Pakistan and India do not need another war

Published: December 1, 2014

In the midst of falling markets and rising inflation, the people of India chose Modi as an alternative as he restored hope. PHOTO: FILE

We are in the midst of turmoil with tensions across the Line of Control (LoC); every passing day, there is news reported on both sides of the border, blaming the other side of a breach and cross-border fire at the LoC, thereby resulting in the death of soldiers and the displacement of our citizens from bordering areas.

While Pakistan has a long history of army dictators taking control of the government and establishing their command, India, in comparison, has progressed towards evolving itself into a successful and robust democracy, with its own limitations on certain fronts.

After the recent triumph of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), under the ambitious leadership of Narendra Modi, the equations of democracy within India have changed and perhaps, in the coming future, we will see the newly formed government somersault against the policies of their predecessors.

A BJP government in India is perhaps being perceived as a Hindu government and a potential threat to the Muslim Pakistan. The citizenry in Pakistan must not neglect the fact that, immediately after receiving a clear mandate from the citizens of India, Prime Minister Modi invited the heads of all of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) nations for his swearing in oath ceremony. The only intention was to assert his commitment towards regional stability, and political and economic cooperation, and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was gracious enough to attend the occasion and shake hands with the newly elected robust democrat.

In the midst of falling markets and rising inflation, the people of India chose Modi as an alternative because he restored hope, despite fears of Hindu-Muslim riots and suppression of minorities garnered by many sections of the society. Similar would be the situation in the Pakistani intelligence agencies as the new government has made a public display of its nationalism – in terms of dealing with Kashmir. Furthermore, we shouldn’t forget that the two brothers in the subcontinent went to war the last time BJP was in power.

Since Modi has become prime minister, there is hope in the people; whether Modi’s government fulfils that hope or not is something only time will tell, but the very fact that hope is restored is a great aspect of Modi’s election, as nations are harboured for future growth on the virtue of hope and faith in their leaders. India hasn’t seen such a leader in decades. It is emotionally and psychologically prepared for growth, and so far, Modi’s advent in the centre has proved to be a good gesture for Indian markets.

Today, Pakistan stands at a juxtaposition between its recent recovery from the dictatorial regime of General Pervez Musharraf and its on-going democratic success; democracy is still volatile and the rising threat of militancy and everyday road shows by certain politicians in Pakistan, though within their democratic rights, are definitely a cause of concern for the state of Pakistan.

Today, the utmost priority for Pakistan should be peace, along with economic development and modern education for all sections of society. But for political gains, a fear-psychology game is being played by a few warmongers to gain momentum for the war, to which if the Pakistani citizens fall, it is nobody but the citizens’ loss. It is indeed a position of turmoil and any warlike situation may again result in a fall of democracy and the rise of non-democratic forces.

Different centres of power, shared between the army, the ISI and democrats, have been the biggest threat to the Pakistani establishment till date. What Pakistan needs is a single centre of power with a distribution of responsibilities amongst the executive, legislature and judiciary, which shall command the loyalty of the army and its generals.

Every cross border firing is taken as a potential seed which may convert into war. War is certainly the most celebrated phenomenon in the folk tales of the subcontinent, but perhaps the common man doesn’t understand the seriousness of war on their, otherwise peaceful, lives. And war against an enemy by birth is a sentiment good enough to galvanise and woo the voters.

Let Pakistan’s citizenry not be fooled by any warmonger organisations to nurture the hatred against India and generate any kind of momentum. Because war is fought at the cost of the common man’s appetite and the soldier’s blood, only to reward the politicians and add chapters of glory to their names in the history of our nations.

India and Pakistan are both self-sufficient in warfare. Both nations are armed with nuclear power. If the two nations ever start a war, the fight will be tough enough to break backbones of both and it will give an advantage and entertainment to other powers.

A Pakistani leader recently promised to take Kashmir from India. Before believing this, Pakistani citizens must ask themselves some basic questions: can Pakistan take Kashmir from India without war?

Can Pakistan afford to undertake any serious war with India? How will it affect Pakistan monetarily and how will it benefit the Pakistani citizenry? If the same cost is utilised for the fruitful purposes of development, would that not be more beneficial? And most importantly, at this stage, what will Pakistan gain even if it succeeds in conquering the Kashmir valley from India?

If Pakistan and India start a war, it will turn nuclear and that will be the end of the subcontinent. Modi was not elected in India for advocating hatred towards Pakistan, but in the hopes of good governance and development. Industries and stock markets already anticipate great things under his leadership. And, in this regard, the people of Pakistan should also follow suit; they should choose their leaders, not in the hopes of defeating India, but to resurrect Pakistan to its greatest glory in terms of social empowerment and economic growth.

Modi must be taken as a symbol of economic opportunity available to Pakistan. Pakistan needs to understand that India remains committed to the democratic stability in Pakistan because no Indian citizen or statesman would ever want nuclear Pakistan to fall in the hands of any miscreants or warmongers, because it is in the interest of India to have a stable and civil government in its neighbour and estranged brother.

India has advanced itself from caste and religion based politics to competence based leadership and, because of this, the performance will slowly improve. Pakistan, too, can advance towards a stable democracy with a civilian government for whom war is the last option. Pakistan must focus more on economic development.

If India and Pakistan go to war, then this may be compared to the third battle of Panipat, fought between Marathas and Nadir Shah, where both parties lost their power and gave entry to a third, foreign party that ruled the subcontinent for 200 years.

We, as citizens of the subcontinent, need to give war a serious thought and bid these warmongering leaders a permanent goodbye.

Vedchetan Patil

Vedchetan Patil

A practising Advocate of Bombay High Court, who is keenly interested in bringing a steady social change in the society- based upon the ideas he believes in. He is also the Founder President of Hamlet to Globe. He tweets @vedchetan (

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  • Prashant

    “What Pakistan needs is a single centre of power with a distribution of responsibilities amongst the executive, legislature and judiciary, which shall command the loyalty of the army and its generals.”

