but If you hate turbans and beards or any other sunnah, and you call yourself a muslim, then you similar to the hypocrites (Munafiqeen).Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    Ahmadis clearly say that they do not believe in the finality of the Prophethood of Prophet (saw). Hence they are called non muslims because believing in the finality of Prophethood of Holy Prophet (Saw) is a basic tenet of Islam. Hope it clarifies.Recommend

  • si

    chapter:24 of the Holy Koran clearly solves the problem read a little about when it was revealed and the Surah too. It was revealed when people laid slanders against Aisha and how Allah asked Abu Bakr the father of Aisha to continue being charitable to the person (who spread slanders), because that person sought forgiveness. There is no need of any new laws to to protect the integrity of Islam or the Koran. The laws made by us people are useless and all these problems only exist due to the lack of knowledge of people. I mean whatever Junaid Jamshed might have said about Aisha will be less than a slander laid on her at the time of surah’s revelation, and JJ apologised so according to Koran he does not deserve any punishment. It’s not the book or religion, it is the lack of knowledge about both things that causes problems we face. Islam isn’t flimsy or loose and neither are any of Islamic. lawsRecommend

  • Asim

    One Question……Is the narration that he narrated true or did he fabricate it ?
    If it is true then why accuse him of blasphemy ? There is a lot of stuff in “authentic” books that are utterly blasphemous…Recommend

  • Anon

    Well for the first time Most people in comment section are posting sensible things. This blog is contradictory to itself. Now that one of their own misogynist is in hot water for blashphemy thy ask forgivness. How about the whole neighborhood burned under false accusations. Do u express solidarity for thm?? Recommend

  • Ahmed

    The evidence is available .Recommend

  • harry

    The world is contemplating time travel through black holes and such while Pakistanis are adamant on going back in time to uphold ancient scriptures. This so called solution and its maintenance causes more deaths in the world than it would have if it were absent. I guess the human mind craves violence and upholding its ‘Deities’.

    I read today: “if you sit on the container of progress you will be blown to pieces” and then i realized what an apt saying it was for what Pakistan is going through. I hope Pakistan can learn to adapt to global norms and focus on more important matters like education, family planning, infrastructure development and so forth.Recommend

  • Tellerr

    Alright, two issues at hand. A case has been started.not proven yet against him. It has been started by braelvis and junaid is following deobandis. Secatarian divide here , just as you have minority vs majority.now the other issue is blasphemy itself. A lay man, a human right advocate, a journalist etc etc are not qualified to comment or amend this law.if you stand by innocents, my request would be that contact some one like Mufti Taqi Usmani and get his qualified opinion on Junaids issue and blasphemy law. If an average pakistani is hesitant to open his mouth about this law atleast the fellow.liberal muslims should try to employ scholars dialogue rather than causing more diversion in society by scandilising issue. Reforms, are not achieved through mud slinging and media diatribes of snide criticism. Please be educated , informed and then opinionated. Dont just act exactly like the hoodlums on street on platform on net. This isnt directed at sarah more at this comment section. Learn to bring a change within religious community rather than addressing them in patronising tones from your enlightened horse of snobbery.Recommend

  • Tellerr

    Ahmadis are not muslims and they try to get mahjority to accept them and their belief in minstream islam. If you wont hve blasphemy. You should employ treason against them. Every institute or idealogy needs to protect its boundaries. No issue with them if they accept themselves as non muslim. If not then why should the mjority pander to their mirza sahab?Recommend

  • Tellerr

    Well u r quite amazing, when asia baby case was going on ur governor was personally stepping in. You had as many articles then. Now the govt is shush because its a maulvi. And media is alive because he a media figyre. Have the sensibility to atleast look at the situation.

  • Tellerr

    Lol, because blasphemy law needs to be in place. Religion is the founding idealogy of pakistan. Blasphemy is an attack on it. its simply telling us to form no law to deal with treason. Blasphemy is literally treason. You probably dont come from a religious background, dont care for it. Thats fine but then please dont tell those who believe in religion how to believe.Recommend

  • Tellerr

    Seriosuly a guy who is involved from last 17 yrs in religious activities is not the same as a random anonymous christian woman. If he gets automatic sympathy or forgiveness, its not double standarad its bloidy common sense. He has a public track record which she doesnt. Of course Bout her public wouldnt be to assume a fir ir against stance as easily. Recommend

  • siesmann

    Why don’t you also support and stand for the repeal of the blasphemy law.If the law remains and is being used and will be used for murder,then it should apply equally to jumaid Jamshed.Just because he “wears turban and beard” doesn’t absolve him of blasphemy.Law should apply even more strictly to him who knows Islam and “blasphemy” better.Other people have died not only for much smaller infractions,but many times for no infractions at all but by crowds incited by these same mullahs.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Gorgasht.

