Do human rights activists hate Imran Khan because he is not a leftist?

Published: November 26, 2014

Imran may not be your typical human rights activist, but he is one all right. One of the best. PHOTO: AFP

The young girl who works as domestic help for me said,

Baji, do you know why our men don’t want Imran Khan to come into power? It is because they are scared that women in the villages will gain strength if he becomes our prime minister. Already, he supports women standing up for their rights. The jalsas are a proof of this. But we will make sure he wins. We are by his side.”

This was the morning after Imran gave an inspiring and honest talk from his container as PTI celebrated “Justice for Women Day”. I had heard that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) would be celebrating this day a few weeks earlier from a friend who is active in PTI, and a close aid of Imran. I had asked her if the date, November 25th, had been chosen to coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

“Really? It’s the same day? I’m not sure. You know how PTI works. We do what feels right, for the rights of the downtrodden. Doesn’t matter if it’s a special day or not.”

My default setting had taken over, and I had asked her if they had invited any known human rights’ activists for the occasion. She smiled and said,

“They don’t like us very much you know.”

As a human rights activist and a journalist who reports passionately on human rights and has friends from the field, I also support PTI’s stances on most things, if not all, and look up to Imran as a real hope for Pakistan, as a sincere leader, a philanthropist and humanist. The two things seem like opposites, which is why for a while I procrastinated writing this blog because it would mean choosing sides. Only, the traction is interesting, because I am clearly on both sides.

As for Imran, I see him as a proponent of human rights. He may not be the stereotypical human rights activist of Pakistan, and may not fit the niche group. But he stands up for the underdog, always. And that is what human rights work essentially is – to stand up for the marginalised and vulnerable communities – women, children, minorities, people in conflict zones, people suffering from injustice, people who don’t have money to pay hospital bills and send their children to good schools. The man stands up for social equality. His humanitarian work is a reflection of his belief in equal rights for all.

What then is the problem? Why won’t the human rights activists accept him and his work? They love Shaukat Khanum Hospital and Namal College, but certain things he said and did seem to have ruffled just the right (or left) feathers.

Being the advocate of both the devil and the angel (and I do not know who is who in this case), there are certain things at play here. For starters, while people like Edhi and Chiipa, and organisations like Alamgir Welfare Trust and even Jamaat-e-Islami’s (JI) social welfare wing’s efforts are lauded, they are seen as ‘humanitarian’ efforts. Human rights and their advocacy are seen as a different animal in Pakistani society, and over its history of more than six decades, a certain niche group of people have started being associated with this in the country. They are, in fact, seen as the stake holders of human rights. And with the package come certain pre-requisites. You have to be leftist, or left-off-centre, or at least completely secular, and be someone who does not bring religion into any talk of human rights.

I recall at a recent moot about women-friendly legislation where I was a panellist, a suggestion was floated that following the example of Indonesia, local Imams and clergy members be sensitised to women’s rights, and this be made a part of primary education. At this point, a very known and respected human rights activist who has contributed much to the country stood up in rage,

“What has religion got to do with this? Why must we bring God into everything?”

As much as we tried to explain that this could be done for all religious sects and leaders of minority communities could also be brought on board to fight evils like domestic violence, her reaction remained angry, till the organisers promised that the idea would be dropped.

Imran, in comparison, is clearly centrist in his approach. He cites examples from the life of the second righteous Caliph, Hazrat Umar (RA) and is clear that his dream is that “Pakistan should be an Islamic welfare state with equal rights for all”. In October this year, he dared to question the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) regarding where their funding comes from. Imran’s take is that anyone and everyone should be open to being questioned. But the reaction, not surprisingly, was “how dare he”, given the truly amazing work that has come out of HRCP for the people of Pakistan. This came as a retort to the HRCP saying that Imran and his party’s sit-ins are distracting from more important human rights issues. Add to it the very open issues between the Imran Khan camp and the Asma Jahangir camp. There is a history here, which I wish to leave aside. But the fact remains that this situation has added yet another dimension to the polarisation in Pakistani society.