    Let the Pakistanis decide for themselves how they want to govern themselves, we should have an issue with a dictatorship or a democracy across the border as long as Pakistan is not a bother for us.

    “And most importantly, at this stage, what will Pakistan gain even if it succeeds in conquering the Kashmir valley from India?”

    It does not matter for Pakistanis, Kashmir is muslim majority and so is Pakistan and hence they both need to unite, that is the simple logic whether they accept it or not.Recommend

  • L.

    “Pakistan and India do not need another war”- Captain Obvious.Recommend

  • Vedchetan

    Nobody is infringing the rights of Pakistanis to decide for themselves. It is indeed as a friendly neighbour, duty of India to help Pak citizenry in whichever manner it can, As long as india is not infringing on their rights and helping Pak to stabilise and fight against the Terrorists I don’t think there should be any problem.. Being a Muslim majority State has no logic for integration of Kashmir with Pak. There are many Muslim Majority States in world, you can’t go on annexing them with Pak.

    “And most importantly, at this stage, what will Pakistan gain even if it succeeds in conquering the Kashmir valley from India?” this statement precedes with “Can Pakistan afford to undertake any serious war with India? How will it affect Pakistan monetarily and how will it benefit the Pakistani citizenry? If the same cost is utilised for the fruitful purposes of development, would that not be more beneficial? ” So please read it.
    It focuses on utilisation of resources in best possible manner to develop the state and benefit the citizenry, especially when you have limited resources.Recommend

  • Rahul

    India has never wanted war with Pakistan. All 4 wars we fought were initiated by the Pakistani army. This is not what is taught in Pakistani text books and to their future military leaders. A concocted fictional version is taught in Pakistan where the wars are given a religious overtone. This is well documented in many studies and speeches given by eminent Pakistanis and Pakistan experts living in the west available on the internet and on Youtube. Apart from this, a myth is created where muslims of Pakistan are a martial race and urdu a martial language which can easily defeat the cowardly Indians. That is why the lessons of history are never learnt and the same type of military adventurism is repeated with every new generation of military leaders in Pakistan. Border incidents seem to escalate in direct proportion to the deteriorating internal political situation in Pakistan, something that should make us think. I don’t expect my comment to be published because I regard ET to be part of the same propaganda machine that takes its orders from GHQ!Recommend

  • Tv Gupta

    Just to satisfy their ego a few individuals who are at the helm are creating hurdles for the progress of a young nation with great resources of men and material. Even after crossing 60 years of age these individuals are far from wisdom and maturity. Meanness can be excusable at personal greed but not at the cost of nations future. Why can’t they allow democratic government to function and take decisions of national interest. Big money is the culprit. All Democratic governments are corrupt. Corruption is global phenomenon, for that matter, army everywhere is corrupt but still democracy is best for a nation. It should be allowed to function. Pak army should break the ice and the nation should flourish as other disciplined nations.


  • Fighter Man

    Pakistan is definitely not in need of war but India definitely want War not only against Pakistan but all of its neighbor countries.Recommend

  • {PK} Uzair

    Man Look we are not an independent nation as long as kashmir is occupied,and i agree with your 1st statement.but the fact is we will not let our brothers fall into indian hand’s.Just imagine the torture they have been subjected to. Kashmir is the rightful part of Pakistan and we will go to war to save our brothers.I have been there ._. Trust me its ugly UN Group .-. is the only i went in and out.You do not how bad it is there.There were these brave people the so called rebels and they showed so much kindness.Kashmir an area where if you support the cricket team of Pakistan you get tortured or worst killed an area where they Attack elder’s and children and to top that they don’t even tell there country about what they do.
    Once three children were killed by indian (Queer) Army and the Pakistani and all western news papers read “3 Kashmir’s killed” and the indian read 3 terrorists killed.
    Kashmir is our no.1 Priority trust me this nation is not afraid of any damn country give the people a gun train them they are prepared to fight.The enthusiasm the Jazba the courage that this nation has is unchallenged Pakistan’s way superior in education and talented as well.

    Pakistan is stable at the moment the terrorists are being killed “Zarb-e-azb” and the mere fact is no Kashmir no PakistanRecommend

  • Limpkisar

    Yes, Hindu nationalist party,BJP, is the one that deteriorated regional peace that was established during congress rule. BJP hawks have even called to nuke Pakistan, how you forget that? Yes our politician said that we will get Kashmir back but what your politicians are saying, have you any idea of that? BJP is full of RSS and Shive Sina mindset and Pakistan can’t think about even a good will gesture from India. BJP has been aggressive and violent towards Pakistan. On the other hand, Pakistan has been soft towards India but Indian politicians cook up stories and blame Pakistan for infiltration. Whereas India is actively, using insurgents in Baluchistan and Afghanistan to destabilize Pakistan internally. Its the real truth dear, don’t try to convince us, we know quite well about BJP and Shive sina.Recommend

  • Sohail-bin-Qasim

    Author is seem to be quite optimistic and simply ignored the factual based understanding, by saying “Let Pakistan’s citizenry not be fooled by any warmonger organizations to nurture the hatred against India”. There are no warmongering organizations to spread the hatred in fact it is the PM Modi itself, who clearly stated that he will talk with bullets and not on tables. Such provoking statements are helpful in uniting all the army, the ISI and democrats. We are strong enough to answer Moditva ambitions!Recommend

  • Zainab Khan

    “A successful and robust democracy” How India is such a democracy? When India has been very habitual in suppressing the minorities and separatist movements; we have seen it in the era of Indira Gandhi killing of Sikhs and even when the Modi was the CM of Gujrat. On the same page, Tamil, Kashmiris and Christians are living in the worst conditions.Recommend

  • PrasadDeccani

    “we should have an issue”

    Probably, you wanted to write “we should NOT have an issue”Recommend

  • Nelson A.

