An ‘Islamic Halloween costume’? Really, Walmart?

Published: November 4, 2014

Selling a costume, taking it down when people protest, and then providing lame excuses and apologies only further tarnishes your image. PHOTO:

Dear Walmart,

I liked you. I really did. Your prices are decent and I occasionally made a run to you when other stores in the area were closed, because of your late hours of operation. You were convenient and I really liked that about you.

However, it came to my attention a couple of days ago that you tried to sell a Halloween costume depicting an ‘old Pashtun Papa’, full with a beige-coloured parthog and kameez, turban and a long fake, grey beard.


Really, Walmart?

Tasteless much?

I’ve realised that you have now taken down that ‘costume’, apologised, and tried to provide a rather weak justification for why it was even being sold on your website in the first place, but there are a few things that you need to be educated about Pashtuns before you decide to indulge in something as ignorant and offensive again.

First off, the costume that you were trying to sell for $39.95 was not exclusive to the Pashtun culture, or even Pashtuns for that matter; secondly, Pashtuns are not Middle Eastern — we are actually situated in South and Central Asia; and lastly, you mentioned in your description that “nothing is sacred this Halloween”, and “shock your friends with this Islamic costume”, which clearly explains to me that you are stereotyping all Pashtuns to look a certain way, perhaps even “Taliban-like” having long beards and turbans. I also fail to see where exactly the ‘shock’ factor fits under all of this? Unless you meant to shock us with the sheer inappropriateness and absurdity of the costume in the first place; if that was your intention, then congratulations, you have clearly succeeded.

So, let’s get a little more detailed shall we?

Before we move on and address the other ignorant things you mentioned in your description, let me explain the garb. If you’ve ever visited places within South and Central Asia, almost every single other man wears that outfit, or ‘costume’ as you seem to have called it. So, it’s not just limited to Pashtuns/Afghans, or even Pashtun culture, as you seem to assume. And while turbans are quite prominent among Pashtun and Afghan men, they also commonly wear a ‘pakol’ which is the Afghan cap that is soft, round and flat from the top, typically made of wool fabric. (See image below)


While there are many Pashtun immigrants living in the Middle East, we are primarily situated and scattered all across South and Central Asia: larger populations particularly living in Pakistan and Afghanistan. So, I really don’t understand where you got the idea that we were “Middle-Eastern” or the erroneous fact that were situated in the Middle East. We speak many dialects of the Pashto language, not Arabic, and even though the written language is influenced by the Arabic script, our language is clearly very different.

As for mentioning the part about “Islamic” costume, again you are looking at it from a very skewed lens. Islamic garb is not synonymous with Pashtun or Afghan garb. If you do a Google search for “Islamic costume for men”, (and perhaps you should have done that before making blatant assumptions), you will see a variety of outfits for men, signifying appropriate Islamic dress. As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as a universal Islamic dress for men (which is what you have assumed with the parthog and kameez), as it varies from country to country, culture to culture. The fez, a small round netted cap, is however seen as Islamically symbolic, and is usually worn by men, especially during prayer or when attending the mosque.

And what’s with the long, grey beard?

Both my father and father-in-law are what you would call ‘Papa Pashtuns’, but they don’t have long, grey or white beards. You are stereotyping all older Pashtun men to look a certain way and you are wrong – very wrong – to assume as such. Besides, beards are not, and should not, only symbolise Islam or Pashtuns, as men from many difference religions and cultures around the world have beards too, including Sikhs, Hindus, Hippies among many others. As a matter of fact, beard growth is quite ancient and it even predates Islam. If you think about it, it’s just natural facial hair. Some grow it for religious/cultural reasons and some grow it for personal or superficial reasons. There is no need to classify long beards as only being exclusive to Muslims or Pashtuns.

It appears to me that this isn’t the first time you have tried to sell a costume that was culturally offensive, ignorant, and inappropriate. In the past, you’ve also tried to sell costumes representing Arabs, such as ‘Arab Sheik’ and ‘Chic Sheik’. Again, I fail to comprehend what exactly your intentions were in trying to sell such costumes, because mocking and ridiculing a culture — that you clearly have no clue about – is not funny. It’s just foolish and crude and you as one of the largest retailers in North America should know better.


