What were you doing with so much money at home, Edhi Sahib?

Published: October 22, 2014

Are these ‘people’ evading taxes by safekeeping their gold and currency with Edhi Sahib? Or are these ‘people’ afraid to disclose their assets? PHOTO: AFP

Sunday mornings are the laziest mornings of the week, when all one wants is to wake up to the smell of halwa puri and thick newspapers. However, this Sunday morning, Karachi woke up to the news of a robbery at the Edhi residence – house of Abdul Sattar Edhi and Bilquis Sattar Edhi and – headquarters to the Edhi Foundation, which was looted in broad daylight by unknown dacoits.

This is surprising, yes.

It should not have happened, I agree.

But it happened.

It happens all the time in Karachi.

I’m just glad that the robbers had at least this much humanity left in them that they did not kill the man himself. So there you go, Pakistan; he is alive and well. Like they say,

Jaan hai tou jahan hai

(If you’re alive, the world’s alive)

During a lunch-time discussion, however, my colleague was surprised to see that I wasn’t affected much by the robbery – and I was equally surprised to see her making such a big deal out of this.

Is this incident new to our metropolitan?

Then why the outcry?

Is it because it happened to a philanthropist?

I am more concerned with, and happy about, the fact that the robbers didn’t harm Edhi Sahib or his wife. In the words of Edhi Sahib himself:

“Mere saath kuch nahin kiya. Balkey izzat di, kursi pe bithaya…

(They didn’t do anything to me. In fact, they showed respect and asked me to sit on a chair)

Although this does not justify the robbery itself, it could have been worse. The icing on the cake for me, though, was the comment made by the police, terming this robbery as ‘unethical’. I am still to learn what ethical robberies are…

The media is in frenzy, Twitter is ablaze with the hashtag #DonateToEdhi, our chief minister has woken up from his slumber and bothered to take notice and SHO Zafar Iqbal – who was probably with his family on a picnic that beautiful Sunday – has been suspended.

But, what bothers me as a layperson is not that Edhi Sahib was robbed; it is the question that why did Edhi Sahib, a philanthropist and a Nobel Prize nominee, have gold and money worth millions of rupees, including foreign currency, in his house?

Edhi Foundation is one of the largest charitable foundations in Asia, with its website boasting that donations can be made via credit cards, bank transfers and even PayPal. Why would so much cash and gold be donated in person, and kept at a residence that doesn’t even have any security? And that too in a city like Karachi, which has been voted one of the top 10 most violent cities in the world.

Edhi Sahib, you are no way immune to theft or robbery; robbers would never care if you are a saint or a sinner. In a city where people hardly make enough money to feed their families, thinking that one would be safe because one is compassionate to all is beyond naivety.

Investigation of the incident shows that this was perhaps a planned robbery, as the Edhi residence maintained lockers with valuables that the dacoits immediately targeted. Clearly, they already knew about it and were well aware of its contents.

Faisal Edhi, son of Edhi Sahib, stated that the valuables were given to Edhi Sahib for safekeeping, as an ‘amanat’, because he is a very trusted man.

Again, the question is, who are these ‘people’ who entrusted Edhi Sahib with keeping valuables in his house and endangered his life, instead of using banks and locker services like the rest of the 23.5 million individuals in the city?

Are these ‘people’ evading taxes by safekeeping their gold and currency with Edhi Sahib? Or are these ‘people’ afraid to disclose their assets?

These questions, I believe, will remain as unanswered as the question “Benazir ka qatil kaun?” (Who killed Benazir?).

Edhi Sahib, I feel for you and let me assure you that people all over the world will still donate to the Edhi Foundation, irrespective of the fact that the stolen valuables were not donations but entrusted to you for safekeeping by unknown ‘people’ for unknown reasons.

As a citizen of this city, however, I am disappointed that when valuables of rich people are stolen from your respectable organisation, it is termed unethical but when hundreds of people are robbed every day of their hard earned money on traffic signals, in their homes or even outside mosques, no action is taken.