The human rights camp remains unforgiving of Imran’s earlier stances on many issues, for example his earlier take on certain women-friendly legislations, or his openness to the idea of talking with the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). His present softer stances are seemingly not enough for them to give him a chance and work hand in hand for a better future for Pakistanis.

This leaves people like me in a predicament, people who see sincerity on both sides; people who feel bridges should be built between both sides.

It is ironic that I am writing this a day after my paper published a report by human rights group Reprieve, stating that the CIA killed a whopping 221 people, including 103 children, in Pakistan in the hunt for just four men, and that 24 men were reported killed or targeted multiple times; missed strikes on these men killed 874 other people, and account for the 35% of all confirmed civilian casualties in Pakistani drone strikes. The humanist in me cannot write-off Imran as a humanitarian as well as a human rights activist, knowing that he took the strongest stance against “collateral damage” in drone attacks, which is a gross violation of human rights, and his work in the field of public health, education and his stand against injustice.

We live in times where things are neither simplistic nor black and white. If Pakistan has any hopes of uplifting the downtrodden in our society, the thing to do is to appreciate whatever good is being done by any one, whether from the left, the right or the centre. Imran has and is doing a lot of good for our people and stands up for their rights. He may not be your typical human rights activist, but he is one all right. One of the best.

Farahnaz Zahidi

Farahnaz Zahidi

Farahnaz is a writer and editor, and has worked as the Features Editor with The Express Tribune. Her focus is human-centric feature stories. She now writes as a freelancer, and works in the field of marketing and corporate communications. She loves literature and traveling. She tweets on @FarahnazZahidi. Her work can be seen at

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  • Muhammed Waqar Younis

    But the fact remains…will the soo called “VIP” culture remains or goes away with change?Recommend

  • HDI

    great article.. the media, so-called experts and people in general really over-do the criticism of PTI and over-focus on their negative points rather than appreciate their many many positive points; a lot of the faults of other parties are barely touched upon while zooming in PTI’sRecommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Of course everybody’s open to being questioned, except the military, and the clerics, and militarized clerics.

    Imagine Asma Jahangir questioning Shaukat Khanam’s source of funding, and accusing it of being a front for shadowy, anti-democratic forces associated with Imran “Oye Oye” Khan.

    But then again, Asma Jahangir isn’t the one leading the march of a million tin-foil hats.Recommend

  • Omair

    Very interesting article. I do sometimes feel that we give birth to a very big problem the moment we begin to take the identity of a Leftist, Rightist or Centrist to the extent that we don’t leave any room to rethink, relearn or even reconsider our choices made towards achieving a common goal.Recommend

  • Qasim

    Sorry but Imran has nothing to offer but empty rhetoric(Islamic or otherwise) . If he truly cares for Pakistan he should develop KPK and then on the basis of his performance contest the next elections. What he is trying to achieve with his dharnas? Does he still truly think that Nawaz will resign? How does he propose to make Pakistan a welfare state, by making him the PM and leaving everything to the Kuptaan?

    He is still acting as if in election mode. It is time for him to snap out of it and do something worthwhile instead of asking for impossible conditions from the top of metal boxes and making a mockery of the entire political system in the processRecommend

  • Syed Jawad Shah

    Thank You for writing an article representing the ideology of the silent majority who supports the man who is standing for the rights of everyone and that too is such a dirty system that one has got to love him for the service he is doing for us. We would have judged this man if thieves were not ruling us.. but there are people who think Human rights just mean that women take hold of the society, and terrorism is just the acts done by TTP, but fortunately they are less :)Recommend

  • Parvez

    A difficult topic handled with finesse….giving both sides due recognition. What I took from this was the distinction drawn between humanitarian work and the work of ‘ the human right crusaders ‘….and the shadow that religion throws on this.
    On Imran Khan I think you have it right.Recommend