Selling a costume, taking it down when people protest, and then providing lame excuses and apologies only further tarnishes your image. There are many people who will probably never boycott you, because you are convenient and affordable. However, that doesn’t give you the audacity to create and sell costumes that are just wrong and offensive on so many levels.

Ignorance is not bliss, it’s actually quite harrowing. And so is stereotyping and painting a whole ethnic race with a single brush. Educate yourself about the various different cultures, ethnicities and religions around the world before you go on to make erroneous, impetuous assumptions. And here’s some useful advice: if you never want to get embarrassed again, do not — and I repeat, do not — create and sell such costumes in the first place!


Samar Esapzai

The author is a mommy, writer, visual artist and academic. Her areas of interest include gender relations, women's empowerment, maternal mental health, and anything and everything related to her people, the Pashtuns. She blogs at and tweets at @sesapzai (

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  • Kamran

    You are being overly sensitive. The costume was funny and appropriate just as a pirate or a clown costume is. Just relax and don’t take everything personally. It should not astound you that people everywhere are not concerned.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Yes its stereotyping, yes it was a bit stupid and in poor taste but you say it was corrected……I fail to see why you got so offended. A little bit of tolerance goes a long way.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    The pashtun dress is not an Islamic dress. Strange title of the blog.Recommend

  • Sami

    A small correction that Pakol originated from Chitral and it is known as Chitrali topi for that matter as well and Chitralis are neither Afghanis nor Pukhtuns. So just like Shalwar Kameez that is a cultural dress for many people in South Asia and could not be exclusively connected to one Ethnicity only, similarly Chitrali topi or Pakol is not exclusively related to one culture or ethnicity as well.Recommend

  • Critical

    For years,they are selling ,’Zombie Jesus’,’Sexy Elf’,’Sexy Rabbi Nun’ costumes and noone bothered to notice it but even though some of them are held highly by certain religions…

    But when people of one religion gets offended,they should be BANNED yeah…Freedom of expression is exempt for one religion alone…Recommend

  • Alann

    That was really stupid of Walmart, to depict an ordinary/everyday men’s wear of Afghanis/Pakistanis as a “scary halloween costume”.
    They should have made a costume with a suicide vest on the outside instead. (But with a RAW/CIA/MOSSAD tag inside, to let everyone know that the (fake) suicide bomber doesn’t have any connections to Pakistan/is not a Muslim but is instead a Zionist American/Indian/Israeli agent in reality). Now THAT would be an authentic Islamic halloween costume (but in reality, used by RAW/CIA/MOSSAD agents to defame Pakistanis, mind you!)Recommend

  • L.

    Theres murica’ for you. Frankly, there are better things you couldve written about. Recommend

  • Gp65

    .”If you’ve ever visited places within South and Central Asia, almost every single other man wears that outfit, or ‘costume’ as you seem to have called it.”

    I have visited Bangladesh! Nepal and Sri Lanka and I lived in India for decades. In all these countries which are part of South Asia – every single man does not dress like this. For someone who is ticking Walmart off for being factually inaccurate, you are pretty inaccurate yourself.

    ‘Selling a costume, taking it down when people protest, and then providing lame excuses and apologies only further tarnishes your image’

    Strange logic. Are you saying that if it was pointed out to them that people were offended, they should not have apologized and continued to sell the costume? What they did was the right thing when pointed out that they were hurting people’s feelings. Why do you fault them for that?Recommend

  • ajeet

    So only Muslims have a right to ridicule others?Recommend

  • Anoop

    Pakistan and Afghanistan are an extension of Arabia culturally.
    There are so many commonalities. Greetings, Dress(Burqa), Beliefs – both political and religious, marriage ceremonies, festivals. The list is long.
    Walmart is not far off.
    If you see the general trends of extremism and puritanical interpretation of religous texts, there are a lot of overlaps in how it is interpreted in Arabia and Af-Pak.
    Af-Pak belonged to the Indian subcontinent culturally once, it is becoming less true every day, every year.Recommend

