Happy New Year: Just another (tasteless) Shahrukh Khan blockbuster

Published: October 31, 2014

Plot wise, Happy New Year is a disaster. There are too many loopholes in the storyline. PHOTO: HAPPY NEW YEAR OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE

Farah Khan (the choreographer-turned-director) brings another enterprise titled Happy New Year, with her ever-favourite ‘superstar’ Shahrukh Khan. A brief introduction to Happy New Year is that it’s produced by Shahrukh and Ghauri Khan, is overstuffed with actors and is a tale of revenge.

Charlie (Shahrukh Khan) plans to take vengeance from Charan Grover (Jackie Shroff), because of whom his innocent father (Anupam Kher) was locked behind bars for 12 years.

To execute his plan smoothly, Charlie gathers a team of misfits, including a self-declared Parsi stud named Tammy (Boman Irani) who is a specialist at breaking sophisticated locks, a partly deaf, former army bomb squad expert, named Jaggu (Sonu Sood), a hacker named Rohan (Vivaan Shah), a look-alike of Grover’s son, Nandu (Abhishek Bachchan) and a dance trainer named Mohini (Deepika Padukone). The movie is about how they manage to take Charlie’s revenge collectively.

Photo: Happy New Year Facebook Official Page

Plot wise, Happy New Year is a disaster. There are too many loopholes in the storyline. The jokes showcased are close to movies like Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala and Humshakals – substandard and barely comical. For instance, Abhishek puking anywhere and anytime is considered hilarious. Shahrukh and Boman are seen dancing with their behinds thrusting out with weird expressions on their faces, all this in an attempt to be comical. And as a cherry on top, the film is strewn with racial and ethnic jokes – all done in bad taste.

Sonu, who has impaired hearing, can’t hear what the baddies say from inches away but can easily hear what Shahrukh tells him from miles away. A lot of scenes in the movie lack all logical sense and these are just a few of the blunders I’ve mentioned. The movie has dozens more.

Just like any other Farah Khan movie, Happy New Year is filled with guest appearances of different celebrities. You come across the likes of Dino Morea, Sajid Khan, Malaika Arora, Prabhu Deva and Anurag Kashyap. I’ve never understood the purpose of doing this.

Photo: Happy New Year Facebook Official Page

Also, audiences should know that Happy New Year is not a performance-oriented movie; it is a celebrity-oriented film. Tasteless performances and no good songs to back them up either!

Watch it for Shahrukh’s eight-abs, Sonu’s hunk of a body, Deepika’s alluring beauty (minus her acting skills), Boman’s typical Parsi-ish delivery and Abhishek’s over-acting. But don’t expect it to be a good movie.

Even with all these flaws, the movie did pretty well at the box office and managed to enter in the INR 100-crore club. Happy New Year collected INR 42.62 crore on Friday (the day it was released), INR 30.42 crore on Saturday and INR 31.06 crore on Sunday; which means the film earned a total of INR 104.10 crore within the first three days of its release.

Photo: Happy New Year Facebook Official Page

What this movie proved, unfortunately, was that even a tasteless, senseless and below-average movie like Happy New Year can enter the INR 100-crore club, if it has Shahrukh Khan in it.

I’m not sure it deserved this, but I’ll give it 2/5.

Shafiq Ul Hasan

Shafiq Ul Hasan

The author is an avid movie lover and reviews films and dramas regularly. He is a professional digital inbound marketer. He has worked with a silicon valley-based social network as a content analyst. He blogs at www.shafiqsiddiqui.com and tweets as @shafiqulhasan81 (twitter.com/shafiqulhasan81)

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  • Indian

    Srk should grow up. His contemporaries like Aamir Khan have moved on from performance oriented films to social activism while King Khan is ageing disgracefully & still shaking his hairless torso & ‘patli qamar’ for B grade inr100 crore monstrosities.
    Ps-srk fans,pls don’t come to eat me.Recommend

  • Abidi

    Happy New Year was a waste of money and time. Skip it!Recommend

  • rangacahrya kulkarni

    Agreed 100%Recommend

  • Prashant

    When Aamir makes a bad movie, it feels a good effort somehow went bad but bad movies becoming major hits is a norm now a days for Shahrukh and somehow it does not feel that he intends to make movies which have any sense at all.Recommend

  • gourav

    great movie…..after 3 idiots…Recommend

  • salman

    i dont know why people look for a logic in movies… they are made to entertain us, some likes it.. some don’t.Recommend

  • Who is John Galt :)

    Sorry dude you have wasted your time and mine too. There are certain movies are made for average happy go lucky people. Please don’t steal those moments from them. Recommend

