Should she have declined the Nobel Peace Prize?

Published: October 19, 2014

Should she have refused the Nobel Prize, taking the higher moral ground that she did not really deserve it, in light of the criteria for the prize as mentioned in the first paragraph above? I know if I was in her position, I would probably not have declined.

 The Nobel Peace Prize is given to those who have “done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”.

I wonder which work of young Malala Yousafzai fell within any of these three criteria.

To be fair to her, Malala did not ask for the Nobel Peace Prize, nor did she lobby for it. In all probability, her handlers did, because for them, it was the crowning glory of the agenda they have been pursuing through her ever since she was whisked away from Pakistan. Intelligent as she is, I wonder if the thought has ever occurred to her for even a moment that she is being exploited.

For me, Malala was a precocious, innocent and sensitive Pakistani girl. I believe her intentions then and her intentions now are unquestionably… noble. No pun intended. What I also believe is that once she was taken abroad for treatment, she was methodically and professionally put through a process whereby someone else took control of her still formative thought-process. Someone else has bewildered this girl with their effusive caring, their apparently selfless intentions and their meticulously planned and executed promotion of her at forums which would enchant even the most urbane adult.

Pakistan actually lost Malala the day she left these shores. And this is what I lament; not her winning the Nobel Prize whereas it should have gone to someone else, but the fact that we have lost her to the machinations of the international establishment. The West has projected through a brain-controlled Malala that the Taliban are against girls’ education and that it is a rarity in this country. Take a look at the accompanying photo. Is this girl in a government school uniform, taking two other girls to or from school, riding a bike to or from school, any less determined to promote girls education than Malala?

So by creating a specific perception internationally, Malala’s handlers have projected that the war against the Taliban is justified. Hence the drone warfare is justified. If thousands of innocent civilians get killed in the process, well that’s just collateral damage we have to live with, isn’t it? These people must be guzzling the bubbly in celebration even now, for the monumental PR coup they have pulled off. Pakistan is debased as a failed state globally, while Pakistanis are neutralised lest they react, by arranging the Nobel Peace Prize for a daughter of Pakistan.

Yes, Taliban are against female education, but they are a minor impediment. The real enemies of girls’ education have been successive governments who allocate a pittance for education in the annual budget. The real enemy has been the apathy of civil society, of people like you and me, who are now singing Malala’s praises but have personally done little if anything for giving the underprivileged, girls or boys, the opportunity to get educated.

Should she have refused the Nobel Prize, taking the higher moral ground that she did not really deserve it, in light of the criteria for the prize as mentioned in the first paragraph above? I know if I was in her position, I would probably not have declined.

Only one person has ever refused to accept the Peace Prize – North Vietnamese leader Le Duc Tho, who was awarded the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize together with Henry Kissinger for their roles in brokering a Vietnam ceasefire. Tho declined to accept the award, saying actual peace in Vietnam had yet to be achieved. US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger had no qualms accepting it, even as the US was carpet bombing Cambodia at the very same time.

That’s not all. Before, during and after his acceptance of the prize, Kissinger would be implicated in assassination, war crimes and the slaughter of civilians in a number of countries – East Timor, Pakistan, Greece, Cyprus, Chile, Argentina, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. He was also a part of the alleged US complicity in ‘Operation Condor’, a mid-1970s campaign of kidnapping and murder, coordinated amongst the intelligence and security services of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Two Norwegian Nobel Committee members resigned in protest at Kissinger being awarded.

Is the Nobel Peace Prize anything more than a “thinly veiled political statement it invariably makes”, as the Times of India has written? Has at any other time, the citation for the Prize drawn specific attention to winners’ religions as it has done now? Are Malala’s ‘achievements’ equal to those of the co-winner, Indian children’s rights activist, Kailash Satyarthi, pursuing his mission for 34 years since 1980, and reportedly freeing over 76,000 children from child labour? Should he not have been the sole winner?