Is it justified to term those robberies as ethical and not disturb our beloved chief minister over them? Or is it mandatory that the regulatory authorities only take action when a high profile case like yours is reported?

Sana Shah

Sana Shah

Lawyer by profession, a realist and farceur at heart who can debate endlessly on feminism and humanitarian issues. Loves travelling, dogs and museums. Permanently a victim to sartorial dilemmas. She tweets at @sanahshah (twitter.com/sanahshah)

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  • http://ruletheworld.co.nr/ Syed Owais Mukhtar

    What if anyone dont want to put their amount in banks?Recommend

  • Parvez

    You seem to be arguing that just because she wore a short skirt and a halter top she was asking to be molested……..why blame the victim very time ? It’s just wrong.Recommend

  • Rafay Salman

    The question is very genuine “What were you doing with so much money in your house?”- You certainly know what a bank locker or a back account is for. Had it been any place in the world- this would have happened.Recommend

  • Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi

    This blog is in a bad taste. The blogger should have better sense than this.Recommend

  • SamSal

    Finally, someone is asking the right questions!Recommend

  • ali

    I actually hope this is satire, otherwise we, as a nation, have plumbed new depths trying to look for conspiracies everywhere. Shameful article.Recommend

  • uzma

    Edhi Sahab runs a big deal of this foundation and millions of people donate in hundreds of thousands rupees therefore they need a way to reserve the daily cash amounts. Yes they have bank accounts, saving certificates etc. “Gold” is a way to preserve the amount donated for long-term. Probably the Gold was kept and about to be transferred to the lockers or how can we know or comment that what was he doing with it? It’s a place where no one will ever be grateful to anything or anyone!Recommend

  • Syedpk

    I agree on the part you when you say why has this case been dealt differently than others.
    Robbery is a Robbery simple. no unethical or ethical.

    About why he had the money and gold is the responsibility of tax department.Recommend

  • Dr Tahir

    well thought out….. even if he is a trusted person he should have been careful………….. plus he didnt even had CCTVs ? shame fullRecommend

  • AW

    If you watched the interview on ARY, you would know that Bilquees Edhi said that they felt that the valuables were much safer at home rather than in a bank locker – bank lockers easily get broken into.
    The writer has obviously done zero research.Recommend

  • Fighter Man

    Even Banks are not safe in Karachi then What is the option left for Karachities ?Recommend

  • http://imranhunzai.com Imran Hunzai

    Knock knock. “These questions, I believe, will remain as unanswered as the question “Benazir ka qatil kaun?” (Who killed Benazir?).”Recommend

  • Zaki – Toronto

    “And that too in a city like Karachi, which has been voted one of the top 10 most violent cities in the world.” Where did you get this info from? Can you please share that report or link?

    It was his house, you are no one to ask why you kept that much amount in home? You can ask yourself but not on a public forum. For someone Rs. 100,000 cash should always be at home for any unforeseen event but for me this amount should be Rs. 10,000. Its a subjective matter so you better not interfere in his matter.


  • Usman Khan

    why the money was kept at home and not in the bank. The answer is very simple, our constitution says if you have more than 25000 rupees, you should keep that in the bank and you will get “INTEREST” on that every month. “INTEREST”, which is forbidden in Islam. I never keep my money in the bank,not cause I dont feel safe but I don’t want to accumulate interest.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/AamAwam AamAwam

    It was not Edhi’s money that he could act so carelessly with it.Recommend

  • acube

    have you heard of Islamic banking?Recommend

  • Riya

    Not everyone is comfortable in having Gold or money kept in Banks.. This is very simple point that you missed to understand. It is not necessarily true that the people who had entrusted Edhi with their assets were avoiding taxes or had some hidden motives! hadd ha!Recommend

  • acube

    as compared to the houses being robbed??? you seem to have a good grasp of logic!Recommend

  • Anushka

    “Are these ‘people’ evading taxes by safekeeping their gold and currency with Edhi Sahib? Or are these ‘people’ afraid to disclose their assets?”