  • Ajnabi Sheher

    Beautiful. Call of conscious. I salute you for writing so honestly and truly while risking your own stakesRecommend

  • MA

    IK should become a chief minister of KPK and build on to his human rights accomplishments. With Afghan war ending, there is a lot to do there for human rights, education, economic development, etc., and it can only be done by a chief minister of a stature of IK. Once he brings a change to KPK, I will vote for him for PM in three years.Recommend

  • TheAverageMoe

    This is so true, the reason why ‘human rights’ activist and Lefists in Pakistan, don’t like Imran Khan, is because he doesn’t subscribe to their ideology and they feel threatened -recently most Lefists have been trying to malign Imran Khan by calling him an “ISI agent”(It’s the leftists equivalent of a CIA/RAW/Mossad agent) and man of the ‘establishment'(apparently the ‘establishment’ is their favorite punching bag) or even worse a ‘Punjabi saazish'(Punjab is the scapegoat for all problems in Pakistan)

    I don’t really understand what these leftists have against Imran Khan, the only thing they didn’t agree with him on, was how to deal with the Taliban, but now that the army is fighting the Talibs, I don’t see why they should continue opposing him, when he is in fact one of the few honest statesmen that can lead this country.Recommend

  • TheAverageMoe

    Leftists in Pakistan will only support you and consider you a good person if you believe in all of their views about Pakistan and religion.

    So for Imran Khan to appeal to these leftist zealots, he must believe
    1.Pakistan shouldn’t have been created(Maudoodi believed that too) and that partition was a tragedy -the leftist dominated press loves writing about this every year around 14th of August.

    2.The Pak army is the root of all evil in this country or even the world(if they had their way), don’t you dare blame external forces otherwise you will be labelled a “mullah” or “Zaid Hamid fan”.

    3.If you support Pakistani nationalism, then you must be an ‘ISI’ agent(They’re like what the CIA is for right-wingers).

    4.Give up on national interests like securing the Durrand line from irridentist endeavors of our beloved neighbors to the west or speaking up for Kashmir at the UN(Don’t even think about doing anything for the cause).

    5.Punjab is the reason for all things wrong with this country; “Punjabis”*, are evil people conspiring against other ethnic groups(You don’t even have to be Punjabi to be labelled a “Punjabi”, any pro-Pakistan person is labelled one by default), and if you want to save your face among your people come election, just blame “Punjab”.


  • wb

    Imran Khan is the most dishonest leader Pakistan has seen in recent years.

    1) Imran Khan supports article 62,63. But if anyone asks questions about his own personal life, his past, he doesn’t like that. Article 62/63 work solely on the basis of a man’s character, which mainly includes a man’s personal life.

    2) Imran Khan has never come out in the open to condemn the killings and atrocities against Ahmadis. Yet, he says he wants a country for all.

    3) Imran Khan has never satisfactorily answered where he gets his money from, for his political activities, yet he has never lost an opportunity to condemn other political parties for corruption.

    4) Imran Khan has never ever mentioned clear cut policies about how he will bring inqilab and tabdeeli. Yet, he claims to change the country in 3 months, 6 months, 9 months. That’s like how children say, “I’m great. I can do anything.”

    5) Imran Khan has the control of KP. And it is for everyone to see that KP is the worst performing state of Pakistan. KP has gone from bad to worse since PTI rule. So, if he can’t control the smallest state in Pakistan, how will he run a country?

    This, coming from an Indian. I’m sure, Pakistanis can add more.

    I have said this many times and I’m saying this again.

