My father was an Ahmadi serving the Pakistan Air Force

Published: October 20, 2014

Mr Butt may just be another random killing for some, but for Ahmadis, it’s the gradual destruction of the country they’ve given their best heroes to protect. DESIGN: JAHANZAIB HAQUE

On October 14, 62-year-old Mr Latif Alam Butt, an Ahmadi retired Pakistan Air Force (PAF) serviceman was gunned down at Kamra Air base, Attock District. He was shot due to his religious beliefs. My father was also an Ahmadi and a retired PAF serviceman, who also happened to die at the age of 62. But my father was not killed, only marginalised, for his religious beliefs. But he and Mr Butt share more than meets the eye.

In 1965, when Mr Butt was only 13-years-old, my parents, newly married at the time, were making plans to start their married life at my father’s post in Risalpur, Pakistan. While my mother anxiously awaited her husband, Pakistani and Indian forces came face to face at the border. Without thinking twice about his young wife and their plans, my father headed to Sargodha where the PAF played a vital role in defending Pakistan from Indian forces. To honour PAF’s spectacular performance at Sargodha base, September 7th was declared as PAF Day.

Nine years later, in the summer of 1974, when Mr Butt was 22-years-old and was about to join the PAF, my father was transferred to Peshawar. While he was trying to settle down his young family in Peshawar, nationwide riots erupted against Pakistan’s Ahmadi community. My father put his children in a relatively safer place and patiently waited for the government’s verdict on the “Ahmadi issue”. He was certain that this turbulence would be short lived just like 1953’s riots. He unwearyingly took all the sarcastic comments from some of his colleagues in the hope of getting justice from the government. In his eyes, the Pakistan he proudly served was far above the religious intolerance the Mullahs were spewing.

Unfortunately, and to his dismay, on September 7, 1974, Pakistan’s elected Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto declared all Ahmadis to be non-Muslims. My father returned to work with a broken heart and shattered confidence in the government. Yet, his love for Pakistan was unwavering and his loyalty to the PAF was unquestionable. Since then, extremists celebrate September 7th as a victory for their intolerance. Every year on September 7th, PAF pilots show their stunts with fighter jets and bigoted Mullahs show their stunts of spewing venom against Ahmadis.

In the remaining years of my father’s service, he faced passive marginalisation on every front. His not-so-popular religious beliefs became the yardstick for his success in the Air Force. His professional expertise, decades of service, commitment to his assignments, hardworking nature, honest demeanour, and even his loyalty for Pakistan, nothing mattered because he was no longer a “Muslim”. Hence, the chances of him moving up in rank gradually died. Towards the end of his career, he felt like an unwelcomed guest in PAF. Yet, his love for Pakistan was undeterred.

Ahmadis have proudly served in Pakistan’s armed forces and have valiantly fought for their country. But sadly, my father and Mr Butt are not the only Ahmadis who served Pakistan’s armed forces and faced religious discrimination. Most Ahmadis in Pakistan’s armed forces have faced second class treatment. General Akhtar Hussain Malik is a 1965 war hero who launched operation Grand Slam in Kashmir. Although bestowed with Hilal-e-Jurat, the second highest military award, his name never made it to the Pakistan Studies text books. Same year, Major General Abdul Ali Malik led Pakistan’s largest tank battle since World War II. How many kids and adults know his name? Major General Iftekhar Janjua, the highest ranked officer of the Pakistani Army to be killed in action was denied the Nishan-e-Haider, the highest military gallantry award. Captain Mumtaz Anwar of Pakistan Navy gave his life during the 1971 war with India but never received the recognition he deserved.  Major Afzal Mehmood sacrificed his life during the Swat operation in 2009. In 2010, 90-year- old Major General Nasir Ahmad Chaudhry died at the hand of religious extremists while he was offering Friday prayers. He was the only Pakistani general to be injured in active war duty during the 1971 war. He fought three wars for Pakistan, but in the end, died at the hand of those very people he protected all his life.