    So what must the business-backed PMs do? Still plug hard for economic ties, but make the executive leap to broader course correction and resumption of full spectrum composite dialogue, including Kashmir. Before that can realistically be uninterruptible, PM Modi has to moderate some of his colleagues’ hawkish talk.Recommend

  • Anaya Shahid

    Not surprising this piece by Patil presents Pakistan’s story as poor and India being the living happily ever after! Most of the arguments are just baseless, how is it possible that India has advanced from caste and religion? When every day we hear news that women are getting raped, Vaishya’s farmers are committing suicides because they are not allowed to do anything else, Sikhs are suppressed, Shudras are not allowed to preach the Hindu religion and people are getting recruited in ISIS the terrorist organizations. According to a recent report by the Telegraph UK on 26th Nov, India poverty levels are higher than Pakistan. Soldiers are committing suicides because their homes are shelter less and there is no food, Indian Navy is committing suicide along with warships. All these reports are wrong if this piece is right!Recommend

  • ab1990

    If there is another mumbai style attack I dont see any reason why indian govt should keep quiet this time. The next time I want indian govt to use nukes.
    I dont care whether we live or die. Every human being on earth has to die today or tomorrow. Better die fighting than suffering terrorist attacks every year.Recommend

  • Jor El

    “If India and Pakistan go to war, then this may be compared to the third
    battle of Panipat, fought between Marathas and Nadir Shah …”
    Buddy, the 3rd battle of Panipat was fought between the marathas n ahmed shah abdali, not nadir shah …Recommend

  • Human Being

    Hypcoracy is very clear from this article. Putting all on Pakistan and giving a clean chit to India can onl be done by its own countrymen other wise the reality is bit diferent.
    1) Is India allowed to occupy Kashmir forcefully with out people’s conscent? No, but still india did that just liek israel is deteriorating human rights in palestine. If any country speaks against it then the same stance*India and Israel) showed up full of hate against that country.
    2) There is no example available where India ever considered Pakistan its friend or atleast do not blame each and every incident on ISI or Pakistan. On the other hand in 2010 Pakistan declared India”The most favourite nation”. That was a huge milestone to bring peace but what India did after that!!! They tore apart Pak Iran gas pipeline and closed trade route of wahga. So here again what india is doing to bring peace rather then spreading hate thorugh media.
    3) China started its own project of ”String of pearls” which includes Pakistan as its main member due to gawader port but India showed strong concerns about it in international media and tried to declare Paksitan alone in internation community.
    There are many more facts that i can write down but eager to see atleast 1 single positive response from India about peace and harmony.Recommend

  • Asad Malik

    It’s always easier to tell the other side to change. Have you listened to the vitriolic statements issues by your so called progressive leadership? How come these incursions were less common before the rise of your Hindu nationalism party?Recommend

  • Gul Zaman Gorgosht

    Let’s see,..this is the same vermilion Lord who equated dead Muslims
    to dead puppies? That he will ‘ teach Pakistan a lesson’ That hindustan
    will show China ‘some muscle’ Same Orange Lord, beloved of Vishnu,
    whose thugs are instigating hate and riots? The latest victim being Aligargh
    Muslim university. Where Hindutva Hooligans wanted to celebrate the birthday
    of Pratap. The vicious Hindutva Mobs are out in force. patrolimg the streets.
    spreading fear, and new invented forms of hatred for the minorities. No minority
    is safe in India. Nothing but a big sham about secularism. Hindustan, now is for
    is for hindus only.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Only thing that came to mind was….India and Pakistan need another war, like they need a hole in the head.Recommend

  • Alann

    I believe, looking at recent events (and the events for past many years, rather decades) that the only way India and Pakistan both can develop their economies and their HDIs and other graphs, are by complete isolation from each other. Let there be no trade, no fights on the LoC, not even a random mention of the “enemy” country by any politician in the media ever. Few such years of complete isolation will allow the countries to focus on their own selves and whats good in their own interests without worrying about how it can make ripples or waves in the neighbour country.
    Sooner or later, either both countries are going to be economically much better than what they are today, or maybe either one of those will go bankrupt and self-destruct in its bid to be “equal” to the other. Till will tell..and I really feel this would be the best approach to take.Recommend

  • Critical

    Nice article but in my village there is a saying

    “You can wake a sleeping person but not someone who is pretending to be asleep”

    There are few Pakistanis who believe that the Modi govt is a sign of the rise of radical Hindu power..The radicalism which would India into the next Germany.. Before elections,I read a pakistani’s comment in Al Jazeera saying that Pakistan should open borders for Indian muslims if Modi comes to power…

    Also,Modi,even if he were as bad as Pakistanis fear him,would still not be foolish enough to go on a war with Pakistan

    Nuclear Weapons has no advantage among two nuclear armed countries because both countries know they are committing suicide if they launch them…

    Also India is too big a country to be budged out of Kashmir…So,Pakistan should understand that there is no way they can retrieve Kashmir and go around with their lives…

    Maybe with more trade,India and Pakistan might become like England and France…Recommend

  • Anoop

    Pakistanis need to put themselves in India’s shoes. As they have pointed out India has other problems it needs to deal with. Being a status quo, India can afford to pause its relationship with Pakistan. Can Pakistan do the same?

    Isn’t every single major issue in Pakistan directly or indirectly related to India?

    Take Radicalism: Weren’t Radicalism allowed on a massive scale to fight India? How will Pakistan roll this back, if it didn’t close its outstanding issues with India? Its ludicrous to expect a status quo power to bow to the demands of a revisionist state.