    I doubt money would be kept for safe keeping with someone who is viewed in such a saintly manner. It’s not always good to have a suspicious perspective, have some faith in humanity.

  • SamSal

    That’s what Islamic banks are for!!
    Meezan Bank ka naam suna hai???Recommend

  • Critical

    Dude,just ask your bank to replace the name in the statement from “interest” to “profit”…because thats what islamic banks do….Recommend

  • Waseem Dinal

    well the question is right…Recommend

  • S

    This post serves no purpose. Looks like she wrote it just for the sake of writing.Recommend

  • James Malish

    Very rational argument. Kudos.Recommend

  • Gp65

    You said it.Recommend

  • Abdul Aziz

    This is perhaps drama. What this huge amount was doing there. It was amount sent by nationals living in foreign for Qurbani Purpose but Qurbani was not done and kept with him to send it to Switzerland, and U.K. through money laundering. Every year this amount is kept for 4 to 6 months and then are sent in foreign account. Other cheating and frauds of Edhi Family will be disclosed later on. It is also false that public members keep amounts and so with edhi as amanat. The Biggest fraud is Bilquis Edhi and she has spoiled Mr. Edhi. The immovable properties valuing more than 5 billions purchased out of charity funds stands in the name of Bilquis Edhi.Is this not dishonesty? are this family liable to continue as trustees.Recommend

  • saarah

    My money is in the bank. I do not get interest on it….. Because my account is a current account. welcome to the 21st century. You’re welcome. Recommend

  • Ismail

    The writer is obviously confused. Half the blog is about terming this robbery ‘unethical’ by a government official. What is the fault of Edhi Sb in this? Did he ask the official to declare it ‘unethical’? If the government does’nt care about ‘other’ people being robbed on daily basis, why is she blaming Edhi Sb? The other half is about keeping gold and money at home. It seems the writer belongs to the ‘westernized elite’ of the city who is completely detached from the realities/norms of the society. Not everybody wants to keep their money/gold in banks because of either safety concerns or they dont want to take interest on gold. Moreoever Edhi foundation maintains huge bank accounts in billions and the amount robbed is a tiny fraction of it. Giving money for safekeeping is a reguar practice in many parts of the country.Recommend

  • Ammar

    I believe the emphasis should ve been on ethical and unethical question you raised but that tax evasion theory of yours overshadowed it completely. Let us understand that Its perfectly normal people give their valuables to edhi because 1)they trust him 2)It felt more secure 3)No one thought of edhi being robbed like literally ever.
    Morover, Its hilarious to even think that people do tax evasion through edhi. You need to come up with better reasons to support your argument or theory. Recommend

  • Faraz Khan

    The article is as good as a lawyer can speak i-e Which makes no sense at allRecommend

  • Ali Tahir

    You get get any kind of interest on basic bank accounts mate…Recommend

  • Khattak

    Reading this and the comments below, Pakistani don’t deserve people like imran khan, edhi, but people like malala,ns, and az. Day by day I regrets if been called a Pakistani.Recommend

  • Parvez

    WOW…..and my comment just disappeared.Recommend

  • Guest

    When bae become columnistRecommend

  • Ahmad

    “Are these ‘people’ evading taxes by safekeeping their gold and currency with Edhi Sahib? Or are these ‘people’ afraid to disclose their assets?”- these questions make me think as if Swiss banks’ clients have turned to Eidhi’s lockers.
    yes, why there wasn’t security at Eidhi’s place? thats somehtin we can question ,living in lowest ebb of morality. Hogwash- the blog is, however.Recommend

  • nemomil

    So right. This blog proves that Pakistan is in the state it is in because of the attitude of Pakistanis. To cast implicit aspersions on someone who has done much greater good than anyone else I know of (and I have this first hand from people who have witnessed this) is so quintessentially Desi.Recommend