    Here is what everyone is forgetting. Not paying attention.
    All of this drama was staged enacted to get a visa? Claim
    death threats and depart for England. Or is it Canada?Recommend

  • siesmann

    Then why did you not add that the law should be equally applied to a mullah whose evidence of blasphemy is a documented fact.Don’t say that God can be selective in punishment and forgiveness.Faith is only as good as it respects the faith of all people.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Have these oft repeated cliches done any good to people who have been and are being burnt alive in the name of the same religion,and its prophet?Recommend

  • Real Truth

    You started so well but lost the argument in the end. Junaid Jamshed is a good Muslim. We can’t include others in the same category.Recommend

  • Love

    I agree with mohammed booduhan.
    If you have courage to stand against blasphemy law then we also stand for junaid jamshed.Recommend

  • Hafsa

    Great write up Sarah. I am somewhat agonized to read the comments from certain readers who I believe failed to comprehend your stance of standing up for JJ. The stance does not merely relate to an entity but it is about all the others who have been castrasized in one form or the other under the label of blasphemy. Our silence in the past has been criminal and I thank you for breaking this silence. I hope we will continue to raise our voice in spite of vociferous objections from the extremist elements who are bent upon demonizing the deen of RehmatalilAalameen.

  • Kashmirikhan

    JJ and his followers were the first ones to enforce this law, now that he is caught up in the same law he asks for forgiveness. The fact is forgiveness is not for humans, He should ask for forgiveness from Allah and Allah may or may not forgive him on the day of judgment. Here on earth if the rule of law is to work, than the accused whether of this offence or murder or robbery should be brought to justice, for JJ to hide in England, the same country that supported the Wahabis to “bring Islam back” by fighting the Khalifah in Second World War is in of itself nothing but an insult. Why is it that everyone who is to distort Islam the progressive religion is given protection by the British. He needs to face justice or he should ask to change the lawRecommend

  • Kashmirikhan

    Yea but he is just a hypocriteRecommend

  • marik

    You dont seem to understand that until the orthodoxy and the self-appointed moral guardians of this country start being hung for blasphemy they will never be deterred from abusing this abhorrent law. Nothing will do more to destroy the blasphemy law than the death of Junaid Jamshed. A few more high profile beardoes hung and the beardoes themselves will scream for the end of this law.Recommend

  • Faulitics

    Wrong person to “stand with”. Do you think this guy cares about the christian couple, asia bibi or anybody outside his club?Recommend

  • Syeda KAzmi

    Why there is a difference in treatment of people ‘allegedly’ involved in blasphemy and actually involved in blasphemy irrespective of the fact that what he said he didn’t mean.. though i have severe disagreements with the implementation practices of blasphemy law… but people like asia bibi, junaid hafeez where no actual evidence was present have suffered more than JJ, where video of his speech is an evidence…Recommend

  • RHK

    Agree. It’s time tolerance and forgiveness started taking precedence over aggression and punishment. If it wasn’t done for Salman Taseer, Aasia Bibi & many others, then let it be done now. Let there be peace. Death by punishment is not going to resolve anything. Let this end now.Recommend

  • muhammad

    i stand with my MOM HAZRAT AYESHA SIDDIDQA (RA) and with AHL E BAITRecommend

  • Saira

    You could’ve written an article about why you stand with Junaid Hafeez rather than Jamshed. One is in prison, and the other has fled to Europe and seems to be pretty safe. Any particular reason for why the other Junaid only gets an arbitary mention whilst misogynist but on the most part safe Junaid gets a whole article written about him? You’re part of the problem you see.Recommend

  • wb

    Please provide.

    ET, I request you not to curtail his comment if he provides evidence for the divinity of anything from any religion.Recommend

  • wb

    Why not go a step further and say that on this earth, till date, except for blind faith, there’s no verifiable evidence of anything ever being divine, and hence the idea of blasphemy is laughable?Recommend

  • wb

    Neither Quran, nor Hadees support Blasphemy.

    Prophet himself is known to have taken abuse in silence. And Quran itself categorically asks a Muslim to turn away from those who distort the verses of Quran, and not even engage in a conversation. Quran doesn’t ask you to attack someone who distorts the verses.

