An open letter to Junaid Jamshed

Published: December 8, 2014

You are one of the ‘virtuous’ ones and so you have the privilege to beg forgiveness. PHOTO: AMEER HAMZA

Dear JJ Sahib,

First of all, condolences for the recent situation you find yourself in. It is most unfortunate that our first correspondence be in times that are possibly troubling for you. With the formalities out of the way, I have a confession to make – I really could not care less about your situation.

Why then am I writing you a letter?

Like others from my generation, I grew up listening to your songs. I met you 15 years ago, backstage after a concert. I was a star-crazed teenager and you were, well, a star. You gave me a hug and laughed about being run over by female fans. Honestly, I never liked your music much, but I did think you were kind of charming.

As I evolved past my adolescent folly, you went from being a fading pop star to a confused preacher to an active member of the ‘Moral police’. We saw you age into the confused egocentric chauvinist you are today. You were neither a star, nor charming, and to my generation, your only reminders were the JJ signboards sprawled around the city advertising your designer lawn. You were irrelevant.

However, in the past week, the media has discovered you again. Your pictures and videos are scattered over the internet. People are writing about you. You are a topic of discussion for anchors and tirades against you are trending vastly. The ‘B’ word has been spoken; and JJ Sahib, this time, you are it.

It is difficult for me to ignore you now, and so, I am writing you a letter to explain why I don’t care what the future holds for you.

You have given me many a reasons to be dismayed. You sit across an actress and slander those from her profession. You instruct men to confine their wives to their houses. You talk about women as being responsible for leading men astray. You suggest that they be kept in check and ‘protected’ from the fickleness that is in their very nature. Despite the absurdity of what you preach, I do not believe that stupidity should be the cause for persecution. It is what you represent that makes me apathetic.

Since 1987, more than 1300 people have been accused of blasphemy; majority of these belong to minority groups. Most cases are met with mob justice. The ones that make it to the courts are looking at decades in prison or death penalties. If politicians raise their voices, they are assassinated. Those who speak in the name of intolerance shout while those who speak in the name of humanity do so in hushed voices, lest they be heard. The liberal polity has taken a step back, whilst the moral police has taken one forward. Intolerance feeds on irrationality, and its counterpart, fear. Bullets kill men, but fear kills the conscience. And it is this fear, JJ Sahib, that those who now rant about you, your colleagues, instil.

You say you made a mistake and you lack knowledge despite 17 years of preaching. Your video might seem quite moving to some. But you see Sir, Aasia Bibi never got to make a video. She never got to ask for forgiveness. She was poor. She was Christian. And she awaits a death sentence.

Had you spoken up for those like her, had you preached tolerance and humanity, had you or your colleagues opened debate about Article 295 C, I would have sympathised with you. But you are a part of the very system that reinforces injustice. You are one of the ‘virtuous’ ones and so you have the privilege to beg for forgiveness. Those who don’t have that luxury continue to burn at the stakes. Why should I then endorse selective justice?

I don’t know where you will go from here. Perhaps this is what it takes for the mighty to see the fallen. Perhaps this is what it takes to not be afraid. Perhaps not.

JJ Sahib, I wonder if you still listen to music. Are you still a Dylan fan? How does it feel then? How does it feel to be on your own?

Laila Farooq

Laila Farooq

A doctoral student of Political Science. Her passions include books, meeting new people and lost causes.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • icost

    As much as I respect your personal opinion, your grudge against him seems to be pointless. By judging him to have committed this crime and declaring him to be deserving of all repercussions that follow, you instead of taking this opportunity, are advocating the current system. You are essentially saying that if people before him were slayed for the wrong reasons, JJ should meet with the same fate. Why don’t we set a precedent here and overcome the shortcomings of our societies? Why instead of discussing the way forward, we are indulging in his past? Please do not portray a sinful image of his past. He is a changed person now and neither of us can judge as to whether the change is for the good or for bad. Not everything, but a lot of what he says is in line with the Quran and Shariah, but that of course is not the point of the argument in hand.

    Let’s take this chance to set a new precedent and asking for forgiveness if the so-called accused before him were a victim of the atrocities of our society and if they were wrongly prosecuted keeping in mind the parameters of the Shariah.

    It’s never too late to do the right thing.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Let us see how long your “precedent”lasts with the mullah-brigade.Recommend

  • Waqar

    The whole argument that JJ should meet the same fate as others is very short sighted. Instead of saying that we have to fix this whole blasphemy accusation problem, the so called liberals basically want to see a bearded person put to death. As if thats going to fix the problem.