Sadly, this list is endless.

Pakistan’s latest hero, Latif Alam Butt, leaves behind five children to carry on his legacy. One of his four sons is also serving in PAF. One day, soon enough, Pakistan will look back and mourn what it allowed to happen to my father, to Latif Alam Butt, and to all Ahmadis who have given their lives in the service of Pakistan.

Mr Butt may just be another random killing for some, but for Ahmadis, it’s the gradual destruction of the country they’ve given their best heroes to protect.

Ayesha Noor

Ayesha Noor

A freelance writer based in the US who has a masters degree in Economics. Her areas of interest are women's rights, minorities rights, comparitive religions and social issue. She tweets @FriendlyMuslim (

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  • Pir Roshan

    Better all Ahmadis convert to Islam. When serving army they will have some mercy not to bomb Muslim villages & homes.Recommend

  • Gladiator

    Agree with biased treatment of a religious minority in general but you must appreciate that one person reached to the rank of major general as you referred that annuls the notion of discrimination everywhere. I wish people here in Pakistan grow up in thinking and learn the real lesson of Islamic tolerance for differing point of views. It is really painful that one is cornered just for one’s incompatible views with majority.Recommend

  • Faisal

    Persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan is indeed resentful. They are equal citizens of Pakistan and should enjoy total protection of life, honour and property with no discrimination. However, Ahmadi faith is as different from mainstream Islam as Islam is from Christianity. This is a fact that all need to come into grips and learn to live with.Recommend

  • bob

    Shameful and disgusting attitude of a society which does not even come close to understanding Islam. Saudi Arabia just passed a declaration that anyone who recites the Kalma cannot be called a Kafir. Ahmadis are as Muslim as any other Muslsim. May Allah help and protect them against a very brainwashed and a bigoted society.Recommend

  • bob

    How is it different from mainstream Islam.? Let me put it bluntly: Ahmadi and Sunni recite the same kalma, recite the same Quran, fast at the same time, say the same salaat at the same time, believe in Allah and all his Prophets, believe in Prophet Muhammad as Khatim ul Nabi i.e the last of the Nabi who can bring a Shraih. So no new Shariah can come. Yes they believe in a Mahdi who they say has arrived and Sunni say it has yet to come. Now compare mainstream Islam from Shias, Ismailis, Bohras, etc.Recommend

  • jee non

    Oops it is not in India,So Pakistanis don’t shout Minority Crocodile tears this time..Recommend

  • raw is war

    Had he served Indian Air Force, he would have been treated much better.Recommend

  • Muneera J

    ‘Only a dead nation remembers its heroes when they die.
    Real nations respect them when they are alive.’ Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

    Nations who shun their heroes while they are alive and don’t have the decency of acknowledging or mentioning them after they are dead….
    Are they real, dead or beyond dead?!Recommend

  • Javeria

    Sad but true.
    May the ones who laid down their lives rest in peace. And may God grant the oppressors the insight into what they are doing. Long Live Pakistan.Recommend

  • A-No.1

    Minorities were marginalised from the begining of Pakistan. The white stripe in the flag, meant to represent minorities, immediately proclaimed that all citizens were not equal. Bigotry from day one of the flag being adopted.Recommend

  • PCG

    Sorry to hear. They talk big about “international Muslim Brotherhood”, but in real they are not anyone’s kinsfolk.Recommend

  • Feroz

    Everyone has to sleep in the bed they make for themselves, is the lesson history has taught. Were Ahmadi’s not in the forefront of the demand for Partition ? What goes around always comes around, is the divine law of nature.Recommend

  • Rambler

    That was before the draconian 2nd amendment. Recommend

  • Ashar Pervez

    You clearly have no idea what ahmadi beliefs are do you?Recommend

  • Ashar Pervez

    Stupid logic to say the least.Recommend

  • Ashar Pervez

    That is where they differ and it is too big a difference to be swept under the carpet. The Prophet SAW very clearly said that no PROPHET will come after him.Recommend