The Nobel Peace Prize, however, has not been without controversy. Some previous examples entail:

The 1992, The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Rigoberta Menchu, for “her work for social justice and ethno-cultural reconciliation based on respect for the rights of indigenous peoples”. The prize-winner’s memoirs, which had brought her to fame, turned out to be partly fictitious.

In 1994, the Nobel Peace Prize was shared by Yasser Arafat, Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres for the Oslo Accords. Of these, Peres was a man who started several wars. He also played a major role in helping apartheid South Africa procure weapons when it was under an international embargo. Yet, Peres was one of the winners and Mahmoud Abbas, who had signed the Oslo Accords together with Peres and had worked for years towards Palestinian-Israeli peace, was ignored.

The 2010 Prize went to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, for “his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China”. Liu was perhaps also a ‘brand ambassador’ of the international establishment, for earlier he had participated in organisations that received funding from a US organisation.

Then the world gasped in shock when Obama won the prize in 2009, for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people”, at a time when he had been in office just eight months! The New York Times euphemistically called it “a stunning surprise”. And since winning the award, Obama’s peace-promotion record includes signing the National Defence Authorisation Act into law, making it legal to indefinitely detain US citizens, increasing deadly drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, waging a war in Libya, escalating the war in Afghanistan, and to top it all, a secret “kill list”, revealed this year by The New York Times, which grants a select few American officials the option to mark perceived national security threats – foreign citizens or otherwise – for assassination.

We talk about the sinister and nebulous, yet ubiquitous, ‘establishment’ being behind all conspiracies in Pakistan. Well, then certainly there is an international ‘establishment’ too, perhaps even several, pursuing an agenda that seeks to maintain and enhance world domination by certain countries. This international establishment fights its wars on several fronts. For example, the military front, in which a sovereign country like Iraq, can be invaded, taken over and ruled for 10 years, with a million citizens dying in the process, all on the basis of a lie about weapons of mass destruction.

Perhaps this establishment can resort to an economic war, with trade barriers, boycotts, sanctions, freezing of assets and what have you. A third avenue is a political war, fought one on one, or in the guise of a coalition, or even through controlled international organisations.

Whichever route is taken, the guiding principle, time-tested from early colonial days, is ‘divide and rule’, applied in a variety of ways. This causes a lingering friction between different ethnicities of a target country, create class-based divisions within one nation, or select, groom, glorify and skilfully exploit ‘brand ambassadors’ from within a target country, to credibly and widely disseminate your messaging, and try and create mass support for it.

Remember Mukhtaran Mai, the darling of the West not so long ago?

She suffered a level of debasement which no one should ever suffer. The West took her over, projected Pakistan as a country no woman is safe in. Then Mai, having served their purpose, disappeared from public discourse. Is rape endemic to Pakistan? Did you know that there are about 90,000 rapes in a year in the US? That’s about 250 rapes every single day. And that’s only the reported ones.

Another example is Aung San Suu Kyi, built up by the Western media into a Gandhi, till she got the Nobel Peace Prize, which incidentally was never given to Gandhi. Something that all agree has been the Peace Prize Committee’s greatest ever failure. But I will forever remember Suu Kyi for her deafening silence over the atrocities unleashed on Rohingya Muslims, on which the CNN queried, “has the Lady lost her voice?”, and The Guardian wrote,

“It seems impossible to resist the impression that ‘the Lady’ is a paragon no more – and certainly no human rights defender.”

Now if promoting female education is the criteria for winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and if the process is fair, transparent and with no hidden agenda, then may I be permitted to say that the winner should have been The Citizens Foundation (TCF)? This education non-profit organisation has established over 1,000 schools across Pakistan in only 16 years and is educating about 150,000 students, half of whom I dare say, are girls.