    India needs to high GDP growth, lower inflation, better governance, better laws. Pakistan is simply not a priority.

    Pakistanis keep saying India cannot grow till there is peace, which is of course a lie, since India is peaceful and has been growing rapidly for the past 2 decades, in spite of Kargil war, 2003 Parliamentary attacks, Mumbai attacks, etc.Recommend

  • Pacifica

    Umm… The Third Battle of Panipat was fought between the Marathas and Ahmad Shah Abdali, the Afghan king, in 1761. Nadir Shah was the Persian king who invaded earlier, in 1738.Recommend

  • Anjaan Aadmi

    No one wants war … but wars happen none the less … !! … there will always be revisionist powers challenging status quo, leading to wars … !! … however wars come with a price tag, which eventually dictate change in thinking and behavior … !!Recommend

  • Suneet

    No, we do not need a war.
    If Pakistan messes with India again, Indians need to just stand up near the Indo-Pak border, With 1.2 billion people doing this in unison, Pakistan will be drowned.
    No, we really do not need a war.Recommend

  • Riya

    And, contrarily, they need each other — at peace with each other if not in friendship.Recommend

  • salman

    Wow love ur blog ……

  • Moenjo Daro

    Not all Pakistanis think that way and most are indifferent, but yes according to the agreement of partition all the Muslim majority lands would go to Pakistan and geographical contiguity + cultural compatibility was also a criteria -all the rivers of Kashmir flow into Pakistan and the culture is more similar to that of Northern and Western Pakistan as well as the Kashmiri diaspora of Punjab.Recommend

  • Sane

    Those who need to know the mindset of Indian PM Modi, may click to below link. There could be no peace till Modi or alike remain among powerful in India.

  • Sane
  • IHB

    It looks lyk im reading article in an indian newspaper boasting greater modi and greater india and at the same time pak at the center of all problems in south asia….shame on express tribune for publishing such a crap article…Recommend

  • siesmann

    Doesn’t make sense.What would India gain by it?India will go to war only if it was warred against.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Why is Pakistani mind stuck on the word “Hindu”.India still remains a democratic and secular country.And that is Its strength,and will remain so.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    eh, what? Oh you’re from India……explains things…Recommend

  • Sane

    It could be democratic and was a secular country. But at least no more secular now. Better call Hindu Republic of India.Recommend

  • Sane

    Thanks. Just attended a history class.Recommend

  • shafiq

    No to war…… War ultimately demands a negotiated settlement,, so why war , if you have to resort to negotiating table at the end of the day.Recommend

  • Sane

    Hawks shall become crows with caw caw soon.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Make sure this is tried during the winter months because in summer the South West Monsoons kick in and it could blow back in your face……:-)Recommend

  • Prashant


  • Prashant

    You could not have described the mindset of an average Pakistani better than this.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “There are many Muslim Majority States in world, you can’t go on annexing them with Pak.”

    I am not justifying that, I am just saying these are facts.

    “It is indeed as a friendly neighbour,….”

    Our history tells us that we are not friends and the evidence is overwhelming. Telling the Pakistanis what kind of leadership they should choose is insulting the Pakistani electorate.

    “”Can Pakistan afford to undertake any serious war with India?”

    They do not need to as they have nuclear weapons and they have mastered the art of a proxy war.

    “It focuses on utilisation of resources in best possible manner to develop the state and benefit the citizenry, especially when you have limited resources.”

    Pakistani intellects themselves accept they are not a welfare state and they know the reasons very well for not being so but successive generations of Pakistan have decided to pay this price to make India smaller.Recommend

  • Sane

    Absolutely correct.Recommend

  • Jahil hamid

    India does not need certification for secularism from a country which has all but wiped out its minorities.Recommend

  • ak

    ET Mods: Kindly allow this post.I am writing against the false propaganda and blatant lie/half truths

    Your rhetoric doesnt withstand the reality.

    None of the laws being followed by Present government is non-secular. Not a single speech by PM targets a specific religion.Kindly stop your propaganda and be factual . I ahve seen the links you ahve shared, and its so amusing that you decided to leave important details aside (like who started godhra, who started trilokpuri riots, SC exonerated PM, and how many riots started by which community in India, not a single provocative statement ever by Modi etc.)
    To see a problem kindly remove your religion tinted glasses. Hina Rabbani Khar explicitly said Paksitan is for “Muslim Interests” Only , whi no government in India can either say or do so. This is the differenceRecommend

  • ak

    I think you are factually wrong

    1. Legally India is the owns Kashmir, and its Pakistan which is illegally occupying a part of Kashmir (And even gifted Akshai Chin to China!!). Hypocrisy much?

    2. India declared Pakistan as Most Favored Nation way back. Pakistan is YET TO RECIPROCATE. They fave not yet implemented this. So you are very wrong.

    Regarding Israel, obviously Hamas is following the path of a pious and peaceful religion. A half truth is very wrong my friend. All of Muslim nations did attack Israle and got defeated, so why cry now?

    Anyways there is nothing call muslim ummah (arabs treat south Asian muslims as slaves), so rather come out of this religious mindset and care about your country first.Recommend

  • unbelievable

    “Kashmir is muslim majority and so is Pakistan and hence they both need to unite, that is the simple logic”

    I suggest you take a logic class. India has more Muslims than Pakistan and so does Indonesia – that doesn’t give either the right to “unite” with anybody. Your views on religion/state are your views/problem and you have projected them onto the international scene – bad idea.Recommend

  • Vedchetan

    There is no blame put on Pakistan. Please read the article neutrally. It sets out the factual position. The article suggests that the Pak citizenry should abstain from falling for a war cry of politicians. Pakistan may fight numerous wars with India in future, but is it the case that A war fought with India will not cost anything to Pakistan. Is there not any threat of this war going nuclear. All I have advocated in this Article is that Pakistan may first focus on its own development, education, infrastructure. Once Pakistan attains all this and turns itself into a developed economy then it will be in a better position to fight war with India. Even if today you are successful, in giving a teething fight to India on Kashmir issue, what is it going to cost. This article is in no way intended to blame India or Pakistan. I myself am a big critique of Modi govt. in India but that is for domestic issues. The article focuses that Modi was elected by Indians as an alternative to Congress and old versions of politics, he was elected for development and not for war with Pakistan. Rest you guys are matured enough to take a wise and informed call, if any war with India, will benefit Pakistan or harm the appetite of common man out there.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Better call Hindu Republic of India.”