  • Jayman

    Where is your sense of humor? Don’t Pashtuns look that way? Aren’t there parody shows in Pakistan that make fun of the gora? Hasb-e-Haal does it frequently. Queen Elizabeth is shown in very poor light and racist portrayal of Obama is very common. Why do Muslims get so precious when they are at the receiving end?
    I think Walmart should not have taken the costume down.Recommend

  • chillpillmaker

    so if i dress up as Lawrence of Arabia or King Tut is it an insult to all Arab or Egyptian people ?? its just for fun ! whining about everything and learn to deal with things, going on a word war for just everything and anything that even mildly challenges your culture is so lame…is your culture so weak that by making a Halloween costume it will get degraded ?? I’m sorry but this whole article is just silly. and learn that life is not fair. Every day someone is made fun off or laughed at, going up in arms for every little thing is just stupid. How about you learn a lesson in tolerance….the world really needs it now.Recommend

  • observer

    What is the big deal? There are native american (red Indian) costumes quite common. Should that also be a no-no?Recommend

  • Sami

    Hey Walmart … How about a costume of a priest … With a blow up doll of a little boy !!… just to make it seem more authentic ….Recommend

  • derp


  • Muhammed Waqar Younis

    disturbing..horrifying how they seem to consider our daily wear as an “Horror” show…I really have come to hate the west even more after thisRecommend

  • Sarah Sheikh Allawala

    Very well written, I totally agree a Muslim Halloween costume just leaves a bad taste. Muslims are not terrorists our religion is one of peace. Also there is no place for a Pashtun papa costume ( as Walmart calls it) next to those of witches, Devils and such.


  • Yusuf

    Shouldn’t you have just sent this as an angry letter to Walmart instead, not too sure they’ll get your message if its on the Tribune Blog :/Recommend

  • Xeric

    Next time they should try selling a Nazi Uniform. A few badges of SS on collar would make it perfect.Recommend

  • Ajay gupta

    As if Walmart cares!Recommend

  • Lighten up,pls

    I think your mistaken about ‘evil’ costumes. I’ve handed out candy to children dressed as Lincoln,Einstein,Native Indians & pilgrims,Egyptian princesses,Disney princesses,Hamburgers & ketchup bottles,Garfield,Kimono clad ladies,War what’s wrong with an Afghan outfit ?
    Why do we asians have such inferiority complexes that we actually go searching for insults (& blow them up into controversies ) ??
    Will anyone dare to make noise over much greater discrimination/injustice towards asians in saudi arabia ? I think not..we just love,caucasion tolerance & sensitivity to rasicm & manipulate it to our advantage- our way of being grateful to the luxury/opportunities we get,by living in developed,democratic,humane western countries. Those with rejected visas,pls don’t attack me.Recommend

  • Lighten up,pls

    The costumes are not for ‘horror’,they’re for fun- like fancy dresses for little kids,to go collect candy.Recommend

  • True

    The greater the inferiority complex,the quicker,people take offence, at perceived slights ( & turn molehills into mountains )Recommend

  • Ali

    The amount of hurt in this post is simply overwhelming. Recommend

  • Jayman

    Why are you comparing Pashtuns with the Nazis?Recommend

  • Jayman

    I think it is genuinely funny. Maybe it is time to stop acting precious?Recommend

  • Don’t stereotype
  • Herp

    Walmart makes a pathan joke.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Most costumes are not horrifying or scary;it is just about looking differentRecommend

  • WorldCitizen17

    It wasn’t funny when Prince Harry did this was it? FYI Mr. Chillpillmaker, these costumes “DIRECTLY” target Muslims and brainwashes customers into thinking that Muslims = Terrorists = scary. No Native Indian costumers and No Nazi costumes should be allowed regardless of Festival/Celebration. Just because a joke is funny in one country, doesn’t mean its funny in another country. Some things are sensitive and shouldn’t be played with, especially when it involves 1.6 Billion of this Earth’s citizens.Recommend