Not to mention the thousands who have already passed out, many going on to get higher education, even at Harvard, and countless having taken their families out of poverty and going on to become responsible and useful members of society. If 22 organisations can be awarded the Peace Prize previously, why not TCF now? Because no one from TCF was orchestrated to speak at the United Nations (UN), or spend some time with President Barack Obama, or have an audience with the Queen of England?

Anyway, what I wish now is for Malala to grow up still remembering her roots, understanding the world as it really is, finding out even who created those very Taliban she is fighting against, forming her own ideas on how her mission should be followed up, and finding friends and supporters within her own people.

I want Malala to come back to Pakistan to actively pursue her mission. I want Mr Naya Pakistan to guarantee her security. Surely he can do at least this for her, if he is the one to bring radical betterment as he professes. I want her to donate her prize money (she is already a millionaire without it) to TCF, for without any doubt, this organisation is doing the most for female education than anyone else, individual or organisation.

And to all self-proclaimed and vociferous Malala supporters, I say, please do something else for her mission than just trying to outdo each other in extolling her. Otherwise, like Mai and others, Malala and her mission too will soon be forgotten by the very country she took a bullet for.

Should Malala Yousafzai have declined the Nobel Peace Prize?

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Zohare Ali Shariff

Zohare Ali Shariff

A seasoned PR professional who is also a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, an opt-in research community of business professionals.

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  • Manjit Sahota

    Brilliant. Totally agree with the author.Recommend

  • Kajamohideen

    By the criteria set out by the Nobel committee Kailash Satyarthi should also not have won the prize. Why are Pakistanis so bent on denigrating Malala. Promoting girls education is surely one of the best routes to worlde peace.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    once again we are faced with the imbecilic views of a person who thinks that Malala is being controlled by some “powers”, who have a specific “Agenda”.
    The reference to Mukhtara Mai as a person who has been used by the west is a SLAP IN MY FACE sir. To be honest I would rather be slapped in the face than read utterly debasing comments like this about a person who was raped. A very insulting and demeaning blog post. I hope she does not read this.
    Pakistan never lost her to “machinations” of some one from any foreign soil, we lost her because we shot her in the head , we lost her because many of our people INCLUDING YOU SIR, believe that she is being used by foreign entities and they think that she should just stop associating with he west.
    Please wake up , look to your own country and put it into order. Blaming everything on the west or some “foreign” countries is pure and utter . No one cares for the present state of Pakistan to launch elaborate conspiracies. Even Osama was caught within 2 years.
    This entire post shows a low, demeaning and debasing attitude towards these brave women. I don’t care if you are an Indian or a Pakistani, a Malala supporter or her sworn enemy, IF you are a human being who realizes the fact that women are an integral part of our society, and IF you respect women then you too will find that this post lacks respect.Recommend


    Zohare Ali Shariff is recommended for Noble price. looks like all the shaiffs comes from the same mentality . How Tribune can print such a story . shame on TribuneRecommend

  • Prashant

    “Should she have declined the Nobel Peace Prize?”

    At Malala’s age, most children would not decline a candy leave alone a Nobel.Recommend

  • Faisal Irshad

    It is a pity that we Pakistanis are not looking at the brighter side of Nobel Peace Prize for Malala. To me it is a positive sign that the world acknowledges that we are not a nation of extremists. We know how to fight for our rights and our nation has greatness that can be made visible once given the chance.Recommend

  • Taha

    arghh…. another one!
    The same West that you so accuse of highlighting the ‘worse’ in Pakistan does the same when it comes to them! At least they are consistent!!!!
    Know Atticus Finch? The protagonist in To Kill a Mocking Bird?
    American Film institute counted him top of the greatest film characters in a hundred years….!!!!
    and atticus didn’t really highlight the ‘beauty’ of the American society… ! :p…100_Heroes_%26_Villains#The_listRecommend