    We would rather want you to find better reasons to justify the creation of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Moiz Omar

    I hope we don’t have to go to war with each other, but to be honest, I think in the coming years such a situation will become more and more likely.Recommend

  • Fighter Man

    Akhand Bharat; Does this make sense now ?Recommend

  • Vedchetan

    Your question madam is very apt. But I want to draw your attention to few facts, which are not my creation –
    1) India is indeed worlds largest democracy,
    2) Inspite of hopeless and unimaginable diversity, India has remained united. There were speculations by many western powers that India will disintegrate.
    3) Every nation has its own problems, India and Pakistan are no exception to it. You are right there have been instances of riots- but India has a free atmosphere … there are Hindu Fanatics, Muslim fanatics both in India. Perhaps many innocent Muslims might have got killed in India, so has been the case with hindus.
    In India riots are error of judgement of conduct of humans with each other. A muslim is never in fear to visit a hindu colony, you can ask that to any of my muslim brother in India. A Sikh is never afraid of going to a Hindu colony you can cross check this too. Muslims sikhs dalits etc, have rose to the highest positions in this Country, from Prime Minister to President, from Governors to Chief Ministers to Judiciary. They have progressed because equal opportunity was given by the state.
    Point is inspite of above arguments, I have raised, definitely there would have been instances by a Fanatic Hindu to deprive a muslim or dalit or any minority member of his rights, but was that step sponsored by the state machinery and constitution is the question. This makes India robust.
    Needless to stay, Tamils and Kashmiris and Christians have progressed in this country too.
    Question is this article in no way intends to do ‘was way of India’ and demean Pakistan. This article intends to focus on the aspects of democracy. When India can successfully remain democratic why not Pakistan. This article focuses on why India strategically would avoid war with Pakistan- because so called Modi was elected to perform on development aspect not on hate aspect towards Pakistan. Aam Admi of India is not bothered whether our govt. goes on war or not, we are more bothered whether our economy is performing stocks are increasing, food production is better and inflation is under control. Hence, when there are sufficient reasons for our govt. to avoid war with pak, because war would take us back by a decade. Similar would be the situation with Pakistan, if Pak goes on war, your economy will be in trouble, chances of Army taking over would rise and democracy of Pakistan would be at stake.

    You have to ask for yourself, whether as a Pakistani,- out of only love for Pakistan (Minus hatred for India and Hindus and all the so called inhuman suppressive acts of Hindus in India), what do you want to see your Pakistan as – a) A nation with mighty army and strong Dictator who is constantly giving tough time to India,
    b) A Nation where human rights of all communities are protected by state, where vindication under Blasphemy law is zero, where, economic development is high and where every individual has education, job and enjoys a good infrastructure.
    Choice is yours, will a war with India on Kashmir issue take you towards option A or Option B.
    You need to answer this with bare minimum logic and total neutrality. You may perhaps then will agree with me.Recommend

  • Vedchetan

    Yes that must be a error. I apologise. Thank you for the correction.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “I suggest you take a logic class. India has more Muslims than Pakistan and so does Indonesia – that doesn’t give either the right to “unite” with anybody. ”

    If you are talking about logic, I am on the same page as that of you but humans do not always think logically. I am not saying it is the correct thing to do, I am just telling you what many in Pakistan think of Kashmir.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “On the same page, Tamil, Kashmiris and Christians are living in the worst conditions.”

    Amazing, when it suits, condemn LTTE and when it does not make the Tamils the victims, I have never heard this before that Tamils are in worst condition in India.

    I am not surprised over your rant on Kashmir though, you can simply not see an Army which does not carry the flag of Muslims taking care of law and order in a place where Muslims live in majority, this is the same logic which makes Balochistan the heaven it is for the rest of the Pakistan.

    Christians are among the most educated among Indians, the last major anti Christian riots happened in India was a decade ago but you would simply need to talk about it to prove India is no better than Pakistan.

    Democracy cannot be practiced in Vaccum madam, you need to have institutions which are unbiased in their approach to people across the faiths, people will always have the prejudice but when the prejudice is institutionalised like in Pakistan, democracy is reduced to just voting people to power without making any difference on the ground.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “When every day we hear news that women are getting raped,”

    Everyday, really? You must have an apetite for Indian women being raped else how come you can say women are getting raped everyday?

    May I have the links for the last one week proving your point? Correct me if I am wrong, you seem to be a women yourself, have some respect for women across the border and stop hoping for women in India to be raped everyday, it won’t cost you a penny.

    “Vaishya’s farmers are committing suicides because they are not allowed to do anything else”

    Yes that is correct, they are committing suicide , the numbers have come down in the recent past but it is still alarming especially in states like AP but they are not committing suicide because they are farmers and Vaishyas as you have claimed, they are dying because they do not have money to give back which they have borrowed at very high interest rates and not every farmer in india is a Vaishya.

    “Sikhs are suppressed”

    India is not a pressure cooker where in we have a special place for Sikhs, the Sikhs even in Punjab have come back into the mainstream after what happened in 1980’s, the discriminated lot do not produce prime ministers and the Chief’s of different wings of the armed forces.