    Perhaps express tribune should be more careful with the quality of content that amateur writers present.Recommend

  • salman ahmed

    “Moral Police” & “Confused preacher”..Biased seculars… now they are asking him again to become a music guy as before as they would be more comfortable in it… and the writer doesnot know that 17 years of preaching doesnot mean that he cant commit mistakes…Recommend

  • Fareed Khan Afridi.

    Most of us are confused by your diatribe. Have no idea what you are
    peddling. Somewhere, it got convoluted and lost the thread. Hard to
    figure it out. Muddling, maundering, meaningless
    The author wrote a very much needed article. Exposing the religious
    extremism pervading this society. She had the guts and the nerve to
    do so. If she lives there, she is one very very courageous person.
    While you are sanctimonious and sermonizing. Sermons, are a dime
    a dozen. The mullahs dole them out,… by the bushels.Recommend

  • Saad R.

    Dont really know or care about what will happen to JJ, but, instead of asking for his forgiveness, Maulana Tariq Jameel should be working with government to abolish the blasphemy law for good citing the reasons that it’s not clear enough simple. If it is crystal clear, then I don’t see the point why Mr. JJ should be given special treatment.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    Blasphemy laws are disgusting.Recommend

  • Usama Umar

    I could only laugh at it, absolutely rubbish and pointless filled with flawed arguments and a comical writeup. May God help us. Recommend

  • Sane

    At lease now JJ must give up spreading his ill and inadequate knowledge of Islam. He is not a preacher at all. He must confine to sell expensive clothes for elites only.Recommend

  • Akhtar1

    Her argument is weak, weightless and full of baloney! I don’t even know why I wasted my time reading/thinking about it. icost has a valid point! Reference the Quran and its mandate on forgiving if you are lost, lady!Recommend

  • Usama Umar

    Filled with absolutely flawed arguments. May God be with us in these difficult times.Recommend

  • 2Paisa (Khi)

    So our barbaric mobs are prepared to kill a person from a religious minority background whenever they feel like it under blasphemy accusations but when a preacher is accused of the same crime he is given a chance of forgiveness? Feels like the law of the jungle: all animals are equal but not all equals are equal. It’s about time we scrutinize Zia’s blasphemy law.Recommend

  • Erslan Ashraf

    Miss Farooq!

    Two wrongs does not make it right .JJ was neither part of Govt nor Assembly.He didnt have right to make or amend the law.And then why Sec 295 C only?Rest of the world can make a person hang only of they deny holocaust.IS Pak only country to have such law?Hell NO.!but yes the implementation of this law is a matter to question.who has right to implement it?State or Public?If JJ spoke wrong by mistake,he is ashamed,and u can not only see it ,but be honest girl,admit it u also felt it.He was ashamed.Ashamed that he might have lost the respect and value he earned in the eyes of Almighty.

    Open Quran,Can u number times when God Offers His forgiveness?Our society is suffering from sadism and apathy.One person’s misery makes him mocking object.

    If God can forgive,who are you to judge?Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Junaid you should have stuck to singing.Recommend

  • IQ

    I read your blog, seems like you did not know the whole storyRecommend

  • London

    This guy is and always has been a fraud.Recommend

  • S Z

    Very very poorly written. Could have been better but…Recommend

  • Sania Lali

    Two wrongs do not make a right.Recommend

  • I am a Khan

    The reason you started hating JJ was the reason I started liking him- His becoming religious and preaching about Islam. The ‘liberal fascists’ of Pakistan should come out of their hypocrisy. Either they should openly profess that they are believers or openly profess that they are unbelievers. Calling yourself a muslim and speaking against someone who preaches Islam is total hypocrisy.
    Regarding JJ, I was dismayed by the initial comments he gave. But then I felt better when I saw his apology. Every Human Being makes mistakes and Allah is most forgiving to HIS creation. The sunnah of Prophet (saw) is to love and forgive. We should move on and forgive and forget what JJ said earlier. May Allah make us good muslims and may we see more of Jamshed Sahab’s preaching. Aameen.Recommend

  • IA

    If anything, you sound like you are trying more to convince yourself of your personal dislike for him than to convey your opinion to him.Recommend

  • Kashan

    I should respect your views, but I feel problem digesting them. Can you please explain what do u mean by ‘Moral Police’, and for what group of people do you use this term? Secondly, JJ was never irrelevant. If you close your eyes to somebody doesn’t make anybody irrelevant. Friend of yours might not be my friend, so does that make your friend irrelevant? Or is it only to do with Islamic preachers?