  • Jamal

    truly agree… this movie is waste of time and money…Recommend

  • Guest

    Thank you! Totally agree. Recommend

  • Jannat Bibi

    uh Dhoom 3?Recommend

  • Shafiq Ul Hasan

    You are rite, I wasted my time in watching the movie “Happy New Year”… But I am sure I have not wasted your time, i’s you who decided to read on, even after reading the “TITLE”. A good reader knows what’s coming ahead and decides whether to read or skip it.
    I cannot take this philosophy that “AVERAGE” happy go luck people are dumb, and free from logical mind. Don’t label “Happy Go Lucky Average people” with the Tag of “Nonsensical/Dumb Buyers of Crap”Recommend

  • Jor El

    Was this movie released in Pakistan? If so, how did a dumbass movie, a total piece of thrash with pseudo-hyper patriotism get a NoC whereas a film like Haider cudnt ?Recommend

  • Indian

    Oh,that bad huh ? I haven’t Dhoom 3 reviews.Recommend

  • Indian

    Oh,that bad, huh ? I haven’t read Dhoom 3 reviews.Recommend

  • Kamalesh Happynewyeardiwalidha

    hny best. srk rockss. hny best movie of bollywood. hny broke all records. king is back. hny 5/5 star. public review.Recommend

  • Armaghan

    Movies like this do good business in Pakistan among the maila crowd but intelligent domestically made movies with well written scripts such as Operation 021 get booed, and that’s mainly because the people of the subcontinent haven’t yet matured intellectually.Recommend

  • Lalit

    so you were expecting a ‘Haider’ out of a Farah Khan movie, that too titled ‘happy new year’….there are certain movies which need to be just viewed not to be reviewed and HNY falls in that category.no body claimed it was a great piece of art.Recommend

  • loboran tamzi

    Maila crowd?? is that distinction literacy baced or skin tone based??Recommend

  • loboran tamzi

    *based*(yeah I am literate)Recommend

  • Sid

    Almost gouged my eyes out. I need rehabilitation after watching this.Recommend

  • pakone

    Stupid mindless Oceans 12 rip off movie with bad script and bad acting. SRK never knew how to act and this movie proves it yet again. I am however surprised by a fine actor like Deepika opting for these useless roles in big budget movies. Big thumbs down as expected and a waste of time and money.Recommend

  • Lalit

    yah ….only the nomenclature was wrong..it should have be ‘six Idiots’…..Recommend

  • Real movie review

    Wow really “tasteless blockbuster” ! I wonder how you will describe akshay kumar movies 5 movies a year sometime 5 or 4 of them tasteless but still people watch it with no complaints.
    I know just why because he is unstoppable and most people don’t like that.Recommend

  • Roberts

    Shahrukh Khan again romancing with girl of his daughter’s age.Happy New Year is another Gay Bollywood movie.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Apart from the fact that both this and Ocean’s 12 were about a heist there was nthing common between the 2 movies. The promos made it very clear this was about a heist. So if that makes you think it was waste of time, why did you watch it?

    I have seen both movies and certainly did not find this as a rip off. I did not go in expecting an intellectual movie. Based on how the movie was promoted and knowing what kind of movies Farah makes, I went in expecting a time pass paisa vasool movie that could be watched without being uncomfortable when you are with family. I was not disappointed.Recommend

  • Gp65

    Going by the same principle, this was not the first Farah Khan movie. If its is a Farah Khan movie you know it is going to be a ‘paisa vasool’ time pass movie which can be watched by family audiences ( no cheap songs, vulgar dialogs or things which one would be uncomfortable watching with our parents/kids). Why then did you watch it? The promos were fairly clear about what you should expect.
    So if the person who commented is not right to say you wasted their time reading considering the headline, then you are equally wrong to claim the movie wasted your time because the movie was exactly what it promised to be.Recommend

  • Gp65

    The NoC was witheld from Haider because it was aout Kashmir not because of its artistic merit. There was nothing objectionable about this movie. It is nit censor’s job to pre-empt audience taste.Recommend

  • sheena

    behaviour based probably.Recommend

  • Shafiq Ul Hasan

    PAISA VASOOL? Really? My “PAISA” was not “VASOOLed”…
    Family audience? Do you watch bumps focused with your Family? As this movie had numerous scenes featuring bumps as comical element. Plus, do you not find it offensive to hear “Mother based corny jokes” with your family seated with you? Seriously mate if that’s the case, I am not a family man like you.Recommend

  • vineet soni

    no offence bro! just wanted to say that dont behave as if u think that people dont know what a bump is…or what slang is…the jokes were made for us to laugh and i laughed at the jokes… the jokes were not meant to be thought upon so deep…talking about the movie i would just lyk to say that the movie was entertaining…it did not bore me at all…and neither my family…Recommend

  • a r modak

    SRK sells-good or tasteless scriptRecommend

  • Human

    DHOOM 3 was pathetic .

    this was a funny movie at least made me laugh & story line was goodRecommend