    If Imran comes to power, mark my words, Pakistan will break up again. This is not a threat or a claim, this is a promise.Recommend

  • Xman

    “Young girl who works as domestic help for me?” or a child who should be actually at school? Also does she only see the women attending PTI dharnas, or how they are harassed by men? It’s not about “loving” or “hating” IK. It’s about getting out of the hero worship syndrome, and focusing on building and strengthening institutions, and the system. IK is not the only one who built hospitals and a college in Pakistan. But he is the only person who uses them to get political mileage, sort of ironic when he considers himself philanthropic.

  • ajay gupta

    You know what? the human rights activist (prob ASma Jehangir) was absolutely right. In this day and age there should be stringent laws against domestic violence, and towards gender equality. if mullahs are still not aware of women’s rights, it is their problem and the problem of the state which is yet to frame such laws. where does religion come in this? And yes, you cannot be a rightist and a humanist, sp in a country like pakistan which is so polarised in the name of religion, ironically in a country that is 97% muslim. Imran may have spent diwali with hindus, but where was his outright condemnation when recently the christian couple was burnt alive?Recommend

  • wsd

    Perhaps we do not deserve Imran!!!!!!. He is at the same time a Yahoodi agent, Taliban Khan, Fascist, dictator, play boy, a failed politician and now add to this list Ishtehari ( absconder).
    A mere look at Imran’s CV makes him heads and shoulders above ALL politicians form our recent history ( a legendary sports star, a philanthropist, Chancellor of renowned British university, author of several books).Recommend

  • abreez

    Some people in Pakistan are leading the life they cannot dare to lead
    anywhere else, therefore they want jungle law of their choice. I’m not sure ultimately who will control $3
    trillion trade, America or Afghan tribe but for some elements of Pakistan I see
    no future. If someone is giving the
    world 90% white gold how can he justify this act, because American legalize
    drug business in Colorado, Pakistan should ask its citizens to keep their
    savings in white gold. I witness some
    people are allergic from Qur’an, Islam and Allah because they have good traditions,
    like marrying girls with Qur’an, selling their girls, having countless sexual
    relations without any fear. Labeling any
    women ‘bad women’, and then fearless from 80 lashes because in Pakistan those
    who fund Mullah also fund Pakistani elite.
    The genius who created IS done the best job and now he created a virus
    that has no cure and after few years the dead body of ‘Muslim Umma’ will ask
    for burial and will find no relatives.Recommend

  • Saira

    Beautifully explained. Well done!Recommend

  • Rehan Ali

    The ideological divide has over the years has become greater and more practical. People on the right side of the political horizon has very little to add in the said field. The Islamists have taken a strong grip on humanitarian relief with FIF, Al-Khidmat etc. However, they turn a blind eye or more precisely are incapable of handling human rights issues, especially advocacy and legislation.
    The ideologically left leaning individuals posses a commanding grip on legislation, policy matters and advocacy which over the years has become their forte. Humanitarian relief because of the requisite manpower and effort remains out of bound for them.
    To build a bridge the concerned camps need to accept their respective incompetence and try to sync their expertise in order to create a synergy in their bit to make Pakistan better.
    Imran Khan was a promise of a better Pakistan before he Election 2013 but afterwards he has been nothing short of a puppet who dances to the tunes of Pakistani establishment which uses politicians as an escape goat so that public anger can be directed towards them and not towards the real cause.
    SKMCH is an excellent institution and everyone respects that however, it would be interesting to see if Imran Khan, a scion of the Pakistani elite, would be someone with humble backgrounds as Edhi, Siraj ul Haq etc who do not hit a chord or association with the English speaking O/A level educated Urban youth.
    Imran is high on glamour and low on content when it comes to humanitarian relief and human rights. He none the less is a human rights activist but he is not “one of the best” as stated by the author.Recommend

  • EpicFixer

    As per usual, the writer nails it. Very well written article.Recommend

  • Danyal Behlim

    I fully agree with the views of the writerRecommend

  • syed_so

    he condemned that act that very same day in his speech from the container..he also condemned it in his speech at the following jalsa…also senior members of the Pti also visited the family to give their supportRecommend