  • Reddy

    muslims hate Israel and jews,without even knowing where israel is or having met a single jew in their entire life especially pakistanis, no matter what an individual or an entity does muslims are gonna use it as one more reason to hate west etc….i don’t see a reason why any individual should spare a thought about muslims to begin with,muslims are the worst kind of hypocrites.Recommend

  • AK

    Totally agree with u bro. …
    My question to the writer is “why so serious lolRecommend

  • waqar Younis part 2

    and yet you are using western tech ! from Net to tv to mobiles and cars the list is endless.. why not try to be tolerant about other peoples opinion ?Recommend

  • Khan

    Native American costumes are actually a big no no! Cultural appropriation is a big problem!Recommend

  • Khan

    Dressing up as a character is absolutely fine. However, dressing up as a race is an absolute NO. Dressing up as Native Americans, donning a “black face” are very much looked down upon! Read more about cultural appropriation.Recommend

  • Khan

    Walmart has actually taken down this costume and suspended the third party who make these costumes.Recommend

  • Muhammed Waqar Younis

    so your saying our culture is a-okay to be made fun of?…Recommend

  • Hamza

    Lol! That was just for fun. What’s the big deal? They removed it.
    Besides, what about all the Pathan jokes that do the rounds in Pakistan? And how whites are parodied over here? Or even how Black people are still considered an object of ridicule and insult. I don’t see THEM going ballistic over that and wasting space and time on blogs that the offender won’t even read.Recommend

  • Critical

    Honestly dude,I’ve seen even worst costumes features priests and nuns than what you have just described….and yeah,I’ve not seen any christian cry a river for that….

    Everyone knows this is a day of fun and they intend it in that way…unfortunately,muslims dont seem to understand the concept of funRecommend

  • Syeda KAzmi

    I don’t see anything offensive about the costume…seriously!Recommend

  • rationalist

    Nazi and German uniforms have indeed been sold as costumes. I have seen bin Laden Halloween constumes too.Recommend

  • rationalist

    Muslim defensiveness and victimhood is at the root of this article. Get over it.Recommend

  • Game

    The article reflects immaturity. I didn’t see ‘wear this costume and look like a terrorist’ nor did it have the title like ‘The Osama-tume’ Recommend

  • Sami

    Dressing up as a race?. Hello. Shalwar Kameez is not related to one race. Many people including Non Muslims wear this dress in South Asia and also no ethnicity can claim this dress as their own.Recommend

  • FAK

    Then you are in an oblivion and have no idea why everyone is so vigilant for not messing with anything related to Jewish beliefs. Learn to respect your ownself!Recommend

  • Sid

    There again goes the tolerant followers of Islam. There is nothing offensive in this costume for halloween. Halloween costumes need not be from horror movies, people dress up as batman, spiderman, nurse, cop or whatever theme they are interested in. Most of the commenters who are showing their dismay never had witnessed halloween in USA or they would not have take it as offensive or obnoxious. In fact your reaction to this makes it validate that the dress is symbol of intolerance. Otherwise there was nothing wrong in the costume.Recommend

  • Khan

    I said dressing up as a race is looked down upon! If someone wants to dress like Nawaz Sharif that is fine (that is a character) dressing up as a Pashtun, Punjabi, Sindhi is not. Because race is NOT a costume and should NOT be.Recommend

  • marik

    So if someone is dressing up like a ninja or a samurai it’s an insult to Japan? If someone dresses up like a Knight or a Legionnaire it’s an insult to all of Europe?Recommend

  • marik
  • Supriya Arcot

    Don’t be so totally wound up . It’s just for a few hours’ Fun and frolic . Learn to unwind and don’t take yourself so seriously all the time .Recommend

  • Sami

    Actually i am confused here that How you are defining the race here?. Brown, Black,, White or how?. What race you are referring here? i think you are confusing the term of Race with Ethnicity. Race and ethnicity are two different terms.