  • Cosmo

    I must confess that by reading the title of the article i had disdain in me like a snob and i thought yet another writing an article to bash malala. But i must confess sir, i had to give in to many valid arguments you have raised in your article. I myself was amused when Obama won the Nobel Peace prize, and now your article highlights the trend how Nobel Peace prize is noting but a political tool for west to advance their agenda on the rest of the world.Recommend

  • Hassan

    When Malala herself in person opposed the drone strikes that too in front of Obama the writer feels free to take the leap from noble prize for education and gender equality to mode of war against terrorism and specifically Taliban! Recommend

  • sw

    Thank you for writing this and bringing light to this issue.. I am not against Malala but I have been unable to find any good work or projects completed by her for female education in Pakistan. Your description of history with peace prize committee is very helpful to know for others and understand how useless this prize really is.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    I’ve read my fair share of atrocious articles on English media this year; this one is distinctive.

    What has Malala done to deserve a Nobel prize? Google it.

    There isn’t enough space in this comment section for me to talk about the Malala Fund, her role in getting global powers to reaffirm their commitment to the Millennium Development goals, or the plain fact that she’s an inspiration to young women and students everywhere. It wasn’t a conspiracy by her “handlers”.

    Nor was it a conspiracy that Mukhtara Mai gained popularity. Shame on you for being an apologist for a social and legal system where marital rape is *allowed*; where rape victims are routinely punished for adultery; and where women are even afraid to report rape for social disgrace and honor killings, let alone hope for their rapists to be convicted. You go ahead and tell me that’s the case in US too!Recommend

  • astonished2010

    What an odd article There is a name for this type of cynicism and negative mindset.Recommend

  • Faisal Irshad

    It is a pity that we Pakistanis are not looking at the brighter side of Nobel Peace Prize for Malala. To me it is a positive sign that the world acknowledges that we are not a nation of extremists. We know how to fight for our rights and our nation has greatness that can be made visible once given the chance.Recommend

  • Savina Sohail

    Why are we writing these useless opinion pieces if Malala should have accepted or refused the Nobel Prize? This is now a moot point, it was not the decision of anyone else but the committee that bestowed the Prize. followers could not protect her when she was in Pakistan actively pushing for educating girls now has the AUDACITY to say & donate her prize money? This whole article is filled with holes & stupidity & would he ask the same of a male gender? Recommend

  • Observer

    I’m so sorry that you had to see this day .Recommend

  • Imran Ahmed

    Unintelligent rant not worth the time spent reading.Recommend

  • This article is saddening to read, to say the least, with its mention of the “international establishment”, an arranged “Nobel prize,” the “brain-controlled Malala,” the machinations of Malala’s “handlers…” For the first half of the article, I couldn’t tell if the writer was being sarcastic. By the second half, I could see

    The writer’s wounded national pride has blinded him to the very really contributions, the genuine struggle, and the mortal danger that characterize Malala’s life. Can’t we for once agree that she’s perhaps the only one among us who has only given and not taken from us?Recommend

  • Indian Thorium Reactor

    Why is it OK for some Pakistani to generalize the whole West (the policies, the media, the elites, the people and history) or portray it as one monolithic bloc, while at the same time demanding that the Westerners should make every effort to discern the moderate Muslims from the ISIS/Taliban Muslims?Recommend

  • kdp

    I am impressed by Author’s thinking and reasoning why peace prize to Ms Malala is not justified. It really is too early to award her this prize. She is too young to work towards her goals especially in Pakistan where her life perhaps is threatened. All she can do and has done is give speeches which was also a criteria to award Obama the same prize. Mr. Satyarthi definitely deserved 100% of the prize. This man quit his job at very young age for the cause he believed in. His work was directly responsible for few attacks on his life while Ms Malala was perhaps not “The Target” of Talibans wanted to kill any school going girl.Recommend

  • Pakistani Exile

    Very few facts and mere rhetoric, mostly conjuring and conspirational claptrap.