  • Imaad

    Good one.Recommend

  • knightridrr

    Or you could say that Asma Jahangir biased views don’t necessarily resonate with most of the Pakistanis. She would be incredibly stupid to question the source of Saukat Khanum’s funding without doing any proper research. Also isn’t it ironic that Chairperson of HRCP criticizes participation of women in IK’s sit-in?Recommend

  • Akmal

    @wb – you seem to have quite an argument built up from across the border, but it’s nothing more than another opinion. Especially your last point which takes a leap of faith, into believing that KP is the worst province in PK. Do you know anyone from KP? Bcs grass root change is usually only seen by people in the area before the whole region becomes aware of it. (He’s only been in-charge for Yr and a half)

    Just like Pakistanis feared Modi bcs of his association with Hindu groups and his tough stance on most issues. But the Indian public elected him on his track record. Similarly ppl in Pakistan see Imran’s track record not the boogeyman arguments put forward by far left groups and the corrupt politicians. He knows how to deliver, and he doesn’t sell out.

    He’s not a political genius or philosopher. But in this filthy business, he’s clean and honest. The young in PK with no political baggage or past associations look up to him and will bring him into power. He’s the break from the past and a transition into the future Pakistan.Recommend

  • Farahnaz Zahidi

    She is 27 years of age, in my opinion a young girl :)Recommend

  • Hasan

    He did condemn. Get your facts right!Recommend

  • Manesh Kumar

    Not because he is not leftist but because he is rightist!Recommend

  • Hasan

    That is exactly what I think IK should do and this is coming from a pti supporter.Recommend

  • Qasim

    The problem with IK is that he does not have a track record in governing unlike Modi. I may oppose to him being called “Taliban” Khan but he possesses no magic wand or solution for the country’s many ills. He is simply riding on the frustration of the youth as well as other populist and Islamic measures and to a lesser extent his past fame as a cricketer. All talk and no substance.Recommend

  • Ali

    1. The supreme court recently voiced their concern saying that 62 and 63 wordings are ambiguous and further defining legislation is needed. Furthermore, no one has presented viable proof to any court of law that claims IK is in violation of these articles. Once it is proven, the whole PTI will ask him to step down.

    2. Just saying something and actually presenting proof are two different items. You need to follow his Twitter account and every killing be it a Muslim or Non Muslim is condemned. If you do not follow his account then that really is just your problem.

    3. PTI has had 3 different audit firms, audit the financial accounts of the party and been given clean chits. Yes there are some improvements they have suggested for better tracking but the reports of these audits are available on the PTI website.

    4. Pick up any interview of IK where he gave the three month timeline, he specifically says that high level corruption can be controlled within 3 months. As far as tabdeeli is concerned if anyone is under the impression that it will happen in 5 years then they are highly mistaken. This is a long term agenda and eventually we will get there. Everyone knows there is a problem with education but what are the real problems is a completely different point.

    5. If people are still asking questions about KPK performance, then just asking questions will not help. You have to look for answers yourself. There is a ton of change that the party has brought and wide scale financial corruption has been completely weeded out.

    You can either wait for Tabdeeli or be a part of it. Otherwise please step aside and let the ones doing something, do their job.Recommend

  • Ali

    Lets say he does perform amazingly in 5 years and brings about drastic change, how will he be able to compete in an electoral process that is infested with riggers. Until we have a clean electoral system, how can you guarantee that their good performance in KPK will be rewarded by people through their vote, if their vote is continuously stolen?Recommend

  • Khurram

    thanks for this great and meticulous writing approachRecommend

  • Ali

    VIP culture on tax payers money as opposed to VIP culture on one’s own expense? which one are you referring to?Recommend

  • wb

    Are you suggesting that KP is performing well?

    And what proven track record does Imran has? Winning world cup?Recommend

  • Ali

    Since the Indian is against Imran, you know he must be doing something right :)

    Also, KP is not the worst province in Pakistan Balochistan is. In terms of real reforms, please read this KP development report before you start making accusations.