    So, by supporting blasphemy laws which is completely unIslamic and against the teachings of the prophet, you are violating the principles of Islam.

    And since you claimed yourself that blasphemy is tantamount to treason, you’re also committing treason.Recommend

  • http://www.redonfilms.com Imran Karim Khattak

    Why didn’t you stand with Salman Taseer, Asia Bibi and the couple assassinated near Lahore.


  • Tellerr

    please tell me what authority you posses on Quran and hadith to first draw jurisprudence from it and secondly disregard majority of scholars. How much arabic do you know, who taught you hadith etc etc.Recommend

  • wb

    I was not supporting blasphemy law in my comment.Recommend

  • wb

    Funny isn’t it, still we don’t have secular laws in our country. And still we’re the most tolerant people on the face of earth.

    Does it confuse you or make you introspect?Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Where have the Ahmadis said that they do not believe in the finality of Prophethood. such a despicable attitude, lying in public forums.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Who gave you the right to call Ahmadis as non muslims? did God? give you that right? Even the Holy Prophet of God may peace and blessings of God be upon him, never excommunicated anyone. The Holy Quran says that people can come into the fold of Islam but they will only leave out of their own will.
    Do you think you are above the greatest man that ever was?Recommend

  • Tellerr

    he alreadfy has australian passport as per his opponents filing the case.Recommend

  • Tellerr


  • wb

    I have read Quran and most of Hadees.

    If you disagree with me, then please disprove me by quoting where in Hadees of Quran blasphemy becomes punishable.Recommend

  • Tellerr

    lol ad were you telling me what is in hadith and quran. all ears ,mateRecommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    the holy Prophet SAW said that in the latter days many scholars of muslims will be devoid of all form of knowledge and wisdom. Where does it say in the Quran that blasphemy is a punishable crime. I know Arabic give me the Quranic verse.Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Gorgasht.

    He is not an authority, on anything. Just expressing something going back to 1200 years of Muslim rule over India.And his brothers at ET will not print this.Recommend

  • Guest

    We will in society full of beasts. We don’t follow islam practically in any field of life. But when it comes to killings and blood lust we use religion as tool. Only option Junaid Jamshed has left with is to leave this banana republic and settel abroad. Otherwise these menaics will kill him.Recommend

  • noor

    I dont support this rule bcx its no where in Quran and sunnah ! Prophet (p.b.u.h) was a man who prayed for ta’aif when thy threw stone on him , he looked after tgt sick woman who use to throw garrbage on him and many more examples ,how can we punish by using his name ! But today i wont support u bcx its too late write this article its unfair for tht Christian couple who were burnt alive ( without evidence ) it is unfair for thousand for shias who were shot dead , its unfair to ahmadies who were tourture to death . there was no evidence ever ! Thy were ignorant also ! Bt he was molvi with beard, who did this on air ! Court should punish him ! Then we will later try to eliminate this law !!!

  • wb

    While I don’t support the vilification of Ahmadis, what you have said is incorrect. It is true that Ahmadis don’t believe in the finality of Prophet Mohammed. Ahmadis believe the Prophet Mohammed to be the greatest of all prophets. To use the correct phrase, “seal of all prophets”.

    You cannot counter hatred by lies and more hatred.Recommend

  • wb

    Instead of that, why don’t you prove me wrong.

    Show links to Hadees and Quran where the concept of blasphemy exist.Recommend

  • wb

    Obviously you don’t understand condescension.Recommend

  • wb

    And how do you measure the greatness of a man? Do you have a scale, a weight, a meter?

    Or is it just blind faith?Recommend

  • Sarah

    Foolish and ruthless commentators, what do u want? Another killing in the name of blasphemy? Stop beating about the bush about what has passed and try to think about present and future. It does not matter its a mubaligh, a christian or a governor. Just pray that none of you gets implicated for the same.
    I stand by junaid jamshed, So shall all of us !Recommend

  • Sham

    It is quite interesting and shocking to see that most people haven’t really understood what the writer wants to say. And are still putting in references of Aasia bibi and Salman Taseer. Weird world we live in…pseudo intellects everywhere.Recommend

  • Tellerr

    well no i dont. u r quite ambiguousRecommend

  • Tellerr

    bhai anonymous ppl on a web forum are no authority. why dont you name your source ofguidance, like who isnyour techer?where did you learn arabic? who taught you haduth etc etcRecommend

  • wb

    I rest my case.Recommend

  • Tellerr

    do you understand links to hadith and quran are showed where the prerequisite of understanding is established. hence the question where did you obtain knowledge frimRecommend

  • I am a Khan

    There is no hatred here. its calling a spade a spade. If anyone does not believe that Prophet (saw) is the Last Messenger & Final Prophet of Allah, then that person is not a muslim. It is not enough to say that because someone respects Prophet (saw), they can be called a muslim.