    The idea that some dark entity is using Malala to malign Pakistan is preposterous and only deserves scorn. Here we have no evidence of that. This is a case of manipulating the already fragile minds of Pakistani by impassioned appeals to the emotions and the prejudices of the populace. Nobody gains from this empty talk.Recommend

  • bilal

    he is comparing photo of a student who is also a transpoter and carries two other girlscomparing that with malal is pretty insane as malala at the age of 12 againts the oppression which were imposed by the man hunters . At thecage of 12 using pen agaibts the armed and dangerous oppressor was a brillant job what no ordinary kid can do especially in our society . And she was nominated last for the prize but couldnt made it. If there was a baised criteria for the prize she sjould have won last year why thus year??? It doesnt matter if you live her or hate her she won the nibel prize she deserved it get over it peopleRecommend

  • siesmann

    .Off course he agrees that Malala is fighting the Taliban that have killed 60,000 of their own people, Like all other conspiracy-theory manufacturers he sees foreign hand in all that happens in Pakistan,and of course USA.And then he says Pakistanis girls will be going to Harvard,Off course Mukhtaran Mai is also a controversy,just because she is somebody else’s sister/daughter.And if he wants the Nobel Committee to consider TCF for the prize,he should have his government recommend it to them.He also seems to forget that Nobel Prize is given by Sweden,not USA or West,Sweden a country that has taken maximum number of Muslim Refugees,is most accommodating to Muslim sensitivities and is the first European country to recognize Palestine.Recommend

  • kksr

    Everyone know Malala. Who are you?Recommend

  • kksr

    Pakistanis talking about rape is amusing. How many women venture outside? All the women are locked up in the homes. Does anyone know how many rapes happen behind doors?Recommend

  • Laodah الحمد لله Khan

    100% agree.Recommend

  • Lodi

    A brilliant write up!Recommend

  • aneeq ahmad

    I always wondered why people start comparing themselves with USA, UK and other developed nations.. they never took independence on the basis of Islam Pakistan did and from day of independence, Pakistan is portrayed as the fort of Pakistan yet number of Islamic deeds in Pakistan is zero.. why west is doing all this? Because Pakistan are allowing them to do that… Instead writing this and criticizing method on which they give Noble Prize, go outside and change Pakistan.. then anyone will take your words seriously Recommend

  • qusine

    Struggle for education, Nobel for peace and plans for politics. Makes perfect sense. But should not have refused the prize. Lets collect as many as we can for a change. Anti-Pakistan lobbies had a nice slap when US had to use diyyat sharia law to get Raymond Davis release. They got another setback when Malala was awarded Nobel.Recommend

  • Ameen

    That’s a fair assessment of this whole Malala situation. There’s no denying the speeches look orchestrated and aren’t from that innocent girl who lived in Pakistan once upon a time. However, the poor girl isn’t to blame for this. She’s being used as a symbol and will perhaps will be all her life.Recommend

  • Lucid

    Sir you really deserve a big round of applause! Thankyou for this fact-laden piece!!
    Its really sad how easy it is to destroy a country’s image by highlighting one of its -no-so-great problems.For instance, India has recently been bashed for higher rates of rape cases,but we re never updated on America’s statistics.Most of the issues that Pakistan faces today are problems faced by a lot of countries globally not just Pakistan alone.People should realize that they can never ever earn ‘true’ respect by defaming their own country’s name..its common sense!Recommend

  • Necromancer

    Ok so this was an advertising for TCF…..malala got noble prize for her stand which she took against taliban at very small age and took a bullet in her head for that stance which was primarily education …… please read before writing and for obama yes that was a suprise even for obama…..,Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    I commented almost the same thing but it didn’t go through. Anyway, I agree with you more than 110%. I know that everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion but this blog post does indeed require the label of “atrocious article of the year”Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    I disagree with this atrocity laden blog 100%. He portrays Mukhtara mai as a tool of the west, how can you agree with him? Just ignore everything else and please answer me how do you agree with a person who calls a rape victim a tool used by handlers.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    a totally crass and vindictive blog which debases both Malala and Mukhtara Mai.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    so this means that that you think that Mukhtara Mai, who was raped at the signal of village elders is a western conspiracy against Pakistan. Please explain how this came about. writing 100% agree is easy but plz now explain too.Recommend

  • Holocaust Survivor

    Good post.