  • Feroz

    Please do not bring a hero like Badshah Khan into this low level discussion. They do not make men like him any more. His land and its people were ravaged by the ideological experiments of charlatans, sadly he could see the future like none could and died a broken man. May his Soul RIP !Recommend

  • Real Musalman

    Sad but true story.
    In Pakistan there are lot of “unsung heroes” and this unfortunate country is proud of it.Recommend

  • Ram

    Ayesha Noor How do you expect a different result when you keep doing the same thing. Here are the wrong assumptions that you made in your history, you need courage and honesty to accept those (and to publish my comments).
    1. when hindus and Sikhs were getting killed where was ahamdis and shias, you made a wrong assumption that those who use religion for protect there own jagirdari will not come after you.
    2. when bunch of politicians decided who is a muslim or not and made that as part of the law in a land, you made wrong assumption that you belong to that country
    3. you are making wrong assumption as a ahamdi that you belong in Pakistan, you are an Indian where Ahamdi religion itself is born like many other religion budisim,sikhism,hinduism and they all coexist and all are equal under the Indian constitution.
    You need courage and boldness to come out of prejudiced thinking to understand foe and a friend. More than anything you need to read books available you in US from authors as Ayesha Jalal, Tariq Fatha etcRecommend

  • Amna

    still cant digest the fact the Pakistan is a separate country, and that your fore fathers failed against the Muslims of the sub-continent ?Recommend

  • Amna

    failed attempt. she clearly stated more than once that her father had unbreakable love for PakistanRecommend

  • Deepwater

    Regimes have come and gone. Be they democratic or military, no one has done anything with regards this issue. Nor have the ordinary citizens ever rallied to this cause. On the contrary, sectariasim and fundamentalism only gone up over time. Given this, how can there be hope?Recommend

  • Amna

    only an Indian can post insulting and derogratory comments on an article where a lady is mourning the death of her father. no wonder my forefathers decided to move away from such people and came to PakistanRecommend

  • Asad

    67 years. still crying about partition. and then they say they dont care about Pakistan. funny.
    you cant talk politely even to a woman.Recommend

  • Sana

    @ Naeem
    “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Rasul”
    What part of the kalima says “””final”””” .
    What part ???
    Why is the word missing in the kalima.
    How dare you people impute such meanings and declare
    people non muslim on its basis!
    Thats the shameful part.Recommend

  • Anan

    Excellent. Loved the analogy and author’s grip on time line of Pak history.
    “……………………………….., but for Ahmadis, it’s the gradual destruction of the country they’ve given their best heroes to protect”Recommend

  • Ali Kuli Khan

    do you think do u know their belief by listening to these bigotedmullahs who are on day night duty to spew their venom upon anyone who would contradict their belief, how about Shiites’ killings, but you don’t give a because you will never do any research just would be stooges and slaves of this Mullah Rhetoric, Regards!Recommend

  • Ali Kuli Khan

    how do you know that they don’t believe in Khatm-e-Nabuwat, u know it just because you come to know about this from a Mullah and that’s all, i know you are not going to believe this i have many friends who are Ahmadis and yes we have long debates about all issues and they swear to their mothers (can’t swear to Quran as we think they don’t it btw it was sarcasm) that they believe it. live a happy healthy life in your Mullah’s version of Islam not Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W) Islam in which; even Christians were allowed to worship in Mosques and they would be respected!Recommend

  • Ch. Allah Daad

    Its true that Ahmadis have laid down their lives in defence of Pakistan but writer should also mention their role in creation of Pakistan. Did they not know at that time, Pakistan which is being created in the name of Islam, sooner or later fundamentalists were going to have control over it. Ahmadis killing is not a new thing, it was happening before creation of Pakistan. Thanks to British rule, it was far less but hate was there, literature was there and preparations were made. Only missing was a safe heaven where they could be hunted down. Ahmadi leaders built a slaughter house for his own community. Well done.Recommend

  • Muse

    in pakistan religious belief,religious remarks are superior than sanity&loyalty
    May you find peaceRecommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    who are you to decide? when Ahmadis practice the same beliefs as all other muslims ? Same prayers, same Kalima, every tenet is the same. Yet you show the audacity to claim that they are very different.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    I know all of their beliefs, because I am an Ahmadi. Feel free to list any belief which you think goes against the deceleration of faith , The KalimaRecommend

  • Striver

    For those Muslims who think they are holier than thou please remember you will be answerable for all your deeds one day.