  • Ali

    Do you know the basics of bank accounts? Here is some enlightenment: You have the option to create a savings account (in which case interest may accumulate) OR you can simply go with a current account in which case no interest is accumulated.Recommend

  • Anza Chaudhry

    is this author talking about evading taxes in Pakistan? do we even have people who pay taxes? LOLRecommend

  • kk

    I know people who have always kept money and gold in their household since forever. Even my paternal grandmother keeps all her money and the ancestral jewels in her house rather than a bank. You cant really judge someone for this. I dont get y people have to look for the negatives in anything that happens . Recommend

  • sana

    Dont know why i read this, instead lf high lighting the morals of the society, she wasted so much time on think about use less things, had she known the value of a trust worthy person, she would have release how much this nation is starved for them. Guessing laywers cant develop that sense.Recommend

  • moon

    Go for current account Sir!! Recommend

  • Khattak

    Reading this and the comments below, Pakistani don’t deserve people like imran khan, edhi, but people like malala,ns, and az. Day by day I regrets if been called a Pakistani.Recommend

  • faizan

    You have heard of Islamic Banking havent you? Riba free???Recommend

  • Ann

    Heard about “Current Acount” ehhRecommend

  • Basharat Ali Durrani

    Giving valuables for safe keeping to a trusted member of the community is a very old practice in our culture it is incorrect for the author to automatically assume that the money and valuables were kept with Edhi sahib to avoid tax. On the subject of tax i would like to inform the author that in Pakistan at most banks you are allowed to deposit up to USD $10,000 or the equivalent in any other foreign currency per day in cash into a foreign currency account without having to provide any proof as to where the money is coming from or paying any sort of tax on it. Furthermore apart from zakat that Muslims pay annually on gold they own there is no tax on owning gold in Pakistan. The fact of the matter is that there are some traditions that we follow in this country that are a part of our culture and who we are. I would hope that all of us who have western educations and are well read would also make the effort to understand the society we live in and the beautiful intricacies and traditions that make us who we are.Recommend

  • Shaheryar

    I raised same point but people started fighting with me. Bank lockers are insured. edhi house isntRecommend

  • azazel

    What a horrendous article filled with rhetorical questions backed by no evidence. Poorly researched. Also, stop blaming the victim for God’s sake. Destroy this mentality.Recommend

  • Faizan Suleman

    There are people in the city who pays for Have-nots without revealing their identities.. Yes such workings can be exploited.. but still better then what our generals and regime do for unprivileged.. its a two way street. the writer has no clue what she is writing aboutRecommend

  • Raza

    Really? Now we, who have done nothing for this country, are going to criticize Edhi, who is practically a living saint for hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis whom he has served. Shame on us! I don’t know why as a nation we like to disrespect our national heros..

    No I don’t think he needs to give me or the author any explanations..Recommend

  • ovais

    So in our bubble of liberalism we are going to malign the only genuine pakistani who has proven credentials. Most of the gold was for dowry of unwed girls . Where tax laws apply on gold owned by a girl who is not working please clarify …. ET KudosRecommend

  • Rehan Ali

    You are unnerved by Edhi being robbed but feel obligated to judge him for his handling of gold and currency. True that countless robberies are reported in Karachi at any given day however, everyday decisions or lifestyle a person choose to lead is something that other people shouldn’t burden their minds with.
    Whether it were donations or amanath (entrusted for safe keeping) it doesn’t concern us because it was Edhi Sahab’s to do as he pleased. Him getting robbed is significant because its the first time that it has happened and perhaps we are not used to such people getting robbed everyday.Recommend

  • mustafa

    ohh really? if this is the case then how come robbers were able to break the lockers in edhi homeRecommend

  • Sparrow

    This blog truly makes senseRecommend

  • babajee

    @AW and others. Bank lockers are INSURED. Even if stolen, EDHI would have recovered most of the amount! But keeping ALL THESE valuable at home? How do you know his SON was not involved? How does he finance his UK trips?
    Some years ago, EDHIs second wife also RAN away with billions of rupees (public money!!) Didnt he learn any lesson!!Recommend

  • babajee

    WRONG!! You can keep it in a “current account” which DOES NOT get any interest!