    The media discovered him for wrong. If a sin is committed, the first place to blame or justify is court, not media. The media always looks for conflict stories and they got one. I won’t blame anybody but there’s only a group of people who have invested their time on this scandal.

    And your point that he should have spoken up for other people is like if u r healed up of a disease, its not your responsibility to heal others as well. It could be humanity, but not responsibility. Everybody has to face their case and fate. And by the way, people aren’t listening him for his own-self. Will they hear his views for common man?

    For those, who say that why JJ must not be given special treatment, he has asked for forgiveness. Let it be his and Allah’s matter now. We are not here to decide, blame and kill anybody who asks forgiveness.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    This sounds too much a personal attack, I thinks Miss Laila was waiting for this thing to happen so that she could point all her guns towards JJ. Dear Madam you are no way near to our beloved Junaid Jamsheed and I am throwing this letter into a waste bin.Recommend

  • farah

    see nouman ali khan response and try to understand.

  • Khan

    Respected writer, we support you and endorse your piece of work!! These guys have made mockery of the religion!! In the name of religion they have settled their own hidden agendas… Now is the time to pay.. As you sow, so shall you reap!!! The people who request for his forgiveness should remind themselves about other humans who have already been sentenced under this particular law!!! To all those people ‘Question yourself, has Islam taught you INJUSTICE???’ Where was your mercy and forgiveness when every time minorities were being thrashed in our so called Islamic Republic??? Allah hates INJUSTICE… Ponder over it and think before saying wrong against this write-up!!!Recommend

  • hassan

    Oh writer! comeon. He is not a preacher. He can make a mistake so can you and everyone else. I’m shocked why people are getting so rude on his sayings when they know that he is new in this field. He is not here by birth and it takes time to be expert. He is converted from some different beliefs.
    I agree at one point that the people who are killed by mob should be given a chance to clarify their words. They are not killed by JJ’s words nor any of his allies. It might have happened due to intolerable behavior in our society not even in blasphemy but in every situation; like on roads, in markets and at home as well. People in our society are killed on few hundred rupees.
    JJ made a mistake and he apologized. We must be generous and brave enough to accept it that he is a man and can make mistakes.

  • Wrong

    Most of you seem to be miscontruing what the writers trying to say. She’s not after the head of Junaid Jamshed nor is she implicitly speaking in favor of the Blasphemy Law, what she’s written shows clear disagreement with its existence.
    What she’s denying is preferential treatment when it comes to dissemination of any law. If Junaid Jamshed is to be given mercy, it should come at the cost of a removal of this anachronistic and draconian law, not as a consequence of his prior record as a “Good Muslim” somehow salvaging him from punishment.
    And yes while God might be forgiving, he is also just. Treating a minority and a majority differently because of their religious convictions isn’t something you should try to associate with him in trying to find validations for the arguments you’re making.Recommend

  • Ak

    Brilliant Zabardast Recommend

  • SamSal

    JJ should be tried for misogyny and not blasphemy. No matter how much we hate him for his misogynist remarks on various occasions, it just doesn’t justify blasphemy accusations. And I say this for all who have been accused.Recommend

  • Ahmed Khan

    you have absolutely pathetic taste in music if you think he was not good…plus he is one of the best musicians the soil produced..Recommend

  • Zahra

    What he is saying about H. Abu Bakr(RA) and Hazrat Ayesha (RA) is factually incorrect. Just tell me, where did Hazrat Ayesha (RA) stay when the Prophet (PBUH) asked her he needed time to analyse the situation? Abu Bakr(RA) supported her, and actually had a feud with the Prophet over this incident (read Ibn-e-Ishaq or any of the early writers). Most of his other arguments are just factually incorrect, as pointed above.