    There is a great let-out clause in the Islam. Haqooq-el-Ebaad. Nothing matters more to God this. Haqooq-el-Ebaad si to be applied to all mankind. He is the God all. Not God of Muslims alone.

    So let Ahmedis live in peace. You need to focus on how you will stand before God.


  • Zeeshan

    Alas . .We couldn’t understand the meaning of Freedom and why Quaid struggled for a separate Nation . . Ahmedis are minority so they need to be treated even more carefully as its a muslims duty to protect the small communities living among them. I wish we could start following Prophet saww rather then the molvis . .Recommend

  • Maham

    So true and sad…I myself was never aware of the number of Ahmadis in the armed forces who were pushed back and never mentioned in history books in school or university.Recommend

  • siesmann

    does it matter to haters and bigots;they are the ones who incite murder of peopleRecommend

  • Ram

    why is your father fighting for a country which constitution declares you non muslim , that too you are fight a India where Ahamdia religion was born, your contradiction of loving pakistan living in a secular US does not make sense, if you really love why do you leave PakistanRecommend

  • syed ahmad jamal

    50 thousand pakistanis muslims were killed by ttp extremist for their beliefs too
    these extremist killed every one
    infact muslims in pakistan faced more blood shed and suffering than ahmadi or anyother miniority
    plz just get out of its victim mentalityRecommend

  • Salman Shareef

    These Ahmedis run their own state within the stateRecommend

  • Hassan

    Will u kill all non muslims. He is entitled to his belief neither he was muratid. He was simply non muslim why u shd kill him for his belief. Recommend

  • shehryar

    By the way so many ahmadi officers have reached very high ranks in the armed forces( some of them are mentioned in this article) which shows that things are not that negative at least in armed forces of Pakistan and there’s a huge residential colony in kharian named after gen iftikhar janjua known as IJ colony.
    I Partially agree with the author but I think we should learn to accept n highlight positive aspects even if they don’t support our point of viewRecommend

  • One minute

    Who is questioning his fathers integrity…? Recommend

  • Runaas

    You clearly have no idea what ahmadis are… they are humans, just like us. many of them better than you and I. The rest leave up to Allah please.

    Even if I take your word that they are non muslims, even then, there must be equal rights for minorities. Shouldn’t you be a defender for minority rights as per our beloved Quaid?Recommend

  • VijayMK

    He wasn’t crying in case you noticed. He was only pointing out the irony.

    And it is true Ahmedis played a huge role in the hate campaign. It is ironic.Recommend

  • Ansh

    whatever beliefs are. does it give right to others kill a person for that?Recommend

  • Ansh

    logic may be inappropriate but reality can’t be denied.Recommend

  • Nasir

    Ayesha you have written well and I hope people like yourself should continue to write as this is the time of jihad pen. However, do not get sad with the comments made by ignorant “2nd Amended Muslims” of Pakistan as they don’t know their own faith and eventually going blind to the facts.Recommend