    “how is it possible that India has advanced from caste and religion?”

    Yes that is correct, India still has a long way to go when it comes to a person treating another with respect but we have come a long way since 1947 and there is no institutionalised discrimination against the so called lower castes.Recommend

  • Milind A

    Er….Beg to differ… The possibility of war between democratic nations is less, compared to dictatorship in one or both the nations.
    Given this, its in the interest of all (us, Pakistanis, the subcontinent) to have a stable and flourishing democracy in Pakistan.
    If you’re neighbour’s house is on fire, you cannot pretend to be blithe and happy just because the flames do not reach your own… Eventually they will….Recommend

  • Zee

    What a blog author! Thumps up! ” india has advanced itself from caste and religion based politics”. Why most of the Indians living in fools’ peradise. I mean how could you guys forget the election compaign of Modi which were only focused on Pakistan rethoric and bashing along with communal riots in different parts of india to have Hindu votes.

    And rise of Modi is only attributed to development agenda than pl open your eyes and just read and analyse your day to day affairs. A few examples are

    Modi-fication of indian text books which primarily focused on superiority of Hindus.
    Yesterday, one lady MP remarked in Delhi election compaign that whether they want government of Ram followers or illegitimates!

    And ET and ET mods, why don’t you change your web address from .pk to .in. The recommended one will look better with your choice of content.

    Give us a break.


  • Kartirza Baig

    You should also see the Youtube video named ‘innocence of Muslims’ to know the goodness of Muslims.Recommend

  • Human Being

    Nope that’s not true my friend.
    1) Legally India doesnt own kashmir. Its kahmiries who own there oen country. If you can read refrendum details of 1947 in kashmir posted in hindu times at taht time. The reality was that they want to joing Pakistan or independent state like switzerland but India invaded it at that time and till now generation is been taught the wrong. I guess you should do some research about it. I will again say here that i will be more happy if they decided to go independednt as Pakistan alreay have alot more issues then keeping it with Pakistan

    2) Again that’s hilarious i haven’t heard ever that india declared pakistan the same. If yes then please bring atleast one news or info about it from entire world. That never happened sir again you have lack of information.

    3) Muslim countries attacked Israel :O :O :O when that happened? Google says that after world ware 2 jews started claiming a seperate country and thorugh french and American lobby they selected palestine because of its presence in arab world otherwise first tehy selected some part in africa to be given to jews as an independent state. Once it was in air taht may be a part in USA will be alocated to them and then it all starts that jews started expanding themselves and occupying palestine step by step just like what india is doing in kashmir. so here again be realistic sir. If you ahve issues with pakistan then still atleast be human to consider it wrong what actually is wrong. You cant be with injustice atleast in case of palestine.

    3) I absolutely agree with you about arabs that no doubt they are not treating south asia with justice and humanity but again you cant blame whole muslim ummah for that as i cant blame whole hinduism for raping girl in bus or hanging 2 girls on trees after rape. Be realistic my friend. Open your mind and read the facts and figures tehn you will realise the reality.Recommend

  • Zaib

    Is the war only answer????? if, as you are saying, certain warmongers in “Pakistan” are trying to wage war. It’s India’s fault that it is reluctant to sit onto the discussion table and sort out this problem peacefully. I’m not saying that only India is to blame, Pakistan too is as much to blame. both are so egoistic and stif in their stance and only Kashmiris are suffering from this tussle. Just give them their basic right of freedom (if they want to go to either side or full independence, so be it)

    like Rachid Nekkaz (a french billionaire), who set up a million euro fund to pay fines
    for women who choose to wear the full Islamic veil in countries, like
    France, where it is against the law to do so in public.He said that even though I personally don’t like veil but I’m in favor of a law that lets these women move freely in the streets, because freedom of movement, just like any freedom, is the most
    fundamental thing in a democracy.

    Are we ready to grant Kashmiris their freedom??????????Recommend

  • Zaib

    why is this you guys talking like “Kashmir should be our property not yours.” for GOD’s sakes they are living human beings, let them decide for their own fate.Recommend

  • Zaib

    and this is all what your text books have been teaching you brother!!!! what to believe now, i wonder !!!!!!!!!Recommend

  • sandeep

    I as an Indian please request Indians to refrain from commenting here to a minimum. I like to read the Tribune to hear the views of Pakistan’s citizens. If I wanted to read the views of Indians I can just do that on the Times of India. So please stop giving Pakistani’s advise on how to run their country and just sit back and hear what they have to say. Sick and tired of seeing more Indians commenting here than Pakistani’s themselves. Very rarely do I see Pakistanis commenting of Indian newspapers. So please do the same.Sorry guys across the border.Recommend

  • Prashant

    I believe the comment has been edited, it should not have been allowed at all mods.Recommend

  • Ranveer Singh Warraich

    ” we are not an independent nation” Yes we know! The daily drone attacks proves you are not a sovereign nation.Recommend

  • Gp65

    “If Pakistan and India start a war, it will turn nuclear and that will be the end of the subcontinent”

    India has never started a war. It is not just an Indian like me who says this but their retired Air Marshal Asghar Khan.

    Pakistan did start a war in. He post nuclear world – Kargill and it did not become nuclear. So the notion that any war between two nuclear powers necessarily has to become nuclear is flawed.

    Third, it is true war is completely harmful to people of both countries, but the army leadership of Pakistan sees at least drum beats of war as necessary to keep their princely perks. Hence unfortunately the LOC ceasefire is not resoected. One thing which has changed in India is that India will not sue for peace in face of Pakistani aggression, as it did under Manmohan.