    Too bad the moderation policy here is so unpredictable and arbitrary, you have to play really nice with the writer to get anything posted!!Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    so his saying that Mukhtara Mai, a rape victim, is a western conspiracy, Is a valid comment? plz feel free to explainRecommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Were you impressed when he said that mukhtara Mai is a conspirator?Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    So you think that just because we are a country which has one of the highest ILLITERACY rates in the world, no child from our country can make a good speech. plz wake upRecommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Yes you should thank him for calling Mukhtara Mai a western conspirator. With commenting in positive, i feel the need to ask you. WHY do you think that Mukhtara Mai is a western conspiracyRecommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    I too, would like to get my 10 minutes back :DRecommend

  • Bee

    Nobel peace prize is actually given by Norway not swedenRecommend

  • Parvez

    Why do Pakistanis relatively do better outside of Pakistan than they do at home ? …..because outside they don’t have other Pakistanis ‘ pulling them down ‘.
    Yes it was because of the West that Malala has got the prize…..and because she deserves the recognition……can’t you be happy with that ?Recommend

  • Inception

    Ahem Sir you have written countless atrocious articles yourself to be honest.Whatever Malala is doing will do nothing to change anything in Pakistan.Do you not know how they introduce her? ‘The girl who was shot by TALIBAN’ there you have it!! its nothing more than that…so many countries were ‘invaded’ in the name of peace and counter-terrorism.All the forces of the world united but they couldnt eliminate these uneducated tribesman.whats making them so invincible? Im sorry but im not buying this trash.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Taliban themselves have stated that Malala was “The Target” and still remains on their hit-listRecommend

  • siesmann

    Yes,a Nobel should be set-up for self-denigrationRecommend

  • Sridhar Kaushik

    I am glad many here feel this article is written by someone with a distorted view of the world.
    The central question is: why did Taliban feel threatened enough to shoot Malala in the head?
    Honor killings happen in Pakistan wherein a woman is always the victim. Khap panchayat in Haryana, India orders a woman killed since she eloped with a man from same village. Such things happen with impunity because the perpetrators of crime feel they can get away. What they are afraid of is a woman who is educated, aware of her rights. In this age of media glare, communication, that is power.
    And that is why Malala got shot in the head by some scum.
    Malala got a Nobel not because she survived that attack and fled but because she represents hope and empowerment of women through education in the whole subcontinent.
    Most developed nations like South Korea, Japan (I am not taking the examples of Western nations here) first became highly literate before they became highly industrialzed and prosperous.
    China’s education level boomed before its economy did likewise.
    India’s education level is increasing, albeit slowly as is her economic development.
    Education is closely linked with economic prosperity.
    Taliban is afraid of an educated girl who can stand up to them and ask a lot of questions. That goes against the very grain of what Taliban stands for.Recommend

  • Eddied

    A terrible article filled with lies, misinformation and conspiracy theories…totally useless…Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    by which you mean to say that you also think that Mukhtara Mai, a rape victim, is a western tool. Care to explain plz? Pretty easy to just login and type “I agree”, “I agree”, lets see if you can back it up with real facts or you are just being deludedRecommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    you are not buying this trash? This “trash” is a nobel prize winner, This “trash”, is a person, his “Trash” is a little girl who had the courage to stand up against the Taliban. As a Pakistani, or rather as a human being I feel deeply insulted that you comment on a kid and call her life trash. show some decency and respect. It is very easy to abuse some one online , but what have you done to help your country Sir/Madam? compare yourself with her and lets see what you bring to the table, and until you do that be civil and respect others.Recommend