  • Ansh

    yes Bangladeshi says same thing about your fore fathers.Recommend

  • kamran basharat

    Prophet Muhammad gave the world a new religion which spread far and wide, for 13 centuries there were no Muslim sects to challenge his claim on the finality of his prophet-hood then came along Messiah of Ahmedis who contested this belief; Some followed him some didn’t, but it directly challenges majority’s view. There are other sects of Muslims which differ in certain beliefs and have coexisted as none challenges the stature of the prophet. Jesus came to guide the Jews but the turn of events started a new religion, which spread more than its predecessor. In most of the Muslim countries there s a dominant sect and others are persecuted, Iran, Saudia, Pakistan… are examples for everyone to see. Ahmedis are a minority (2-3% as declared in NADRA database) and they challenge the majority belief, irony is no one listens to the other side, and a fatwa from North America or Saudia is not enough to change that, it makes good rhetoric though, nor the similarities you mentioned as praying in similar manner resolves anything which there is difference of most fundamental issue. The current approach to resolve the matter is to disprove the other which hasn’t bore results and probably won’t. The writer has narrated a tragedy as it makes a strong case, injustice is wrong, but Protestants are persecuted, Jew claim that too, Muslims feel discriminated for being labelled as terrorists all over, Europe has almost the same culture and religion but is divided into countries, is any of this right! No, but neither will it change straight away. You may have guessed but let me reiterate I believe in the finality of Muhammad’s prophet-hood and the Islam he brought, I have no problem with any religion so far they contradict mine, Ahmedis preach and write articles worldwide that my prophet wasnot what he claimed to be hoping world views will affect those in Pakistan, it is to the conrary. In Pakistan Balochis, Sindhis, Hazaras, Hindus, Christians & ofcouse Ahmedis are maltreated for their ethnicity or religion but confrontational policy has not yielded results so far.Recommend

  • maan

    You mean if someone is not of your belief he must be killed. Recommend

  • Yusuf Mohajir

    Sad….really sad….these not-so-religious extremists have ruined us in past, are ruining us now and plan to ruin us in future, in the name of religious beliefs!!
    Its about time we as a nation realise this!!Recommend

  • Parvez

    Very sad indeed. We Pakistanis have not treated Ahmedis well. Declaring them non Muslims was wrong and one of the follies of Bhutto Recommend

  • Haris (Canada)

    Sad Story, I sympathize with the family who lost love
    ones. No one has the right to take some
    one’s life in the name of religious belief differences. It is sad to see where
    this world has come to and scary to imagine where it will be tomorrow. As per
    the constitution of Pakistan Ahamdi’s are considered Non-Muslims, but that does
    not give anyone a reason to kill them cold blooded. We are very proud to call
    our self’s Muslims and that we follow our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
    sunnas’, but that is so not at all what we are doing… Prophet Muhammad was the
    most tolerant person in the entire world and we his umma has no religious tolerance
    what so ever not even 0.0001% when compare to our Prophet. At the end I just have
    a request to make to the average and common citizens, please stop this hate and
    try living with this motto “live and let live”…. PS: my request is to average
    and common citizens only not included are the Mullas’ because they are the ones
    who are behind this hate for each other… this is there bread and butter. Peace JRecommend

  • Abdul Razzaq Qureshi

    What are Ahmadi beliefs? Have you researched it yourself or is it what you have been told. Remember most non Muslims have a very negative image of Islam because most don’t bother to investigate.

  • CH Ahmad

    @^ You clearly don’t know the history.Recommend

  • Shiraz Durrani

    pakistan is morally,socially and economically corrupt.what writers are proving through these articles.Recommend

  • NA

    All Muslims, not just Pakistanis consider Ahmadis non-Muslims. Saudi Arabia supported declaring them non-Muslims. Do you really think Pakistan could do it alone or now reverse it? The only way to reduce the violence against them is for the government to clearly denounce violence against minorities and give exemplary punishments to perpetrators. We should stop asking religion for all government jobs and remove it from passports.Recommend

  • KB

    @Ashar Pervez: Do You?Recommend

  • Noor Ul Amin

    what a great tragedy and injustice!Recommend

  • mediterranean

    That’s what a theocratic state is all about….Even the most notorious Israel won’t do the same with its own country men no matter if they are Christians or Muslims. But yes, we can expect even worst than that from my own countryRecommend

