Our honour was saved

Published: November 30, 2014

I am the letter tucked away in brackets, reported often in the news. PHOTO: FILE

I am a woman,

But you could give me any name.


I am Bhavna;

They named me desire.

How ironic!

Small desires I had,

Sipping some wine and

Seeing a beach.

My love became my bane

My rebellion, my curse.

I challenged their honour

So, something had to be done.

They strangled my wishes

And cremated my dreams.


I am Farzana;

I carved a life

And fought for it.

They pelted my choice,

They battered my soul,

Their honour survived

But my baby died.


I am the letter peeping through brackets;

Reported often in the news,

Shrouded in sheenmeemkaaf,

My story ensues.


I am the nanhi kali violated;

They talk about in the news,

My name is hushed,

My identity draped,

But we must thank our lucky stars,

Our honour is saved.

Fatima Majeed

Fatima Majeed

An avid reader, freelance writer and home-maker.

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