    On the topic, JJ, may or may not be wrong, that is for Allah to decide. This is exactly the problem with us Muslims, we think we are the protectors of Islam. We are not? It is tantamount to saying Allah needs protection, which is insane. Similarly, Asia bibi, and many others need to be released, matters of religion are Allahs domain.Recommend

  • Omer Khayam

    First of all there there is no bigger blasphemy than taking a human life
    (Prophet PBUH will advocate in favor of any person innocent person killed without purpose on the day of judgement even if he is a jew)-May Allah forgive for any mistake
    I dont know Miss Lafifa want to say trying to say but I only have respect and tolerance for her
    only thing I have heard from these people is love for humanity,tolerance and love these people eat and sit with people with whom most of us wont even like or bother to talk
    so please understand the concept of Jammat before making judgement
    Aasia Bibi
    Joseph Colony
    Kot Radha Kishan
    all incident have different back grounds
    and I condemn what happened in Joseph Colony & Kot Radha Kishan
    In Aasia Bibi case I am not making any comments because I am unaware of truthRecommend

  • Atta

    I think we should spare JJ only on the condition that
    1) he and those who are trying to save him say publically that Blasphemy law should be repealled and Aasia bibi and many like her should be freed.
    2) Pakistani Government repeal this lawRecommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    I still dont get it. When did he become a religious scholar? Did he study theology? I don’t think so. So in the end he is just another vanilla guy, not some uber religious personality. I’m kinda perturbed by the fact that all it takes to be called a great scholar these days is a long beard.Recommend

  • sal

    whats most interesting is author’s claims about not caring, yet going thorough the trouble of wiring an open letter…lolllRecommend

  • Ayesha Sohail

    JJ is one of so many who preach, but, without empathy for tolerance. The situation he is in today is unfortunate, for him and all others who end up in this corner, most of the offenders, never meant it! It’s time that only the qualified are allowed to go viral, so that distortion is prevented. If theft is an offense, the law is the same for all offenders and so the logic goes. It is good to see so many preachers standing for JJ, it will be so much more if the stand is to amend the law or the process, whatever it takes to create safety of lives. As for the letter, it strongly suggests that if one is a preacher, then take responsibility for your words! The letter rightly suggests that what is required is for the preachers and all of us, to stand for the ordinary, illiterate masses before the privileged, personally get into trouble and justify their position, while undermining the innocence of others less privileged. All prayers for JJ’s safety and of all others. May tolerance prevail. Recommend

  • vaqas

    No one should be punished according to these blasphemy laws. After saying that, the problem I have with this current batch of high and mighty, we are better than thou( Junaid jamshed included) bunch of preachers, is that not only are they promoting hypocrisy by advocating forgiveness only when their brother is in trouble ( and not when thousands have been victimized and many have lost their lives because of these blasphemy laws) but they are creating another volatile divide by accusing another sect as the cause of jj’s plight and putting all the blame on them. When everyone knows that the very creation of most of these militant and anarchist mindsets, and their subsequent flourishing is because of groups and parties of jj’s sect. He himself is the supporter of the people who pushed for the blasphemy laws and subsequent perpetrators of mindless violence against the weak and needy. He himself is the supporter of intolerance and subjugation. But yes, I am one to forgive, may God have mercy on you and give you the strength to right the wrongs that you’re mindless bearded predecessors have done to us, and may you have the strength to stand up for the weak and poor. And please, my request to fellow commentators, don’t be brushing aside my comment by naive replies that Junaid is only a man of God and does not belong to any sect, of you are ignorant in this matter then ask someone that which sect does the tableeghi jamat belong to.Recommend

  • Shan

    great article, I 100% agree with Laila… would’ve had much more sympathy for JJ if he had shown any sympathy for Aasia Bibi. With regards JJ’s impassioned apology and referral to his clean heart… no doubt Allah will protect you, come back to Pakistan. No need to rely on kaafir to save you now that you have blasphemed ;)Recommend

  • ISIS Gonna get u haters

    So all the JJ sympathisers here agree that he made a mistake? (Because if you don’t’ , then you too could be guilty for blasphemy wink wink!). And as laws in this great land of ours stand, saying sorry cannot mean the same laws that screw over hundreds of poor minorities should be changed for him? Very sorry. But in this land when accused of blasphemy with maybe a shred of a hint of evidence, that person is screwed. Therefore unless you all think that the law is wrong( which again means you could be found guilty of blasphemy) ! Take it on the chin. when one of yours slip in you go crying…’oh forgive him, he made a mistake’ . I commend the writer of this brave and poignant article.Recommend

  • anam

    How exactly are you better than the illiterate mob out their in our country who take law into their own hands and burn ppl for their blasphemous comments. instead of setting an example by forgiving someone who has sincerely asked for an apology you are going around sighting your own personal vendetta against him. This is a time when we can all work together and rise above the situation and get rid of these stupid blasphemy law and set an example for future incidents instead of wasting your time writing up shit based articles.Recommend

  • Parvez

    wow !…..woW !….and WOW !…… are angry and rightly so.
    From the social media sites I gather JJ has left for secular good old England…if true…hypocrisy still rules.Recommend

  • WM

    Zahra, its not the case that Abu Bakr RA did not have any feud with Prophet PBUH over it. Its unthinkable. Your facts are actually factually incorrect. Ibn e Ishaq has never been an authentic writer, you may also search for it. He has been popular in christian scholars as his writings provide them points for criticism on Islam. You should consult authentic Seerah Books.