  • Qamar

    I do not agree with the author. The number of Ahmadi Generals ever served in Pakistan Army are far greater than their ratio in population. An Ahmadi officer is more likely to be a General then a mainstream Muslim officer. Whoever work hard gets promotion simple. The Ahmadi Generals mentioned here are just a few in a very long list. Ridiculing the only institute who honour and rewarded their contribution is like shooting your own foot.Recommend

  • Uzair Javaid

    Although would agree to majority of your view but you undermining the pretty straight culture in the forces is another dimension. Did you father had the prerequisites complete to have got at those promotions? i dont say or push to the side where you’d prove things loyalty doesnt make you a general. Sometimes even good officers regardless of religious subscriptions get caught under the rigidness of the system. Its not that your father was targeted. Than you talk about Ahmadi generals not being mentioned in the textbooks. Come-on now thats being childish. There are like more than a thousand people with Sitarai-e-Jurrat. How many of them do you see mentioned in the textbooks. God please!! The largest tank battle isn’t even discussed in history how would kids know the name of officer general commanding? General Iftikhar Janjua is amongst many other people as well who dint receive a Nishan-e-Haider. Many others also deserved it regardless of the religious ideology. Iftikhar Khan Janjua road is there in Rawalpindi cantt in his memory. Lt General Mushtaq Baiq (a three star) was martyred in a suicidal attack in Rawalpindi, did you see him mentioned in text books? General Sanauallah Niazi a non-ahmadi got martyred in SWAT operation, did his family complain? Captain Mumtaz anwar gave his life amongst numerous others as well why dint you try learning their names. Major Afzal Mehmood isn’t the only officer. I have lost 2 friends in the 2009 operation as well. I am aware of the misery Ahmadi brothers face across the country but thats a minority who spews hatred against them and are violent enough to harm them. Remaining are neighbours to Ahmadis and never say a word. I would on the other hand also REQUEST you not to open these issues up. Ahmadis aren’t the only ones who gave lives for the country. There are thousands others as well who did the same. Those who serve remain happy and live proudly regardless of how they are treated later on. Thats a dilemma with the nation not with Pakistan or its forces.Recommend

  • Dipak Mehta

    Two Pakistani , Zia and ZAB, created this unlawful law. Recommend

  • SKChadha

    Since partition Pakistan represents “Khatm-e-Naboowat”?Recommend

  • Abdur Rehman

    It is unfortunate but not 100% true. There is hardly any such discrimination in Pakistan Air Force, I know two Christian officers who r Wing Commander in PAF & they r enjoying equal status.Normally it is hard to recognize Ahmedies in Muslims bcoz they practice Islam like Muslins. They offer in the same mosque & no one can dare to expel them out. The mess, school, tea bar & other recreational places are same for all PAF personnel. I don’t find any discrimination there so as for as treatment in PAF is concerned it is false and baseless. Please avoid such propaganda because in PAF promotion is based on performance & not on religious beliefsRecommend

  • Laeeq, NY

    When they were minority in India they were better human beings, but less educated and prosperous than Hindus, once they got country to rule on they became worse to their minorities because minorities were more educated and prosperous them. Who are these people?Recommend

  • ak

    So? What @raw is war is saying “IF” he had served in Indian air force , eh would have got treated real well. Which is true, since Indian forces are truly secular in natureRecommend

  • bunbaasi

    This story sounds familiar. How? My dear father was also in PAF served for a very long time, was also stationed at Dhaka, Peshawar & Sargodha. He was also declined to get any promotions due to his Ahmadiyya Muslim believes after 1974. I know my father was a truly patriotic, hard working & a very honest professional.
    Alas, Pakistani nation lost the true gems.Recommend

  • bunbaasi

    As a matter of fact I find non-Ahmadi Muslims closer to the Christianity than Ahmadi Muslims, as ‘they’ are waiting for the second advent of Jesus Christ, because this belief came from Christianity that he’s still alive while our prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW had passed away. We Ahmadi Muslim don’t believe that. We believe that whoever dies never comes back and we believe that Jesus Christ wasn’t God who could survive for 2000 years. Period. Recommend