    I hope sense and peace prevail.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Well, good luck. This will not happen in mine or your lifetime.Recommend

  • Sane

    The best and first reason for creation of Pakistan was to get a free country with free practice of religion by all minorities. Without suppressing policies of Govt. To get rid of over all Hindu hegemony. We are Islamic Republic of Pakistan give full rigjhts to minorities. My earlier comments on this page substantiate what I said. No otherwise propaganda, please.Recommend

  • Spock, the Vulcan

    Hahahahaha!! Sikhs??? Christians??? … Tamil??? The Shias always wanted to live in India, and it looks like the Sunni muslims in the Kashmir valley now are happy to remain in India. The voting turnout in the J&K election was 72%Recommend

  • Vedchetan

    I really oppose such kind of insulting statements, even if you are to consider Pakistan as you enemy, please note, even enemies can show respect. Moreover, Suneet- if you are Indian stick to Indian ethos, we are known for our love and kindness..Recommend

  • Vedchetan

    Thanks Salman..Recommend

  • Vedchetan

    The question is not of his mindset, question is why was he chosen by Indian public to lead the nation. This article does not intend to do his ‘wah wah’ but shows how strategically Modi will not choose to go on war with Pakistan.Recommend

  • Vedchetan

    Google for yourself and find out the links of what happens with Shias and ahmedis in Pak. This article does not intend to play or be part of blame game. It is shake hand article written by brother from other side of border. We as civilians need not focus on what govt. says, our brotherhood lies in our bond, if we citizens of India and Pak fail to respect each other and blame other side, the we are submitting ourselves to the will of our politicians.Recommend

  • Vedchetan

    There isn’t anything written great about Modi in this Article, all it speaks about is that he was chosen for development and governance over Congress and same should be the choice of Pak citizenry. If you choose somebody for a promise of waging war with India, then war will cost a lot to pakistan, rather the same resources can be utilised for nation building, give it a neutral read, it speaks more of what is beneficial for pakistan, and it is no expert opinion it is in lay logic, which I am sure you can understand very well.Recommend

  • Vedchetan

    You should be more concerned about economic development of Pakistan, rather than what those vermillion lords do in India. You cannot do anything about it even if Pak goes on war, it will be a break by bone exercise. You should rather ask Muslims in India if they live a fearful life and then ask minorities of Pak the same question, and get neutral answers. The shades of the same story are interpreted differently on both sides of border, but what really matters is, what is more important for you as a pakistani, a war with India or development of Pakistan. IS it more important for you to stop human rights violation of muslims in India or of other minorities in Pakistan, is it more important for you to see a constant war on our borders or world class roads in Pak and good civic amenities. You must ask these to yourself.
    I ask these questions to myself, and my answer is simple I do not want tension on my borders, I want civic amenities and low rate of inflation and good education for my country men. And I know, if my country goes on war with yours, irrespective of the fact whether which country emerges as victorious, my nations economy is going to be affected and that is not what I want. Hence I donot want any war. Thank you.Recommend

  • siesmann

    How many more parts of Pakistan will you make before discarding your obsession with Kashmir.Recommend

  • Sane

    You don’t criticize Indian trolls, the hate mongers, rather pat their back. But, not ready to accept reality. Who spreads hate and who is killing Indian Muslims and minorities? Do you have any answer?Recommend

  • Sane

    You don’t criticize Indian trolls, the hate mongers, rather pat their back. But, not ready to accept reality. Who spreads hate and who is killing Indian Muslims and minorities? Do you have any answer?Recommend

  • Sane

    To go in war with Pakistan, Modi or any Indian shall think 1,000 times. Pakistan is not a piece of cake. If Modi wants to keep Indians alive, he must not choose war with Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sane

    To go in war with Pakistan, Modi or any Indian shall think 1,000 times. Pakistan is not a piece of cake. If Modi wants to keep Indians alive, he must not choose war with Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sane

    Your govt. don’t say against Muslims, but does against Muslims.Recommend

  • Sane

    Your govt. don’t say against Muslims, but does against Muslims.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “The best and first reason for creation of Pakistan was to get a free country with free practice of religion by all minorities”

    This is breaking news for me, an Islamic republic was created to care for not just Muslims but all minorities of India. The Hindus, Christians and the Ahmediyas of Pakistan are clapping for you.Recommend

  • Prashant

    I would have backed you on this if you had given the East Pakistanis the right to decide their fate and in present days, the people of Balochistan, practice what you preach.Recommend

  • Prashant

    “Eventually they will….”

    Yes eventually they will but if India tells Pakistan the leaders they need to choose, the fire would reach India sooner than later, even Nepal does not like India preaching them, Pakistan for sure will not like it.Recommend

  • Jor El

    “1) Legally India doesnt own kashmir.”
    See buddy, in 1954 the constituent assembly of Jammu n Kashmir(consisting of members elected in the elections of 1951) under the leadership of sheikh abdullah ratified the Insrtument of Accession signed by the Maharaja, thereby declaring ‘The State of Jammu and Kashmir is and shall be an integral part of the Union of India’.
    Now, whether u accept this or reject it, or assume something else, India is not responsible for ur assumptions …Recommend

  • Human Being

    That’s the problem Joe. That’s the only justification India has about consituent of 1954. I mentioned 1951 consitution when Maharaja was not in Government at all. Muslims were in clear majority and still in a large majority but as india have seen that its gona be seperated They bring Mahraja in power and declared a consititution. I do have that link opened in front of me but i wish i could paste it here but it won’t allow me. Sir issue is not about my assumption or your justification. We both not gona get benefit of anything from it. All i would say is to give right to kashmiries to select teh best for themselves. Scotland just did a refrendum. Why that kind of referendum is not possible in kashmir? The thing is that if this issue resolved then both nations will come close to each other for ever and that’s what the enemies don’t want. So think about it again as its the only solution to have people right of freedom and choice of their own will. Otherwise we can talk here for ages and issue will still be there.Recommend