    Imran Khan fight have many flaws, but just look at the alternatives, i’d rather have this guy as PM then Mr. 10% or Mr Suger MillsRecommend

  • Zarak

    Punjab is not merely the scapegoat, it and its establishment is the main problem of the region. Punjab is the fundamental reason for the lack of democracy and a history of military dictatorships in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Zarak

    There are good tangible reasons for blaming Punjab. Punjabi feudal elite and masses were the main tool in the hands of the British Raj to consolidate British colonialism in the un-partitioned India. The role of Punjab in helping the British to suppress the 1857 rebellion of Hindustan is well-recorded in history. In WWI, Punjabis formed an important component of the British Raj army to help British defend its imperial world order against other competitors and in the process worked against Ottomen Empire which was a Muslim empire representing the unity of Muslim people. There is almost no history of freedom struggle by the Punjab against the British Raj. In 1947, the pre-dominantly Punjabi Army of Pakistan which was an instrument of British colonialism on Aug 13, 1947 became the defender of the so-called ideological and geographical frontiers of Pakistan overnight and started imposing Punjab centered agenda on the rest of the country. It became a tool in the hands of of the West during the Cold War and did its dirty laundry in the region. In 1971, it committed the genocide of Bengali people. It is currently devouring the resources and consequently Punjab is getting richer day by day while the rest of the provinces are getting poorer.Recommend

  • Scholarships

    I am agree with you thanks to share it

  • TheAverageMoe

    That’s a very objective and unracist comment……wowRecommend

  • TheAverageMoe

    The federal government will never let PTI succeed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa -the provincial government can only do so much.Recommend

  • koshur_batta

    Three points to dispute your theories and Imran Khan’s Munafaqt:

    If he’s a real beacon of hope why doesn’t he talk about:

    1) Constant killings of Shia’s, hindu’s and minorities.
    2) He himself said Ahmedia’s are non-muslims, that law will not be repealed.
    3) He said he will bring in the change and then lets JI change the curriculum.

    Please grow up and stop looking at people like they are the next saviour. Imran Khan is as big an opportunist as Nawaz or Zardari.Recommend

  • Muhammed Waqar Younis


  • ht

    What a joke. I find it disgusting how children follow the piper when he is playing is his tune; in case the dhandli dhandli dhandli, dharna dharna dharna, broken radio has caused you some confusion, let me remind you he demands for a woman to bring 4 male witnesses to prove rape – If you are in this position, what will you do ?Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    HRCP did *not* criticize participation of women. Let’s not distort facts.

    Fazl-ul-Rehman did that, and Imran Khan railed against Asma Jahangir for guilt by association (even though there is no alliance between JUI-F and HRCP; just accidental agreement on things).Recommend

  • Ali

    You should check your facts. The funding of Shaukat Khanam WAS in fact questioned, and IK responded with multiple press conferences presenting evidence to the media as well as the general public on how those allegations were false. Al the funding records of SKMH are also on its website; it just takes a mere 2 minute research to realize how transparent that organization is.Recommend

  • LOL

    Hello Indian. Why don’t you take a flight to Peshawar and ask the people there if the PTI govt has been exponentially better than the previous govts there? In case you don’t have the money to buy yourself a flight, I’ll tell you what will happen. Everybody will respond to that question with a concrete “Yes!”. Again, you don’t have to take my word for it, go to Peshawar and see for yourself. Everything from Law and Order, health , education and security has improved dramatically in the region. It only takes about 3 minutes of research and half a dozen brain cells to realize this.Recommend

  • IKZindabad

    100% agree with the author. People like Asma Jahangir are who I like to call “pseudo-activists.” All they do is shout, cry, and whine. What have they ever practically done for the empowerment of women? Have their efforts to empower women been even as remotely successful as IK’s efforts have been? Just to give you an example, IK manage to pull in women in a conservative place like MIANWHALI; he managed to bring them out and made them raise their fists in the air in defiance of the oppression taking place around them. When has that ever happened before? When have women ever been so passionately defiant against the oppressors before this movement? All these pseudo-activists are just scared that once IK comes to power, all their financial frauds will be exposed.Recommend

  • wb

    “Since the Indian is against Imran, you know he must be doing something right :)”

    Wonderful! This mindset has taken you to the pinnacle of success in every single field in the last 67 years.

