Help, my husband is an addict!

Published: December 15, 2014

Again, I go to the living room and angrily I shut off the TV. Reluctantly, he comes back to bed. PHOTO: AFP

I had always feared this to be the truth; I tried to tell myself I was over-reacting, that this was normal behaviour and nothing to be worried about.

But now the proof is overwhelming, I can deny it no longer. I have tried to stop him many times, to stop him from his own destruction but it’s useless. Many nights I wake up and find my husband is not in bed. I follow the lights to the living room, and there he is, caught red-handed!  His eyes are bloodshot; he is tense, and irritated.

Carefully, I go over, and tell him to stop. He nods, agrees and promises to go to sleep, but I know it’s useless. An hour later my eyes flutter open again and, as expected, my dear husband is nowhere to be seen. Again, I go to the living room and angrily I shut off the TV. Reluctantly, he comes back to bed.

This addiction really gets on my nerves, it makes my, generally sweet, husband aggravated and annoyed. He does not even want to go outside. On our precious Sundays, the one day we are both free, instead of enjoying the day running small errands together or getting groceries, we are stuck at home. He justifies his addiction, saying that there is just so much going in Pakistan that,

“What else can I do? How else can I cope?”

And then, as expected, comes the same stale argument I have heard a thousand times before,

“Everyone in Pakistan does it. The situation is so bad that there is no other choice.”

I plead with him, begging him to stop. I tell him,

 “This is going to mess you up; it’s like asking for trouble!”

This is going to lead to other addictions, I just know it. Soon the addiction will spiral out of control, and he will be addicted to anti-depressants, and who knows what else, for high blood pressure.

It’s no good. I can beg, plead and try to annoy him as much as I can, but it will do no good.

Resigned I join him, knowing my yelling will do no good.

My dear husband is addicted to the news.

Hajra Hassnain

Hajra Hassnain

A graduate from the University of Toronto who is currently in the process of immersing herself head first into Pakistani culture. She tweets as @ImHajra (

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  • jazzy

    give me 2 mins of my life back please.Recommend

  • Saima Lehenga

    I am with you. Addiction to porn is much better than addiction to news. Atleast he might learn new stuff.Recommend

  • Saqib

    Haha! This is so true!Recommend

  • Shamilah Rashid

    Great article. So well written.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    oh my GOD. The twisted ending extraordinaire. well done .
    BTW there are many husbands who claim that “Doctor Jekyll” wives turn into hulk style “Mr hyde’s” if their favourite serial is interrupted. hheheheehRecommend

  • Raheel Azfar

    Was this a joke?

    Tribune moderators should really ‘moderate’ out these kind of articles. Waste of time. Sheesh.Recommend

  • Malik Abdul Rehman

    am I the only one who after reading the title thought he was addicted to something else,lack of social life always has dire consequences one way or other the problem with every other Pakistani is that they have nothing pleasure able to do,what else do we expect when children are raised with education and “west “being their religion,in west people could go to bars,sport arenas,night clubs,spa and what not while here we are too busy being pakdaman and have 40 kids Recommend

  • Heer Khan

    OMG you are extraordinary lady.

    Initially I thought your husband is addicted to ****

    But its not my mistake .. you wrote it in a way that everybody would think the same.. I wish Express Tribune would have done the mistake to not include the last lineRecommend

  • FatimaAwan


  • Hamza

    Nice piece of writing.Recommend

  • M Bilal

    hahaha lolzzz. this is hilarious. you made my day…Recommend

  • furkan

    thats such a good addiction mam. Can you help me in getting addicted to it too???and i think you too should not stop him from this .Recommend

  • Fawad Hassan

    At first I thought she was talking about porn.Lol my badRecommend

  • harry

    is news another name for porn??? :DRecommend

  • Hira Saeed

    What the piece of trash this was. Give me my time back! :/Recommend

  • theFox

    Same here.. give me 5 mins of my life back please.. ET, whats wrong with your editing skills/publishing criteria? Crap!Recommend

  • Tayyaba Dar

    What the… And I thought it was Game of Thrones. Seriously?!Recommend

  • abdullah

    omg…i thought he was addicted to pornRecommend

  • Pankaj

    Saima You are very FunnyRecommend

  • Supriya Arcot

    Good one !Recommend

  • Parvez

    When you said……..and angrily I shut of the TV…….it wasn’t hard to guess that he was addicted to the News / Political talk shows. The thing was that although it was good, at the end you left it hanging …..maybe this should have been it ‘ Poetic License ‘.Recommend

  • Rahul

    is news code word for something else ;-)Recommend

  • Chodhary

    I am very suspicious about it… he must be addicted to something else just like millions of other men but as soon as you confront him he switches to the news! very quick and smart just like millions of other men!! lolRecommend

  • observer

    ” the problem with every other Pakistani is that they have nothing pleasure able to do….we are too busy being pakdaman and have 40 kids”

    That is the reason Islam prescribes doing the namz five times a day. What can be more pleasurable than doing namz and praying to Allah every minute of the day?Recommend