  • Hypocrite

    Funny how you talk about respecting women ( while you refered to working mothers as feminazis & berated another commenter to have manners & not be rude’) ? Preacher should practice what he preaches. You don’t have to insult people,who may not subscribe to your narrow views.Recommend

  • Hypocrite

    The difference between Dr.Faraz & you is that,he knows to make a point like a gentleman,without being rude or making it personal.Recommend

  • Critical

    Saying that Malala will be ‘the girl shot by Taliban’ is like saying people refer Gandhi as the ‘man who was shot by Godse’ or Osama as the ‘man who was killed by Seal team 6’

    Do you think Taliban leader woke up one morning,rolled a sweepstakes and then ordered his men to kill the name of the person he got in the list??

    Malala was shot because she blogged against their atrocities while she was under occupation..90% of us would have stopped going to daily duties out of fear if we were under occupation…Recommend

  • Shaista Ali

    Has anyone bothered to ask why Taliban discourage western education for females? One leading reason is that they think western education is about Cyrus Miley, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and the scores of other airheads seen as role models in the west. Naturally they reject unconditionally these gaudy provocative poster girls of the west, girls who generally behave badly. Don’t think they oppose education which retains Islamic values.Recommend

  • Cosmo

    Dont pick and choose. Mai’s point may not be valid but, definitely the two american presidents winning is. Also do u think, an Indian and a Pakistani winning the Nobel is just pure coincidence ? Recommend

  • Sane

    Very very correctly said by writer. Mostly will not agree and majority is always wrong.Recommend

  • Faraz

    Bravo Sridhar. Succinctly Put.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    I called a woman who goes to work and then IGNORES HER CHILDREN as a feminazi. And I stand by what I wrote.
    I usually berate people to have manners.
    My “narrow views” here are the simple fact that MUKHTARA MAI IS A RAPE VICTIM, not a TOOL of the WEST. And yes if you don’t hold this “narrow view” I will berate you.

    Lets LEAVE everything personal aside. Just explain to me , why do you think that calling Mukhtara Mai a rape victim and not a Tool of the West is a “narrow view”. It is pretty easy to launch a personal attack, but not so easy to explain somethingRecommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Well yes when people start to call rape victims of my country tools of the so called western “powers to be”. I feel it as a personal insult.
    I have said that ” To be honest I would rather be slapped in the face than read utterly debasing comments like this about a person who was raped.”
    So yes this kind of audacious attack on a rape victim and a target of assassination is a kinda personal.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    I did not “pick and choose”. whenever debating an issue you go for the opponents main arguments, the presidents winning the Nobel is secondary, or rather tertiary argument.
    Also a person should be careful what he writes about. The inclusion of Mukhtara Mai is crass. And I have every right to demand an apology from this person who has no respect for rape victims.Recommend

  • Anon

    It’s rude to refer to someone’s views (wether you agree with them or not ) as ‘imbecilic’.Recommend

  • Gp65

    That is a terribly apologist mindset. Were they showing videos of all the airheads you talked about in the 800 schools that TTP bombedRecommend

  • Gp65

    I am very pleasantly surprised to see this post from you and your spirited defense of Mukhtaran Mai throughout the comment section. I would not have expected that based on some other comments I have seen elsewhere. Anyway agree 100% with this comment of yours.Recommend

  • siesmann

    It is only given in Oslo,Norway.It is till a Swedish award.Recommend

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    there are norms in society. Which there have been from time immemorial. Rape victims being shown respect is something almost innate inhuman beings. Also victims of ALL tragedies are shown respect in all civil societies. Claiming that a rape victim and a kid shot in the head are just puppets and tools goes against every fiber of my being.Recommend

  • Noah

    Debasement? Is that an appropriate word to use for a rape victim? Shame on the writer. Typical misogynistic mindset.Recommend