    “KP is not the worst province in Pakistan Balochistan is.”

    Nice. So that absolves Imran Khan, right? After all he can be forgiven for the SECOND worse performance that too in the smallest state in Pakistan, while Balochistan should be held accountable for not performing in the largest, most peaceful and most state-sonsored-violent free state in the country.Recommend

  • wb

    “The supreme court recently voiced their concern saying that 62 and 63 wordings are ambiguous and further defining legislation is needed. Furthermore, no one has presented viable proof to any court of law that claims IK is in violation of these articles.”

    So, two self contradictory statements, disproves the facts I said?

    “You need to follow his Twitter account and every killing be it a Muslim or Non Muslim is condemned.”

    Wonderful! Isn’t twitter the most honest and effective way to make strong social statements? After all, 180 million Pakistanis young or old use internet 24 hours day. 180 million have twitter accounts.

    “PTI has had 3 different audit firms, audit the financial accounts of the party and been given clean chits.”

    True. Internal auditing is always the most trustworthy and honorable evidence for honesty.

    “Pick up any interview of IK where he gave the three month timeline, he specifically says that high level corruption can be controlled within 3 months. ”

    True. He only says 90 days. And KP will be corrupt free within 90 days of his rule. Now it has only been 3 days.

    “If people are still asking questions about KPK performance, then just asking questions will not help. You have to look for answers yourself. ”

    Wonderful! Then people will also vote for someone else who gives answers. When asking questions about KPKs worst performance ever will only get rhetoric in return, you’re right, people must stop asking questions and quietly vote for someone else.Recommend

  • Ch. Allah Daad

    You should be ashamed of yourself on exploiting and keeping a poor young girl as a servant and have courage to lecture us.Recommend

  • wb

    I will give you the benefit of doubt.

    Could you please provide a reliable, neutral report on the improvement of law and order, health, education?

    You’re right, I’m only basing my assessment of KP on the basis of the news that come out of KPK.

    So, go ahead, prove me wrong.Recommend

  • gorrime

    jo taliban kar yaar hai woh gaddar hai please do count in it the religious parties, some politicians, establishment and some generals….imran khan is on top of the lists…hate him for dividing the consesnses against the menace of terrorism.

    ET please post my comments…Recommend

  • LOL

    I don’t have enough free time on my hands to do your research for you. If you show up often on Tribune (which for some reason Indians do, mostly to troll) and visit the “KP/FATA section”, you’d know about the dramatic improvements taking place there. Recommend

  • Akmal

    That’s exactly what I’m suggesting, changes in KP have been made to the system, which are more fundamental in nature. And before you ask, yes being a Pakistani I do know ppl from KP to have some insight.

    As for the track record, the ppl of PK have trusted him with their money and he’s used this to serve the country. All his philanthropy started even before he started PTI or won the WC.Recommend

  • wb

    You don’t have enough time to post a link? Or you don’t have enough links to post?

    The fact is KPK is the worst performing state and you have nothing to show.Recommend

  • wb

    Nothing concrete, just words.

    Philanthropy is good. But that doesn’t make one a good leader.