    Besides, EDHI Foundation ALREADY has BANK ACCOUNTS with lots of money parked in it! Please do research before spewing out junk. thanksRecommend

  • Zafar

    Keep it into interest free account. Simple.Recommend

  • Muhammad Umair Nizam

    Let me clarify something here… When the word ‘Amaanat’ was used by Faisal Edhi, he did not mean that this was a deposit made by donors to be withdrawn later. He meant that they trusted the organization to use their donated money for the right causes. And any money given to a person with the niyat of sadqa, zakaat, etc is amaanat.

    Freedom of speech does not give you the license to post and publish views which are in any way hurtful, specially those views which are presented by looking at the morning news with ZERO research.

    Extremely disappointed with this blog.Recommend

  • Waqas

    I think you don’t know the option of Current Account.Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    Lolzz Yes blame the person who scarficed his life…shame on our Aaam AwaamRecommend

  • Fawad Gilani

    Stupid Question my friend. The same guy killed Benazir as the one who killed her brother. 3 Guesses anyone?Recommend

  • Redrum

    A thoughtful facet of the heinous crime, but utterly unconcilating blog.Recommend

  • Well wisher

    A good response and glad to see people still think seriously about avoiding the Interest so strongly prohibited in Islam.Recommend

  • democratic dictator

    Its quite appalling to see the lack of banking knowledge in this forum. Current accounts also accumulate interest however the interest is earned by the bank not the customer. In fact the current account is the most profitable account for the bank than any other account. If it is your belief that interest is haram then a current account is also haram. However the funny thing is it has nothing to do with why someone keeps their valuables at home, since its personal and its non of your business if I keep a gold plated Rolex and jewelry in my house. Recommend

  • Aamir

    It was shameful robbery. Its not a point to make an issue that why he kept such a big amount? But he should keep such a big amount in banks in future. Banks are meant for this.Recommend

  • 2Paisa (Khi)

    Tragic what happened to Edhi sahib of course, he has been an inspiration for all us in a country where corruption is rife.

    I hope other philanthropists/non-profit organisations learn from this even. The thieves have no morals, they cannot be trusted with anything, so it’s pointless to ask “oh, why Edhi sabhib”? Keeping money in a house is the riskiest option.

    I think what the author is trying to say is that – playing a devil’s advocate – countless people have been robbed in Karachi (specially of their phones) but nobody cares. One person gets robbed and it’s suddenly a massive news – is this another manifestation of the VIP culture?Recommend

  • Shumaila

    Shame on writer.. Recommend

  • yasir

    he kept his belongings or u may call it materials being entrusted to him, in his house because he was aware that those who terrorize or inhabit of heist are deprived people who consider it legitimate to rob sm1 under the unfair regimes of their totalitarians who though splurge millions of dollars on their personal security from public exchequer but not to grant civil right to the common people. And as a matter of fact, Edihi Sahib trusted the robbers that in Pakistan no one can be that conscience-seller to rob a person like him who always strives overnights to assist these deprived people.Recommend

  • Guess

    Hint1: His Name Starts with Z :)Recommend

  • Raja Wasim

    banks and vaults also nt safe these days , dats why ppl keen to keep valuables at home some where. and decoit put a gun on edhi n his wife so they give the keys , its insiders job.Recommend

  • Saad Farooq

    The question is right but a pointless debate. It had made more sense had it come from a person who had entrusted HIS money to Edhi. There could be endless possiblities to why the valubales were at his house. And i do not think the incident who deter in any way people from entrusting their money to this foundation. No offence intended.Recommend

  • Abdul Sattar Eidhi
  • Thieves

    Thanks for the spirited defense, Sana.

    We’re robbing an orphanage next so please start giving some thought to why they had it coming as well.