  • Callithrix

    Can’t Pakistanis get past their religion? Is this all that there is in life? Not a week goes by in any national English daily where there is not some article referring to Islam, partition, or Muslim pride. Its the same old stories, the same tired cliches, the same explanations and justifications, and the same commentaries. We are up to our necks in it and it does not look like this verbal deluge is ever going to end. Tell us something new, something that we can look forward to as the future of Pakistan. Something to be hopeful about. Because this is getting very tiresome and makes us think that Pakistan is mired in the past and is completely unable to move beyond it.Recommend

  • Faisal

    Before going into details, I reiterate Ahmdis’ right to a dignified life in Pakistan. And , thanks for pointing out the similarities. Please note that Ahmadis do not say their prayers behind a Muslim Imam, neither do they participate in muslim funerals. Inter-marriage is also forbidden with other Muslims. (though that is also true for many Muslim sects) Ahamdis call Mirza Ghullam Ahmad not only Mahdi but also the “Maseeh-e-Maood”. As you admit that they believe in the arrival of Mahdi (who is Mirza Ghullam Ahmad). According to the Islamic tradition, only a small group of “true” muslims will recognize the “Mahdi” when he appears and all those who do not follow him, will automatically be out of Islam. Everybody has the right to practice his or her faith, but I would advise all to read a bit more of the books and pamphlets written by Mirza Ghullam Ahmad, his followers and his detractors.Recommend

  • Feroz

    The Truth no matter how politely told can remain bitter to those trying to evade it.Recommend

  • Feroz

    The language used by me is neither insulting or derogatory. The author is not mourning the death of her father but another Ahmadi gentleman who was recently murdered because of his faith. May his soul RIP !Recommend

  • Feroz

    If living an illusion gives comfort so be it. In 1947 85% of the Muslims in today’s geographic India were not lured by slogans and preferred to remain loyal to their motherland and retain Indian citizenship. If descendants of the Indus Valley Civilization are taking pride in reducing Pakistan to ungovernable rubble, who should take pride or pity is left to your intelligence. Have a great day !Recommend

  • muhammad

    hey amna we are actually happy that india got partitioned all islamofascists went to pakistan. You got pakistan from british so don’t bring hindu muslim in this , also ahmadis fought against hindus. now reap what you sow.Recommend

  • samna

    to what end? only to end up writing such a sad blog!Recommend

  • Zulfiqar

    Ahmedis are Pakistanis 100% – the only thing they need to do is to stop calling themselves Muslims … Plain and simple. Recommend

  • Zulfiqar

    Ahmedis are Pakistanis 100% – the only thing they need to do is to stop calling themselves Muslims … Plain and simple. Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Ever read the following verse from Quran?
    “Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is not fathering any of your Men. However, he is the Messenger of Almighty Allah and the LAST / SEAL of the Prophets. In addition, Almighty Allah has complete knowledge of the things.”
    I know you people must have your own interpretation of this verse. I am totally fine with that and I am totally against the injustice and cruelty being imposed on Ahmadis or on any minority in Pakistan, but don’t try to challenge the accepted norms and beliefs by majority of sects in Islam :)Recommend

  • Faisal

    Ahamdis call Mirza Ghullam Ahmad not only Mahdi but also the “Maseeh-e-Maood”. According to the Islamic tradition, only a small group of “true” muslims will recognize the “Mahdi” when he appears and all those who do not follow him, will automatically be out of Islam. Everybody has the right to practice his or her faith, but I would advise all to read a bit more of the books and pamphlets written by Mirza Ghullam Ahmad, his followers and his detractorsRecommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Which ARABIC word in your(and our ) Kalima translates to “LAST” prophet? plz feel free to grab an Arabic lexicon and explainRecommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    The accepted “NORMS” of Islam are that a Mahdi will arrive in the 14th century of Hijra.
    We believe that he has arrived, and other sects think that he is yet to come(Even though the 14th century has come and gone). You should try to find out what the actual debate is instead of blindly quoting the Holy Book.Recommend

  • Khalid Shaikh

    So did Prophet Muhammad pbuh also said that Isa ibn maryam will descend , will God almighty take the prophethood away from Jesus when he descends?? then what about all the verses of the quran which call Jesus prophet of God sent to bani israel? Or will God keep Jesus’s prophethood intact? but then, according to logic, the one who Dies last should be called the last prophet, no?Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Lol, you reply was to an Ahmadi.Recommend

  • L.