    Imran Khan has failed in KPK despite your claims.Recommend

  • juni

    Greetings wb
    its glad to see that you are such well informed on pakistani politics (for an indian), and a rationally thinking person (from your critique to Ali’s reply).
    But your argument, although i somewhat agree with the 2nd point, has several sweeping statements, such as “the most dishonest leader”, “KP is the worst performing state” and “Pakistan will break up again”.
    Your first point is a weak attempt at interpreting law. for your forth point please visit’s tab policies, and your fifth point is, according to me atleast, completely invalid as you have just made a statement without backing it up, and i think it’ll be difficult to find facts to back it up.

  • Volas32 .

    I don’t see Ms. Jhangeer voicing concerns over the killing of women in the model town tragedy. Isn’t that hypocrisy? Ms. Jhangeer is pissed because IK didn’t let her become the interim PM.Recommend

  • AMI

    U appear to be a Nawaz Sharif family member.Only they can ve such a weird hatred for Imran Khan.Recommend

  • AMI

    Thumbs up Ali. wb seems to be a family member of Nawaz Sharif.The pointless objections he has for PTI looks like his opposition just for the sake of it.I think the nation is very sensible now but the patwaris are definitely incapable to embrace awareness and public empowerment.Recommend

  • AMI

    We dont know exactly, wb s even an Indian or a Nawaz Sharif family member.If he s an Indian, his strong opposition for IK is very strange.An Indian taking keen interest in supporting Nawaz Sharif and maligning Imran Khan is suspicious.Or it could be some so-called HR activist who is Asma Jehangir supporter, showing vendetta in the context of above article.Why wud an Indian be so bothered about KPK s governance and IK s personality.No point.Definitely one of the above two.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Shaukat Khanam was questioned by HRCP? Really?

    And have you visited HRCP’s website. The identities of its sponsors are clear as day, regardless of what professional conspiracy theorists would have you believe.Recommend

  • wb

    I said nothing in support of Nawaz Sharif. But no matter how corrupt Nawaz Sharif is, he is definitely a mature person with a mature approach. Imran is completely immature.Recommend

  • Ali

    I did post a link. ET censored it for some reason
    Here it is again
    I wrote in my previous comment “…But just to give you a mere glimpse of how KP is succeeding compared to the other three provinces, read this.

    (If ET censors the link again because it’s from dawn, Look up ”
    3 provinces fail to achieve the NFC target”)Recommend

  • Andeel Ali

    @FarahnazZahidi Please avoid blatant misconceptions! Please!
    Being a Leftist, Centrist or Rightist is a different thing!
    Being a Human Rights Activist, Humanitarian and a Philanthropist is a different thing!

    IK is a Billionaire, Play Boy(Former), Philanthropist! & a Politician (Almost equivalent to Tony Stark!)

    Your notion that, “HR Activists Hate IK because he isn’t a leftist” could actually foster violence against both leftists and HR Activists! You gave IK Fans and PTI Followers a new target!

    Also your notion assures that IK is Bourgeoisie and Proletariat always carry resentments against them (That’s a historical fact)!

    Now coming back to the HR part! Human Rights are pretty secular in nature, mostly because of the UDHR Drafted by the UN! OIC did have reservations over it and they did drafted their own version of Islamic HRs. The difference mainly lied on the HRs related to Religion.

    Historically speaking, Left represents the poor, the working class and the right represents the clergy, monarch and the feudal. Centrists, they lean towards what sells! This is why half of his demands are from the left, half are rightist. That’s what makes him a Centrist a Populist! And is this the real reason why the people on the left have issues with him!

    But they don’t hate him! Hate is a very powerful word! Please don’t use such abusive language against someone you don’t agree with.Recommend

  • dd

    right and human rights cant be on the same boat periodRecommend

  • siesmann

    so equal rights for women means that they will take over the society?And no ,terrorism is also being done by ISIS , Boko Haram and Al-qaeda.TTP certainly is not the only one killing Muslims.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Talk of distorting history to fit one’s whims and hatreds!!!Recommend

  • siesmann

    The last time we heard is that Pakistani people chose MLN and Nawaz Shareef with a fairly good margin.Recommend