    Also i will reiterate again that Shalwar Kameez is not a dress of some ethnicity, race or even religion. From Shalwar Kameez to Sherwani was evolved in North India to Delhi regions and later adopted throughout Asia and upto Afghanistan.
    Also Punjabi and Sindhi dress include Both Shalwar Kameez and a Dhoti with Pugri so you can never state that you dress up like Some Ethnicity. So still i am confused when you state you can dress up like some race in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sam shahid

    Really? You serious? Are you aware of things around you?
    I’m a Muslim and I will be scared if I see someone dressed in this costume.
    This seems to be a popular costume of terrorists from isis to TTP.
    Definitely Halloween material. What’s the brouhaha about? Recommend

  • Nano

    samar esapzai thanks for highlighting the issue. Halloween should not be promoted in our society as it is against our religion & norm. apart from, wall mart a being a Jew store actually trying to brush all pushtoons as terrorists, there is no concept of “pashtun papa” in pakhtoons. they simply called “baba jan”. wall mart exactly targeting the pashtoon culture, because I never seen such getup in any other country except pashtoon belts. strongly condemn violation our pakhtoons rich culture.Recommend

  • Hamza

    News Flash: The West doesn’t care.
    You, on the other hand, can stop using, the internet, cellphones, telephone, television, computers, laptops since the West invented them. In fact, stop buying cars, clothes, gadgets, accessories and other everyday products made by Western companies.
    By doing all of the above, you will no longer sound like a hypocrite.Recommend

  • Khan

    By race I mean nationality, ethnicity, color (everything that makes you, you!) Therefore dressing as a “Pakistani” “Nigerian” or “Brazilian” should not be acceptable as their culture or anyone’s culture is NOT a costume.

    Dressing up as a character – a pirate, a witch, cat, or even a character of your favorite show or whatever is acceptable (as long as you don’t paint your face black, brown, or white – That is cultural appropriation.) You can dress up as a character but there is no need to change the color of your skin.

    I don’t understand why you aren’t getting my point. I think it’s pretty clear.Recommend

  • Hassan

    Halloween is not a religious festival. Its just celebrated for fun in many countries. We as rational human being, should not drag religion into every thing.Recommend

  • Roon

    According to your logic Turkey and Indonesia are part of the Arab world too.
    Your comparisons are totally flawed:

    1. Greetings: Hindus all over the world have a different greeting (Namaste, I believe.) and Muslims another (Salaam). This does not make them Arabs or Indians

    2. Dress(Burka): Only worn by a very few women in Pak.

    3. Beliefs(Religious): Again different for Hindus and Muslims. This does not make them Arabs or Indians.

    3.5Beliefs (Political): Most Arab states are monarchies while Pakistan is a Parliamentary Democracy. (Egypt is a presidential one and used to be a monarchy too)

    4. Marriage ceremony: Muslims conduct both cultural (Mendhi) and religious (Niqah) rituals.

    5. Festivals: Same as above.

    Our land has always been both a part of South Asia as well as somewhat distant from it owing to invasions from the West (This includes Aryans, Persians, Greeks, Kushans, Sythians, Huns, pre Islamic Turks, etc, not just Muslim ones as you believe.) Nevertheless this does not make us Arab.

    You seem to think as if India is and always was a great civilisation and everyone outside its borders especially the Arabs are nothing but barbarians.
    Many nationalists in China and other countries have similar flawed views.

    Similarly extremism is not something limited to Islam. The fact that its extremists have become militarized and powerful is a separate political matter (owing to state patronage during the cold war and after), independent of religion itself.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Not really;there are lots of Native American and Mexican costumes,and hardly anybody takes offence.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Are you sure?Suicide belt is going to be considered an Islamist dress even if one puts RAW/CIA/Mossad on the outside.Recommend

  • Aaliya Briggs

    Excellent write-up. I was infuriated by the so-called pushtun costume, and even more so when I read the accompanying copy, stating :”For all your last minute Islamophobic needs.” I have sworn off Walmart and will NEVER set foot in any of their stores again because they have displayed such crude ignorance and discrimination against a culture/religion that they have NO clue about.
    Thanks for raising this issue. It’s about time we make ourselves heard.Recommend

  • Aaliya

    Before jumping to Walmart’s defense, please read the accompanying description with the costume, before reaching presumptuous asinine conclusions. Here’s why it’s offensive and derogatory:
    “For All your last minute Islamophobic needs. Represent the Middle East in this Mens Pashtun Papa Costume this Halloween season. Whether you’re making a serious political statement or staging a polical [sic] parody, this authentic-looking outfit is sure to fit the bill! Shock your friends with this Islamic costume.”