  • AA

    Not everything, but a most of what he says isnot in line with the Quran and
    Shariah, and that is of course IS the point of the argument in hand. Islam is being defined by either conservative-tribe-men or by dogmatic-followers-of-rituals. It has become voodoo in the hands of brainless, uneducated religious fanatics. Neither Qur’an nor Hadith (reliable ones) prescribes misogyny. Qur’an is the first scripture, centuries before Karl Marx even wrote about the emancipation of women in Europe. It holds women as individual exactly equal to men. “The men and women of the believers are friends of one another. Surah Taubah:71” What JJ have spoken are prevailing malaise that rooted in subcontinental mindset, that also shows in other interpretations of Qur’an and Hadith by men like him. Stop defending him and go read Tafseer_Ibne_Kathir ayah by ayah to understand how and why each Ayah was revealed. Follow Deen-e-Allah not Dee-e-Mulla, you will be surprised.Recommend

  • AA

    Ashamed? yes he is but only that he might have lost the respect and value he earned in the eyes of people not Almighty. He sounds asking pardon from the moronic moral police than Allah. The author is asking the exact question that you did, If God can forgive,who are you to judge? but unlike you she is asking to speak up this question for those who are killed or being killed for not being Junaid Jamshed, she is asking why not they can ask pardon and be pardoned like JJ. She is asking why those who spoke up to save JJ did not speak up to save those who were not JJ, and will JJ from now make his mission to get this opportunity to every one who is not allowed to ask for pardon?Recommend

  • Meenu

    Dear Laila,
    I have read your article and couldn’t understand what exactly are you trying to point out.
    You are saying he was a singer and was very charming. Who told you that he isn’t charming right now. Just because he has grown a beard doesn’t make him a un-charming person. He was not an ordinary singer, he was a known star not only nationally but also internationally. If only he has started preaching, grown a beard, started praying 5 times a day, doesn’t makes him a sinner.
    As far as the mistake he made regarding Hazrat Aisha R.A., please my dear friends he is a human at the end of the day if he won’t make mistakes so who will. Regarding the apology, I personally think that it was a wonderful apology and may Allah T.W.T accept his apology.
    In the end, please be a bit rational. Humans do make mistakes and we should forgive them for that. I even admit that he does gets a bit harsh about women many times, but when we see it in the light of Islam and its teachings, many things tend to open up. If we can and we must read Ahadith regarding these women topics, many things pop up and should try dwell in them to understand why is it written about them like this.Recommend

  • nadia adnan
  • Anjum Hameed

    “a complete unknown—like a rolling stone”….Recommend

  • Anjum Hameed

    NO…forgive Aasia Bibi first, then let’s talk about a bearded Muslim gets accused of blasphemy and your heart begins to bleed?..his “Muslim-ness” is more important than humanity? human life comes first..take that to heart…Recommend

  • AA

    Dear WM,
    The problem with your argument is that, Ibne Ishaq is not the only one accused of not being authentic, others mentioned in your linked article are too. Almost all early sources of Islam are suspected to have unauthentic material, including Israeliat. Even Saha-Sattah has unauthentic material, that is where the chain-of-narrations needs to be scrutinized. Even the reliable chain-of-narration does not confirm the Hadith truly from Rasul Allah (SAW), it only verifies that it comes from multiple sources to mean the same, but the most important question remain whether the naration is what Rasul Allah (SAW} said or it was later interpretation about what he said? That is where most of the cultural biases crept in. Qur’an is the only litmus test for a Hadith to be true or falls. All ahadiths relaying misogyny are false, because Qur’an holds women equal to men, Where ever it addresses to believers, it recognizes individuality for example: “Allah has promised to believers. men and women..” Also it teaches that, “The men and women of the believers are friends of one another [Surah Taubah: 71]” it warns that, “They are clothing ( providing protection, privacy and elagance) for you and you are clothing for them” [Surah Al-Baqara: 187] it confirms to patriarchs “And if you men have certain rights on them (women) they have similar rights on you in all fairness [Surah Al-Baqara: 228] ” Rasul Allah (SAW) wood not have said anything that contradict any of it.Recommend