    Dacoits who robbed EidhiRecommend

  • ConcernedReader

    I have a headache reading your butchered prose. Did you not even bother looking at it after writing it? I don’t mean to be unreasonable, but what you’ve written is just tripe.Recommend

  • MRAB

    Interesting, well the philanthropist that you just without reason, criticized has only had one interest in his 86 year long life. To help people in need. Unless YOU dedicate your entire life like he did, and give up what your interests for the greater good, I don’t think you have any right or place to comment on where he kept his money or why he did. Why? Because maybe someone like you, or any other common man would have a hidden agenda behind keeping as much cash at home, we only care about ourselves so we lack credibility. But this man throughout his life always puts other before himself. So this “important” question you just raised, is irrelevant.

    Pakistan very seldom has hero’s, or role models, and it is sad that instead of celebrating them, we criticize them. Not only for criticizing a man of that nature, just to fill some space in a blog Recommend

  • Muhammad Bilal

    We as a Pakistani can criticize even a saint and we think he has to learn something from me. Only i have Aqal-e-kul.Recommend

  • Rishabh Jain

    U are awesome, u know that?Recommend

  • Farid

    The roberry is a sad unforunate incident – no doubt, irrespective of who the victim is.
    What was all this cash and gold doing there and whose was it? – an equally valid thought.
    Having read through a few other posts, it is certainly not impossible- that these were potentially sums / gold entrsuted as Amanath with an assumption that these would stay protected among other valuables that the organization posseses; and perhaps appears to me a more logical explanation compared to the theory (which I admit even crossed my mind) that the valuables were there with an underlying intent of evasion of some sort.
    Come to think of it, a few crores is peanuts in these times for someone (or even a bunch of people, which then further dilutes the stake per person) to resort to such a practice. The big sharks have other modern means to ‘whiten’ money :)
    Also assuming the money was kept as Amanath under the Edhi ‘organization’, there must have been some receipt issued as record.
    Don’t intend to attract hatred or curses, but no one thinks it may be his own?
    Reality check: ‘Heroes’ or in simple terms important figures of the society go through a stricter scrutiny / criticism and challenge than a common man. Thats how societies function and behave. Should be no surprises or reservations.
    For me somebody had a thought and they voiced it. Read the article again without any bias at all, no accusations have been imposed. Just a potential other side :)Recommend

  • Aly S

    They sure were safe, thats why they got robbed? Taking peoples valuables for safekeeping is not charity… its called Tax Evasion!

    Dont know about the writer, but you sure didnt put alot of thought in it before commenting! Facepalm,Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    “Again, the question is, who are these ‘people’ who entrusted Edhi Sahib with
    keeping valuables in his house and endangered his life, instead of
    using banks and locker services like the rest of the 23.5 million
    individuals in the city?”

    Give it a break Sherlock.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    “Edhi Sahib, I feel for you and let me assure you that people all over the world will still donate to the Edhi Foundation,
    irrespective of the fact that the stolen valuables were not donations
    but entrusted to you for safekeeping by unknown ‘people’ for unknown

    How can you assure him of anything? Seriously, who are you? Recommend

  • Muhammad Haris Zohaib

    I disagree with the latter part of your comment i.e. which makes no sense at allRecommend

  • Saad Aslam

    The money and all the valuable item were of other people who trusted Eidhi Shb.. So EIDHi Shn was not the owner of those valuables…Recommend

  • haneefa sachi

    I work as a career nurse and have two daughters who work as housemaids in clifton. My husband is an abusive alcoholic and out of a job.
    For the past two years I have been saving up to get my elder daughter married. We do not have a bank account that is not monitered by my husband.
    So, I approached birjees bibs and asked her a favor to safeguard my belongings so I can finally arrange my daughters wedding.
    She agreed and that relieved me off a lot of stress from hiding this money from my husband and his hooligan family.
    After the robbery, birjees bi I called me and apologised. She said she would arrange the money herself but I refuse to take a donation and maintain my faith in this godsend edhi family.Recommend