    A similar example is that both muslims and christians believe in and respect Prophet Isa (AS) but both have different beliefs about Prophet Isa (AS). So you cannot say that muslims/chistians follow the same religion or Islam and christianity are one religion just because both respect Prophet Isa (AS)

    Similarly Ahmadiyat and Islam are two separate religions and Ahmadis are not muslims. Hope this logically clarifies your concern.Recommend

  • Anil Mehta

    Virtues of forgiveness discovered. JJ’s beautiful tears and choked voice will not silence people who want to show their love for the prophet . They want rose petals thrown at them and judges to kiss them too. JJ has bid goodbye to the land of the pure and will start pop singing again soon in places which have no blasphemy law.

    Actually, Pakistan should ask UK to extradite him back since he is accused of a capital crime. They might put him on a plane back to a rapturous welcome.Recommend

  • Tellerr

    illa mashAllah. which cloud did you descend from? Recommend

  • sundas

    The reason he messed it up seems to be his misogynistic approach. So why not accuse him of preaching ,publicly, misogyny/sexism first? it’s a kind of attitude which can not be ignored or forgiven…and must be condemned with as much force as blasphemy in this particular case.Recommend

  • Tellerr

    let it rest ;)Recommend

  • Tellerr

    you know arabic, excellent !. would you like to inform me where you learned it? i mean who were your teachers. not to cause you anger but you see all these scholars atleast provide us with their academic and spirituial lineage. you are refuting them so i am interested to know can you provide your academic and spiritual background.Recommend

  • Tellerr

    errr i would rather not learn about the greatest man from a miurza advocate. just a little careful that way.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    HOW Is the finality of Prophet Muhammad the basic tenant of Islam? Where in the Quran or the Hadith is this so called tenant found? Recommend

  • نائلہ


  • Sane

    How about the whole neighborhood burned under false accusations

    Do you mean arson and killing of Muslims in Gujarat, India?Recommend

  • wb

    I sources of authority are Quran and Hadees. I never said, I’m an authority. I know it well enough.

    I’m asking you to post the Ayat and Surah of Quran which talks about punishment for blasphemy.

    Or post the verse, chapter, book of Sahih al Bukhari.

    It’s that simple.

    You have none, hence you are asking nonsensical questions.

    It’s a challenge. Name the verses or stop commenting.

    Again, name the verses.

    Do you understand my challenge or will you keep asking nonsensical questions.Recommend

  • L.

    We believe He was the last Law Giving Prophet. Meaning the teachings of Islam will not change after His demise.

    You see, we believe Him to be Khatamunabiyyeen- seal of the prophets. Non Ahmadis translate khatam- an Arabic word which means SEAL to the incorrect LAST- what it means in urdu. What they don’t understand is that Prophet Muhammad SAW spoke Arabic, not urdu. Seal means the best of the best, VALID. A seal on a certificate means it’s a valid certificate, not the last one.

    ET stop deleting my comments. If you can allow anti-Ahmadi sentiments to be spread on your website, you should also allow Ahmadis to CORRECT them. And dont worry, we are not converting anyone -.-Recommend

  • نائلہ

    WB making sense? Are you him or an u an imposter?! :O

    Btw what you stated was correct. Except that treason bit which I’m not sure about. Still don’t think you’re him though.

    ET: why’d you delete this one? I dont see anything wrong with it!Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    Please read Surah 33 Verse 40
    “Muhammad (SAWW) is not the father
    of [any] one of your men, but [he is] the Messenger of Allah
    and last of the prophets. And ever is Allah , of all things,

    I have given you reference from the Quran where this basic tenet is found of Prophet (saw) being the last prophet of Allah. Hope this clarifies your concern.Recommend

  • wb


  • Ess

    You stand by him because you don’t have to bear the consequences of your father or brother or husband forcing you to do what he say. You don’t have to be taught to stay in your “aukaat” according to him. You won’t be slapped in the face if you say you want to drive. It’s very easy to stand by someone from far away; had you been directly affected by his lectures, you would have thought differently because according to him, women rights don’t really exist according to Islam.
    And while people like you defend him for apologizing, where were you guys when people were killed over such blasphemy cases? Why did you not speak out then? What stopped you then?Recommend