  • Sammy

    So the JJ apologists are upset because their icon got snared in the same mob mentality that they themselves encouraged, condoned, and fanned for decades when the victims were hapless non-Muslims. I don’t think calling such people hypocrites is right….such an analogy would be insulting to hypocrites.Recommend

  • Samina

    Nicely written latter. Thank you..Recommend

  • mfhussain

    Well written well said. He is in the hole him and his ilk have dugRecommend

  • fze

    I do not conform to the views of JJ about women where he believes that they should be confined to homes and should not be allowed to drive a car (yes, I can see Saudi influence there). He gave his personal example saying that he never allowed his wife to drive because then wives come home late from shopping (hilarious!). In this matter I totally disagree with him, however I have serious issues with blasphemy law. It has flaws and does not provide complete justice and many a times has been used to settle personal scores. For that matter Asia Bibi or anyone else should not become a victim of it.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Beautifully written. Great job.Recommend

  • reverse_swing

    I would give up the “i am a believer” label if that could help remove this dreaded law from the penal code forever!Recommend

  • reverse_swing

    Bravo! I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    We should all remember that Aasia Bibi the mother of 5 children rots in jail while the real blasphemer is enjoying life in secular BritainRecommend

  • Me

    An Innocent Question: Have you ever seen a Muslim Mulla announcing “Ridicule This or That Person Day”? Have you ever seen a ceremony being announced by a Maulvi which announces burning of scriptures holy to other religions?

    I do not believe in other religions but even then I am exercising so much caution that I am not taking the names of entities / personalities holy to other religions even as an example. I know, you have not seen it happening. Why? While it is good to criticize own mistakes, it is equally good to appreciate our strengthsRecommend

  • Bilal Naeem

    Agree with your sentiments but blasphemy laws were passed during Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s era not Zia’sRecommend

  • Apple

    Every one is entitled to their opinion, I’m sure JJ ment well but came out the wrong way, people of Pakistan are not so forgiving, instead of wasting his time and asking people to forgive him, he should pray to Allah for forgiveness, strength and wisdom. He should learn from his mistake and work with scholars to make changes in the law. Prophets were human beings just like us but high in rank. To order death penalty is totally wrong and it does not say in the Quran to kill people just because they had an opinion.

  • Apple

    I’m sure JJ ment well but came out the wrong way, people of Pakistan are not so forgiving, instead of wasting his time and asking people to forgive him, he should pray to Allah for forgiveness, strength and wisdom. He should learn from his mistake and work with scholars to make changes in the law. Recommend

  • junaid

    he has not commited mistake. jst observe the tone and laugh ov jj nd listenrs. u think siting on MIMBER E RASOOL S.A.W prrachng islam while criticisng UMAHA TUL MOMININ is jst a mistake??????
    mistake may relates to some facts nd figures bt nt to tone nd behave.Recommend

  • justice

    If all humans make mistakes and should be forgiven, then even people like Asia Bibi and others in the same situation should also be given a chance to ask for forgiveness and be forgiven. Recommend

  • samreen

    is this that ppl / awam is deciding to forgive or not to forgive . ppl are deciding that he should be forgiven and she should be hanged. since when ppl have taken this justice things into their hands and not leaving this almighty to decideRecommend

  • Bilal

    Extremely disagree with what’s in these few lines – and I don’t stand for JJs present and past mistakes.

    Asia Bibi lost her life because we are intolerant, ignorant and messed up. We as a society have to stand up and correct that – all of us, including and not limited to the person accused this time.

    Do we know his POV on Asia Bibi and other such instances? All of us who are normal condemned it, but did all of us condemn it in public? Everyone who didn’t tweet about it didn’t automatically become in favour of it.

    Lastly, how can we connect ‘if you were preaching tolerance and humanity’? Do we follow his sermons? Do we know what he’s been preaching for the last 17 years? No we don’t. And if we don’t then we are not entitled to make this call.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. We were wrong to murder people unjustly last time. And we will be wrong once more regardless of what the accused did to Asia Bibi’s or other such disaster. It’s a societal flaw that needs to be corrected and its responsibility is on everyone’s shoulders.