    How does Islam factor in here? Why should Walmart be allowed to label the pushtuns as Islamophobic? Why the need to sensationalize islam at a time when the west is increasingly paranoid of Taliban Muslims and extremists? Why needlessly belittle a tribe that has done NOTHING to warrant such unjustified ribbing? Take off your rose coloured glasses and stop making blanketed ignorant statements that clearly suggest that if there’s anyone with a complex, it’s you.Recommend

  • Aaliya

    Aah. So you decide to be tolerant when a retail giant labels the pushtuns as “islamophobic” for no apparent reason? How would you feel if your entire race was mocked for sporting a beard and wearing a turban? Here is the description that Walmart used to market this costume:: “For All your last minute Islamophobic needs. Represent the Middle East in this Mens Pashtun Papa Costume this Halloween season. Whether you’re making a serious political statement or staging a polical parody, this authentic-looking outfit is sure to fit the bill!
    Our Afghan Pashtun Papa Costume features a long-sleeved beige top, matching beige pants, brown vest, Turban to match the vest and long beard. Nothing is sacred this Halloween. Shock your friends with this Islamic costume.”

    Now HOW does Islam factor in here and more importantly, why should we give Walmart the right to discriminate against the pushtuns by labeling them as Islamophobic at a time when the world is increasingly sensitive to muslim extremists and terrorists? I’m all for being tolerant, but refuse to accept this blatant mockery of pashtuns and Islam as anything even remotely acceptable to us as Muslims or people. Enough said.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Have more faith in your culture….it can certainly stand being made fun of or criticised or even abused.Recommend

  • Lalit

    this article simply displays the sheer amount of hatred,ignorance and lack of understanding on the part of author.if a supposedly educated citizen who has access to media cultivates such stupendous level of intolerance and naive understanding regarding others,making a complete hotchpotch of religion,culture,geography and civilizations,what to expect from unlettered and religious extremists ?and for god sake, it was a normal ethnic dress,not a suicide vest,as someone has pointed out.Recommend

  • Lol..

    Hahahaha ..Recommend

  • Uzmaa

    Mexican costumes, umm u sure? because i have never seen a mexican or a black costume in america.Recommend

  • Uzmaa

    It would be kool if they have a muslim hijabi costume. thats the only way they will feel pretty and understand the importance of hijjab.
    they wear what inspires them the most.
    why not a pashtun lol.Recommend

  • Lol..

    Hohohoho …Recommend

  • Lol …

    About the description…its spot on. As Shahid below has already mentioned- its the favoured costume of everyone from ttp to isis. Definitely frightening & definitely halloween material !Recommend

  • Lol…

    It’s rose-tinted…not rose-coloured..

  • Muhammed Waqar Younis

    yes ^_^Recommend

  • siesmann

    go to walmart site and see for yourselfRecommend

  • Arsha

    I have even seen funniest Jesus costumes. Infact couple of years back on Easter there was a ‘Funky Jesus’ contest organised in the middle of San Francisco and you would see every kind of hilarious costume bordering on scandalous.
    Please don’t be so sensitive.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Why was it stupid and in poor taste when costumes of Native Americans, Arabs etc. are also available as also Japanese Ninja, Disney fairies etc.

    How does dressing up in a costume for Halloween amount to stereotyping? Did you never take part in a fancy dress competition as a kid?Recommend

  • Gp65

    There are plenty of costumes of priests. No one else gets so bent out of shape.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Who said anything about costumes being for horror? I gave out plenty of candy to girls dressed as Disney princess, boys dressed as Ninja warriors or Native Americans.