    “only a small group of “true” muslims will recognize the “Mahdi” when he appears”. Who is here to say that we are NOT the small group of “true muslims”?Recommend

  • L.

    He also stated: “and my mosque is the last mosque.” (Muslim, Kitabul Haj Fazlis Salat, p. 531) It is clear that the Holy Prophet did not mean that there was to be no prophet after him, otherwise we shall have to conclude that he did not want the Muslims to build any other mosques. Obviously, what he means is that the religion brought by him is perfect and no one can cancel or modify it after him.Recommend

  • نائلہ

    How exactly did He contested Islamic beliefs?Recommend

  • نائلہ

    Are you god? No. Then stop telling us what to do .Recommend

  • marik

    Just be atheist or agnostic everybodyRecommend

  • Syed Shuja Hussain

    I wonder that we all are trying to prove our points valid on the subject we don’t have full knowledge, it would be much better if we recourse to any neutral and well versed person this subject for full understanding. Besides this Islam does not allow anyone to kill anyone due to religious beliefs but we are also not sure the person who was the victim that how he contributed towards his fate like this. As sometimes people do indulge themselves in such activities where they also contribute towards such happening so better to avoid such things or rather be careful to discuss with those who has the ability to understand such a sensitive nature of things. As from my analysis no one who posted comments knew the real issue.Recommend

  • Syed Shuja Hussain

    Please try to promote a nationalistic approach of being Pakistani rather creating a divide.Recommend

  • Naeem

    What did prophet say in his last sermon of Hijatul Wida? He said that Prophet hood is complete / sealed and there will be no prophet after him. Shame on you for defending beliefs that comes no where close to Muslim belief.Recommend

  • Naeem

    I urge you to understand Islam and its basic beliefs.Recommend

  • BAK

    On the occasion of the first Census of Madina, which was conducted by the Holy Prophet Muhammad himself, the Sahaba who had been entrusted with the job, approached the Prophet and asked him who they should count among the Muslims. The Holy Prophet’s reply was clear and needs no paraphrasing. He said: “Write down for me the names of all those who call themselves Muslims” [Sahih Bukhari Kitabul Jihad wa Siyar]. According to the Holy Prophet’s rule, anyone who calls himself a “Muslim”, is a Muslim.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Which beliefs are we talking about here? which he contested?Recommend

  • Oats

    The reality is that South Asia was ruled by Muslim invaders for centuries before the British came. The British are the ones who gave Indians a country so don’t twist facts. For the record, the Indus Valley Civilization existed before Hinduism so why do Indian people get so existed about a civilization that has nothing to do with them? Native Pakistani people don’t want anything to do with India because we know that in different times of history we were part of different other civilizations and empires including Persian Empire, Mughal Empire, Afghan Empire, ancient Greece. This is why there is different mix in our history, culture and looks and this has nothing to do with religion. Many native Pakistanis like me aren’t very religious but we don’t identify at all with India since we see ourselves as a different people altogether.Recommend

  • Mohammad Abdullah Javed

    It’s not about whether Ahmedies are Muslims or not, the fact of the matter is to stop the discrimination of any type.Recommend

  • siesmann

    If one believes in Allah,then one leaves things related to Allah to Allah.Belief does not make one god and give them the right to act god.But mullahs have made them into a proxy of god .And they have a wide following in considering them that.Recommend

  • siesmann

    And Allah has given you permission to judge for Him.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Now you will judge for Allah and his Prophet.Some people just have mullah blood in their veins.Recommend