  • Babar Khan

    spotting the authors friends is getting easier.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    I find your comment to be more crass and even trashier than the article. give me MY time back which I spent on reading it, and which I am spending on writing this reply.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    why? so you can waste them trolling another well written blog? I don’t think so.Recommend

  • Annoisa

    Hi hajra I am with you listening to NAK i feel my husband does not give time to my children…he is always on News channels, blogs, goes for grocery on weekend and on the way listen to news. before he was not giving us anytime but now he gets annoyed if we even talk to him I am helpless. no way out thanks for sharing…I don’t go with him anywhere but on weekends if i discuss news with him he is happy any other issues no interest….I feel bad. I am alone my family is back in Pakistan. dont know what to do about all this…?????Recommend

  • Saad A. Shah

    Weird, but at least she made her point well,
    Go girl!Recommend

  • Naved Khan

    I thought it was ‘Saas bhi kabhi bahoo thee’ :PRecommend

  • H Chaudhry

    No but next time perhaps remember that no one asked you to read!Recommend

  • Naveed Sethi

    Written well but it wasted the time, it had nothing constructive. Don’t take this as criticisim but take it as an adviceRecommend

  • Mohammad

    lol… nice! same applies to my father…. same repeating news every seconds, minutes and hours even the full day… but he has never been tired.Recommend

  • IndianBoysandPakistanigalz

    Mashallah. no problem Rabbani.Let him be addicted to tvRecommend

  • Rua

    Useless and meaningless writeup!!!

  • MobiDude

    some other article she wrote about how disgusting Pakistan is and how she misses her “cappuccino” that she’d have in Toronto. Not sure why tribune would hire such a person.Recommend

  • Affan

    crappy piece of writing. Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    let the burn flow through you my friend.
    Disclaimer. I am not a friend or even an acquaintance of the author, she does not even know me. this reply has been made because I could not control myself after seeing such a huge burn.Recommend

  • Seher

    Good stuff!! Enjoyed reading. That indeed is an addiction.Recommend

  • Tasneem

    Very well written. I can relate to this so well because in my case its my father. His day starts with news and ends with itRecommend

  • S.T


  • Hunaid

    Trying to cope with the rejection of my blog and the realisation that this post made the cut.Recommend

  • Basit

    Thank God!
    I read the last line, first.Recommend

  • Basit

    He might be changing channels, before your reach the lounge.Recommend

  • Coca Cola Bin Pepsi

    The only News im addicted to are the one’s related to Emma Watson.Recommend

  • Saad

    Very Nice article. Can totally relate to this!Recommend

  • Erma Ejaz

    Great ArticleRecommend

  • Ahmad Hussain

    haha.. u r absolutely right …
    i thought the same…=DRecommend

  • Khizer Saeed

    waste of time!!Recommend

  • Hassnain Shah

    I’m pretty sure every sensible Pakistani is addicted to the news due to the current political and condition of our region. We can’t predict what unforeseen disaster may come. May Allah bless us with peace and prosperity so we can sleep in peace. very well writtenRecommend

  • JM

    She speaks with honesty and brings a fresh perspective on what it means to migrate. I don’t think she offended Pakistan. If her honesty is bruising to your ego, then that is not her fault.Recommend

  • JM

    There is so much going on in Pakistan, that it is inevitable that the horror of death and sad news takes a toll on one’s life and mental state. I read some of the comments below and was horrified to discover how little people understand sometimes. How their mind immediately drifts to filthy conclusions instead of taking time to explore the issues being delicately presented to them. Here is a young coupled that would have enjoyed a nice Sunday out instead of at home staring at the horror stories that pass on their TV. They can’t pretend that the world they live in is dandy and safe. Her husband needs “to cope” with what reality is. The only control he can exert is by observation, by being aware and constantly knowledgeable of how conditions are changing.Recommend

  • Blah

    I don’t think your husband should be blamed for his predicament. People, forget that conveying information is a business, and it is tailored for the masses.
    Your husband is nothing but a victim of consumerism.
    Negative information sells, and the red ticker on our news channels is constantly instigating a flight or fight response from its viewer.
    When it comes to Pakistan, no news is good news, but often I find that the same news is packaged in various forms just to keep people
    engaged. News and news clippings are accompanied by some background music, as if it is a movie or something.

    I miss the times when we had, “6 BAJAI KE NEWS” and “9 bajai ke news” but now well its “Puray din” ke news.
    Some channels have various talk shows discussing the same darn issues, accompanied by the same commercial cycled a 100 times.

    I would recommend asking your husband to read his news rather than watching it. News on TV is addicting because it is at times
    subtly and depressingly entertaining, on the other hand reading is not as entertaining, and you are more likely to get bored and drowsy .

    If his sole need is to keep himself updated like I do, then reading should suffice.
    Other wise, you guys need to talk :)

    Good luckRecommend

  • Kapt Slim

    Well its time to start watching dramas …. non stop … dont let him watch tv at allRecommend

  • Fake Persona

    XboX or PlayStation anyone?Recommend