    We are messed up and we should learn tolerance from our scriptures (or Canada).Recommend

  • Muhammad Ziad

    Lol , I hope after reading the comments the author will sort her social alienated toxic alluded poisonous words which seem were written in hatred and envy rather than a social purpose. Recommend

  • Waqas

    So you are saying that if in past some wrong thins happens to minorities and politicians than same thing should happens to JJ. What rubbish, Ms Laila two wrongs does not make right.Recommend

  • Babbarsher Khan

    Wonderful, bravo!Recommend

  • Nazir Hussain

    Had you not been biased, had you not used your personal hatred, your words may have been different and so your views.Recommend

  • Proud to be a liberal

    Liberal fascist? Its such a stupid label. When has a Liberal fascist burned someone alive or killed people? The Mullah brigade regulalry exercises violence and want to force other people to do as they say – no liberal fascist has ever forced anyone to do anything. Liberals speak out against feudals, western governments, capitalists etc. anyone who uses force to impose their will on others especially using violence outside of a judicial process.Recommend

  • Waqas

    So you are saying that if in past some wrong thins
    happens to minorities and politicians than same thing should happens to
    JJ. What rubbish, Ms Laila two wrongs does not make rightRecommend

  • Gul Zaman Gorghast

    That is why you never hear Baby Bhutto talk about them.
    They are his grandfather’s legacy.
    Same goes for his pappy Zardari. Dutiful son in law of the

  • siesmann

    where is the forgiveness when it comes to minorities,and others accused under the most ridiculous law.Quran can not prescribe a selective fogiveness.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Other people are being burned alive for mistakes much minor.Recommend

  • siesmann

    No,they don’t.They want justice for all accused under an inhuman law.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Only that God is not selective in His forgiveness.And this law is not Allah’s,but mullah’s.Recommend

  • siesmann

    That is why this law is the law of jungle,and has no place in a civilized world.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Yes,it is personal attack-yours.Recommend

  • siesmann

    When have you heard somebody accused under the “holocaust law”, much less hanged .Recommend

  • Gul Bahadur Marri

    Jam Tamachi. The Jam was a Sindhi Prince. From a famous
    Sindh ruling family. Before the Talpurs. Before the British came.
    This is how Jam Tamachi would have dealt with this. It is known as Jam Tamachi Justice. It was meted out to anyone who cheated, lied, robbed,
    stole or did anything of this nature : Shave off the beard and mustache
    and head. Stripped. Paint the body black. Hang upside down by the heels
    in a public square or chowk. For one day. Then, whipped hard. After that
    made to recite the Kalmah 1000 times. Punishment complete.Recommend

  • Firoj Khan, Toronto

    Here the larger issue is Blashphemy Law of Pakistan and whether this Law conforms to the basic teaching of prophet and core Islamic principles! Blashphemy Law is man made law and used against poor,women and minorities to settle scores with them. Our Ulama comes from a culture where honor killing is a norm not an exception. Lot of the problem we know as emanating from Islam is actually cultural; and patriachal and misogynistic cultures project into our understanding of the Islam! Blame game is to be stopped and new generation of muslims specially women islamic scholar like Asma Barlas should take the lead in reinterpreting our religious texts! In regard to JJ, he is not a scholar but a layman learnt Islam on his own! These are half cooked scholar, they feed the Islamophobes by their simplistic, literalistic and unimaginative reading of the texts without understanding of the contexts of the revelations! For them Quran is a rule book, every solution is written in the Book! On the contrary Quran is a source of moral guidance- hidaya- applicable to all situations and time not a static book of laws and regulations1Recommend

  • DaddyJee

    Pointess, factless and baseless piece …..Recommend

  • siesmann

    Blasphemy law is a flawed lawRecommend

  • marik

    Is it a sin to lie in Islam? When I read comments like yours I feel it isn’t. Are ‘women as individual exactly equal to men’ in Islam? If this true then why are..
    1- Women given a lesser share in inheritance than men?
    2- Why is the testimony of a man considered equal to the testimony of two women?
    3- Why are only men allowed multiple spouses?
    4- Is there not a hadith saying there are more women in hell than men?
    Knowing this you still have the gall to say men are exactly equal to women in Islam?Recommend

  • siesmann

    why have such draconian law in the first place?Recommend

  • marik

    Sometimes I feel Liberals must really start behaving in a fascist way towards you religio-facists. Only then will you people be fixed.Recommend