  • Gp65

    What is wrong in this costume that you criticize USA? I have seen people dressed as Disney princess, Ninja warriors, Native Americans, nuns and so on. There is no negative assoiation with a Halloween costume.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Actually Walmart did care enough to remove the costume once some people complained. But frankly in my opinion there was nothing offensive aout the costume. Recommend

  • Gp65

    How does this costume involve 1.6 billion people on this earth? Not all Muslims wear shalwar kameez. Certainly most Muslims in Indonesia, Banladesh, India do NOT dress tis way and ogether they consitute over 0% of Muslims. Muslms in Africa also do not dress this way.

    Any case, Halloween costumes do not have any negative associations with them and I have seen kids dressed as Disney princess, Japanese ninja, fairy, nurse, policeman etc. Recommend

  • Freeman

    This is the second recent blog – along with the Ben Affleck – Bill Maher debate on American HBO – that is written by someone living in America (?) writing about an American company about an American secular celebration on every October 31st in which kids and adults have fun playing dress-up. What do readers in Pakistan have to do with it? Is Halloween observed in Pakistan? Does Wal-Mart do business in Pakistan? (And if it does, why would it carry Halloween costumes?) My point: You can write all kinds of articles from abroad about life there. All kinds of things – such as Halloween, such as free and unfettered debates on religion – happen in a free secular society like America that do not happen in Pakistan. Are you going to create “controversy” in Pakistan about everything that offends you in America? In that case, you have your work cut out for you.Recommend

  • Hypocrite

    Since you’re so indignant about Caucasian tolerance : what’s your opinion of the 6th Pakistani being beheaded in Saudi Arabia in less than a month ? It’s sooo easy to throw a hissy fit at decent westerners- talk about complexes & double standards. Lets see you take ,much greater offence at Arabs now.Recommend

  • Xeric

    At Walmart?

    Nevertheless, i agree, human stupidity has no bounds.Recommend

  • AB

    Time to update your vocabulary chump. Pick up a dictionary and you’ll see that both are correct. No judgment on you though, ignorance can do that to you. :-)Recommend

  • AB

    You’re missing the point made above entirely. It’s got little to do with the costume and everything to do with the underlying implication branding pushtuns as “islamophobic”. Not your fault though, not everyone has the intellectual capacity to pick up on subtle bigotry.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    America has a long history of racial discrimination- if you didn’t know. Recommend

  • Don’t explode

    Try some relaxation techniques …may help soften the hostility.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Read the statement put out by Walmart alongside the dress : ‘……whether you’re making a serious political statement or staging a political parody….’ that was not necessary because a certain innuendo was involved but as I said, I failed to see why the writer got offended…….I always preach tolerance because it works.Recommend

  • Saad

    I think the author was more concerned about the description of these particular outfits on their website more than anything else.Recommend

  • vinsin

    World is scared of Islam and Muslim since it’s beginning.Recommend

  • Ayesha

    Take a chill pill :) These costumes represent a culture and many people dress up as different things, from cultures etc on halloween, not just as monsters, zombies etc. One lady said that Walmart has killed the reputation of the people by introducing this dress, well , I do wonder what ‘reputation’ she was talking of !!!Recommend

  • JayMankind

    Totally agree. If they think that the costume is such an insult, why even wear it?Recommend

  • zoha

    It is the “islamophobia” bit that could be taken as an offence. The shalwar kameez is not a representation of a true islamic follower ..but then again we muslims have become a bit too sensitive, we have to accept the fact this is what’s selling these days the media, departmental stores everywhere, so just chill out, it shouldnt affect us ,,we need to prove the world wrong by our good actions only..whining wont do any goodRecommend

  • Rd px

    Don’t see anything wrong in it.Recommend

  • Rd px

    Dressing up as a race should not be looked down upon. We have cultural shows in school where we wear dresses of pathans and baluch to show cultural diversity of pakistan. Whats wrong with dressing up as a pathan?Recommend

  • Rd px

    No one mentions terrorism here. Its just a pathan dress.Recommend