  • 123

    A person who does not know EDHI sahab, His lifestyle, and His background can easily raise such question,
    But to be very honest EDHI sahab belongs to my community and i personally know each and everything about him and his lifestyle, Here i am just endorsing it, that it is our tradition of keeping valuable’s in a safe at home, at office or at some trusted person.
    As the time have passed people of our community has already been started to open a bank account and lockers and trying put their valuables in banking circle but it will take time. perception is changing but people still do keep their valuable in a safe at home or at some trusted person in community

    Despite of this case, I personally believe that there must be a regulator to strictly monitor all the activities of each and every NGO. as i have heard this many time that PAKISTAN is safest JANNAH for NGOs. Because here they can do any thing and nobody will ask questions.Recommend

  • Fatima

    Typical Pakistani mentality instead of putting the blame on the government for its failu

    re to provide security to the public you are saying this.Recommend

  • Sane

    Sheer waste of time.Recommend

  • Whatsinaname

    Youve echoed my thoughts exactly! Recommend

  • Revb

    Shame for writing this blog .Recommend

  • Abdul

    Well, dont even ask someone who has dead bodies in his house as to why they are in his house. Its his house afterall. Recommend

  • Common Guy

    At last someone has had the courage to ask the question that everybody has been asking privately. Unfortunately, the campaign to silence this voice has become vicious. Why?Recommend

  • Obed Pasha

    Are you a PTI supporter? Only they could come up with such stupid and ignorant arguments. You have no idea how the informal economic sector works in Pakistan and how these donations are collected.Recommend

  • armughan

    Pathetic piece of journalism. Tribune should know this. What have you done in your life to actually know what and how its like to live a life of Edhi. Look at his portfolio and achievements. They are unparallel to any other living being. People who do nothing in life except for creating doubts in people’s minds tend to not understand their . Utterly disgusted and disappointed on tribune!

  • Bilal

    let me fill your head with some logic:
    – Maybe the gold was supposed to be transferred to a bank account but banks are closed on sunday
    – Maybe he wanted to keep it at his house, who are you to question why he kept his money at his own house?

    Based on the research I did, the money and gold was donated by people. But since the money had been donated, it became his possession. So whatever he does with it is his own business.

  • fariya

    Raising question why edhi is being given a special treatment after robbery then a common men is just like comparing Nelson Mendala with a ordinary politician … come with a logic and researchRecommend

  • Annie

    this is the worst post Ever published in express tribune blog…Recommend

  • Solomon2

    If I may offer an opinion: rupees may not really be money in the Koranic sense. Modern paper money and coin are fiduciary money: their value is not intrinsic but depends on the confidence people have that they can be exchanged for goods and services or paying taxes. It’s not like gold or silver – the money of Mohammed’s time – that had intrinsic value of their own. Might receiving or paying interest on fiduciary money be permitted whereas doing so with precious metals or goods remain forbidden?Recommend

  • Parvez

    Rishabh….that was very nice of you. :-)Recommend

  • http://www.cidpusa.org/ Imran Khan

    He had some helpers in the Government tooRecommend

  • khaled.javeed

    The worst about our nation is that we don’t even think to think negative about our heros, leaders, religious leaders (peer) etc.. We prioritize our believes over logic.
    Edhi may have no match in terms of his services but still there is NO logic of keeping this much cash and valuables at home and secondly who’s money was that (who distrusted banks over Edhi’s insecure facility!!).
    Anyways, beside the robbers be caught, this must also be enquired that who’s money was that and why it was there??
    Good work writer! There are a few who stand for the logic. Thumbs up (y) Recommend

  • Hisham

    Let me just get in on this unrelated banking argument and say that putting your money in a current account doesn’t mean your money isn’t involved in interest. An interest based organization still uses all your money to earn as much interest as possible on it. So if you’re against the concept of interest, better make room under your mattresses!Recommend