  • siesmann

    How long will the example last with mullahs and their zombie crowds?.Yes,this law should be repealed.Recommend

  • marik

    So you choose to reject history and cling to blind faithRecommend

  • siesmann

    Condemnation is such a convenient word.What good it does to people murdered?And killing will go on unless this law is removed.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Is Allah a parochial God that tolerates justice for some,injustice for others.?Not only he,all Pakistanis should speak for other people accused under blasphemy law.If such atrocities are not brought out into open by media,how will people know about the irrationality of such an atrocious law.?Recommend

  • siesmann

    Shouldn’t society look at the cause of such wrongs.?Recommend

  • siesmann

    Poison is the biased society and its laws.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Your argument will hold if there were only two wrongs,but there are hundreds of such wrongs.Tolerance can’t be selective.Recommend

  • siesmann

    HAve you read Pakistani textbooks.?Recommend

  • ak

    Humanity trumps any religion in the world.Recommend

  • Fareed


    You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Do you bear a personal grudge against JJ?

    It was not Junaid’s obligation to raise his voice against Aasia’s treatment. As much as I condemn and feel sad about the Aasia episode, I see no link between what JJ is facing and raising his voice against the blasphemy incident for which he has to be personally held responsible.

    It is said in the Quran that Allah loves those who repent and do Tawba. What happened in Junaid’s earlier life is inconsequential as long as he has repented with a sincere heart and we should not be bringing it up again and again. After his transformation, what has he done so sinfully wrong that you guys are after his life?

    I admire, and respect Junaid for being who he is today. He has repented for what he said and apologized publicly and has helped hundreds (if not thousands) of young men and women to change their ways and become better Muslims.

    One query though: I heard that this video is over 2 years old, then why was it highlighted recently? This is more of a ‘maslak’ issue than anything else. Junaid is being used as a scapegoat to malign Tariq Jameel’s tableeghi mindset.

    May Allah protect him always. Ameen.

    Respect for Junaid.Recommend

  • Nazir Aslam

    You should have set this precedent starting with a person with lesser knowledge than JJ. I smell selective justice here because JJ is seemingly ‘RELIGIOUS”.Recommend

  • Fareed

    Ideally, all Muslims have a duty to preach the true word of God Almighty. We do not have to be Islamic scholars to spread the message of Allah. Whoever thinks I am wrong to suggest this, Islam has put a lot of emphasis on enjoining good and prohibiting evil (Amr Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Anil Munkar). If the Muslim ummah does not realize this, nobody else is going to do it on our behalf. I may not be a practicing Muslim myself, but it is difficult for me to challenge the ultimate truth.

    Selling expensive clothes for elites is not a sin. JJ will not be held accountable on the day of judgment for selling expensive clothes. It is a matter of personal choice what pricing point he sets for his brand. Market forces will drive him out if his business model is not competitive. Why even bring this into the discussion?Recommend

  • maryam

    i agree that we need to abolish this law altogether but that seems hardly possible. better still is to hang these mullahs as well so as to bring everyone under the same law and to give mullahs a taste of their own medicine.Recommend

  • Dr Q

    Mr icost or miss icost,forgiveness can t also be selective.It must also be given to all….But in this case blasphemy is a sin and a serious one and JJ being a so called preacher and religious scholar which he claims must not do such shameful act as he knows the religion .He left his singing his career,,,,,for this religion.So he must be punished more than common people.You are punishing a Christian lady who doesn t know Islam and you are leaving a preacher who knows Islam.What a discrimination.Recommend

  • Hameedullah

    “You are essentially saying that if people before him were slayed for the wrong reasons, JJ should meet with the same fate.”

    Where does she say that? The piece in its very essence is against blasphemy laws( how could you not get it?). The author even pays condolences for his situation. She is simply saying that she does not care because he is part of the very system that promotes religious bigotry and misogyny. A system that perpetuates fear and the blasphemy laws that it protects dearly. And this time he is its target.

    PS: The author is not presenting a ‘sinful’ image of his past. She is presenting his chauvinistic present.Recommend

  • Bilal

    A correction of facts: “Data provided by National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) shows a total of 633 Muslims, 494 Ahmedis, 187 Christians and 21 Hindus have been accused under various clauses of the blasphemy law since 1987.”

    This makes me think that most victims of blasphemy cases are not from minority groups. However, that does not take anything away from your argument in my opinion. It is still strong and hard-hitting.Recommend