  • nishantsirohi123

    third battle of Panipat was b between Ahmad shah Abdali and the Marathas , I’m sorry but it is hard for me to stop myself from correcting what could have been fixed from a single google search.
    and not a single mention of hate literature in pakistani schools textbooks?
    Kargil war was a result of aggression by Musharraf and the incompetency of Nawaz sharif, what’s more evidence than the coup which followedRecommend

  • ak

    ET Mods: Kindly allow this post as i need to rebutt the person above with some factual data.
    @Human Being
    : Your post was ignorant at so many levels. But i would still indulge so as to clear some of your misconceptions
    1. Legally India OWNS Kashmir. Perhaps you forgot to check any docs like “Instrument of Accession” GO try to challenge that in any court. Its a ratified treaty. Kindly do a fact check before commenting

    2. India gave Pakistan MFN way back in 1996. I guess if you comment here, surely you can google this information. Here is the declaration by you own “Pakistan Institute of legislative Development and Transparency (Page number 10)”

    Now since this true, as per your own logic, Pakistan is at fault, isnt it? Or will you shift the goalpost again?
    Be objective and rational in your criticisms

    3. I lived in Israel and i know about ME history more than you might know. Kindly google six-days war” and enahcne your historical knowledge.Not only 6 islamic nations ganged up against Israel, but all of them were defeated and their lands taken away. SO please

    4. There is so “Muslim Ummah” in this world. Kindly convince yourself. Otherwise why there are so many Islamic nations and not pone single Islamic Caliphate?National interests bind people more than religion hallucinations.
    Regarding Islamic ountries, name one country which is progressive in thoughta and has a free society.barring few, none of them even have democracy. Your example of 2girls is illegical as we are not talking about religion but religion based nations. India remains a secular country while Islamic nations do not

    A little bit of knowledge will help you to overcome your ignorance.


  • Rahul

    No Zaib, this is not what our text books teach us. This is what I have gathered listening to eminent Pakistanis like Hasan Nissar, Najam Sethi, Pervez Hoodhbhoy, Husain Haqqani, Babar Ayaz, Ahmed Rashid etc. who I think have your nations best interests at heart. Recommend

  • Jor El

    See buddy, when u say “That’s the problem”, i wud disagree as its not a problem for me(as an indian as it suits my purpose), its a problem for u(depending on whether u r a pakistani or a kashmiri seeking seeking separation) as it doesn’t suit ur case/purpose … When u say “They bring Mahraja in power and declared a consititution.” Again, the maharaja ddnt declare a consitution, it was drafted by the Constituent Assembly n he as Sadr-i-Riyasat simply brought it into effect … Also, ur last point “Why that kind of referendum is not possible in kashmir?” in my view is the most valid point … The reason is very simple, becoz Pakistani army is still stationed in Kashmir …

    We can go on talking about it for ages but can also agree to disagree …Recommend

  • Lalit

    how many Muslims are being killed in India ? and compare this number with the Muslims being Killed In Pakistan .if you had some sense at the first place you would have thought along these lines.and I am yet to start on status of minorities in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Lalit

    according to you Modi says Hindus and Muslims can’t live together.wasn’t that what Qaid-i-Azam declared ?if you blame Modi for massacre of Muslims(there is no proof of any exhortion on Modi’s part) what will you term, the call for ‘direct action’ by Jinnah ?
    those who live in glass houses,don’t throw stones at others.Recommend

  • Lalit

    your outpouring is laughable to say the least.Punjab(abode of Sikhs) and Tamilnadu are among the top states of India from any socio-economic indicator.Manmohan Singh, a Sikh remained at the top seat of India for a decade.Christians are enjoying better economical status than most of the majority don’t have even the basic knowledge of Indian issues. and kindly compare both Kashmirs before shouting from the rooftops.a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.Recommend

  • nishantsirohi123

    of course he wants to keep indians alive, which is why he has visited japan, china, usa and australia for business deals and agreements.Recommend

  • nishantsirohi123

    last time when vajpayi sent the bus to lahore, india got kargil and pakistan got musharrafRecommend

  • umar

    All I’m reading is mostly juvenile comments from both sides of the border, our own infighting has always been a weakness for others to exploit and still are. Together we could be an economic power instead we are killing ourselves , there is no right or wrong but idiots on here are too blinded pointing out the others sides fault but making out they are angelic in their own deeds, the outside world see’s Pakistan as a corrupt state run by the army and most of its population religous extremists and India is seen just as corrupt where the rich are getting richer but the poor getting poorer, lacking basic education and sanitary conditions , caste systems hinder a person development , brutal gang rapes on a regular basis ,various factions in multiple states arguing for autonomy/ independance , rising HIV infection rates and even some extremism of its ownRecommend

  • Ghulam Lone

    the Muslim majority state thing isn’t even the argument Pakistanis within Pakistan even use. Most Pakistanis see Kashmir as a natural extension of Pakistan because of its deep historical ties with Northern Punjab (which is the region that dominates all spheres of Pakistani life). Kashmiris have for centuries traded with Northern Punjab because that is where the Jhelum (the only all-year route out of Kashmir) flowed.

    Indians and the Western Media use the “Muslim-majority state” argument that Pakistanis used to use in the 1940s-1950s.

    The real reason Pakistanis want Kashmir is the “jugular vein” reason i spelled out above. And they are right, Kashmiris have always had strong ties with Rawalpindi in particular, and never really oriented themselves towards any other part of undivided India.Recommend

  • Ghulam Lone

    This man proves my point above – Pakistanis don’t lay claim to Kashmir on the basis of religion, but on the basis that Kashmiris are being treated horribly by India.

    The most passionate Pakistanis on this issue are usually from Northern Punjab – which has for centuries had extremely close ties.Recommend